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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 21, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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and he challenged alums here to give future classes the same opportunity and advantage. and that is "the overnigh news" for this tuesday, from the it's tuesday, may 21st, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." a tornado outbreak rips through the central u.s. and the dangerous storm system isn't done yet. more than 17 million people face severe weather threats today including damaging winds, hail,. a small plane crash kills two people in alaska just miles from where another crash killed six people just last week. plus, "game of thrones" fans in china are not too happy. how the trade fight with the u.s. spoiled the series finale
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for some. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. threats of violent thunderstorms and tornados are moving east this morning after severe weather caused destruction in the southern plains. there were more than a dozen tornado sightings in just the last 24 hours alone. thankfully there were no injuries reported so far. courtney zubowski is near oklahoma city with an up close look at the damage in that area. courtney, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. parts of oklahoma are dealing with heavy flooding. meanwhile, tornados scattered debris across the state leaving a trail of destruction behind. >> tornados swept over the southern plansz mondins monday. more than a dozen were spotted.
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>> anybody on the west side of mangum, in mangum, you need to take shelter. this is a large tornado. >> reporter: in southwest oklahoma, one twister damaged nearly a dozen structures in mangum, including a 112-year-old home. >> we seen it just right over there about round where the softball field is. >> reporter: brenda and dale rogers rode out the storm in their laundry room with their 7-year-old chihuahua. >> finally my husband says we're going to have to go some city, a tornado destroyed coy harmon's home. >> devastated. you just couldn't believe that you left it a half hour earlier and it was all there. >> reporter: overnight the severe storm overwhelmed low lying areas throughout oklahoma. several people needed to be rescued from the flooding. >> looks like we got water that at least above the knees. >> reporter: tornados also hit texas. >> that is wild. >> reporter: violent hail rained down on luck babbock and a torn
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knocked over power lines in pittsburgh, kansas and took out at least one structure. monday's storms follow an outbreak of tornados in the southern plains on friday and saturday. meanwhile, forecasters say that the main concern overnight is flash flooding. anne-marie. >> all right, courtney zubowski in oklahoma, thank you so much. more than 17 million people are under the threat of severe weather today. cbs news weather producer david parkinson has a look at the danger zones. >> good morning, you can see the radar is incredibly active. we've got over a thousand miles of storms from texas up to illinois, severe thunderstorm warnings, severe thunderstorm watches, tornado watches and flash flood watches through the day today. in fact, it's a 3 out of 5 on the severe weather index. so not as bad as it was yesterday, but still a severe weather day for sure. in fact, the timing of it shows that you've got heavy rain right now for the morning hours. then as we move through to the afternoon, kansas city gets a line of not only heavy rain but also the chance for some severe
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weather today, and then it's st. louis that gets it in the evening, not only the chance for damaging winds but also tornados and then the line finally makes its way out of here. we clear out for your wednesday. david parkinson, cbs news. the ntsb is investigating a small plane crash off alaska that killed both people on board. the taquan air float plane went down monday near metlakatla harbor. it's the second time in a week a plane has crashed in the same location. laura, good morning. >> authorities say a pilot and a single passenger were the only ones on board at the time of the crash. both of them died. the ntsb says the plane was a commuter flight, and as part of the emergency response, the coast guard launched two rescue boats after being notified about the crash. the wreckage of the plane has now been recovered, but the names of the victims or their
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ages will not be released until their families have been notified. yesterday's accident comes one week after the midair collision of two similar float planes off ketchikan. six people were killed in that incident which involved tourists. the ntsb says the plane in yesterday's crash and the planes involved in last week's collision are all owned by the same operator. anne-marie. >> very interesting, laura podesta in new york. thank you. with questions mounting over president trump's tough talk on iran top national security officials are heading to capitol hill today to brief congress. the meetings come after weeks of escalating tensions in the as over a lf region. possible military confrontation. president trump said iran has been hostile. >> there are no talks going on m very bigtaheyid ify do somethine met with great force, but we have no indication that they will. >> house democrats expected to
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receive a briefing today from former cia director john brennan on iran. brennan who's been critical of president trump will speak to democrats during a private caucus meeting. a 16-year-old from guatemala has died at a border patrol station in texas. it is the fifth death of a migrant child apprehended by border agents since december. the teen was apprehended in south texas's rio grande valley last week. he was found unresponsive yesterday during a welfare check. president trump yesterday said he supported border patrol. >> the border patrol people and all of law enforcement's working very hard. i mean, unfortunately many of them have become doctors and nurses and they're taking people that are very, very sick from a long trek up, 2,000 miles, and they're doing an incredible job. >> last week a 2-year-old died after he and his mother were detained by border patrol. president trump is directing former white house counsel don
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mcgahn to defy a congressional subpoena. the white house argues that mcgahn would have immunity from testifying before congress about his work as a trump adviser. mcgahn is a key figure in special counsel robert mueller's investigation who described ways in which the president sought to limit the probe. the house judiciary committee had issued a subpoena to compel mcgahn to testify today. and according to the cdc, the number of measles cases in the u.s. climbed again this week. this brings the number to at least 880 cases. the number is up by 41 cases since last week. it has now spread to a 24th state, oklahoma. this year's outbreak is already the largest since 1994, and the majority of measles cases are still concentrated in new york. in rocklin county, brooklyn, and queens, and most of these cases involve members of the orthodox jewish community. coming up on the morning news now, why millions of "game of thrones" fans in china missed the series finale.
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♪ ooh your kiss is sweeter than honey, and guess what, so is my money ♪ >> nine months after the death of the queen of soul, a lawyer for aretha franklin's estate says three handwritten wills have been found in her detroit area home. one will dated march 2014 was apparently discovered inside a spiral notebook under cushions in the living room, the other two from 2010 were found in a locked cabinet after a key was located. the latest will appears to give franklin's assets to family members. when she died last year, lawyers and her family said she had no will at all. so "game of thrones" got caught up in a trade w with china, and the murder of a transgender woman in texas, those are some of the headlines
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on the morning newsstand. reports a transgender woman's beating last month by a group of men in dallas was recorded on video was found shot to death on saturday. the video of 23-year-old muhlaysia booker being beaten received nationwide attention. a man who was identified in the video was arrested. he is now out of jail. police say there's nothing so far to connect him to booker's murder. those who protested booker's beating in april called her killing an act of injustice. >> it is almost as if muhlaysia booker never had a chance. >> police have not categorized booker's murder as a hate crime. "the washington post" reports a federal judge ruled against president trump in his fight with congressional democrats over his financial records. the judge said mr. trump's accounting firm must turn over the subpoenaed records to congress. priden t a crazy decision and hisrs would appeal.
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lln.opleia wthe a plan to changy agency's psay the change would make it easier to roll back a key obama era climate change rule. that's because it would result in far fewer predicted deaths from pollution. the epa originally forecasted an additional 1,400 premature deaths a year if the clean power plant was replaced with a new measure. an epa official says it has made no formal change to its methodology. "the wall street journal" says millions of people in china could not watch the series finale of game "game of thrones because of the u.s./china trade fight. chinese viewers expected to see the final episode. instead, they saw a notice abou provider of hbo content in china. many fans fumed over social media.
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hbo says china restricted "game of thrones" from airing due to the trade dispute. and usa today says james holzhau holzhauer's latest jeopardy win saved tom brady from having to eat a strawberry. holzhauer has now won more than $1,780,000. new england patriot's quarterback tom brady tweeted yesterday he would eat a strawberry live on instagram today if holzhauer lost. brady tweeted james doesn't lose and i don't eat strawberries. brady claims he's never had a strawberry in his life and it's something that's apparently not allowed in his tb 12 diet. still to come, ranking the best state. how a state in the pacific northwest topped the list based on health care, education, and economy. he thinks it smells fine, but his mom smells this... .'s febrebricre.your hard-to-wash fabrics...
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you'll ask... are confusing quilted northern for robes. they're both cushiony, comforting, and add elegance to your home. but quilted northern is not a robe. it's just really nice toilet paper. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. u.rexi party got an unwelcome surprise during a campaign stop in northern e s hit with a milk shake. he had to cut short the visit
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led way away by his security. he was the latest to be targeted with the drink in the run up to the europe peean elections. a hot dog recall and the state ranked the best by news and world report. >> good morning, anne-marie. retailers take center stage with earnings reports expected to indicate the strength of the consumer. notable reports include home depot, j.c. penney kohl's and nordstrom. technology shares pushed stocks lower monday. the dow fell 84 points. the s&p 500 dropped 19, and the nasdaq tumbled 113 points. american airlines is suing two unions representing its mechanics. the move is an effort to end a slowdown the airline said douco worsen delays and cancellations during the coming summer travel season. unions are coordinating action to slow repair work on its planes in an effort to gain
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leverage in recent contract talks. labor groups throughout the industry have been pushing for better deals after airlines posted rising profits in recent years. meanwhile, thousands of jobs are on the chopping block at ford. the carmaker announced it will start laying off its white collar work force. 2,300 job cuts are in north america, 500 employees will be notified this week. the automaker expects the move to save $600 million a year. the layoffs will be completed by the end of august. more than 2,000 pounds of vienna beef hot dogs are being recalled because they may contain metal fragments. according the u.s. department of agriculture, the potentially contaminated beef frank links were produced may 2nd. the product was shipped to retailers in three states, illinois, wisconsin, and indiana. so far there have been no of r
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ds. and the home of amazon, microsoft and the seattle seahawks has been named the best state in o several criteria including health care, education, and the economy. new hampshire and minnesota round out the top three. the bottom three states were in the south, mississippi, alabama and louisiana. >> in washington state they're saying yeah, you needed a study for that? we knew that. >> i'm sure they are saying that. it is interesting to see how these rankings flip from year to year. last year iowa was the top state and in this most recent ranking it dropped to number 14. so anything can change in 365 days. >> yeah, great point, diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thanks, diane. >> you got it. elton john movi >> you got it. elton john movi "rocketman."nobuzzword fresh. but, actually fresh-fresh. fresh. at panera, we hand-pick berries at peak-season.
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and that will do it, the warriors do it again, another comeback as they defeat the blazers here in overtime and advance to their fifth consecutive nba finals. >> you heard that right, it will be five straight nba finals for the golden state warriors. they came back from 17 points down to beat the portland trail blazers in overtime last night sweeping the series. the final score 119-117. the warriors will play either the toronto raptors or the milwaukee bucks in the finals. fans turned out to watch music legend elton john walk the red carpet in london for the premier of "rocketman," the bio pick about his life. the film starring taron egerton charts john's rise to fame and
4:22 am
chronicles his struggles with addiction. >> the reality is that's how i was, and i'm just relieved, god, i'm so glad i don't have to do that anymore. i'm so glad i can wake up in the morning, see my children, see david, and not have to deal with all that awful behavior and that awful addiction. >> john says that he is thrilled with the way the movie turned out. and the eiffel tower is back open this morning after being evacuated when a man climbed nearly to the top. the unidentified man hung onto the iron lattice about 900 feet in the air for hours refusing to come down yesterday. eventually police and firefighters convinced him to surrender, and it's really not clear why he did it. coming up on "cbs this morning" lori lightfoot's first sit-down interview after being sworn in as chicago's first female african-american mayor and first openly gay mayor. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. our top stories this morning, more than 17 million people are under threat of severe weather today. more than a dozen tornados were reported in oklahoma, texas, kansas, and missouri yesterday. flooding was reported in several areas, and so far there have been no reports of any injuries. and the ntsb is investigating a small plane crash off alaska that killed both people on board. the air float plane went down yesterday near ketchikan. it was a commuter flight. last week similar float planes were involved in a midair collision off alaska that killed six. the 75 weeks away, and its history is still being written. a frenchman who spent his whole
4:26 am
adult life searching for his american father has finally found closure. ian lee is in london with the dna breakthrough. >> reporter: irene was on her death bed when she finally told her son andre his father was an american soldier serving in europe during world war ii. love blossomed between the pair while she nursed him back to health after he was shot in the head. andre says my mother hid the fact that she was pregnant, and my father left for the u.s. for decades he has been trying to figure out who his father is. the frenchman says i lived with this open wound of not knowing my father and most of all knowing he didn't know about me. andre's search went cold until a dna test matched him with a sister and half brother alan henderson in the united states. >> when i saw the pictures i i don'really need the dna. that's my older brother for
4:27 am
sure. >> your mannerisms, your smile, your face, i feel almost like i'm talking to my dad. >> dad turned out to be bill henderson from essex, missouri. he landed ator was one of hundreds of thousands of americans to serve. bill passed away in 1997, never talking about his love affair in france. >> the discovery you have a brother like that out of the clear blue, it was a very surreal thing. it was almost like i was watching a movie. >> the brothers kept in touch, and last year met for the first time. they stay in touch over skype, but need a translator. andre says learning about his american family is a dream come true. learning english is next. ian lee, cbs news, london. coming up on "cbs this morning," lori lightfoot's first sit-down inteiew after being ch female african-american mayor and first openly gay mayor. plus in our tuesday eye on
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money series, jill schlesinger first before they help their kids pay for college. and steph curry versus seth curry, a look at how their sibling rivalry is transcending sports. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. looking live at from our exclusive sales force tower north. you can see the color change of blue and gold with the e wester we start off chilly and drizzly. it is tuesday, may 21.
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>> good tuesday morning to you. we are tracking drizzle as well as sprinkles, light showers this morning in spots. let's get to it on death doppler. we are especially pushing into sentences go in daly city and the sunset district into daly city and as we go across the tri-valley from pleasanton and livermore and to the east of union city, a few showers this morning. your weather headlights, cool and unsettled weather continues. we have a cold front that pushed through late last night and now we look at scattered showers behind the actual front. and isolated thunderstorms possible closer to the ra


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