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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  May 13, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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it is monday, may 13th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's get to mary lee with a look at some of those changes. >> good morning. we are starting off the day with clouds and fog. we will have sunshine this afternoon. today will likely be the better day out of the week because we are talking about a cooldown and rain chances in the forecast as we head through the week and i'll talk about this in just a moment. a live look our treasure island camera. temperatures are on the cool side. check out santa rosa, 47 degrees. other locations in the low to mid-50s at this hour. so here's what you can expect. low clouds this morning, patchy fog. as we head through the afternoon plenty of sunshine, mild daytime highs. but a cooldown is on the way so the temperatures will be dropping and also rain chances in the forecast as we are tracking a strong weather system to push in, especially strong for the month of may. we will talk about that coming up and time it out on futurecast in just a few minutes. good morning here at 4:30 certainly starting to see the
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monday backups begin out there on the roadways. start with the altamont pass. you're slow and go making your way out of the tracy triangle, down to 23 miles an hour as you head into it, 14 miles per hour to the pass and back up you close to 50 miles an hour once you're out of and goto 680 terc wherit is slow thanks to construction clearing here in the next half hour. westbound highway 4 is a a little bit of a mess. the off-ramp there is blocked. then further west one lane is blocked due to debris on the road as a result of an accident at willow pass road. eastbound direction bay point at highway 4. the bay bridge this morning starting to look pretty good although it is busy for 4:30 stacking up in the cash lanes, fastrak lanes look good. i will check in on the other
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spots later. i'm anne makovec at the lye news desk. it appears there were several shootings and we are still trying to get information but we found investigators checking out bullet casings at three different locations in this city last night, including this apartment building. this is on potrero near 47th street. evidence markers, as you can see, all over parkins taken 1:00 this morning and we are still waiting to hear back from police on exactly what happened here and at the two other locations. but preliminary hearing four people were shot. keep you posted. big decision on the as plans for a new waterfront ballpark in oakland. four commissioners are voting on a preliminary term sheet for the team. the as want to lease property
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at howard terminal. in addition to a 35,000 seat ballpark, it would include housing and retail space. the proposal would give the as four years to complete environmental studies and traffic mitigation plans. the as are hoping to play ball in the new park by 2023 but not everyone loves the plan. today the east open stadium alliance will hold a protest. the group says the move will only hurt businesses in the area. 4:33 right now. taking a live look at the white house this morning. china is promising to take, quote, necessary counter measures after president trump imposed billions of dollars worth of tariffs on goods coming into the u.s. last week. today economists warn that the escalating dispute could slow economic growth. reporter hilary lane has details. >> reporter: the white house's top comic advisor expects china to retaliate after the u.s. increased >>on they wi they com
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with. >> reporter: on friday president trump increased tariffs to 25%, up from 10% on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. he also began the process of ordering additional tariffs on remaining imports worth 300 billion. >> both sides will >> reporter: lakudlow says u.s. consumers and businesses will foot the bill. >> to some extent. both sides, both sides will suffer on this. >> reporter: that's counter what president trump has repeatedly claimed. >> it's paid for largely which china. >> reporter: tariffs are actually a tax paid by u.s. companies that import goods from china. the cost is then often passed onto consumers. some analysts say the hike could cost the american economy $62 billion by next year, an extra 500 to $800 per family. >> tax on the american consumer. >> reporter: henry paulson, former treasure secretary for president george w. bush says
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the escalation is a missed opportunity for both countries. >> they clearly want to deal and need a deal as does the united states. no one wins a trade war. >> reportans chinese counterpart are expected to meet during the g20 summit in june. hilary lane, cbs news. >> both sides say the talks g, over the mureport is > heating up. president trump lashed over the weekend calling the probe a sick and unlawful investigation. last week the -- republican leaders say it is time to close the book on the mueller report, but democrats disagree. >> they are advertising their obstruction of justice by ignoring subpoenas. >> the democrats are more interested in subpoenas than solutions.
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>> democrats still want special counsel robert mueller to testify on capitol hill. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler says he would subpoena mueller if necessary. statewide amber aleft based on a -- alert based on a lie. a father says his daughter was abducted to retrieve his car. video shows the car theft in action. the man hops into an mercedes and drives away. in a separate vehicle the owner chases after him. an amber alert went out on saturday night and the owner said the 3-year-old daughter was in the back seat when the car was stolen. she was not in the car, according to authorities, she was safe with her mother the entire time. police say the father lied in hopes of getting his car back faster. >> it creates a cry wolf situation which has always been a major concern of people that are running the amber alerts in the various states so i would hope that the law can come down on this fellow some way. >> the suspected car thief
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wrecked the car after a chase with police. that driver has been arrested. police officer arrested the crash car owner's for filing a false police report. back to the scene of yesterday's apartment fire. the blaze left more than a dozen people homeless. the fire started just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon on the backside of the building on mission street near templeton avenue. there are three apartments upstairs and a martial arts studio on the ground floor. as the fire started, one of the residents just came home. her three kids were still inside. >> so i just sprung up and get them out. we don't know what's going on. they don't smell anything. >> fortunately no one was hurt. the cause of the fire remains under investigation for all 13 residents who were displaced. the red cross was on scene to help them find places to stay. this morning we are learning more about a fremont high school football player killed by a drunk driver on
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highway 17. 16-year-old armando canalis was riding in a car with four other people on saturday morning when the wrong-way driver hit them head on. his friends were injured but canalis died at the scene. 28-year-old ashley marie oliver is facing charges of felony dui and vehicular manslaughter. yesterday friends brought flowers to canalis' grieving mother. he was a defensive end at washington high school in fremont and planning to become a firefighter. >> we laughed, joked, argued, just like a brotherhood, every day we would just be brothers no matter what. >> he was a likable guy because he stood up for everybody. he stood up for what he believed in. >> a candlelight vigil is planned at the school flagpole tonight at 6:00. in san francisco there will be a vigil tonight for a man who was hit and killed by a bus over the weekend. it happened around 7:30 saturday night on golden gate avenue and hide street in the
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tenderloin. this video from citizen app shows several police officers interviewing people and you can see the golden gate bus driver stopped at the scene. supermatt haney who represents the district says changes are needed at this intersection. >> just one block away somebody was hit and because of that, they changed that intersection so that you can't turn while pedestrians are walking and here in the tenderloin we have some of the most dangerous intersections and streets in the entire city. >> the victim's name has not been released. haney says san francisco is on track for one of the worst years for pedestrian crashes in a long time. 4:39 right now. this morning uber preparing for its second day on wall street. diane king hall has that story and much more in today's money watch report. >> reporter: stock futures are lower as the u.s. trade war with china escalates. the trump administration increased tariffs to 25% from
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10% on some $200 billion worth of chinese made no agreement to break the impasse. on sunday president trump tweeted, quote, we are right where we want to with friday's modest gains. the dow rose 114 points. the nasdaq added six and the s&p 500 gained 10. we will see if shares of uber can make a comeback on its second day of trading. the ride sharing company's shares fell more than 7% in its friday debut. on the economic front this week, the commerce department report expected on wednesday will show the health of consumers and the retail sector and on friday investors get a key reading on consumer sentiment. and that's your cbs money watch report. for more, head to cbs at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. research shows that breakfast is an important start of the day for students and now
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a national program is trying to get even more kids to start the day with a meal. >> natalie brand takes us to an elementary school that's serving up breakfast right in the classroom. >> reporter: the first lesson of the day, these third graders at edward fellagy eat breakfast together fueling up for their math lesson. >> eat in the classroom so we can do our work and eat so the day will go faster. >> reporter: it's part of a onw move school breakfast programs from the cafeteria into the classroom so more students start their day with the nutritious boost. >> most of our students do not have breakfast at home, so this is a wonderful way for them to start the day. >> reporter: breakfast in the classroom is now serving 75 school districts across 26 states. the food research and action center wants to expand the program even further, since they believe it's not reaching all the students who need it.
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research shows having breakfast can make a significant difference in a child's ability to learn. >> school breakfast actually can help improve academic achievement, being linked to kids focus and concentrate and behave in the classroom. >> reporter: the school inauguration counselor says the program also helps students make healthy choices on their own. >> on any given day we have grains, our milk and we have fruit. >> reporter: student adlon cortez says she can tell the difference when she skips breakfast. >> i wouldn't feel hungry and feel like i could do my work. >> reporter: now she has the energy to hit the books ne > comi e school 'sto a nationwide bus driver shortage. and taking a live look outside.
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new this morning, thousands of kids are showing up to school late. educators are blaming a nationwide shortage of bus drivers. >> hilary lane reports on how teachers in one school district are jumping behind the wheel to help out. >> reporter: in prince william county, virginia, this sixth grader's bus had been late almost every day for weeks. >> once i didn't do well on a test because i wasn't there during the first lesson of the class one day. >> reporter: the district was having trouble filling dozens of open driver positions. >> we were consistently having anywhere between 100 and 200 students late to school every day. >> reporter: so last year park side elementary school principal dr. mary jane boynton helped create a program to train teachers to become bus drivers, earning an extra $18.25 an hour. >> anything that we can do toe
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make the lives of our students better is o teachers licensed to drive buses. >> i'm going to pass these out. >> reporter: including teacher cindy matia. >> what goes through your mind? >> good lord, don't let me hit anything. >> reporter: since april she has been driving and teaching every day. >> once you get used to it, it's a piece of cake. >> reporter: prince william county is not the only district struggling to find bus drivers. a quarter of the country's top 50 largest school bus operators call the shortage severe. that's according to school bus week magazine. the national school transportation association says the low pay and high stress level make it hard to retain bus drivers. >> they move onto other employment with the economy as strong as it is. >> reporter: the school says the student tardiness rate has now been cut in half. >> id mylasses.
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notime anymore. it's great. i love it. >> reporter: on our weather now. monday morning, the weekend went by like that. >> always. >> today it's going to be probably the best day out of the week. so enjoy it. yeah, a cooldown is coming, rain chances in the forecast. so today we are looking at mild temps with that afternoon sunshine and things will be changing. show you a live look with our salesforce tower camera. low clouds and patchy clouds this morning. cool in many locations. santa rosa, down to 47. 51 in livermore, 53 downtown san francisco. 54 san jose, 55 for concord as well as for oakland this morning. so your micro climate forecast, a cool day along the coast, breezy westerly winds, about 10 to 20 miles per hour, upper 50s. for the bay low to mid-60s with througthe afternoon. anincationppinthe upper some
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satelldar view th ridge presbeauti this low pressure system up in the gulf of alaska is going to drop in and that will bring cooler temperatures and also rain chances for our week ahead. so let's time it out for you on futurecast as we go through the afternoon. we are going to have that clearing for most of us. although the clouds hang around a little bit longer along the coast. then we will see increasing clouds for your tuesday. we will cool down as we head through tomorrow, and then check out wednesday with rain chances starting midweek and then it continues through the rest of the workweek and into the weekend with the powerful storm system especially for may. so we are tracking that for you. in the meantime enjoy the frcisco, 66 in oakland, 72 for a high in fremont, 77 in
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san jose. 77 for fairfield. 76 concord, 76 for livermore. here's the seven-day forecast and what you can expect. cooling things down and increasing clouds beginning tomorrow. rain chances start wednesday through the rest of the workweek and into the weekend. the unusually strong storm system for may. let's check in with emily for a look at traffic. happy monday. >> yeah, do those two words go into the same sentence together? i guess so. here at 4:49, it's happy here, with the exception of the roadways on highway 24. not happy there. several accidents in the westbound direction. now there's a third that's popped up right there at 680 and 24. i'm going to check in on that one. in the meantime i did check in on the one that's causing that 12-mile-an-hour backup in the westbound direction right there at pleasant hill. there are two lanes blocked in the westbound direction. now, there is another lane blocked at the central part of 24, so it is slow going. if you're headed off 680 and 24
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morning, let's hope they get that cleared because otherwise it is going to slow things down when the commute ramps back up. westbound four, two issues with obstructions in the roadway and then further back on highway 4 in the westbound direction right there at laurel road, there is an accident. that one with the right-hand shoulder blocked, not causing any delays at this hour. another new crash northbound one at claranado right lane blocked. one, 280, all of that looks good. making it through the pass, back up to regular running speed to the 580, 680 interchange. mobile 5, you can see our photographer coming off of the bay bridge. everything there in that direction looks darn good. southbound on 880, we will see how the traffic is there when onic eck in with him a little new york skyscraper goes pop.
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>> nichelle medina has your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: cate blanchette set to take fans on a wild ride in her latest flick, where did you go bernadette. >> she disappeared, bernadette. >> reporter: the academy award winner plays bernadette fox, a loving wife and mother on a quest to reclaim her passions, the comedy based on a best selling book hits theaters this summer. a new netflix documentary follows three puerto rican women living in new york after being laced hurrican maria.available for streaming may 24th. and the iconic empire state building is putting on a light show tonight, timed to the music of shawn mendes. the show will coincide with mendes' performance in the city benefiting the robin hood foundation. cbs news, los angeles. the giants were the comeback kids on sunday.
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we finally know the warriors' opponent for st coer and raptors headed to the east finals after one of the craziest shots you're ever going to see. and take a live look outside in san jose, the sharks are going to be playing in game two of the western conference finals. go sharks. it's 4:52.
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good monday morning to you. we will help ease you into the workweek and today a beautiful day. starting off the day with low clouds and afternoon sunshine and today will be the warmest day out of the week. 76 in santa clara for a high, 77 in san jose, 80 in morgan hill, 79 for you in antioch, 76
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in livermore. daytime highs in berkeley mid- 60s as well as for alameda, looking at 76 for santa rosa and highs topping out in the upper 70s to about 80 from ukiah down to clear lake. the warriors were sitting on the couch watching the blazers and nuggets duke it out in game seven in what turned out to be an incredible series and they saved the best for last. damian lillard to come home for the finals. races into the corner, knocks down the three. and after trailing by 17, portland now led 92-85. denver cut the deficit so one by c.j. llhits the jump shot to ice the game for portland. the blazers win. they will face the warriors in the conference finals starting tuesday. it also means the curry brothers, steph and seth will face each other in the conference finals. fans in toronto at
4:56 am
"jurassic park" for the raptors, sixers game. the ball will bounce four times and drop. he scored 41. the raptors win 92-90. they will play milwaukee in the eastern conference finals. giants and reds, moms teaching their kids how to catch a baseball in between pitches. kevin pillar, giants trailed in this game three separate times but come back to win 6-5. as hosting the 20th breast cancer awareness day honoring 500 survivors, tied at two in the sixth. brian serves up the three run jack to cleveland's roberto sweep with a 5-2 win. sharks and blues, game two tonight. the sharks ri1- 0. my sportscast will emanate
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from therwill s you on the 4:00 5:00, 6:00, next half hour, actress felicity huffman expected to plead guilty this morning. the punishment she faces for her part in the college admissions scheme. plus we are live from richmond police headquarters where they are possibly investigating three separate shootings in which four people may have been shot. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power seotect .
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get started with xfinity internet for $29.99 a month for 12 months, plus ask how to get 250 back when you switch to xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. live from the cbs studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 5:00, shots fired overnight. this morning richmond police fan out across multiple scenes. plus a bizarre case of crying wolf. this morning a father accused of faking an amber alert to find his stolen car. and the white house not backing down from chinese threats of retaliation. this morning the trade war escalates. good morning, everyone. it is monday, may 13th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is 5:00 right now.
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we usually save the best weather for the end of the week but this week a little bit different, mary. >> that's right. the best weather this week is happening today. so enjoy it. we are starting off the day with low clouds and then afternoon sunshine. the warmest day out of the week today. big changes on the way. he is a live look with our roof cam. you can see the clouds out there. temperatures are on the cool side, mid-70s in santa rosa, coolest spot this morning. upper 40s in livermore and low to mid-50s in concord, oakland, san francisco and san jose. your micro climate forecast along the coast, cool and breezy. we are talking upper 50s, westerly winds about 10 to 20 miles per hour. for the bay mostly sunny, mild in the low to mid-60s. a cool to mild day for the bay. warming up inland, though, in the upper 70s and some of our warmer locations inland will top out at


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