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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  May 9, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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where they got a big win over the rockets. >> i'm kenny choi. a lot to get to, including those play-off games. we'll have more coming up. but first, it's our winning forecast with mary. >> hi, kenny and michelle. we're cheering on e ksanbs and a foggy start to the day with areas of drizzle. there's degree to be a slow and gradual clearing as we head through the afternoon. with seasonal daytime highs. we're talking mostly cloudy skies to partly sunny. tomorrow, there is a 20% chance of shower or isolated thunderstorm. the best chance to even see that will be the east bay and the south bay. your microclimate forecast. clouds hang a little on the coast and the upper 50s. for the bay, looking at mostly cloudy skies to partly sunny. in the mid-60s, inland, in the low to mid-70s, with partly sunny sky. we'll time it out for you as we are tracking this weather system and how this will affect our weather coming up. >> good morning.
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4:30 now. let's take a look at your delays. we are starting to see them in the altamont pass. pretty typical this morning. luckily, speeds are not in the red. just in the orange or yellow. everything there is looking good, down to 22 miles an hour as you're coming to the tracy triangle. we are smooth all the way. now off to the south bay, where everything looks good. right to 70 miles an hour. for whatever reason, it was in dark red. we have one issue, though, this is restricted flow southbound 17 at summit. one lane is blocked. in that southbound direction. you can see that on the map. luckily, opposite of the commute. golden gate bridge down to one lane. i drove over it this morning. it's drizzly out there, or foggy, i should say. just give yourself extra time out there. on the bay bridge, everything seems to be good to go with a little bit of a backup.
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breaking news. north korea has just launched some sort of unidentified projectile. this is according to south korea. and this has certainly complicated the stalled negotiations with the u.s. that happened in the afternoon their time, overnight for us. this also comes less than a week after north korea tested several new weapon systems. and the projectile that was blown off overnight, also came from an area where the north koreans are believed to have undeclared nuclear sites. back to you. happening today, uber is setting its i.p.o. price, a day before the ride share goes public. we are expecting shares to be in the $40 to $50 range. that would give it a valuation of about $90 billion. but the people driving the drivers, united. say "not so we'll never be defeated. >> ahead of the i.p.o., uber
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and lyft drivers staged strikes in the city and shut down parts of market street for more than an hour. drivers are demanding more benefits, better tranparency and wages. uber says drivers make about $18 an hour but that's before expenses. and rallying in front of uber headquarters. they want more ride share regulations. new details on a scenic mountain road in santa clara county. the winding road is popular for bikers. but it is dangerous. chp tells us that the victim is in her 20s. her identity has not yet been released. no other vehicles have been identified and the crash is now under investigation. solana county this morning, chp is investigating a deadly chain-reaction crash in fairfield. officers call it a mass casualty incident.
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chp says it all started when a white van failed to slow down in traffic. and four other cars. one driver was killed and several others are injured. this morning, a san francisco doctor is under investigation for allegedly letting kids off the hooks for their vaccines with an at-home genetics test. dennis herrera said he subpoenaed medical records. herrera said the doctor is a vocal opponent of vaccines. and used 23 and me to fabricated exemptions for kids. 23 and me said this test should not be used to make medical decisions. the decision comes amid the worst measles outbreaks and growing concerns over low vaccination rates in some schools. all children should be required to attend public school, unless they have a valid medical exemption. we reached out to the attorney and he said doctors have the right to use family history in
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exemptions its quote, political and opportunist fishing expedition. striking back at the town of hillsboro. florence feng got sued after asking to put dinosaur exhibits in her backyard. >> i will bet you anything that during this lawsuit, we are going to find more district treatment than you could even imagine because she's chinese. >> she didn't have the proper permit. i can understand why they're coming after her. i don't know about her countersuit, though. i don't know if she's just doing that because they sued her. >> the city attorney issued a statement saying the town of hillsboro strongly denies it has a policy of racial discrimination against asians or are any other ethnic groups, our city loves all racial
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ethnic groups. he said the trailer was a safety violation. he went on to say propane tanks inside them could go into flames. they fired back saying code violations were not the culprit. 36 people died in the fire in 2014. battle continues to grow on the same day the democrats decided to hold the attorney general in contempt. lauren podesta reports. >> it's only in the panhandle you could get away with this. >> president trump shrugged off a suggestion from the crowd at has florida rally last night, to shoot migrants, illegally crossing into the u.s. in his wide-ranging speech, the president said he wants to move on from the russia investigation. >> no collusion. no obstruction. >> and onto the 2020 election. >> pick somebody, please, and let's start this thing.
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>> and while many of his allies are ready to move on. congress investigations by both parties are going forward. >> mr. chairman, what happened that he didn't comply with the subpoena? >> they subpoenaed donald trump jr. to moqus out ssia's interference in the 2016 election. trump jr. testified before the committee in 2017. a person close to him told the associated press, the president's eldest son will continue to provide documents and answer written questions. >> the ayes have it. >> early ner the day, democrats voted to hold attorney general william barr in contempt. >> we talked for a long time, about approaching a constitutional crisis. we are now in it. >> president trump invoked executive privilege to block bar from releasing the mueller
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report. >> the resolution now goes to the full house for a vote. if the resolution passes, barr would face the possibility of fines or jail time, but only if the justice department, which he runs, decides to pursue criminal charges. one man is in custody after a man is seized. it all began with an anonymous tip. >> reporter: a makeshift armory, uncovered in los angeles. >> rifles, all types of makes, all types of models. >> more than 1,000 weapons found in this home. >> i've never seen so many weapons in all my years. it's kind of astounding. >> authorities received an anonymous tip about a person selling firearms illegally.
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tools and equipment to manufacture firearms was also found inside the residence. >> weapons were laid out on the floor. >> the lapd arrested one man wednesday, accused of violating california penal code 3600, which forbids the making and selling of assault rifles. >> this neighborhood is very clear of these weapons, weapons that could have ended up in the wrong hands. >> the investigation into this matter is under way and is expected to be lengthy. >> they're going to run every serial number and find out the history of each weapon. so that's going to take a tedious amount of time. >> reporter: i'm john lawrence reporting. sharks have advanced to the western conference final. [ cheering ] >> the men in teal eliminated the colorado avalanche in downtown san jose last night, in the 7th and deciding rain of their second-round series.
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san jose beat the afs 3 -- avs 3-2. there's much more hock to come. >> they're going to win. >> they're ready. >> they're going to win. >> this is our year. this is our year. >> all right. so the sharks will host the st. louis blues in game 1 of the western conference finals, saturday afternoon, at 5:00. tickets will go on sale, starting today at noon. and the winner of that seven- game series will move on to the stanley cup final. we have more shark highlights straight ahead. and there was another big play-off game in oakland last night. right, dennis? >> the warriors lose a game, but gain a critical player. and steve sums it up with a classic sound byte. that's coming up. and taking a live look outside. this is our tower cam from
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frracle, w tnievody. may have won the game but lost an mvp in the process. steph curry. it was his fellow brother who found it first. clay thomas. doves lead by 13. warriors clinging to an advantage. when kevin durant grabbed his lower leg. nobody touched him. they're calling it a calf strain. it was an awful time for houston to come back. james harden made it 69-68. rockets, where would the offense from the warriors come from? how about the two-time mvp.
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curry and thompson, combining for 52 points. they lead the series, three games to two. game 6 is friday night in houston, where durant is unlikely to play. >> came out with just one of the great wins in soccer history. and after the match, their manager said our boys are [ bleep ] giants. that's what he said. and i know how he feels. so i apologize to my mom who is probably watching. but our guys are [ bleep ] giants. like that was an unbelievable victory tonight. sharks drop the puck in a game 7 for the second straight series. and what a huge boost for the sharks. as they welcome back captain joe pavel ski. missing over two weeks with a head injury. check out the 49ers offensive line. they open the dressing room door and went to their suite,
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where they poured beer all over. and the sharks got on the scoreboard for us. deflected by bra velski. two-1, sharks, second period. game tied. but wait. pete debord challenged the play because he thought colorado was off side. debord was right. later in the period, jonas added another goal. the sharks hung on to win, 3-2. they're headed to their fifth western conference finals. to the dressing room. >> we earned this one. this was coming off that seven games against vegas. you know, emotionally drained. banged up. i knew that was going to be a big hill to climb. >> he was great. he played his heart out. and i don't think anyone in
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playing in. ought he would >> st. louis uewill be waiting. saturday, game 1 here at s.a.p. center, where the puck drops at 5:00. in san jose, vern glenn, kpix 5. a's took on the cincinnati reds. a's and reds tied at 4 heart-4. when -- 4-4. solo jack to left field to walk it off. two straight nights of drama at the coliseum. they can sweep the series this afternoon. giants win. warriors win. excuse me. the a's win, the warriors win, the sharks win. that's all i got. we'll see you tonight, everybody. >> that's all you need, right? >> yeah. >> big games at game 7. >> all winners. >> weather. >> depends on how you look at
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it. we are looking at mild and seasonal daytime highs for today. we'll see more clouds. going to take a little longer for the clearing to happen. and there is a chance to see a few showers and isolated thunderstorm. i'll detail that out for you in just a moment. but taking you out to san jose. super excited for the sharks and the big win yesterday. waking up to cloudy skies in san jose. upper 50s right now. from the mid- to upper 50s for many spots. santa rosa, you're in the low 50s to kick off our thursday. let's check the winds. we have an onshore flow once again. looking at 8 miles per hour. 13. 12-mile-per-hour winds in san ramon. 12 in berkeley, 10 in concord, 13 in vallejo ask windy rls at per hour. now, in san francisco, the last time it rained a quarter of an inch or more in san francisco in may was in 2011.
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so may 28 in 2011. as we look at the climate prediction center. it does look next week, as we are looking at a few weather systems moving in. so there is that chance next week and even for tonight. so this low-pressure system will pass to our east. just close enough to us, with that wraparound moisture that we could see a few showers. so tonight, a slight chance of a few showers. best chance to see that will be the east bay and the south bay. could see an isolated thunderstorm as well. and looking at dry and pleasant weather for all of us for mother's day weekend. let's time it all out for ow future cast. taking you hour by hour. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy s.oucome back for tomorrow morning. then there is that chance to see a few showers tonight into tomorrow. so that is a possibility for us. high temperatures for today. 62 in san francisco. 67 in oakland.
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70 in fremont. high in san jose. concord. 73 in livermore. and upper 60s in santa rosa. a little cooler for today. again, that slight chance of a shower, mainly south bay, east bay tonight into tomorrow. and just in time for the weekend. we're looking at plenty of sunshine. looks fantastic for mother's day on sunday. and then temps slowly cool down by the middle part of the week. and the longer range weather mot model, could see some showers by the end ever next week. emily? >> also looks good for saturday, where my mom and i are going to be taking on the producer in this show in the kpix golf tournament. i'm coming for you. in the meantime, those viewers headed into work this morning, you have good news. things are starting to stack up in those cash lanes. there is a little bit of an issue at the 80 and 880 merge section. the bridge is on it. they say they're in the process of working that out and getting that car out of the way.
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in the meantime, the golden gate bridge, as you are coming down the span is in the way. it's also wet coming into marin county. there are lane closures. starting in sausalito, and slowing down and narrowing down to one lane. over the golden gate bridge. give yourself a little extra time than normal this morning. not too many brake lights. volume for this thursday morning. altamonte pass looks pretty darn good. only a little red as you are coming in the pass. and you are good to the 580, 680 interchange. an accident has popped up. i'm going to check in and see what the details are of that. in the meantime, doesn't seem to be causing any delays there. which is good news for you. if you are headed to the beach today, you're going to need extra time if you're leaving now. there is one lane blocked at summit, headed into santa cruz. your travel times all in the green with the exception of those coming through the
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altamonte pass. it's not too bad. only 30 minutes if you're making your way to the 580-680 irnlgt change. and it is -- interchange. justin bieber and ed sheerin are collaborating. chris martinez has your eye on entertainment. >> justin timberlake is being honored for his songwriting skills. timberlake the become only the second person to receive the contemporary iconic award from the songwriters' hall of fame. lady gaga took the honor in 2018. justin bieber and ed sheer arn team up tomorrow. sheeshan also cowrote bieber's hit song "love yourself." and for the first time, a woman will lead the grammys. deborah dugan has been named
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president and ceo of the organization. she was previously ceo of bono's organization red. coming up, how retailers are catering to consumers. and live look outside. this time from sfo. cloudy to start on this thursday morning.
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good thursday morning to you. we're starting off the day with cloudy skies. patchy drizzle as well. this is due to strong onshore flow. as we head through the day, we'll see gradually slow clearing. 73 in santa clara. 73 for a high in san jose.
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looking at mid-70s, antioch and for brentwood, as we head across berkeley. mid-60s. as well as alameda. upper 60s and daytime highs in ukiah and lake port and clear lake. we'll talk about our chance to see a few showers and isolated thunderstorm later today. coming up. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, from the runway to retail, more and more clothing stores are starting to cater to consumers who don't necessarily identify with a specific sex. >> reporter tom hanson says one clothing store has elimmed the girls and boys section completely. >> ron smith is pushing the powers of binary. launching what he says is the world's first gender-free store in new york city. >> we're not age specific. we're not race specific. we're not gender specific. we're for everyone. >> this is really a store for everybody. >> that's right. this is a store for everybody. >> after spending decades working for major brands from
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victoria's secret to macy's. he noticed a pattern. >> every time you start to go in and start shopping you make a binary decision. i'm going to click male or female, when i'm going to shop online. >> smith wanted to change that by creating the fluid project. a gender-fluid clothing store. >> fluid represents the space between the binary. the ability to flow back and north without being stuck in one end of the spectrum. >> gender-free clothing has been gaining momentum. as more identify with nontraditional labels. according to the journal pediatrics. >> i think it really just destigmatizes the idea of shopping in a women or men's clothing section. if that's not what you identify with. >> i want to spend money on good fashion that's supporting people feeling okay in today's world. >> the trend is appearing in fashion magazines and on the runway. and now, smith is looking to spread his brand across genetio
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really focused on purpose. they care about women's rights, gay rights, racial rights. they care about the environment. and they want -- they care deeply about equality. and they are looking for brands that reflect their values. >> values that smith hopes will bring in business and inspire other stores to break the binary as well. tom hanson, cbs news, new york. >> time now is 4:57. >> coming up in our next half hour. another community comes together in the aftermath of a deadly school shooting. this morning, hear from one middle schooler who said he was ready to fight for his life. >> plus, uber is set to become a publicly traded company tomorrow. why some taxi drivers in san francisco aren't happy about that. to, this rk.ththea.o harsone
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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now at 5:00. the price of going public.
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uber faces worldwide protest. this morning, another bay area der inigation. t the ride ctor w idth he helped parents avoid getting their kids vaccinated. and sharks fans rejoice. the team avoids elimination. but warriors fans are stunned at oracle, the big loss that came with the win. >> we got our teal on for the sharks. >> yeah, i know. in support. >> congratulations. good morning. it is thursday, may 9th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. >> good thursday morning to you, michelle and kenny. we are looking at onshore flow. and that means cloudy skies, as well as areas of fog and patchy drizzle. you notice that first thing as you head out the door for work and school. slow and gradual clearing as we head through the day. seasonal daytime highs today. and there is a chance tonight to see a few showers, possibility of an isolated thunderstorm as well. and the best chance to see that will be the ut


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