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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 23, 2019 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now 11:00, the american taliban is about to be a free man.
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the conditions of his release from prison. a trio of teen suspects terrorizing homeowners across south bay, the crime spree they are accused of. bay area caught up in the trade war, now china's tariffs make it impossible for wineries to compete abroad. the manna known as the american taliban, john walker lynn is about to walk free after serving 17 years of a 20 year sentence. right now, he's been held at a federal prison in terre haute indiana. some 2200 miles away from his hometown of san anselmo. that is where joe vasquez is live tonight, joe? >> reporter: liz, it is not clear where he is going to go next. his father still lives here in marin, his mom is on the east coast. they have not said. but, what is clear right now is that by this time tomorrow, john walker lynn is probably going to be out of prison. >> more than a week. >> reporter: before he was known as the american taliban,
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john walker lynn lived here in san anselmo, with a high school in larkspur, but dropped out and got his ged. he became a muslim and attended the islamic center in noah valley. he became very religious and eventually left for the middle east to learn more about islam. his father frank did not want to talk to reporters today, but back in 2007, he insisted his son was not a traitor. >> we know that he is not anti- american. he does not have any sympathy for terrorism. >> reporter: but, his family has never quite been able to explain why john walker lynn was chained trained in one of osama bin laden's training camps and ended up on a battlefield at the age of 20 fighting for the taliban against the americans. >> section is funded by osama bin laden. >> reporter: when cnn interviewed him in 2001 following a prison uprising that left him wounded, lynn spoke with an unusual accent. >> yesterday to read some of the tradition of the scholars.
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the history and my heart became attached to the group. i wanted to help them. >> reporter: what was the network? what were the tentacles that reached back into our neighborhood here in marin? >> reporter: jeff hart worked terrorism at fbi headquarters at the head -- at the time. he said there is plenty of evidence lind was involved in terrorism. >> you cannot just dissipate in a bank robbery and then say hey, i was just there to make a deposit. there was more to this. >> reporter: the new york times is reporting that while he was behind bars, lind became an irish citizen, but he is not going to be able to live there anytime soon, liz, because one of the provisions of his releases that he has to check in with authorities, before he starts to travel using his passport. >> thank you, joe. two of the conditions of his release, lind is not able to speak any language other
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than english online, or view any material that has extremist or terroristic views. new tonight, a group of three teenagers behind bars, after taking police on a pretty wild ride, they are accused of a violent crime spree, involving burglaries and home invasions all across santa clara county. trying to 5 is maria medina was at the apartment with how suspects run from the law came to an end. >> reporter: is to get her say the youngest suspects, just 15 years old, now facing jail time, for a crime spree spending two days before police finally caught up to them. monday just before 11:00 p.m., san jose police get a frantic call from a woman who told them someone broke into her garage. to steal her car, before they got spooked and took off. as police respond, they get another call from a witness responded to suspects inside a
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home on gillis drive. she knew they didn't belong there, because the homeowner had passed away. ronnie kashani and was listening to a police scanner to find out what was going on on his street. officers had blocked in the 16 and 17-year-old suspect as they stole another car. that is when police say one of the teens drove off and got away. but, the other suspect is accused of slamming his car into an officers patrol car. hurting the officer. before he was finally arrested. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: however, the crime spree did not stop there. police say the suspect who got away committed a home invasion in palo alto, with another team tina, just 15 years old. they demanded jewelry and money from an elderly woman, then stole her car and took off back to san jose. where, they then allegedly committed more home burglaries, before police finally closed in on them again. all three now behind bars. >> they weren't even worried about anything, it's quite shocking. at the same time, maybe that is why they were caught. >> i'm just glad justice was served.
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>> reporter: the teens led police on a foot chase, jumping on grooves before they were caught. maria medina, kpix 5. then there are the shameless shoplifters caught on camera at dick's sporting goods in fairfield. >> don't touch me. >> three suspects walked in and grabbed whatever they could carry, a security guard tried to stop them, but they could have cared less. they ran off with samples of clothing, and just drove away. nearly hitting a pedestrian. retail workers say this kind of thing happens way too often. >> we tell our associates, you greet the customer, but, you know, if you don't feel comfortable, back off. we want your safety first. >> this is ridiculous, that this keeps happening in the community. >> reporter: fairfield police say they have no suspects, but
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crimes this bold are often done by people from out of town. in union city, striking teachers and the new haven unified school district will be back in negotiations tomorrow. tonight, parents and students joined teachers in a march two tonight's school board meeting. the teachers union with a 10% pay hike by the district is offering far less, tomorrow, will be the fourth day of this strike. we invite you to join michelle griego, and kenny choi in our morning team for the latest on this that starts at 4:30. richland police have released new body cam video of a deadly police shooting during a hostage situation, we want to warn you, the footage is disturbing. kpix's de la cruz is in the newsroom. >> reporter: luke seal broke into his estranged wife's home last night, taking her and his two children hostage at knifepoint.
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officers drew one of the victims out through a back sliding door, then saw the suspect stabbing his son in the hallway. they yelled for him to drop the weapon. >> drop it, drop it. drop it. drop it. drop it. >> shots fired. >> reporter: police say seals son was able to get free, but an officer rested recognized he was still armed and still a threat. so, he fired his gun, causing seal to collapse. officers say he tried to move towards them, and that is when both fired their guns, hitting him and causing him to slow down. one officer fired again, believing seal was still a threat. seal died from his injuries, his son suffered cuts, but survived. back in 2016, seal was convicted of domestic violence and battery, he was sentenced to three years probation, 300 days in jail, and a restraining order.
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he was arrested for violating that order. back to you. >> thank you. meanwhile, richmond residents rallied tonight after another senseless shooting. kpix custodian gail ramirez was killed by a stray bullet eight days ago while getting his mail. he lives but he leaves behind a city trying to make sense of his loss and galvanized by the murder of one of their own. >> and is enough is enough. enough is enough. >> from up above, he is looking out, he just wants us to be happy, because he was a happy guy. he was always smiling. >> reporter: law enforcement also showed their support the crack in the case could be a challenge. shots were fired, blocks away from where miguel was hit, so far police have no suspects. tonight, president trump accused house speaker nancy pelosi of lying about him having a temper tantrum. that after a meeting with democrats to hammer out an infrastructure deal turned into
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a war of words. >> instead of walking in, happily into a meeting, i walk into, look at people that have just said, that i was doing a cover up. i don't do coverups. >> reporter: the meeting started late, and lasted only a few minutes, before president trump simply stormed out. >> in the public domain, this president is obstructing justice, and is engaged in a coverup. and, that could be an impeachable offense. >> the president now says he will refuse to work with the democrats unless they and their investigations. while that is not likely, mrs. pelusi met with house democrats today, pushing back against growing calls to begin impeachment hearings. we are just learning the pentagon will deliver plans to the white house to deploy up to 10,000 troops, amid heightened tensions with iran. what security officials say they
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need to counter growing iranian threats to u.s. interests in the region, but, many in congress are skeptical. tonight, lawyer michael avenatti faces new federal charges, he is accused of cheating his own client, adult film star stormy daniels. the federal indictment unveiled today alleges avenatti stole $300,000 from daniels, that money came from a book deal detailing an alleged affair with president trump. court documents say he forged her signature, and used that money to fund a lavish lifestyle. on twitter today, avenatti said, quote, no monies relating to ms. daniels were ever misappropriated, or mishandled. i will be fully exonerated. the new charges pile on top of his current legal woes. avenatti faces charges for trying to extort sportswear giants nike, and for ripping off millions of dollars from his clients. president trump's trade war with china is hitting the napa
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valley, as of some wine exports come to a screeching halt. how tariffs are hurting one wineries efforts to expand their business overseas. a wild motorhome chase through southern california, with two dogs caught in the chaos and how they're doing tonight. plus, what did you have for dinner tonight? the eye-opening new study about your diet, and your risk of cancer.
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tonight, the trade war with china is drawing up a wine exports from the napa valley. despite some wineries report that sales from china have hit rock bottom. while a new round of tariffs are expected june 1. >> andria nakano has the story. >> reporter: here at the family owned coney winery, sales to asia make up most of their export business. >> cabernet is king in china. >> reporter: was, the king is being dethroned as the chinese government is said to impose its third tariff in just over the last year, in retaliation for american tariffs on chinese goods. >> the tariffs have affected us a lot. we are at almost double the price that we were a couple of years ago. >> reporter: the silver lining on all of this may be that the napa valley has a reputation of producing some of the best wines in the world, but it's coming to a point where quality can no longer compete with the valley value of wines from
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other countries. >> you look at wines from new zealand, chile, australia, they have a 0% tariff. so, we make some of the best wines in the world in napa valley, but when pricing is such a disadvantage it becomes very hard. >> reporter: for example, honig sold 1000 cases to china come in 2017, that number was nearly cut in half, and just last year, not a single case sold. and it is not only here. >> zero dollars this year. zero sales last year. and the year before. >> reporter: bertha owns the winery in weatherford, with dreams of making her winery the number one brand in china in order to pass on a thriving winery business to her daughters. she still holds onto hope that one day, it will happen. >> i'm not going to be politically correct. so if we hopefully change governments, then maybe things will go better. >> it is expected that china will be the second largest wind market over the next 10 years.
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both wineries are staying optimistic that over time, they can deliver their wines to chinese consumers at a competitive price. in napa valley, andria nakano, kpix 5. speaking of taxes there won't be any water tax, the state senate just redirect rejected a new tax that would have driven up most residents water bills. instead, they voted to create a fund to approve the state drink in one drinking water. many low-income communities in the state suffer from poor water quality. it was one of the wildest chases we have ever seen involving a stolen rv. tonight, reporter rachel kim uncovered new information about the suspect, and the two dogs caught in the middle of that terrifying drive. >> reporter: this dog is now in the care of animal services, after she was purged in an rv involved in a wild and dangerous pursuit tuesday night. you can see her out of the front window after the driver
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has sheared off a big trunk of the motorhome, and smashed it into at least six cars, including this one. >> oh, oh my god. >> reporter: at one point, the dog jumped out of the moving rv is the female driver kept on going through the streets of the san fernando valley. >> oh, no. >> reporter: when the pursuit finally came to a crashing end in tarzana, 52-year-old juliana rain bird got out and started to run. her other dog followed, and it was clear, she was injured. fortunately, this is her today after being treated for her injuries. despite she lets us clean her paw, she let us is a bandage on her paw, she is really a sweet dog. >> reporter: both dogs are now safe and recovering. investigators are also learning more about the woman behind the wheel. police say juliana rain bird bought the rv using a stolen identity. >> i was not shocked because i really did not think that was going to be this way. >> reporter: police say rain bird was driving an rv, new
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sanchez's name. she says ever since her purse was stolen in january, identity thieves have been racking up purchases, she got a notice for the rv and the police may have also bought and motorcycle with her information. >> the person who sold her the motorcycle, said that a lady that looks like that lady came with two dogs. >> reporter: that is why sanchez was not shocked when two dogs were with raber during the pursuit. she and many others are glad to see the pages are in better hands. both dogs have microchips and are registered with the state owner. the problem is the contact information for that owner has not been updated. right now, the folks here at this animal care center are looking for the dog's owner. we also want to mention that one of the drivers hit during the pursuit is in serious condition in the hospital right now, but, his daughter tells us he is expected to be okay. reporting, i'm rachel kim, kpix 5. what you choose to eat tonight probably has a bigger
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impact on your cancer risk than you think. a new study finds that more than 80,000 recent cancer cases among adults, 20 and older, were attributed to a poor diet, that is 5% of all cancer cases. the researchers focused on seven dietary factors, including a low intake of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and dairy products, and a high intake of processed meats, red meats, and sugary drinks. the biggest culprit, in a higher cancer risk, not eating enough whole grains. some technology could treat cancer already spread, one company in the east bay wants doctors to use it. the company is called reflection, and they just moved to haworth. the new treatment combines real- time pet scans that map the specific location of cancer cells, then, the cells are targeted with radiation treatment, a matter of months
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hospital could see this new technology. despite we have all lost people to this disease, and the idea that maybe that it does not have to happen so much in the future is beyond just being happy about a new business opening, it is something that we are doing something for all of humanity. >> the company hopes to get approval from the fda for their product by the end of this year, and begin manufacturing and shipping at the beginning of next year. raise your hand if you thought that sunshine felt good today. it felt about 20 degrees warmer, only 10 degrees warmer but, less when it lets us less wind, less rain, some of us only 80 degrees. temperatures are mild out, 65 in concord, more at 56, really dropped to the 50s overnight tonight with cloud cover hugging the coastline, san francisco at 34, lehigh valley 52. it was active in the sierra this afternoon, it will be for the next five days, the question is, this weekend, holiday weekend will some of that unstable air stretch all the way back west to the bay
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area. high surf advisory through the night tonight until nine a clock tomorrow morning, surface rust, the recurrent risk is high. breakers as high as 20 feet. carnaval today sunday, the parade in seven cisco will be airing on our online social media network starting at 10:00 a.m. 60 degrees with a chance of showers. yes, over the holiday weekend, because we are mired in a really odd weather pattern. the jetstream racing down the west coast into northwestern mexico, that simply does not happen that often this time of year but is now, wrapping around a broad area of low pressure, showers and understands impacting los angeles, phoenix arizona, that is where the majority of the energy will stay but some of that energy may get out sunday, tomorrow a good dose of sunshine, a good dose of sunshine but storms rumbling up to our east. they begin to get closer and on sunday there is a scattered shower chance as those storms and unstable air will work its way back to the west.
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tomorrow will be a warm day, the first time in 11 days we put temperatures above average, it's been a week and a half, mainly dry here, active over the sierra, some showers may reach the bay area, not a guarantee but may. napa fairfield 81, 75 in redwood city, sunshine and seven cisco 68. trending cooler friday and saturday still dry, there's your shower chance over the holiday weekend that sunday with highs only in the 60s. we will get more sunshine and warmer weather next week. that is your forecast, tomorrow morning for 30. mary and emily with the latest on weather and traffic. back to you. cities up and down the coast are grappling with a looming crisis. rising sea levels. >> state agency wants to let nature take it's course, to protect the beaches, thousands of property owners may have to give up their homes. watch our original report, forced to retreat, thursday night on the new kpix news at 7:00. still ahead, a warning from the warriors, how to make sure your tickets are legit.
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>> a reminder, join michelle griego and joe vasquez for kpix coverage, the 2019 carnaval grand parade, our exclusive live stream begins sunday, at 10:00 a.m. on, and termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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well, a fraud alert tonight coming from the golden state warriors. >> with the nba finals fast approaching, the team is warning fans, look out for counterfeit tickets, the warriors say buying single tickets from unverified third parties could be risky. in fact, nearly 1000 fans with fake tickets have been turned away this season. it's scammers tend to target high-profile games like the finals. the team says is the only verified vendor. kpix 5 has you covered on air and online is the warriors gear up for the nba finals. two warriors definitely not frauds, honored by the nba today a giant diving all over the field tonight. but there was one
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since we can't possibly have a sports cost without mentioning the warriors, tremont green and clay thompson were named the league's all team defense second team, first time for thompson, fifth time for green. jeff's mars i didn't give up and earned run in six innings, the problem is he gave up six unearned runs. this comebacker should have been the inning ending double play but giants have the shift on nobody covered second base. and that was a killer. down 2-0, dan swanson crushes a three run jacket over the yahoos, three runs right there and it's going to get worse, next batter, freddie freeman, monster homerun, the braves go back to back, all six runs the shark gave up were unearned, and the giants lose 9-2. the a's took their winning streak
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right for cleveland, frankie matzoh has had quite a month. six shutout innings today. nine strikeouts, he's 2-0 with a 1.68 e.r.a. in may. mike and it would not want to come back to the bay area, that's his fists homerun of the road trip. his six straight in the win column to get back to 500 for the season. u.s. open, pebble beach, can you believe it? there's a new man in charge of the layout for the usga but it doesn't matter for phil nicholson, who knows pebble won't be the same course on which he won three months ago. >> reporter: what does this do if anything for you and your conference coming back to complete the career glancing? >> absolutely nothing. it is nothing like the course we will see. >> reporter: you will see what is different than the at&t, it's a bit narrower on the
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fairway, a little more rough but it's just pebble, we want to create something special for the world's greatest players but in the end we wanted to be about fans so what we do is set up pebble the way it's always been and that history unfold. >> he was in the mood for a triple play? mike thompson astros to third, that's two, and that's three. nick was a donna, so were two of his teammates, 5-4, three, if you guys are scoring at home, red sox 1-9-4, that is your play of the day. >> i was at pebble beach, i'm looking forward to this it will be tough. - [narrator] the following is a paid advertisement
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