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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. now 11:00, breaking news, a huge fire at a california dairy farm. lights out, the big power problems for the oakland a's game at the coliseum. thieves steal thousands of dollars of items, the unusual
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get up on the getaway car . a injured man trapped on an oil tanker. i am elizabeth cook. i am ken bastida.>> battling a massive hay fire, that a dairy farm in san bernardino county near the chino airport, crews are trying to get a handle on the intense flames whipping through a haze storage facility, dousing it with water, but the dry hay is burning quickly, a live look, flames shooting high into the sky at this hour, another challenge for fire crews. more bundles of unburned hay, sitting feet away from the flames, ready to catch fire any second. power problems at the oakland coliseum, but apparently the oakland a's were not phased, they have a no- hitter going through eight innings, i hope i didn't jinx
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it. christin ayers is at the coliseum.>> reporter: a late game tonight, play delayed by 90 minutes after a bank of lights went out in left field earlier this evening, fans telling me they are frustrated and disappointed, they say this is yet another reason why the team needs a brand-new stadium.>> it's an old stadium, something has got to give, may be a good plus for anyone wanting to contribute to the ballpark, as a fundraising effort. >> there was a sewage buildup before, and teams had to share the dugouts, i've been here through the good and bad, i look forward to a new ballpark. >> glad that they are actually playing.>> reporter: part of a history of problems plaguing this old stadium, we remember the makeshift patch job to the ceiling when one fan found a leaky spot in the ceiling, covered with soda cups.
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the second straight day that a game involving the cincinnati reds had to be delayed, they were playing against san francisco, the first inning was delayed because of a swarm of bees. in oakland, christin ayers. >> it is no secret that the oakland a's have been saying they need a new stadium for years, for more on the past problems, the full story on it is do or die for the warriors tomorrow, but not really, the warriors will look to gain the hand, the upper hand, but his coach steve kerr worried? >> we have pretty much seen it all, this is just another chapter in the book, and we will get some rest today and come back ready to go tomorrow.
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>> can the warriors put off, and how about the sharks? plus the exciting oakland a's game. a dramatic oil tanker rescue off the san francisco coast, a helicopter rescued a man who injured his neck, he was hurt yesterday, but they couldn't make it until early this morning, once they had reached the tanker, he was hoisted up, rescued 65 miles offshore and transported to stanford hospital. a wild story out of one country, a dramatic getaway, picking up the tail and napa. >> reporter: this is ulta beauty, somebody stole $4000 worth of perfume from the store and took off, according to napa police who reported it on the facebook page. they spotted the car, and chased it down highway 29, the
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american canyon police got involved, the suspects tried to jump the railroad tracks, in american canyon, but didn't make it. take a look at the license plate, it is theft for suspects to hide their license plate, this was a unusual cover, it appears to be lacy lingerie. 2 female suspects, but the police would not elaborate, and the ulta manager didn't comment. a heated debate in city council over a rent control proposals, details on yet another city dealing with a housing crisis. maria?>> reporter: a spirited and heated debate at times, as you know, rent control affects thousands of people, city
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leaders are discussing the proposals, and even talking about how the crisis has affected them personally, it began a couple of hours ago, they listened to dozens of people as to whether they supported it or were against it, but a landlord would only be able to increase rent between 2%-7% of the consumer price index, the government would set that each year, for properties before 1995, single-family homes would not apply, and evict chickens -- evictions, here are some of the arguments we heard today. >> if we don't get this under control, people might become homeless, it is very heartbreaking. >> sewer pipe spray, roofs leak, repair costs are not covered under your ordinance. you limassol -- if you limit us
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to 7%, you put us out of business and you put tenants out of their homes.>> reporter: people who live in milpedes held a rally before hand, city leaders are discussing the proposals, discussing it one by one, expecting the meeting to go well into the night, keeping an eye on it, giving you the very latest as soon as you hear from them. maria medina.>> -- if you're planning on taking a uber, you might take bart , rideshare drivers are expected to take part in a global strike to protest low pay, just in time for uber's ipo on thursday. >> they stand to raise billions, and we are sitting here like wow, you are constantly cutting our pay. >> i'm not sure what all the
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uber drivers are going to do. >> maybe not, i have bills to pay.>> is reporting over $1 billion in losses in the first quarterly report, even with $776 million in revenue. and lyft, continuing coverage, of the driver strike, starting at 4:30 am. and don a massive trade deal between the u.s. and china is in jeopardy, president trump is threatening to more than double the tariffs on chinese exports if the deal falls through. the stock market did not like it, stocks fell sharply, closing out the second worst training day of the year, the president's chief trade negotiators are accusing the chinese of reneging on
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unspecified parts of the deal, he said he will raise from 10% up to 25% on $200 billion worth of chinese goods that come into our country, a pro-trade group estimates that the tariff increase alone will cost a family of four $767 per year, and cost up to 1 million u.s. jobs. >> because the u.s. and china are the 2 largest economies in the world, any trade conflict that ensues will spill over, causing global growth to slow down.>> china's vice premier is coming to washington thursday for a 11th hour round of trade talks. president trump lost more than $1 billion on his businesses in less than 10 years according to the new york times, examining tax receipts from 1985-1994, he claimed more than $1 billion in losses
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thanks to the sinking fortunes of his businesses at the time, the paper says that is likely more than any other american at that time. democrats are preparing for legal battle over his more recent tax returns after the treasury department denied the request. the trump demonstration can force asylum-seekers to wait in mexico, at least while the policy is challenged in court, international law protects the right to seek asylum, and trumps policy marks a change in how they treat asylum-seekers, it is under review and could end up going to the u.s. supreme court. 18-year-old student is dead, eight others wounded after 2 suspects opened fire inside a colorado high school. >> one of the suspects names, 18-year-old devon erickson, the frightening accounts of students who were on campus when it happened.
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>> reporter: shortly before 2:00 on tuesday afternoon, shots rang out inside the stem school highlands ranch. >> 8757 ridgeline boulevard.>> reporter: a massive police response got underway. >> we thought it was a drill, and so we salle -- until we saw a patrol rifle. >> reporter: they began a room by room search. >> our officers went in, this is a terrible event, nobody wants this in their community. >> reporter: a harrowing scene inside their school. >> we heard really big bangs, i assume are gunshots, and screaming and stuff like that. >> reporter: gradually lifted ap students and ts were parents were reunited at a nearby community center, one mother praised the students response, saying they know what
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to do. cbs news, los angeles. >> the school will be closed the rest of the week. a trippy takedown in santa cruz county, 32 pounds of magic mushrooms. what is behind the death of a humpback whale on a ocean beach? >> -- watching hours of ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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today in oakland, survivors of the ghost ship warehouse fire told the jury how they managed to escape the flames. >> and why the building was a disaster waiting to happen. here are the details, veronica?>> reporter: according to those who knew them and
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spent time in the ghost ship warehouse, there were questions about safety, one witness told the jury that he left off their concerns, he built a staircase out of old wooden pallets to save money, and he took concerns to the oakland fire department years before the fire that killed 36 people, but he felt rushed off. the fire chief told him they had heard complaints before and had it under control. a man scheduled to testify collapsed and died in a casino sunday, authorities found no evidence of foul play. pg&e's board of directors facing a new kind of punishment, a federal judge once the mall to visit the town of paradise, the town that was almost completely destroyed by the deadly campfire last year, the order will be part of the utilities sentence for violating his probation in a criminal safety
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case. the judge also plans to order them to go to san bruno, the side of a gas explosion in 2010. and pg&e says quote, we share the courts focus on safety, it is a chance for the new board to engage fully with paradise and the city of san bruno. they will be required to establish a committee to monitor a new wildfire safety plan. jewelry distributors have agreed to stop selling products containing high levels of lead, and la and santa clara, including lavelle merchandise corporation. they will also play -- pay $83,000, the attorney general said that in some cases it exceeded the lead limit by 1000 times. and jewelry containing unlawful levels of cadmium was also being sold, it can cause cancer
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and kidney disease. >> no one would knowingly wear jewelry that contains these metals around their neck, or that a child put this type of jewelry in their mouth. >> the attorney general says legislation is in the works to reduce the amount of lead allowed in jewelry. one area in santa cruz county, joined the growing list of cities to ban roundup weed killer, watsonville city council voting to prohibit life estate weed killers -- glyphosate weed killers, many believe that it can cause cancer, the been goes into effect on july 1. a major drug bust, 32 pounds of magic mushrooms, authorities seized them from a home, and other narcotics, lsd,
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ecstasy, along with equipment from manufacturing butane hash oil, a months long investigation by santa cruz police, arresting two people, including a student accused of selling the drugs. cash is still king, now that the city has required stores to take it, voting unanimously to require that all stores operating in the city except -- accept cash. they said not taking cash is not fair to those who don't have the cards or who do not want to leave a digital trace of their purchase, as shops like amazon go allow you to walk in with a app and walk out with your goods. no cash or card required. a recent audit discovered state employees behaving bradley -- baddley. a -- behaving badly on your dime.
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>> reporter: travel trouble, a auditor exposing an employee's trip to work, from sacramento to san diego for two years, the auditors said it wasn't a business trip, this was her commute. >> this state employee gave herself quite the travel budget, racking up thousands of dollars in air prayer -- airfare. reimbursed for meals, and incidentals, too. the audit shows she submitted receipts totaling more than $1000, and caltrans approved the reimbursements. >> it is very disconcerting.>> reporter: state senator john morlock calls the audit part of a pattern. >> i am frustrated with the lack of good internal controls,
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not paying attention, or winking, okay, let's pay for her transportation, and community -- commuting costs, including a rental car, and home -- hope no one catches it. >> reporter: one employee was golfing instead of working on 55 days, and other spending habits opened the door to fraud, a spokesperson issued a statement reading, caltrans is updating its guidelines to make sure that travel is assigned appropriately, we are reviewing those employees on travel status. >> reporter: commuting by commercial airline, paid by taxpayers, caught by the state auditor. in sacramento, kpix 5. >> the state auditor has asked caltrans to determine if they can collect any of the $40,000 that it paid for those travel expenses, that employee has retired. a gray whale on ocean beach
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that likely died by being hit by a ship, one force trauma, the ninth that will in recent weeks, scientists say it was noticeably malnourished, they are concerned the ocean's food supply is becoming scarce. low cloud cover passing by at 1080 feet, the cloud cover is just above the camera, streaming across the city of san francisco, it is 55, most of the bay area cloudy, san rafael 50 degrees. in each of the last seven years, the month of may s al dry, 25% norm n yes in a row, i'm not
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thinking we will do that eight years in a row, a couple of rain chances next week, and a tiny chance of showers moving on later this week. we are not used to seeing the weather originate from idaho, it will retrograde, thursday evening showers and thunderstorms, the low continues to move to the south, and they moved from east to west back towards the bay area. minimal chance, 10% or 20%, but we don't get that many rain chances. warmer than today, tomorrow, updated degrees, and showers building to the east, not many make it to the bay area, a sprinkle or two, mainly in the south bay, that is about it, cloudy mornings, the next two days, tiny shower chance
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thursday and friday, mother's day is looking fantastic, no reason not to take mom to her favorite restaurant outside. san rafael, 72, san rafael 78, and a tiny shower chance early friday morning, that is it, mother's day weekend, first half of next week looking sunny , pleasant and dry. mary lee and emily turner tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. how kim kardashian west managed you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly.
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more than a dozen inmates are free, and they have kim kardashian west to think. >> helping to advocate the commuting of nonviolent drug offenders in 90 days, she is studying to take the bar exam and become a lawyer, president trump signed a law allowing thousands of inmates on federal drug charges to have their sentences reduced. was the warriors airplane a bad omen? we will show you why. and a oakland a's pitcher took
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i guess you could say that mike fiers pitched lights out, the game was delayed for 90 minutes because the lights in left field were out, he had a
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no-hitter in the sixth inning, kyle farmer pops one in shallow right, pro far made the catch to keep it intact. and joey votto looks like he gets a home run, but it was taken away, he can't believe it, and he got some run support from profar, and it all came down to this pitch. >> a swing and a miss, he did it! mike fiers, for the second time in his career has thrown a no- hitter! >> second career no-hitter for mike fiers, the oakland a's win 2-0, he also did it in 2015.>>
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i knew, i don't like when guys say they don't know, you usually know, you don't want to think about it until a little later, yes, i knew. [ laughter ] >> he had it all along. the giants had a big mac attack, mac williamson supersized the offense, in the big leagues for the first time since last june, he picked up where he left off in aaa, giants had a 4-1 lead, 2 batters later, kevin pilar, sixth home run, 14-4, the giants have won 4 of the last 6. the warriors will be happy to be back on their home court, and also happy they made it back to oakland, after touching down, our photographer noticed a tail number that could be a
11:31 pm
bad number. >> your play number was 666. >> is that right? i'm glad we made it. >> made it, indeed. double overtime, dallas goalie, ben bishop, and it is knocked into win the game in the series, double overtime, st. louis advances to the western conference finals, facing the winner of game 7 between the sharks and the avalanche. i was stunned, double overtime, a turnover, and i thought it was going to be a nothing sports day. >> does throwing 2 no-hitters get you in the hall of fame? >> not quite. >> he is also double cy young. >> not yet. >> a great game by mike fiers, but he's not ready for coopertown yet.
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so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ ♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort


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