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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 13, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that will bring the return of the rain and cooler temps this week, but in the meantime, enjoy today. this is just a gorgeous start with our mount vaca cam of the sun starting to rise this morning, a pretty sight. temps running in the 40s and in the 50s, so a cool start to the day. your micro climate forecast and what you can expect, along the coast breezy and cool, in the upper 50s. for the bay, mostly sunny with highs in the low to mid-60s, and warming up inland into the upper 70s. some of our warmest locations topping out at 80 degrees. so enjoy the sunshine while it lasts because we are talking about big changes. we will time out the return of the rain on futurecast coming up. emily. we are tracking several hot spots this morning, one of them is the bay bridge. obviously the metering lights are on. but in the meantime things are backed up. also let's check in here. we have a new crash, this one northbound 680 at 242, basically this is causing quite
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a delay. not only right in the northbound direction, but mostly in the southbound direction as a result of an accident that occurred right further south of here that has now been cleared at olympic. that is causing quite a delay this morning. again, so this is the accident northbound 680 at monument, that has been moved on the right shoulder. finally once you get closer to 24 on 680 southbound, you are back up to a normal speed but it is slow going through there. also slow going as you're coming through the altamont pass, 7 miles an hour on 205, speeding up a little bit once you get through the pass and back up to a regular running speed at 52 miles an hour, once you make it towards the 580, 680 interchange. >> thank you. developing news out of contra costa county. richmond police are investigating multiple shootings that happened overnight. let's get right to kpix5's jackie ward who is live in richmond this morning with more details. jackie. >> reporter: minutes ago we just spoke to a police lieutenant here from richmond police headquarters who confirmed there were three shootings that happened within the span of just a couple of
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hours last night from 10:00 to midnight on mother's day night and four people got shot so take you to the first scene that happened on esmonde avenue. this is near wendell playground. that's a popular park there. as many as two people may have been shot here. the second location where someone was potentially shot in the head, the lieutenant described it as serious injury in the upper extremity. this was on potrero avenue near 47th. you can see dozens of bullet cases littering the ground. he wouldn't call it a gun battle, though. buildings, cars, they all got in the crossfire and then another shooting reportedly happened near first street. weed ask the police lieutenant if it was gang related, if these were specific targets. this is way too early in the investigation to figure out that out right now. they are trying to piece together whether these shootings are related or just happened to occur within this short amount of time last night. jackie ward, kpix5. a key vote is scheduled for today on the as' plans for a
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new waterfront plan for a ballpark. four commissioners will vote on a term sheet with the team. that's a framework toward negotiations over the property the as want to lease at howard terminal. the plan includes a 35,000 seat ballpark plus housing and retail space at the 50-acre site. the as would have four years to complete environment studies and traffic mitigation plans and to work through city land use and permit processes. among the objections to the deal, opponents say that type of development can't coexist with a working port. the team disagrees. >> the idea of putting 4000 expensive housing units right next to a theavy industry, tho two don't go together. there's going to be a conflict. one of them is going to have to leave down the road if they are built. that's not good for the job base of oakland. >> we think there can be an amazing ballpark on the waterfront as well as a thriving port in oakland at the same time. we don't think they are mutually exclusive. >> the as are hoping to play ball in the new park by 2023.
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i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. sad breaking news this morning. doris day has died. her foundation just announced that within the last 15 minutes. here are old pictures of her. she portrayed the wholesome girl next door in a lot of movies in the '60s, her career spanned for several decades and she also had the doris day animal foundation. she was a huge advocate for animal rights and getting some homeless animals adopted. also co-owned the cypress inn down in caramel, carmel, california. there is a doris day film festival going on right now at the stanford theater. american consumers are expected to see higher prices on a range of products with no end in sight to the trade war between the u.s. and china. and just a few minutes ago
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china nounsed its first retaliatory tariffs totaling $60 billion. on friday president trump raised tariffs from 10 to 25% on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. he also began the process of ordering additional tariffs on other imports worth 300 billion. the white house's top economic advisor acknowledged yesterday that u.s. consumers and businesses will foot the bill. that contradicts what president trump has repeatedly claimed. >> american consumers are already paying, they don't really know. it's kind of a stealth tax but it's going to become a very obvious tax not too far from now if this continues. >> some analysts say that the hike could cost the american economy $62 billionby next year. an extra 500 to $800 per family. president trump and his chinese counter port xi jinping are expected to meet at the g20 next month. the ghost ship warehouse
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trial trial continues. they are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire in december 2016. prosecutors say the 36 people who died had no chance to escape. defense attorneys argue the fire was an act of arson that couldn't be prevented. this morning fire investigators in daly city will head back to the scene of yesterday's apartment fire that left more than a dozen people homeless. that fire started just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon on the backside of the building on mission street near templeton avenue. there are three apartments upstairs and a martial arts studio on the ground floor. one of the residents just came home as the fire started and her three kids were still stuck inside. >> i just sprung up and get them out. they don't know what's going on. they don't smell anything. >> i'm an exgreen beret so i don't get excited about anything. you take it in stride and do what you got to do next. >> no one was hurt and the
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cause of the fire remains under investigation this morning. the red cross is assisting those displaced. time now is 6:06. major developments in the college admissions scandal are expected in the next few hours. how long actress felicity huffman could be spending in jail. and with the sharks in the western conference finals, the team is giving its die hard fans a way to show their lifelong dedication. a great day for a big win for our sharks, cheering them on. a strong storm that will bring return of the rain. details on that coming up. your roadways have a case of the mondays. we are tracking a trouble spot getting onto the bay bridge this morning at the maze where 80 and 880 come in together. you can see it is red all right through there, including orange if you're headed north on 580. i have more trouble spots ahead. more trouble spots ahead.
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good monday morning to you. we are going to help ease you into the workweek with beautiful weather so as we head
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through the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine. now, starting off the day with low clouds, but a pretty view on our treasure island camera. nice to see the birds flying out there this morning. we are tracking some big changes, a cooldown and rain chances this week. i'll time it out for you on futurecast coming up. time is exactly what you're going to need if you are coming into the city via the bay bridge this morning. give yourself extra time. not only a stall near treasure island due to a big rig but an issue. live look at the maze where things are starting to back up. there is an issue where 80 and 880 merge, several lanes closed there. it's going to be a slow go trying to get into san francisco. i'm tracking all of your delays and we will have more coming up. michelle. today students at a fremont high school will hold a candlelight vigil to honor a classmate killed by a suspected drunk driver on highway 17. 16-year-old armando canalis was riding in a car with four other people saturday morning when a wrong-way driver hit them head
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on. his friends were hurt but canalis died at the scene. chp says 28-year-old ashley marie oliver is facing charges of felony dui and vehicular manslaughter. on mother's day friends brought flowers to canalis' grieving mom. he plays football at washington high school in fremont and was planning to become a firefighter. >> laughed, joked, argued, just like a brotherhood. every day we would be brothers no matter what. >> he was such a likable guy because he just stood up for everybody. he stood up for what he believed in. >> tonight's vigil at washington high school starts at 6:00. in just a few hours, felicity huffman is expected to receive jail time in connection with the college admissions scheme. the actress is expected to plead guilty in a boston federal courtroom later this morning. huffman already admitted to paying $15,000 to have her -- $50,000 to have her daughter's s.a.t. scores changed. prosecutors are recommending between four and 10 months in
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prison for her. meanwhile, fellow actress lori loughlin has already pleaded not guilty to paying $500,000 to get her two daughters into usc. meanwhile a hillsborough couple was the first to plead guilty earlier this month. real estate developer bruce isaacson and his wife devina were charged with fraud, conspiracy and money laundering. the couple paid to help their daughters get into ucla and usc. they could dodge jail time, however, for cooperating with investigators. a san francisco police raid in connection with the death of public defender jeff adachi has alarmed first amendment advocates. adachi collapsed and died inside an apartment in february. the medical examiner's report blamed a combination of drugs, alcohol and heart problems. freelance journalist brian carmageddony said he sold information to several media outlets. on friday pd raided his house trying to find out how he got the documents. he says police and fbi agents
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used a sledgehammer to break down his gate and entered his home with the guns drawn. they cuffed him while they searched the house from the attic to the garage. officers confiscated cell phones, computers and a copy of the police report from the safe in his office. the northern california chapter of the society of professional journalists has now condemned the raid saying, quote, while there may be legitimate questions on the circumstances surrounding the reporting of adachi's death, the seizure of any journalist notes or other reporting materials sets a dangerous precedent that this search was carried out weeks after carmageddony declined a request from san francisco police to divulge his sources shows an alarming disregard for the right to gather and report on information. happening today a free street rally for all die hard san jose sharks fans happening outside the s.a.p. center. ahead of game two tonight against the st. louis blues. the gates open at 3:30, puck drops at 6:00. there will be face painters, a
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photo booth and a beer booth as well. right now san jose leads that series one game to nothing. when it comes to the san jose sharks here's your chance to wear your heart on your sleeve. >> you can make it sharks for life. the team is offering free tattoos. the sharks are taking over a local tattoo shop for every road game of this playoff series. the first 40 fans in line can score one of these six designs. the shops will also be showing the games while you wait. >> player's inning is up first this wednesday. followed by black lagoon on east santa clara street on friday. if the blues are still in it by game six of the series, it will be state of grace on jackson street. >> and the tattoos will be first come, first serve, one per fan and you need to be 18 or older. so be sure to bring an i.d. there you go. tattoos. why not? >> free tattoos. >> to show your commitment. >> yeah, it does. that's for life. >> the real sharks fans are the ones who keep the tattoos even if they don't make it to the
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playoffs. >> well, yeah, of course. you're stuck with it anyway. >> yeah. everyone on the roadways is losing, not everybody but a lot of people are losing this morning, especially if you're coming into san francisco via the bay bridge. first let's start off with mobile 5 who is on the ground getting a firsthand account of your traffic this morning headed southbound on the nimitz. look at that, everything looks good to go. this is one of the few places where we are not seeing an issue this morning. the bay bridge is backed up all the way into the maze. in fact, there is a trouble spot in the maze i'll get to in just a moment but once you make it out of here, there's another trouble spot in san francisco this morning. san mateo bridge starting to back up now, lots and lots of brake lights as well as heavier volume in the westbound direction. if you're in the eastbound direction you are looking good. this is the 880 and 80 accident i was telling you about as you're trying to come into the maze. look at all of the orange and the yellow and even the red as you are trying to make it onto the bay bridge. that stall at treasure island, that is luckily in the
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eastbound direction slowing things down a little butt through treasure island if you are -- bit through treasure island if you are leaving the city. someone had a flat tire. they have moved that car off of the roadway but it is still slowing things down as you're coming into san francisco this morning, so, unfortunately, i think this is just going to start to compound over the morning commute as that starts to pick up. a new crash northbound 680 at 242, that is slow and go pretty much all the way through there. southbound 80 residual delays cleared down to 20 miles per hour making your way to walnut creek. if 680 is a part of your commute this morning, you will need extra time there as well especially as things start to ramp up. that accident right there, northbound 680 you can see is on the right shoulder but up to highway 4 where things are slowing down through bay point as you're making your way to 680, the east bay a busy commute this morning. speaking of our san jose sharks, taking you out to the south bay and san jose, a
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beautiful start to the day, downtown san jose looking at 54 degrees, 44, one of the chillier spots in santa rosa this morning, looking at 50 in livermore, 55 in concord, 54 in oakland, as well as for san jose and 53 for downtown san francisco. we have a big game today, game two of the western conference finals. the stanley cup playoffs at the s.a.p. center at 6:00 p.m. today when that puck drops looking at mostly sunny skies, 70 degrees. of course cheering on our sharks and hoping for another big win today. here's what you can expect. we are looking at low clouds in spots, especially along the coast and parts of the bay this morning. we will see clearing with plenty of sunshine and mild daytime highs. today will be the best day out of the week and the warmest day out of the week because big changes are coming. a cooldown this week with rain chances beginning midweek through the end of the week and here's the reason why. this ridge of high pressure will push to the east and that will make way for this low pressure system to drop down
6:19 am
from the gulf of alaska and that means our temps will be dropping as well as rain chances back in the forecast. so timing it out for you on futurecast, we will have that clearing, enjoy the sunshine. check out tomorrow. we will see increasing clouds that will be cooler starting tomorrow with the big cooldown by the end of the workweek. on futurecast starting on wednesday, you start to have that chance of rain in the forecast and this is a powerful storm system, especially for may. so really watching that closely for you. our pollen report, medium for today, it increases for tuesday and wednesday, back down a little bit for your thursday. our sunrise at 6:01 and our sunset at 8:10 tonight. daytime highs looking at 62 in san francisco, 66 in oakland, 72 in fremont, 77 in san jose, 77 in fairfield, looking at 76 for santa rosa. so there we go, tomorrow with that cooldown and more clouds in the sky, rain chances beginning wednesday through the workweek into the weekend.
6:20 am
back to you. >> mary, thank you. it was an extra special mother's day for some families in santa clara county. >> california's great america hosted the 30th annual courageous kids day. the theme park partnered with the american cancer society to welcome kids battling cancer to a free day of fun. >> it's good to see that we are not the only one that's going through hard times and other parents, family out there too. >> yeah, the annual event serves a dual purpose. >> while the kids are having fun their parents get a chance to meet other families facing similar situations. it is 6:20. an incredible scene in myanmar as a plane full of passengers touches down without its landing gear. we will have details on the near disaster. let's head outside taking a live look at the bay bridge, low clouds to start this morning, 53 degrees in the city by the bay. s in the city by the bay. alright boys, time for bed.
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in san francisco today a vigil is planned in honor of a 66-year-old man who was killed after being hit by a bus. the man was hit around 7:30 saturday night on golden gate avenue and hide street in the tenderloin. this video from citizen app shows several police interviewing people at the scene. and you can see the golden gate bus driver stopped there. supervisor matt haney represents the district. he says changes are needed at that dangerous intersection. >> just one block away somebody was hit and because of that, they have changed that intersection so that you can't turn while pedestrians are walking. and here in the tenderloin we have some of the most dangerous intersections and streets in the entire city. >> the victim's name has not been released. a tense touchdown in myanmar. passenger plane winds up skidding down a runway when its front landing gear fails. in this video posted online the myanmar national airlines plane appears to touch down smoothly on its rear wheels but then
6:25 am
suddenly the nose tilts down setting off massive sparks. inside the cabin smoke rises from under the passenger seats. as they anxiously await for the order to evacuate. >> evacuate, evacuate. >> amazingly all 82 passengers and seven crew members made it out without any injuries and this morning the airline is praising the pilot. it says that the jet's landing gear malfunctioned. the pilot, however, circled the airport twice to see if the front wheels would deploy but they did not so the pilot burned off excess fuel to lighten the plane's weight. wild weather hitting the northeast this morning after overwhelming the south this weekend. the storm system drenched multiple states from texas to virginia. millions of people will spend the day cleaning up. an abnormally high level of rainfall prompted a state of emergency in mississippi. hundreds of buildings were damaged there. in new orleans roads looked like rivers leaving residents trapped. >> trying to find a way to get
6:26 am
through the water because i'm not going straight through it and stall my car out. >> the entire eastern seaboard is expected to continue getting drenched at least through this evening. 6:25. an alameda county man accused of lying to police to spark an amber alert. the bizarre explanation for the alleged hoax. moments ago richmond police confirmed that they are investigating three separate shootings in which four people were injured. we will tell you the details next. and taking a live look outside, this is at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is back to work and back to school on this monday morning. 6:26. we will be right back. monday morning. 6:26. we will be right back. this is not a bed.
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the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our memorial day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. during the memorial day sale, save $1000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. today san francisco will decide whether to expand the use of controversial laws primarily affecting the city's homeless population. >> one city on the peninsula is
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poised so overhaul parking rules that critics call confusing and ineffective. and we look back at the life of legendary actress and singer doris day. >> it is monday, may 13th. thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's check in with mary lee with a look at our forecast this monday morning. >> good monday morning. if you're struggling to get out of bed, great news for you, we are going to keep the beautiful weather going from the weekend into today. today will likely be the best day out of the week and the warmest day for sure. here's a look at our highs today -- or at least our temperatures right now, in the 40s and in the 50s as we head through the afternoon and our highs in our micro climate forecast for the coast, upper 50s, breezy and cool. for the bay plenty of sunshine, in the low to mid-60s so we are going to have clearing as we head through your monday afternoon. inland topping out in the upper 70s to about 80 degrees. now, tracking a strong storm that will bring the return of the rain and cooler
6:31 am
temperatures, i'll time it all out for you on futurecast coming up. we have a lot to talk about when it comes to your traffic. we are eing several delays. let's start at the san mateo bridge where just past the toll plaza there is a hit-and-run accident with at least one lane closed and you can see it is really starting to slow down your commute in the westbound direction, unfortunately, lots of brake lights. eastbound, though, you are looking good. slow and go also coming across the richmond, san rafael bridge. in the eastbound direction just past this live camera angle, you will be able to see or just around there, you won't be able to see it, but there is an accident that is slowing things down in the eastbound direction if you're trying to get to the east shore freeway. off to the bay bridge where it's been a busy morning thanks to an accident, the maze, still in the clearing stages, a stall that's on the other side. let me show you a map here and a little bit later we will show you that. this is our newest trouble spot, 580, 680 at the interchange, at least one lane is blocked. you can see you are down to red drive times coming into the dublin interchange. a little bit further south on
6:32 am
680 it's been a bad morning for 680 the sunol. i've got more to tell you and i'll tell you coming up. i'm jackie ward live at richmond police headquarters where three separate shootings happened within the span of two hours last night, leaving four people recovering from their injuries this morning. this started around 10:00 p.m. take you to the first scene. richmond police say these shootings happened all over the city but this first one happened at esmonde avenue near wendell playground. as many as two people were shot here. the second location where someone was potentially shot in the head was on potrero avenue near 47th. you can see dozens of bullet casings littered on the ground. police didn't confirm this victim was recovering from a head injury, only that someone was shot in the upper extremity and in serious condition this
6:33 am
morning. >> any information on the conditions of the victims at this time but they are being treated for their injuries. >> reporter: and yet another shooting reportedly happened near first street. police are not telling us whether these shootings were gang related. it's still too early in the investigation stage for all of that. so at this point we don't even know if these shootings were all related. live from richmond police headquarters, jackie ward, kpix5. 6:33 right now. new surveillance video shows a car thief in action in alameda county. the crime set off a chain of events including a false statewide amber alert. the video shows the thief hopping into a mercedes at an east oakland liquor store and then driving away and in a separate video the owner chases after him. an amber alert went out on saturday night. police say that the owner told them that his 3-year-old daughter was in the back seat when it was stolen. she was not in the car, however. she was safe with her mother the entire time. police say that the father lied in hopes of getting his car back faster. >> it creates a cry wolf
6:34 am
situation, which has always been a major concern of people that are running the amber alerts in the various states. so i would hope that the law can come down on this fellow some way. >> the suspected car thief wrecked the car after a chase with police. that driver was arrested. police also arrested the car's owner for filing a false police report. this morning swedish prosecutors have reopened a rape investigation into julian assange. it was the sexual assault investigation that prompted him to seek asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london in 2012. he was kicked out last month. swedish prosecutors say they cannot produce the rape allegation was assange was living there. he is also wanted for extradition to the u.s. where he is accused of hacking into a pentagon computer. breaking news here at the live news desk. i'm anne makovec. and the dow is down now more than 450 points after new information this morning from china that they are imposing
6:35 am
some retaliatory tariffs right now. so this is an escalation of what appears to be a trade war. china set to impose a rate as high as 25% and a portion of $60 billion worth of u.s. goods. the chinese government just made the announcement and the tariffs are set to go into effect on june 1st, of course, this is in response to president trump's plans to raise tariffs on chinese goods. he has been very active on twitter this morning, chastising china for its political decisions here. back to you. breaking news now. we have just learned that doris day has died. the legendary actress was known for her wholesome screen presence and bright smile that made her a top star in the '50s and '60s. the doris day animal foundation confirmed this morning that day recently contracted a serious case of pneumonia and died today at her home in carmel valley. doris day was 97 years old. happening today a residential parking program in santa clara county is about to
6:36 am
get a major overhaul. palo alto wants to simplify a permit system that allows all day street parking to residents only but local employees and nearby residents are complaining that it's too complicated. the blowback has the city council reconsidering. tonight they will discuss 35 recommendations for revamping the policy. today san francisco will decide whether to expand the use of controversial conservativeship laws. last fall state lawmakers passed a bill from senator scott wiener granting san francisco and two other counties greater power to use such laws. they allowed judges to force people into mental health or substance abuse treatment. right now that can only happen if someone is unable to provide themselves with food or shelter. today city supervisor will decide whether to expand that. the measure would allow judges to consider a person's history of involuntary psych holds when deciding whether to force them into a conservativeship. an alameda county jury will continue deliberations in a 40- year-old cold case this morning.
6:37 am
dennis eagle is charged with stabbing and strangling 45-year- old betty elias. police say that she was raped and murdered in her hotel room in oakland back in 1979. but it was the dna swab that a doctor took that led to eagle's arrest in 2016. he was already serving time in a federal prison for a rape conviction. new details in the case of a missing 4-year-old girl in texas. her stepfather is now under arrest. darian vince reported her missing last saturday and now he's in jail after drops of maleah davis' blood were allegedly found in his apartment. surveillance video from the apartment shows maleah entering the apartment just steps behind her stepfather. but she was never seen coming out. >> did see the defendant leave later with only his 2-year-old son. >> days later vence is seen carrying a laundry basket with a garbage bag and bottles of bleach. investigators found a laundry
6:38 am
basket and a gas can in vence's car and k-9s detected human decomposition. a move to -- the big benefits for changes. and the proposal up for debate this week. check out the stock market. it opened up about 10 minutes ago. it is starting off in the red, down 465 points. red, down 465 points.
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treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! good monday morning to you. here's a live look with our cliff house ocean beach camera with low clouds out there, also patchy drizzle along the coast. we are going to have clearing, that sunshine and tracking our next low pressure system, when the rain returns with cooler
6:42 am
temps. details coming up. the cooler temps may be headed our way but it is heating out there on the roadways. main travel times this morning, no longer in the green. even the south bay on 101 starting to pop up in yellow. if you are headed in from highway 4, you're still in the yellow as well but your drive times are in the red. coming down the east shore freeway or through 580, because let me tell you that 580, 680 interchange is looking bad. michelle. >> thank you. new zealand's prime minister launched a global initiative to help curb violence on social media platforms. this in response to the christchurch mosque shootings in march. a gunman shot and killed 51 worshipers and streamed the rampage live on facebook. the prime minister will hold a summit in france wednesday asking nations to sign an agreement to further combat hate and extremist content online. the united states is not expected to sign reportedly fearing the effort could hinder free speech. a colorado community is
6:43 am
honoring a student who lost his life saving his fellow classmates. kendrick castillo was killed lunging at the gunman during last week's shooting at a denver suburb high school. under a flag at half staff, a moment of silence. the organizer of the vigil led a small group in prayer to thank kendrick's family. >> everybody that doesn't know each other gets together for a moment to just celebrate what this gentleman did for other students at his school. >> those at the vigil wanted their message to be clear. the names of the two gunmen who attacked highlands ranch won't be remembered but rather the name of kendrick castillo. thousands of kids are showing up to class tardy. educators are blaming a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers. >> and now teachers in one virginia school district are hopping behind the wheel. new program at park side elementary will train teachers to become bus drivers. they will earn an extra $18 an hour. school now has two teachers licensed to drive and says that
6:44 am
the tardiness rate has been cut in half. >> when you first get on this big bus full of kids, what goes through your mind? >> good lord, don't let me hit anything. >> the country's largest school bus operators are calling the shortage severe. researchers say that the low pay and high stress levels make it hard to keep bus drivers. they end up leaving for other jobs. a hot transit topic for the east bay. one of its busiest streets could face major changes and soon a public meeting in el cerrito will decide its fate. san pable avenue goes through seven cities in alameda and contra costa county from downtown oakland to richmond. transportation planners expect 10s of thousands of new people and jobs to pop up along the busy corridor in the next 20 years. so they are looking at three options to deal with that growth, one would turn the center lane into a bus only lane. another would add a protected bike lane and another option would do both. all three would reduce parking
6:45 am
spots. >> i can't imagine that it wouldn't be traffic jam after traffic jam. i would probably have to lay off one or two people to shrink the business down to accommodate the lack of flow and parking. >> but transportation planners think a dedicated bus lane will speed up the buses and encourage more people to use them. regardless of the chosen option, the goal is to complete construction by 2026. anyone who lives, works or commutes along the corridor is encouraged to weigh in at tomorrow's meeting. it starts at 7:00 p.m. at el cerrito city hall. today some of the best cyclists in the world will make their way to south lake tahoe. the amgen tour of california kicked off in downtown san francisco yesterday. the race will make its way through the bay area tomorrow. stage three takes riders 126 miles from stockton over mount hamilton and down to morgan hill. the race has 13 host cities and
6:46 am
finishes in pasadena. if that ride is not for you, the star wars galaxy at disneyland is about to open up. >> some hollywood vips got a sneak peek. bob iger posted these two his twitter account. he invited a.j. abrams and steven spielberg and other guests on a special tour last night. he directed "the force awakens" and also the rise of skywalker which hits theaters in december. galaxy's edge is scheduled to open may 31st. >> we know where michelle is heading later this summer. >> i want to wait until the lines die down a little bit. >> i don't know what's worse, waiting in those lines or traffic. >> i would say this morning it's traffic. a live look at the dublin interchange, hazy out there but that's not going to conceal the backup that we are experiencing right there. look at that, that is going to be miserable. if this is a part of your commute, i'm tell you right now, you need to hit the road because it is going to be back
6:47 am
up as a result of several accidents. look at the red on the map this morning popping up everywhere. start with the dublin interchange. several accidents here, westbound 580 at 681 lane blocked there. westbound 80 at -- as a result of the backup trying to get to the dublin interchange. continue south on 680 from that interchange you're down to 15 miles an hour because there is an accident on the right shoulder, southbound 680 at sunol, this is going to be miserable making your way this morning. 680 headed off of highway 24, you are slow and go down to 17 miles an hour thanks to several accidents. 242 right at clayton road an accident that's backing things up and it just doesn't clear until you get all the way down to walnut creek, you have maybe a minute of normal speed. and then look at that, westbound 24 is slow and go all the way through basically orinda this morning. so coming out of the east bay, give yourself extra time. the only good news i got for
6:48 am
you is that the south bay doesn't have a single accident. maybe a stall or a little bit of debris in the roadway here and there. for the most part you are normal coming out of the south bay this morning. it's just the east bay that's battling is. the san mateo bridge, we have an issue when it comes to the toll plaza just past there, an accident was blocking one lane. it seems to be slow as well as you're making your way westbound, but at least you're moving which is more than i can say coming through the dublin interchange this morning. again, taking a look at the dublin interchange, how slow it actually is. off now to the richmond san rafael bridge where it's backed up as well. you can see the sun coming up over those trees and while it's bright outside, it is not looking good on the roadways. >> thanks. what's going to be a great day across the bay area and a great day for a big win with our san jose sharks so we are taking you out to the south bay, san jose good morning to you, 54 degrees right now in san jose, looking at 54 in oakland as well, 47 in santa
6:49 am
rosa, 50 in livermore. looking at 53 in downtown san francisco and 55 right now for concord. we are taking you down to the s.a.p. center, of course, we have game two of the western conference finals for the stanley cup playoffs, our sharks taking on the st. louis blues, 6:00 p.m. when that puck drops, looking at mostly sunny skies and temperatures right around 70 degrees so we are cheering on our sharks hoping for another big win. here's what you can expect today. so low clouds and patchy foggy specially along the coast and parts of the bay. as we head through the afternoon, clearing with mild daytime highs. plenty of sun as we head through the day today. big changes ahead, a cooldown this week with rain chances beginning midweek and i'll show you the reason why, that ridge of high pressure that brought the beautiful weather over the weekend and will be in place today will be moving to the east and that will make way for this next low pressure system to drop down from the gulf of alaska and that means temps will be dropping and rain back
6:50 am
in the forecast. so let's time it out for you on futurecast. there we go with that clearing as we head through the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine. for tomorrow increasing clouds and also cooler temperatures and then much cooler for wednesday with return of the rain so that chance of rain starts midweek. it continues throughout the rest of the workweek into the weekend. highs for today, we are talking temperatures right around where we should be for this time of year. looking at 72 in mountain view, 76 in santa clara, 80 degrees for morgan hill, 80 for brentwood, upper 70s in antioch, mid-70s in walnut creek as well as for vallejo and concord. mid-60s for berkeley as well as for alameda and oakland. mid-70s for petaluma and looking at highs in the upper 70s to about 80 degrees for ukiah to clear lake. here's the seven-day forecast and swhat you can expect. cooler tomorrow, also increasing clouds and there we go with even cooler weather beginning wednesday and that cooldown continues with rain chances the rest of the workweek into the weekend.
6:51 am
back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, there's a nationwide push to move school breakfast from the cafeteria into the classroom. >> new research shows it's a lot more than just food for thought. researchers say the nutritional boost can make a serious difference. children's ability to learn significantly increases. it's all part of the program breakfast in the classroom which now serves 75 school districts across 26 states. but the food research and action center wants to expand the program even further. >> school breakfast actually can help improve academic achievement. it's linked to higher test scores, it's linked the kids being able to focus and concentrate and behave in the classroom. >> it's a win-win for everyone. >> research also shows children who eat breakfast at school also have better attendance and make healthier choices on their own. four prayer dog pups at san francisco zoo now have their names. >> sprout, radish, walnut and meadow are the winning monike
6:52 am
from the spring themed naming contest. gave more 2700 suggested names. the genders of the prairie dog pups have not yet been determined but the pups can be seen right now at the zoo's exploration zone. time now 6:52. a key vote scheduled for today on the as' plan to build a new ballpark in oakland. a new ballpark in oakland. police in richmond are investigating three separate shootings in which four people were injured. we will tell you what they know next. good morning. ahead on cbs this morning, the generic prescription drug industry faces allegations of price fixing. we will speak with the attorney general leading the 40 plus state lawsuit against what he calls a, quote, industrywide conspiracy. plus behind the scenes look at the new international spy museum, home to the world's largest public display of authentic spy gadgets. all that at 7:00. and taking a live look
6:53 am
outside, this is from our mount vaca cam where it is 46 degrees apretty nice day and mary lee says the nicest day of the week. 6:52. we will be right back. week. 6:52. we will be right back.
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just about an hour ago here in richmond, police confirmed that they are investigating three separate shootings that left four people injured. all of these shootings happened within a two-hour span of each other. it started around 10:00 last night. now richmond police say the shootings happened all across the city. the first one happened by esman avenue near wendell playground. the second location where someone was potentially shot in the head was on potrero avenue near 47th. police were hesitant to call it a gun battle here. buildings and cars got caught in the crossfire. it was quite a scene. police didn't confirm this victim was recovering from a
6:57 am
head injury, only that someone was shot in the upper extremity and in serious condition this morning. they were unable to give us the condition of any of the other victims who were being treated for their injuries and yet another shooting reportedly happened near first street. police are not telling us whether this was gang related or not. it's too early in the investigation to determine that so they are still trying to figure out if these are all related. jackie ward, kpix5. time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> that amber alert over the weekend was based on a lie. that's according to oakland police. they say a man watched a thief drive away in his mercedes at an east oakland liquor store. oakland police say the owner falsely reported his toddler was in the back seat when it was stolen just to get the car back faster. actress felicity huffman expected to enter a guilty plea in federal court later this morning. she could face up to 20 years in prison for her role in the college admissions scheme. china will impose additional tariffs on american goods in retaliation to the
6:58 am
latest u.s. increase on chinese imports. the tariffs will take effect june 1st. president trump has said china will pay for not making a deal. this news has caused the markets to sink at the open. look at that. the dow has dropped about 480 points so far. that's not good this morning. in just a few hours a big vote on the as' plans for a new waterfront ballpark in oakland. port commissioners will be voting on a basic framework today, it will lay out how the as want to lease the 50-acre site at howard terminal. a free street rally for all die hard san jose sharks fans happening outside of the s.a.p. center ahead of game two tonight against the st. louis blues. gates open at 3:30, puck drops at 6:00. san jose leads the series 1-0. you are not going to win if you are headed out to the roadways this morning. if 580 and 680 are a part of your commute you are going to need extra time. a motorcycle injury accident involved.
6:59 am
at least one if not more lanes blocked as a result of an ambulance on the scene. also still working to clear the one at 580 and 680 interchange. it is slow and go there. another accident at sunol on 680 southbound. take a look at 580 -- or dublin interchange. no. this is the san rafael bridge. it is backed up there as well. it's going to be slow and go including the bay bridge. >> thanks. starting off with low clouds in parts of the bay. you can see that on our treasure island camera. all of us will see that sun as we head through the afternoon and enjoy it. 62 in san francisco, 66 in oakland. concord will see a high of 76, 77 in san jose as well as for -- changes tomorrow, cooler, increasing clouds and then there we go with the rain chances beginning wednesday, that continues thursday, friday, temps will be dropping and also rain chances that continue into the weekend. and of course tonight we are cheering on our san jose sharks. >> at 2:00.
7:00 am
thank you for watching kpix5 news this morning. cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day, everyone. up next. have a great day, everyone. . >> the white house chief economic adviser appears to contradict president trump says americans will suffer with higher tariffs on chinese imports. >> drug makers are pushing up prices, accused by billions of dollars. and the attorney general leading that challenge comes here to studio 57. >> the airline pilot arrested in his uniform just before a flight and charged with murdering three of his neighbors in 2015. >> and washington's international spy museum reopens on a new site, with powerful


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