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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings. now at 11:00 a case of crying wolf, a father in trouble after misusing the amber alert system to get his stolen car back. tonight new surveillance video of when the trouble began. rean people are homeless, this after a late afternoon fire at an
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apartment building in daly city. >> it was like running after. >> kids chased down and attacked by someone's pet raccoon in their very own backyard. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. we begin with the father who falsely reported his toddler missing in order to get his stolen car back faster. this just in, oakland police named 23-year-old michael james kelly as the suspect who stole and crashed this mercedes into an el cerrito bus stop. they've also identified 26-year- old edrick mckroy, the father, they say lied about his daughter being abducted. the crash happened about 3 1/2 hours after the car was stolen in east oakland. kpix5's betty yu with the new surveillance video that shows where this wild story began. >> reporter: this is where the drama began. the car owner and father had only been inside this east oakland liquor store on international for a few moments.
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new surveillance video shows what happened next. silver mercedes was parked in a driveway just outside the store. a man with a dark red hooded sweatshirt casually walks around the back of it, hops in and drives off. a second surveillance camera from the store shows the car thief driving off and a few seconds later the car's owner running after it. he runs through oncoming traffic weaving across cars on international. an amber alert went out around 10:00 last night. it included an urgent message to be on the lookout for a 3- year-old girl who had been abducted or taken. the girl's father told police the toddler was in the car seat in the back of the mercedes when it was stolen. turns out she was not in the car, but safe and with her mother the entire time. last night the car thief took police on a chase that ended when he crashed it into a bus stop in el cerrito. drivers arrested. oakland po alsoarrested
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the father of the 3-year-old girl for filing a false police report. they say he lied in hopes of getting his car back quickl >> i wish we had had the amber alert when pauley was kidnapped because it might have made a difference. >> reporter: mark klass father of polly was instrumental in helping the amber alert become law. he said it hurt the public trust. >> it creates a cry wolf situation which has always been a major concern of people running the amber alerts in the various states. so i would hope that the law can come down on this fellow some way. >> reporter: in oakland, betty yu, kpix5. switching gears to a live look over san francisco where a thin layer of fog and low clouds is hovering over the city and there will be more than that when we get to about midweek because rain is back. the futurecast shows that the system previously thought would be confined to far northern
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california is now forecast to sink farther south and as that low approaches, so does our chance of rain in the bay area by midweek. monday will be about the same as today, mostly sunny day, but then tuesday the clouds increase. it will be cooler and the chance of rain spreads first into the far north bay and then spreads south into the rest of the bay area by wednesday and do you know, if the computer models have it figured out correctly, it's a pretty good rainmaker for this time of year. we'll have all the details when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. tonight 13 people are without a home after a fire burned through an apartment building in daly city. at one point thick, black smoke poured out of the two-story complex near mission treat and templeton avenue. kpix5's katie nielsen talked to displaced residents and their ordeal. >> reporter: firefighters are still here at the scene trying to put out the hotspots as investigators are working on the cause of this fire. residents say they're just happy no one was hurt. >> i saw the fire our you know, ouapt.thing goes
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through my mind my kids. i know my kids are inside the house. >> reporter: shel lane was coming home from work around 3:30 this afternoon when she saw smoke pouring from the back of her apartment building and flames shooting from the roof. her three children who are age 21, 11 and 9 were all inside. >> so i just sprung up and get them out. they don't know what's going on. they don't smell anything. >> reporter: all of the residents were able to evacuate the building safely and firefighters immediately went to work trying to put out the flames consuming the apartments on the top floor. >> the one that have the most significant damage, that's the last unit. >> reporter: there are three apartments upstairs and a martial arts studio on the ground floor. a dojo michael kissinger has owned 48 years. >> i'm an ex-green beret, so i don't really get excited about anything. so you just take it in stride and do what you got to do next. >> reporter: as the people who used to live and work at this
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building could do nothing more than stare at what was left of it, shel said she's just relieved that she and her family are safe. >> i'm still thankful that nothing happened, youen, nothing bad happened to my family. >> reporter: the american red cross helped all 13 people who lived here find other places to stay for the night. this building had been without gas service for months and some of the people who lived here were using portable butane tanks for cooking and also for heating. they are looking at that as a possible cause of this fire. in daly city, katie nielsen, kpix5. tonight we're learning new details about a high school football player from fremont that was killed by a drunk driver on highway 17 over the weekend. 16-year-old armando canales was riding in a car with four other people yesterday morning when a wrong-way driver hit them head on. his friends were injured, but
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canales died at the scene. chp said 28-year-old ashley marie oliver is the wrong-way driver facing charges of felony dui and vehicular manslaughter. today on mother's day friends brought flowers to canales' grieving mother. he was a defensive end at washington high school in fremont. he was planning to become a firefighter. >> we laughed, joked. we argued just like a brotherhood. every day we would just be brothers no matter what. >> he was such a likeable guy because he just stood up the s tomorrow at 6 p.m. then in san francisco a 66 being hit by a bus. it happened around 7:30 last night on golden gate avenue and hyde street in the tenderloin. this video from citizen app shows several police officers interviewing people at the scene. you can see the golden gate bus
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driver stopped at the scene. supervisor matt haney who represents the district says changes are needed at th dangerous intersection. >> just 1 block away somebody was hit and because of that they've changed that intersection so that you can't turn while pedestrians are walking and here in the tenderloin we have some of the most dangerous intersections and streets in the entire city. >> the victim's name has not been released. the intersection is on track for one of the worst crashes in years. president trump lashed out on twitter today calling the mueller probe a sick and unlawful investigation. in the past week the nate intelligence committee subpoenaed donald ump,jr. setting off a firestorm amongst republicans. republican house minority leader says it's time to close the book on the port. >> they are advertising their obstruction of justice by ignoring subpoenas.
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>> the democrats are more interested in subpoenas than solution. >> tonight democrats are still calling for special counsel robert mueller to testify on capitol hill. house judiciary committee chairman jerrold nadler says he would subpoena mueller, if necessary. meanwhile kamala harris is going to use the mueller investigation to her advantage. tonight several national polls show harris lagging in fourth place while other candidates like pete buttigieg are selling out fundraisers. harris is focusing on the president. today harris said trump's administration may be creating a constitutional crisis by refusing to cooperate with congressional democrats. >> this president seems to believe and it has a preference for conducting trade policy, economic policy, foreign policy by tweet. >> she's also contrasting her policies with the president, one including extending public benefits to undocumented people.
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in the spirit of mother's day a pricey san francisco restaurant gave back to dozens of homeless mothers working to get back on their feet. french vietnamese restaurant le colonial hosted a luncheon giving homeless mothers and their children time to relax and enjoy a free meal, even snap some fun photos. some of the mothers are close to moving out of shelters into more permanent housing. >> i love being a mom. and i love knowing that i'm doing what i need to do to take care of my son. it's a huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that he will have a home. >> the mothers also got backpacks that were full of donated gifts including slippers, bath and beauty accessories thisplane as it landed without its front wheels. >> they won't sleep in their rooms. they're not going to play in the yard now. they aren't safe. they don't feel safe anymore. >> it was two kids chased and b
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raccoon, why the animal's owner said the critter really meant no harm. >> and a major vote tomorrow that could change the waterfront in oakland. all right boys, time for bed.
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a nail biting touchdown in myanmar, a passenger plane made an emergency landing and the aircraft's front landing gear failed. the aircraft scraped along the runway before skidding to a stop. in this video posted online the myanmar national airlines plane appears to touch down smoothly on its rear wheels, but then its nose tilts down setting off sparks and scraping along the runway for several seconds until the jet skids to a stop. inside smoke rises from under the seats of passengers who appear anxious for the order to evacuate. >> evacuate, evacuate. >> when it comes, they scramble to safety. amazingly all 82 passengers and seven crew members made it out without any injuries. some even walked away smiling. the airline hataken off this morning from myanmar's biggest city and was approaching mandalay when its
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landing gear malfunctioned. the pilot circled the airport twice for air traffic control to check whether the front wheels deployed. they didn't the airline says, so the pilot burned excess fuel to lighten the aircraft's weight before making an emergency landing. this incident comes one week after a russian plane made an emergency landing in moscow. the plane landed with full fuel tanks and erupted in flames killing at least 41 people. there's new video tonight out of michigan where a pet raccoon chased and attacked two young kids in their own backyard. this video from home security cameras that caught the moment when the kids bolt from the raccoon. one of the children, 6-year-old abigail, was bitten. she was taken to the hospital to get five rabies shots. her father says the kids are now afraid to play in their own backyard. >> he did not stop biting or scratching people. >> it was like a bear was running after me. >> they won't sleep in their
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rooms. they're not going to play in the yard now. they're not safe. they don't feel safe anymore. >> the family's neighbors say that they've cared for that raccoon since it was a baby. they claim that it was friendly and that it would peacefully sleep with their granddaughter. >> if it did, i'm sorry it did, but it was probably trying to play. he'd run around the yard. we'd go in the house, come back in an hour, he's still here. he wouldn't go nowhere. >> the family caught the animal using nets and a cage and dog food. the raccoon was handed over to animal control and euthanized. the girl's family wants them to pay their medical costs. good news for those looking for a career change. a new study lists six california cities where business is booming and salaries are on the rise. according to personal finance website go banking rates, santa rosa tops the list with personal income growth climbing 28.6% between 2012 and 2017.
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santa cruz also made the top five cities in the state at no. 3. personal income growth during the same time period reportedly grew 20.5%. a big decision set tomorrow on the a's plans for a new waterfront ballpark. port commissioners will vote on a preliminary term sheet with the team. that's essentially a framework for negotiations over the property that the a's want to lease at howard terminal. in addition to the 35,000 seat ballpark, the 50-acre site would include housing and retail space. the port proposal would also give the a's four years to finish environmental studies and traffic mitigation plans and to work through city land use and permit processes. the a's hope to play in the ballpark by 2023. elections officials in contra costa county want to make it easier for you to vote use to request a mail-in ballot. to use this service simply text
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coco ballot to 28683 and that spells out to vote. you'll get a link to a form to fill out. the hope is that the app will boost voter turnout since people won't have to take time off to go to the polls in person. now voters can return their ballot postage free by mail or drop it at any city hall in the county. turning to our storm watch, tonight parts of the south are being slammed by torrential rain and widespread flooding. look at that. new orleans looked more like a swamp after the storm closed a number of roads. it shut down public transportation. in baton rouge the storm sent trees crashing onto roofs and caused water to bubble up out of sewers. the powerful storm now stretches from florida all the way up tonerk getting rain tomorrow. we'll be getting rain, but we'll have to wait until wednesday for that for much of the bay area. with high pressuit was today. a little clouds in the morning
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and then sunshine. by midmorning and more in the afternoon getting rain in the southland. they had rain in santa barbara yesterday, but low pressure will begin to sink out of the pacific northwest. that's going introduce a chance of rain in the bay. today at the golden gate bridge we managed 59 in san francisco, san jose 52, concord 78, 705 at livermore. there is a dublin and pleasanton split by 580, concord, we're all in the 50s santa rosa through concord and there is some fog out there. tomorrow morning we'll start out in the low 50s, dry on monday and fairly decent day. futurecast shows the usual tonight, low clouds thicken, scream through the east bay bayshore line at 9:00 tomorrow morning and then they burn back towards shore. it's not until tuesday night things really begin to thicken up. clouds will increase and first around ukiah and lakeport and down into northern sonoma
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county a chance of rain approaches tuesday night and then baywide by midweek. it could be a fairly decent rainmaker for the time of the year. by the time all is said and done by friday, maybe an inch of rain. so one more sunny day tomorrow. then rain moves in the north bay late tuesday and unsettled wet latter half of the week. oakland is taking on the mariners tomorrow night. it will be easy to play the game. weather won't be a factor, monday 7:10 p.m., low 60s. overnight lows tonight, 50s for us and the forecast for tomorrow, numbers are close to where they . sun will be breaking out midmorning. in the east bay nice, benicia 72 degrees, vallejo 74, danville 76, north bay low clouds to start, sun to finish, low clouds tomorrow night and low to mid-70s for the most part which pretty much does it for clearlake and lakeport and ukiah. again you'll be the first to get the rain when it comes in tuesday night.
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extended forecast tomorrow, nice day, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, things getting unsettled into the weekend. this is one with the timing and the amounts you'll want to stay tuned to see how it develops this week. start by waking up with our team for the latest on weather and traffic at 4:30 and, of course, paul deanno tomorrow night. it's good to see we're not the only one that's going through hard times and other parents, family out there, too. >> a very special mother's day for some moms in santa clara and their courageous kids. >> plus a sneak peek at the highly anticipated star wars land galaxies edge still ahead. >> i'm dennis gamedathe finish wefound out also today who's got next for the warriors. >> it's a dream come true for us. >> we'll break it down with 95.7 the game and --
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>> he scores a spectacular goal. >> -- vern glenn goes one on one with shark coach pete deboer. >> you know the pushback's coming. the ice king's coming. >> and pablo came up big. can matt olson do the
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are we tnot yet.?
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special event on a special day. >> on this mother's day california's great america hosted the 31st annual courageous kids day. california's great america partnered with the american cancer society to welcome kids battling cancer to a free day of fun at great america. >> it's good to see that we're not the only one that's going through hard time and other parents, family out there, too. >> the annual event served a dual purpose. while the kids are having fun their parents get a chance to meet other families in similar situations. in southern california mall in downtown los angeles r for some of the biggest bl and ggt deals to accommodate mom loving and daughters. it opened at 4:30 a.m. yesterday, stayed open through mother's day. this afternoon the mall was packed with shoppers finding last minute bouquets for mom. >> reporter: you got here at 1:00 this morning? >> yeah, i did. >> reporter: anybody here? >> yeah. there was a lot of people here,
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yeah. >> reporter: they're crazy. >> yeah, it is crazy. >> experts say there's a secret to keeping flowers fresher longer once you take them home. they recommend adding a little 7-up or sugar to the vase to give the flowers an extr >>ll, coming up a highly anticipated theme park not even open yet, but we're getting a sneak peek at disneyland's star wars galaxy's edge. many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. ed tos possible totrack ucos.
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the height star wars galaxy's edge disneyland is not even open yet. >> but tonight some hollywood vips got a sneak peek. disney ceo bob iger posted those photos to his twitter account and invited directors aj abrams and spielberg on a private tour. >> galaxy's edge is scheduled to open on may 31st. >> we'll be right back.
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