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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your tonight, friends and family say goodbye to a fremont highschooler who was hit and killed in a wrong way dui crash . >> that's all he had. that's all she had. >> reporter: inside operation redwood. the big drug and weapons busts. felicity huffman pleads guilty for paying her daughter's way into college. what this means for bay area parents facing similar charges. the curry brothers, set to collide in the western conference trials. the text message conversation between the two coming up. kpix newsats
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gh a head-on n crash kills a high school student. i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. andria borba is live in fremont, where family and friends are gathering tonight to remember him. >> reporter: tonight, the teen who was always cracking jokes and is remembered for always having something positive to say is going to be remembered for his life here. >> he is actually gone. one of my friends is actually gone. >> reporter: for friends and teachers, armando canales is a huge loss. he was hit on highway 17. chp says driver 28-year-old ashley marie oliver, was drunk and driving the wrong way.
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she veered into the southbound lanes when the crash happened. armando was not wearing a seatbelt and was killed, leaving his mother alone on mother's day. >> when i saw her i broke down. >> reporter: armando's friend sat down with her monday, and went to class with eyes red from grief. >> it is crazy to see that he is gone. i got the call at 2:00 in the morning. i was heartbroken. i thought it was a prank. >> reporter: armando played jv football and had a job at taco bell for the summer, with the sole purpose of helping his mom, who was raising him alone. >> he was always like i need to support my mom. he was so happy he had a job lined up. >> reporter: instead, armando's friends are planning a candlelight vigil. >> that's my brother. i have known him since like eighth grade. >> reporter: those frso sath armando's mom yesterday for mother's day to make sure she was not alone on
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the first mother's day and first day she had without her son. this memorial will get started at washington high school, at it a clock by the flagpole. andria borba, kpix 5. in san francisco, another vigil. this one held for a man killed by a bus over the weekend. activists want to make sure it never happens again. up bus hit the 66-year-old victim at golden gate and hyde in tenderloin. it's the city's temp pedestrian fatality so far this year. the tenderloin has some of the most dangerous streets of the city, especially for cyclists and pedestrians. >>my beliis that everybody. a young child. a young person. an old person, who has challenges getting around deserves to have safe streets. there is so much we can do to ensure crushing the street isn't going to kill you. >> reporter: the vision zero plan is striving for zero
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traffic fatalities by 2024. switching gears. let's take a live und the bay area. it looks pretty beautiful right now, but that is about to change with the return of, yes, rain. chief meteorologist paul deanno is at the shark tank, where the sharks are taking on the st. louis blues. >> reporter: the action is going on inside the stadium right now with the sharks and the blues. we are talking about a change in the weather. some action going on in our atmosphere. rain in may is not unprecedented, but my weather producer and i were talking earlier today, that we haven't really had a may thunderstorm in years. some think it doesn't rain in may, but it can and this week, it will. let's look at rar. dry for now. a few showers over the sierra. that is water they will stay. will not happen tomorrow. it will happen for most of the bay area wednesday afternoon
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and wednesday night. you can see on radar that is a pretty potent storm to the west. i gave it a 4 out of 10 on the scale. this would be one of our weather storms for the month of may as it rolls through toward the middle of the week. how much rain are we talking? in the mountains, an inch or two. that's a lot for may. for much of the urban corridor, a half inch to an inch. we are not expecting flooding issues, but that is about what we average for the entire month of may. we will get that just this week. still, a change is coming. it's going to be a soggy one. we talk hour by hour in a few minutes. back to you. >> at least we know what to expect. a month-long investigation in santa clara county leads to the arrest of a slew of suspects at an illegal weapons ring. len ramirez is in south san jose with more on operation redwood. >> reporter: san jose police say this was a very dangerous operation because it involves
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suspects a new already had guns and in the past had not hesitated to use them. a chance confrontation between suspects riding scooters to a liquor store and a man in a parked mercedes leading to an argument and shots fired, but the killing of nathan johnson harper of fresno last december had frustrated investigators. that is, until a data-driven crime analysis of all recent gun incidents helped bring a suspect to the surface. josi ramirez. >> the same guys, the same suspects, and the same steady stream of bloodshed in seven trees. >> reporter: he was one of seven suspects arrested. >> two people we keep seeing -- >> reporter: investigators began by putting dots on crime areas calling it a heat map. patterns emerged as they literally connected the dots.
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>> there was a common trend. eped search warrants and confis illegal weapons, drugs and equipment to make drugs. >> nine firearms including a fully automatic handgun and assault rifle. two pounds of cocaine. six pounds of marijuana. two ounces of heroin. $42,000 in cash. at night. going to rer >> reporter: a lifelong resident of seven trees says he hopes the investigation is the beginning, not the end. >> the people who were arrested had their own networks that are still out there. we hope they can address that, too. >> reporter: although gun crimes were spiking, this isn't the only neighborhood in san jose to have gun crime and police say they will use this technology and analysis to go after criminals in other parts of the city. len ramirez, kpix 5. police are looking for suspects after a violent night in contra costa county. they say on esmond avenue is where the incidents happened in the iron triangle, and at an apartment complex. that's where this video was taken. four people were shot
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within 90 minutes in three separate incidents. one person was reportedly shot in the head and is in serious condition. police say the shootings do not appear to be related. a couple from rmest jusoar its weedkiller roundup. they say it caused the husband and wife to get non-hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of cancer. a jury found monsanto sold a defective product and failed to warn consumers. today, the court awarded the couple $2 billion in punitive damages. >> i have no concept of what $1 billion is. i am sure monsanto has an idea, but it is just so much more money than i could have imagined. >> we just want it to be enough to change their behavior. we want them to add the warning so this can all go away. people can have the choice.
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>> bayer, which owns monsanto, says the couple both has long histories of illnesses, known to be substantial risk factors for non-hodgkin's lymphoma, and there is not reliable, scientific evidence that concludes that there are besides caused illness. that's the third verdict, all in the bay area, against the makers of roundup. bayer plans to appeal. it says epa has repeatedly found roundup is safe. actress felicity huffman pleaded guilty to paying to rick her daughter's s.a.t. scores today. what that means for bay area parents facing similar charges. >> reporter: there are two divergent paths, as parents head to courts in the college admissions scandal. 50 13 parents are pleading guilty and the rest are resolving to fight the charges. following felicity huffman, two
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more parents will plead guilty to paying $15,000 to boost their children's s.a.t. scores. then there are the holdouts. those following actress lori loughlin's lead. among them, elizabeth henriquez, who is accused of paying for her daughter's off s.a.t. scores to be improved, and placed on a fake athletic profile. former private equity director bill mcglashian denies the accusations of paying a proctor to help him become a recruit. other parents are pleading guilty, but because it is to much higher charges, it is unclear how much their cooperation wikp 5. a family affair in the playoffs.epd little brother
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seth curry about to make history ern conference finals. >> really, a transformative project for oakland and the oakland a's to ensure we are here for many generations to come. a big victory for the a's today that would transform oakland's waterfront. ♪ que sera sera >> she was one of hollywood's brightest stars. we take a look back at the career of doris day.
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the curry brothers, less than 24 hours away from making history. steph curry and seth curry, set to face off tomorrow in game one of the nba western conference finals. kpix 5's wilson walker on what the brothers are saying about the matchup. >> reporter: two brothers allied with different clans, vying for just one throne. yes, the western conference finals will have added family drama. >> he texted me right after the game and said, "i'll see you tuesday." >> reporter: that's guard seth curry of the trailblazers, brother of stephen curry. >> they are like the royal family of the nba. it's incredible. >> reporter: that was warriors coach steve kerr chiming in on the fraternal matchup for the first time. >> it's kind of crazy to think
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ise. we get to play in front of our family and just happy to enjoy this. it's crazy. >> reporter: get ready to see a lot of mom and dad as the curry brothers make a little more basketball history. >> it's hard to believe right now. so many years i have watched steph play in the crowd and in the finals. it will be fun to be out there competing to get to the finals. it's a dream come true. >> reporter: as for dell curry and sonya curry, we do know one thing. on walker, kpix ng to the 5. onto another game. a live look at the howard terminal in oakland, where the a's want to build a new stadium. late today, a key vote moved a proposal a step closer to
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reality. roklen's board of directors gave their unanimous approval to an exclusive negotiating agreement with the a's. it sets up the framework for talks on releasing 55 acres and lays down a time frame of four years for the a's to complete environmental studies in the land-use and permit process. the team president talks about the plan before the vote. >> really, a transformative project for oakland and the oakland a's, to ensure we are here for many days and years to come. >> irreversible changes will be made to the port affecting not only the current workers of oakland -- >> the longshoremen and tenants of the port worry new development will hurt their bottom lines. the plan envisions housing and retail space along with a 35,000-seat stadium. the a's hope to move in neadiu
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we want to go right now out to san jose, where chief meteorologist paul deanno is standing by outside the s.a.p center inside where the st. louis blues and the sharks are working out their differences on the ice. >> reporter: we talked about the warriors, the a's. now, it's time to talk about the sharks. inside, we have the heat of the western conference finals. frankly, we could use some of that heat. the ocean breeze has moved through san francisco. it is brisk, but nothing compared to the chill and the rain that we are going to have coming up later this week. yes, rain returning to the bay area on wednesday. highs today. san jose 72 degrees tying with santa rosa. 79 in concord. 75 redwood city. these will be the warmest greetings we get this week. san francisco, you will stay chilly. 60 degrees. radar will show dry conditions around here. showers, thunderstorms over the
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southern sierra heading away from us. we will stay mainly dry and tell wednesday. wednesday is when the rain returns less than 48 hours from now. the pollen count. 5.9 on the scale today. maybe, your eyes are itching. i have wonderful news if that's you. the pollen count will drop below 1 later this week. how can that happen in may? a significant rain would have to move through. we get decent rainfall on wednesday clearing out the pollen. satellite and radar, a wet pattern spinning off to the west rotating through northern california over the next two to three days. futurecast shows dry but cloudier conditions tomorrow. we stop the clock wednesday morning. showers moving into the north bay. we stop the clock wednesday evening. that's a steady, soaking rainfall witla wednesday and early thursday. weather headlines, a mixture of sun and clouds tuesday. rain north to south. went into thursday morning. we stay unsettled with a chance
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of showers saturday and sunday. a chance of at least some rain. 70 degrees union city, 75 morgan hill, 75 dublin. moderately cooler. not a huge change. 60s for alameda, and lakeport 68, and in the extended forecast, rain late wednesday. showers thursday morning. a chance of showers friday, saturday, and sunday. all of a sudden, the month of may has gotten soggy. it's a cool apple advertisement on the side of the s.a.p center. that's a little fish. we will let that represent the st. louis blues. as my photographer zooms out, we will let the shark represent the sharks. the san jose sharks up 1-0 for the series. let's hope tonight they are up 2-0. maria medina will be here covering game two of the western conference finals tonight. i will cover the rain >> thinwe
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guess, if you were guessing. what if even the simplest tasks like walking down a busy street seemed unbearable? it's a health crisis many of those who have served our country experience every day. >> i don't think anyone could ever prepare you for what you see or do. >> tune in tomorrow night at 7:00 to see how canine companions are helping those affected by ptsd. coming up, a murder investigation involving a bird scooter. the deadly attack on a california street. ♪ one i had a secret love. ♪ >> remembering hollywood love doris day, and how she introduced america to the a.i.d.s. crisis with a hug. an livery driver accused of attacking female passengers, demanding sex. one victim told police she jumped out of a moving car to
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learn more my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants ddeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than some mediocre cereal. that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. we are following breaking news. the coast guard, just confirming three people died when two planes collided midair in alaska. both were sightseeing aircrafts covering cruise ship tourists. three people are still missing and 10 others are injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a manhunt is underway in southern california for a suspect, who beat a woman to death with an electric scooter. police say she was thstn ngbeac
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man attacked her. the good san up on a bird scooter to try to help her. she died at the scene. hollywood is mourning the loss of actress doris day. flowers were placed at her hollywood walk of fame start today. alan martin on the career of one of the brightest stars of the 50s and 60s. >> ♪ >> reporter: doris day will always be remembered for this oscar-winning number in alfred hitchcock's "the man who knew too much." a film set in marrakesh, starring a girl born in cincinnati. >> ♪ >> reporter: long before she made it big, doris da stted ngi landed a recording contract with columbia records. a deal that led her to
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hollywood. >> ♪ there's no time to delay. ♪ >> reporter: in her heyday during the 50s and 60s, day played opposite some of hollywood's biggest honks including clark gable, frank sinatra and rock hudson. at age 44, she made her final movie with a move to the small screen. she starred in the doris day show from 1968 until she retired from showbiz in 1973. >> got to make a wish first. >> reporter: after leaving the spotlight, animal welfare became her personal passion. >> the designers that the studios had all the money to play with them. now, when i see it, i can't bear it. >> reporter: although she never won an academy award, she won four golden gloves in the presidential medal of freedom. >> ♪ que sera sera ♪ will be was an unforgettable
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son helping to seal her place as one of america's off sweethearts. >> ♪ que sera sera. ♪ >> aleman reporting. doris day will also be remembered for her longtime friendship with doctor rock hudson, who died of a.i.d.s. his final on camera appearance was on her tv special in 1985. day welcomed him on her show when the fear of a.i.d.s. often lead to outright discrimination. still ahead, the bay area's impossible foods are getting some major clout. big money behind the vegan birder that bleeds.
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impossible foods is securing money to produce plant- based meats. >> serena williams, katy perry and james smith, trevor noah and zed are endorsing the product. to keep up with production, the company just hired more empls at its oakland factory. we will see you at 11:00. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs,
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: thank you very much. i appreciate that. how y'all? how are you, folks? thank you. thank you, folks. i appreciate it. thank y'all. i appreciate that. thank y'all very much. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheers and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, from cypress, california, it's the champs. it's the thompson family. [cheers and applause] and from milton, massachusetts,
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it's the kenney family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here tryin' to win theirself a lot of cash.


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