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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  May 22, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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hundreds of teachers and
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their third day of strikes educators from new unifi will be joined with parents marching for pay raises and negotiations have fall through this week but a deal is on the table. a brazen robbery caught on camera, three shoppers walked out with whatever they could grab. there was a tulsa with a security guard but the suspects are not fazed at all they drive off nearly hitting a pedestrian. the fbi and please artist getting after it is numbered body was found at a home on monday police were doing a welfare check on a man when they made this gruesome discovery. the medical examiner's office has not released the identity of the him. richmond police released body can be video of a deadly shooting. we want to warn you that the footage is disturbing. officers say 54-year-old luc ciel broke into his estranged wife's home and held her and her two children hostage at knifepoint. officers drew one of the
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victims out a back door then saw the suspect stabbing his son in the hallway they yelled for him to drop his weapon. >> drop it ! drop it! drop it! >> shots fired. >> police say luc ciel son was able to get free but an officer recognized luc ciel was armed and still a threat so he fired his gun causing luc ciel to collapse. he tried to move towards them when they both fired their guns hitting him causing him to slump down. one officer fired again believing he was still a threat. luc ciel died from his injuries. his son survived but suffered
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cuts. during the investigation it was discovered luc ciel was in possession of an 8 inch hunting knife and a 6 inch paring knife and had multiple large zip ties in 2016 he was convicted of domestic violence and battery and was sentenced to three years probation and 300 days in jail and a restraining order. this year he was arrested for violating that order. a 74-year-old woman was walking in the park when she was kidnapped and assaulted. this happened may 10. the victim was on her morning stroll through mclaren park. police say the 47-year-old manuel amador allegedly grabbed her and grabbed her into his home on prague street where his pit bull attacked her she was kept captive for 5 hours and assaulted multiple times seciou sidewalk a passerby saw her and called 911. the suspect is now in san francisco county jail and prosecutors have asked the judge to deny him bail. tougher vaccine rules moving forward in california.
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state lawmakers passed the bill during a heated session instead of local doctors health officials can decide which children can skip shots before attending school. doctor should be left at power, the bill violates that doctor- patient relationship the rules come as the nation faces an ongoing measles outbreak. major fight brewing in sacramento over charter schools and funding for public education. late this afternoon the state assembly passed a bill to give local school districts the power to deny new charter schools in their area. the bill goes on to the senate but kpix 5 john ramos reports it's not just about charter school students who stand to lose in this fight. >> reporter: it may not look like a normal classroom but the parents aren't looking to do things the same old way. welcome to wild oak, and enrichment program operating out of a girl scout camp in the hills above lafayette. these are homeschooled kids but their parents send them here a few days a week for learning and socialization. today's lesson is team
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collaboration as the kids invent an obstacle course for the little ones. >> the environment here is amazing. they get to learn outside in nature, math, humanities, science. >> reporter: most of the homeschoolers are actually signed up as part of the charter school and because of that the state pays parents from $1500-$3000 per year to pay for educational opportunities like wild oak. now, a number of bills are moving through the legislature to limit the formation and operation of charter schools. critics like this retired oakland teacher say charters siphon off state funds but do not have the usual mandates that make typical public education more costly. >> they are kind of an entity that has a lot of protections and privileges so it's not on a level playing field. that is what a lot of the say. if you use state money the rule should be equal. >> reporter: the teachers unions and locals school districts are pushing hard to
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rein in charter schools and the businessman is concerned funding could be eliminated. >> i'm absolutely worried i do not know if we will have a program in a year. frankly, our program may dissolve and not be able to survive. >> opponents say charter schools are taking away from the public school system that advocates say if people were happy with the system charter schools would not even exist. >> charters became popular because people were looking for other options so now it feels like there's not enough funds and so the groups are kind of fighting with each other. it's sad to see because it's parents, parents against parents. >> regardless of what the governmeec bepares of homeschooled kids would be unlikely to ever send their kids to the public school system. in lafayette john ramis, kpix 5. >> 11% of california, 6 million
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students attend charter schools. for the first time in its history san francisco state university has appointed a woman to serve as its president. she will become the universities 14th president when she takes over this summer. she is currently the vice president for academic affairs at cal state la, she replaces the current president who is retiring after seven years. a redesigned $20 bill is being put on hold. the bill was set for 2020. the treasury secretary says that won't happen until 2028, he says the holdup is over counterfeiting issues. the unveiling was to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which granted women the right to vote. in the meantime today is harvey milk day in california. it's the san francisco supervisors birthday. the governor declared today harvey milk day across the state the proclamation and legacy of the civil rights activist lives on. first he was shot akilled in
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1978. white house faces scrutiny over border policies after news that six migrant children who died in the u.s. custody. the border patrol says it will shut down its largest migrant processing center due to a potentially deadly flu outbreak. 32 people tested positive for an influenza at the south texas facility were a 16-year-old boy from guatemala became ill and died of the flu last week. on capitol hill lawmakers put the heat on acting homeland security secretary. >> it's intentional, a policy choice being made on purpose, it's cruel and inhumane. >> that's an appalling accusation because our men and women fight hard to protect the people in our custody every day. >> we are learning about one of the six children who died in the u.s. custody, her death was not previously reported.
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she was a 10-year-old girl from el salvador who died while receiving medical care last september. position and actor ice t calling out amazon saying it needs to identify its delivery people. he posted a twitter saying he almost shot a delivery driver he seemed to be "creeping up to his home. " he says they should wear a vest with amazon delivery on it adding i'm not mad at them i'm just saying that's not safe. the tweet got the attention of amazon's senior vice president of operations dave clark who tweeted saying "thanks for the suggestion." clark pointed out customers can track their packages on a map to know when they will arise. a ma close pass with the earth. a dump truck plunges through a parking garage the scare that started with a fender bender. san francisco growing at a rapid rate, now social media is abuzz with an article saying that the city has lost its soul to tech.
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ken bastida at the live news desk the oakland a's may be a step closer to getting their stadiuly today past and assembly bill 1191 to allow a privately financed ballpark for the oakland a's at the howard terminal site what does that mean? again, this is another step, it will now move on to the state senate for consideration.
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an interesting statement that came from the a's president who said today that the bipartisan vote is another major step forward to the efforts to build a new ballpark district at howard terminal. it will be a model of green design and sustainable development and environmental justice reform. he says we have more work ahead of us but this is another significant milestone for our club and our city of oakland. we will see what the state senate does with this. at the live news desk i'm ken bastida. >> thank you. take a look at this. a dump truck parked through thiv othtruck . t a car he left e uctoge the truck fell right through this concrete. it was more than 70,000 pounds over the weight limit, the driver suffered minor injury and could face criminal charges.
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with summer around the corner, lawmakers pushing for technology to prevent hot car death. a group of parents joining the effort for the bipartisan legislation. the hot cars act would require new cars to be equipped with an alert system. several carmakers have already put in rear door alerts but some lawmakers want this on the books. >> this legislation is so important to guarantee the health and safety of children. >> the temperature could go up 10 degrees every 5 minutes but they could die or go into heatstroke quickly. >> if you can't remember your child, safety experts recommend put several things in your backo re the mo popur haeddehe the zoo announced today the passing of its 16-year-old african lion, a favorite among the guests, is bellringing roar could be heard from every corner of the zoo.
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stargazers keep your eyes open for an asteroid passing close to earth. the nearly milewide astroid looks kind of like the shape of a walnut big enough to have its own moon and visible from earth until may 27 see it while you can it will not pass this close until the year 2036. paul deanno is standing by for the forecast. do you have any tips for us? >> i tell you what, you don't want the closest oit nt thmingc change our forecast dramatically. looking to see what we have outside, the ocean is rough looking at this cloud cover moving in from the sierra where
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numerous storms have bubbled up. we will watch this happen for the next several days. some showers may approach the bay area on sunday. highs today, it hit 78 in concord 77 in napa with tents great cooler than average days closer than average today, san jose and fremont in 70. half moon bay in the 60s. tonight's loaves tonight's loaves, in case you're curious the low temperature happens around sunrise. tonight winning around 5:54 tomorrow morning when the sunshine comes up. the radar is active offshore. active to the east, we are drive. this has not been the case for the month of may pick running anywhere from triple to quadruple the amount of rainfall that we typically see for this month which is one of our drier months. 384% of the average in santa rosa which is a lot. this weekend sunday, san francisco, can't rule out a scattered shower, 20% chances for showers certainly not a washout with temperatures in the low 60s. the pollen count will be in its climb with the reigning pattern moving out the pollen count between a 5 and a seven on a 1-
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12 scale . looking at this pattern we have a trough diving down into mexico. that doesn't happen that often this time of year. pouring in los angeles and in san diego. pouring in palm springs we are getting a break from the rain but the overall pattern is not changing the most unstable air will remain over the sierra so we will watch this on future cast. the dry air weather off to the east remains stormy. thursday, partly sunny skies, some action over the central valley in the sierra. some more low cloud cover we remain dry. saturday the begin to get a little bit closer then on sunday inland, in the tri- valley out toward fairfield and every bay with a chance, the best chance to see showers coming up on sunday with a minimum it will be cooler and cloudier as the air gets closer. cloudy tonight, a mixture of sunshine and clouds warm up more
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. likely hitting 80 for the first time in two weeks in concord which is only 3 degrees above average but it will feel really warm. redwood city at 75, the pedis at 77. venetia hitting 80, san francisco 68 degrees. oakland 70. clearlake tomorrow, 78 degrees, drive-through saturday, sunday as i mentioned not a washout but it's noteworthy because it's a holiday weekend with a 20% chance for showers looking at highs only the 50s and 60s monday memorial day, drying out, tuesday and wednesday more sunshine as the trough finally leads the west coast at some strange mayweather continues toward the east that's your kpix 5 forecast. she was on the highways, weight until you hear how a fan got her to pay for a speeding ticket. >> a special kpix 5 coverage at
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the carnival grand parade. our exclusive live stream begins on sunday at 10:00 a.m. >> a special kpix 5 coverage at the carnival grand parade. our exclusive live stream begins on sunday at 10:00 a.m.
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the mission district in san francisco is like many neighborhoods in the bay area. under pressure from rising rent and gentrification. >> one nonprofit has been steadfast in its efforts to provide service to the people
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in the mission peer coming to the united states from el salvador is a nine-year-old tonight's jefferson award winner saw firsthand how the latino population is in need of services. >> it's lunchtime at mission neighborhood centers dining room and seniors are enjoying some good food and conversation. and some traditional dancing. >> we serve 60 meals. >> making the rounds is santiago ruiz or sam as he likes to be called. sam has been the center ceo for nearly 40 years. >> those moments of joy , they come to mind. i want to be part of that. i want them to know how proud i am. >> he has much to be proud of. when sam took the reins, mission neighborhood center was struggling. the nonprofit facility was in disrepair and there was only 5 employees. it had an operating budget of only $180,000 per year.
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under sam's guidance, they've increased the workforce to more than 200 and has grown the budget to nearly $20 million annually. what some might find ironic since he almost did not get the job. >> i went through two interviews the first one they declined then the second time was a winner for me. >> his hiring was a win for the community. through its program for the children, parents, and seniors, they serve now more than 3000 families every year. daphne russo brings her daughters to the head start program here. >> i see how much they are living. >> lily anna rossi says sam is one step ahead for those in need. >> i'm so blessed i'm paid to make the community a better place. who would not want that job? >> reporter: for serving the families of san francisco's mission district this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to sam ruiz. >> i love spending the morning
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there, the mission neighborhood centers there has launched its biggest expansion of $14 million campaign to expand into four new buildings throughout the neighborhood. you could nominate your local hero for the jefferson award online at kpix campaign to expand into four new buildings throughout the neighborhood. you could nominate your local hero for the jefferson award a long-awaited station in the south bay transforming an entire hood and residents can't wait.
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honestly it could be kind of hard to pay attention to her speed when you are jamming to your favorite song. >> one woman is catching a eath favorite pop stars. >> the woman who was listening
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to this song, nightmare by halsey when she was pulled over for apparently going 99 miles in a 70 mph zone she tweeted the singer saying she was listening to the song and this clearly amused halsey who said this to the fan. what is your account i will pay your ticket? drive safely please but no such luck for one man whose plan went terribly wrong. santa barbara police arrested this man they say fraudulently used a credit card to purchase expensive wine tours in the city. >> his girlfriend told police he planned the trip after they watched an episode of the kardashian family wine tasting in the area . the only famous history he's keeping up news a begins now with ken bastida and elizabeth cook. what other cities claim, wealth, growth, and a skilled workforce but has the city lost its soul?
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>> and southbay a long-awaited bart station transforming a whole neighborhood to welcome change for residents. and east bay company developing a weapon in the battle against cancer. kpix 5 news at 6:00 starts now with the new city within a city. springing up in santa clara county. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook a new bart station is the reason why. in this neighborhood, the transformation is taking place. >> reporter: bart is scheduled to begin service here later this year but it's more than just the trains that are coming, the housing, the jobs and shopping is expected to transform this entire region. the bart tracks into san jose are mostly silent but there is a hum of construction on both sides of the track around various areas of the station with more to come. >> we have 1000 units vertical
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now. >> reporter: a developer who has been working on the project to transform the san jose flea market property into a new urban village for the last 15 years, the first 57 acre chunk is houses and apartments which will total 5000 homes. >> one hour from the train station you will be in the financial district in san francisco without changing trains . >> reporter: the second 63 acre chunk where the fleamarket stands will eventually be read developed into a large complex. neighbors including those living in the surrounding area for a long time will finally be getting a major grocery store and a cvs, chase, and other retailers. >> it's probably going to help peer >> reporter: the neighborhood has under surf four years many traveling to nearby cities just to purchase food. >> i hear a lot of resid this area for a safeway or go to -- >> reporter: those dollars will be spent in san jose. >> those tax dollars, they add up and


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