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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: francisco's parents have filed a civil lawsuit, because they say the district attorney's office only found misdemeanor charges for reckless operation of a boat, and operating the boat while intoxicated. a former police officer and a current attorney. >> the individual involved was a former police officer and is today an attorney. and the two combined tell me that this individual should know better. and should be held to a higher standard. >> reporter: we reached out to him, who provided with a statement that reads in part my first concern is for is for the well-being of the injured man. my family and i are heartsick over his injuries and we wish him a full recovery. >> this created a severe suffering. >> reporter: we did reach out to the district attorney's office here in san mateo, we had some questions about their charging decisions in this case. our calls were not returned. in san mateo, kpix 5.
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please identify the man accused of setting a string of overnight fires in alameda county. the 34-year-old man is in custody for arson. police say that this started on sierra lane in dublin about 1230 this morning. he led them on a high chase on i-580 at 115 miles per hour, eventually crashing into gas pumps in livermore. >> reporter: police say the arsonist for accelerated on these cars right here, set these cars on fire. he was not done. he then drove over to this building right here. he poured accelerants on the side of this building and started a fire there. police say the arsonist did not leave the scene after he set the fires. he actually hung around. >> i can only speculate. he set these fires and he was opening to see the results of his work.
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>> reporter: firefighters report a suspicious car circling the building, the dublin cops chased him onto the freeway but did not give chase because of safety reasons. they spotted the same car. >> we are just very fortunate that nobody was hurt. are a short time later, the car crashed into gas pumps at a live in or -- livermore 711. detectives are trying to assess his mental health. they are trying to determine the motive. >> we are also investigating to see if he has any previous arson and -- history. we are looking into his criminal history, this person was not on the radar. >> reporter: they say this is the first arson this year dublin. the fire destroyed several cars, including a tesla. the damage estimated here is about $200,000. as firefighters were putting out the fire, a worker alerted
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them about a fired in a nearby side of this building. >> one of the fire guys said another 30 minutes, it would probably have burned across the top of the building and it would've been a complete devastation. >> reporter: he is facing a number of charges, including two counts of arson and a count of assault with a deadly weapon. this is for ramming the chp cruiser. live in dublin, kpix 5. we are just getting details on what cause a fire in a san francisco high-rise last october. the fire department investigators concluded that it was a candle that ignited curtains inside of a 12th floor apartment in the financial district. seven people had to be treated for smoking elation, 30 units were damaged and are still being repurposed are. i am elizabeth cook, it it is one of the biggest initial public offerings ever. today are made its wall street debut. [ cheers and applause ]
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uber executives and employees rang the opening bell on the new york stock exchange this morning. the san francisco based ridesharing company was initially valued at $82.4 billion. they had a rough first day. the stock closed at $41, this is a more than 7% low below its ipo price. some experts say that it could take years for uber to become profitable. they also say that it is uncommon for shares and it company with such a high profile to stumble right out of the gate. it is not necessarily a thing signs of things to come. >> the stock market goes up and down. we have seen other companies do poorly on the first day and do really well. facebook, for example. it is going to be interesting to see how the market goes. >> not everybody's happy about uber going public. some of the drivers protested, to demand better wages and
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benefits. ahead of the ipo, uber announced that they reached a settlement with tens of thousands of drivers. meanwhile, several big-name celebrities could make some big money out of uber's ipo, this includes gwenyth coppola, lance armstrong, and others, they all invested early. the founder was on hand for today's ipo. his stake in the company is now worth $5 million. hundreds of uber employees are expected to become millionaires. >> uber is helping to bounce back and not fall in the footsteps of lyft. there price has gone down since their ipo. overall the stock market had a late gain.
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the doubt closing up 113 points. the nasdaq was up six and the s&p was up 10. roller coaster this week was due to trade tensions between the u.s. and china. the chinese trade delegation left today, after talks with the u.s. wrapped up with the new deal. -- without a new deal. the president says the talks will continue in the future. he said that the meetings were candid and constructive. overnight, he raised tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese goods from 10 to 25%. no deal can be made, the president says that he is prepared to put a 25% tariff on another to $325 billion worth of chinese goods. this would impact everything that china ships to the united states. bay area companies are already feeling the impact of this trade war. >> kpix 5 has the worries at
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the wine country. >> reporter: talks collapsed, the trade war escalates, and the new tariffs are costing, whether you are buying or selling. >> we export wine to china. several of the wineries, we see increase on tariffs. >> reporter: the existing tariffs have already heard his once robust sales in china. >> now with a third of it another tariff, this may put us out of business in china for a while. >> i don't have that kind of money just to throw away. i was going to do all of my shopping now. >> reporter: he was shopping at granite expo, a bill of $260 last year would now run you over $400. there are science to explain how the tariffs will drive up
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the prices. >> i have been following that whole saga. and it is big to me. i have to do what i need to do for me. just getting there before the price increases. >> because we bought wine bottles from china, we had to raise the cost of our wines. >> everybody pays somewhere. it always gets passed off to the consumer one way or the other. >> reporter: it takes 68 weeks or goods to move back and forth between the united states and china, so it will take a while to fully unfurl. this does mean that between now and and then there is time to reach a deal. more time for china to retaliate. in sonoma county, kpix 5. teachers are helping to drive apple stock down. -- those tariffs are helping to drive apple stock down. last month ceo, they credited part of their strong first- quarter earnings as an uptick
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with the earnings. subpoenas have been issued for six years worth of his tax returns. this is from the chairman of the house ways and means committee. this is days after the secretary refused to turn over the tax returns. this is likely headed to the federal courts. the warriors are headed to play tonight, without kevin doran. their strategy going into a pivotal game six. a high profile defense attorney calling it quits, admit that threats. their shame for their selfies, their calling out tourists behaving badly. as we go into this mother days weekend, mother nature is throwing out some beautiful
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weather, 70s, 60s there the water. will it continue right through the big day on sunday? i will have your forecast coming up next. start your day with more. >> that's right, this will really affect your commute. >> and we are getting a live look today. >> start your day with us. expect more. monday morning on kpix 5. kpix five weather is sponsored by mancini's sleep world. visit sleep
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is the live news desk. i want to take you to seattle right now. there was a shooting in the city central district. according to police, there are at least two victims here. officers responded to 23rd avenue, earlier this afternoon. there were at least two victims found. a 20-year-old man and a 46-year- old man. were transported to harborview medical center. and both are listed in satisfactory condition at this hour. a lot of witnesses, a lot of shots fired. 20 shots of fired. they don't know a motive now. police tell us that they are looking for at least three suspects. and they are still at large at this hour. the seattle fire department responded to the swedish health cherry hill campus about three tm p.m.
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-- 3:10 pm. this is where they found the victims, initially taken by private car, they were later transported to harborview hospital. they're asking people in the area to allow them to complete their investigation. this is the latest from the live news desk. back to you. the high profile attorney representing the man a killing him has quit the case. chris darted announced on facebook that he is withdrawing for personal reasons citing threats to his family. he was representing eric holder. chris darden's daughter, posted a picture with him on instagram, saying that she was the target of threats. she responded by posting instead of attacking me and
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others, channel that energy. a public defender has now been assigned to represent holder. the warriors are heading on to the next round of the nba playoffs. >> the question is are they going to be able to do it without one of their all-stars? >> let me tell you something, they have done it before. when i see that 2015 champion team out there, it is safe to say that all of the pressure is on the houston rockets. kevin durant, obviously, arguably one of the best players on the planet. he has a strained right calf. here is the entry on game five. this is defense too. will staff find his shooting range tonight? he is going to have to. like he did in game five here. here is a word from the splash. >> i am confident.
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i did wake up today with extra weight on my shoulders. >> it will obviously not be the same without kevin out there, but what if we play with those things that i listed, we will give her chance itself to win. it will be pretty, it is the playoffs. you will take anyway that you could get it. >> they are not giving the warriors a chance. curry and thompson, if they can combine 450-60 points, here's the question, what you do if the other 50, 60 points the rest of the way? this is will be the big question . what will the warriors do? will they be quick? >> they will have to fire on all cylinders. >> so much adrenaline is rushing through. >> all right, thank you so much. the presidential candidate
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known as mayor pete is in the bay area. he is the 37-year-old mayor of south bend, indiana. he has been attracting enthusiasm in california, including bay area donors. he is doing a series of fundraisers, this does present a challenge to rival kamala harris. coming up tonight at 6:00, our political reporter will be live at his fundraiser that he is holding in san francisco. as sonoma county couple has been ordered to pay $600,000 for killing a 180-year-old tree. they were sued by the sonoma land trust in 2014 after inspection found that they had uprooted a heritage two -- two. the sonoma county court agreed that the couple violated conversation -- conservation lines
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>> severe weather in the south. much of the houston, texas area is underwater. check this out, baseball hands inside of a dome stadium in houston, rainwater pouring into the minute maid park. rising floodwater shutdown roads across houston. authorities say that at least 40 people were stranded on one highway. firefighters found one car upside down. crews were able to save the trapped driver in times. in meantime, heavy rains are filling the mississippi river. they opened up the spillway in louisiana today. officials say that the river will crest will above the flood stage. i was talking to a fishing guide in plymouth county, he said the snowmelt is happening at a very steady pace. he says if we get a great warm up will be into something else.
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>> shasta is like 95% of capacity. so we should be very thankful that the snowmelt has not been all at once. otherwise we would have some serious problems. we have been warm, we have not been hot, this is what we want. mother nature is obliging with that. it is pleasant outside. we actually got to 80 degrees. before lunchtime 81 degrees, now you are at 64 degrees. santa rosa is actually colder than oakland now. tonight low cloud cover near the water. a big weekend for baseball. the a's are back in town. ataking on the indians, the first pages after 6:30 pm, a 64 degrees across the bay. the giants are in town taking on cincinnati. breezy at 59 degrees and for the first pitch.
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maybe you are taking your mom to the wine country, lucky you, lucky mom. 79 degrees. 81 degrees for mother's day. warm and sunny, beautiful for napa county and sonoma county. there is a ridge of high pressure taken the storm track in sending it north of anchorage, alaska. and then over the ridge, we did not get any rainfall. it is not missing southern california. it is colder and what are in los angeles and it is in seattle. this gave us an offshore wind today. the onshore flow does return tonight. this means the cloud cover is going to come back tonight. through the delta, san pablo, the san francisco bay. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine. sunday, we will do it again. clouds in the morning, ¢ in the afternoon. the only exception will be right along the coast. it will stay chilly. next week we are watching and
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active pattern, just to the north. were talking about the rain, right now it is not here. look how close it is. so when we're talking about 7- 10 days out, a small change could bring that rain back. so we are watching a potential for rain about this time next week. right now it is looking dry to our north. certainly there is plenty of time for that to change. speaking of, morning clouds, afternoon will be sunny and pleasant. and active pattern next week. seen to our north for now. we will keep an eye on that. look at these temperatures for saturday. fremont, 72. livermore, 77. san francisco, 64. 60s near the bay, we will cool down next we, that is a guarantee. we are 10 degrees cooler by the middle of next week. right now just an increase of clouds. we will be dry for the next seven days. that is your forecast. silicon techies looking for
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san jose's famous dancing pig will dance on, thanks to community effort to save it. the sign advertising stevens meet products when up back in the 1950s. our radio colleague took this
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photo of the restoration work going underway. the business is long gone. the site now is a parking lot. but thanks to $35,000 in donations, it may be the first parking lot ever to be advertised by a dancing pig. were taking a live look right now san jose. where a new study finds that his nickname continues to be well deserved. the dating site found that when it comes to online dating, for every woman between the ages of 20 5-29, there are 3.5 men. the good news is that the ratio actually gets better as the residents get older. on the flipside, in the north bay, in the city of san rafael, the number of women actually outnumber men. victoria secrets models they no longer will they be strutting on the catwalk in the annual tv fashion show. mmo to employees, the ceo said that the network tv is no
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longer the right fit for the event. the fashion show has been broadcast on cbs for almost 20 years, but the leadership -- viewership has been phone. they said the company will instead focus on creating a new kind of event. this comes as victoria's secret sales have also decreased. coming up at 5:30 pm, a new social media account, has a heart method -- message, "big sur hate you." >> is this now becoming a social media battleground? the measles outbreak is taking across the whole across the state. now a new effort to fight back for parents that are excusing children from vaccines. they're putting tens of thousands at risk of flooding. there is no easy fix.
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you're working harder and so are we. the new 7 pm news. tonight on kpix 5.
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. >> stop stories at 5:30 bay area man has filed a civil suit against a local lawyer who run over the son with a speedboat. the teen was in a san mateo lagoon. the family is angry that he has only been charged with misdemeanors. he suffered back and head injury. a high-speed chase ends in the rest of an arson suspect. accused of setting a string of fires in dublin leading a place -- police on a chase to livermore. who remits wall street to be used today but unfortunately not a smooth start. shares of the right your company closing at $41.57 a share, more than 7% below its o price. also knew big sur's world- famous coastline has been a tourist attraction for decades but now one instagram pages shaming visitors were behaving
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badly. >> california depends on tourism but what happens when those visitors show up and trample pristine parkland in plain act crazy? turns out there is an instagram account for that. glenn ramirez shows us. on days like today easy to see why people come from all over the world to see big sur. but many of them don't follow the rules or act in a safe way. often just for a social media posting. which probably explains why this man and woman son will lead darted into the lanes of highway one of the bixby bridge. the woman stopping mid-span to pose, the man directing her to find just the right angle. then they dodge oncoming traffic to get back. looks like you did some dangerous photos right there? >> it was just on the -- you know, on the edge there not too dangerous. >> reporter: you are standing in the middle of


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