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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  May 22, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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dryer weather is on the way. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> we're looking at spotty showers. after this rolls out we're looking at clearing. it should be a nice day. let's first get to the showers. you can see showers around san jose, through morgan hill around 101, a few showers to start off the day. so your weather headlines, cool, cloudy a few spotty showers. afternoon clearing, sunshine and mild daytime highs. warmer compared to yesterday. we have more shower chances as we head through the week. we'll time it far, aren't s. a eryt svi eed. your trouble spot that is you
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normally have, the altamont pass that's slow. then you're back up to regular running speed. to the bay bridge toll plaza everything is moving along. the cash lanes looking good. the metering lights will not be on for another 45 minutes to an hour at the max but i will be keeping an eye on this as well as other trouble spots. everything in san francisco is looking good. everything is looking good getting into the city on 280 and 101. i'm anne makovec at the news desk. this was in jakarta last night, a major riot. six people were killed in the riots. this is overlaps over last
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month's election. police released tear gas, water canons. the situation is under control. a grizzly discovery in the search of a man. police found a dismembered body. they launched a criminal investigation because of the circumstances that were suspicious that led officers to this home where the unidentified remains were found. it is assisting in the investigation. the medical examiner's office has in the released the identity. a wild chase leaves a
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person injured. >> reporter: you can see it making a wild turn. this ended up tearing through the streets of the san fernando valley. the female driver maneuvered along the north ridge parking lot. she sheared a tree but it didn't stop the driver. at high speeds heading south on tampa, the motorhome slammed into a black sedan, which spun out of control. the airbags deployed. the woman behind the wheel was okay physically hoping everyone be okay, that this idiot wouldn't hurt anybody. >> reporter: at one point a dog appeared out of the front
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window. it jumped out but the video is too disturbing to show. >> oh, my god. i was practically pulling my air out. >> reporter: the motorhome continued down tampa until it hit a white car with a male driver inside i'm like whoa, what's going on. i hear a cha boom. i run down the street. he rolls around in pain. >> reporter: it came to an end when the suspect slammed into a tree and got out and ran. the chp was right there to take her into custody. >> the dog hopped out the van, hopped out the thing with her. he was following her until she got apprehended. >> reporter: so many people wanted to know what happened to the dogs. we're happy to report both dogs animal control. their injuries are not life-
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threatening. hosp with minor injuries e hit. including the woman behind the wheel of the motorhome. she's suspected of dui. reporting from tarzana. palo alto police are looking for two suspects who broke into a home on colorado avenue. the suspects demanded jewelry and money. police said they also stole her car a white 2004 honda civic and took off. the suspects are between that 17 and 19. the victim is not hurt. is lucky to be alive after surviving a 400 plunge off a cliff. paramedics were lowered down and removed her from the
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wreckage. then a helicopter crew hoisted her up and flew her to a nor by hospital. at last check her condition is stable. officers said a bicyclist saw her go over. on to the nation's reece ca lating battle over abortion. more than 400 rallies took place around the country in protest of recent state laws. as lawyer a podesta reports, a new poll shows most americans opposed overturning of roe v wade, the 1973 supreme court decision that established a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy. >> reporter: from oregon to tennessee, to the supreme court a wave of demonstrations against abortion bans swept through the states. >> all these men who know
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nothing about women's bodies. >> reporter: so far eight republican-led states have passed laws severely restricting abortions. >> we're really paying attention to the politics. >> reporter: in louisiana, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is close to passing a bill that would change the state constitution to remove abortion . >> i'm pro-life. >> reporter: around the country antiabortion activists are hopeful the supreme court will strike it down. it's become a key focus for democratic presidential candidates. >> the legislationors in alabama will not have the last work. >> reporter: the more restrictive bones are unlikely to reach the supreme court cons
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states pass bans more governors are moving to protect abortion rights. nevada, wisconsin, michigan and vermont have made efforts to push back. tech companies bounce back on wall street and how many ride shares are in need of repair. we have the money watch report. >> reporter: wall street snapped a two-day losing streak. the nasdaq rose 83. the s&p 500 gained 24. tech companies and chip makers that do business with chinese companies such as huawei and zt pesmed bouncede bounced back. how shave is your uber?
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consumer reports analyzized uber and lyft vehicles and found some with recalms. out of 30,000 traditional taxis and limos nearly a third of those also need repairs. new coke is back for a limited time. coca-cola is partnering with the netflix hit "stranger things." it's set in the same year coke tried to revamp its formula. some will see upside down machines dispensing free sodas president for more head to cbs money this was an exciting ride but the sharks' quest for the stanley cup championship is now over. >> san jose lost to the blues in st. louis last night 5-1. plenty of fans gathered in san
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jose to watch the road game on the big screen. the biggest moment, dylan gambrill's first nhl goal but in the end the sharks were eliminated losing four games to two. >> reporter: how are you feeling right now for the team? >> disappointed. they put so much into the season. i really believed this was the year. >> come on. >> the last time the sharks made it to the stanley cup finals was three years ago but the blues haven't gone that far since 1970. straight coming up next. >> a live look at the city of san francisco. mary will have more on the forecast when we come back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads.on on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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new this morning, some very sweet suites have opened. >> they try to attract wealthy guests. we have a tour. >> reporter: this island is giving a whole new meaning to sleeping with the fishes. the moroccan suite has a bathroom 16 feet where you can nature's show whatever you're doing. an elevator ride away a butler awaits, all for50 grand a night. this is a three bedroom resident with two pools and two living rooms. standard suites are anything but standard. they have pools this big, sharing plenty of space to
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watch the sunset. the setting sun in that hey that has this presidentialville l.a. monte carlo has an extra view from the princess grace and prince ran rainier. >> they love coming here on special occasions either with special friends or family. >> reporter: high rollers can stay at this resort at the palms in las vegas, the most expensive in the world at $100,000 a night with a two night minimum. a travel editor. >> at the end of the day the hotels will get a ton of free speech including st. st. instagram users. >> reporter: in the age of instagram, expect a penthouse
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to get ever lostier. >> the cheapest suite is the standard overwater bung ga low at $3,000 a night and the two monte carlo rooms are a real bargain at $45,000 and $50,000 a month. >> no doubt wendy got the assignment of the year. >> got a noise little tan out of it, too. >> must be nice. >> must be nice. well, it's going to be a nice day today. we had the showers yesterday. we have a few showers right now but that is going to change. once that wraps up we'll have sunshine. so this will be a great day across the bay area. enjoy it. here's high deaf doppler. you can see spotty showers this morning down across the spout bay from san jose, 101 into morgan hill, a few lingering showers. here's a live look a cloudy start. temperatures are running in the
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low to mid-50s. in santa rosa down to 47. we're already starting to she clearing in santa rosa. tracking the winds. this was a windy day yesterday. we're still looking at breezy conditions this morning. 17 at half moon bay. 12 in oakland, also for hayward, 10 miles an hour in berkeley and 10 for novato at the moment. a dangerous surf. this is in effect until 9:00 p.m. breaking waves up to 20 feet. so we have an increased risk of rip currents along the coast. here's what you can expect. cool and cloudy start, a few showers. afternoon clearing, sunshine, mild temperatures. we have shower chances as we head through the week. here is that low pressure system. that is going to move out and high pressure is actually going to start to move in. it will be the dominant weather
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influence as we go through the day today. so on futurecast you can she that clearing. enjoy the sunshine for today. as we head into tomorrow, mainly dry. a weather system close enough to us tomorrow. we could possibly see a few showers for our far inand communities tomorrow and for friday but for the most part we are locking at mostly dry coa high in oakland. 70 in freemont as well as mountainview. so we are warming up for sure. this should be a great day. we're looking at mostly dry conditions thursday and for friday. even for saturday. we have carnivale. this should be a fun time. the weather models are not in agreement. as we get closer, we'll have a
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better idea. on memorial day looking at a few lingering showers possible but that all could change as we get closer to the weekend. let's check in with emily. we have a couple of trouble spots. most of them aren't causing too much trouble because luckily it's still early. this isn't an accident. it's a regular slope and go area. coming out of the altamont pass, 586 interchange looks go. this is northbound at mckee. at left one an is blocked. everything looks pretty good. we have a wind advisory. that's the dumbarton and san mateo. it will be a gusty day. there's a new accident at 101
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and 280. i'll be checking in with chp. everything seems to be moving along, not too bad as far as brake lights are concerned. expect to get blown around. same thing on the bay bridge where we're starting to see heavier delays. heading in the southbound direction on the golden gate bridge, looking good. there are lane closures at the tunnel at the presidio parkway. nothing in the red. that's good news, coming out of the altamont pass, but, still not a terrible drive time. 32 minutes. everywhere else you're in the green. that means good to g downton abbey is coming back. >> i'm a fan of that, too. the crowleys are returning and a new action figure comes out
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of the toy box. >> we have your eye on entertainment. >> rex, potato head. >> hey, watch it. >> reporter: the gang is tostor the team all grown up, the collection belongs to bonnie. also joining the team an action figure voiced by keanu reeves. toy story 4 hits theaters june 21st. a new trailer for the crowleys return. the eagerly awaited movie downton abbey is back in september. the plot involves the king and queen of england visiting the estate and quentin tarantino's latest film once upon a time in
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hollywood debuted at the kannes. once upon a time in hollywood arrives in theaters july 26. that's your high on hollywood. now whoever the warriors face in the finals will be really, really tired and we'll drop the puck next. >> because of that loss, some people in san jose might be waking up a little sad this morning but you know what? they went far, so there is a reason to celebrate. we'll be right back.
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the warriors beat the rockets. shorthanded sharks trying to force a game seven, just 90 seconds in, david perried in. st. louis scored in the first three minutes. later in the period san jose penalty. he scores seven seconds into the power play making it 2-0. martin jones makes the save, igniting a break for san jose. his first career goal accounting the deficit. then four minutes later san jose with another chance, got behind the goalie jordan bennington but it's saved to keep the blues in front. two minutes after that final second of the st. louis power play, 3-1. the blues go on to
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win 5-1. they win the series going into the first stanley cup finals since the nixon administration. the shark also have to wait until year to hoist their first cup. >> you know the number of times they were written for dead and buried and the number of times they kept getting off the map and the things guys played through. that's a disappointing part for me. that's stuff that shouldn't get rewarded. it's a harsh lead. it's a hard trophy to win. >> you're realitily thinking about. it yeah, it hurt. >> raptors in game four against
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the bucks. kuwai leonard. the eastern conference finals will go until at least saturday while the warriors get to sit home and get healthy. >> giants and braves, too cold for ice cream? giants down 3-1. kevin mill ard. joe panic. that's a base hit. here comes big mack and williamson is home. they win and cleveland. the a's won 5-3. they will place chris davis on the injured list. he has a hip contusion. great season for the san jose
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sharks. three goals in the last three games. blame it on injuries. that is the latest. i'll see uptonight. coming up in our next half hour, santa clara in a battle on a tax break and why they would have to pay if the 49ers win. >> reporter: police are investigating a missing person's case. why this one is particularly horrifying.
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live, from the cbs area bay area studios. >> a body found inside a home. >> plus a stolen motor home, a
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police in hot pursuit. >> was this too rough. the parents of a 12-year-old hand who was handcuffed are demanding an apology. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. so we're starting off the day with a few showers, breezy conditions. we of expecting sunshine. enjoy. it you can see spotty showers right over the embarcadero center. the trivalley, the altamont pass, a few showers pushing through.


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