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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  May 18, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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now on kpix5 news this morning, get ready for a weekend of wet weather. darren peck is tracking the wet > the rrior vees the trail blazers tonight in portland, and hockey highlights ahead. a new measles scare in alameda county. the exposure at a popular grocery store. it's about 6:00 a.m. on this saturday may 18th. i'm devin fehely and. i'm melissa cahen. >> did you hear there's rain coming this weekend. >> but it's a glorious weekend right now. >> i'm distracted from the view behind you. the morning, for those of us up
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this early, it not an issue. the later morning, around 8:00 or 9:00 this morning a few hours from now, we will see the leading edge of the rain arrive. i will give you the specifics on the timing on that a second. first, here's what it looks like now. the live radar, you will see there's rain to be seen. it's off the coast. give it 2 hours before we notice the lyinger showers arrive, and it's really going to be late morning through the afternoon, when the more impressive rain gets here. isolated thunderstorms mixed in, right through the heart of the day. quickly, here's the headlines for the city proper. only going to 55 today. rain, heavy at times with isolated thunderstorms. oakland, concord, and san jose on the screen now, examples of what it will look like inland and in the south bay. warmer, perhaps, but the same story on the rain, isolated thunderstorms. to break down the timing, showers will begin late morning, heavier rain moving in, into the afternoon, and we are going to keep a chance for
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isolated thunderstorms in the forecast, both today and tomorrow. this does include sunday, and i will have more details on the timing for sunday when i check back in. in the meantime, that's how we will time out the leading edge of the shower. santa rosa, 8:00 this morning. oakland around 10:00, and san jose, give it until noon. see you with more on the rest of this in a few minutes. >> thank you. new this morning, seven people were shot at a house party an hour northeast of indianapolis. it was early this morning west of ball state university. police say three of the victims are hospitalized in critical condition. three others are still in the hospital, and another was treated and released. there are unconfirmed reports that some of the ball state students are among the wounded. police say the gunfire happened after a confrontation at a party. the local newspaper reports a man was seen in handcuffs, but it's not clear how many shooters were involved. the golden state warriors are now in portland, where this
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evening they will continue their nba playoff series against l blaz the ofven e le 2 game time tonight at 6:00 p.m., and the kpix sports director dennis o'donnell is there and will be covering the game. now to where the sharks and blues are once again tied in their western conference final series. the game was in st. louis, but a large group of sharks' fans, once again filling the stadium to enjoy the game on the big screen. unfortunately they lost last night 2-1, and each team has two wins in the best of 7 series. >> i expected the blues to push really hard this game, and i mean, last series we had the win, loss, win, loss. if that carries through again, it could be good. >> we have is. i have had it since the
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beginning a gut feeling. we are going to bring the cup here. >> i think home ice will take them back to the top, back to st. louis, and we will take it. >> the series now comes back here to san jose, with game 5 tomorrow at noon. the winner of the series will face off against the boston bruins in the stanley cup finals. we will have the highlights from last night's game in your morning sports report with vern in a few minutes. nike is vowing to change a pregnancy policy after a track star and other athletes spoke out. >> nike has been el masterful in p.r. >> olympian alyssa montano said the endorsement payments are not guaranteed for those who become pregnant. >> what i can need from nike is to be able to see a contract in hand. i cannot longer take them for face value. >> the wall street journal says
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there will be new contracts for female athletes to protect their pay and similar contracts for those under contract. she is cautiously optimistic, but she wants to see the contract before commenting further. a base of measles at a popular grocery store. to prove it's safe to shop, berkeley's health supervisor picked up milk last night. someone shopped there with measles previously. health officials said the exposure concern is for children too young to be vaccinated, and that had some parents checking their receipts to see if their kids were exposed. >> it's scary to realize that at our grocery store, someone had measles, walking around. >> it's airborne. when someone sneezes or coughs, the virus travels through the
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air person-to-person, and it can linger in the air for about an hour or so. >> reporter: the virus is contagious for 4 days before the infected person starts to exhibit symptoms like a runny nose, fever, or rash. the city of berkeley has come up with a solution. >> the city has come up with the old school solution to the growing threat of urban wild fires, a siren system, an updated system to one put in place during world war ii. they worry they will not be able to evacuate people fast enough in the event of a large fire. they are asking the city council to immediately approve installation of an outdoor warning system. >> communication has been one of the big issues in some of the past, previous fires, and we, as a city take it seriously to get the message out on telling people when to evacuate. >> cost estimate is $1.1
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million, and school officials in san ramon now know who is responsible for threatening graffiti at cal high school. the students who are responsible could face expulsion and possible criminal charges. it was one of four threatening messages at the school. the most recent incident was on thursday. a san francisco muni train is still out of service this morning after a new problem with the doors was caught on camera. take a look at this. this train just left the station last night, when a door opened, and it's not supposed to. just before this, it opened while the train was moving at high speed. it's the latest problem for muni. last month a woman was caught on camera getting her hand caught in a train door and dragged. muni is testing a fix for the issue on the new trains. they just released the new demonstration of the door
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sensors. if there's finger in the way, they reopen, as you can see there. the agency is now taking the test to the streets. some napa residents are back at home after being forced to shelter place for several hours. crews had to clean up a hazardous spill outside of their homes. it happened when the truck carrying hazardous material overturned. officials said it had canisters filled with gas, and hazmat crews responded as a precaution. no one was hurt, and now the roads are clear. a live look at sfo. a new project is getting underway there to reduce bird strikes, especially strikes involving raptors. teams will be looking for the birds of prey to trap them and move them to safer habitats. the airport has had 17 bird strikes so far this year, and damage to planes happens about once per 95,000 flights. experts say golf courses are
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good places to relocate raptors because of the high perches with the views acro course. two chicks born last month were banded yesterday. researchers said both are are boys, and they are in great health. we are getting a look at the new renders for the a's new proposed water park proposal. there's terrace lawns and open space surrounding the ballpark. the approval process will likely take years. if the plans come together, they will be playing in the new stadium in 2023. the city also releasing drawings for the current coliseum site, converted for housing, retail, and restaurant, and open space for baseball and soccer fields. it's 6:09. ahead, a final farewell to the big bang gang. don't worry no major spoilers, but did the cast like the
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ending? hear from them, next. and it seems like a joke, but it's the real deal. you can soon stay in a taco bell hotel. we have a sneak peek, next.
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explosion experts detonated weapons removed from an f16 fighter jet that crashed into a
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warehouse. the weapons were carefully taken to an unpopulated , d it explosioit ouflying into the unclwhat weaponwere destroyed, but it can carry bombs and missiles. the crash happened during a training thsday near the march air reverse base. no one was seriously injured. after 12 seasons of television history, one of the longest-running and most successful tv comedies ever is over. reporter marc liverman with more on the big bang theory's series finale. >> bazinga. >> reporter: 279 episodes, an infinite amount of laughs, and a nerdy cast that was cool. the cast said good-bye. >> i was there the moment leonard and penny met. he said to me that their babies would be smart and beautiful.
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and now that they are expecting, i have no doubt that will be the case. >> thanks, sheldon, i haven't told my parents yet. >> reporter: earning 52 emmy nominations, it followed the young group. first airing in 2007. it was the longest running multicamera sitcom ever. >> i just wanted to beat cheers. i have always hated cheers. take that cheers. >> reporter: the entire cast was with stephen colbert last night on the show. >> fans wanted to know what would happen. it was tough. i think they did it brilliantly. >> chances of finding a show with this big of an audience over that long of a time, that will be hard to fill. >> reporter: it's a sad good- bye to the 10 million viewers who watch it every week. marc liverman, cbs news. new video this morning, art that is good enough to eat.
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the man behind the food sculptors, he says people pay between $2,000 and $60,000. antawn says to create each piece, he starts with a taste test. >> reporter: how many bites do you take before you get it perfect? >> hundreds. i want to learn the recipe and see how it's made. >> reporter: his work is in the private collection of several celebrities, including bill clinton, keith richards, and the royal family of jordan. if you're hungry now, some people are drooling over a new taco theme resort in the works. taco bell is opening up a popup hotel in palm springs. now, do you dream of eating a chalupa supreme and sunbathing
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on a fire sauce floaty? it will happen this august. check in to check out, to bow bellhops, inspired cocktails, and taco bell room service with new menu items. >> we are thrilled. they chose palm springs, greater palm springs to be the location for the first popup hotel, the bell. we hope people can find their taco oasis in greater palm springs. >> it will open in august on the 9th for just 5 days, and if you're hungry to book a room, reservations are opening in june. this weekend's rain could spell trouble for the crop of chardonnay grapes. it comes as they are beginning to bloom, a fragile time for the crop. don't worry, it won't affect the taste. >> you want no rain, no wind, not too hot, not too cold. you want it just perfect. if we get heavy rains, those rains will interfere with the pollination, and they are self-
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pollinating. it doesn't really impact, at all, the quality. it's just how much we are going to get. let's check in on our weather. >> right after we told everyone that rain is going to mess with their mine options for the later seasons, let's talk about today. i'm going to the front lines to show you what the view is on the coast that looks innocent. you're actually seeing breaks of blue sky off in the distance. the storm is not here yesterday, but it's coming over the next few hours, and we will switch from looking at the live camera to the live radar, and now you can see why the storm is come, a good band of rain off the coast, and it's going to come through with three separate waves of intense rain. the first is coming through late this morning, maybe isolated thunderstorms late this morning as it comes through, and then into the evening, a second wave will come through, possibly with more isolated thunderstorms, and then, on sunday, pretty much just scattered throughout the morning and afternoon, a chance of thunderstorms, will
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look like. take it from what it is now, getting into the late morning, and you can see the get a brea through the afternoon, and this evening, another band of thunderstorms is coming through, perhaps, and once we focus on tomorrow, looking at the time frame on there. tomorrow morning through the afternoon, and we are going to kind of be in the center of the system on sunday, meaning there's a chance for showers and isolated thunderstorms pretty much throughout the day on sunday, and here's saturday, a little more close up, and remember at the top of the newscast, they said around the 8:00 hour, we would notice the showers in the north bay, we advance into the morning, and it's more serious. let's look in more detail. 11:00, and now everybody is getting in on the act, and some of the more intense rain has showed up. this will be the first chance for some more noticeable heavy rain, morning. and then into the afternoon, and we will kind of get a
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break, and look at the time frame here, and that's 4:00. in between the waves, and we will have a chance of rain here and the really organized, impressive rain with a break through the middle of the day, but it doesn't last long. look what is coming. the early evening, that's at 6:00, and that's the second wave of more impressive rain, and it's for saturday. in the evening, and then we will kind of keep that going until we get past 10:00, and then we will get a break overnight, before sunday comes, and for sunday, here comes another wave of isolated thunderstorms, and you can see how it lines up, and it gets us into sunday morning, and here's sunday afternoon, and isolated thunderstorms, pretty much staying with us. if you're making plans for bay to breakers, since we have the chance of thunderstorms coming in on sunday, yeah, you have to plan for that, for the run, and it's less likely early in the morning on sunday, and more likely as we get into the middle of the day, and for pollen and allergy sufferers, good news, it's helping to
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clear the air for us, and as long as we are getting good rain like this, you will notice less of an opportunity for sneezing and having to suffer through allergies. the 7-day forecast. monday a break, monday night into tuesday, and the next system will get here, and not nearly as impressive as this one, but there's a chance for isolated showers on tuesday. see you with more in the next half hour, guys. >> thank you. a new era begins in just two days for cbs this morning when long-time cohost gayle king is welcoming her two new cohosts. anthony mason and tony dokoupil are coming on board. >> it can be wow. i want to see that happen. i want to start to work to make that happen. >> diana miller, the executive producer, says there will be a few other changes, but the program's commitment to the news and original reporting will stay the same. >> reporter: what can viewers expect? >> greonmeoriegreat medical sto
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news. >> someone on twitter wanted us to confirm no cooking segments and we are not going up for halloween. >> confirmed! confirmed! >> were you saying i hope we get to do that? >> the new cohosts of cbs this morning will start monday. good morning, everybody. warriors and blazers, game 3. later on today, get happy! what kind of friday night sports do i have for you? i'm glad i asked. you won't see the milwaukee bucks, 125-123 spanking in toronto, but you will see the blues, and you will see the sharks. you won't see all 30 shots, but a lot of near misses, and the result, a 3-game series now, and winner for the stanley cup finals. the sleep nu60 smart bed is on sale now during our memorial day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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good morning, everybody. we have the nhl playoffs up top, the san jose sharks controversial game 3 win, but the payback was friday. the sharks knew it was coming. in hostile territory up in the series. the avalanche of the shots in front, and somewhere the puck poked through off the shark skate, but the goalie put them up 2-0. i will give jones credit. he kept the sharks in the game. they cut the lead in half in
6:25 am
the 3rd period. tomas poking it through. so many near misses. just did not go in. the blues won it 2-1, and they even the series at 2-2. game 5 is tomorrow afternoon, and the first team to four wins goes to the stanley cup finals. just how do you feel about the series right now at 2-2? >> well -- >> you know, you're in the western conference final, 2-2, and against really good team, i feel pretty good. we have home ice advantage. i feel good. . the giants' bruce bochy not feeling good last night, said the magic words, got tossed. key moment, the blunder of the ball? the giants say yes. jared's finger, ouch. bases loaded, and escobar clears them all. the giants lost the game, final 7-0. there. i bet you the a's are
6:26 am
feeling good. winning over the tigers 14 straight times. a couple of big blows on friday. this one from chad pender in the 6th. back away, gone, and a 2-run homer. the a's pitcher with ten strikeouts and winning the game final 7-2-2. we have got the preakness coming up later on today, and keep your eye on another twist of faith. that is the hopeful from golden gate fields, we have to cheer them on, and then cheer us on later when i have more moving pictures later in the day. we will see you. and in our next half hour, our trade war with china is giving garlic farmers a big boost. why they are happy with the tariffs. sonoma county just inflated the dam on the russian river, why they are rushing to lower it, just days later. a live look at san jose.
6:27 am
rain is headed our way. a look at when, when we come back. ♪
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there are roadside attractions. and then there's our world-famous on-road attraction. e glc 300 suvere's our for just $47a ous at your local mercedes-benz dealer. ed the best or nothing. welcome back. it's just about 6:30. good morning. i'm devin fehely. >> and i'm melissa caen. we are checking the forecast. anyone who is waking up in san jose, looking up to the sky, probably thinking to themselves, it's going to rain today? really? look at the live shot behind
6:30 am
me. blue sky in this. a pretty view over the skyline of san jose. it certainly does not look like we have got a significant storm coming our way. some of the other cameras may show more clouds, but nothing all that significant yet. i will show you the radar. this the best way to get a handle on why. it will start in the north bay first, down to san jose about 11:00 this morning, maybe noon. i will time out the line of rain in more detail coming up in the complete forecast, but here's your takeaways on the day. the city, 55 today, and the rain will be heavy at times, with isolated thunderstorms mixed in as well, and it covers the city, and oakland, going to 57 today, and expect steady rain through a good part of the day. san jose, same story. low 60s inland, and just to give you the headlines to take away on this, showers begin in the late morning, and it's the afternoon and evening when we will see the better rain coming through. we have to keep a chance of
6:31 am
isolated thunderstorm in the forecast for tomorrow as well. both days have a chance on this. to give you the timing of when it starts, san rosa, 8:00 the showers begin. san jose, it should be done around noon, and then the heavier rain moving in after that. i will be back with more in a few minutes. melissa, back over to you. >> thank you. missouri la restrictivortion bills ibans weeks of pregnancy and includes an exception for medical caus by incest or ot for rape, and one republican lawmaker was met with hisses because during the debate he said consensual rape. >> most of my rapes were not the gentleman jumping out of the bushes that no one had met. most of them were date rapes or
6:32 am
consensual rapes. >> there's no such thing as consensual rape. >> he later said he misspoke, and missouri's governor is expected to sign the bill, but the aclu, planned parenthood, and other groups will be challenging it in court. the white house is lifting tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from canada and mexico. on monday there will be no more tariffs on those products from our neighbors. they were imposed in march of last year, amounting to a 25% tax on steel and 10% tax on aluminum. >> they have been charging us extremely high tariffs as much as 285% or more. when you pay 285, guess what, you know what they are saying, we don't want your business. >> these tariffs were harming workers and consumers on both sides of the border. >> it could pave the way for congress to sign off on the new trade agreement that would
6:33 am
replace nafta. the white house says it will delay the imports on the european auto union and japan. they were calling it a national security concern, but auto industry insiders said it would jeopardize jobs and raise prices for consumers. southern santa clara county is known for garlic, and locals said they could benefit from the chinese tariff war. the growers have long dumped cheap product on the market, and now that they are dumping on the extra charge, it could level the playing field and raise demand for california garlic. >> having chinese garlic be more competitive, means the world for me and my family. >> christopher ranch is the largest producer in the u.s. and largest employer in gilroy. the landmark golf course in marin county will soon be free to the public, but not for a
6:34 am
free day at the links. the nonprofit land trust bought it and will use it as public open space. the county wants you you think they use it. some suggested restoring the nearby salmon run, and others said a fire ou are working wit agencies to see how we can get it in the public hands. >> if you would like to weigh in on the future of the property, there's a link on new yorkcipridential race. he just goals like affordable health care, providing mental health services, and supporting working class families, but his biggest point was about donald trump. >> donald trump must be stopped. i have beaten him before, and i will do it again. >> de blasio is running on the platform of urban progressive
6:35 am
leadership. in the ad he out toes his accomplishments such as universal prekindergarten and raising the minimum wage. political strategists said his message overlaps with many of his fellow candidates. bill de blasio is the latest democrat to throw his hat in the ring, becoming the 24th democratic contender to challenge president trump. kpix asked the former san francisco mayor about the democratic candidate, and if 24 is the final number? >> you would think you were selling eggs. 24? , can you imagine is this two dozen. there's more to come. i just saw stacey abrams on tv this morning, dressed in red, looking patriotic, indicating she has not given up the opportunity. >> we will have more tomorrow morning at 6:00 here on kpix5. happening today, a new pedestrian and bicycle path is opening, designed to reconnect a long divided bay area
6:36 am
neighborhood, and the new overpass spans highway 101 in east palo alto. chopper 5 was over the bike and walkway yesterday, and it's a long simmering problem. highway 101 cuts through the city, separating a third of the residents from schools and shopping outlets, and now officials said the new path will have a major impact on the community's quality of life. rains have been so heavy in the north bay, a dam is being deflated after a few days. for months the russian river's inflatable dam sits at the bottom of the river, but it was raised up last week. soon it went back down because it was partially submerged from this week's rain. with more rain on the way, they said they are not taking any more chances. it will be reinflated in the next few weeks when the conditions dry out. federal engineers say an aging dam is at risk of
6:37 am
flooding. the prodo dam is supposed to prevent the santa ana river from overflowing. disneyland. anaheim, the u.s. army corps of engineers is concerned about the spillway. they say the spillway may not be able to handle the water that could pour over the top during a deluge. they just changed the risk from moderate urgency to high. they are now working on plans to fix the spillway and alert people if the flood is coming. tonight's blue moon won't be just any blue moon it will be a more rare blue flower moon. now a flower moon is called that because it is full in may, when the flowers bloom, and it's called blue, not because of the color, but because of its number. this saturday will actually mark the third of four full moons this spring. this is rethfull moons in one month. coming up, women taking
6:38 am
over a bay area construction site. they are picking up power tools making sure that neighbors get a fair shot when it comes to hiring. meet our pet of the week. find out how you can help to make reggae part of your family.
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6:40 am
a bay area student is one of the winners of the intel science and engineering fair.
6:41 am
allison jive won $50,000 for her investigation into something called toxic talprotein al regates. they spread in the brain and are associated with alzheimer's. congratulations. some hard-working women are taking over a construction site. >> it's all for a good cause. >> women's leadership build is teaming up with habitat for humanity. they are launching phase two of central commons. among the women are civic and corporate leaders and women who now know first-hand the joys of homeownership. >> we had some of the members of phase one that did their 500 hours of sweat equity, and they are now in their homes, but they are helping eir hbors. we think it's great. >>next units
6:42 am
should be finished by this time next year. the bay area economy is adding more jobs than before. new state numbers show our region added 13,000 new jobs in april, and that's the most in 4 years. the east bay gained 3800, and santa clara county added 3400, and san francisco and san mateo, each 2,000, and it's not just tech jobs. construction and health care are also seeing robust job growth. tomorrow is the 108th annual bay to breakers race. if you have to drive into san francisco, there's a number of street closures for the costume party. emily turner has your way around it all. >> all right a big race this weekend. bay to breakers, starting at 8:00 in the morning and the road closures will be earlier than that at the start line and finish line. that will begin at 7:00 p.m. on saturday, until 4:00 p.m. on sunday, and let's zoom in to where the closures are on the starting line, and right there,
6:43 am
just off the embarcadaro from mission field. that big yellow box will all be closed. no-go until 4:00 in the afternoon. the red line is the race path, and there's closures kind of rolling throughout the morning, starting at 3:00 a.m., howard to hawthorne, and then starting at 5:00 a.m., you're going to have closures right there at steiner baker, cabrillo, and howard, 2nd, hayes, and fall will start at 6:00 in the morning. the finish line, this is the west end of golden gate park. the east-west routes, and then the great highway is the north- south route, but a portion of that will be closed. i would say certainly avoid this if you can. i were you. d the whole area if take public transportation if you need to get there. and sierra ski resorts are blanketed in late season snow this morning, and plenty of
6:44 am
people took advantage of the fresh powder, hitting the slopes at squall valley yesterday. the spring know fall was good news. they plan to keep the slopes open until july. if we factor in the storm about to bring us rain today and tomorrow, that could be another 2 feet of snow falling on the higher peaks of the resort in the sierra. the important impact, if you're thinking of driving into the mountains over the next few days, i want you to know, there's a winter storm warning in effect. it starts, you can read the times here. 2:00this afternoon, going until 5:00 a.m. on monday. all the areas, there's highway 50. the chances are, in the mountains, you're going over one of those. pay attention to the details. difficult travel. we could see half a foot to a foot on the passes. the donor pass, echo summit, you're driving over, and it will be messy this afternoon
6:45 am
through sunday nday. snow level will range 6,000 to 5,000 feet, and if we look at the accumulations on here, we are going to start it in the mountains, around 3:00 this afternoon, and watch how the snow will start to fill in for the higher peaks. look at kirkwood about 20 inches. the forecast model here, close to 10 inches, and there's your story for anyone traveling in the mountains. if you're excited for bay to breakers, and emily just gave you a great breakdown on how to work around the closures, here's the weather for us. 8:00in the morning, a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms, and look how it progresses throughout the on sunday, 60% chance of thunderstorms, and that's the futurecast, and bring the first showers onshore by the time we get into the late morning, 10:00 a.m., and notice 10:00 a.m., it started in the north bay, and it has not really picked up with too much intensity for the rest of us, and that will change by 11:00 a.m., and you can see there's
6:46 am
widespread rain for just about all of us, and it will stay that way, through the middle of the day, and look how lit up things are here by the time we get to 1:00, and there may be a few breaks through the middle of the day, but quite honestly, with the latest forecast runs, i don't think we should count on prolonged runs today. good rain with isolated thunderstorms mixed in throughout today, and again on sunday, we could see the next wave coming in here, and it will be scattered thunderstorms on sunday, in will seem sistensundaychit's the isolated thunderstorms i'm concerned about, because if you happen to get one of those over you, you will get the downpour, and good wind, and it could be quite a show, and so, just be prepared for that both days, through the heart of the day. as far as rain fall totals, it's impressive for may, and it will be just about as much rain as we got with the went storm, maybe even a little more than what we had gotten from the wednesday storm, and the next 2
6:47 am
days, they are just kind of a washout for anything you have planned for being outdoors. a break on monday, and then late monday into tuesday, the next storm will get here, and so, tuesday's rain, not nearly as impressive as what we are about to experience over the next 48 hours, but a few light showers factored in for tuesday, and clearing out from there for the second half of the week. back to you. >> thank you, darren. tonight, 48 hours investigates the shooting death of a young teacher in pennsylvania. it's been one year since someone gunned down rachel deltando in the driveway of her parents' home. there's several leads, but no arrests, and the 48 hour staff spoke to michelle about the case. >> with one of the real problems, the cautionary tale of why it's important to have a well-funded police department. just weeks after she was murdered, there were three police chiefs in a span of one
6:48 am
week and the third police officer actually turned over the investigation to a different investigative unit in the county, so all of those distractions certainly have played a part in the fact that there has been no arrest. >> now 48 hours is tonight at 10:00 here on kpix. it is time now for our pet of the week. joining us with more on how to adopt is erin mcgan with the east bay spca. thank you for being here. she is very vocal. we have been hearing her on the edge of the set all morning. tell me about reagan. first of all, how did she get her name? >> this time of the year, we get a lot of kittens into the shelters, and we have fun coming up with theme names because there's multiple kittens, and this litter was the music type, so we have
6:49 am
reggae, jazz, rock steady, and i believe style are her littermates. >> she is very active this morning. >> yes! >> so cute. how old is she right now? >> about 8 weeks old. >> okay. >> wouldn't it be cool if they could stay that size? just like be a kitten sort of forever? >> i know! they are so cute when they are little, but, yeah, we get a lot of kittens this time of the year. over 200 right now in our care. >> is she ready for adoption right now? does she need to get older? >> she needs to get a little bigger. she is probably going to be spayed in the next few days. >> there's more very much like her that are part of her litter as well? >> she's from a litter of four, and we have about 200 kittens between the shelters and in foster homes. >> and you said around this time of the year, somewhat predictable, you get a lot of kittens, are there other events
6:50 am
you want to highlight this morning? >> the foster program is a really important program we have, and it helps us save more kittens like reggae, and there's an orientation tomorrow at our dublin location at 10:30 if anyone is interested in interested in becoming a foster parent for kittens or dogs, and we always need more foster homes. >> you're doing a magnificent job of herding cats this morning. i'm not sure she is enjoying the appearance, but there will be much more on our website, if you want to learn about reggae or her little mates. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you.
6:51 am
6:52 am
he once described himself as the biggest drug dealer in san francisco, and now he's the jefferson award winner. the man who opens doors of opportunity for underserved residents.
6:53 am
6:54 am
phil semore, neighbors have asked him what he tells others about him. >> you tell me you want to go to work, don't have the opportunity to go to work, and one girl saysly get off this corner when you gething else to >> reporter: he called businesses to see why they were not hiring the underserved. >> he said they were not ready. >> we are going to get started on the class. >> reporter: his nonprofit has provided job training classes to 1,000 homeless, formerly incarcerated and others at
6:55 am
risk. they learn basic coding and skills like interviewing and resume writing. nine out of ten get jobs or go to college. >> i want to give everyone in the program a big thank you. >> reporter: they partner with firms like uber, linkedin, microsoft, and twitter. they offer classroom space, volunteers, and sometimes paid internships. the students feel empowered. >> we are building the foundational skills that set them up. >> reporter: they get mentors and support with basic needs. donna hillard now works for them. she saw dell's example to lead. >> i could not believe it i was born aaway. >> reporter: the former drug dealer, living in a dumpster for 18 years before his faith and rehabilitation turned his life around. at age 72, dell gives the gift of hope.
6:56 am
>> we try to get your self- esteem back. just lost it for a minute. we help you find it to bring it out of you. once we get the dignity back in you, the sky is open. >> thank you, everybody. god bless. >> reporter: for giving at risk people a fresh start with a job in technology, this jefferson award in the bay area goes to dell seymore, sharon chan kpix5. we are recapping the stop stories. >> the warriors are now in england, continuing their playoff series against the trail blazers. the best of seven western conference finals, and the warriors lead the series 2-0. game time is 6:00 p.m. and the stanley cup playoffs, the sharks and blues are once again tie in the western conference final, and san series, d now the series comes back with game five tomorrow at noon and the winner of the series will face
6:57 am
the boston bruins in the stanley cup finals. a new measles case in the bay area. it involves a berkeley resident who visited a market while they were contagious. people who are not vaccinated and visited on may 7th should check for symptoms and call their doctor. president trump is lifting tariffs against canada and mexico for steel and aluminum. they imposed 25% tariffs on march of last year, lifting them could pave the way for a new u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement to replace nafta. the 7-day forecast looking busy, but the highlight is this weekend. the details earlier in the newscast. if you missed it, plan on a chance of rain throughout the day today, and at times, we are going to get good waves with ed that today. sunday is a similar story, although the showers on sunday
6:58 am
will be more isolated, and we have to keep a chance for isolated thunderstorms on sunday. a break on monday, before the next system gets here, and nowhere near as impressive as this one for the weekend, but, yes, there's some rain on tuesday. just a few light showers for tuesday. >> all right, such a strange- looking 7-day forecast for mid- may. >> yes t is. >> time for us to call it a morning. >> we will be back tomorrow morning at 6:00. it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago.
6:59 am
and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
7:00 am
to "ckdoor is of a rever , ana teenager with a degenerative joint disorder is hoping for a service dog. braidy: i dislocate most of my joints once or twice a week. there's a lot that you can't do, and being a teenager in a world of "can't" is really, really hard. narrator: these two could be destined for each other, but for it to be a match, dahlia will have to go above and beyond the call of duty. brandon: pick it up! good girl! and give it here, nice! i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are


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