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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 22, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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the rich creation has been a staple for generations of local cooks, who are delighted to share this captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's it's wednesday, may 22nd, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." coast-to-coast protests against abortion bans, what most americans think about roe versus wade. another plane goes down in alaska killing one person. it's the third in one week. and aikakess floodwaters the d.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here no new york. good to be with you. forward legislation to restrict abortion rights, a new cbs poll finds a majority of americans do not want roe versus wade overturned. 67% say the supreme court should keep it as it is. 28% say the court should overturn it. thousands hit the streets yesterday nationwide to support abort rights. laura podesta is here with how presidential candidates are now weighing in on this issue. lau laura, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. democratic front-runner joe biden says if it becomes necessary, he wants the abortion rights to be enshrined into federal law. that echos the words of other presidential candidates like kirsten gillibrand, cory booker, and elizabeth warren. president trump has only laid out his personal views on the
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involved or when a pregnant woman's life is in jeopardy. from oregon to tennessee to the supreme court, a wave of demonstrations against abortion bans swept through all 50 states yesterday. >> all of you politicians who know nothing about people's bodies and yet you're making decisions for patients about their health. >> so far this year eight republican-led states have passed laws severely limiting abortion rights. >> my generation is going to be voting in the next generation, and so we're really paying attention to politics. in louisiana, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is closing on a bill to change the state constitution to remove abortion protections. >> i'm pro-life because abortions hurt more women than anything else. >> around the country, they're
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hopeful the conservative leaning court will strike down roe v. wade. >> i feel strongly about it, and all of that is working its way through courts. >> the issue has become a key focus for democratic key opponents. >> the legislators in alabama will not have the last word. >> the recent more restrictive abortion bans are unlikely to reach the supreme court, but there are others the justices may look at that could chip away at roe v. wade. and as conservative leaning states pass bans, more liberal legislatures and governors are moving to protect abortion rights. vermont, wisconsin, nebraska, and michigan have all made efforts to push back in recent weeks. anne-marie. >> all right. laura podesta here in new york. thank you, laura. they're looking to close the border for migrants in texas. the move comes after a 16-year-old died in custody.
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this was the fifth minoro die the processing center is a convertedwarehouse that holds hundreds of parents and children. an event will be held at other locations until further notice. there was another deadly plane crash in alaska. three people were on board when it went down yesterday in prince william sound. one person died and two others are recovering in the hospital. the victims were spotted and picked up by good samaritans shortly after the crash. this is the third deadly accident involved a small plane in alaska in the last week. and the company whose planes were involved in two other deadly crashes have been suspended. taquan air says two died. it was involved in a midair
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collision in the same area where six people died. a und rmy weather is on its way from the plains to the midwest. flash flooding remains a serious concern. dangerous storms triggered flash floods and more than two dozen reports of tornadoes yesterday. two deaths in missouri are blamed on severe weather this week. in oklahoma, rescue teams were busy as floodwaters trapped people in their cars and homes. mireya villarreal is in hard-hit el reno, oklahoma. >> reporter: a night of torrential rain turned into a day of rescues. drivers caught in their cars, families stranded by dangerous floodwaters. more than 6 inches f rain fell in el reno near oklahoma, and on this day the fire didn't launched half a dozen rescue. overnight this creek turned into a river because of the storm system that came through.
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you can see there's a water rescue happening just behind me, a mother and her child. we understand there have been several rescues in this area. from the air a collection of abandoned cared can be seen by flooding water. homes looked like islands. >> trees were down all around me. i couldn't go anywhere, i couldn't see in any direction. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this is the same system that spawned more than two dozen reported tornadoes in four states. back in oklahoma, this woman rode out the storm in her laundry room. >> finally my husband said, we're going to have to go somewhere. >> reporter: crews are cleaning up the aftermath before the next tomorrow moves through this waterlogged landscape. one emergency manager was begging people to stay home because they didn't have enough police officers or barricades to keep drivers away from these flooded roads. there is more rain expected for
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this area later this week, but people here are hopeful that the floodwaters will recede by then. mireya vis realllarreal, cbs ne. el reno, oklahoma. morehouse democrats are calling for impeachment carling on the president's continued interference. the house judiciary committee has now s. former white house communications director hope hicks and any speaker in the office. a spokesperson said it's too soon, but many democrats are trying to change her mind. >> i asked her why she's against going forward and asked her to tell her reasons, and then i gave my reasons. >> do you sense she could be swayed? >> it's not going to be easy. >> president trump ordered don mcgahn to refuse to appear at a
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hearing yesterday despite in a tweet he accused democrats of seeking a do-over in rober t intercepted six russian planes off the coast of alaska. the two russian fighter jets and four bombers were entering the alaskan air defense identification zone when they were intercepted yesterday, but the aircraft remained in the international airspace, never entering canadian or u.s. airspace. coming up on the "morning news" now, the murder of a transgender woman may be linked to two other attacks. and echl bearsing mixup. ben carson gets a popular real estate term confused with a popular sandwich cookie. this is the "cbs morning news." company confused with a popular sandwich cookie. this is the "cbs morning news." to cosentyx. c before starting, get checked for tuberculosis.
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angeles last night involving a stolen motor home. a woman behind the wheel crashed into a parking lot tree, ripping off part of the front and of the windshield. she also hit several cars during the chase. at one point a dog was seen hanging out of the window before it dumped out. the woman ran away followed by another he arrested. hud secretary ben carson had an embarrassing your yeo mixup, and new information on the murder of a transgender woman. >> there's ooh copy of a draft saying tax returns must be given to congress unless the president invokes special privilege. president trump has not turned over tax returned. secretary treasurer steve mnuchin says there's no legislative purpose for demanding them.
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the douchlt says the law does not allow the secretary discretion in disclosing the information. the irs says it was drafted by a lawyer and does not represent the agency's position. a transgender woman was found dead in a neighborhood where two others were found dead. malaysia booker was found shot to death in a dallas neighborhood on saturday. police say her murder has similarities to two other attacks in the same area. in april a transgender woman was stabbed but survived. last october another transgender woman was shot to death. there have been no arrests. >> at this time we have not established a direct link between these cases. we will work with our federal partners to determine if any of these offenses should be considered hate crimes. >> police are also asking for p.
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"the new york times" reports the american taliban john walker lindh is set to be released from prison tomorrow. he was captured in 2001. he was being held in a facility during a taliban prisoner uprising that took the life of cia officer johnny michael span. lindh is scheduled to be released from a federal prison in texas where he was for 17 years. his family and lawmakers have objected to his release. "the seattle is the first so legalize human composting. washington can legally use composting as an alternative to burying or creating human reports. they say it's an environmental-friendly way to dispose of bodies. they use wood chips, straw, and other materials to turn human
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here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. one woman had a little spring in her step while she was out shoveling. a late-season storm dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of colorado yesterday. but this woman caught by a local station took it all in stride, cleaning away the accumulation in her flip-flops.
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i'm sure they were insulated flip-flops. on the "cbs moneywatch," mcdonald's faces new sexual harassment charges, and why new coke is coming back. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> good morning, anne-marie. well, the retail sector remains in focus this morning with poor results from home improvement chain lohse and big box store target. other notable reports include advance auto part, vf, and l. brands which owns victoria's secret. stocks closed higher. the dow jones rallied 197 points, the s&p 500 was up 24 points, and the nasdaq there's a new hotline for workers in response to mounting sexual harassment allegations. yesterday it's the third time they've filed harassment charges on behalf of mcdonald's workers.
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the company says it will begin training store workers about harassment and bias in august. a new report says many uber and lyft vehicles may not be reliable. they're driving vehicles without ta standing recalls. taxi or limousine services are not necessarily a safer option. nearly a quarter of traditional vehicles in new yodlec airbags, engine failure, and faulty seatbelts. the sharing economy is widening its reach reporting that urban outfitters is offering a subscription service where customers can rent clothes. they can willaunch this summer.
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a coca-cola is partnering with netflix to promote the third season of "establisher things" by re-released new coke. coca coca launched the formula back in 1995. that's when "stranger things" was set. that was the company's biggest misstep and failure. it was dropped after only 79 days. the release of new coke cans will start tomorrow. >> i'm wonder how people will feel about it now. at the time people were revolting. >> yeah. i'm just like i don't know why 2019 is going to be better, but we'll see. >> yeah, really. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you, diane. >> you've got it. still ahead, an amazing season turnaround. victory to reach the stanley cup final. an amazing history to pull off the stanley cup finals. to thin and loosen excess mucus. and lasts for 12 hours. mucinex 12 hour.
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always discreet. here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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you can say this house is turning heads. the topsy-turvy attraction in england is the brainchild of a british company. the ceo says it was bill to make visitors feel like they were really inside someone's home, except everything is upside down from the roof to the furniture and the appliances inside. and they're celebrating in sloours this morning. the st. louis blues are headed to the nhl stanley cup finals for the first time since 1970. they eliminated the san jose sharks in last night's 5-1 victory in game six of the western conference final.
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the blues will now face the eastern conference champions boston bruins. coming up on "cbs this morning," music mogul and deejay dj khaled will join us in studio. talk abo rapper nipsey hussle. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." anne-marie green. this is "cbs morning news." i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. georgand a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on
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thatas great! morning, a new cbs news poll finds a majority of americans do not want roe versus wade overturned. 67% says the supreme court should keep it as it is. 28% say the court should overturn it. thousands took to the streets yesterday. and the ntsb and faa are investigating another deadly plane crash in alaska. the small plane went down yesterday in prince william sound. three people were onboard. one died and two were hospitalized. this is the third deadly plane
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crash in alaska in the last week. a kre rent study finds up to a third of youth firearm deaths could be prevented without taking away a single gun. nikki battiste has more on a growing movement to lock up parents who don't lock up guns. >> the one thing you don't get back after your child is gone is peace. >> reporter: kristin and michael song are in disbelief their 15-year-old son is gone. he accidentally shot himself last year when he was at a friend's house playing with guns. >> they were stored in a cardboard box with ammo. the gun was in there but the keys were in there. >> reporter: the songs had no idea the home had guns, and it cost him his life. >> he pulled the trigger and was shot in the head, so he really had no chance of survival. >> reporter: a research study estimates up to 32% of fire arm
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deaths by unintentional injury could be prevented if guns were properly locked and stored and ammunition is kept separately. only three states in washington, d.c., make unsafe storage regardless of whether they ever touch a gun a crime. there's no federal law for safe gun storage. >> this law is killing our loved ones. >> reporter: she says unsafe storage of a fire arm resulting in injury or death is a crime and should be punishable up to five years in prison. >> some opponents say it's an infringement on their freedom. >> i respect people who own a gun. my son is dead, and i don't want that to happen to anyone else's son. i think there are reasonable expectations and start a dialogue that could save thousands of lives. >> the nra says there's no scientific evidence that fitsald
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ing" iour morning rounds, allergy help. dr. tara narula has simple acts to avoid allergy triggers. west point will see a historic number of black women graduating this year. >> and dj khaled talks about working with late rapper nipsey hussle. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- i' ie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- (vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right.
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electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ live, this is kpix studios. >> some good news. dryer weather is on the way.
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>> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> we're looking at spotty showers. after this rolls out we're looking at clearing. it should be a nice day. let's first get to the showers. you can see showers around san jose, through morgan hill around 101, a few showers to start off the day. so your weather headlines, cool, cloudy a few spotty showers. afternoon clearing, sunshine and mild daytime highs. warmer compared to yesterday. we have more shower chances as we head through the week. we'll time it far, aren't s.


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