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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 16, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> we'll take a live look outside from our exclusive sales force cameras. and you can see, it's cloudy, gray, and there are scattered showers across the bay area right now. mobile weather lab is tracking the evening commute. and drivers here are getting a pretty good break right now on interstate 880 in san leandro. those dark clouds could be heading over any time. >> even though the rain is winding down, it doesn't mean much if you get caught in one of these downpours. and there are a few still on the radar. we have some scattered downpours. they're getting more widely scattered. there are two or three or four of them. that pouring in oakland, 580 and 880, from emeryville south to the coliseum. we're getting heavy rainfall for five or ten minutes and some widely scattered showers dancing around fremont, union city, dublin and pleasanton and livermore.
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one heavy shower just moved over san francisco, that's hitting you now, and oakland. look at the rainfall totals. this is may? pretty rare that we get 2 inches of rainfall. but we did in santa rosa and clear lake. a half inch in livermore and half inch in san jose. the rain does taper off tonight. should be wrapped up in the metro area by 10:00. and tomorrow morning's commute should be mainly dry, albeit cloudy and breezy. we'll talk about our rainfall headlines. scattered showers ending this evening. a dry break with and sunshine on friday but there's another storm coming. and it will impact our weekend. specifically saturday. we'll talk about the timing on that storm coming up. >> looking forward to it. thanks, paul. new details on a home invasion robbery that led to a police shooting in hayward. we're getting our first look at the suspects. two armed men broke into a home on capitola street monday. they threatened the father and son with their lives. when police arrived on-scene they saw the suspects
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get into a two-door black honda accord. a uc berkeley student is facing some serious charges tonight. the man is suspected of sexually assaulting two women. spin wolf was arrested on tuesday. andrea borba reports, police believe there could be more victims. >> reporter: the suspect is a cal student described as berkeley pd as active in the greek system. the police department also says none of the assaults actually took place on campus. this is the man berkeley pd says is mind at leas sexual assaults just off campus at uc berkeley. the alleged assaults happened in november, 2017, and march, 2019. detectives believe those may not
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be isolated. >> we're releasing this information because we believe that there are more victims who haven't come forward. >> reporter: the assaults are linked to this address on wering, not far from the campus. berkeley pd says the sexual assaults had a common thread. violence. >> in the incidents that have been reported to us, the suspect uses violence to subdue the victims. the victims have been physically injured in these attacks. >> reporter: documents from alameda county describe one of the victims as being pushed against the balcony and being forced to kiss wolf and then getting punched in the ribs and eye by wolf. the victim claims he then pushed their heads down toward his genitals. the second victim says she was held down by wolf and he raped and bit her multiple times. sexual assault has been an ongoing problem in and around berkeley and the
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campus for a few years now. >>arabout rape incidents, sexual assault incidents happening. almost like every week, honestly. the man accused of maoing into eight people at a sunnyvale intersection appeared in court today. isaiah peoples charged with eight counts of attempted murder. police say he intentionally drove into pedestrians last month. eight people were injured. he allegedly told police he was on his way to bible study. investigators launched a federal hate crime investigation. they believe the army vet may have targeted the victims because he believed they were muslim. we're getting a first look at the giant nets being installed at the golden gate bridge as a suicide deterrent.
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>> reporter: it is one of the most beautiful structures on the planet. and it has this dark side that claims lives every single year. there has been a long fight for a suicide barrier on this bridge. >> kyle jumped off the golden gate bridge on friday, 11:45 am. the devastation is unimaginable and heartbreak is forever. it will always be with us. >> reporter: it was a collection of surviving parents and siblings who-ed deliver our first look at a project that has been talked about for generations. a 300-foot long portion of a suicide prevention system this will eventually stretch 1.7 miles on either side of the golden gate bridge. the net itself, marine grade stainless steel. what would it be like to land on that 20 feet from above? >> they will probably break a bone or two.
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but they will live to see another day. 90% of people who are successful in a suicide attempt never go on to try again. >> reporter: you can see the barrier unfolding below the highway deck. for the family members who pushed for the barrier today, it was their first chance to see what so many fought so hard for. >> a lot of people before me did all the hard things. when they went to the board when the board wasn't receptive. when the public wasn't receptive. it's only since a lot of the families keep going there over the past 15, 20 minutes. they go out there and talk to the bridge board and remind them that they're there to keep the public safe. >> reporter: this will be the largest bridge net system in the world. nothing quite like it has ever been built. finishing it will take another year and a half. >> it's remarkable that they can build something like this. it's reassuring to know that it's
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gonna help stop people from dying at the bridge. >> reporter: the lane closures, that is the work that is underway. they're getting people down there to either get the installation underway or set up some platforms where the installation can begin. they've got a year and a half project. as of today, you can kinda see what that's gonna look like. 20 feet below the sidewalk. 20 feet off the bridge. three bay area counties join the state of california to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. governor newsom says he's prepared to play hardball to lower the cost. melissa cane is in san francisco with that story. >> reporter: we're at san francisco general hospital. prescriptions from facilities like this cost the city and county of san francisco millions of dollars each year. and that's why it combined with alameda and
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santa clara counties today to work with the state. they'll create an entity that is enormous to sit across the table from drug companies and demand lower costs. >> we think we can get a big bulk discount? save you the money? lower the cost for everybody? >> reporter: three bay area counties now want in on california's bulk purchasing plan for prescription drugs. >> san francisco will be joining the efforts to bring down medication costs in our city. >> reporter: san francisco mayor said just 25 drugs are costing the city $17 million a year. it's also a problem in santa clara and alameda county. >> providers in alameda county spend tens of millions each year on prescription drugs. >> reporter: leaders announced they'll be joining the state to create a massive purchasing pool in the hopes of lowering drug
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costs. >> the governor hopes this combined pool will be able to negotiate lower prices with drug companies. >> reporter: by law, the state has to provide certain drugs. so we asked for those drugs, can't the drug companies refuse to lower their prices? what leverage does the state have if it can't walk away? >> i'm done with their threats. if they want to play hardball, we can play hardball. these are stale threats from folks that are scaring the public. so they can continue to gouge you, they threaten to take a drug that's life-saving so they can continue to reap in massive profits. that's shameful beyond words. that's the end of capitalism as we know it. and i believe in capitalism. it needs to be saved from itself. because this kind of arrogance has run its course enough. >> reporter: in addition to those three bay area counties, l.a. county is also partnering with the state.
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and according to governor newsom, representatives from colorado, illinois and rhode island have also reached out thinking they might either join with california or start a drug prescription negotiation pool of their own. coming up, police bust what they call a gang supercell. a massive raid across the bay area. >> teachers making signs to get ready for a strike on monday. in the new haven unified school district. that means all the schools in union city, and two in south heyward, will be affected. >> the major financial setback for california's high-speed rail. the millions the project just lost.
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supercell of different gang associations that had come together. and so -- and was driving a lot of the violence in our city.
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>> police arrested 16 people during today's takedown. this wraps up a months-long investigation that included ten s.w.a.t. teams, including the fbi. the first teacher strike in a district's history on monday. educators plan to walk the picket lines in union city and south hayward. da lin is live at james logan high school with how teachers and students are preparing for the strike. >> reporter: right. less than a month left in the school year. a lot of students worry about a long strike hurting their grades and college admission. teachers say the strike is about retaining good teachers and ultimately improving education. >> reporter: a lot of coordinating, and a lot of taping. teachers make the signs they'll carry on monday. >> i'm ready to go. anxious and nervous. >> reporter: she'd rather teach than walk the picket line.
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but she says the high cost of living makes it very tough for her and her fiancee. both are teachers in the new haven unified school district. >> we're prepared for the consequences that are ahead. >> reporter: roughly 600 teachers, counselors and nurses plan to go on strike monday. >> more helpful to have it now rather than later. we also know there is no great time for a strike. it's the impact of our message. >> we want to support our teachers. in not coming to school, we're doing thatch >> reporter: some students plan to stay home. not all students agree with their teachers. >> they chose their profession. they knew what they were getting into. >> reporter: he sides with the district. new haven unified says they have no more teacher. they say their teachers are the
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highest paid in alameda county, averaging about $96,000 a year. >> if i want to get my final transcript and all that, that might be delayed for sometime. but i have to contact the college. >> reporter: the district has 11,000 to 12,000 students. both sides could still avert a strike before monday. it's looking unlikely at this point because they're not having any kind of negotiating sessions before monday. the district will have substitutes and administrators to keep the schools open. i'm da lin, kpix 5. a major blow to california's high-speed rail project. the trump administration said it's taking back nearly $1 billion of federal funding. the federal railroad administration said it's canceling the money because and has strayed from the project's original vision. in a statement, governor newsom said,
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quote, "the trump administration's action is illegal and a direct assault on california." >> it's playoff time, and there isn't much space out there. heads up. in the middle of that game, it is about to pour. there it is. heavy shower leaving oakland, san leandro, and quickly moving to the east. it'll be a 10 or 15-minute burst of heavier rainfall in the 680 corridor from alamo south to almost dublin. and one heavier
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shower sitting over the marin haven. only a few showers out there. still packing quite a punch. and there is that heavy shower from the sales tower to the golden gate. half moon bay, the chilly spot for the past two weeks. you were the warmest spot today. fremont, 61. san francisco and santa rosa, not even hitting 60. in the 50s all night long. fremont tonight, low of 52. vallejo, 61 deg tomorrow sunshine is back. mixture of sun and clouds, brisk. 65 degrees. rain does return on saturday. impacting bay to breakers. plan on a showery start. it'll be chill and he breezy as well. you probably already knew that part. the rain is the interesting thing. low pressure moving out tonight. showers decreasing already. gone by 10:00. the storm track is going nowhere so much where's the next storm?
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right there. coming in saturday morning. we'll talk about the timing, we'll go hour by hour. first thing, wrapping up the rain this evening. tomorrow morning should be a dry commute. new rainfall should not be falling tomorrow morning. in the afternoon, nice. sunshine. but it doesn't set the stage for the weekend. here by 9:00 in the morning, it's already raining for a good chance of the bay area. still raining saturday afternoon, saturday evening. another quarter to a half an inch of rainfall. and some showers may linger all the way until sunday, midmorning. showers ending tonight, dry tomorrow. should be a nice day to get outside. rain returns, though, saturday morning. and pretty soggy for saturday. and the driest part of the weekend, sunday afternoon. if you have flexibility in your plans, sunday afternoon is looking dry. 60s tomorrow. sunny but still chilly. napa 66. oakland 62. mountain view, san jose, livermore in the mid-60s. rain is back saturday. may linger until sunday morning. and some scattered showers are possible monday, even tuesday. when are we gonna shake this wet pattern?
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likely the middle of next week. we got the pga championship, tiger looking for his southbound straight major.
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warriors and blazers, game 2 underway. we're talking golf. pga championship moved from august to may. and a familiar name is atop the leaderboard. john dailey taking the golf
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board in new york. special circumstances for arthritis. 5 over 75. masters champion, tiger woods, 1 over when he got to the fourth. long for eagle. buried it. into red figures. but tiger could not make a par putt to save his life. finished round 2 over, 9 off the lead, which belongs to -- for koepka, this long birdie, gonna fall, 7 under 63 to take a one-stroke lead over danny lee. 63 ties the best score in tournament history. we made our anchor picks last night. i'm feeling pretty good having picked bruce koepka. you got some work to do, guys. paul with justin rose, not bad. he's even. and our director,
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wayne, 1 under par. after losing 11 of 12 on the road, the a's finally flex their muscle away from the coliseum. >> reporter: it was the a's offense that turned out to be the incredible hulk. top of the 3rd, profar put it into the right field for a grand slam. a six-run inning. he finished a triple shy of the cycle. it got so bad for the tigers that brandon dixon pitched the 9th inning. the a's hit 5 home runs. they pound out detroit, 17-3. the sharks appeared to catch a new spring last night in st.
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louis. a hand pass that helped set up karlsson's goal. but the refs didn't call it. >> they're not trying to screw anybody. they're really not. they're good guys. >> was that a hand pass on the final goal? >> we weren't playing hand ball, were we? we were may playing hockey and we were just trying to win this game. sharks in the driver's seat. warriors trying to get in the driver's seat. kd not playing because of that calf injury. we'll find out more about that this evening. highlights and postgame on the late show. >> we'll be right back.
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han solo, he's captured, they freeze him in carbonite and he's brought out of it. >> this is for real. what if humans could be frozen immediately upon death and brought back to life once a secure found? some patients are already signing up for it. find out about the technology that aims to allow you to live forever, and what the critics are saying about being frozen for a second life, tonight on the new kpix news at 7:00. each year thousands come from around the world to visit the golden gate bridge. >> some may even try to time their visit for our beautiful
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spring weather. and then this happens. we caught up with this couple. ready to walk across the bridge when a downpour ruined their plans, they took shelter under the tailgate of their van. they would have waited ten minutes, and it would have passed. >> let's hope they hung out, enjoyed, talked, chatted. >> and it's a good story. >> we're famous for disappointing tourists. they come here in june expecting skirts and warm water, and it's freezing. >> you can always tell who's out of town because they're wearing shorts to the bridge.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> dickerson: on the "cbs evening news" this thursday, the battle over abortion escalates as another state moves to enact a strict new law. >> missouri is pushing for sweeping new restrictions on abortion that ban the procedure at eight weeks. >> they are trying to go on a path that will totally dismantle "roe v. wade." >> president trump unveiling his sweeping new plan to overhaul america's immigration laws. >> under this plan, the borders totally secure. >> dickerson: how the trade war is spreading the pain from china to a u.s. manufacturer and a family that sells tvs. >> breaking news out of california. >> an f-16 fighter jet crashed intoeh


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