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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 22, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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>> mcdonald's is facing more than two dozen lawsuits. the allegations against giant. >> one, two, three, four. >> a bay area teachers strike to heat up. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, may 22nd. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's get a check of the forecast with mary. looks like this will be nice. are you ready for some sunshine. it's coming. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. you can see on our treasure island camera, sun. temperatures in the upper 40s to low to mid-50s. we are locking at some spotty isolated showers for the south bay. so zooming in you can see santa clara, san jose, the well low glen down to seven trees. we're looking at breezy
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conditions and partly cloudy skies, a mo rnoon clriall us that sunshine d the rejust a nt so it s popped into the red. that's for those coming through the altamont pass. it's not bad, only 42 minutes. although that is slow, not as slow last it could be. a 24-minute drive. slow and go. no construction. once you're past that looking good. a few brake lights on the san mateo bridge. there is a wind advisory in effect there. you might get knocked around a little bit. other than that, eastbound direction looks good. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. everything is starting to slow
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down. once you get past the area things are moving at a pretty good speed. there's a series of accidents at treat. then there's another car block another lane further north right at main and as a result of the backup another crash at 242 and concord. that's in the center divide. give extra time. you'll be navigating treacherous roadways at left on 680. >> reporter: i'm jackie ward where the fbi and san francisco police are investigating a check. they were called to the home of 73-year-old benedict ching. they found a dismembered human body inside. police were originally called monday morning on a missing person. that's what brought them to del
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monte street. when they got here, that's when they realized the circumstances. human remains were found in the home and a company medical examiner had to be called. police are investigating. if you know anything about the case you're asked to call thin tip 411. just start your message off with sfpd. jackie ward. kpix 5. we are keeping an eye on an investigation into a car crash that killed four people early this morning. this is on the 710 northbound in southgate near the firestone factory. a car wrapped around a pole.
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the chp said there were significant skid marks before the crash scene but all four men in car enupendajudge will set the date for the fourth monsanto trial. a jury ordered them to pay to a livermore couple who said the herbicide dave them cancer. up next is elaine who said it gave her a type of nonhodgkins lymphoma that caused her to develop multiple brain tumors. more than 900 federal lawsuits have been filed against monsanto claiming roundup gave them cancer. today could be a dramatic standoff between teachers and the new haven school district. a parent-led rally will be held at the board meeting as the
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stricken teres the third day. teachers want a 10% pay raise. the district is offering 1% with a one time 3% bonus. lawmakers issued their latest round of subpoenas in connection with the mueller report. the subpoena for hope hicks include as request for documents and for her to appear at a public hearing next month. show testified that show had told quote white lies as part of her work for the president. she was onhis longest serving aides. mcgahn will be held in contempt of congress after ignoring a subpoena. house democrats are demanding that he testify about potential obstruction of justice. the white house said he cannot be compelled to testify.
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25 lawmakers are calling for impeachment. meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi is rejecting those calls. she will hold a meeting into where it now stands. mcdonald's is being hid with more than two dozen law souths over allegations of sexual harassment. yesterday a labor group called fight for15 filed the lawsuit. mcdonald's said it's enhancing traying and offering a new hot line. >> the sharks quest for the 2019 stanley cup championship is now history. this was certainly fun while this ent e mounti injuries were to the blues 5-1, the final. the blues also beat the sharks in the western conference
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series four games to two. >> reporter: how are you feeling right now? >> disappointed. they put so much into the season. they had such an amazing season, too. i really believed this was the year. >> i love the sharks all day, baby. come on. >> the last time they made it to the stanley cup finals was three years ago. the blues have not gone that far since 1970. st. louis will face the boston bruins in the stanley cup finals which starts on monday. severe storms battling the central u.s. still aren't over yet. we'll show you what exhausted residents are dealing with. >> how one bay area supervisor wants to deal with the traffic from ride hailing services. >> tracking a few showers. other locations catching the sunrise. a gelden beautiful sunrise as we start off the day. i'll let you know how warm it
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will get as we head through the afternoon. >> drivers heading southbound you are seeing red. there's a traffic alert. 880 at stevenson. two lanes blocked from a motorcycle accident. that will slow you down significantly. i have the rest of the delays coming up.
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good wednesday morning, tracking a few showers. let's get a close-up look from campbell, showers in san jose over the willow glen neighborhood, seven trees through edenvale. we'll talk about what to expect when the sky will clear and when we'll have the next chance for showers. in addition to the traffic, we do have this really slow
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land go situation. sha brid cause take you 18 l isata lane is blocked there and at main. that is also blocked with a different lane. so you've got to navigate. if you're trying to hit 680 there's another crash as a result of that blackup. that's in the center divide but this will be slow and go trying to make your way through. you will need extra time. kenny? the powerful storm system that started in the midwest friday is still on the move and people can expect more. it includes parts of oklahoma, kansas and missouri still under water. rescue crews spent the day pulling people from safety. they are not out of thed woulds just yet.
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>> a lot of rain to the northwest of us, last night and the previous day. that's coming our way. do not drive through moving water. it's a you think. >> more than 100 tornadoes have been reported sense friday and 32 yesterday alone. another bay area parent is expected to plead guilty in connection with the college admissions scheme. he is accused of paying $15,000 to have a proctor cleat on his daughter's college entrance exam. he's facing several fraud charges. then on friday marjorie clapper is due in court. clapper was advised to falsely claim her son was black and hispanic . then another man agreed to pay $300,000 to hig
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his daughter's s.a.t. scores. sentencing is on october 4th. a total of 33 parents have been charged in the scheme including actresses [ laughter act actress lori laughlin and felicity huffman. this shows a child being detained. the officer put the 12-year-old on his stomach. he spit at officers several times so they decided to place a spit mask. the police department said it is reviewing how the officers handled the arrest. the city of richmond is on board to stop a plane from running through a park.
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they unanimously passed a resolution yesterday opposing plans to reactivate an old railroad. critics argue running trains would be a safety hazard to children and a health rest being. san francisco could add attacks on ride hailing companies like uber and lyft that would add a half to 3% to your ride. it made up to 62% of the traffic congestioned causes an additional strain on the infrastructure. speaking of rides, let's get a check on our morning rides. we do have a traffic alert to tell you about. you're going to need to give yourself a little bit of extra
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time if you're headed southbound on 880 just past the dumbarton bridge. four miles an hour in that southbound direction. this is the result of a motorcycle accident. at least two lanes are blocked. no eta on when that will open. 880. it's going to take you about 52 minutes to get from hesperian, slow and go. slow from the dumbarton bridge. that's about a 24-minute ride thanks to compounding accidents, down to 16 miles an hour and the crash is at treat and another one blocking a totally different lane at may. if you're trying to let 680 there's another didn't as a result of that backup at concord. it's in the center divide but slow and go. back up to the running speed of 55 miles an hours a you get
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closer to the interchange in dublin. if you're crossing the bay area bridge you can expect a wind advisory as a result of the breezy conditions p the dumbarton bridge, san mateo bridge as well as the bay bridge, you guys both or all three, i should say have wind advisories this morning. the main travel times in the red, but still actually pretty good. only 40 minutes in that westbound direction. east shore freeway as well as highway 4 starting to slow down. coming out of the southbound you're in the green and still good to go. everything else will be clea up, mary? >> yes, they are. great to see some sunshine. it's going to be a very pretty day across the bay area. enjoy the sunshine. taking you out to the cliff house ocean beach camera. you can see a pretty start to the day. temperatures are running in the
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mid-40s in santa rosa, low to mid-40s in san francisco and san jose. well, speaking of the coast, we have a high surf advisory, dangerous surf, building seas producing breaking waves up to 20 feet. that does moon anen creased risk for sneaker waves or rip currents. high def doppler, dry for the most part. some spotty showers still for the south bay. you can see light showers in san jose, the seven trees neighborhood, down to 101 and morgan day. we'll have clearing with afternoon sun and mild temps. starting off cool, breezy and we're watching those showers even that we do see quickl morers s weh the week thatow
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ve o e is ing to moving in for us. it will be building in. that's why we are looking at plenty of sunshines a we head d asgo hour by hour 4:00 p.m. sunshine. as we head through tomorrow man youly dry. although, a weather system will mass close enough to us, so the inland communities could see a few showers as well as for friday. for the most part mostly dry. it was a windy day yesterday. it's going to be breezy but definitely not as yesterday. your pollen report, allergy suffers but it does increase as we go through thursday and friday, a little bit lower for saturday. our sunrise as 5:51. daytime highs will be warmer. 70 frement.
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66 in san francisco. mid-70s, napa, vallejo. mainly dry thursday, friday and saturday slight chance of a shower for sunday no monday. now whoever the warriors face in the finals will be really, really tired and why the shark lost their key player. remind us to join us for the parade. we'll be there in the middle of the action. it's on and our social media platforms.
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the warriors beat rockets two nights ago. could the sharks keep their season alive without hurdle, carson and pavesky. just 90 seconds in, david perr.d in dave the blues a quick the period san jose penalty. vladimir scores to make jones makes the save. dylan gambrell scores his first nhl goal. then san jose with another day from chance, behind the golden, jer dan bennington but saved to keep the blues in front. two minutes after that final seconds of the st. louis power
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play, brayden shin. the blues win going to their first stanley cup finals sense the nixon administration. sharks will have to weight until year before they hoist their first cup. >> a number of times they were written for dead and buried and kept getting off the map, the things the guys played through. that's stuff you don't see getting row warded. it's a hard leagued a hard trophy to win. >> your really thinking about. it yeah, it hurts. >> he enjoyed watching his raptors. kawhi leonard throws it down.
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that means the eastern conference finals will go until at least saturday while the warriors get to sit home. once again, grit season for the san jose sharks, cups up short. three goals in the last three games. blame it on injuries. that is the latest. i'll see you tonight. >> an unbelievable story of survival after a 450-foot plunge off a cliff. the remarkable details straight ahead. >> this is at bay bridge toll plaza where it is slow going but the sun is out. we'll be right back.
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a welfare check turns into a death investigation. >> one california county is scrambling to help hundreds of migrant families that ice is dropping off at bus stations. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. i'm happy to see the sun out there, mary. a new day with that sunshine out there. here's a live look. blue skies. temperatures running in the mid- 40s in for.
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52 in concord. 50 in livermore. it's still cloudy am san jose but as we head through the day, where going to see sunshine for all of us. so enjoy. it breezy. mostly sunny in the low 60s and about 70 degrees and warming up inland not mid to upper 70s. we'll time out what you can expect, taking you through the day. we have more shower chances. details on that coming up. speaking of timing things out, you'll need some extra time. taking a live look over our traffic alert, it as they have cleared the accident as you can see over to the righthand side. all lanes are open. it was the result of a motorcycle accident which we're zooming into right there, finally moving quite along. your drive time is 49 minutes
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to get from hesperian. that is starting to speed up now that they've cleared it. we're also keeping an eye on the slow down on 242 and 60, a come 680. then there's another accident further north on southbound at concord. that drive time is about 20 minutes from the benicia bridge to 224. that will be another slow spot in your commute. another usual suspect, the altamont pass in the westbound direction but popping back up to 54, your drive time there now at a yellow, only 39 minutes. you're in the red on the east shore freeway. no accidents to report that's at's the lo
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francisco where the fbi and the police are investigating after a dismembered body was reportedly found inside a home. less were doing a bell fare check on benedict ching. it's on del monte street. they're not releasing many details including the identity of the person who was found. we just heard from a neighbor and will hear from them. in santa clara county six people are facing murder charges at a dollar tree. these are the suspects. wits claim the victim, ryan bruce was being cased by group of people. police said a physical confrontation ensued and the victim was stabbed on north capital avenue. i'm anne makovec. we're continuing to monitor a
6:34 am
very serious car accident. four people died. this is in southgate at the firestone factory, 710 northbound. look at that char wrapped around the pole. witnesses say they saw the driver racing another vehicle right before that crash. so they have three lanes shut downals the investigation continues. back to you. >> thank you. a moderate earthquake shook the far north bay overnight. the magnitude 3.3 quake was centered three miles from hills burrow. a hearing will detail plans so yes within ed. thcomes afte officially blamed for the
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campfire. governor newsom wants to come up with a reorganization plan. today oakland representative barbara lee will announce a new bill preventing war with iran. it would end authorization for expanded military action granted to the president in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks. there have been rising tensions in the persian gulf. iranian leaders said they have to show respect. many lawmakers are giones who launched the attacks on vessels in the persian gulf eye know the threat is real and should be taken seriously. i also know when politicians talk tough real people can get hurt. we saw that in iraq.
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>> acting defense secretary patrick shanahan briefed members in a closed door meeting yesterday. the president is refusing to turn over the tacks returns. steven mnuchin said he has the authority to do so. according to the memo obtained by the "washington post" the irs has determined it must hand over the returns unless the president asseexecutive privilege. as border facilities reach a limit, they are releasing asylum seekers in san bernardino and sacramento. many are working to find them shelter. >> yesterday we had three vans, 37 people in total, half of
6:37 am
them children. >> in a statement u.s. customs and border protection said as organizations have reached their capacities, cbp has released them in daylight hours. monday night 12 more migrants were dropped off in the cold after 10:00 p.m. a judge orders san francisco police to return items. it began with a leaked death report on the death of jeff adace. it showed that he died after using drugs and alcohol. a journalist said he sold information about the initial police report to several media outlets. officers rushed in with guns drawned, searched the house and
6:38 am
took cell phones, computers and a copy of the report. yesterday the police chief said investigators suspected carmody of conspiracy. a woman is recovering after falling 450 feet off a cliff in napa county. the 20-year-old woman was inside a car that flew over a cliff on monticello road yesterday morning. paramedics were lowered down and removed her from that wreckage. then a helicopter crew flew her to a nearby hospital. show was listed in stable condition. a bicyclist saw her go over. los angeles is an area notorious for police chases but not like this one.
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>> a bay area's detective work led to a heart warming reunion with her dog. >> as we take a look at the board, starting off in the red. we'll get an update coming up. this is not a bed.
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good wednesday morning. it's a little breezy. 10 in redwood city. 11 miles per hour winds. 13 in novato. we'll talk about what you can expect as we head through the day. we will show you fu. > we are tracking some slowdowns. that traffic alert has cleared. however, we are seeing some residual delays. you can see there pulling through fremont on the nimitz freeway. we're also seeing slow and go
6:43 am
conditions coming out of the tracy triangle and coming over the carquinez bridge. you can get back up to a regular running speed. your freeway is orange and hitting the bay bridge toll plaza. i have the rest of the delays coming up. a dramatic video of a woman driving an rv into a tree. at one point a dog was seen peering out of that dagemothvid watch. a second dog was still inside. black sedan at the intersection completely mangling the front end but that wasn't the impact that ended the chase. >> oh, no, no. >> as you just saw, the rv
6:44 am
struck this white car. its driver was clearly seen in pain. the cames ended when the suspect crashed into this tree. she tried to run but was arrested. both dogs are safe this morning. at left three people are hurt including the 40-year-old driver who's suspected of dui. a look at what's coming up later. good morning. >> good morning. that rv video is unbelievable. weave he got other stories including this, the largest migrant processing center is closed after another child dies . plus, the cadets of west point's most diverse class in history and djkala joins us to
6:45 am
talk about his album with the late rapper nipsey hustle. >> hey, tone nirks i want to welcome you to cbs. i hope you have your coffee ess tough. >> a let tough. i'm on day three but feels like day 300 but i'm excited. it's been a great experience. >> we'll see you at 7:00. thanks so much. new this morning, an antitrust violation that may shake up the smartphone industry. >> joining us is our financial reporter. good morning. >> good morning. a federal judge in san jose has sided with the federal trade commission ruling against qualcomm in an antitrust case, that qualcomm strangled the con prices for its patents. the judge is ordering qualcomm to renegotiate its licensing
6:46 am
agreement with its customers. qualcomm last month settled a legal case with apple. they got $4.5 billion out of the case. qualcomm strongly disagrees saying it will appear it. the stock is taking a big dive down about 1. retail earnings have been disappointing. two more, lowes and nordstrom. it may be tough to get winning stroke going. let's go to the big board. qualcomm certainly lagging on the tech sector. the dow down by 83. sdaq falling 21. the s&p is down by nine points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> thank you. an emotional reunion at a bay area airport. a wayward dog back in the arms
6:47 am
ofs it owner. >> it came as the dog ended up in michigan. twod a half-year-old benny arrived at sfo. the whole saga began in tennessee. gabby mcandrew and her husband moved to mow des modesto but one of the owners left the door open eye couldn't believe. it i thought he was dead. >> i'm baffled to tell you the truth. how the heck did he get there. >> right. that is the big cree but she found him. she shad show plans to tell her husband who is serving in the middle east. he is expected back home next february. >> after serving overseas that long, maybe the best gift. >> yes, and seeing his family,
6:48 am
too. >> he's part of the family. >> i'm sure he's had many adventures. you have travel times starting to keep up. let's look at where they are. the altamont pass is one of them. not bad. just a half an hour on the east shore freeway. out of the green into the yellow coming out of the south bay as well as highway four. the altamont pass, new accident to report at the eastbound dire affecting your commute. there was an accident on the nimitz freeway. that's been cleared. drive time 46 minutes from hesperian to the nimitz.
6:49 am
this one has been cleared. highway 4. it's better than this was but still in the red, 17 miles an hour in that southbound direction. it's actually worse if you're taking 242 to 680 because of an accident there earlier. you're going to need to give yourself extra time slowing things down. 19 miles an hour there. accidents coming across the carquinez bridge. then you get back up to a running speed, which is slow. wind advisories in effect for the benicia, san mateo and bay bridge. be prepared to give yourself a little bit of extra time there. last but not least, the bay bridge packed up per usual this morning. mary? well, i have some good news for you. if you're over this rain, we'll
6:50 am
see plenty of sunshines a we head through the day. so a nice looking forecast. a live look at our sales force tower camera of the sun rising. mid-40s in santa rosa. it's a chilly start for you. low 50s for concord. mid-50s and oakland. livermore at 60 degrees. high def doppler. that will continue as we head through the day. cool breezy northwesterly winds. a few showers that we have been tracking, they are wrapping up. we'll see afternoon clearing with sunshine for all of us with mild daytime highs. shower chances are in the forecast, though as we head through the week. i'll show you that in just a moment. the satellite and radar rue, that low pressure is moving out and high pressure will be building in. so this will be the dominant
6:51 am
weather feature for us as we head through the day. on futurecast taking you hour by hour. you can see the sunshine that clearing. this is at 4 p.m. for all of us. as we go threw tomorrow mainly dry. our farther inland communities could see a showers. that will be the case for friday as well. that's pretty much it. as we go through today, allergy suffers looking good but it does creep back up as we head through thursday and friday. daytime highs today near normal. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday for sure. 72 in santa clara. looking at the upper 70s antioch. pleasant hill and walnut creek. 70 for a high in oakland.
6:52 am
69 in san leandro. mid-70s for ukia. again, manly dry conditions thursday and friday. a slight chance of a shower for sunday into machine day for memorial day and we'll have carnivale. our michelle is hosting the parade for us on kpix with a 20% chance of 60 degrees. >> was that you on the left? >> i totally want a costume like that. it should be lots of fun. >> looking forward to it. it's on sunday, right? >> yes. we're looking at some very sweet suites. >> you can sleep with the fish on the conrad mal tease islands. this is a view from the princess grace. the hotel de paris. it's next to a casino featuring
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two james bond movies and a favorite of the royal couple. >> they love coming here on special occasions with friended on family. >> high rollers can also stay at the two story resort at the palms in las vegas. it is the most expensive room in the world. price tag a cool $100,000 a note with a two-night min human beautiful. too expensive, though. a sigh of relief for millions of drivers facing the prospect of a return trip to the did. mv. >> plus a missing person's case is now a homicide investigation. that's being led by the fbi and the san francisco police.
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francisco where police are scene at this home on del monte street. they're investigating after a welfare check led to a disturbing discovery. a source tells us they found a dismembered human body inside. police were originally called monday morning regarding a possible missing person when they got here to del monte street. that's realized there were suspicious circumstances. human remains were found and a medical examiner had to be called in. >> we smelled something. we hear something in the wall. >> reporter: another neighbor believes they saw two bodies taken out of the home by authorities. the identity of the body or bodies found are still being
6:58 am
determined. neighbors are in shock. they haven't seen ching for several days but to hear a body was dismembered is extremely disturbing to them. give police a call or text a tip in to tip 411. just start the message off with sfpd. the fbi is helping in the investigation. lo the top stories. >> today could be a dramatic day in the standoff between the teachers and the unified school district. teachers want a 10% pay raise over the next school years. the district is offering 1% with a one time 3 parkland bonus. more parents will plead
6:59 am
guilty in the college admissions scam. he is accused of paying $15,000 to have a rockettor cheat. >> good news if you have a real i.d. with one proof of residency. you don't have to go back to the dmv to film it. >> well, we are tracking several slow spots. one is in the southbound direction coming into walnut creek. there have been compounding accidents. we got a report of a new one. we are also seeing some delays on those bridges. mary? >> thanks, emily. >> well, this as a beautiful start to the day. we'll continue with sun as we 72 for santa fe. >> fantastic. >> enjoy your wednesday, everyone. >> okay. have a great wednesday.
7:00 am
good morning to you our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." the biggest processing center in texas is shut down to new arrivals after a 16-year-old boy dies amid signs of a flu outbreak. shamed. terribly sorry. >> we hear from a father pleading guilty in the massive college entry scam. me too at mcdonald's. dozens of workers file sexual harassment complaints and big names from hollywood are backing them up. history at west point. cadets of the most diverse graduating class share their message for the future. >> it's wednesday, may 22, 2019. here is


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