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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 23, 2019 7:00pm-7:29pm PDT

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is it the same crew? >> it wouldn't surprise me if these folks were connected. >> plus, what's behind bart's brand-new plan to guard its gates from fare cheaters. >> this is the first time they're being shown different options. >> it would set a very dangerous precedent. >> why one east bay city refuses to fly the rainbow flag. >> i mean, just for one day. >> it's the fight between homeowners and the coastal commission. yoise without forcing them to move? >> what do you want to see happen? >> it is our home. cars in a south bay neighborhood. >> this is a way to actually
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hack a key fob. the news at 7:00 starts now with the investigation into two brazen robberies. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kiet do is in pleasant hill at the site of the most recent case. >> reporter: the drama unfolded yesterday. a pleasant hills police officer drove by and saw something suspicious. a car that was backed in toward the main entrance to the dick's with no license plate. when the officer worked toward that whole scene, that's when the thieves' plan started to unravel. it was near closing time wednesday night when a group of teenagers came in and went straight for the athletic wear, grabbing whatever they could, tossing it over their shoulders, and headed straight for the door. >> but there was just one thing. that first officer then called for backup to go to the exit on the opposite side of the store. the thieves tried to run. but they were trapped. >> he was able to push on their shoulders from behind, which
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caused them to go to their knees, and handcuff them from there. >> reporter: it turns out dick's is eye frequent target of thieves in the bay area because of their so-called no-chase policy. this is video. crooks just strolling out of a dick's in fairfield, yelling at the security guard not to touch them. sources tell uhe women in this video from fairfield strongly resemble the ones who hit the pleasant hills store wednesday night. >> it wouldn't surprise me if these folks were connected to other similar thefts throughout the bay area. >> reporter: out of the five people that were arrested, one of them was an adult. she faces a charge of grand theft and conspiracy. an arrest in a gruesome homicide in san francisco of the 75-year-old victim was found dismembered in the outer mission on monday. police won't give any details on who they arrested or the suspect's relationship if
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any to the victim. neighbors tell us they often heard fighting at that home. the victim's name has not been released. bart taking a look at new ticket gates. it's the first step in tackling the problem with fare evaders. they cost system up to $25 million a year. >> reporter: it's not just this station where that's a problem. it's agency-wide. and according to bart it, costs them tens of millions of dollars a year. so today, the bart board took one first step toward fixing the problem. people who ride without paying cost bart $15 million to $25 million a year. so bart is finally looking at its gates. >> this is really the first time they're being shown different options. >> reporter: today the board looked at four alternatives for new fare gate.
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option 1 would modify existing gates. option 2 would use swing gates. option 3, sliding gates. and option 4, new york city subway style. >> my preference would be to go reporter: boardbe wasr. member in favor of option 4. most we iavor of option 1, modifying the existing gates. >> particularly interested in option 1? i think really does create a -- a fare gate that is difficult to evade. >> reporter: the board didn't vote on any options today. it was just an informational hearing. dublin city leaders have just turned down a proposal to fly the rainbow flag, signifying gay pride. dublin's first openly gay city cnc for a proclamation to make june lgbtq pride month. and the council
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approved that idea unanimously. but they voted 3-2 against flying the rainbow flag. to go with the regular flags for the city, state, and nation. that's despite the fact that the request was amended to a single day. >> i didn't know in it would be controversial, per se. but i did know we needed to have the conversation. >> i think flying this flag is a symbol, and flying it would set a very dangerous precedent. >> a massive facebook account purge is underway. a new report says the social media giant removed more than three billion fake accounts since last year. the social media giant estimates that's 5% of their monthly users. nearly all of them were caught before becoming active. >> i can create thousands of fake accounts that like my page. then i could go to other people and say look how many people like me. so a lot of this is efforts to try and help influencers or help to cause influence.
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chopper 5 overhead after a huge dump truck loaded with dire this is in the montclair neighborhood at snake road and colton boulevard. it ended up several feet inside the garage. luckily nobody was hurt. the traffic and trucks have been using the steep, windy streets as shortcuts, lately, since the top of insaning road was closed by a fire more than a year ago. thievings broke into about half a dozen cars in gilroy overnight. it's how they apparently got into those cars that have security analysts sounding the alarm. >> reporter: homeowners woke up this morning and found their cars had been broken into. most bizarre fact about that break-in, there was no broken glass, no tires that had been
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pried open. >> i remember my husband closing my trunk. and i said did you lock the door? he says i locked it. i went back out and double-checked and it was locked. >> reporter: yet this morning when renee woke up, the car was unlocked, the jar was ajar, and someone rum badged through her glovebox. >> i looked to the right and there was a car with the doors open. looked to the history and i saw a few more cars with the doors open. >> reporter: renee's neighbor shared this video from his home security system. it shows a man with a flashlight disarming his car's alarm system and opening his door. >> security people have been raising the alarm. there is a way to, essentially, hack a key fob. the car companies are trying to come up with ways to comcombat them.
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>> reporter: the only way to safeguard against this type of break-in is to put your key fob in a container that is specifically designed to block radio waves. an update on warriors star, kevin durant. >> his status for game 1 of the finals. >> reporter: a more than decades-old fight could be settled tonight in santa clara county. why some say a mosque on this property won't fit in. >> we just want them to conform to our way of living. like a barn or a country building of some sort. >> also ahead, overrun by elephant seals. a popular bay area beach that was closed off to the public. >> plus, speaking of the ocean, why uber is now sinking to new depths. >> we are really, really close to a really stormy evening. it is just pouring in the mountains.
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my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants ddeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than some mediocre cereal. that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. cities up and down the california coast are grappling with a looming crisis. how to
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deal with rising sea levels. >> thousands of property owners may be forced to retreat to protect the beaches. by 2,100, thousands of homes along the california coast will be at risk of flooding. they want the homeowners to move away and let nature take its course. >> our neighborhood is right over here. >> reporter: though he lives on the coast, jeff has never worried about sea level rise. >> the water would never reach? >> oh, no. >> reporter: last fall, all that changed. the city of pacifica put out this draft of a local coastal plan. it includes something called managed retreat. homeowners and businesses could be moved away from the shore to give rising tides more room. pacifica plan reads "the city shall establish and pursue funding of a managed
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retreat program for voluntary re at your own risk. >> we started researching it. and it started looking more and more scary. >> reporter: managed retreat could mean he would not be able to hold the city liable for any damage to his home in the event of a flood. and if he sells it, he would have to disclose that it's in a hazard zone. >> home values are gonna drop. >> reporter: some of jeff's neighbors have already given up. >> both houses on boat sides of me have moved. and partially because of this issue. >> reporter: the california coastal commission wants every single community along the coast to develop a managed retreat plan if you're in the coastal zone. and here in pacifica, the coastal zone means everything that's west of highway 1. all of these homes here out toward the ocean. the coastal it clear that the city
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try to avoid that the strategid are basically seawalls and protection barriers like that. and beach replenishment. >> reporter: it may not be that simple though. the city's local coastal plan has to be approved by the coastal commission, including senior engineer, lesley ewing. >> we can either let external forces take control over what's going on in california or we can start taking control of it to an extent ourselves. >> reporter: she points out what happened in pacifica after several el niño winters just three years ago. 30 feet of slough, apartment buildings included, came tumbling down into the ocean. >> that type of unmanaged retreat is something that i don't think anybody wants to see. >> reporter: ewing says seawalls will no longer be allowed to be built under managed retreat
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because they're only a temporary fix. they accelerate beach loss. many new developments and major remodels in the coastal zone are already having to waive the right to armor the shore. but they're not doing it without a fight. >> certainly if you're a landowner who has a home along the beautiful coastline here in california, i think you would think that is quite drastic. you might even think it's unconstitutional. >> reporter: the senior attorney with the pacific legal foundation, a group that helps defend property rights along the coast. >> one of rights that is fundamental is the right to use and to protect one's private property. >> reporter: his foundation is helping the city of solano beach and marin county sue the coastal commission. pacifica appears to be taking note. >> oftentimes things do get resolved in the courts. so that's one course of action. >> reporter: the city manager acknowledges there may be some
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new zoning regulations. possibly along the city's already-defined hazard zone along the bluff. jeff is not reassured by that. it still has the same effect as managed retreat. they're just not calling it that. it is our home. and it's just not fair that they should impose any sort of restrictions on us. >> reporter: the commission responded with changes and just recently the city of pacific batted back with what it calls a compromise. now the next move is up to the coastal commission. >> we'll keep following this issue. marine experts say young males shedding their winter coats, the elephant seals moving into this part of drake's beach.
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they've taken over a popular stretch for families. don't mistake their size for being slow. a part of the beach is now closed after the herd moved in. >> they'll rear up, they might even growl at you. but they're fast. they are much faster than you would expect them to be. speaking of the sea, the waves are calming down. the live surf line camera at pacifica. the swells are not intig tonight as they have been in the past couple of days. but it's just strange weather we're dealing with. i don't know what to expect from day to day. >> and rain is on the way? >> we're not done yet. typically by june the first, there's basically an off switch. june, july, august, september, almost zero chances of rain. i don't know here. i can't guarantee that. as long as this pattern sticks around, there will be rain somewhere close to the bay
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area almost every day. coming up this weekend. they will likely be the next warmest day of the week. 80 in santa rosa, sfoez and fremonin the 70s. fremont in the 70s. tonight mid-50s. partly cloudy skies. san francisco 55. oakland 54. napa 51. rain is not that far away, folks. if you're watching us from fairfield, you look out to the east, it looks stormy. it is. new lightning strike just popped up to the north and east of rio vista. some of that heavier rainfall, a brief downpour may move through brentwood or oakley or discovery bay. or bethel island, and likely dissipate before making it to the trivalley. to our east, num rouse showers and thunderstorms in the mountains as well. bottle rock this weekend, scattered showers likely coming up on sunday. yesterday it was possible.
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as we get better information, it's looking more and more likely that we'll at least see some showers throughout the day on sunday. pollen count will drop as well. thanks to that rainfall moving in. this is a straight-up strange weather pattern. it's raining almost everywhere in california but here. from mt. shasta all the way down to big bear. we're talking about rainfall. still showery in las vegas. still raining in arizona. more showers in and around san luis obispo and wrapping around a huge area of low pressure moving toward salt lake city. and notice the arrows, the jet stream coming from the north. one will follow that track and give us a chance of rain on sunday. tomorrow, a good dose of sunshine. lots of activity off to the east. that's where it stays on friday. saturday another day, partly sunny skies. lots of activities off to the east. an increase in clouds saturday evening. that's not the rain. the rain moves in sunday morning. there it is. nothing terribly heavy. it won't be that widespread. but scattered
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showers coming up on sunday. and likely scattered showers throughout the entire day. your outdoor plans may need to be amended if you have outdoor plans on sunday because of the rain. partly cloudy tonight. cooling trend tomorrow. still dry but cooler. rain chance moves in this weekend, specifically sunday. your friday highs, not cold. just not as warm as today. san jose 73. 60s for san rafael, oakland, san francisco and pacifica. mountain view, 71. extended forecast call figure are some warmer weather on the seven-day forecast, which for some reason versus here's technology for you. i keep pushing the button. come back out to me. notice the red button. i'm pushing the button but nothing is happening. >> you just opened the garage. >> we're gonna come back later in the show, and i'm gonna show you the seven-day forecast. remember this, showers on sunday. >> thank you, paul. why the fate of a long-proposed mosque in santa clara county will be decided larry tonight.
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>> miles of destruction after deadly tornadoes hit one area in the middle of the night. >> and what the president said today about the release of the american taliban. >> what to expect out of kevin durant, this is guy coming back? we >> kpix 5 michelle griego and joe vasquez will host our coverage of the carnival grand parade, sunday at 10:00 am on and our social media platforms. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redh the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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drone video shows widespread violent tornadoes in missoi.
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jfersonok aect hit out threeld ke ak this alersh. dozecks and cars flipped over. at least three people died in the weather. missouri is under a state of emergency. tonight a marin man dubbed the american taliban is freed after serving 17 years of a 20-year sentence. john w lindh was released early for good behavior. he was brought to the u.s. in 2001, accused of conspiring to kill a cia agent. in a plea bargain, he only admitted to supporting the taliban. president trump says he couldn't do anything to stop lindh's release. a shutdown tonight after a long battle over a mosque in santa clara county.
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>> reporter: a mosque, a community center, and a caretaker's home are planned here. community neighbors have been battling the south valley islamic center since 2006 since the center bought 16 acres of land here. some neighbors are worried about the environmental impact. others don't like the size of the 9,000 square foot mosque or the architecture. >> we just want them to conform to our way of living. like a barn or a country building of some sort. >> is there a group of other individuals who are fearful of muslims in america? absolutely. it's on county record. >> reporter: a crucial vote at the county planning commission which will decide whether or not this mosque ever gets built. kevin durant is unlikely to play in game 1 of the finals. the finals start a week from
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today. >> thanks elizabeth. coming up next, uber goes underway. why it now has a new submarine.
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here it is. the seven-day forecast. dry tomorrow and saturday. sunday scattered showers, not a washout, but scattered showers. chilly. 50s and 60s. we'll dry out to stay chilly on memorial day.
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we'll warm up a bit next week. your seven-day forecast. >> all right. it can't take you to work but uber still wants to you hail one of their submarines. >> welcome to scuber, the australian-based service takes passengers underwater to the great barrier reef. it seats 2 users at a time and costs about $1,000 a seat. rides are only being offered for the next month. spectacular. >> they don't double-park either. >> take up a lane. >> a lot of traffic.
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