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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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if you thought california was kamala harris' to lose in 2020, think again. >> melissa caen live in san francisco where indiana's trainer is giving her run for many. >> reporter: at the regency ballroom in san francisco where hundreds have gathered they call themselves team pete. campaign organizers expect about 1200 people to attend tonight's events. we have seen a number of different candidates come through san francisco, but pete buttigieg are is not just fundraising here, he may be making inroads with some of harris' reporters. min neighb es share coffee an food. back in february hosted an event for the mayor of south and indiana. >> i believe the road to 2020 comes to places like this. >> reporter: an event pru center
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-- senator kamala harris also the works but the owner has not decided who is supporting for president these excited about kamala harris. >> to have a biracial woman leading on the democratic stage is something a lot of us are very proud of. >> reporter: he also likes near pete. >> i came out about ten years ago i never would have dreamed we would have had an openly man running for president in the top of the field. one of many people who support both candidates. in the 1st quarter of 2019 more than 1500 people gave to more than one democratic candidate for president. the most common crossover was harris and buttigieg 162 peonating to both candidates. in a field this large it's not surprising some people like more than one candidate. even fundraising powerhouse susie tompkins buell endorsed kamala harris for president but also fundraising for buttigieg. in pulling like election day
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voters can only choose one candidate. and since march buttigieg's national numbers have trended a paul harris' have trended down. nowadays they mostly pull within a few points of each other. many things many people are waiting to see how they do on the campaign trail and debate. >> people want someone to be president donald trump. and they want to do everything they can to make sure that happens. we have spoken to several people here particularly those members of the community who are, as one put it of a certain age. they are really amazed to see an openly man not just running for president but also as someone really at the top of the pack. for people here tonight of course very political but for some also intensely personal. b interstate 680 right now happening near the burnell
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avenue exit at castlewood. a fish oil spill but not the kind you might think. crews are removing boxes of those little oil capsules by hand from one of the big rig trailers that rolled off into the bushes. you can see another one parked. traffic continues to look over and back up. officials tell us they are expecting delays to continue into the evening. southbound 680 at burnell. try to avoid the mess crews suggest drivers take highway 84 through livermore or 580 west. the family of a peninsula teenager, nearly killed in a boating crash is demanding justice tonight. they claim the bay area attorney accused of boating drunk getting off too easily. live in san mateo with questions about how prosecutors
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handle this case. the victim's parents either. nearly died back in october and they say the suspect in the case showed a latent reckless disregard for the safety of everyone else with him on the water and they want the charges he is going to face to be every bit as serious as the injuries to her son suffered. the propellers raked across the skin of his back opening deep, blood he cut. >> the damage for more than just skin deep. the bone during crash crushed his ribs and punctured his lungs . >> the scar on his back will be there the rest of his life mentally and emotionally will be there the rest of his lifein might not live at all. he pulled his cold, wet, unconscious and bloodied body out of the marina lagoon in san mateo after his kayak was rammed by a boat, operated according to police by this
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attorney. >> trying to pray for the life of my son. >> reporter: francisco's parents have filed a lawsuit in part because they say they are frustrated by the district attorney's decision to prosecute the former oakland police officer and current attorney, for two misdemeanors. >> this is incomprehensible. we want the d.a. to fully charge this individual who has named our son. >> reporter: we reached out and he provided us with the statement that reads in part, my first concern is for the well-being of the injured young man. my family and i are heartsick over his injuries and wishing a full recovery. we reached out to the das office in san mateo county. we honestly had questions about returned. new details on a bizarre
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crime spree overnight in alameda county. police say a man set a string of fires in dublin then sparked a high-speed chase. the 34 -year-old suspected of setting fires to three cars and a warehouse. the damage totals nearly $200,000. after the fires on sierra lane in dublin, brown led police on a high-speed chase on interstate 580 at speeds nearing 115 miles per hour. he eventually crashed into gas pumps at a 711 in livermore. here is a look at the damage, the pump mangled from the crash. police lost track of them during the case and found his car here. >> can only speculate that may be he said these fires and was hoping to see the results of his work. >> one of the fire guys said another 15-30 minutes it would earned across the top of the >> detectives are trying to assess his mental health and determine his motives. police in berkeley on the
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hunt for a pair of ten -year-old boys, suspected of snatching a wallet. this happened on the corner of hearst avenue and california street yesterday afternoon. authorities say the boys took the wallet and ran south down california street to the getaway car. it was one of three robberies in the general area yesterday. no word yet if they are connected. the city of oakland setting up for a big party this evening for five/ten day. the annual event is a showcase of the city's culture and celebration of its area code. began with the march of the amphitheater from east 12th street here to lake america where the party is going on to celebrate 510 day. on the shores of the lake the sun is shining and the parties underway an welcome to 510 day or 510 if you prefer. part celebration.
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>> and thing that unifies the people is important bringing people together for a common cause same area code on her phone coming together in person. >> reporter: part declaration while the town is changing the folks who call it home aren't going anywhere. >> black and brown folks kicking it here at the lake all the lines getting unfairly targeted by newcomers who didn't like the culture we've had. >> reporter: referring to now infamous incidents like barbecue becky who called the cops on black people grilling at lake merritt or jogger joe who through the belongings of a homeless man into the lake in a fit of rage. >> we are hoping people actually see the humanity of black and brown folks and don't see us as criminals and don't see us as people to be feared but see us as people with a igns dumenting the history of oakland for those who may not know it. >> we just want to make sure
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that history and that diversity gets preserved even though there has been so many changes in oakland lately. a lot of folks who grew up here being pushed out having a hard time you make a ten-point plan called we still here aimed at fighting gentrification in the housing crisis too. something organizers say are deeply intertwined. >> there is not enough units for regular, working-class people to afford in a historically working-class town. with that high rate has come this culture of racism, this culture of xenophobia, this culture of fear that has no place in oakland, never had a place in oakland. >> reporter: food, dancing in the warriors game going on all night. to wall street where uber blew a flat and it's long anticipated public debut. executives, employees from the san francisco-based rideshare ring the opening bell that day
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when didn't go as well as many hoped. they closed more than 7% below its ipo price of $45. uber is hoping to have better luck than its rival lyft. >> when lift -- lyft went public it did well the first day but in the following weeks it started to slump and that seems to set the stage for what uber is going through now. investors seem to be paying attention to how both companies said they aren't profitable and may never be profitable. >> of lubricant rally hundreds of its employees could become millionaires. teachers and a big contra costa county school district or edging closer to a labor strike. the union says contract talks with mount diablo unified have reached an impasse. that means a state mediator will have to step in and try to broker an agreement. if that fails union leaders say the teachers should get ready to go on strike. negotiators
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are at odds over pay and class sizes. the union also wants the school district to hire more nurses, counselors and librarians. a bay area couple to down some trees. now they have to pay out. the six-figure fine, just ahead. an old san francisco funeral home may soon be home to the living. tonight we are asking, would you move in. on the north coast a female server's terrifying encounter with the great white shark. a reason they call it man jose. new data reveals the deep ey dating pool. of the si >> friday night maybe you have a date with your significant other. the weather pretty nice but what if it is saturday night were taking care of mom on sunday? the forecast for the next seven days. any date night covered, next.
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. a long time funeral home in san francisco may soon house the living. it has stood for nearly a century on sutter street and now a developer wants to take over the building and enlarge it from two stories to 12. a plan submitted to the 2 tmen plretail and office space. about 30 of the residential units would be affordable. it's not clear if the funeral home would relocate. we wanted to know, would you live there? here are a couple of responses steve write so much for rent and jennifer says, flied out no
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. a sonoma county couple ordered to pay nearly $600,000 in fines for killing a 180 -year-old tree. a sonoma land trust sued peter and tony thompson in 2014 after an inspection found they uprooted the heritage oak and bulldozed a road through a dozen other trees. the heritage oak died, along with two others. a sonoma county court agreed. the couple violated conservation laws flat out. >> $586,000 fine last week. live look in san jose and new study finds its nickname man jose continues to be well- deserved. a survey by the website match .com found when it comes to online dating for every woman between the ages of 25 and 29, there are about three and a half men. the highest rate in the country . the numbers even out as ages
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got older. these two went to great heights to find the love and now the osprey couple rosie in richmond are parents to appear of new chicks. they hatched this week high a top the historic richmond shipyard crane. that third chick is still on the way. the couple has raised three chicks in the same spot last year. live look at the audubon society's nest can. if you'd like to keep an eye on the growing family, we posted a link on our website, warning signs about a sonoma county beach after one server's close encounter with the great white shark. dawn ford reports she was just paddling out from north salmon creek beach near bodega bay when she suddenly found herself in a terrifying tangle. >> reporter: right here is
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where it all happened. katie just offshore when she had her close encounter with a great white shark. she is lucky to be alive. a normal day until it wasn't. 36 -year-old katie wilson was serving at salmon creek beach near bodega bay when a great white shark bit into her surfboard's leash. state park lifeguard saw the whole thing. suddenly all the surfers left the water spent most people in general especially surfers have a primal fear of getting attacked by a shark. >> will hello. it's probably true. >> reporter: the shark pulled the board with the leash in its mouth until it snapped an animal's teeth. terrified she escaped without a scratch. >> luckily nothing happened. she was scared to the point where her husband had to push her into the beach. >> reporter: local servers not too concerned with the warning signs. >> the sign says there has been a shark cited in your entering
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at your own risk but really it always is that way. >> reporter: surfing and sharks really come together. >> you're more likely to get hurt by somebody else, get sucked out or drowned in the shark, least of your worries really. with remarkable courage she came back and actually surfed the very next day thank you she did? >> she just wanted to get back on the horse. friends say she plans to keep surfing almost daily. at salmon creek beach kpix5. not going to stop. that dedication. >> i have a long-standing policy of keeping minimum safe distance from sharks regardless the situation. 69 degrees the warm spot shared by three pounds right now concord, livermore, san jose right around 70. san francisco brisket 61 santa rosa you jumped to the 80s before lunchtime and south wind kit then you drop to the 60s and
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now you're the cool spot chillier than san francisco. santa rosa 49, valeo 53, concord 53, san jose 55 big weekend for baseball starts tonight, 80s hosting indians first pitch a couple minutes for now. clear, cool 64 degrees also the giants taking on the reds first pitch 7:15 greasy and cool 59. par for the course part of the golf plan for this time of year. going to be chilly with ocean breeze. pollen count not terribly high medium to medium-high the next couple days. we did not receive any rainfall, didn't help us with pollen but it is not horrible out there. the weekend will be beautiful in wine country. 79 degrees sunshine tomorrow. 81 degrees take mom to her favorite winery. 81 and sunshine coming up sunday. here's the weather pattern, not something you see every day. a big ridge of high pressure west of portland, big area of low pressure west of los angeles. shouldn't typically be the opposite?
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it is raining in l.a., 85 degrees in seattle. the kinked jetstream will and kink itself the next couple of days but for us caught in between, pretty normal weather. morning clouds, onshore flow, after nine sunshine except for the coast and mother's day starts off cloudy near the water but finishes with sunshine. futurecast next week, pretty active pattern. rainfall to the north and the northern california mountains around mount shasta. rain next week returning to the north of for transfer the south we may introduce rain chances right now looks like it will state of the north. morning low clouds and fog but sunshine in the afternoon the next couple days active weather pattern next week that now staying to the north 80 fairfield tomorrow livermore 77 fremont 72, saturday san rafael 70 degrees san francisco, oakland and pacifica all in the 60s tomorrow. extended forecast couple degrees warmer sunday couple degrees warmer monday but oh all nice we trend cooler by the
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middle of next week rain stays away stronger on show floor 60s to low 70s next wednesday. sports settling in at 6:00 i heard there is some nba game going on? but that's not the only thing i had. is it the last hurrah for jumbo joe thorton in his quest to win the elusive stanley cup championship?
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. >> nhl playoffs of top the even of for your san jose sharks. fifth go around for the man in chile just like last time, f th blues. winner of the stanley cup finals . the playoff run perhaps maybe
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for number 19 joe thorton gets his last shot perhaps to win his first cup title. he will be 40 in july, one of the best players in the league has never hoisted the stanley cup. >> to me he is one of the top 100 greatest players i've ever played. just thought i'd throw that in i can even put into words you look at the moment game seven against vegas the compassion for a teammate going down epitomizes joe, our team. we care for each other. how can you not want to play for a guy like that. >> i know what you're thinking, is it really? yet it is. it is the actual stanley cup. i can reach out, can i touch a too, we have paul prichard from the hockey hall of fame alongside the big factoid about this 127 -year-old trophy. >> 127 years old lifetime of
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memories but if you ask any player in the league they all want to win it and down to four teams like you said the conference final. let's see what happens. >> i see some real estate on the bottom. san jose sharks waiting 25 years to get their name on it. >> we've got a spot, they have just got to earn it. with watching golf shot by former quarterback tony romo where a lot of my shots go the trees. second round, the current cbs4 all analyst w double bogey the fourth but too late missed the cut eight over after two days three over 70 for today. nba warriors trying to close out the rockets in game six tonight. moving pictures on the late show. watch this catch from astros right fielder josh reddick.
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the former a went up three run homer last night. 9th inning big league play saved the game as astros beat the rangers final 4- 2. giants owes the reds, a's host the indians those will be pictures on the late show. >> great night sports. >> oh yeah. >> busy for sure. thanks - hey, mike.
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. >> san jose's famous dancing pig will dance on thanks to a community effort to save it. >> the sign advertising stephen's meat products one up on montgomery street back in the 1950s. you have all seeing it if you've been down there. a radio colleague mike hogan took this photo of the restoration work beginning. >> the business is long gone and the site now a parking lot the thanks to $35,000 in donations it may be the first
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parking lot ever to be advertised by a dancing neon pig. i love that signs been some parts of san jose you can't get rid of. >> so cute. thank you for watching. the cbs evening news is up next. >> will be back in 30 minutes with the kpix news at 7:00. see you then.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the cbs evening news this friday, the trade war escalates as the u.s. slaps new tariffs on china. we will look at how this impacts all americans. >> these tariffs often increase prices for consumers. >> is it making american products more competitive? >> yes. >> an iranian commander today said there will be no talks with the u.s. >> this comes as more u.s. forces begin arriving in the region. >> the white house ordering deployment to counter unspecified threats from iran. >> glor: cutting edge treatments offer new hope to patients with pancreatic cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer deaths. >> my body has come back, and the tissue has come back. i feel really good. >> glor: more wet weather could put a damper on mother's day weekend for millions. >> a san francisco teacher


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