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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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[ announcer ]rchetiger woods.] [ tap of the putt ] expect anything different? [ wmost important shotrablye dustin johnson has ever hit right here. [ crowd cheering ] what a gem! now keopka, down there into the wind. [ club thwacking ] how about that? back to back united states opens. [ tense elegant music ] just awesome. now at 11:00, sam mateo ranks one of the most vulnerable places for the measles. >> and bart prepares for more.
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>> orange is bl >> and good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. we begin with breaking news out of alameda county. an amber alert for sierra mccroy. she was abducted in oakland. in the vehicle when the car was stolen. she is believed to be wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. 35 pounds, three feet tall, black hair and brown eyes. that's the california license plate. agiy743. if you see the vehicle, call 911. a new study named san mateo county as one of most
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vulnerable to measles exposure. 764 cases have been reported in the united states. nine cases in the bay area. andrea nakano joins us from sfo with more. >> reporter: the reason san mateo county ranks so high is because of this. the san francisco international airport. a lot of the cases in california have affected an international traveler or someone that has come in contact with a person that has traveled abroad. california has seen the highest number of measles cases since 1993 according to the journal lancet. most of the cases have been found in the bay area. >> it is something that was ancient historit made a comeback. >> i thought that the vaccinations we have would be something we didn't have to worry about. >> reporter: now the journal ranked san mateo county as the 18th most at risk county in the nation. though the county has only seen
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four cases so far. the counties that reported the most number of measles are home to international airports with o'hare international in cook county topping the list. >> i personally am not super freaked out about it. i know it is extremely rare. though we are in san mateo county. >> reporter: the san mateo county health department says all four of the cases it recently discovered have a direct tie to the airport. doctors say if you have any concerns about possibly catching measles, get vaccinated now. our partners at kcbs radio spoke to william shaftner from vanderbilt, university. >> if you have any concern if you are an international traveler about your vaccination status, go toa se e asles vacci easy and quick. even if you are protected, you won't be harmed by the vaccine, but you will be reassured. >> reporter: the san mateo
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county health deny has looked redsand hundreds of ses and contacts of lyft and uber drivers and at schools and large companies. reporting live at sfo, andrea nakano, kpix5. >> california counties spent more than $400,000 tackling measles cases this year. with santa clara county spending the most. $130,000 after four measles cases were reported. that's according to data collected by a sacramento area lawmaker. butte county has managed 11 measles cases this year. and sacramento county which has reported three measles cases has spent $22,000. in other news now, the sharks have a leg up in the nhl's western conference finals. san jose defeated the saint louis blues tonight, 6-3 in game one. the sharks and the blues are trying to win their first stanley cup. game two is monday night at sap center and we will have all the
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highlights from tonight's game coming up in a few minutes in sports. a new lawsuit is accusing a san francisco police officer for using excessive force. in a shooting last year. it happened in north beach when the officers stopped four men for having an open beer bottle on the >>not holding any alcohol. but, he ran away. an officer opened fire. police say that he dropped a jacket and pulled out a glock 45 from his waistband. but an attorney says he threw the gun away before he was shot. he said his clients never brandished the gun or threatened anyone. >> the thing that struck me was the way in which as he ran down the street after him, he has never said stop or i'll shoot. >> he was shot multiple times in the lower back. later, he pleaded guilty to possessing the weapon. and is now in federal prison.
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the lawsuit names joshua cavillo as the officer who opened fire. the officer has not been disciplined for his actions as far as he knows. he shot and killed a 15-year- old who pulled a gun at a gas station. so far, we haven't heard back from sfpd about the new lawsuits. a somber mother's day weekend for an oakland city councilwoman who lost her son to gun violence. >> stop the silence to stop the violence. we will say something. >> councilwoman linette gibson macaleney and her husband visited the spot where her son victor was gunned down two months ago today. lapd said he was shot in an apparent botched robbery at convenient store. victor's mother said she would not let her son's legacy be forgotten. >> i'm standing where he took
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his last breath. that seemed like the right thing to do for this mother's day. >> his parents accepted their son's diploma. he was set to graduate from the music school. >> more than 20,000 homeowners are rushing to clear weeds from their properties and dry vegetation. signs have been put out to remind people of the may 31 deadline. there is a tough fire season ahead and the proactive effort will help prevent wild fires from spreading. >> that rarely happens. we get over 99% compliance in the district. we know that property owner every year hires goats. i expect to see goats. teacher ins contra costa county are bracing themselves for a possible strike. negotiations between mount
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diablo unified school district and the teacher's union have reached an impasse. they seek a raise retro active to last july and are asking for smaller class sizes and the hiring of additional nurses, counselors, and librarians, district officials have said they simply do not have the money to cover the 4% raise or the additional staff. >> bart is hitting the brakes on its fleet of the the future. one group of cars is failing to reach 6,000 hours before hitting a failure. the report says those trains were only lasting about faulty train's automatic control system. governor newsom has a sup plus to work with and is allotting them to areas like education, reducing
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homelessness and expanding medical coverage to young and undocumented. california has had a surplus each year since 2013. but this year, the governor expressed cautions. >> ten recessions since world war ii. we are entering the tenth year of an expansion. feeling anxiety. >> just a decade ago, the state had deep deficits and severe budget cuts. now democrats will try to restore funding to social welfare programs with major reductions. in contra costa county, phone scammers are dialing it up a notch.nts g calls demanding answers to warrants. the caller id is the police department. the police say it are coming ba >> punishing the farmers. >> tensions are not just brewing between china and the u.s. the conflict over trade
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also growing on american soil. >> society likes excitement. the good and the bad. >> a real life orange is the new black. the new netflix documentary about life inside the sacramento county jail. >> and we take you to the top of the mark for its 80th celebration. plus, we will update you on that amber alert. we told you about at the beginning of the newscast and we will update the forecast. which has rain in it. all the details. after a break.
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back to our breaking news story. we have a suspect description in an amber alert out of alameda county. chp released a description of the suspect. they say he is an african- american man in his 40s , last seen wearing a red beanie. a red shirt, and black pants. investigators say a man matching that description abducted three-year-old sierra mccroy in oakland. she was in a vehicle when it was stolen around 8:00 tonight. sierra is believed to be wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. three foot tall, 35 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes. the vehicle described is a 2005 silver mercedes sedan with california license plate 8giy743. and, if you call, you are asked to call 911. back in the bay area, a san josedui after a deadly
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crash that killed a 16-year- old. chp says 28-year-old ashley marie oliver was driving her mini van on the wrong side of highway 17 just south of redwood estates. just after 2:00 this morning she crashed head on into a toyota corolla with five people inside. the 16-year-old in the backseat of the car was killed. three others were hurt but are expected to recover. oliver was treated for her injuries and then book into the santa clara county jail. tonight, heightened tension between the world's two largest economies. president trump is threatening more tariffs on china in the hopes to jump start u.s. economy. but many others think the opposite is going to happen. president trump returned from golf as he teed up a new trade fight against he tweeted such a avoid tariffs. make or produce your goods and products if the good olusa. it is very simple. >> we will be taking in more money than we have ever taken
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friday, the president slapped a 25% tariff on $200 billion worthover chinese goods. and ordered additional tariffs on remaining imports worth 300 billion. >> jobs are coming back. and america is back. you are entering a growing american economy. >> reporter: at a commencement ceremony. vice president mike pence touted the president's record. a few 2020 contenders countered on the trail. >> he doesn't know how to cut a trade deal. >> he is punishing the farmers throughout this country. >> he has created disruptives e. our eporter: the longer the impasse drags on, the more of us could pay a price. >> higher prices for american consumers regardless of if you buy it from american made de c rtersidesay happen the bay area, bike
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sharing is becoming more accessible in alameda county. a new adaptive bike sharing program launched in oakland. people with disabilities will be able to borrow hand cycles, adapted trikes, and side by side tandem bikes. the program is being sponsored by the city of oakland, lyft, and recreation outreach anybody who has a disability and wants to ride can come down and ride. join lyft's bike share program as a member. the program willtoll free. ll at lake merritt near east 12th street on wednesday and saturday. the program will st popular, th expand to ten adaptive bikes.
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a classic san francisco landmark known for its panoramic views of the bay turns 80 years old tonight. once a hotel penthouse, the top of the marked mark debuted in 1939. the hotel has a growing number of what are called squadron bottles. >> what do you think about the whole notion of squadron bottles? >> i think that's great. i had a couple of drinks out of it last year. >> kpix5 began broadcasting from studios housed in the attic of the mark hopkins hotel in 1948 years before moving to where we are now. a new show on netflix shows what life is like for women incarcerated at sacramento
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county jail. reporter yasmin hassan spoke with one of the women featured. >> reporter: orange is the new black and the sacramento county jail is the new litc hfield. netflix is giving you a look into the lives of inmates and it sounds like it wasn't too difficult to get the stars to sign up. >> i was like absolutely not. so they talked to me for five minutes and i said i guess. you like my tattoos? okay. >> reporter: meghan hopkins, known as monster, just got out of jail. if you see the trailer you will recognize her right away. she says there is no trick editing here. nothing is being played the documentary shows exactly what it is like to be locked up. >> you are a caged animal. >> reporter: but she gets it. she ups why people are so interested in this world. >> society likes excitement. the good and the bad. >> reporter: meghan says people
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have been calling her nonstop since the trailer was released. meghan gets in trouble a few minutes into the episode. but seeing her life play out on tv, she wants thing to be different. >> i can't thank them enough for wanting to talk to me. it helped change my life. >> reporter: she wants to help stop others from making the same decisions she made. >> i want so badly to be happy. again. and, i feel like it is so ay jis ontf >>ll isclou night area e fog o and then, we have an inthpartme. the numbers look a lot like today. sky conditions will be similar. but, things will be changing as we head toward midweek. now, for tonight, low pressure is spinning in the south land. it is giving us breezy
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conditions. it's giving them rain and thunderstorms from santa barbara to san diego county. for us tomorrow, mother's day looks great. mostly sunny and nice. chilly by the shoreline. the sun will come out. inland, mid 80s , not bad. there's fog over the city. there's the proof. concord, 57. oakland, 57. san francisco, 55 degrees. here's how it looks in the next 24 hours. the fog and low clouds pull into the bay. into the east bay shoreline into contra costa and alameda counties and they pull san teo comidday a me back ow ae tif the year, but low pressure will deepen off the pacific northwest. change of rain approaches midweek. pollen is in the mid range. we are in the moderate levels
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of allergens in the atmosphere. so, we get clouds, then a mild day tomorrow. and then, may gray for the rest of the week. alameda spring festival tomorrow. 65 degrees, a couple of baseball games. the giants taking on the reds at 1:05 p.m. it will be breezy and cool. and the oakland as will take on the cleveland indians. 107 and temperatures in the mid 60s . in atlanta, rain and thunderstorms and 75. upper 40s , low 50s . 60s along the coast. as warm as 79 in fairfield. we will go with loclouds, until wednesday and thursday, when the clouds increase, we get a chance of rain. then a break by next week. that's weather. for sports, mr. vern glenn. two for saturday night folks. you get two. and we have local playoff
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activity. we have two active post season going. one of them, the san jose sharks breaking the ice in the western conference.
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♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at disneyland resort
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nhl playoffs up top. the sharks having their way with the exclusive club. curtain raised on san jose. for the western conference final. and, this is baseball hall of fame, oakland native reggie jackson agreed to the team to the ice. and saint louis in white. it didn't take long to score. go. sharks open the scoring. but, saint louis said right baa
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six minutes later. it was joe edmondson. a little over a minute later. guys in the penalty box. the sharks made them pay. captain joe pavelski. now, 3-2. off a saint louis turn over. myer. goal of the night. a two-goal lead. myer struck again. two goals. and an assist for his night. sharks win it 6-3. the coach expects some push back game two. >> we won game one the last two series. and dropped game two both times. hopefully, you learn from your mistakes. hopefully, they will be better and desperate. they won't want to go on a 2-0 hole. we have to handle that situation better than we did in the first two rounds. all right, we will keep the line moving along.
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coming down the home stretch. baseball by percentage points. guess who climbed out of their division seller? not from the famous ball. as , nick hundley got one off the left field wall. the ball is still going. a throw errant at third. he scores a little league home run. gave the as a 2-1 lead. leonys martin found a hole. jordan lupo beat the throw home and the game was tied. in the home half of the ninth. oakland, two on. it drops in ofthree guys. matt olsen would score. the as are out of last place in the west. the third walk off homer in the
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last four games. on pablo sandoval bobble head night at home. and you know, yeah. he knows how to throw and pitch. steve duggar. to third with a triple. giants and reds tied. this one. lands right where no one was. cincinnati won the game, final of 5-4. the giants have lost three straight. the nba. the warriors. had tonight and sunday off. a fifth straight conference final. beating the rockets 118-113 in game six. without seven durant here nursing a calf injury. for a team that won three draymond green best wins of the
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dubs dynasty. >> this one feels good. this is all the cibuilt to beat them. kevin goes down. you take all of those things into account. this one feels amazing. if i said it otherwise i would be lying to you. it feels good. but we have a lot more work to do. >> they certainly do. game one of the finals would be on tuesday. but i said it before and i will say it again. pretty nice if they wrapped it up in six just to give a wide open mother's day sunday to avoid all distractions. all the focus could be on mama. >> oh gosh, the is this our new car?
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thanks for watching. our next local newscast is tomorrow morning from 6:00 to 7:00. >> for
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