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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 9, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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it is 6:00 now. let's check in with marian lee. fire. 2-1 sharks, second period. collin wilson scored on the >> there is the possibility as pass. we head through the day. tracking this low-pressure system that could bring an game tied. peat debord challenged the play. he was right. unstable atmosphere for us. and the goal was waived off. heading out the door, weather it was a crushing moment for headlines. patchy drizzle. slow and gradual clearing as we colorado. later in the period. head through here afternoon, ionas added to give a two-goal lead. and they hung on to win. with seasonal daytime highs. 20% chance of shower. 3-2. they're headed to their best chance to see that for the fifth western conference east bay, as well as for the finals. to the dressing room. >> we earn this one. south bay. microclimate forecast for the this is coming off that seven coast. the clouds stick around. upper 50s for the bay. games against vegas. emotionally drained. turning partly sunny in the mid- banged up. i knew this was going to be a 60s inland. in the low to mid-70s. big hill to climb. >> he was great. partly sunny skies. we're going to time it out for he played his heart out. and again i don't think anyone you on future cast, taking you hour by hour. in this room thought he would >> you can expect delays if you be playing it. >> st. louis blues will be are headed across the bay bridge this morning, here at 6:00. waiting. saturday, game 1, here at things are slowing down, not just because of the normal flow s.a.p. of traffic this morning, center. the puck drops at 5:00. authorities uncover a metering lights, of course, are stockpile of more than 1,000
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on. and we are backed up into the guns at a california home, in san jose, vern glenn, kpix dating all the way back to the maze this morning. but also, because as you were crossing the s 5. >> thank you, vern. simp war. -- civil war. and live look from alameda. games postponed in colorado because of the bad weather. where homes have been gutted from a fire. we'll have the latest on this its been a's and reds tie at 4-4 in the breaking story. it is thursday, may 9th. i'm kenny choi. even up onto the 880 flyover 13th inning. >> and i'm michelle griego. when steven piscottie sent everybody home. time now is 6:30. a solo jack to left field to let's check in with mary. this morning. the san mateo bridge. walk it off. >> that's right, michelle and two straight nights at the kenny. we're starting off the day with slow. no delays. coliseum. cloudy skies. actually, it's rare that we're they can sweep the series, this afternoon. seeing brake lights. eastbound direction is looking smooth sailing as you were giants win. warriors win. even patchy dressle on the coast and parts of the day. heading across the span of the excuse me. the a's win. if you're heading out the door, san mateo bridge. the warriors win. the sharks win. i've got you covered. main travel times are looking a little better than normal. that's all i got. weather headlines. also, we are in the red, up to we'll see you tonight, slow and gradual clearing everybody. today. 6:25 now. california is making some seasonal daytime highs. and tonight, a 20% chance of a 43 minutes coming through the altamonte pass. few showers or an isolated 23 minutes as you come up the thunderstorm. changes to its sex ed and the best chance to see that guidelines and many parents are will be the east bay and the east shore freeway. and as you are coming out of furious. we'll hear from one of thome. south bay, as we're tracking a the south day, it's about a 42- low-pressure system that could and at paying provide enough instability to fire off a few showers or an minute drive on the 101. tribute to a student who jumped isolated thunderstorm. i'm anne makovec. into action when a gunman open we have a live news desk with a said fire on a campus. along the coast, mostly cloudy, looking at temperatures in the and looking at the bay upper 50s. so cool for the bay. construction site fire. bridge plaza traffic. partly sunny in the mid-60s. in hayward. we'll look at the rest of the
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four homes burned down bay area commute when we come overnight. luckily, nobody was living in back. and inland, low to mid70s, with these homes. partly sunny skies. these homes were still under ucn we'll time it out for you, when you could see few owers on comi bu undey. th that you're okig t emily? we are starting to see delays in several spots around charred roof. the bay area. and just some leftover frames let's start with those of you at this point. trying to make your way into this is at holy oak and olympic the bay area this morning. take a look at this live picture of the toll plaza where at hayward. things are really starting to and nearby s were evacuated stack up. the construction that has been around 1:30 this morning, when in effect overnight, that that fire broke out. should have been cleared by the they have since been allowed to last half hour or so. go back home. but it seems those delays are but the investigation into how still in effect. you're down to 11 miles an that fire started continues. hour. not just the toll plaza. kenny? but beyond. >> thank you. six:02 right now -- 6:vanish it start toss pop up into the fast -- start toss pop up into the faster speeds. this is a little early for us 6:02. uber set to go in the $40 to to beaffic. $50 range. that would give them $90 billion. taxi drivers are expected to it's not much better as you are protest this afternoon. speaking out against what they headed to berkeley and off to the bay bridge, where we are seeing delays as well. southbound 880. this is right as you are
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getting onto the san mateo call unlawful, unethical. >> drivers, united. bridge. >> that comes on the heels of 22 miles per oachin that bridge. as you pass by it. protests rikesterda 19 miles an hour. quick look at that bridge, it's e in san francisco, they shut slow and go in the westbound down parts of market street for direction as well. i'm anne makovec at the more than an hour. live news desk. we are monitoring the scene at hayward. taking a live look now, where drivers are demanding more four homes have burned down. benefits and wages. they were under construction. uber says drivers make about this was a fenced-off construction zone. the good news is that nobody $18 an hour before expenses. was living in these homes. one says it drops to just over but significant damage. and these homes were pretty far $9 an hour after expenses. >> you can feel it as a driver long. so that is definitely going to am. >> drivers also complain that cost some money. the flames, when this happened their pay has gone down. about 1:30 this morning, were uber originally promised them so hot. they actually melted the garage 80% of a rider's final fare. that's now between 40 and 60%. doors across the street. drivers are asking for a cap on and the neighborhood was evacuated. the company's share of the those people were allowed back money and to get paid per mile home at around 3:00 a.m. per minute on the road. but the investigation into the cause continues. anne, thank you. >> reporter: i'm jackie ward live in the mission district of san francisco. it is the biggest biking day of in solano county, one the year. person was dead after a chain- thousands of bicyclists across the bay area.
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are getting ready to bike to reaction crash in fairfield. work today. including these people here at the chp said it all started the 24th street mission bart when a white van slammed into station. hundreds are going to be four other cars addle beck participating. some of them are commuting all avenue. >> in los angeles. a suspect is set to be booked the way down to mountain view. this morning after law and while that may seem like a enforcement seized more than 1,000 guns from a bel air daunting ride to you, certainly does to me, today is more about mansion. encouraging people to get on he's accused of illegally their bikes and enjoy a cleaner selling those firearms. method of transportation. the weapons include pistols, here in san francisco, the rifles, shotguns and assault weapons. coalition expects tens of thousands of people to hop on tools were found inside that their bikes and ride to work home in holmby hills. today. >> it gives an incredible sense >> i've never seen so many of freedom. weapons in my career of 31 and it's physical activity and i like it. years. that's such a big arsenal. >> you know, i've liked it >> federal investigators say that authorities went into that house, after receiving an since i was 5 year old. anonymous tip. the investigation is expected to be a long, tedious process. >> you may notice what are as every serial number is researched to find out the called energizing stations history of each weapon. throughout. they will be providing free congressional investigators are now looking into the president's eldest son. sources say the republican-led snacks, drinks and reusable senate intelligence committee bags. has issued a subpoena to donald
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mayor london breed is expected trump jr. for additional to ride her bike. testimony in their investigation into russian live in san franci jackie interference in the 2016 election. trump jr. testified briefly in ward kpix 5. and kevin durant will have to see if there is any serious 2017, but lawmakers wanted to your to his right calf. know more about the investigation. the committee also wants to know about his father's efforts he came down awkwardly. to build a tower in moscow. his status for tomorrow night's game against the rockets in houston is still up in the air. meanwhile, the house intelligence committee has voted to hold the attorney general in contempt of orackle arein -- oracle congress, the second time that's ever happened. arena was rocking last night. immediately after president trump invoked executive privilege to block william barr if golden state wins tomorrow, it is off to the western from releasing the unredacted mueller report. >> talked for a long time about conference finals. otherwise, just need to wrap approaching a constitutional that up. crisis. we are now there it. >> get it done early. >> said full house will now the sharks have already have to vote on whether to hold reached the western conference final in the stanley cup play- bar in contempt. offs. if the resolution passes, barr would theoretically face fines or jail time. but that would only happen if >> as you can hear, cheers
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the justice department decides to pursue criminal charges and erupted in downtown san jose last night, as the sharks if barr runs the doj. eliminated colorado in round 7. two missiles shot next, they host the st. louis blues in game 1 of the western overnight. this after firing a another conference finals. saturday. short-range missile over the tickets go on sale at noon. game highlights and team weekend. north korea denies it was out reaction in just a few minutes. of the ordinary. well, china is warning of they maintain it was a regular, retaliation, if president trump moves ahead with his threat to defensive military exercise ask not a hostile act. further raise tariffs on these are in response to talks chinese goods. still, trade talks between the with the united states. u.s. and china are set to resume in washington. testimony continues today. yesterday, a fire marshal took the threatened tariffs will effect about $200 billion in the stand. d ying the jury, they were a il chinese products. china is also vowing to raise taxes on american goods in response. meanwhile, the full house of representatives could soon vote on whether to hold co violations were not the culprit. attorney general william barr 36 people died in the fire in this contempt of congress. 2016. in colorado, gun control they approveda contempt vote advocates are remembering the victims of tuesday's shooting attack. they held a vigil last night. yesterday after barr handed
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over a subpoena. as soon as that vote happened, 18-year-old kendrick castillo died after two suants opened president trump asserted executive privilege to shield fire at the stems school in the material from being highlands ranch. released. presidential contender, joe biden made a surprise trip to michael bennett talked about making changes to the gun laws. california yesterday. >> we may not be able to the former vice president sat prevent everything from down with the mayor of los happening. but that can't be an excuse not angeles at a taco shop. he also stopped to take some to act. >> the suspects appeared in selfies. time now, 6:07. court for the first time yesterday. the owner of the bay area's 18-year-old devin erickson kept flintstone house is firing back after being sued by the town of his head down during most of hillsboro. >> and we issue learning more this hearing. about the man found dead in a and authorities identified the bathroom at area airport. suspect as 16-year-old maya well, i'm tracking a low- mckinney. a judge has refused to pressure system that could bring a few showers and even an grant bail to a san francisco isolated thunderstorm. filmmaker who is jailed in i'll let you know the locations connection with a 2016 homicide that have the best chance to see that coming up. and if you are headed out of the south bay, via 101 north in his home. kevin epips was killed. he was killed in the fatal this morning, give yourself extra time. we have another new crash in shooting of marcus polk inside eps home. that direction. those drive times are creeping up, up to 43 minutes. happening today, jury i will check in and bring you
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deliberation beginnings over monsanto, with the weed killer the update shortly. p you both . roundup. save $1,000 on the new queen sleep number 360 both claim to have gotten special edition smart bed, only $1,799. nonhodgkins lymphoma due to only for a limited time. using roundup on their garden for years. the state has overhauled public guidelines. talking about gender identity in kindergarten to helping teens navigate their sexuality. better-informed kids are more likely to protect themselves. but not everyone agrees. >> my 8-year-old daughter is not ready to learn. about that content. and i don't think it's appropriate for a teacher to introduce it, let alone for her to sit next to her little friend that is a boy, and read about what it's like to have sex. >> these are just guidelines. they do not require teachers to teach anything in the classroom. 6:37. police is finally tracked down a fugitive, all the way across the country, years after allegedly faking his own death at the golden gate bridge.
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>> this is a store for everybody? >> that's right. >> and a growing number of clothing retailers are making a don't identify with a specific sex. we'll take you inside what is being called the world's first gender-free store. let's see how trading is doing on wall street as said stock market opened up just a short while ago. it is 6:38 right now. we'll be right back with an update from jason brooks as well. while shopping at sears, it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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good thursday morning to you. we're taking you live to ocean beach. our cliff house camera. and you can see it's actually kind of wet. drizzle, cloudy skies right now, along the coast and even parts of the bay as well. thanks to onshore flow, tracking a low-pressure system, bringing a few showers possible. and an isolated thunderstorm. i'll show you future cast coming up. you need to place yourself in the moment. >> thank you, mary. well, i have a much brighter ♪ outlook for you when it comes to public transit. take a look at this. you are welcome. everything is all in the green, all on time this morning. our products make the wins more victorious... can't quite say the same story for your drive times. ♪ as far as main drive times, a and the rewards even sweeter. little slow past the altamonte you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. past. no so bad on the east bay our products and services bring moments like this to every family. ncar our products and services including kenmore. freeway. 6:11 now. happening today, governor gavin sears, making moments matter. newsometplan at the state searwith our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. capitol. more than $200 billion is at and try the new turkey bistro
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with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. the state's disposal. or the new hot club chicken dijon the governor's first plan, with dijon mayo and black forest ham. dedicated money to schools, and how far would you go for a togo? housing. he's also pledged $36 million in reserves. doesn't appear the federal government will deliver long- awaited money in disaster relief any time soon. last night in florida, president trump spoke lionolla relief package that started in congress. he insisted puerto rico has already claimed $91 billion. good thursday morning to you. it's a cloudy start to the day, that's not true. with areas of fog and even according to the washington post, about $11 billion has drizzle. here's our golden gate bridge been delivered. 41 billion set aside. and the rest is based on white cam. i was watching drivers drive by house estimates for what the using their windshield wipers island will need. because of the drizzle out >> this morning, the owner of the famous flintstone house is there. and isolated thunderstorm to let you know the locations that striking back at the town of have the best chance to see hillsboro. that coming up. emily? florence feng has fired a counter suit. >> well, mary. gray skies and drive times in the yellow and the red. no longer in the green this morning here at 6:41. let's take a look at our she accuses hillsboro of
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slowest spot. the east shore freeway. violating the act. and also racial discrimination. those drive times are starting >> i will bet you anything that up. in fact, it is really slow for during this lawsuit, we are the east shore freeway for this going to find more district time of morning. for whatever reason, there are treatment than you can even no accidents. just added volume this morning. imagine because she's chinese. if you are coming in from >> she didn't have the proper permit. highway 4, your drive time, 45 i can understand why they're coming after her. minutes. i don't know about her and out of the green, coming countersuit, though. i don't know if maybe she's out of highway 101. due to several accidents there. doing that because they sued your drive time to the airport her? >> the city attorney issued a is about 52 minutes. statement saying, quote, the floods are causing some town of hillsboro strongly problem negligence the -- denies that it has a policy of problems in the lower plains. and this morning, 14 million discrimination against asians or any other racial or ethnic people are under flood watches in texas. group. our staff is respectful ofault a man swept away by rising backgrounds. in october, the body. floodwaters. a well-respected east asian scholar, with ties to stanford, i actually myself, pulled was found at the airport. an autopsy reveals ming cow the water with my truck. >> police had to call in a chen died in a bathroom at cafe wildlife wrangler, after an alligator turned up in a pacific airlines. but wasn't discovered until 17 neighborhood yesterday. hours later. experts speculate that the reptile made its way in through the autopsy report showed chen had clogged arteries in his the area.
6:14 am
heart. the gator is being treated for the airline confirmed the death its injuries and will then go to live on an alligator farm. in the lounge but did not say how long it took to find him. 6:43 now. a sideline looms over the u.s. china trade talks. purn line has played host and a big announcement from uber today. >> joining us is jason brooks. to performers like robin good morning. >> good morning, michelle. good morning to you, kenny. williams ask margaret cho. they were unable to renew the and looks like there's a lot of pessimism, on wall street, lease. the venue is san francisco's oldest comedy club for its regarding the trade talks getting under way. opening in 1978. between the u.s. and china. and yesterday, superstar saying that china broke the deal and he will go ahead with comedian dave chappelle voiced this. he has three shows scheduled plans to raise the deal friday. there r this month. and on battery street. and china saying the vice >> we walk by it every morning. premiere is only going to the >> we do. to go get coffee. talks because he was invited. what do you know? >> that's true. and beijing is planning to nothing funny at least about our traffic this morning. retaliate against the u.s. and stkst lower on serious trouble spots out there. let's get right into the first that. and that could factor in of them. this is what is just into our newsroom. heavily for uber's i.p.o. southbound 880 and 92. uber will price its i.p.o. this is going to start causing after the closing bell today. some problems. as you can already see on our map. anywhere between $44 and $50.
6:15 am
drive times down to 25 miles uber, according to the wall per hour through hayward. street journal, might lead we don't know if this is towards the lower or middle end of that range. blocking any lanes. we're waiting on chp to post and because of lyft's post that information. i'll be checking in with them. i.p.o. slide. but in the meantime, once you make it past this crash. it is trending well below its looks like you're at least moving. not too terribly fast, though. i.p.o. price. dow dropping over 230 points. we are starting to see brake lights in the westbound nasdaq down 88 points. direction. eastbound direction is looking s&p talling 26 points. michelle and kenny, back to good to go. they have cleared the stall at you. >> you almost called me rebeck treasure island. but it is still slow and go. a. who is rebecca? you're backed up into the maze. >> rebecca corel, our wonderful you can see the flyover as midday anchor here at kcbs radio. i must have been thinking about well. two new accidents now on 680. rebecca there. >> you must have been. this first one, 680 and highway 4, moved to the right shoulder, >> it's early. trust me. it's a compliment. doesn't seem to be causing any >> i'm not offended. coming up. delays. what's coming up on, norah this here is blocking southbound 680 at concord o'donnell joins us now from new avenue. it is placed a little off on york. >> good morning to you, our map as a result of that. so we are seeing some delays michelle. ahead here on "cbs this coming in that direction.
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certainly some delays through morning." republican senators subpoena the altamonte pass down to 16 the president's oldest son. looking at the growing miles per hour in the westbound attention between president direction. drive time now up to 45 trump and congress. and whether a constitutional minutes, making your way to the crisis is ahead. and katie couric joins us dublin interchange. with a new cancer care program, the south bay had more accidents as well. helping patients and their families. and also in our more drive time up to 31 minutes. perfect union series, how the taking you out to the south bay. cello helped one musician from san jose. good morning to you. celebrating and cheering on our poverty to college. sharks with the big win sounds like a great show. yesterday. and in san jose, you're waking we'll see you at 7:00, norah, up to cloudy skies at 57 degrees. 57 in concord. orc land and liver -- oakland thanks. more clothing stores are starting to identify with nose and livermore at 54. who don't identify with a and santa rosa at 51. here's what you can expect. if you're heading out the door specific sex. >> they have eliminated the for work and school, cloudy and men's and women's section cool. completely. >> you start shopping make a areas of fog inland. and even patchy drizzle, along the coast and parts of the bay. binary decision. am i going to go to the men's slow, gradual clearing as we head through the afternoon. storeo women's store? >> rob smith wanted to create a few showers possible for that. by creating the fluid project. tonight. the storm center. a gender-fluid clothing store. does have the bay area under a it is appearing on the runway. thunderstorm potential.
6:17 am
and here silent reason why. now, smith is looking to spread and what -- here is the reason his brand across the country. why and what you can expect. >> this is a generation that is the best chance to see a few really focused on purpose. they care about women's rights, showers or isolated storm. the timing of this tonight into gay rights, racial rights. they care about the tomorrow. a 20% chance of a few showers or an isolated thunderstorm, environment. and they want -- they care due to the unstable atmosphere deeply about equality. they are looking for brands with this low-pressure system. so that reflect their values. >> values that smith hopes will but there thatreason why. inspire businesses and other stores to break the binary as with that low-pressure system that will pass to our east, it well. 6:46 right now. will move over the sierra and a couple of new accidents that could delay your morning into central california. it's close enough to it, with commute. that counter clockwise flow, >> yeah, man, woman, whatever. all experiencing delays this around that low-pressure morning. that's going to slow you down. i don't know if it's just like system. could see wraparound moisture. and that instability to fire the wet roadways or what. off a few showers or a but seems to be a little thunderstorm. as we take you through the day busyiary than normal -- busier on future cast, going hour by than normal. and start with a zoom in to a hour. this is at 5:00 p.m. you can see that clearing. couple of problem spots. this is southbound 880. so we'll see partly sunny the nimitz is backed up pretty skies. the clouds still hugging the much from san leandro past coast. and as we head through tonight union city. down to 21 miles an hour at and tomorrow, the dmans to see a few showers. points. this accident, though it popped especially for the east bay and up twice on our maps is there.
6:18 am
south bay. the other has been cleared. sunrise at 6:05. according to chp, you're going sunset at 8:07. daytime highs right around to need extra time if the where we should be this time of nimitz is part of your commute year. 62 in san francisco. this morning. 70 for fremont. same with the south bay. mountain view, 73 in san jose, these accidents have been as well as concord and topping up on and off. look at that. down to 2 miles an hour. livermore. upper 60s for santa rosa. here's that seven-day forecast in san jose. a 52-minute commute as a and what you can expect. again a slight chance fs a result. shower or thunderstorm tonight of that accident there. into tomorrow. another at allen rock with a and then check out the weekend. looks beautiful, with plenty of lane blocked there. it is slow and go, making your way out of the south bay this sunshine, fantastic weather for sunday. for mother's day. morning. off to the altamonte pass, looking at plenty. sun on monday. temps cool down by the middle where things have cleared up, at least as far as the part of the week. and looking at shower chances accidents are concerned. by the end of next week. >>warr you are slow and go. making your way past, 14 miles per hour. but once there, you're good to go. but lose a critical player. there are slow-and-go and steve kerr sums it all up conditions as a result of an accident there as well. with a classic sound byte. that's coming up. and let's take a live look off to the richmond, san rafael outside. bridge, where we are seeing delays this morning. this is at vista point. whether that's the result of or this is in san francisco, residual construction issues or what it is sacked up. actually. where it's 53 degrees. lots of people getting ready to
6:19 am
bike to work today. stacked up. it is the 25th annual bay area finally about midspan, you are bike to work day. and look at that. looking good. east shore freeway. they are getting energized to to the san rafael bridge, and make that track. 6:18. we'll be right back. beyond. >> all right. thanks, emily. we're tracking that low- pressure system. keeping a very close eye on it. and we'll talk about the chance to see a few showers or isolated thunderstorm. let's get you out the door first. here's a live look with our treasure island camera. great start with low clouds, covering the top of the buildings. salesforce tower cam. and temperatures are running in the low to mid-50s at this hour. here's what you can expect. so starting off the day, cloudy and cool, areas of fog and patchy drizzle. we'll see that slow and gradual clearing with seasonal daytime highs. a few showers are possible tonight into tomorrow. and the convective outlook from storm prediction center does put the bay area under a marginal risk for thunderstorms. so today's thunderstorm potential, we are in it here.
6:20 am
and this is the reason why. we're tracking this low- pressure system that will pass just to our east. you'll move over the sierra and into central california. and with that counter clockwise flow, around the low-pressure system, could bring some unstable atmospheric conditions. and looking at wraparound moisture that is possible. so your weather headlines. the best chance to see this. the east bay and the south bay. man, that's a cool looking hot tub. timing tonight into tomorrow. a 20% chance of a few showers. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. and with that unstable atmosphere, an isolated thunderstorm is possible. slight chance of this maybe too sweet? happening. but there is that possibility. timing it out for you on future internet's down. cast. go! walking you through the next 24 your home is only as smart as your internet. hours or so. get reliable at&t fiber and get you can see that gradual clearing as we go through the speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. day. partly sunny skies. limited availability. may not be in your area. clouds stick around longer. and then the chance for a few more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. showers tonight into tomorrow. and again, that slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. daytime highs will be right around where we should be this time of year. looking at 73 in santa clara.
6:21 am
also for san jose. 75 in morgan hill. looking at highs in the mid-70s frommantioc and brepts wood. 70s as well for vallejo. mid-60s for berkeley. low 60s. and upper 60s for santa rosa. mid-80s from ukiah, clear lake and lake port. here's the seven-day forecast. again, that slight chance of a little bit of active weather, especially east bay, south bay. nice into tomorrow. and then high pressure builds back in. we're look at plent of sunshine. great weather expected for the weekend. >> mary, thank you. new this morning. a chico man now in custody, thousands of miles away. florida police arrested 58-year- old michael mans for sexual assault ask child pornography charges. authorities say he was living in a storage container in monroe county. chico police say he has been on
6:22 am
the run since leaving a phony suicide note near the golden gate bridge. the mother of a college student who was murdered last july in iowa, is sending a message on her birthday. she attended school in piedmont, before moving with her mother to iowa. her mother is asking for donations for a memorial fund set up for her family. money will help with the psychiatric wing at the steve family children's hospital. good morning, everybody. from oracle, where the warriors won the game. but may have lost the mvp in mollie tibbetts was studying child psychology at the the process. university of iowa. >> it's bringing awareness to steph curry, looking to find the shooting touch. that. as we talk about, you know, it was his fellow brother. everything else these days. so what's wrong with that? klay thompson in the first and help them while they're young, before it manifests into quarter. the doves lead by 14. something bigger. >> tibits' suspected killer is clinging to a three-court advantage. set to go on trial in nobody touched him. he immediately went to the september. the owners of the bay area locker room. did not return. flintstone house are firing the they're calling it a calf strain. and it was awful timing for houston to call back and take
6:23 am
the lead. francisco is not stopping hundreds of bicyclists from james harden made it 69-68, hitting the road and heading to work for bike to work day. rockets. where would the offense from we'll tell you what they think the warriors come from. needs to improve on city streets next. how about the two-time mvp. and taking a live look curry made only two shots from outside. this is from our mountain cam. downtown. curry and thompson, combining where it is 47 degrees right for 52 points. now. 6:52. we'll be right back. warriors win, 104-59. game 6 is friday night back in houston, where durant is unlikely to play. liverpool yesterday came out with a lot of the great wins in soccer history. and after the match, their manager, jergen klaus said, our boys are [ bleep ] jaintsdzs. that's what -- giants. that's what he said. i know how he feels. i apologize to my mom, who is probably watching, but our guys are [ bleep ] giantses. that was an unbelievable win
6:24 am
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i'm jackie ward, live in the mission district in san francisco. it is the biggest biking day of the year. thousands of people are expect to take part in bike to work day. there are about 100 or so bicyclists here. some of them were headed down to mountain view. and now that, seems like a very daunting task to me. but that's not the point. today. the point of today is to encourage people to encourage a cleaner method of transportation. tens of thousands of people ad all over the region. the coalition said the city is
6:27 am
moving in the right direction. but can always use more protected bike lanes. 2% more people rode their bike in 2018, compared to 2017. you may notice what are called energizer stations. they'll be providing free snacks, drinks and reusable tote bags for cyclists. the goal is to encourage more to get on the road. mayor london breed is one of those people. she will be biking to work to city hall. she is expected to get there sometime between 8:00 and 8:30. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. we are going live to hayward, where there was a big fire overnight. you can see these homes still smoldering. four homes burnt down. luckily, they were under construction. so nobody was living in those homes. but the whole neighborhood had to be evacuated at holy oak and olympic. some got heat damage. this started at 1:30 this morning. the fire is out. but the investigation into the
6:28 am
cause continues. kenny and michelle? >> thank you. 6:57. time for a look at this morning's top stories. today, uber is set to announce the i.p.o. price. the shares expected to be in the $40 to $50 range. that would give the company a valuation of about $90 billion. the owner of the flintstone house in hillsboro has filed a counter suit. she's accusing hillsboro of violating the fair housing act. and also, racial discrimination. today, warriors star kevin durant will undergo an mri. durant came down awkwardly. last night. p shot in game 5 his status for night's game is still up in the air. >> the san jose sharks, moving on to the western conference finals. the sharks eliminated colorado at s.a.p. center last night in game 7. tickets for the conference final go on sale at noon,
6:29 am
starting today. and then game 1 is saturday, in san jose. china is warning. retaliation. if president trump moves ahead with his threat to further raise tariffoss chinese goods. still trade talks between theus and china are set to resume later today in washington. several accidents starting to delay your commute. this is at whitten. southbound 880. drive time is going to be 35 minutes from esperrian. it is slow and go across the san mateo bridge. off to the city this. is starting to cause a backup. northbound mariposa. at least one lane blocked. even slower behind that. here is a live picture that is buffing. so -- buffering. it apparently is running slowly this morning as well. mary? >> all right. thanks, emily. we're starting off the day with cloudy skies. also areas of fog and patchy drizzle on the coast of the
6:30 am
bay. slow, gradual clearing with seasonal daytime highs, tonight, a 20% chance of shower. best chance will be in the east bay as well as for the south bay. but just in time for the weekend. we're looking at plenty of sunshine. fantastic weather on sunday for mother's day. temps will be a little cooler as we head through the middle part of next week. and the longer-range weather models. they bring the chance of showers back in the forecast by the end of next week. if you're think being leaving for work right now. consider getting off that bicycle. because it is bike to work day. 25th annual. >> you would do it, right? if you had to come in so early in the morning? >> yeah. it's a little cold at 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning. but definitely an option to get exercise in. >> well, we love you anyway. >> grt ask safe day.
6:31 am
. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, may 9th, 2019. welcome to overnight, north kor fires -- according to south korean officials. how this is raising new fears over the nuclearrogr [ technical difficulties ] >> plus in our series a more perfect be homeless promised a future with strings. >> this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." you're world
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