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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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we start with a big fight in alameda county over the pride flag. >> in dublin city leaders just voted down a plan to raise the rainbow stripes. >> reporter: if flying a flag is a symbol of respect and honor, what does it mean when you don't fly a flag? every day, the city of dublin flies three flags in city hall. the city, the state, and the stars and stripes. there is one flal that will not be waving there any time soon. the rain blow flag, signifying gay pride. at tuesday's meeting, a councilman proposed flying the flag throughout pride month in june. >> i didn't know if it would be controversial, per se. but i did know we needed to have the conversation. >> reporter: dublin's first openly gay council member also asked for a proclamation declaring june lgbt pride month in theity, and thepr tus but against flying
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the rainbow flag. even t he amended his request to just a single day. >> i can't even imagine why that would be a bad idea. just for one day? >> reporter: others could imagine why not. at the meeting, one man held up an nra flag and asked if the city would be willing to fly that over city hall after the rainbow flag came down. >> i think flying this flag is a symbol. and flying it would set a very dangerous precedent. >> if you fly it, a bunch of other groups will want to fly it. and then it gets -- >> if you don't fly it, does it sound like you're making a statement on the opposite way? >> right. either way fly i regular flee flags.nsesles. >> w need to figure out how we can express inclusivity in our growingly diverse community.
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>> reporter: he's disappointed more gay people did not show up to support the pride flag. he says many are still not confident they will be accepted. we're just learning of an arrest in a gruesome homicide in san francisco. the 73-year-old victim was found dismembered inside a home in the mission on monday. neighbors hadn't seen the homeowner in days. they also reported hearing fighting at that home. the victim's name has not been released. and so far police won't give any details on whom they arrested or if the suspect's has a relationship to the victim. new video of a second shameless heist at a dick's sporting goods, this time in pleasant hill. it shows some teens making off could grab. as kiet do reports, this time the spree ended very differently. >> reporter: the drama unfolded
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yesterday when a pleasant hill police officer spotted something suspicious. there was a car backed in toward the main entrance here at the dick's, and it had no license plate. when the officer started walking toward the whole scene, the thieves' plan started to go downhill. running with $8,000 worth of shoplifted merchandise is a lot harder than it sounds. >> that's why they had a car waiting nearby to basically dump it right into the backseat or the trunk of the car and make a quick getaway. >> reporter: it was near closing time wednesday night when a group of teenagers came in and went straight for the athletic wear, grabbing whatever they could, tossing it over their shoulders, and heading straight for the door. there was just one thing. >> they had arms full of clothing. as they exited, they saw the police car with the officer getting out. ran backnterr of the store. >> reporter: that officer called for backup to go for backup on the opposite side of the store. the thieves tried to run but
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they were trapped. >> pushed them on their shoulders, caused them to go to their knees, and was able to walk out from there. >> reporter: dick's is a frequent target of thieves in the bay area because of their so-called no-chase policy. this is cellphone video of crooks strolling out of a dick's in fairfield yelling at the security guards not to touch them. sores tell us the women in this video from fairfield strongly resemble the ones that hit the pleasant hills store wednesday night. >> it wouldn't spreez me if these folks were connected to other thefts, similar thefts throughout the bay area. will it stop the problem? i'm do you feel that it will, but i'm hopeful in up this small part of a ring. >> reporter: of the five people that were arrested, only one of them was an adult. 18-year-oldzara mccochran from oakland.
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fwlarpz police. to know if you recognize the two women in this surveillance video. they are suspected of attacking a woman near kearny and sulter street and, sutter street and stealing her purse. chopper 5 over oakland today as police surrounded a home near 580 and macarthur. had their weapons drawn. a short time later, they pulled two men out of some nearby bushes. we believe the men ran off at one point after an officer tried to pull over a car they were in. so far it's not clear if there's any connection to the house where they ended up. bart is working on a plan to tackle one of its most costly problems. fare evaders. it's looking at several new options to guard its gates. melissa kane is at the embarcadero station with the proposals.
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>> reporter: this station is notorious for fare-jumping. we just saw someone come up and walk right through. and the people in the information booth behind me didn't do anything to stop or deal with the situation. it's not just this station where it's a problem. it's agency-wide. and according to bart, it costs tens of millions of dollars a year. today they took a first step in trying to fix the problem. bart is finally looking at its gates. >> this is really the first time they're being shown different options. >> reporter: today the bart board looked at four alternatives for new fare gate. option 1 would modify existing
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gates. option 2 would use swing geets. option 3, sliding gates. and option 4, new york city subway style. >> my preference would be to go to option 4. let's just go straight to it. things aren't getting any better. >> reporter: board member deborah allen was the only member in favor of option 4. most were in favor of option 1, modifying the existing gates. >> particularly interested in option 1 which i think really does create a fare gate that is difficult to evade. >> reporter: the board didn't vote on any of the options today. it wasta lobbying by board member allen to get this far. >> two and a half years to just get a presentation on what's available to us. >> reporter: today nearly all the board members said that securing the gates is urgent. ridership is down. and fares are about to go up.
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5.4% in january, 2020. bart has to do what it can to keep riders happy. >> fare gates are an important issue. the last time we did a big survey, our riders are more and more telling us that they want us to enforce fare evation. >> reporter: modifying the gates, some 600 gates throughout the bart system, is expected to take up to two years. and it will cost up to $25 million. and that's money that is not in this year's budget. we are still several years away from a system-wide fix. another dead whale has washed ashore at point ray's national seashore. it's a gray whale, the 12th dead whale found on a bay area beach this season alone. it is unclear what killed this animal so far. most of the others died from ship strikes or malnutrition. eroding cliffs have forced a lane of the coastal highway to
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close. the trouble is at gleason beach, north of bodega bay. these cliffs have been eroding for decades but now it's an emergency. there are fears the southbound lane could crash into the sea. caltrans is moving both directions to the northbound lane. they've put in a traffic light for now. >> we saw the erogue occur, we closed down the southbound lane, and we have an emergency project in place. and we're working to shift that lane over and make sure that we stabilize the cliff further. >> in bodega, erosion forced another emergency lane closure on the same highway. cities up and down the california coast are grappling with another crisis. rising sea level. >> a state agency wants to let nature take its course to protect the beaches. thousands of property owners may have to give up their homes.
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>> it is our home. and it's just not fair that they should impose any sort of restrictions on us. simply locking your doors may no longer be enough to defend your car. >> i looked over to the right and there was a car with the doors open, looked over to the left and i saw a few more cars with the doors open. >> how some crooks are turning to technology. >> an out of control dump truck slams into a house in the oakland hills. >> you're looking live at the fastest-growing city in all of california. can you guess where it is? >> be sure to join us this sunday for the carnival grand
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parade. our exclusive live-stream coverage begins at 10:00 am on and we're hoping for good weather. >> hoping helps. this pattern needs to change before that hope becomes reality. we're less than 100 miles away from a lot of rain and thunderstorms despite how ethereal that view of the city looks.
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the high-tech nicest santa clara county. thieves broke into about half a dozen cars in gilroy overnight.
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>> reporter: homeowners woke up this morning and found their cars had been broken into. and the most bizarre fact about the break-in, there was no broken glass, no doors that had been pried open. it appears the thieves found some way to outsmart their cars' alarm system. >> i remember my husband closing the trunk. and i said did you lock the door? he says i locked out. i went back and double-checked and it was locked. >> reporter: yet this morning, her car was unlocked, the doors were ajar, and someone clearly rummaged through her glove box. and she abundant alone. >> i looked to the right and there was a car with doors open, to the left and a few more cars with the doors open. >> reporter: renee's neighbor shared this video from his home security system which shows a man with a flashlight disarming his car'srm stemraising the alas a way to essentially hack a key
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fob. >> reporter: thieves can use a device to trick your key fob into sending a signal that unlocks your door. >> car companies are trying to come up with ways to combat this. >> reporter: it's an unnerving idea, says renee, who moved into her new house just a week ago. >> a little nervous because it's a new neighborhood, we just moved in and feel very violated. >> reporter: the only way to safeguard against this type of break-in is to put your key fob in a container that is specifically designed to block radio waves. a house in the oakland hills is going to need some costly repairs. a dump truck plowed into the front of it. it happened this morning at colton boulevard and snake road. windy roads in the montclair neighborhood. the truck was loaded with dirt and ended up neighbors weren'tt dprau
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surprised. they s een force to toughucks their nrh of snake road was closed by a fire more than a year ago. >> i guess i'd be kind of annoyed too if i was over there and i had to go to the other side of town to go up the hill to go home. >> it's not clear what caused the crash. no word on whether the driver was cited for any kind of violation. a live look at the fastest growing city in california. dublin, california. also the 11th fastest growing city in the country, bleerp. believe it or not. dublin has grown by 38% since 2010. that translates to about 17,000 people moving into town. othert- bay area
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cities include mountain view. on the other side of the ledger, san jose lost residents for the first time since 2010. a live look at the san jose international airport where passengers will soon be using six new gates. once they open, southwest airlines will take over. >> the passengers and our customers and our regional community were seeing that weedm iruickly gateset to open in early joanna june. the $58 million project serves as an interim facility while city leaders look into a permanent one. >> big holiday weekend up ahead of driving. and you can see the traffic heading out. people
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leave on thursday, they don't wait till friday. doesn't matter what the gas is, the weather. but it does matter what the weather is. we have had snow. >> snow in the mountain. and it's gonna stay unstable there. we will see some showers here. so this is kind of a strange memorial day holiday weekend. ending a strange season. halfway through a strange weather year. more showers coming this weekend. beautiful outside. ken is practicing throwing his duckel curve. knuckle curve from back in the day. don't even know what that pitch is. livermore 72. apparently ken does. santa rosa 75. this will be the warmest day of the week. santa rosa, you're chilly. tonight 50s again. san francisco 55. livermore and fairfield 54. santa rosa 52. we are not completely dry. some showers have formed on the western fringe of the sacramento valley and the diablo range just east
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of livermore and dublin. on 580, we're seeing a shower leave discovery bay and byron and slice in between tracy and livermore. this weekend will completely dry. belmont cooler tomorrow, 69 degrees. a mixture of sun and clouds. no rain for thit this look at this area of low pressure extending from canada to mexico, from the sierra back to colorado. that's how much of an influen low pressure area has. and it's sending the jet stream all the way down into northern mexico. odd. and when the next storm hops aboard those train tracks in the atmosphere, it will clip the bay area. think about that chance of showers coming up on sunday. tomorrow a good dose of sunshine. watch the activity bubbling up over the mountains, and to our east in
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the central valley. same story on saturday with a chance. the increased cloud cover saturday evening. but we're still dry sunday morning. there it is. a couple of scattered showers out there. not a washout. but any outdoor plans, it's gonna be chilly, cloudy. and we'll have scattered showers around on sunday of the so the rain will stay just to our east through saturday. we will dry tomorrow. we are dry on saturday. not on sunday. cloudy, cooler, scattered showers memorial day. still chilly. we'll get that rain out of here. highs in the lower 70s tomorrow. vallejo, fremont, napa soon. oakland and san francisco in the 60s. san jose 73 degrees. extended forecast, dry until sunday morning when scattered showers return. look at the highs. 50s to mid-60s. still chilly on monday. warmer coming up next week. you've been advised. sunday looks showery. how could a team store 2 runs with the ball never leaving the infield? think about that for two minutes. and demarcus cousin, will he be back in the warrior lineup before kevin durant?
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fans probably look at us thinking about time they see a little injury adversity. >> kevin durant remains sidelined with the team announced it is unlikely durant will play in game 1 of the finals. you feel like he's gonna be back at some point in the series. >> reporter: cousins is closer to returning, perhaps as early as next thursday. he went through a full practice today, recovering from a torn quad. at this point cousins is just glad to get a break from the trainer. >> we've been working the -- out of him this year. >> reporter: the other news of the day, steph curry namedt-tea. grant honored second team honors. klay thompson was left off. which could cost him an extra $30this. >> when you go five straight, it takes more than just a couple nba guys. whatever. i would rather win a championship than
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be 13 all-nba. it's all good. >> well-said. but it's ridiculous that your salary is tied to whether or not you get an award. full warriors coverage, get set for the finals. check us out online. 49ers have about four months to get healthy for them. they're gonna need it. joey bosa has a grade 1 hamstring strain. will miss the rest of spring practice. and jimmy ward suffered a broken collar bone. he's gonna be out 8 to 12 weeks. au> happy 21ster then as ley, two-run shot. the braves reek has five home runs in nine games since being called up. in the 13th inning, it's riley
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again. going the other way. and the braves take three out of four from the giants. the giants had only one hit after the 7th inning. college baseball, auburn's catcher can't find the ball. chaos ensues. >> trying to escort tying run and they do! and it gets away. lsu will walk it off. oh, my goodness. what just happened? >> did you do that in the fourth grade? you don't normally see that in the fourth grade. lsu beat auburn to stay alive in the s.e.c. tournament on that play. and lsu lost last night in a 17-inning game. so a lot of drama for lsu right now. >> couldn't find the ball. it's right next to you.back.
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chopper 5 over a pod of elephant seals hanging out on a beach where they normally aren't seen and that is causing some concern among humans. >> the massive marine mammals have moved to a popular stretch of drake's beach which has been closed to the public. the group of young males appears to have split from the main herd to shed their winter coats. they may look big and lazy but looks can be deceiving. >> they are much faster than you would expect them to be. you might not be able to react quick enough to get away from them. >> park rangers may use large plastic tarps to try and move the animals along. holding those tarps up will be enough incentive for them to rejoin the herd. >> they just want to lay on the beach. >> it's a nice day. >> not bad. good life. >> yeah. thank you for watching for the cbs evening news is up next. >> we're back in 30 minutes with kpix news at 7:00. in
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custody is simply unacceptable. >> as the pentagon draws up plans to send more u.s. troops to the middle east to counter iran, the president weighs in. >> i don't think we're going to need them. i really don't. >> surveillance video shows the moment a police detective shot and wounded an unarmed man in philadelphia. >> he asked for a quarter.


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