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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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some of the biggest issues facing the state. and we will show you how the bay area is honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this memorial day. it is monday, may 27th. good morning. thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. michelle is off today. as we check our holiday forecast as we honor those who have made that service and that sacrifice. >> that's right, kenny. yeah, a beautiful day on this memorial day as we honor those who fought and served our country, very bravely. here is a live look with our san jose camera and you can see it is dry after active weather in the south bay yesterday. we are looking at 52 right now in san jose, upper 40s for livermore and santa rosa, mid- 50s in concord, looking at 53 in oakland this morning. so here's your memorial day forecast, a dry day today with a mix of sun and clouds. cool along the coast in the upper 50s for the bay. low 60s and for our inland locations topping out in the upper 60s to low 70s. now let's check in with emily
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for a look at traffic. and i wish every day was like today with that commute. >> you and me both, mary. although then i would be out of a job. so maybe not so much. maybe a nice mix of this versus this and a crazy day so we can have a perfect medium. in the meantime it is perfect for those of you hitting the road this morning. nothing but green out there. your drive time down to 22 minutes coming to you the altamont pass, hour on the east shore freeway to get to the bay bridge and then on highway 4 half an hour coming out of the south bay on101, 36 minutes. the drive times are going down at this hour. great for those of you hitting the road. if you use public transportation and plan to use that today to get to one of your holiday barbecues or something along those lines, check in with us and make sure that you keep up with your closures as well as holiday hours and public transit. we will tell you about b.a.r.t. i know that the track is closed between concord and pleasant hill this morning. most other public transit agencies do have holiday hours
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which is not quite so busy as a normal weekday. now, this car fire is being worked on right now with the fire department. eastbound 580 at park boulevard. the off-ramp as well as one lane are both closed, but it is in topposite cte directioand so busyso it'nousi delays at all. this crash right at southbound and cesar chavez has now been cleared out. everything there in the green and good to go headed into or out of the city this morning. only one slow spot for no particular reason as you're headed into sunol. >> thank you. this morning a gunman who opened fire at a popular bay area park is still at large this morning. investigators say that that gunman shot a man yesterday at dolores park in san francisco around 5:00. sfpd roped off the staircase at the top of the park for several hours during the investigation. we also saw several officers searching the grassy hill near the muni tracks for some evidence. >> we just came to the park, we were just going to come and just listen to some music, relax and then we heard like two shots. >> i heard a few gunshots going
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off. they sounded like fireworks at first. i didn't know how to react but then i saw a bunch of people runninso i just -- there was obviously something going on. >> sfpd says that the shooting victim will survive and that there is no suspect description at this time. new this morning from contra costa county, a robbery at a gas station in moraga turned into a police chase that ended up in antioch. kpix5's jackie ward fills us in from there with more details. jackie. >> reporter: it ended just before 9:00 last night. so as you mentioned, it started at a gas station in moraga, ended up here at this gas station in antioch after a fiery -- not fiery, but after a pretty brutal car crash. so let's put this into perspective with a map here. moraga police put out a bulletin about a robbery at an arco gas station last night. lafayette police spotted the vehicle allegedly involved which led to a pursuit down highway 24 to highway 4 to here
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on hillcrest ave where the suspects were finally arrested. this black car, the masked suspects were driving, smashed into a white car shortly after it exited highway 4 and got off at hillcrest. one person was injured but they declined medical attention and the contra costa county fire department tells us there was no need for extraction. police confiscated masks, money and a gun from the suspects' vehicle and ended up arresting three teenagers. live in antioch, jackie ward, kpix5. >> thank you. highway 17 has been completely reopened after a crash caused 18 hours of closures and delays. according to the chp, 23-year- old claudia maldonado was driving under the influence when her car slammed into a power pole knocking down electrical lines. pg&e crews were able to clear the powerlines from the southbound lanes and then reopened the road yesterday morning but northbound lanes remain closed as crews worked to secure the damaged power
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poles. the right lane was finally reopened last night. we just got new information in on an arrest that was made yesterday in the stabbing of a 17-year-old in santa cruz. that 17-year-old is still in critical condition and here's where it happened, very close to the boardwalk, about three blocks away at third and k street in broad daylight. 6:30 last night there were reports of a fight and when police got there, they found a teenager who was badly injured. they say he is from watsonville. well, they ended up tracking down a car that some witnesses had seen there at the scene and they found these five suspects who police say are from antioch at the holiday inn express on ocean street. the investigation continues. time is ticking for state lawmakers to make some major decisions this week. friday is the deadline to pass or reject bills in the assembly and state senate. some of the measures facing key votes, use of force bill that allows police to use lethal force with new language and
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tougher legal standards to justice police shootings. a housing bill also focused on building more homes. on the docket that overrides local zoning rules and a bill on the gig economy that clearly defines the difference between a contractor and a full-time employee. president trump is spending this memorial day in tokyo. the president and first lady melania trump were the guests of honor at a state banquet today. that followed meetings with prime minister shinzo abe. among the topics of discussion, the nuclear threat from north korea. president trump says he doesn't believe recent short range missile tests violent u.n. resolutions, contradicting -- he may lean on japan to help broker talks between iran and the u.s. >> i do believe that iran would like to talk and if they'd like to talk, we would like to talk also. >> prime minister abe is reportedly considering a visit to tehrpo by mid-ju happening today in
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tribute at the national cemetery in the presidio. this is a live look from there. ahead of the bay area's largest tribute to our nation's heroes today, the annual memorial day parade starts at 10:30 this cer starts at 11:00. that tribute follows a solemn ceremony in san francisco to remember sailors who died in some of world war ii's pivotal battles. veterans and their families gathered at lands end yesterday at the uss san francisco memorial. they included survivors from the ship's combat tours in the pacific. back in november of 1942 more than 100 crew members were killed in action during the battle of guadalcanal which was a turning point in the war. many of the men on board were not even 20 years old. we take a live look in washington, d.c. this morning. the national world war ii
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memorial ceremony is underway there. the veterans will lay some wreaths at the ceremony to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. today's ceremony marks 15 years since the monument was dedicated. time check, 6:08. memorial day weekend marking the unofficial start of the summer travel season as well. and this morning we are getting a look at what the upcoming months may look like. and we are also getting a better idea of the extensive damage from the deadly storms spreading misery across the midwest. after isolated thunderstorms yesterday, we are looking at drier weather for today on this memorial day. check out this beautiful sunrise on our salesforce tower camera looking east. i will let you know what to expect and a big warmup coming up. the travel times are going down. you don't have a whole lot to worry about on the roadways at 6:08. not one of our trouble spots.
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there aren't many. i will be giving you an update on your holiday commute coming up. it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep
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and better on our salesforce tower camera looking east. just a gorgeous sunrise as we start off the day. we will see a mix of sun and clouds for today, below average temps this afternoon, but we will see temps as we go through the week above average. i'll let you know the warmest day out of the week emily. we have one new trouble spot to report. this is southbound 101 in marin as you are getting ready to go over the golden gate bridge at rodeo. it has been moved to the right shoulder but an accident that may be slowing things down if you are headed into the city this morning. it's also slow trying to get to 101 on highway 1 coming right there at shoreline. i will be tracking the rest of your trouble spots throughout the morning. 6:12 right now. taking a live look at sfo this morning, travelers hitting the airport this holiday weekend, the airport could become even
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busier this summer. memorial day is also kicking off a big summer for air travel. and industry trade group for american says 257 million people will take to the skies between june 1st and the end of august. that is up 3.4% from the same time last year. in honor of memorial day, smart train is offering free train service to veterans and active duty military and their families. officials saying that parking at the smart train lots will be free to the public through labor day. and the blue and gold fleet at pier 39 is slashing prices for the memorial day holiday. regular bay cruise adventure tickets are 40% off. the cruise lasts one hour. san francisco's mission district is a whole lot quieter this morning after quite the show this weekend during the 41st annual carnivale parade. ♪[ music ] >> so the parade featured more
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than 65 entries representing latin and native cultures from there were mexican aztec performers as well as traditional african drummers and folklore grew. the theme was culture heals. looks like they were having a fun time out there dancing. >> lots of color, lots of excitement to offset the rain they had. >> little bit of rain, you can deal with it in a parade, right? >> yeah. this morning it looks like traffic is looking very light. >> smooth sailing, smooth sailing. yeah, it is great out there. we also want to start with a live look at the golden gate bridge and wish it a happy birthday. this is the 88th birthday of the golden gate bridge in case you didn't know, the fun fact there. with the skies starting to clear up, your roadways look clear as well. no issues to report once you get here. however, getting to the golden gate bridge on the southbound direction of 101, there is an accident right there at rodeo, it has been moved to the right- hand side. not causing any delays because it is early for most of those
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of you who have today off. off to the nimitz freeway this morning where you have a little bit of company but not much. no issues or delays to report there as well. the holiday traffic is going to start to heat up a little bit later in the afternoon hours. in the meantime, the san mateo bridge, no brake lights, no heavy volume, same thing in the eastbound direction, looking good if you are headed across to the peninsula this morning. taking an overall look at our map, we are dealing with just a couple of issues but so far, so good. mostly green, all of your drive times, all of your major roadways this morning. zoom into this one trouble spot here, car fire at 580 at park boulevard. the off-ramp as well as one lane were blocked. now i just checked in with chp, apparently parts of that car have melted onto the roadway. so caltrans now headed out to clear that up. but it doesn't seem to be causing any delays. now, this has been a slow spot for whatever reason this morning, chp says there are no issues there but it has slowed down to 21 miles an hour headed
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through sunol on eastbound 84 this morning, off the altamont pass which is usually a trouble spot but is actually looking quite good this morning, 52 miles an hour, just windy because of a wind advisory there as you are headed west or east this morning on that highway. bay bridge, boy, mary, when does it ever look like that? >> wow, that is amazing. wish it could be every day like that with our commute. and we are looking at a beautiful start to the day on this memorial day. salesforce tower camera looking north and you can see blue skies and just clouds out there. temperatures are on the chilly side, in the upper 40s for santa rosa and livermore, low 50s san francisco as well as for san jose, mid-50s concord and oakland this morning. now many locations looking good for the visibility, although up in santa rosa down to a half mile for the visibility this morning. so watching that closely for you and also let's check the wind. so 11-mile-per-hour winds in san francisco out of the west, eight at half moon bay.
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looking at just six-mile-per- hour winds out of the west- southwest in berkeley, seven in antioch and eight-mile-per-hour winds in fairfield. here's hi-def doppler just to show you, it is quiet this morning, we did have some showers to our east overnight and that is about it. so we are looking at partly sunny skies as we head through the day. so along the coast, cool and breezy, in the upper 50s for the bay, low 60s and for our inland locations upper 60s to low 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. so a mild day inland. here's a satellite and radar view. there's that low pressure system that did bring the active weather with isolated thunderstorms, especially for the south bay yesterday. that will continue to push to the east and a ridge of high pressure is going to be building in for us and will be the dominant weather feature especially as we head through the end of the week. that ridge of high pressure strengthens even more. taking you hour by hour on futurecast here we are at 5:00 p.m. and a mix of sun and clouds. for tomorrow morning, starting off the day with clouds and then we are looking at plenty
6:18 am
of sun for tomorrow in the afternoon. our sunrise at 5:51 and our sunset at 8:22. so daytime highs for today below average for this time of year. little bit warmer compared to yesterday but still about four to 7 degrees below average. upper 60s santa rosa as well -- or santa clara as well as for san jose and morgan hill. upper 60s for antioch, 70 for brentwood, low 70s for pleasant hill. berkeley at 63, 64 for alameda as well as for oakland and looking at upper 60s for petaluma, low 70s up in ukiah. here's the seven-day forecast and what you can expect and there we go with that warmup, dry weather through the workweek and check out the weekend. plenty of sun with above average temps. kenny. >> excellent, mary. thank you. in oklahoma the death toll from floods and tornadoes that tore through the state over the past week is now up to six. a state of emergency is in effect for all 77 coties in oklahoma. el reno nearly 30 miles west of oklahoma city is among the
6:19 am
areas hit especially hard, an ef3 tornado struck that city saturday night. two people confirmed dead from the twister. and dozens injured. a mobile home park also reduced to rubble. >> just horrific. when you go there and you see all the walls laying down, you know, it was absolutely decimated, you know, those trailers were absolutely just taken apart. >> the national weather service says that the central anof the could see more heavy rains and thunderstorms over the next few days. 6:19 right now. authorities are providing some new details on the northern california man who was killed after an apparent shark attack in hawaii over the weekend. and a live look outside at ocean beach. it's looking nice out there. fantastic weather for your memorial day holiday. we will be right back. a little bird told me that you
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a menlo park man is facing dui charges after this fiery crash. police say that an suv driver crashed into a 1960s buick carrying four people. the fuel tank was punctured and the vehicle burst into flames but fire crews say that the people inside got out just in time before the flames spread to the interior. the crash happened just before 12:30 yesterday morning at the intersection of oak grove avenue and el camino real. the suv ended up crashing into a pole. that driver was arrested for felony dui. all victims are expected to survive. a sacramento man is dead after an apparent shark attack in hawaii over the weekend. the maui fire department says d morning while he was swimming just about 60 yards offshore. he has been identified as
6:24 am
thomas smiley, an optometrist who just retired this year. the 65-year-old was pulled ashore with traumatic injuries consistent with a shark attack. >> the bite radius and the tooth pattern and sometimes a tooth fragment is left in the victim, like in the bone or something, and so a tooth fragment is the surest way but also the bite rate is -- if it's a big bite radius, it rules out a lot of species of sharks. >> and now investigators will be working to learn more about the type of shark that attacked and killed him. 16 world war ii veterans are crossing the atlantic on this memorial day traveling to europe. they will take part in activities in france to mark the 75th anniversary of d day and the battle of normandy. they shared their painful memories with cbs news correspondent wend gillett before departing new york. >> the bullets were all around me. >> reporter: nearly 75 years old frank divita landed on
6:25 am
omaha beach in normandy france and witnessed his comrades falling around him. >> why am i alive and they are dead? why? i don't know. i've had a guilty conscience my whole life. >> reporter: he was just 19 today 's 94. oy arted talking about what he witnessed five years ago. >> there were 18, 19, 20 years old, they were too young to drink, too young to vote. but they weren't too young to die. >> reporter: 99-year-old steve melnikoff survived the invasion that began the liberation of western europe from the nazis, he was shot in the neck 11 days later but after treatment returned to fight. >> i'm a combat infantry man. i was there at the beginning. i was there the whole time. i was there at the end of the war. i was in combat 335 days. >> reporter: they are part of a group of 16 world war ii veterans sailing aboard the queen mary ii this week.
6:26 am
the veterans are traveling from brooklyn, new york to england on their seven night trans- atlantic journey. the men will head to normandy to take part in events to mark the 75th anniversary of d day on june 6th. 400,000 americans who died in the war. >> people say you're a hero. i says i'm not a hero. i says, those guys in the grave, they are my heroes. they gave their life for their country. >> reporter: they may not consider themselves heroes but the greatest generation fought to secure freedom for generations to come. wendy gillette, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. the ship's operator had an important role during world war ii and the liners queen mary and queen elizabeth transported more than 1 1/2 million servicemen across the atlantic. 6:26 right now. looking more and more like a teachers strike in alameda county will stretch into a second week. we will update you on the negotiations. a gas station robbery, a
6:27 am
police chase and a car crash, it all ends here. we will tell you about it next. and taking a live look at our traffic camera at the bay bridge toll plaza, free roads this morning, if you're headed into san francisco, looking very good on this holiday.
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heavily criticized raid of a journalist by san francisco police. and we will take a closer look at the conditions in the sierra after all that spring snow. it is monday, may 27th. good morning. i'm kenny choi. michelle is off this morning as we honor our service members and those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this memorial day. let's get a check of the forecast with mary. >> good morning, kenny. on this memorial day a beautiful day in store for us all across the bay area. so active weather yesterday, we had that rare winter storm that brought unsettled weather for us, isolated thunderstorms, snow up in the sierra. check out our treasure island camera this morning with some clouds, also blue skies, temperatures running in the upper 40s to low to mid-50s. so your memorial day forecast, we are looking at partly cloudy skies, cool conditions especially along the coast in the upper 50s, for the bay, low 60s, and our inland locations will top out in the upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon. we will talk about a big warmup as we head through the week
6:32 am
coming up. emily. well, it might be warm as far as the weather is concerned but it is certainly pretty cool out there as far as your roadways are concerned. taking a look at your main travel times, they are not bad at all. in fact, if anything, they are starting to get faster and faster this morning. 23 minutes coming through the altamont pass, quarter of an hour on the east shore freeway. only half an hour on highway 4 and under 40 minutes coming out of the south bay. that very rarely happens. there are some closures as far as mass transit is concerned. the b.a.r.t. track is closed between concord and pleasant hill. also be sure you check in with your transit agency that you use, there are holiday hours in effect that will ultimately be affecting your -- how you get around the bay on this holiday. off to a live look at sfo where at this point i checked in, there are no delays as far as weather is concerned so if you are headed out of town or you're picking somebody up at the airport, your flights should be on time this morning. >> thank you. it may be the unofficial start of summer but this morning some parts of
6:33 am
california are under a winter weather advisory. travelers heading back from tahoe will see some slick roads out there on the busy i-80 donner pass, ice is freezing over. a big rig jackknifed. wet snow could pile up above 6000 feet. may in the sierra is breaking records as well. this year's snowpack levels are the fifth largest reported. dense snowpacks will produce runoffs through late summer and several reservoirs are already pushing toward full capacity. a weekend of talks couldn't bring an alameda county teachers strike to an end and it is unclear when negotiations will pick up once again. teachers in the new haven school district are asking for a 10% raise over the next two years. the district gave a final offer of a one time 3% bonus and a 1% salary increase for next year. >> so the cost of living here
6:34 am
in the bay area is extremely high and for what we are being paid is not significant to what we need. >> the district is still really trying to balance salary increase that's respectful of our teachers but also keeps in mind the district's long-term financial health. >> the school district says that increasing its offer would require cuts that would affect students. 6:34 right now. new this morning, three juveniles are in custody after a robbery and a car chase in contra costa county. kpix5 jackie ward is live in antioch this morning where the chase ended and then she has got more details. jackie. >> reporter: it may have ended here but it started all the way in moraga, so police sent out a bulletin to other police all across the bay area and a police chase ended up happening when lafayette police spotted the alleged vehicle, it started on highway 24, it moved to highway 4 and ended here at the shell gas station off hillcrest ave in antioch. this black car, the masked
6:35 am
suspects were driving smashed into a white car shortly after it exited highway 4 and got off at hillcrest. one person was injured but they declined medical attention and the contra costa fire department tells us there was no need for extraction. so right now three juveniles are in police custody this morning. police confiscated masks, a gun and money from their vehicle. in antioch, jackie ward, kpix5. a san quentin inmate in jail in san mateo county facing a new murder charge. authorities arrested 23-year- old triston cecil in san quentin on friday where he was serving time for drug charges. investigators believe that cecil fatally shot his girlfriend in half moon bay back in february last year. he is being held on $11 million bail and is due in court tomorrow. the president and vice president of the san francisco police commission are coming to the defense of chief bill scott this morning. they released a statement praising chief scott's apology following the raid of the home
6:36 am
of journalist bryan carmody. came as officers tried to find out who leaked a police report on the death of public defender jeff adachi. in contrast, the police officers union called scott's apology an attempt to save face and called for him to step down. on friday chief scott admitted that the search was probably illegal after initially saying that it was legitimate. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk following the investigation into the third horse death at santa anita racetrack in nine days. an injured horse was euthanized yesterday after being hurt during a race on saturday. in all 26 horses have died in racing or training here since last christmas. the latest horse to die this weekend name of cochise, he was 9 years old, taken off the track with a split where it was determined he had lost blood
6:37 am
flow to his leg. that's when he was put down. this is the third horse death for the particular trainer he was working with, that is going to be part of the investigation. >> thank you. today the bay area is hosting several events for memorial day to remember all who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice. in alameda the uss hornet sea air and space museum will host its annual memorial day commemoration beginning at 11:00 and will last an hour. this is video from last year. the ceremony will conclude on the fan tail at noon with a ceremonial wreath toss. and now to a live look at the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. the wreath laying ceremony there just wrapped up on the national mall but many are still there to pay tributes to honor our nation's heroes. the bay area congressman air swalwell spending his memorial day campaigning in new hampshire. the first in this nation state primary. he stopped by gibson's bookstore over the weekend for
6:38 am
nearly two hours he answered voter questions. if he wins the nomination, swalwell says he would want a woman as his running mate and will have a politically diverse cabinet. >> we can't dismiss people who want higher wages, lower healthcare costs and a brighter future and to have credibility as president on day one to make some of these reforms are needed, having republicans in the cabinet will help. >> swalwell is staying in new hampshire today. his visits include a community discussion on man made chemical pollutants and a roundtable on the opioid crisis. 6:38 right now. one organization is trying to help our nation's wounded warriors one swing at a time. plus a new threat emerging in a region already battered by unrelenting natural disasters. a little bird told me that you
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good monday morning on this memorial day. a beautiful day with a mix of sun and clouds, all across the bay area. heading out to the art and wind festival in san ramon today,
6:42 am
partly sunny with temperatures in the upper 60s in san ramon. i'll let you know what you can expect as we head through the week, a big warmup in store for us coming up. speaking of wind, there are wind advisories in effect for the roadways. take a look at exactly where those are. that's coming through the altamont pass as well as the benicia bridge which while it hasn't been reported, i'm sure if it's windy there, it's also windy on the carquinez bridge. not so much on the richmond, san rafael binge, but the bay bridge and san mateo bridge wind advisories there as well. tracking a few incidents on our roadways, so far they are not causing any delays. tell you where they are coming up. people in arkansas are bracing for potentially life threatening floods. the national weather service is warning of a near catastrophic rise in the arkansas river. it is expected to crest tomorrow when it reaches a depth of 42 1/2 feet. the previous record of 38.1 feet was set back in 1945. french authorities have arrested two suspects in a
6:43 am
package bomb attack. just last week a device packed with screws, nuts and bolts went off in leon. the blast wounded 13 people. prosecutors say that one of the men arrested is a 24-year-old. he's suspected to be the bomber and the bbc reporting that the second suspect is a minor, no other details have been given. this morning a shocking number of americans can't afford unexpected expenses, diane king hall has that story and more in today's money watch report. it's not just companies that are expected to feel the brunt of the u.s.-china trade war. according to the federal reserve bank of new york the latest round of tariff hikes could cost u.s. households more than $106 billion or an extra $831 a year. federal reserve survey found many adults would struggle to cover an unexpected expense. the fed says four in 10 americans would not be able to pay for an unexpected $400 expense with cash, savings or credit card that could be paid
6:44 am
off quickly. about 27% would need to borrow or sell something to pay for it. and global theme park attendance is on the rise, according to themed entertainment association. attendance at the world's 10 largest amusement parks rose 4% last year, passing the half a billion visitors mark for the first time of that water park attendance increased 2 1/2%. disney led the pack, but sea world saw a resurgence in interest. and that's your cbs money watch report. for more, head to cbs, at the new york stock exchange i'm diane king hall. as you take a live look at oracle arena this morning where the warriors are preparing to host a watch party for game one of the nba finals this week. the dove beginning the finals on the road for game one. golden state is headed north of the border after the raptors finished off the bucs in game
6:45 am
six of the eastern conference finals on saturday night. in a comeback win. this is the first ever appearance in the nba finals for toronto. game one is thursday night north of the border. it will also be a homecoming for jeremy lin when the series shifts back to the bay area for game three. lin went to palo alto high school and got an economics degree from harvard university. in 2012 lin became an international sensation while making history as the first asian-american to play in the nba. he has been a bench player since 2007 when he suffered a knee injury. this past february he was picked up by toronto. >> the cheer he would get at oracle, he was able to get in, that would be an awesome moment for sure. he's improved a ton. has a real nice feel for the game. >> lin has seen limited minutes in the postseason. we have you covered on all things warriors on air and
6:46 am
online, including more on jeremy lin's homecoming back to the bay area. you can go to >> they have got all sorts of stuff on that website, they have got like their pregame routine, the back and forth on social media. >> klay thompson chiming in on how he preps for the game. classical music. >> if you're like me and you maybe don't follow it so closely, you can use it as a cheat sheet so when you're watching all of the games you can not feel embarrassed. that's my suggestion to you. and you can use that extra time to look at that website because you're going to have plenty of extra time if you are hitting the roadways this morning. take a live look at some of our real time traffic maps. we do have one issue to report, this is southbound 101 right there at rodeo. it's been moved to the right shoulder. not causing any delays at this point. if you are headed eastbound, though, on highway one it's a little bit slow and go headed right there through mill valley and onto 101. and once you get past that, you will be on the golden gate
6:47 am
bridge, happy birthday to the golden gate bridge, by the way. this is the 88th anniversary of when it opened. we have a trouble spot to report eastbound 24 at pleasant hill. been moved to the right shoulder slowing things down a little bit in that eastbound direction. but if you look at the corner of that box over there in the westbound direction, i haven't had a chance to build this yet but in the westbound direction at tunnel there is going to be some slowing as a result of a multi car collision. luckily it's not heavy traffic this morning so that hopefully won't be backing things up. but do expect to see that trouble spot if you are headed westbound this morning on 24. another accident westbound 580 at castro valley boulevard. at this point we are not sure if it's blocking any lanes. we are waiting on chp to update us on that but in the meantime -- excuse me, 580 does still look good to go once you are west of dublin. last but not least as far as the maps are concerned, sunol, 19 miles per hour, for whatever reason this morning the westbound direction or eastbound direction of 84 has
6:48 am
been slow and go. mary. a beautiful day across the bay area on this memorial day. quite a different story from yesterday when we had the isolated thunderstorms. here is a live look with our san jose camera with a mix of sun and clouds as we start off the day, right now in san jose it is 52 degrees, mid-50s in concord, 53 in oakland, upper 40s for livermore as well as for santa rosa and low 50s right now in san francisco. let's check the winds. 11-mile-per-hour winds out of the west in san francisco right now. looking at just three-mile-per- hour winds in oakland, six in berkeley out of the west- southwest, and about eight-mile- per-hour winds in fairfield. so definitely not as windy as yesterday. here's how def doppler and it is a -- hi-def doppler and a quiet start to the day, we will continue to see dry weather as we go through our afternoon. so looking at areas of fog, low clouds in spots this morning, we are looking at partly sunny skies this afternoon, below average temps for this time of year. so warmer compared to yesterday
6:49 am
but still below average for this time. high pressure builds in and we are going to be warming up as we head through the week. so your micro climate forecast, a cool day along the coast, breezy, about westerly winds 10 to 15 miles per hour along the coast. for the bay low 60s with a mix of sun and clouds. and our inland locations topping out in the upper 60s to low 70s. satellite and radar view, this is that low that did bring the active weather yesterday. it will continue to push to the east and this ridge of high pressure is going to be building in for us and will be the dominant weather feature keeping us high and dry this week. so as we head through the day on futurecast this memorial day, looking at partly sunny skies. tomorrow starting off the day with some clouds and then we will have afternoon sunshine daaftern definitelyas windy as yesterday, looking at just 10 to 15-mile-per-hour winds as we head through the day. pollen sufferers, medium today. tomorrow and wednesday. it creases for your thursday.
6:50 am
daytime highs anywhere from four to 7 degrees below average for this time of year. upper 60s from sunnyvale, santa clara, as well as for san jose and morgan hill, 70 for cupertino. 63 berkeley, 64 oakland, 71 in ukiah. a dry week ahead. through the workweek and then warming up with plenty of sunshine for the weekend. kenny. >> thank you. on this memorial day we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and honor them but for many veterans who have honorably served our county there are sacrifices still being made. nichelle medina shows us how they are using golf to heal injured combat veterans. >> reporter: teeing off isn't always easy but this veteran says playing golf is helping him in ways he never imagined. >> can't just say, oh, i'm injured. i'm going to sit around and not do anything. >> reporter: the soldier was on his final mission in iraq 13 years ago when a bomb exploded. >> i lost both my legs, one
6:51 am
above the knee and one below the knee. >> reporter: he was awarded the purple heart but he struggled with ptsd, something up to 20% of veterans experience. >> we don't want to do nothing when you're in a dark place. you don't want to reach out and that's what you need to do. >> reporter: so kessler reached out to fellow veteran tony perez who founded operation game on. the program helps rehabilitate wounded warriors giving them free golf lessons, even fitting them for clubs and gear. >> i know what they have been through. i've been through that. and i know where they are going. and i know what they are going through now. >> reporter: ptsd experts say golf provides mental and physical rehabilitation for these veterans that allows them to gain confidence. >> something like golf, there's a lot of regularity to it, there's a lot of repetition and learning and soothing. >> reporter: it also provides companionship. >> it's definitely given me a support group. you get out of the military, you lose all of your support.
6:52 am
>> reporter: kessler says he's now finding peace on the links with every swing. nichelle medina, cbs news, san diego, california. >> operation game on has helped more thanra dealing with combat-related injuries and ptsd since 2008. meanwhile a santa rosa war vet and double amputee is using yoga to help vets deal with depression after returning home. dan nevins was deployed in iraq when he lost both legs to a road side bomb in 2004. the wounded warrior project helped nim had his recovery which included sports like golf and mountain climbing but it was yoga and its mental discipline that changed how he coped with what he had been through. >> the voice that popped up in my head, that thwarted, limited and constrained me in my whole life happened right there and if you can address that voice on my yoga mat, then i can address it out of my whole life. >> he became a yoga instructor and serves as a motivational speaker these days.
6:53 am
he says he wouldn't trade this life that he loves even if it meant getting his legs back. 6:52. park visitors are forced to scramble for safety after shooting at one of san francisco's most popular outdoor hangouts. plus three teenagers are noatended here in antioch. and on cbs this morning, the unbelievable story of survivor. hear from the rescuers who found a hiker trapped for 17 days. she had a broken leg. we love this girl. for those off work this memorial day, lucky you, we will have the best ways to make the most of your holiday. and the surprising benefits of doing absolutely nothing. please lot us know how that feels. we will see you at 7:00 on the dot. >> yes, enjoy your holiday today. and as we take a live look at ocean beach, might be a great day to head out there. mary will have a last check of your forecast when we come back. a little bird told me that you
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i'm jackie ward live in antioch this morning where three teenagers were arrested last night just before 9:00 after a gas station robbery which ended in a car crash. so to put all of this into perspective for you, this happened, it started in moraga at an arco gas station and then ended up here at the antioch station. moraga police put out word of a robbery last night, lafayette police then spotted the vehicle allegedly involved which led to a pursuit down highway 24 to highway 4 to here on hillcrest ave where the suspects were finally arrested. this black car, the masked suspects were driving smashed into a white car shortly after it exited highway 4 and got per declined medical attention and the fire department tells us there was no need for extraction. so three juvenile suspects are in police custody this morning. police also confiscated their masks, money and a gun from the car they were driving. in antioch, jackie ward, kpix5
6:58 am
news. time for a look at this morning's top stories. this morning in san francisco a man is recovering from a gunshot wound and the shooter is still at large. investigators say that it happened around 5:00 yesterday afternoon at dolores park. the shooting victim is expected to survive. police have not released information about any possible suspects or a motive. taking a live look at the presidio in san francisco this morning ahead of the bay area's largest memorial day event. the morial day parade starts at 10:30 and followed by the formal ceremony which starts at 11:00. also this morning, vice president pence will lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. usually the president does that but today mr. trump is in japan. earlier the president became the first world leader to meet in japan's newly installed head of state, emperor naruhito. major talks are focused on trade and national security. there are no major issues to report on your roadways.
6:59 am
it is very light out there. your travel times all in the green are looking darn good. live look out to sfo where i checked in. there is no delays there -- there are no delays there either. despite a little bit of haze. that should clear up and everything good to go. mass transit, it might have an issue if you are on b.a.r.t. due >> tnks, emily. well, we are starting off the day with mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies, areas of fog as we head through the afternoon, enjoy a mix of sun and clouds, a nice day across the bay area. 60 in san francisco, 64 in oakland, 66 in fremont, 70 for livermore so as we head through the week, dry weather and we are going to warm up. so by the weekend, plenty of sunshine with above average temperatures and on this memorial day both of my grandfathers served in world war ii proudly and bravely and so we just thank all of the men and women who fought for our country. >> absolutely. we honor all those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice on this memorial day
7:00 am
holiday. also wearing red, white and blue to honor those who served. thank you for watching kpix5 news this morning as we take a live look once again at the presidio in san francisco. good morning to you. our viewers in the west and happy memorial day to you. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new weather threat, millions americans face the risk of dangerous tornadoes and historic flooding and a heat wave grifz the south. >> president trump disagrees with his japanese host and own advisors on north korea and sends new insults at potential challenger joe biden. spirit of survival. a yoga teacher lost 17 days in a hawaiian forest talks about her fight to stay alive long after a search for her was called off. >> i wasn't going to take the easy way out. and a holiday game plan. the smarter living editor will be here with strategie


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