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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 8, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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later on. go sharks, game seven. >> a's. >> big sports team. >> go bay area. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, may 8, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." another community grieves after a school shooting. one stuchbt is dead and eight more are wounded in colorado. two or students are accused with the impact. james comey will be at the table responding to fines against the campaign. and one uber driver shows us how hard he worked and how little he gets for it. plus a moment john'sr,rince reveal their baby boy to the world. but we begin with today's
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"eye-opener" in the world in 90 seconds. >> i running in and gunshots >> there was a trail of blood. >> a deadly mass shooting at a colorado school. two suspects have been taken into custody. >> horrible killing. >> where is tthe worst phone ca message you could ever get. >> this is a terrible event. we will get to the bottom of it. taxes from 1985 to 1994 appear to show president trump lost more than any american that decade. >> it shows he's a loser. attorney general barr and congress are not turning over the unredacted mueller report. >> we will hold the attorney general in contempt for breaking the law. this cell phone video shows the arrest of sandra bland. three days later she was dead. a storm stretching from south texas to kansas city --
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>> all the way to the ground. another big one. >> uber and lyft drivers strike today. demanding more money and better work conditions. and baby sussex makes his official debut. >> i have the two best guys in the world so i'm really happy. and all that matters -- and that was so cheeky! >> maybe one of the greatest comebacks in soccer history. >> liverpool came back with a nearly insurmountable deficit with an improbable 5-4 win. >> pulled it out of the fire. >> on "cbs this morning." >> he did it! he did it! mike fiers for the second time of his career has thrown a no-hitter. incredible! josh bagley. their battery was supercharg
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welcome to "cbs this morning." as you wake up in the west, a student akudsed of killing a classmate and wounding eight others is due in court this morning. 18-year-old kendrick castillo died in the attack inside stem high school ranch. witnesses say he was shot trying to stop one of the shooters. >> police identified one suspect as 18-year-old devon erickson. another a female juvenile has not been named. this happened about eight miles from columbine high school, where 12 students and teacher died in a shooting 20 years ago last month. we are near the stem school highland ranch south of denver. david, good morning. >> good morning. i just interviewed the local sheriff in charge of this crime scene.
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let me tell you what he told us. the two suspects entered through the middle school campus where there is no metal detector. both had a handgun and sheriffs said they used a ruse to get the weapon into the school. first shots were fired in a classroom, according to the sheriff and the student who died was shot and died in his classroom. the sheriff also told us the first suspect, adult male, was arrested by school security. the second suspect, a juvenile female, surrender. >> shots fired in the school. stem school. >> reporter: chaos and feared erupted in the hallways of stem school in highland ranch, colorado, rang out. >> everyone spread out across the room just hiding. >> reporter: police say 18-year-old devon erickson and another student started shooting inside of classrooms just before 2:00 p.m. local time. >> at first i thought it was just a drill. but as it went on i heard
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yelling, first younger boys, and police later. >> reporter: some students tell cbs news three class mads including kendrick cas >> he did struggle with the suspect to take them into custody and they are in custody right now. >> reporter: the local sheriff said neither arerickson or the other suspect, a minor, was a known threat to the community. the police searched his home and towed a vehicle away from the garage. high school student michael schwartz claims erickson did in the past talk about causing a lot of harm and sadness. >> i always thought he was messing around and stuff. but sometimes he hinted here and there. >> reporter: parents were frantic and reunited with their children at a nearby rec center after students were eventually ee vaks waited. fernando montoya said his son was shot three times but
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released from the hospital yesterday. he said his son saw the shooting as it happened. >> all of a sudden a guy pulled -- i believe a pistol, i'm not sure -- out of like the parkade and started to shoot. >> reporter: while hundreds of kids began running for safety, there were heroes who emerged from the houses nearby. >> as kids were running away from the school, and there were several police officers running towards the school. >> reporter: rocco dechalk lives just a few houses from the school. he said he helped a student who was wounded in the grass near his home. >> he had a friend with him. his friend was applying pressure to his back where he was shot. >> reporter: dechalk tooked the student in his home, bandaged him and waited for ambulances to arrive. >> the true hero was his friend who stayed in an active shooting environment and applied pressure to his wound the entire time, he is truly a hero. >> reporter: boy, the sheriff is not going to argue with that man. he too believes there were students who were heroic here in
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the sense they confronted the gunman, the gunman who were their fellow students. this stem school is a charter school that caters to students who want to study science, technology, engineering and math. there are about 1800 students at the school. we have not heard about the suspect's family or victims' family. i will tell you the car removed from the house and written on it in bold letters, f society. >> dave, i'm not surprised. thank you very much. reminds me of a steve hartman report after the las vegas shooting. its no longer shocking. steve hartman's piece said, i will never forget this, pray, mourn, repeat. we hear this over and over and nothing changes. you look at new zealand, 38 the prime minister changed laws immediately and shut it down. nothing changes. it's tough. >> i'm glad the training at least helped with the first responding and other kids knowing what to do. now the heroes becoming the story more in the aftermath then the forgotten shooter, who will
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be lost to history, even though creating this awful, awful situation. >> the tag david ended on f whatever, people who survived are now saying thoughts and prayers are not enough. we need more. let's see. school shooting as you know are all part of the news too much these days. a week ago six people were shot at the university of north carolina charlotte, two died. three weeks ago columbine high school marked the 20-year anniversary of the mass shooting. 13 people died there. "the washington post" analysis finds, listen to this number, 228,000 students have been directly zpoezed to gun violence while at school since the columbine massacre. these shooting incidents killed 143 students, educators and other people. and those numbers do not include shootings at colleges and colleges and eun vertds. >> more than 200 million are th
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there. >> good morning. this storm came very fast. you can see the rubble behind me. it came through a night meteorologists were trying to track a funnel on the ground and the only way they could see it was in between flashes of lightning. >> there's a funnel, david, powerful tornado ripped s! through southwest oklahoma overnight and was on the ground for roughly 20 miles. it knocked out power and damaged various buildings. no one wasn. the storm turned streets into rivers, leaving hundreds of drivers stranded for hours.
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>> it was getting bad, but i didn't know it would get this bad. >> reporter: the storm dumped at much as 15isms of rain. in sugarland, all major roads were impassable small i'm stressed out, so it's just tough. >> emergency crews have evacuated people from homes and used rescue boats to reach others who were trapped. north of houston some school buses got stuck in rising floodwater. this one tipped over with all kids on board. all were rescued. the rain is receding in houston but there's more rain in their forecast. in fact, they could see another six inches by the end of the week. a new report claims
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president trump's businesses were bleeding red ink while he bragged about the art of the deal. "the new york times" looked at irs tax transcripts and information from the president's tax forms and found more than $1 billion in losses from 1985 to 1994. mr. trump lost so much money he did not pay income taxes in eight of the ten years. one of his lawyers told "the times" that the statements, quote, about the president's tax returns and businesses from 30 years ago are highly inaccurate. weijia is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. "the new york times" reports president trump suffered business losses of $41.1 billion in 19835 alone but despite losing so much money did not see a decline in his standard of living because most of the wealth belonged to banks and investors, plus he leaned on his vestors, plus he leaned on his father. >> i got a small loan, started a
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business, and it's not billions and billions and billions of dollars. >> he calls himself the navy gator in chief. >> i'm a dealmaker. i believe i can put both sides together. >> but a "new york times" investigation reveals many of those were duds, losing $1.17 billion over a decade. >> i did a lot of great deals, and i did them early and young. in multiple years mr. trump appears to have lost more money than any individual taxpayer and during this time his best-selling book "art of the deal" was release and he shares about making money. >> that's a smart thing, not a super thing. >> how do you renegotiate the debt? >> you say, hey, guess what? the economy crashed. i'm going to give you back half.
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>> reporter: he has never made any of his tax returns public. he has brushed it off many, many times. >> what about a summary of your taxes that you don't learn very much from taxes. hey, john, you don't learn very much from tax returns, let me tell you rye right now. >> just this week steve mnuchin defied the request. democrats are already making his finances an issue. >> hey, president trump, my wife and i just released ten years. please do the same. >> well, president trump has apparently seen this investigation. just minutes ago he tweeted his resporngs real estate developers in the '08s and '90s were entitled to massive write-offs and he goes on to say, it was
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almost sport. i think he was talking about this with you, norah. >> bus us. but nothing like this, fun someone who's claiming such large ones and investing billions of dollars over years. >> those numbers are stunning. thank you. >> iran's president threatened to resume enriching uranium if countries still part of the deal do not come up with better terms in 60 days. this week the u.s. began
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canceling an order in germany to brief iraqi officials on what the president called credible and urgent threats against u.s. forces. in addition to threats in iraq, the u.s. has also detected iran moving short-range missiles on boats in the percent gulsian guf being put in position to launch against american forces based in qatar, ba ranne and saudi arabia. they then instructed strike groups to the persian gulf. the first b-52 is expected to arrive in goddard today and the airport craft expected to pass through the suez canal by tomorrow. this latest confrontation comes exactly one year after the trump administration withdrew from a deal iran signed with the u.s.
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and five other countries to temporarily freeze its nuclear program. >> the iran deal is defective at its core. >> reporter: other signatories to the nuclear deal have 60 days to help iran sell oil and gain access to international banking services, otherwise iran will scale up its u rain yranium enr program and that would tech neckly mean the end of the agreement. >> we were able to get that very frightening program into a box. >> reporter: jared wong, the state department coordinator from iran implementation under president obama. >> walking away from that and threatening that nonproliferation achievement, it threatens everybody. >> reporter: the 60-day clock is now ticking. if iran withdraws from the nuclear agreement, it will consider itself free to begin enriching uranium to bomb-grade levels. >> david martin, thank you very much. the north carolina appeals court said a white man serving a life sentence for a racially
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tinged killing deserves a new trial. chad copely was foumd guilty of murdering 20-year-old thomas. copley shot and killed the unarmed black man after reporting his words in the reports the court decision came down as an issue ofep nhr years after pros it keirs charged chad copley with murdering kouren-rodney thomas, they say the trial needs to be start over. the prosecutors in the case improm literature injected race into the argument. copley called 911 shortly before the shooting. >> we saw a bunch of hoodlums.
7:18 am
>> reporter: he fires his shotgun from inside his garage killing thomas. >> witnesses testified thomas was unarmed. his family feared for his safety. thomas's mother says she has no doubt race was a major factor despite the court's decision to throw out the case. >>us, you know, my son could finally rest in peace. i'll never have closure. i will never have closure. >> reporter: lawyer justin bamberg represents thomas's family. >> the jury did not convict chad copley because a prosecutor injected race into the case. they convicted chad copley because of hall e greejs hisas
7:19 am
were. the straight can appeal the decision and the prosecutors revealing they will do that. >> thank you very much, mola. ahead on "cbs this morning," former fbi director james comey will speak to us about the
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we have much more news ahead.
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for the first time we're seeing the controversial traffic stop of sandra bland from her point of view. a newly released video calls for her arrest and death in benefit and prince harry and meghan are expecting to show off their new baby boy. yay. you're watching "cbs this morning." i need it to guide this analyst to customize flood coverage for this house. so that this team, can inform this couple, that their payment will arrive faster than this guy. hey. ♪ ♪ so whether i'm processing claims due to this fine gentleman... (car engine starting) or suggesting premiums for this young lady... ai can help change everything at this company. expect more from ai. ibm watson.
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this is a kpix 5 news update. >> good morning. i'm michelle griego. one person is hurt and five others displaced after a fire in santa rosa. it happened at 1:00 at the rosenburg apartments. it started because of a power strip that had several devices aof thatted to it. >> if you're planning on taking an uber or lyft, you may want to take battler or union nip instead. driver also take part in a protest. in oakland, the a's game was delayed for a little more than an hour. mike fiers pitched a no-hitter against the cincinnati reds. we'll have news updates throughout the day including our website
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we have some trouble spots.
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let's start off in the south bay. this is 280 at stevens creek. it is red around that orange. it will be slope and go out of san jose. that will take you 60 minutes. it is slow and go in that direction. all your travel times out of the green either in the yellow or the red. mary? starting off the delay with cloudy and cool conditions. we'll have clearing, so enjoy the sunshine. looking at highs in the mid-60s in san francisco, upper 60s in oakland, low to mid-70s redwood city. upper 70s in san jose. cooler tomorrow and a few showers are possible late thursday into friday. high pressure builds in. plenty of sunshine. great weather expected for the weekend.
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is s star-studded met gal the big ce there. lady gaga, katy perry, billy porter, who avoided traffic by using the new ride-share app uber-unic. and jared leto who forgot coco chanel's famous fashion advice. before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one head. in case you can't tell, the theme this year was camp. now, it's hard to pin down, but the met explained it as anything that celebrates artifice, exaggeration, and being intentionally over the top as pposed to previous met galas,
7:31 am
restraint. >> yeah, but now they had an official edict to go intentionally over the top. i thought it was great fun. didn't we love katy perry? >> loved katy perry. >> and lady gaga. >> at what point does it stop being an outfit and more like garden furniture? i mean, if an umbrella had rolled by, they might have let it. >> i watched "entertainment tonight" last night to see all the outfits. i have to tell you, someone said camp means extra. as the young people would say. >> extra. extra is normally not a good thing, but it works on there. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. the house judiciary committee voted minutes ago to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress. barr failed to comply with a subpoena to deliver an unredacted copy of robert mueller's russia report to lawmakers. the justice department said last night it would ask president trump to invoke executive privilege over the document. house judiciary chairman jerry
7:32 am
nadler says the department's legal arguments are without credibility, merit, or legal basis. stocks are lower again on wall street as fears of an escalating trade war between the u.s. and china cause new uncertainty for investors. the dow fell 473 points yesterday. the nasdaq lost nearly 160 after hitting an all-time high just last week. and the s&p 500 was down 48 points. the big losses follow president trump's threat to raise tariffs from 10% to 25% starting friday on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. a new round of trade talks with china begins tomorrow in washington. and debt collectors could soon be able to send unlimited emails and texts to consumers under new rules proposed by the trump administration. the new policy would also allow consumers to be contacted through private messaging on social media, including facebook and twitter. it would also limit the number of phone calls debtle make to conmers to seven theruld, however, way
7:33 am
conrs to opt o of emaies of tha w p lls. protesters gathered at the texas state capitol following newly released footage of the traffic stop involving sandra bland. it showed the moments before her arrest in 2015. she was found dead three days later, hanging in her jail cell. the family is calling for a new investigation. >> reporter: good morning. sandra bland's family says until recently, they had never seen this cell phone video. her arrest added fuel to an already heated conversation nationwide about how minorities are treated by police officers. now for the first time, you'll get to see that arrest from s sandra bland's eyes. >> you can step on out now. >> i don't have to step out of my car. >> step out of the car. >> reporter: as the texas trooper demanded sandra bland step out of her car, she grabbed
7:34 am
m ccell phone and begandre i riteou t wa am deo, but cell eid hasublicl seen until . bland was pulled over in 2015 for a failure to signal a lane change. the encounter quickly escalated. the 28-year-old was arrested and booked in the county jail. three days later, she was found dead in her cell. her death was ruled a suicide. >> get out of the car, now. >> why am i being apprehended? >> reporter: the video was obtained by the nonprofit news organization the investigative network. bland's family says it's proof she should have never been detained. the trooper said he feared for his life. >> this video clearly shows from sandy's vantage point that she was doing nothing more than asking questions. >> reporter: cannon lambert is the attorney's family and helped them settle with the county and. he says prosecutors never gave
7:35 am
him the video. >> if they had it and they walked away from prosecuting, it is very difficult to understand. >> get over there! >> reporter: the trooper was fired after indicted for lying about the traffic stop, but the perjury charge was later dropped when he agreed to never work in law enforcement again. chip lewis represented him. >> the tragedy that was this young lady's death should have never happened. it was not the trooper's fault it happened. >> reporter: the texas department of public safety tells me this is not new video, and it was not concealed from anyone involved. texas presidential hopeful beto o'rourke, who is from this area, as well as other state legislators, are now calling for bland's arrest to be reinvestigated and her case to be completely reopened. >> thank you. boeing may have trouble convincing some passengers its grounded 737 max will ever be safe. ahead, how a new survey reveals passengers' concerns about the best-selling plane. plus, proud parents.
7:36 am
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hey, baby, hey, baby indeed. it's time to take our first look at prince harry and meghan's newborn son. we can't see anything in that blanket. he was born early monday morning. his proud mother and overgiddy dad introduced him to photographers at windsor castle just a short time ago. >> it's amazing. i have the two best guys in the
7:41 am
entire world. he has the sweetest temperament. he's calm and he's been a dream, so it's been a special couple of days. >> who does he take after? anyone? >> we're trying to figure that out. >> we're basically monitoring what happens over the next month really. he's changing every single day. who knows. >> is this a special moment. >> it's great. parents is amazing. it's been only what, 2 1/2, 3 days, but we're very prayed to have our own bundle of joy. >> harry and meghan, i'm so disappointed. i wanted to see his face, is his hair red? turn the baby around. i hope you gotyou,.
7:42 am
>> it's pretty safe to say they're so please, so delighted at the birth of their son who they just introduced to the world. he slept soundly throughout it. megan, of course, thanking the world for their warmth and snare kindness and prince harry cracking a bit of a joke what he calls his facial hair. we can call it a bit of peach fuzz, but this young baby has another big introduction today. he's expected to meet his great grandmother here at windsor castle. funny enough, on their way out, they bumped into their great
7:43 am
grandfather who was able to meet the young babe. >> look at those beautiful pictures. he's going to meet the queen tomorrow. 7 pounds, 3 ounces. >> harry calls her granny. i've heard him say granny. that's a tight shot of the baby. i see it has a nose, some eyes. they even have a baby hat on. i really want to know what color the hair. >> as you see, they're giddy and over the top. >> they say they couldn't tell. my mother used to say every baby looks like winston churchill, which would have been a great joke for him to make. >> there's a rumor in the streets the baby was born and he has a gafro and they couldn't decide what to do yet, which is crazy. but it's exciting. >> yes, it is. up next, look at this morning's other headlines,
7:44 am
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because the possibility of a longer life is the greatest possibility of all. purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. well, we're back with breaking news. we have another picture. there's two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. i want to go to meghan and say move the hat, move the hat. you can clearly see the baby is very cute. before we couldn't tell what was happening in that blanket. now you can see the baby's face. nicely done, prince harry and meghan markle. really, really cute. "the baltimore sun" reports the city's government computers were hit by a ransomware attack. the city shut down a majority of its servers to prevent the
7:49 am
spread of the virus. critical systems including 911 were not affected. a million bitcoins with questioned. the cause and scale of the problem is not clear. it's the second time in more than one year that a ran some h >> that's what he's doing every single day is taunting, taunting, taunting. he knows it would be very divisive in the country, but he doesn't care because he just wants to solidify his base. >> she made the comments yesterday during a university of cornell event in new york city. she's so far resisted calls from some democrats to impeach the president. at least some have called for the president to be impeached.
7:50 am
and one in five passengers say they will never feel comfortable flying on a boeing 737 max. some travelers said they would be comfortable flying on the max after it had been flying for a while. 20% said the waiew months. and london's "evening standard" has an update on the beluga whale that washed up in norway. he was apparently returning an i phone to a very grapeful owner. he was discovered by a fisherman wearing a harness and camera with a sign that said equipment of st. petersburg. former fbi director james comey will react to the redacted report. he's here in our toyota green
7:51 am
room. >> rupaul is also here. what we want is a picture of james comey and rupaul together. >> there you go. >> you mean a second one after they were together at the met gala. >> talking about two different things. >> yes. we'll get riis thought on the report and how william barr handled its release. ♪ let's go. with quality ingredients, nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time. show your appreciation with a limited edition nutella jar! >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we every chip will crack.. this daughter was home visiting when mom saw a chip in her windshield. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day...
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five-time olympian bode miller is on a new campaign. he wants to saves new psas that
7:56 am
are part of a nation de push this is a kpix 5 news update. >> today ride share drivers in san francisco are expected to take part in a global strike on low pay. >> the milpitas city council rejected a present proposal after a heated debate. leaders plan to revisit it next month. >> today in sacramento the public will have a chance to sound off on california owes ongoing to wildfire situation. the state senate select committee will review and take public comment on governor newsom's wildfire report. the hearing is set for 1:30 at the
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. things are really getting crazy on the south bay. let's get to the accidents. this one northbound 101. red and orange as you're headed northbound. that will back things up, even back further than that. another one on 280, test one at stevens creek, a lane is blocked. let's go to the east shore freeway south of highway 4 has been cleared. it's making things super long. we'll have clearing with afternoon sunshine. here's a live look of the treasure island camera. daytime highs mid-60s in san francisco, upper 60s in oakland. low to mid-70s, mountainview.
7:59 am
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good morning to you, our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, may 8th, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, former fbi director james comey will talk with us. it is his first tv interview since the mueller report came out. he's got a lot to say. first, a new plea from skiing champion bode miller to keep children safe in the water. first, today's eye opener at 8:00. >> one two of the students accused of killing a classmate inside a colorado charter school is due in court this morning. >> sheriff said the two suspects entered through the middle school campus where there is no metal detector. both of them had a handgun. >> this storm came through very
8:01 am
fast. it is building behind me, the roof and the walls ripped off, several hundred yards away. >> president trump suffered business losses of $46.1 million in 1985 alone. >> secretary of state mike pompeo made a surprise visit to baghdad to brief iraqi officials penta called credible threats against u.s. forces. >> it is time to take our first look at prince harry and meghan's newborn son. this is baby sussex. >> we're so thrilled to have our own little bundle of joy. >> katy perry is no stranger to the met gala. she lit it up this year, came dressed as a chandelier. >> inside the party, she changed into a hamburger. >> the only way this could be stranger is if another major celebrity happened to walk in on you. take a look. >> hi, j. lo. >> in her defense, she wasn't
8:02 am
avoiding katy perry, she was just avoiding carbs. >> met gala keeps on giving. >> we'll get the scoop. >> eyewitness reporting. >> there you go. >> i'm john dickerson with norah o'donnell and gayle king. we're learning more this morning about the two colorado students under arrest accused of shooting their classmates. police say 18-year-old devon erickson and a female juvenile opened fire yesterday at the stem school highlands ranch south of denver. so far no word on a motive. >> the student who died was an 18-year-old senior. other students say he was shot trying to take down one of the shooters. the school is k through 12 with more than 1800 students. it is about 8 miles from columbine high school in nearby littleton. >> the house judiciary committee voted this morning to hold attorney general william barr in
8:03 am
contempt of congress. democratic chairman jerry nadler says the committee and the justice department could not agree to terms that would allow members to read all of the mueller report, including material removed by law before its release. the justice department says barr will be compelled to request that the president invoke executive privilege over the report. democrats say the president waved that privilege during the investigation. the trump administration has also ordered former white house counsel don mcgahn not to comply with the subpoena from the same committee to turn over other documents related to the mueller probe. you'll remember mcgahn is the white house lawyer who reportedly would not fire mueller at the president's instruction. the material includes those related to president trump's contacts with james comey, the former fbi director and the termination of james comey. director comey's firing by president trump led to mueller's appointment as special counsel. james comey is with us for his first television interview since the mueller report was released to the public. his memoir "a higher
8:04 am
loyalty:truth lloleadership" han paperback. good to have you here. i'm interested to hear your take on the mueller report. we saw this special counsel in that report detailed ten instances of possible obstruction of justice by the president. why do you think the special counsel ultimately decided not to charge him with obstruction of justice? >> i think because he was trying to be both principled and fair. he was trying to abide the department of justice ruling that says you can't indict a sittinging president and reasoned if i can't indict a sitting president, i ought not to accuse him of a crime because that wouldn't be fair, given i can't clear him, i'll just lay out the evidence for future prosecutor and for congress. >> but one of the things you said in your book is that you believe your firing was potentially obstruction of justice and the special counsel didn't go that far. >> right. he collected the evidence, which if you read it, i hope folks will actually read it. deeply concerning, but decided not to make the call because he
8:05 am
thought that wouldn't be a fair thing to do. so i'll just compile it all, and what he compiled is really concerning, especially when you look at the ten episodes >> oneth attorney general points to in those ten episodes is there was an issue initiating event that put the president's mind set in -- intent is important. the president thought this is going toed me up my administration and one thing barr focused on is your reluctance to tell the public that the president was not actually under investigation. the president not having you not tell the public felt like, my gosh, this is all stacked against me. and that was kind of the initiating thing that made him so paranoid. >> yeah, i heard the attorney general say that. and i don't think it is a fair summary of the evidence. that may be his motive. but a whole lot of people commit crimes in this country because they're frustrated and angry. that isn't the question. the question is when he did the things he did, was he intending to obstruct justice. he may have a moative to push something away that embarrasses him or irritates him, that's not
8:06 am
the key question. >> have you been surprised by bill barr's summary letter? >> yes. >> what surprised you? >> that it struck me, especially after i read the mueller report as misleading. i'm not suggesting it was intentionally misleading, but inadequate to summarize that work. >> what was misleading about what the attorney general said? >> it gave the impression that bob mueller had decided that he was not going to rule on this question of obstruction of justice, when that's not what mueller did. mueller laid it out and signalled to a future prosecutor after this individual's out of office, you ought to take a serious look at charging him. >> the republicans have said case closed, time to move on here. do you think that -- do they have a point? >> i think they have a point in the sense that the american people now have a clear view of how the president acted. read the report, if you didn't have a clear enough view of donald trump's character, and the way he approaches this office, you now do. time to move on to the movement important thing we do, vote to decide who should representdent
8:07 am
states. >> the attorney general said he believes spying occurred in looking after the president's then campaign. what do you think about that? >> i have no idea what he's talking about. the fbi doesn't spy. the fbi investigates. we investigated a serious allegation that americans might be hooked up with the russian effort to attack our democracy. the republicans need to breathe into a paper bag. if we had confronted the same facts with a different candidate, say a democrat candidate, where one of the advisers was talking to a foreign adversary's representative about that adversary's interference in our election, they would be screaminging for the fbi to investigate and that's all we did. >> the debate, the semantic one. the fbi was investigatinging into the trump campaign, but you're saying they had cause to. and you just wouldn't use the word spy. >> of course. just people just ought to look at the predication for the op opening of that investigation. we should have been fired if we didn't investigate this. >> you have tens of thousands of fbi agents on the front lines every day, doing work to protect america, to keep this country safe.
8:08 am
when the attorney general undermines the integrity of those agents by suggesting they're involved in spying against a president what does that do to the reputation? >> it is deeply concerning. ordinary folks will accept what the president says what the attorney general says, and that hurts our ability to be trusted as fbi agents in courtrooms and at doorways. so it is a very bad thing. >> we were talking about the op-ed you wrote, just a couple of weeks ago, and i encourage people to go back and read it. you go through, you say how could mr. barr, a bright and accomplished lawyer, start saying these things. you talk about rod rosenstein and then say what happens to these people. and said more often proximity to an amoral leader reveals something depressing, mr. trump eats your soul in small bites. >> i would like to add to that, it starts with making you complicit by your silence, in meetings with him, assertions about what everyone thinks and what is obviously true watch over you unchallenged.
8:09 am
i'm curious to norah's question, inquiry you at home mad one day and say i have to saying something? >> i wasn't mad. i was depressed watching people of accomplishment, very bright people, act in ways that are shockinging. the deputy attorney general of the united states quoting donald trump on the importance of the rule of law. really? a lot of folks were asking me what happened to these people? i don't know for sure. but i've seen is up close from four months of working there, and i've seen him wrap people in this web of deception and delusion and i've seen it shape them. i've seen great people stand up to do it -- >> explain how that happens. who do you think he wraps people in a web of deception? >> you sit with him, he'll just tell lies, he's not asking for your reaction to it. he'll just talk about how he had the largest inaugural crowd in history. much larger than barack obama's. and if you don't jump in, and interrupt and contradict the president, you feel like you kind of agreed with him. and these lies wash over you,
8:10 am
over and over again. and the next step is you sit at a cabinet meeting and everybody praises the leader. and then the next thing you know, he's attacking the institution you represent, someone like bill barr always said the attorney general has to stand up for special prosecutors and suddenly you're not doing that and you find yourself trapped. >> you point out the defense secretary mattis did not do that. he was one of the exceptions in that rule. >> right. i said amoral leaders tend to reveal character. in the case of jim mattis revealed sterling character. >> the former fbi -- turned your phrase around on you, though. he wrote, he himself ate away at the soul of the fbi, not in small bites, but in dangerously large ones. >> i don't have a reaction to that. talk to people in the fbi and they'll be able to better evaluate what i did. >> do you feel in some level your credibility has been hurt because democrats and republicans have criticized some of your actions and decisions? >> definitely. yes. >> what would you say? >> read what i write, listen to
8:11 am
what i say and evaluate it. what is my reasoning, what does it seem like to you? if you don't like it, if my facts are wrong, don't listen to me. i don't think they are, though. >> you have a new preface in your book in which you say you pose the question, are we going to be okay? what is the answer to that? >> yes. because american history shows us that we always have periods of retreat and pain after periods of tremendous progress. and we recover. there is a ballast in america and that's our values. they stir every so often. i hope they're stirring now. i see signs of it and they'll vote their values. >> you said you're entitled to your own opinion, not entitled to your facts. read the report and look at the facts. >> truth say real thing. >> it is a real thing. thank you, james comey. the paperback version of comey's book
8:12 am
8:13 am
there is much more news ahead. driver for uber and lyft say they're fed up over low pay and are striking today. we'll show you their struggle to make ends meet and see how their job actions could impact your commute. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
8:14 am
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uber and lyft drivers are on strike in cities around the world. the protest comes ahead of ublic offering that could value the company at moalre p thanub erti ini$90 bil. jamie yuccas is in minneapolis. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the wait time to get an uber here in minneapolis is about 12 minutes, but the wait times could be higher in other striking cities around the country now that it is rush hour on the east coast. drivers contend that with the company about to go public, the executives will make billions of dollars while those behind the wheel are running on empty. this is how a typical day starts for jeff perry. he's been driving for uber for more than three years. but his first riders of the day are not paying. he take his two daughters to school before making the two-hour trek from sacramento to san francisco, where he can earn
8:19 am
more money driving, but can't afford to live. instead, he'll spend the next five nights at this hotel. this is the office? >> this is the office. >> reporter: while perry enjoys meeting new passengers, he says he drives long hours for uber with little to show for it. >> i'm just asking for a livable wage, you know? >> reporter: is it frustrating? >> it is super frustrating because i'm not treated with the same respect and concern i have treated them with. to them, we're disposable garbage and you can feel it as a driver. >> reporter: perry says first year he worked for the company, he made 6 $0,000 before taxes and expenses. last year, he says he made $35,000, working more hours. he blames lower fares and reduced incentives. uber points to a recent study showing drivers nationwide earned an average $18.65 an hour before expenses. but experts who studied the company say it can and does change its rates. >> it constantly experiments on
8:20 am
the working conditions of drivers. except this is not a free consumer experience. people depend on uber to earn their living. when your boss experiments on how much you get paid without notifying you that can really rankle. >> if things don't get better, no way i can continue to do t s this. >> reporter: we asked perry to keep a video diary of his weekend. >> just got to the hotel. >> reporter: a lot of people would say if it is this bad why not go get another job somewhere else? >> i understand that argument. but at the same time, this is a job that i actually like doing. so it is worth putting in the effort and trying to fight for better conditions and make it better. >> reporter: he plans to take part in today's call for action. drivers for both uber and lyft which went public in march are calling for changes, including better benefits, more transparency, and higher wages. >> for a lot of drivers, this is a good job because it comes with additional scheduling
8:21 am
flexibility they may not have if they're working retail. in other ways, there is a lot to be said for improvements that could come to this type of work. >> reporter: uber says drivers earned nearly $80 billion with an additional $1.2 billion since tips were introduced two years ago. but in its ipo filing, the company says as we aim to reduce driver incentives to improve our financial performance, we expect driver dissatisfaction will generally increase. >> maybe even if anything comes out of this ipo, hopefully the public sees it and says, you know what, exploitation of the workforce is wrong and holds some accountability. >> reporter: in a statement, uber says drivers are at the heart of our service. we can't succeed without them. adding they hope to have more consistent pay, stronger insurance protection, or even fully funded four year degrees. norah? >> that's going to upset the marketplace certainly if people can't get their rides. thank you, jamie. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:22 am
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8:25 am
rupaul is in our toyota green room and talks about his show and how to work it. that's next. i'm anne-marie green with a look and this morning's headlines, a special honor for dave chappelle, and marie os monday is ready to talk. >> reporter: marie osmond is joining "the talk." she made a special appearance on tuesday's show. >> to be able to sit at this table with these beautiful women is just a dream come true for me. i always wanted sisters. >> reporter: marie joins the show september 9th. she's replacing one of the original hosts sara gilbert who previously announced leaving. "the talk" airs weekdays on cbs. dave chappelle is going home
8:26 am
to washington, d.c. to receive one of the most prestigious honors. the 2019 mark twain prize for american humor.humor. he surpasses richard prierks care burnette, and david letterman. he'll receive his award in september. on tonight's episode of "s.e.a.l. team," he searches for a crew member. the star of the show david bore giannis also directs the show. >> i love doing it and i log being in the action of itting being able to separate yourself and do the scene while you're acting at the same time. >> reporter: check out all the action tonight on cbs. pentertainment." on chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. he's not a "man of steel," per se, but he's making a recovery after a life-changing injury. chip reid brings us a
8:27 am
ste steeler's story. >> ryan shazier is not getting up. >> reporter: the pittsburgh steelers' pro bowl lineman collapsed. doctors weren't sure if he could walk again and they probably didn't think he'd ever do this, dance up a storm at his wedding last weekend. he's defied the odds throughout his recovery. just a month after the injury he was back on the practice field, this time in a wheelchair. 3 1/2 months later he stunned the crowd at the nfl draft by walking across the. and about five months after that, he was tossing a football on the same field where the injury happened. shazier says some day he'll be back on that field in uniform.
8:28 am
>> i still want to play football, you know, so any day, i'm still focused trying to get back as much as i can. >> reporter: he's traying in conventional and unconventional ways. ryan shazier's life changed in an instant again last weekend. >> this is more than a wedding for us. for ryan to be able to walk down the aisle -- >> this time the highlight reel is one he'll cherif, chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> thanks for watching "cbs this morning." i'm anne-marie green.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. mel lam ya trump marks the one-year anniversary of her be best initiative from the white house rose garden. >> i'm here with one goal, to help your children grow up to be happy, healthy, and contributepe world. >> president trump looked on as mrs. trump said she's expanding on the program child well being, social issues, abuse, and drug issues.
8:31 am
the first lady also honored a minnesota high school robotics team for building a customized wheelchair for a boy born with a rare disorder. "the wall street journal" reports the student loan program is projected to cost taxpayer 3 $35.5 billion. the program is losing money after a surge of borrowers defaulting on loans or enrolling in plans that all maltby will forgive a portion of their debt. and there's no chance of a triple crown this year. for the first time the winner of the kentucky derby will not run in the preakness. he showdown a cough yesterday and has a virus. he won after the horse maximum security was disqualified for
8:32 am
interfering with other horses. >> champion skier bode miller and his wife morgan are renewing their warning about the danges s of children and swimming. drowning is the number one reason for death. new guidance can help kids over the age of 1 and home pools need a lot more than a gate. they're teaming up with the academy for a series of public service announcements you'll see first on "cbs this morning." we weapon to california for a behind-the-scenes look. >> the bond between nicole and morgan miller is forged in grief. for the past two years the mothers have leaned on each other from across the country. >> we watched them. >> as they navigated an unthinkable journey. they lost their daughter emmy
8:33 am
last june after the 19-month-old slipped out of a neighbor's house and drowned in the swimming pool. that same day a boy drowned while on vacation. in southern california the families channeled their grief into action, partnering with the american academy of pediatrics to alert other parents to the dangers of drowning. >> my son was so proud to turn 3, but he will never get the chance to turn 4. i never thought my child would drown, but i was wrong. >> drowning is the single leading cause of death in children ages 1 to 4. >> we believe it should be the number one thing. as a mom, i want other parents to know how fast drowning can happen. it takes moments. you have to be vigilant as if it's a lion waiting to snatch your child. >> reporter: this doctor says
8:34 am
they're really making an impact. >> it's allowed us to communicate the issue in a very different way. while honoring the children they lost, both are celebrating new additions. the millers are savoring every milestone with their 7-month-old son easton and the houstons are expecting a baby girl very soon. >> good morning to you both. nicole, what is very soon. >> expecting a baby in a few weeks. may, this month. >> that's very soon. >> notable. >> congratulations to you, bodie and morgan because you're expecting a baby too coming up. >> thank you. >> congrats. it's that time of year when parents are starting to think about swimming. you two endued one of the most painful things parents can go through. what do you want us to know about this new announcement? >> i think both of our tragedies
8:35 am
happen not during swim time. on the east coast there were not a lot of kids in the pool. kids are crafty and they get out fast and the whole process -- the terrifying part, you know the kids are thinking it before the parents are. that nonswim time, it happens quick and when you're not swimming. you're cooking and the kids are gone and you're left with that lifetime of regret. >> it happens so quickly nicole. you said you were starting to eat a brownie and you didn't even get to do that. >> it happens so fast. >> because i'm a good parent. >> yeah. he was wearing khaki shorts sitting on the couch. he slipped out of a room
8:36 am
including with both parents. >> what can parents do to -- instead of feeling haunted by the fact you have to be watching them, you're helping people know what to do ahead of time. >> we attacked this as a team. there is a certain picture not having car seats or sbels in your car before that. these are things that were an evolution of safety. there are a bunch of things i'm excited about. parents can't watch the water all the time. it's not realistic. we'd love to be there every moment, but i think that's the next step is the products -- coral detection systems,nirs ab pools, use machine learning, a.i., both of our lives would have been different if the
8:37 am
device was on the market at the time. it was not on the market, which is frustrating enough. there's enough noise we're going to make those changes. you're launching the new fence around the pool and also the american academy of pediatrics has guidelines about swim lessons. we visualized you swimming with your son. what do you do? >> there's layers of protection. there was a momentary lapse when i got a bag of cheetoes and he didn't know how to save himself. the survival swim lessons are a skill we can bring somewhere else. >> moving the as qckly as
8:38 am
they did. the age limit was 4 or something? >> 4. >> to move and i our 6-month-old is learning now and floated for his first time which really gives us that peace of mind. >> you did focus on pediatricians. >> yes. i think that -- we trust our pediatricians so much and the a.p. has a powerful platform to say, hey, let's talk to parents and emphasize it. drowning is just as deadly and just as preventable as car accidents and as these illnesses. so if we could approach it with that same urgency. it is 100% preventible. you can keep your child alive. >> they say there's a silver lining to a tragedy tochl me there's no silver lining to losing a child.
8:39 am
what's the best way. what is your message here? >> i think, you know, i agree with you. there's no silver lining, but, you know, you keep going. for both of our there was no alternative. there were other kids dependent on us and stuff. you direct your suffering and productive things is helpful. i think all of us would loved to have just hid, but that process of being out there and trying to make a difference, it gives you a sense of community. we're doing it for other people really at this point, but it's at knolls to say it couldnd happen to us again, which is a horrifying thought. but you have to make these changes and be vigilant. it's a tough one sometimes. >> we're grateful. we need these reminders and everybody needs help.
8:40 am
thank you. thank you bodie and nicole. to see more on how to prevent drownings, go to our website right now let's take a check of your local weather. you know when you're at ross
8:41 am
and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. at ross. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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work it, girl. rupaul turned into a pop culture star and coined the classic phrase, you'd better work. in that time, more than two decades, rupaul has reported in more than 50 tv shoes and movies. he's become the three-time emmy winning host of rupaul's drag race. challenges include "lip sync battle"s and other episodes. in this video he surprises the contestants. >> you've all come so far, but it's lonely at the top. so i've arranged a play date for you with some of my favorite queens.
8:45 am
are you intrigued. >> yes. >> hey, ladies. >> in an unexpected move they welcomed back the eliminated queens. >> good morning. >> good morning, cbs and america. >> so your audience is devoted. my daughter is included among those. i mean really devoted. why do you think that is? >> i think the show speaks to the dreamer. anyone who's ever had a dream of doing something that society or their parents would probably not approve of, our show helps people navigate some tricky waters, and these kids on our show and this competition reality show have been through everything. i don't -- also our show is about the tenacity of the human spirit. >> but you made drag queens acceptable, you know.
8:46 am
>> by who? who's accepting them? drag is naughty. it's not politically correct. >> it'sot dt people once thought it was. >> honestly, i don'tan w accept. drag is dangerous. it's political. it's funny. it breaks all the rules. a than's what makes it exciting. >> how did you think this would work, though, when you started? >> i didn't set out to make it work. i set out to follow my heart and do what i wanted. it swunt something i was compelled to do. i was good at it and i could pay the rent with it, too, gayle, you know. other people liked it and i thought, sure, why not. >> you also deal with some of the threats and violence. why was it so important to include that. >> we wanted to even collude the full experience of being an outsider. i grew up loving david bowey and
8:47 am
andy warhol, all the people who think outside the box. if you think outside the box, other people feel threatened by it. there are other things that come along with following your heart. that's why it's included in our show. >> yet that idea, following your heart, is a natural -- i mean that's advice you would give to anybody. >> absolutely. i think it's the most political thing you can do on the planet. motive people don't have the moxie to do that. how do you do that? you talked about it of sunday morning and your paints not knowing what to do with you. >> your parents have their life and you've got yourself. not everybody has the ability do that. my mother was very punk rock.
8:48 am
my mother was like unless they pay your bills mind them no bs. let me tell you somethinlife ha you're gay or straight, in drag, not in drag. life is hard. and, you know, a lot of people in my generation sort of made the word babyface for their kids so when their kids go out in the real world, they don't know how to manage sharp edges, so to speak. >> you're the only one at the table that was at the met ball. tell us about it. look what you wore there. >> oh, my gosh. >> think of it as a very, very exclusive fancy bar mitzvah. you know, you go, you have your picture taken, you sit down for
8:49 am
a very expensive meal and then there's expensive entertainment. cher performed. i got to play "dancing queen" by abba. >> of course. >> it was a bar mitzvah. >> but the readings were very short. >> you're also so impeccably dressed. i was on a cross-country flight at 6:00 a.m. looking like holy hell. he gets on the plane in a three-piece suit. i crouch down and he goes, hello, gayle. >> rupaul, it was so good to have you. >> thanks. his show airs thursdays
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
that does it for us.
8:53 am
>> what a great show. >> yeah. that was fun. >> we'll see you tomorrow for another one.
8:54 am
8:55 am
you might want to take bart or muny. worker also take part in a protest. >> the driver of a hit and run has turned herself. she caused injury to an eighth grader as face. >> the a's game was delayed for an hour. mike fiers pitched a no-hitter against the cincinnati reds. we'll have news updates on your
8:56 am
favorite platforms including
8:57 am
good morning. we have a serious accident to tell you about. fur e going raise the richmond- san rafael bridge, the right lanes are blocked. there's a rollover didn't and it is slow going. here's a live look at the toll plaza where you can she it is backed up and the backup
8:58 am
continues beyond where you see the camera. slow and go as people are making their way in the westbound direction, a few brake lights. in the eastbound things look good to go. the cash lanes are moving a whole plot quicker than the fast track lanes. those are backed up. >> a cloudy and cool start to the day but as we head through the afternoon enjoy the sunshine. we'll have clearing a little bit earlier. here's a live look of the clouds in the sky. as we head through the afternoon mid-60s. upper 60s in oakland. 72 mountainview. 78 for a high in san jose as well as nap amount of 80 in concord, fair field. cooler for tomorrow. huge showers possible plate thursday night into friday and plenty of sunshine for the weekend, looking great for mother's day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
wayne: season ten! hit it! - i'm taking the money! jonathan: it's a trip to sweden. big deal of the day! wayne: what's in the box? jonathan: what? tiffany: selfie. - oh, my god! wayne: smash for cash. $20,000. let's go. "let's make a deal" season ten, baby. jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america, welcome to "let's make a deal." wayne brady here, thanks for tuning in. who wants to make a deal? (cheers and applause) you. come on over here. hello. is it "a-dee-uh"? - "uh-day-uh". wayne: adia-- nice to meet you, adia. what are you dressed as, donna summer? - yeah, that's close. disco queen. wayne: disco queen, i'd say donna summer, right?


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