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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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throwing from the corner for three. >> warriors sweep nba finals, here we come, all the locker room reaction. doug nation, you will be able to show your pride in just a few hours. the victory t-shirts being printed as we speak. plus, a california lawmaker is telling electric bike and scooter companies not so fast, the rules of the road he is proposing. >> six fatalities in four years, how your tax dollars are working to fix one of contra costa county's most dangerous roads. rain and whatveng, i'm ken bas detonation celebrating tonight.
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>> i'm elizabeth cook, the warriors are the first team to reach five straight nba finals in more than 50 years. beginning with kpix sports director dennis o'donnell, he's live in portland tonight. >> elizabeth, ken, i am calling the comeback kids. in game two, the warriors trailed by 17, game three trailed by 18, tonight, 17 more. but, the warriors would not let portland seal the deal. brothers combined for 54 rights, it was dream on green with the biggest shot of the night, fourth and left him wide open, knocked it down, stimulates cut short. warriors sweep the series headed to their fifth straight nba finals. >> five straight finals hasn't been made since the 60s, since will russells celtics hasn't
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been done for a reason. it's really difficult. so, i can't say enough about the competitive desire of the group of players we have here. >> this is now the second longest final streak in the history of the games. steve mentioned the celtics, they went to 10 consecutive finals, there are four teams that have been to four straight finals. the other key factor i think, the warriors have nine days off to rest. he will get healthy, what about kevin durant? the warriors may actually be better, when it is time to attempt the finals crown. despise those boys need a rest, for sure. you dennis. let's pass it over to kpix's betty yu, she is live in south city, where warriors victory t-shirts are already coming off the presses. betty?
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>> reporter: ken, many of you have already seen these shirerd sportswear has at this since 9:30 tonight. take a look, the shirts are literally coming hot off the presses. they tell me they will be at this until six: 00 a.m. here's a shot, won the west 2019 demographic sportswear says they've done this 25 years in a row. >> reporter: game four on the movie screen drew a huge crowd tonight. >> it was a sweet. suites. did it again. >> make that the fifth straight nba finals appearance. but, not all finals will make it
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to the arena. >> when you have a family going to the home game it's expensive, service is something like being at home game. this is as close as you will get. we are real fans, real love, diversity. >> secondary ticket marketplace ticket iq has tracked data from the last five warriors finals games, when looking at the average price of resale tickets, this year's series is proving to be the most expensive . though, that will likely change after the team opens up additional tickets for sale. >> i think the reason is higher than it has been the last two years, calves warriors fatigue they had played four times in a row and then secondly, mostly importantly, this is the last year they will play at oracle arena. >> reporter: nostalgia for the final season in oakland, would not come cheap. >> out of reach for a common person. i just can't do it. hometown feel. , the warriors just announced that tickets to the first two home games at oracle will go on
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sale tomorrow at 4:00, to the general public, ken, i just checked stub hub, the cheapest ticket, game three in oakland right now is going for $490. of course, in the upper level. >> that's a bargain, get me a whole row. thank you. >> you put it in perspective. on the storm watch now, heavy clouds of bearing down the bay area tonight, more rain on the way. looking live traffic tonight on the san mateo bridge, it is going to be a wet commute tomorrow. chief meteorologist paul dno has the timeline, paul? >> reporter: raining likely at the golden gate in the next hour or two. sant,we are seeing showers in the commute tomorrow will be soggy
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in spots, scattered showers throughout the day, the evening commute will be soggy in spots. the storm is different, not packing as much moisture with it, about 10% as much rainfall as what we had over the weekend. our computer models predicting only 1/10 of 1 inch of rainfall, we got a lot over the weekend, as a matter of fact it was the wettest two day stretch in may, at sfo airport, in 62 years, with more than an inch of rainfall, saturday and sunday combined. much less rain tomorrow, but we are talking about a wet morning and a wet evening with scattered showers. holiday weekend preview coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you paul. tomorrow hundreds of teachers in union city will be on strike for a second day. they want xt twoye. the new haven unified school district is offering 1% next year,plus a 3% bonus. the teachers are the highest paid in alameda county, but they say they are still getting squeezed, especially because they pay for their own health
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insurance. >> to be able to raise my family and keep our roots here, it's getting tougher and tougher. >> they deserve a raise, period. we just don't have it. >> reporter: tonight, the district said the offer is made yesterday would cost at least $20 million over three years, and it cannot afford any more. join michelle and kenny on our morning team for the latest on this developing story starting at 4:30. 11:00, california lawmakers telling electric scooter and bike companies, hold on, not so fast. with the new state law proposal that would create rules of the road, maria medina is in mountain view with how that law could make a bumpy ride a lot smoother. here in mountain view city, city leaders back to pilot program for e scooters, but a new state law proposal is looking at doubling down on companies and users before they hit the roads. >> i see kids, little kids, weaving in and out of traffic.
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>> reporter: paul has nearly seen it all. >> people are leaving everywhere. >> reporter: he has even experienced it for himself when it comes to electric scooters. >> i've ridden a bike and almost crashed for the scooter before. >> reporter: cities across the area have clashed with people about permits, parking, and piles of scooters on sidewalks. now, one california lawmaker wants there to be a blanket law statewide for all companies and users. the law, if passed, would require electric bike and scooter companies to get permits from cities, and agree to rules for parking, maintenance, and safety with those cities before operation. but i think that is reasonable., i think mainly the scooter companies just came in before anybody knew what hit them. >> reporter: and cities continue to grapple with the scooter problem, for example in san jose, people have dumped them in rivers. >> no parking downtown, so i use the scooters. >> reporter: taylor writes scooters throughout san jose and while he agrees there must
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be rules, he has experienced the effect of the regulations on them. san jose state, where he is a student, recently banned scooters. >> it kind of sucks because transportation is still walking up to use a regular scooter or your skateboard or something. >> reporter: for paul, he says he is not against e scooters, as long as there are regulations. despite i guess it would be a beta same rules that bikes do. be safe. >> reporter: the bill goes on to the senate. if passed, the bill includes companies that began to operate in cities before 2020, and plan to continue past 2021. in mountain view, maria medina, kpix news . president trump ventured out of washington tonight for a campaign style rally hours after a legal setback read rhonda de la cruz is at the live news desk with the latest.i now ancapitol hi, where decrat been trying to gain access to president trump's fil records. they now have an assist from a federal judge. mister trump returned home late this evening after a rally in central pennsylvania. early, he criticized democrats,
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and touted u.s. economic growth. >> politics is a crazy world, but when you have the best employment numbers in history, when you have the best unemployment numbers in history, when you have the best economy, probably, that we've ever had, i don't know, how do you lose this election, right? >> former vice president joe biden was born in pennsylv, and on saturday, he held his first campaign rally in harrisburg and his national campaign headquarters is in philadelphia. in washington, a federal judge is siding with congress. today he ordered the presidents accounting firm to comply with a subpoena for his financial records. the judge said congress does have the power under the constitution, to investigate the presidents conduct past or present. mister trump's lawyers said that he will appeal. separately, former white house counsel don mcgann will be a no-show in congress tomorrow, in defiance of a subpoena.
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a lawyer for mcgann says that he will follow the presidents orders and skip a house judiciary hearing. the committee's democratic chairman says that it will hold to vote mcgann in contempt, taking up that issue in court. in the newsroom, i am veronica de la cruz, kpix news. the marin county man known as the american taliban is three days away from being released from federal prison. remember this guy? john walker lind was captured in afghanistan in late 2001, this was just two months after the 9/11 attacks, he got a 20 year sentence after pleading guilty to supporting militants, who harbored al qaeda. now the government plans to release him from a prison in indiana on thursday, about three years early. probation officials will monitor land for the next three years. is a dangerous shortcut through contra costa county that claimed an 18-year-old life, just yesterday. tonight, the work being done to make kirker pass safer.
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jailbird again, california inmate featured in a netflix series ending up back behind bars. we will tell you what happened. >> i feel very this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our memorial day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store.
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during the memorial day sale, save $1000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. a road in concord has developed a nasty rotation for crashes. since 2015, six people have been killed along a one-mile stretch of kirker pass road, right between clearbrook and the other side of the road. the latest victim, an 18-year- old. just last year, a five-year-old was also killed along that stretch of road. so, what is being done about it? here is kpix's joe vasquez.
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>> reporter: the speed limit is 45 but you rarely see cars going that slow here on kirker pass. tonight i talked to county officials about that problem and the many others that plague this dangerous road. >> reporter: it is a deadly combination of blind curves and high speeds. the longest dark stretch of kirker pass just north of the concord pavilion. there are no shoulders, so if you accidentally beer out of your lane and over correct you could end up in a crash. early sunday morning, 18-year- old talia montes died after losing control in the southbound lane and smashing into a signal pole. >> it brings back the pain. of losing a child. >> reporter: julie's daughter maria was also 18 when she was killed on the same pass 18 years ago. >> so much she wanted to do in this life but we were treated. orr: in our report last night the vasquez family asked what if anything is being done to make kirker pass safer. >> that is a high priority given the fatalities out there.
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>> reporter: janel is a civil engineer at contra costa county public works. she says an improvement project underway last week will add elaine for trucks on the northbound side. caldwell says they are also adding a foot wide shoulders, even bigger than the ones on marsh creek road, and also retaining walls like the recent project on horton territory. a project on the books will include lighting improve lighting, other projects are in the planning stages. >> we are installing speed feedback science, concrete median, and guardrails and spot locations to help prevent the rollover accidents. >> it will take years to finish all these improvements. meanwhile, mourners continue to please roadside memorials on both sides of kirker pass. 5 some improvements are still waiting for funding, before they can begin. california inmate featured in netflix hit series jailbird suspect bars tonight.
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megan monster hawkins, her nickname because of the tattoo over her i, has returned to the segment the county jail, she recently gained notoriety after starring in the series but it was her friend that eventually sent her back to jail. police say hawkins tried opening a bank account under a fake id. when she handed it over, they knew right away it wasn't hers. >> oh my god you're a monster. >> reporter: police say they found hawkins driving a stolen car. inside they found credit cards with different names on them. they also say that she had illegal drugs. she is due in court tomorrow. bay area ceo just gave a bunch of college grads the gift of a lifetime.
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>> this is my class, 2019. and my family is making a grant to eliminate student loans. that is technology professor robert f smith giving great quite the gift to the entire graduating class at morehouse college. two 400 students. estimated donation, about $40 million. smith is the ceo of a private equity firm based human sentences go. one of those students, his dad was wiped away is from the bay area. jonathan epps grew up in pleasanton, and was also named one of the class valedictorians. a portable science mellowing -- the political science major graduate with a 4.0 has opened in san francisco which has patients traveling from as far away as santa cruz for its services. kpix's better you reports it is called skin of color meant to help patients with darker skin. doctor lester is a rarity.
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>> hello, how are you pretty good to see you. >> reporter: she holds the distinction of being one of the only black dermatologist in san francisco. >> i think of it as a responsibility, because studies have shown that diversity in medicine leads to diversity and outcomes for patients who are underrepresented. >> reporter: doctor lester says black people are far less likely to develop skin cancer than white people but they usually usually have leader diagnoses and higher death rates. inflammatory and hair and scalp disorders are more common, particularly in african- american women. >> there is again a barrier to coming to the doctor, for fear of being misunderstood, or for seeing someone who does not understand your hair. >> reporter: that is not the case today. elba clemente lambert is one of doctor lester's first patients, at ucsf's new skin color clinic. >> right away, i felt a connection. very warm connection. >> reporter: part of the
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reason? clemente lambert was a longtime administration of employee at ucsf. here she is pictured in the early 70s. she was heavily involved in the schools black caucus, founded 50 years ago. she took part in many protest, demanding that there be more students and staff of color at the university. today, she has seen the doctor regarding a scalp condition causing hair loss. >> it makes me feel very confident, in the outcome. >> nationwide, only 5% of doctors are black. doctor lester, who was educated at harvard and brown university says one of the goals of the clinic is to close the gaps in medical knowledge, and the you cfs community, through education and research. >> eventually doctor lester wants to expand the clinic to teach a dermatologist how to work with patients of color. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. right now, there is no set
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location for the clinic, patients find her by word-of- mouth, or referral. mountains in the north bay beginning to see rain showers it will be showering all day long tomorrow, impact in the morning, drive and evening drive. we show you where most of the rainfall is, up towards humboldt county, points north will work their way south as the day progresses. the radar beginning to fill in, we will see showers and san francisco in the next couple hours. 50 outside right now, 56 in san francisco, 57 in concord. with the cloud cover, another mild life from afternoons have been brisk. but the nights of the mile because we have been cloudy. redwood city and san jose 52, lafayette the forecast stop, it will be wet tomorrow, chilly tomorrow, tell me something you don't know already. scattered showers, tiny chance of thunderstorm, better chance of the central valley, only 61 degrees. rain is gone wednesday, 71, but closer to your normal, normal and lafayette is 75 this time
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of year. why not so much rent on this one? the past two storms except us with downpours coming in from the north on the gulf of alaska so it is cooler but also much more dry. we are less wet, so the system coming in from the north we will get rain but it won't be the downpours that we had over the past 48 to 72 hours. that said, tomorrow morning, 7 am, scattered showers throughout the day, scattered showers and tomorrow evening and sunshine does return on wednesday. active weather continues for the central valley and sierra, but not for us. commute cast tomorrow morning, pleasanton dublin and the tri- valley, scattered showers there. showers dancing around sentences going to oakland, i- 80, highway 101, we had to the east, scattered showers continue their for fairfield and vacaville there as well. plan on it being wet at times. showery overnight today, isolated thunderstorm chance close to the valley, then drier weather does return finally on wednesday. san jose 64, the forecast is when the rain leaves, it's gone
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through the holiday weekend. let's head north to dennis where it was raining threes. >> yes indeed it is, paul,
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roxana: when i got into teaching, it was this idea of really transforming our schools. marisa: one of my biggest responsibilities as a teacher is to serve as an advocate for my kids. newscaster: hundreds of teachers are hitting the picket lines. newscaster: thousands gathered here. rosanne: we need smaller class sizes. angelia: more counselors and more nurses. roxana: we have to be able to invest in our young people. angelia: every student has a right to quality education. ever: no matter what neighborhood you live in. roxana: our students don't have part-time needs, so they can't have part-time solutions. rodney: because we know quality public schools...
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roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us. welcome back everybody, you know, no team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficits. blazers fans, they see the glass half full.
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>> is going to be the blazers and seven and then they will win in five against milwaukee. >> as you can see, cannabis is plentiful here in portland. >> have they at least wanted to see the warriors sweep go up in smoke. portland was the harder hotter team to start, miles with 25 points in the start, already his career-high, blazers up for at the break. they stretched it out in the third. lillard took the land, portland 1 x 17 at one point. the warriors outscored 24-16 in the fourth quarter. clay thompson to tie the game at 111-111 with less than two minutes ago. lillard's layup doesn't bounce the right way and go to overtime, portland up one, curry misses a three both alphonso mckinney was chairman of the board. put back 116-115, james gore less than a minute to go, portland leaves dream of
11:27 pm
green open and he made them pay. curry and green had triple doubles, blazers cut into two, lillard has the final shot again but it's short and the warriors win 119-117, the curry brothers embraced after the game, but it is steph who is off to his fifth straight nba final. >> every single guy stepped foot on the floor connecting with that mentality. we walk off the court with some fancy hats, celebrating finals. let alone five straii reallyan' now i'm celebrating. >> trying to win this thing, the goal was never just to get there. so, trying to get it done.
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after winning their first three-game road series of the season, the giants came back and laid an egg against the braves. game of thrones won't go away, not even a fire breathing dragon could stop the baby brave, andy suarez came up from aaa, will continue, the first of two huge homeruns, giants win 2-1. indian super fan john adams looked thoroughly searched by security before the game, the dude is an institution. hitters muscled up against the indians ace carlos carrasco, metals amount of the concourse, 2-0, 6-for their third straight win.
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game of course, and the celebration >> he died protecting his queen. in addition, i was aware that, when we had our little tryst, jaime had also slept with his sister and, yes, incest is a red flag, but what can i say -- i am turned on by a metal hat. turns out, the tin man did have a heart as well as other


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