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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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windshield wipers up. the driver of this car lost control on eastbound 24, and ended up on the side of an embankment. luckily, that driver was okay. wet weather pushed back a cal state east bay commencement ceremony by 7 hours, it was supposed to happen at 10 am this morning, in hayward, it just got started about an hour ago. yesterday's ceremony at the concord campus was canceled altogether, those graduates were invited to participate today. this is all the aftermath of low pressure that is spinning off of the north coast, giving us mostly cloudy skies at this hour. we have blue in the sky, and san jose hasn't some rain in the last hour. and it is not over yet. there is more on the way as we check out the kpix 5 high definition doppler, it is looking like it is broken
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apart. over east bay, it has mostly eased up for for now. we will wake up to some sunshine on monday. but that will change, there is more rain moving in monday night and tuesday, and we will cover the details in the forecast in a few minutes. >> sorry about that. wet weather did not appear to dampen the enthusiasm of the race today, about 40,000 people turned out. the race is known of course for two things, people running in unusual costumes, and some people running in nothing at all. this time for the 108th annual race participants did not allow a little rain to stand in their way. >> what wins out every time is a bunch of people you love just
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together, having fun. in a beautiful place. but having fun! >> that is way more important than the rain every time. absolute. >> as for official results? gabriel geay won the men's race with a time of 35 minutes and one second, caroline rotich of santa fe took the top spot in the women's division. speaking of running, the sharks beat a hasty retreat off the ice after losing their rhythm against the blues. they are now down 3-2 in the western conference finals, and facing possible elimination in st. louis. kpix 5's get to the tank today. >> reporter: it is a fine line between disappointment and not. st. louis.on the board early. >> we got to be st. louis,
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we've got to do it today. >> reporter: the sharks managed to hold off the blues for the rest of the first quarter, but we was not enough to stop the bleeding. not long after that, goal number 3, the penalty shot. game five was going from bad to worst, and the match was not even half over yet. 3rd period, like clockwork, st. louis scored goal number 4.>> announcer: it deflects in! >> they started hemorrhaging sharks fans. are you done? >> i am done. >> reporter: with just a few minutes left in regulation, st. louis scores yet again. >> announcer: towards the net, a hat trick for shorts. >> reporter: they lost count, but no need to look at the scoreboard. just look at the crowd.
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>> we have been fighting since januar it le e sharks are getting tired. they are a little older. they got some veterans but i think we can pull this game through. >> we will come back in the next game, bring it back here in the seventh and win it. that was a good game. bad calls from the refs, and we are playing at the park. team six is in st. louis on tuesday, if you are a glutton for punishment and you care to see more from today's game, we will have all the details ahead in sports. meanwhile, let's talk about the warriors. they are red-hot in their own western conference finals, and so are their ratings, fans tune in for last night's game, in near record numbers. in an exciting second half they beat the trailblazers 110-99 to take a 3 games to none series lead. according to nielsen ratings, the highest rating local markets were no surprise, san francisco and portland. ratings for the telecast were up 17% from game three of the western conference finals in 2017. pg&e's new plan to prevent wildfires could impact thousands of people in areas
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not prone to wildfires. the utility announced earlier this year it will turn off power to high-voltage transmission lines during extreme fire conditions, and that could mean lights out for cities far away from potential buyers. katie nielsen was one of the first reporters at the scene of our own destructive wildfires, she has the story. hello. >> reporter: obviously here in downtown san francisco we are not at risk for damage from a wildfire, but some of those high to transmission lines go through that wildfire prone area, meaning if there were to be a big fire in the east bay, pg and e could turn off the lines that supply power to the city, meaning almost 1 million people could be in the dark. massive and destructive wildfires are the new norm in northern california. and pg nd has been at the center of the firestorms
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literally, and figuratively. as investigators revealed the utilities powerline was the cause of multiple deadly fires in northern california. including the wine country fires in october, 2017. immediately after, the utility announced plans to selectively shut down power for wildfire prone areas during extreme weather. but the shutoffs did not include high-voltage transmission lines. which carry power hundreds of miles across the state, the same type of lines that caused last year's deadly fire near paradise. investigators determined that the campfire was caused by transmission lines owned and operated by pg&e. it came on wednesday, a few weeks before, pg&e filed updates to the wildfire mitigation plan with the california public utility commission. one major change? now, even those high-voltage lines will be deenergized in certain situations. meeting san francisco could possibly be deenergized if
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multiple east bay transmission lines were to be deenergized due to extreme conditions. >> keeping the power on is very important. you're talking about power to streetlights, power to elevators, cell phone towers. so when you turn that off proactively, that creates a new set of safety risks for other people to consider. >> reporter: people we talked with in san francisco have met reaction to the plan. >> i think it is a good move, and a smart move. in the long run, it will end up affecting pg&e. >> i understand keeping people safe, but at the same time keeping people in san francisco safe, we need lights. >> reporter: there are other high-voltage transmission lines that support life and supply power. pg&e says if the east bay lines go down it could mean that it would cause a domino effect
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knocking out power to parts of san francisco, possibly the entire county. brian? >> katie, we already know pg&e's is already financially on the hook for wildfires. it would seem to me that they would be almost trigger-happy in their desire to turn off power if there is even a small threat, so what are the conditions under which pg&e says it will cut the power because we do not want there to be a ghost of a chance of future liability? >> reporter: right, not only financial liability but now they are also talking about potential criminal liability. now, the public utility commission is actually stepping in, and they are going to have a meeting on may 30, to set up guidelines on how and when these utilities could voluntarily turn off power. pg&e has repeatedly said in a statement that the top priority is maintaining power to customers, so long as it is safe.
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>> boy, that is going to be complicated. in san francisco, katie nielsen, thanking. while the creek may soon expand a popular bike share program to bring electric scooters into the mix. since it started last year, people have taken more than 26,000 trips on the electric bikes, provided by lime. on tuesday they will talk about ways to increase options for so- called micro mobility, including the addition of micro electric scooters. the point is to make short trips more convenient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. walnut creek is looking for new providers after lime decided to renew the agreement. coming up, could a new immigration detention center beheaded for san francisco? >> we are looking at all options, for being able to detain people. we do not want i.c.e. detention centers in california. the new push to house
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thousands of detainees across the state. plus, a bay area grandmother and her grandchildren escaped unharmed after taking a very wrong turn into a pond. >> i had to use my hands, trying to see through, and blocking it in my face. if you are headed to tahoe for memorial day weekend, you might want to pack a coach. and leave the swimsuits at home. got your to hear -- and start your day with more of the day whether. this will affect your evening commute -- >> real-time traffic -- >> caltrans has bought two
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lanes -- >> and the news you need to know -- >> a live look today -- >> this project has been given the green light. >> start your day with us and expect more. kpix 5 in the morning.
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a bay area grandmother and two young grandchildren are back on dry line this evening after she accidentally drove her suv into a pond. it happened during last night heavy downpours, authorities say two officers jumped into the water to the rescue, the 59- year-old woman and the two children, a 3 year old and 7 year old. >> the kids were drenched, they had to get out of the car and
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into the water. the cops asked them to throw the ring from around the pond, you know, the lifesaver rings? because it was deep. >> all three were evaluated by paramedics, and luckily no one was seriously hurt. the grandmother says in the bad weather she mistook the opening to the pond for street. a new study says illegally parked both are damaging the ecosystem in richardson bay. the inlet between tiburon. audubon california says equipment is tearing up needed eelgrass, which could provide food for birds, and aquatic species. this aerial photo shows how anchors can pull out circular areas of damage on the sea bed, as the boats move with the tide. the number of anchor routes off sausalito and richardson bay has multiplied over the last two decades partly because housing is so expensive on the land. anchor routes paino dock fees,
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or rent. up to 20% of the eelgrass beds have significant damage, comparing to 25% in san francisco bay. this is not what travelers to tahoe expect to see the weekend before memorial day, a winter storm is in effect for the see our, through tomorrow morning, after the late spring storm delivered us a pile of new snow, we spoke with travelers who are caught offguard. >> reporter: a sierra snowstorm has some driving over the mountain, facing for conditions. earlier in the day, at donner summit, snowflakes falling hard and fast. forget swimsuits. this may weekend had snowball fights. >> it was just crazy. >> reporter: he brought his family to the mountains for the freezing fun. mac it is snowing in may. [ laughter ] >> reporter: these uc davis
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students came up to enjoy the scene. 7 hours of fishing in frigid temperatures. what to they catch? >> absolutely nothing. >> reporter: this man tried riding the motorcycle over the mountain. he pulled over when he could no longer see through his visor. i had to use my hands, i was trying to see through and block the so from getting in my face. >> reporter: an unseasonable winter storm, just ahead of memorial day. snow is dumping in the mountains. >> crazy, crazy, crazy. there is more on the way too. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in the weather department these days sometimes it seems like it is all we do. elysee like rain? in that case i have good news, it is going to be raining tomorrow night and tuesday. in the meantime, there is a little bit of sunshine in the foothills up to the peak of
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mount diablo that picked up more than 1 inch of rain in the last 72 hours. right now as we look at san jose, which had a few showers move through in the past 60 minutes, the numbers are in the upper 50s and low 60s. the wind were not a big factor for this for the most part, circulation over san pablo bay moving to the east, but if we get close up on this, as we did at the top of the newscast, you can see very slowly the heavier showers moving north of fairfield up through napa, and american canyon. in general, things are drying out. but not for long. after a mostly sunny day, more rain is moving in monday night and tuesday. not nearly as much as we had
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over the past two days. monday night, overnight monday night into tuesday we add another .1 to .2 inches, that is only 15% of the amount of rain we have gotten with this latest system. which is, an internet have in oakland, livermore, almost .75 inches, 1.5 in napa, 1.5 at travis airs space. most of it is going to be falling above 6000 feet, where there are winter storm warnings posted. it is blowing out overnight, here is monday, midday, mostly sunny. what happens as we get towards tomorrow night. here comes another one, this is at 8:00 tomorrow night, tomorrow is dry, but then monday night and tuesday, showers will spackle the bay. not a lot but it will be went on tuesday. so, showers overnight,
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decreasing clouds, partly cloudy on monday, rain spreads itself monday night and tuesday. sunny and breezy for us tomorrow, it will turn wet monday night, there are showers up in seattle overnight lows tonight for us will be in the upper 40s and lower 50s., daytime highs tomorrow will be in the 60s, with a mostly sunny, very fresh nice day. that, monday night, more rain lingers into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, we dry out, we will be in the 70s. before you can say ladies and gentlemen here is juliet. here is a unique bay area filmmaking program offering options for all. the famous name hoping to make it possible. and sports settling in at 6 pm. ahead, a back to back pga champion, aninjose, playoff hockey. it was the sharks who were put on ice. uh-oh.
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet.
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maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. [ commentatora 1-iron [ pleafrom the 17th tee.sic ] [ club thwacking ] it's coming right at the flag stick. [ crowd cheering ] what a shot! [ pleasant orchestral music ] jack nicklaus has now won his third united states open.
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you have been doing this a long time, what is your psychological, philosophical, strategical explanation for what happened to the sharks? >> they were not ready to play. sharks at home, got punched in the mouth today, and a critical game. hey, remember sharks jonathan? he opened the door for team erik karlsson, banged up. they could not clear the park, the blues made them pay. this shot, so hard, you have to see it again. sharks cannot clear it out.
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and, boom. it is 1-your, and then 2-0 in the second. vladimir tarasenko on the move, they had to tackle him just to keep him from scoring. that is an interference call. he got a penalty shot, and he did not miss. he went high on the goalie martin jones to make it 3-0, the team got embarrassed so this happened. sharks michael haley, frustrated as the blues hammered the sharks with a game 5 shut out, 5-0. sharks are one loss away from elimination in this western conference vinyl down 3 games of two, game six on tuesday. >> we have been here before. and, had to go in and win on the road in vegas in order to get to a game seven, so, you know, you never are comfortable when you're boxing in against a wall like that. we have been here before, and found a way, and i'm confident
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we can do that again. >> hard left turn to the nba playoffs, the golden state warriors, well, the night after the portland trail blazers, steph curry and klay thompson get a lot of the credit but as the leader on the floor, he makes the engine go. >> thank you. sometimes the impact of him gets overshadowed. not now, not in this series. i do not even know what to he was like a wrecking ball. >> he wrecked any chance the blazers had a getting back into this series. >> he has like eight eyeballs, he sees everything. he seems like he took over while taking only one shot. >> in the third quarter i was gassed.
6:24 pm
>> he grabbed six rebounds and dished out six assists in the quarter finishing the game with his seventh career triple- double in the playoffs. >> just trying to bring whatever i've got to bring to the table to help them win, to help them get back up there on the floor. i realized i got to a point where i was doing more playing than playing. i am sure it was disgusting, i felt disgusted playing that way. i just wanted to get back in the game. >> i will go one-on-one with jordan bell, right now back to san francisco. >> thank you. second at the u.s. women's senior open in north carolina, number 1 to the pga championship? in 2019? the new boss? it is the same as the 2018 old boss. we are talking about brooks koepka. outside of new york city. about 45 minutes north of manhattan, it seemed like he was on crews control.
6:25 pm
look at this 10, a 6 shot lead over dustin johnson. the wind started whipping. brooks koepka lost his touch, could not find the fairway and greens, he had four straight bogeys on the back nine, to give johnson a hope. and on the 15th hole, dj rolled in a birdie putt. and his lead was just down to 1 shot. but, johnson faded it up, and brooks koepka held on for a final hole, and sunk the park to lock up a two shot win over johnson, his fourth major win since 2017. he shot a 4 over 74, in the final round. i love that beard on the right, yes? if i could grow that. giants in arizona, tied it 10- 10, second straight game, he picks up a bat and in a pinch hit had a home run.
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that was the game-winner as the giants win 3-2, they will take 2-3 in the series. meantime, hayes and detroit sweeping the tigers, stephen from pleasanton. doubled into the gap, that scored, it gave them the lead, then the rain came, it suspended the game, this will resume in september, when detroit visits oakland. >> the a's have been to detroit 15 straight times. >> warriors tonight? >> warriors tomorrow night, sharks on tuesday, it never ends. >> we will wrap it up tonight on game day. >> you've got it. thank you. coming up in the next hour, the two flights that landed in
6:27 pm
san diego this weekend, maybe just the beginning. the plan to potentially house hundreds in the bay area. a brazen kidnapping caught on camera. a little girl taken from her mother in broad daylight. how a pair of good samaritans cracks the case. it is like a scene out of a science fiction movie. alameda county companies, freezing human bodies with the hopes of one day ringing them back to life. are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. you're watching kpix 5 news. >> will do everything in our power to stop themomg he top st new skirmish between california and the federal immigration. i.c.e. is looking into opening new detention centers in our state
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to house thousands of people. the facilities could be in the bay area as well as los angeles, and san diego. >> state officials are vowing to push back. >> we do not want i.c.e. detention centers in california. >> reporter: in the future, immigration and customs enforcement may be expanding facilities in california. the agency recently put out a request for information about quote potential detention facilities to hold criminal aliens and other immigration violators. it is looking for places to detain about 5-6000 people in the state. but, the state senator says california will do whatever it can to prevent new detention centers. >> there are limits to our power, given the federal government has its own power. but, we will do everything in our power to stop them from doing that, and to make it hard for them to do it because that is not what we want to be in california. >> reporter: in the meantime, more undocumented immigrants are arriving in california. kevin, the acting secretary of
6:31 pm
homeland security, says so many immigrants have been caught illegally crossing the border in the rio grande area they are being moved. airplanes holding family units have already made two trips from texas to san diego, the plan is for there to be three flights per week. once in san diego, many of the migrants are expected to make claims for asylum. >> in some cases they could end up homeless. we have a migrant facility. >> reporter: it is funded in part by a state allocation of $5 million for groups helping asylum-seekers. and, the governor has proposed an additional $20 million in the next year budget. kpix 5 news.
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california senator kamala harris is making the gender pay gap a focus of her presidential platform. tomorrow, she says she will detail how to close it. >> i am going to announce the first ever national priority on closing that pay gap. [ applause ] and, holding corporations accountable for transparency and closing that gap, and we will see the announcement tomorrow, there will be penalties if they do not. [ applause ] >> harris made her comments at a campaign rally in los angeles this afternoon, it is generally estimated that women earn about $.80 for every dollar earned by a man. now to alabama where the states new antiabortion law prompted demonstrations and
6:33 pm
rallies this weekend. dozens of people took to the streets in mobile. an aclu representative at the protest promised a lawsuit before the law takes effect in november. >> it is crazy that in 2019 american women are still fighting to determine their own destinies. >> spare me your indignity. about the unborn. this is about control. >> the governor and his wife jennifer did not spare people there point of you. it was the governor's final stop at a nearly weeklong tour to pump up his health care proposals which includes $100 million invested in family-planning services. an 8-year-old girl, a texas girl, back home safe with her family this evening, hours after she was snatched from her mother in broad daylight.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: 8-year-old salem sabatka was abducted while on a walk with her mother. >> as you can see there is a smile on my face, i am here to report that salem sabatka has been found safe. >> reporter: the kidnapping was caught on a neighbors door camera saturday evening in the fort worth suburb of forest hill when a man in a passing car snatched her, police say the suspect, 50-year-old michael webb, pushed her mother out of the car as she tried to hold onto her. and, the car took off with the girl. police issued an amber alert and posted her photo on social media. the break in the case came when two unidentified local church members went looking for her. they found the suspects gray ford in a nearby hotel parking lot. >> they are heroes tonight, i will tell you that. before officers arrived on scene, they did breech a door,
6:35 pm
and they were able to locate salem sabatka safely. >> reporter: michael webb, the man accused of kidnapping the 8- year-old has been charged with aggravated kidnapping. last year he was facing charges of sexual and aggravated assault in texas, that case was dismissed what prosecutors say the alleged victim became uncooperative. >> you guys were a huge asset to helping salem be found safe. and that is what we are here for tonight. it has taken several hours, but it has taken a city to get behind us, and make this happen. >> reporter: authorities say salem was calm and appeared to be in good condition. she was taken to the hospital, and returned to her family. cbs news, new york. webb faces charges of aggravated kidnapping. the weather is a big story in the center of the country this weekend, high winds ripped one home off of it foundation in louisiana. the storm passing through evangesh, it uprooted a house. the homeowner is okay but the car and house are destroyed. in the meantime authorities are investigating a deadly explosion
6:36 pm
that destroyed his home in indiana. three people were inside, police say that one was killed. aerial footage shows the aftermath, fire crews say the explosion happened early this morning in jeffersonville, the home's blueprint can be cleared -- the footprint, actually, can be seen here, a powerful blast sent debris flying into lawns and cars. >> it was a big boom. you could fill it in your chest, the whole house shook. i mean, it just shook. raised up, we ran over to the windows. it knocked to the gutter off of the back of my house. >> 15 other homes were damaged, the gas company is looking into what sparked the explosion. bystanders fill the streets in one pennsylvania city today to watch an icon of the steel industry fall. [ cheers and applause ] there
6:37 pm
were cheers and tears as martin tower went down, it was the former world headquarters of the now defunct bethlehem steel. the 21 story tower has been vacant for a decade, the tower is being imploded to make way for a new development. a new era begins tomorrow on cbs this morning, when gayle king welcomes her two new cohosts. anthony mason and tony to couple. >> meg oliver, on what to expect for the new team, and a few things that you will not see. >> reporter: monday's launch cannot come soon enough. >> i think this can be wow, i want to see that happen. i want to start the work to make that happen. >> i think it could be wow, wow, wow. >> reporter: she will be joined by her new cohosts, the saturday cohost anthony mason and another corresponded, both of whom are no strangers to the table. >> when i knew anthony was
6:38 pm
filling in, i knew i did not have to worry. >> i felt closer and closer to her, there was more to say. was closer to try 45? >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: there are a few changes but the programs commitment to news and original reporting will stay the same. what can viewers expect? >> consumer stories, radical stories, and the wealth of reporting from all across cbs news. >> somebody on twitter one has to confirm no cooking segments and we are going to dress up for halloween. i was like, confirmed. >> confirmed? >> were you think god i hope we get to do that? >> reporter: one small change, he posted to instagram for the first time, ahead of the launch. >> was it hard? are you okay? >> if i'm being completely honest, full disclosure, i had a lot of help for my wife. >> reporter: new cohosts start monday. meg oliver, cbs news, new york.
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>> the new cbs this morning start at 7 am right after the kpix 5 morning news. john will join 60 minutes, as a corresponded. still to come, lights, camera, options. the unique bay area film program offering developmentally disabled adults a new world of opportunities in hollywood. program that offers alameda county's homeless a fresh start is about to become homeless it stuff. how you can help.
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at 6 pm, joey travolta helped kickoff a unique filmmaking program in sunnyvale. >> it is a partnership between his company and inclusion films, and the nonprofit options for all. now, joey travolta is the brother of actor john travolta. >> his program is providing students with opportunities they never dreamed they would have.
6:42 pm
>> around one -- >> action! >> word on the streets is there is -- >> reporter: students record a promotional clip for their school, the options for all's film studio. it train students for film industry jobs from camera operator to actor and director. >> i do not mind being in front of king of the camera. >> reporter: adults learn from industry professionals on the latest equipment. the program director says the two year training opens up to new possibilities. >> they fall into a place where most people see them as someone who can only do something mundane, and their creativity is seen as something mundane. >> reporter: options for all already is partnering with joey travolta, dozens of
6:43 pm
graduates have landed industry jobs in the last two years. >> because the film industry is one of the top five grossing industries in the state of california. this is a very realistic thing for you to do with your life. >> and, action! >> reporter: deborah hopes to realize her dream of writing a screenplay. >> being in the program helped me get creative a lot. i have come up with some crazy ideas. >> reporter: armed with new films guilt, students are thrilled to be writing the next active the story of their lives. kpix 5. the program costs $16,000 per student each semester, some are eligible for government funding, options for all is now hiring teachers especially in the areas of costume and set design. and coming up, who would not want to see a deceased loved one again? alive and well. >> for a price, one alameda county company is offering just that, we will explain just ahead in the kpix 5 original
6:44 pm
report. >> it is a brave new world, especially about telling you the forecast. but, i will have to assume this awesome duty after the break. expect what you need to know monday morning. >> washing ashore, now a new tool to find out exactly what is wrong. a drone -- >> monday morning on kpix 5 news. expect more.
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a program in alameda county has been helping the homeless get free showers for many years but a good cause will soon find itself homeless. the program is called april showers, it operates out of the boys and girls club. every sunday for 15 years this program has been offered. but, this summer, renovations will close the site for up to two years, and patrons are nervous. >> it used to be clean all the time. now, you're living in your car, nowhere to go. you know, you just sit in your car all day. >> april showers needs to find a temporary home with a dining space and shower facility, or somewhere with a water and sewer hookup they are now hoping somebody from the community will step up to help. let's get you caught up on what is the latest in the weather department. the showers that we had earlier today, finally beginning to
6:48 pm
ease up, the low is over the delta right now and heading out of the bay area leaving behind a few showers. but, some places it is coming down pretty good. a little bit south of travis air force base, through antioch and bethel island, and brentwood, there is just a few showers now north of fremont, but for the rest of the south bay, not too much, a little bit in the mountains, pollen, how is it going to affect us this week? it puts everything in the mid range, for later in the week. but today was not bad, later in the week will not be bad either. so, things are improving in that department as we look out towards the slick and overcast ocean beach, highs today managed low 60s, santa rosa, cooler at 50 degrees, san jose had its share of rain in the past 90 minutes, right now the numbers are in mid-50s and low 60s. san jose at 55, here is what is happening, that low pressure kicks maybe another .1 inch of rain. as we roll on with this
6:49 pm
forecast of how much rain we are going to get, you can see we do not begin to add to it until 11:00 tomorrow night, and then we get another .1 to .2 inches of rain on monday night and tuesday. there is another weaker system following on the heels of the one we had over the weekend. winter storm warnings posted in the mountains up to 24 inches of snow expected, the future cast puts a beat on the timing, this is tomorrow, around mid day, it looks like a lot of sunshine. but, as we roll it on, watch what happens at 11:00 tomorrow night, here it comes, another one for monday night. and tuesday. but, far lesser amount, only about .1 to .2 inches, tuesday looks wet. showers and overnight tonight, we will have the sun come out for monday, and then monday night mostly, lingering showers on tuesday and we get wet again. sunny and breezy tomorrow, temperatures will be a little
6:50 pm
bit warmer than they were today, in seattle, they have showers as well. for us, overnight lows tonight upper 40s, low 50s, daytime highs tomorrow a little bit warmer, temperatures in the 60s. stick around, we have temperatures in the mid-70s by the time we hit thursday and friday. stick around as well, we have more news coming up after the break.
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the twin pines sports report is next on kpix 5.
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>> you have to watch tonight, he will be seeing a couple of familiar faces on tonight's season finale on ncis: l.a., they will do their roles again as harm and mac in the series they helped spin off. it was originally launched out of jack. it is coming full circle. >> i wanted to reprise this role for a long time, i've had so many people ask me about it. >> it is a good to see you. >> it is way too long. this is one of my favorite characters, just a strong woman . >> it has been a lot of fun, the cast and the crew have been very nice. it could not have been a better experience. >> the ncis: l.a. 10 season finale airs tonight at 10 pm, right here on kpix 5. it sounds like science fiction, freezing bodies until some future medical al. and a second vice. >> nearly 350 dead americans
6:54 pm
are banking on the possibility at three facilities in the united states including one in the east bay. >> this is like a hospital. >> except that all the patients here are clinically dead and stored in huge stainless steel containers. >> it is an intense intensive care unit. >> welcome to trans-time, the specialized containers are like a high-tech body thermos. >> -196 degrees celsius, we keep them there until we can revive them. >> steve aaron is the company's chief technology officer. we suited up to go inside of the sterile facility to get a closer look at the deceased who he calls patients. here is how it works, once a
6:55 pm
doctor pronounces you legally dead for whatever cause, your body is brought here. your blood is replaced with plasma like fluid that acts like antifreeze. he calls it a cryo- detected. >> we insert thermometer so we can monitor the temperature. >> the body is kept on ice, and dry ice, and finally sprayed with liquid nitrogen as their body temperature slowly drops. they are then transferred into the large containers. >> you are completely intact, here. >> they will remain suspended in liquid nitrogen indefinitely. until sometime in the future, when he says a cure is found. and, technology can restart them. >> some of them have been there for 30 years, some have been there for 15 years, there is one just waiting to go in right now, actually. >> i do not think these things have a snowballs chance in death valley in july of ever being revived. >> this professor is the director of the stanford center
6:56 pm
for law and biosciences. he is skeptical that a human body and brain could ever be safely frozen as described, and successfully revived. >> i cannot say that it cannot ever possibly happen, but i would not bet a dime on it. >> even so, -- >> this is what he wanted. >> we spoke to the family and friends of a loved one, stored here. >> he wanted to stop death, and live forever. his life was cut short. >> it was a tragedy but i think it is kind of a new adventure for him. in away. >> reporter: as of today, no one has safely and successfully reversed this procedure in a human being. >> it is the hope of a second chance. >> i am a scientist, i do not do hope. i do facts. >> reporter: for now, these
6:57 pm
patients are banking on the possibility. as for the cost? >> $150,000. that covers everything, the perfusion, suspension, and the care or however long it takes to reanimate you. >> they have suspended 5 patients bodies so far, we are told other people have signed a. >> obviously they cannot do it now, they are betting on the hope that they will be able to do it. >> taking on it as well. $150,000. time in science will tell. >> that is it for us, thank you for watching, 60 minutes is up next. start your day here, and start your day with more. >> big changes on the way, right? >> out the door whether -- >> that is right, this will affect her evening commute. >> real-time traffic. >> caltrans has blocked two lanes. >> news you need to know. a live look today --
6:58 pm
>> this project has been given the green light -- >> start your day with us and expect more. monday morning on kpix 5. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: it is believed to be the biggest money laundering case in history, involving nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars of very suspicious money from russia and former soviet states. it was turned into untraceable american dollars. >> $230 billion. >> kroft: one bank. >> wilkinson: one bank. >> kroft: one branch. >> wilkinson: one branch. >> kroft: and this is the whistleblower who found one loose thread and decided to pull on it. a lot of this money came into the bank and was out the door the next day, right? >> wilkinson: the next day? oh, you think it was that slow? ( laughs ) >> wertheim: in more than 70 countries worldwide, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or l.g.b.t. citizens live in


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