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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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listen to your mom, aknuckleheads. hand em over.. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $29.99 a month for 12 months, plus ask how to get 250 back when you switch to xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. now at 11, doppler lit up around the area. we will need ponchos again for tomorrow's bay to breakers race . a popular luxury brand is under fire for selling traditional headwear as a fashion accessory. and profiting off of it. a comeback has the warriors
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on the verge of a sweep. live from portland. we begin tonight in the weather center with a soggy weekend. >> a live look around the bay area shows no surprise. rain coming down steadily. this will be a common sight between now and tomorrow afternoon. unusual for may. we are getting twice as much as we normally get in in the entire month in the space of a few days. the doppler shows much of this, the brunt of the front moving into the south bay and leaving the north bay pretty much drive but widely-scattered showers across parts of the east bay and widely-scattered showers around parts of the south bay. despite the fact that looks like it is easing up, don't be lulled into a false sense of security. we have more showers and thundershowers ahead on sunday as this system moves over the bay area. it will ease up by monday.
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it will be mostly drive the rest of the week with one caveat which will cover when we have more details in forecast in a few minutes. a rare soaker putting a wrench in advance around the bay area today. we are doing now with how some events will go on rain or shine. >> reporter: unfortunately the rain canceled a charity flag football game between in san francisco fire and police departments but the bay to breakers will go on as planned. >> tonight crews were busy setting up at the starting line at the bay to breakers in san francisco. butters say a few sprinkles won't dampen the mood at 8 annual race. >> not at this event. this event is pretty wild and fun and it's a good family event too but it's a lot of fun. >> people precipitating in the bay to breakers stopped by peer
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35 this afternoon to pick up their packets and stroll through the health and wellness expo. many say they will be prepared with the proper rain gear but some hope they will be pleasantly surprised by mother nature. >> i am hoping. a lot of hoping that it's actually not too bad. >> out here in california we are so used to perfect weather and it rains a little bit and people won't come maybe. that i think it will be nice for me. >> people enjoyed the fair. they went on rides and jumped on a train and they select unfair through. the only difference was that came prepared for the rain. >> we all have ponchos on in the car. we'll get ready and if then't u . lot of energy that don't seem to mind the rain. that's what god made hats for. >> the ring also put the brakes on the car races at the and chuck speedway but once again the bay to breakers will go on as planned at 8 am. reporting live in san francisco. downpours also forced uc berkeley graduates to camp out
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under umbrellas. heavy rainfall began falling during the commencement ceremony. a lot of the graduates had to wear slippers to keep their counts dry. speakers were protected under a tent. unlike berkeley, concord campus of cal state university, east bay planned to cancel advanced tonight. they will be invited to attend next ceremony tomorrow. tonight the sikh community is upset over gucci turbans. norstrom has pulled it from its website and apologize for selling it. why the turbine is so offensive. >> gucci has not addressed this matter but people have plenty to say about the luxury italian brand selling a turbine as a th isthe accessory that first hit the gucci runway last year. the fashion house is now facing
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backlash from people who call it culturally insensitive. >> i think it's not okay for people of different cultures to appropriate a culture that they do not understand especially when it is known as a religious symbol. >> those in the sikh community found it offensive. the community has been a target of bullying and distribution because of the turbine. >> what they are selling is not a sikh turbine. for sikhs, this is a sacred part of our community . >> this man applauds nordstrom for no longer selling it on its website. in a response to a complaint on twitter caught the departmentst we sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been offended by this. >> do you think duties should apologize?
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>> definitely. this is not the first time they have had a racist encounter. >> three months ago gucci apologized and discontinued selling this sweater after social media users said it resembled blackface because of the design. in san francisco, kpix news . the sikh coalition appreciates the apology. the board of california is the best getting the death of a young oakland boy after a dental procedure last month. according to the east bay times, the 4-year-old lost consciousness after receiving anesthesia for dental work done at youthful tooth in east oakland. he later died at ucsf children's hospital on april 25. on the go fund me page that has been set up his cousin wrote in part, their whole family recently immigrated to the united states. he became the little brother i never had. he was a happy baby, always ru
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playing with other relatives. the coroner's office has yet to determine the cause of death. the boy stopped breathing which led to liver malfunction. the pages health has now raised more than $10,000. an investigation is underway after a hidden camera was found in a starbucks bathroom. an employee at the store on camino altar said they found it concealed inside and air freshening device near the sink. the camera was not working at the time and it's not clear if it had ever recorded or transmitted anything. crucial battlegrouiladel where e heavily democratic city could make all the difference in determining who wins pennsylvania in 2020. the state had helped propel president trump to victory in 2016 but today, bind energized
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his base by taking aim at the president. >> i know how to make government work. not because i have talked or tweeted about it but because i have done it. >> in newport shows biden leading the pack of democrats in pennsylvania as well as beating the present. centers bernie sanders and elizabeth warren also trump mr. trump. the warriors are now one victory away from a return to the nba finals. tonight they beat the places in portland to take a 3-0 series lead. we are live in portland's moda center tonight. >> reporter: as they say, put the champagne on ice. at least for the western conference final. for the second straight night the blazers had almost a 20 point lead in the first half and for the second straight night the warriors use a huge second-half to put portland away. oakland native damien leonard
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learned after the game, has separated reps. the blazers led by as many as 18 in the first half. later, they came back. curry drives into the layup. golden state outscored portland by 24 in the second half. to come back to it 110-99 and take a three nothing zero lead. >> the underdog status you have taken on since kevin's injury, does that make these last victories that much more satisfying? >> we have been th hato separate all the different areas. we are one wins it away. a lot goes into that. you can spend all day talking about all the different storylines but you just have to win games and figure it out. >> it's something about that third-quarter caught the warriors held portland to 13
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points in that decisive third- quarter. brian, the news that broke on damien leonard, the oakland native cottonelle portland superstar, that he has separated ribs really changes in the equation and explains a lot. only 19 points for him tonight. that is a series change or. warriors up 3-0 car coming up in sports. it is shocking video of the moment a man drop kicks former california governor arnold schwarzenegger . but it wasn't the terminator who went airborne. the rain dampened a lot of evidence today but it did not dampen enthusiasm for a visit from a hello kitty truck. it's one of the biggest projects san franse in a while. where you can get find french
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dining on six floors.
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it was a bizarre attack on former california governor arnold schwarzenegger caught on camera. the terminator was drop kicked in the middle of a sporting event that it was his attacker who went airborne.
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reporter has the details. >> our cameras ready? >> reporter: this cell phone video shows former california governor arnold schwarzenegger talking to get went out of nowhere there is is shocking moment. someone drop kicks the terminator store. this happened in johannesburg, south africa at the annual arnold classic africa. the ambush gave schwarzenegger no time to defend himself. here is another angle of the bizarre attack. at 71 and in incredible shape he did not even fall over. >> that's not a man caught a machine. >> like in terminator, you know how hard it is to bring him down . after the governor had a second to collect his thoughts he tweeted, thanks for your concerns but there is nothing to worry about. i thought i was jostled by the crowd which happens a lot.
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i only realized i was kicked when i saw the video like all of you. i'm just glad the idiot didn't intet en was referring to video like this one where he was promoting the athletes taking part in the event. >> as you can see that doesn't bother him at all. >> organizers say the man who created this spectacle was arrested and he is known to please for dictating similar incidents in the past. he also said mr. schwarzenegger is a fine and in good spirits, he still carried on with the activities as plant and is fully taking this in stride. >> event organizers said switch liquor is not planning on pressing charges. today the standup comedy community is mourning the loss of sammy sure. he is best known for cofounding the comedy store in hollywood which helped launch the careers of many countless talents including jim carrey and robin williams. >> this is where they start up. they start up here and then you see them on hbo or comedy
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central. you see them on showtime. spent his career in comedy spans 70 years. he died in his las vegas home surrounded by family. he was 92. in san francisco, one of the biggest and most unique restaurant projects had just launched. it is called 165. is located in union square. the restaurant takes up six floors and offers a range of ranch dining options for all budgets. the first to open is this boutique on the ground floor and features pastries, bind chocolates and macaroons. >> i have never seen this type of project under one roof. you could come here in the morning and by a croissant and finish your day buying a nice dinner if you want. >> 165 is the first restaurant of its kind in san francisco. a variety of french cuisine options will open over the next couple of weeks including the bistro and grill call lounge and bar, and a fine dining
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restaurant. storm watch in the midwest this time. look at that. dozens of tornadoes like this one left people scrambling for cover. >> look at that. it's right in front of us. >> national weather service says as many as eight tornado sightings were reported in kansas. but another powerful storm stretching from canada to mexico is expected to bring even more dangerous weather through monday. shortages in kansas touched down. the truck driver is all right. in oklahoma homes were smashed to bits after another tornado touchdown this morning. a suspect a tornado also hit abilene, texas. it's not trees and tore up homes and businesses. rebuilding efforts are already underway. back home the rain did not keep a lot of people from waiting in line for the new hello kitty cafe truck in sacramento. some even wanted or weighted close to an hour to buy drinks and hello kitty treats. a winter weather warning in
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force. unusual message for the month and may. usually the doppler has packed its back and is on vacation but not tonight. we still have plenty of showers around the bay area. the camera from treasure island pointed towards bay bridge through all that fog out there. mostly light rain in the bay area. there are a few areas where it is coming down pretty good. rain totals in san francisco about a 3rd of an inch. santa rosa had an half an inch. right now the numbers are in the 50s. we're looking at the front moving south and out of the bay area but that does not mean the rain is over yet. the center of the low associated with the front will be moving over the bay area in the wee hours and early morning. doppler does show while this is drying, the space still has scattered showers and parts of the east bay caught you can see
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in oakland and towards walnut creek and up towards richmond it is rainy. in the south bay and insula caught not too much. that will change between now and tomorrow morning as that low pressure begins to sink south towards the bay area. there is even potential of thunderstorms. the future cast shows there is more rain on the way. the rain mostly eases up on monday and most of that rain will be hauling late tonight and tomorrow. winter storm warnings where the rain turns into snow about 6000 feet. up to 24 inches of snow travdelays a possibility. future cast is g this the rain we have tonight will be headed out of the area. we froze it tomorrow morning to show you the low approaching. look at the circulation around the low as we rolled this along. that produces scattered showers and maybe even a thunderstorm tomorrow. by monday evening it's all gone.
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we will look for things to generally be drying after tomorrow evening. showers and thunderstorm rings will remain a threat through sunday and except for monday night, tuesday morning might be another impulse coming through. contra costa county fair will get a little bit wet. bay to breakers will also be wet. daytime highs tomorrow will generally be in the upper 50s and low 60s with scattered showers and again, maybe a thundershower. as we look to the extended forecast, we have sunshine coming in by the time we hit wednesday through saturday. this unusual may rain will be be thing of the past. player a wrecking ball. find out who that was, coming up.
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hello everybody from portland. you would think without having to rent the warriors would struggle to take themselves out of double-digit holes. it might happen one day. that night was not tonight. the warriors and surprisingly starting damien junk that center but that didn't work out. picked up three fouls in 30 minutes. the second quarter, 54-42. damon comes up with a steel. he pushes the lead to 15 points. next position, steph curry steals the ball from his older brother. 60-42. back come the dubs in the third. steph curry knocks down the three and gets the foul.
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golden state that that down to 9. four minutes left in the quarter. it is now 76-69. 12 assists from green. that cut the deficit to 5. now a one-point game. green with one of his assistants and the warriors have the first lead in the game. finishing with a triple-double. he dumps all the way from there. mckinney hits a quarter three. golden state a 10 point lead. then 30 seconds later, curry has the 3 over his brother. steph curry scores 36 and the warriors out for the places 57- 33 in the second half to win 110-99. there one when sick away from advancing to the nba finals. >> we can still win take that game. i thought they played an amazing half. 13 points is a two-minute stretch for us and we locked it in. we came out swinging in the
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third quarter ended changed the game. >> we came back and we have been up in the third. we go down 10 or 15. >> that third-quarter run is inevitable at certain points. >> i would not call it inevitable in terms of caught this is the nba and there are talented guys on both sides of the four. it's a tricky conversation because you don't want to be in that situation over and over again. but we hopefully will be able to play like that in game 4 too. >> steve kerr was called a wrecking ball. damon playing with the separated ribs separate in game 2. that is explained why he had a really tough series. off the other are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. we will pick up where dennis left up. the giants, something rare happened in the first inning in arizona. they scored. and they kept on going. not thotfor the diamondbacks could save them. they picked up a pair in the ninth inning.
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he got all of it. so much so, look where it lands. what you call that? a splash hit right into the drink. giants one it by 8-5. switching gears, this looks like a real tiger. but it's not. it's at the detroit tigers. a solo home run for the second straight day. the a's one their third straight game to beat the tigers 18 straight and scott 4-1 final today. the sign says if you're not any good, you don't belong on this course. pj champ chip layers, up seven to start the day. here at the fifth hole, 139 yards out and he did not that the course get the best of him. set up a tap in birdie. shut even sen stroke lead. we got pink silk on green. that's another twist of fate. 144th started the race.
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the horse lost his rider. the horse kept on going. in the meantime, down the 15th stretch, it was a war of will. he rode around the entire time. another twist of fate, he brought it home. he faded and finished 10th. in soccer, here is chris front and center. wanted day for the earthquakes. 48 minute, and this goal was his story. he got robbed as he passed and landed donovan for most goals in major league soccer history. in san jose. r goals in a tch 4-1. let's reset here for just a little bit. the warriors are victorious up 3-0. they will finish up on monday then they will have 10 games off before the nba finals.
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look at that. if you like raging waterfalls you might want to check out the peak season right now at yosemite. longer days, warmer temperatures and a huge snowpack speeding up the snowmelt and speeding up those balls. this weekend rain will make them even more intense. they don't last forever. most waterfalls do disappear once late summer rolls around. >> it looks beautiful. thanks so much for nothing says summer like a beach trip,
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