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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  May 27, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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god that they lived. some folks i met here today agree. 42 acres of land established in 1868 hosting memorial day celebrations since 1903 making this spot the oldest continuous observance of memorial day west of the mississippi. >> i'm looking for them right now. >> mr. smith is 82 years old, looking for his grandfather who was a u.s. army large animal veterinarian. >> there he is. there is my grandfather. >> reporter: mr. smith and his wife came to place a flower. >> he was a veterinarian surgeon contract and he went for, he wanted to the philippines. >> reporter: a stored vietnam era helicopter that belongs to jeffrey carr who flew as a doorman air gunner. >> it's remembered at his a
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reason why we have to be careful about having wars. >> reporter: this pastor served in the u.s. navy and feels that patriotism is rising. >> a lot of people are starting to step up again. they are starting to sober up again. we've been intoxicated with our own invincibility. that's not true. >> reporter: the graves of the fallen servicemen and women remind all of us that freedom is not free. in hayward, don ford, kpix 5. another memorial day tribute held in danville today with the community band setting the mood for the ceremony at oak hill park. police shared this picture on twitter with members of the community looking on as the american flag was raised, pausing to remember and honor those the ultimate
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sacrifice. police in san francisco trying to track down whoever shot a man at dolores park in broad daylight yesterday the vic them is expected to be okay, the mission district park has seen violence before. some neighbors are asking for additional foot patrols. three teenagers busted for a robbery and chase, police say they held a gas station cashier at gunpoint than they took the cash register leading officers on a chase on highway 24. they crashed their car at another gas station in antioch than were arrested. a government building in downtown san jose could become student housing for the state university. the offices go back to 1983. let's just say the shine has worn off. lawmakers are pushing to sell the building to the university. the two sides of a teachers
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strike an alameda county were at the bargaining table at last check they use the holiday to end the walkout that has been going on for more than a week which involves teachers at the new haven unified school district and union city in hayward, talks failed to close the gap over the sides of pay hikes they want to 10% raise over two years. the district says they can't go along with that because of enrollment drops and budget deficits. >> a southern california amusement park ride is closed following an accident on the log right over the weekend. a father, mother, child, were all hurt, the mother hurt critically. randy page spode spoke with visitors on this memorial day. >> reporter: plenty of people at castle park on this memorial day on monday and while many of the rides are operating the log right appears to be shutdown. here is what this looked like on saturday from our news helicopter. it's like a roller coaster. it looks like logs floating on a trough of water, there are two drops, the second one is the biggest.
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this youtube video captured two years ago shows what it is like as the car reaches the crest of the second drop, watch closely as this goes to the bottom because you will see the speeding car is slowed down by a wall of water. the riverside fire department says it appears that a water pump malfunctioned on saturday so there was not enough water in the trough to slow the car down, it careened into a curb and flipped over carrying a family of three. the mother was critically injured the father and their son received minor injuries. >> i don't think i will do any rides, it's going to make me feel nervous. >> reporter: rosemary is visiting from spokane. >> i feel like they would have better maintenance or you know have things under control, especially now that it is memorial day weekend, you'd think they would really get the pumps working perfect for all of the people that are to be affected. >> reporter: the water level on
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this right is critical to slow the car down, there's many unanswered questions, are there backup systems? are there alarms? a spokesperson for the park says every ride is inspected each day and the state also inspects the rides as well so far not making any on camera statements today. in riverside randy paige, kpix 5. the death of a horse is spurring calls by activists to close this track and band this sport. two dozen activists greeted spectators at the track after cochise a race horse was euthanized after a leg injury yesterday. he was the third in just over one week to die at the track. experts have tested the soil to see if horses are losing their footing but found nothing unusual, activists don't want reform they want this sport to end. >> we want to shut the industry down we want to see an end to horseracing . and you're having
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the most substantial reform ongoing here, we need to see if the reforms are working. into early april they laid out measures to improve safety but activists feel racing will be too hard on the horses. health officials say the measles outbreak is close to surpassing the record levels from the 1990s. so far the cdc reports 940 confirmed cases in 26 states across the nation. new york seeing the worst of the outbreak. the number close to the 963 cases in 1994. facebook says their top leadership will defy a summons to appear before lawmakers in canada. the social media giant says mark zuckerberg and cheryl sandberg are refusing to attend the hearing in ottawa, the parliament will be joined by leaders from 10 countries including australia and the uk
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to discuss how social media impacts privacy and democracy. facebook says it is sending others in place of the two, parliament could vote to hold them in contempt. to campaign 2020, some presidential candidates spent the memorial holiday on the trail. bernie sanders made stops at three ice cream socials in new hampshire. the founders of ben & jerry's who have been longtime sanders supporters introduced him at one of those events. he told supporters his campaign is about fighting for a progressive agenda bringing people together for a plan that works for everyone. the south bend mayor spent memorial day in his own city. the campaign trail will run to the bay area later this week, the state democratic convention in san francisco will start on friday. the top candidates minus joe biden say they will be there at the center. >> former major league baseball player bill buckner died, he played for the majors for 22 season and has known in the
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world series. buckner later received a standing ovation at a 2008 event at fenway park honoring boston sports grades. he had been battling dementia. his wife said he died this morning surrounded by family, he was 69 years old. the widow of the former san francisco mayor is sending some of his memorabilia to china, her donations to a museum will include an olympic torch that traveled to the bay area in 2008. there's a monogrammed jacket from the giants first world series championship in san francisco, anita lee says the jacket wasn't easy to give up. >> this jacket, i love it dearly. when they won the world series, they gave it to my husband. it says mayor lee.
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>> ed lee died while in office in december 2017 at 65 years old, he was the first asian- american mayor in san francisco. and milestone moment between a father and son is getting praise for breaking barriers. a popular fashion chain jumping into the clothing rental business, the growing market changing the face of retail. one oakland resident lucky to have a home after a fire broke out, this is thanks to quick thinking neighbors.
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at the live news desk following breaking news out of japan where more than a dozen people have been stabbed including young children. authorities say 16 people were stabbed at an attack in kawasaki . in the past 90 minutes or so. 40 minutes southwest of tokyo. one adult and one child have died so far, officials say one man has been arrested. right now the motive for the attack is unclear with no word yet on the conditions of the other victims. at the live news desk i'm elizabeth cook. a nest camera in redwood city caught a mountain lion sort of passing through, this happened last week. the couple who caught the big cat in the act wanted to get the word out because apparently the neighbors have a lot of
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pets mountain lines are rare but not unheard of in the area. they say if you see one stay away and call 911. >> a new dialing process is coming for phone customers in the east bay starting next month people in the 510 area code must dial the 1+ the area code and number to make in a call to the 510 or the new 341 area code. the procedure starts on june 22 and paves the way for the 341 area code to be added. the streets of oakland are in woeful shape, pockmarked with potholes that do a number on cars, it's so bad we found residents secretly fixing the streets in the dead of night york tomorrow the mayor will lay out plans for a pothole repair blitz to tackle the backlog of more than 7000 requests. last week dublin council members voted down a proposal to fly a rainbow flag at city hall in support of the lgbtq community councilman john of emeryville wants to fly to flags in june including one for dublin.
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he says he is determined to send a message that the community cannot be silenced. gillette is embracing the lgbtq community in its newest act. >> don't be scared. shading is about being confident. >> the ad shows a transgender man shaving in the mirror for the first time as his father coaches him part of gillette's campaign called my best self. the razor company share this on facebook and the post is viral receiving support. it's been shared more than 6000 times. the man who was featured in the ad is a canadian artist and says he believes this will bring hope to other transgender people. this is a twist on shopping more and more companies letting you rent then return their clothes for a monthly fee. emily turner explains how this
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trend is changing retail. >> reporter: urban outfitters is getting into the clothing rental business the fashion company follows rent the runway and other retailers that already rent clothing to customers for a monthly subscription price. >> in an economy everyone shares everything you share bicycles with city bike, uber's, your house with air b&b so clothing is the next frontier. >> the clothing rental market is expected to reach $1.85 billion worldwide 2023. according to the allied market research. usa today business reporter charisse jones tells cbs this morning social media is partly responsible for this trend. >> they want to have a different outfit for a different instagram shot. >> the price ranges from $50 to have a different outfit for a different instagram shot. >> the price ranges from $50- $88 and on to $160 for rent the runway. consumers get to pick several items then return them by the end of the month.
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>> urban outfitters is charging $88 to get six items per month which is a good price instead of buying all those things than not wearing them often so it makes sense. >> the key is to find a brand that has styles you think work for you. emily turner kpix 5. >> just in case you are wondering the companies clean the clothes between rentals. to big auto companies talking about a mega merger. a deal would create the world's third-largest automaker, the deal would save billions at a time when companies are trying to transition to electric and autonomous vehicles. coming up he is instagram's favorite furry foodie.
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the service dog is marking memorial day with his photo on instagram, it shows president george hw bush's former companion canine posing next to the world war ii memorial it includes a post from the late president and attribute that saysalways th of my best friend and the bravest military in the world. way to go sully. a california dog has become one of instagram's favorite
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furry foodie's you have to check this out. his account has more than 360,000 followers. life wasn't always so sweet for this pup named popeye. five years ago a couple found him on the streets of los angeles, he was dirty and abandoned. they gave him a bath and a new home then took them everywhere. including any pet friendly restaurant they could find. >> he's so well behaved around food that i could start taking pictures of food with him and that is how his instagram started. into a star is born. the social media page displays hundreds of photos of popeye posing with all sorts of dishes even pizza. he was recently featured on promotional posters for the movie a dogs journey. apparently popeye likes more than just spinach how about that? >> he has pizza. >> pop i could hang out with me if i get a slice of the pepperoni pizza.
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all right we are going to see 60s and 70s become 70s and 80s by this time next week we see the 70s and 80s become 80s and 90s. it's getting warmer and dryer. a lot of you out there are saying, finally, the should happen six weeks ago it didn't but it's going to happen now. concord and santa rosa you are the warm spots. that's still about 10 degrees cooler than average only a high of 70, san jose, livermore you hit 66. oakland you it 65. overnight tonight partly cloudy skies, drippy along the coast otherwise we are drive to oakland at 53, san jose 54, napa tonight with a low of 50 degrees. the radar is clear, it will stay clear around here for the next several days but we don't have to go far to experience showers. up toward red bluff or heading east on interstate 80 as soon as you hit tahoe notice there are showers and storms so the rain will stay close but it will not be here in the bay area.
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livermore with an average high of 77 we have been below average for the past five days but we took a dip yesterday with a high of only 62 degrees 15 degrees cooler than average. we just talked about that for today with the rain moving out the pollen count jumps up not crazy high but high, a seven or an eight on a 1-12 scale the grasses are the predominant pollens throughout the bay area. here is what we have happening and changing talking about the rain staying toward the east, what is going on? the low pressure area, the dip in the jet stream, sliding more away from us than the ridge of high pressure sliding closer. we would be talking 90-95 degrees throughout the bay area we are not because the ridge will stay offshore but the
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pattern sliding toward the east taking the rain and moving it out bringing warm weather into the bay area so this is a subtle change with definite impact on the bay area. tomorrow morning some morning cloud cover with lots of blue skies. wednesday, someone some morning cloud cover with sunshine in the afternoon. this pleasant weather continues for a while notice as we go toward the weekend we still have this area of low pressure but now this is farther toward the east we have showers and thunderstorms for the sierra if you're traveling toward eastern washington or eastern oregon toward denver or salt lake city, stormy weather continues but the ridge of high pressure just close enough to take the rain, pushing it to the east. the stormy weather is moving out. oddly cloudy tonight warmer tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening we stay mainly drive for a while. each day of the next seven days. high temperatures very comfortable in the mid to upper 70s, santa rosa and napa closed average. livermore 78, fremont 72 and mountain view 74 degrees, oakland and san francisco in the 60s but that's typical for this time of year. we warm up wednesday but no rain as we go toward friday and
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saturday we warm up more with the first weekend in june which will actually feel like the first weekend of june. mid 60s at the coast, 70s near the bay, mid-80s inland, we are getting warmer and staying warmer in the foreseeable future that's your forecast. my gut tells me someone's going to steal an animal, they're probably not the right home for them. >> still ahead the search is on for a woman who took a puppy that is not hers. what a pet store says that happened. a walking tour of civil war history in oakland including the gentleman buried behind me who started a tradition you're very much aware of. what does help for heart failure look like?
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it looks like george having a busy day. ♪ the beat goes on george has entresto, a heart failure medicine that helps his heart... so he can keep on doing what he loves. in the largest heart failure study ever,
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entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ♪ the beat goes on ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. that was great! entrust your heart to entresto. ♪ the beat goes on 's therapy horses. it is one new business marketer grand opening on memorial day. trail brothers opened on gibson
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ranch and it offers veterans a unique way to work to trauma experienced during service and it started when one veteran came home from a tour of duty. >> i get you could say i lost my identity, and i started working with horses a lot more than before, and i think he kind of brought me back to life. it helped me so much it might help other people. >> veterans ride for free with trail brothers and if anyone else was to write the reservation will go to cover the cost of that ride for the veterans. that is going to do for the news at 5:00 p.m. and the new that cyclic rpm begins right now. callinyou beuson juti ta on fire. how some reason training paid off. this woman might look like any other pet owner except that up in her arms is a hers. the search for the dog napper.
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across the bay area today memorial day events that commemorated those that served and sacrificed for our country. good samaritans went above and beyond to save a neighbors house from burning down. good evening i am elizabeth cook. >> the house caught fire last night about 10:00 p.m. on randolph avenue near park boulevard. juliette goodrich has the story of some pretty amazing neighbors. >> reporter: with these neighbors heard a beeping noise last night they went outside to check it out. they went to the neighbor's house and that is when they saw a flickering light to the front door. that is when dave winters, >> she screamed my name and then i heard her yell fire. >> reporter: and patricia jumped into action. >> as i walked around the corner i can see the flames. >> reporter: dave said he had opened fire emergency on his direct dial and called a mary
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lee -- immediately and ran for the hose. >> i grabbed it and, >> reporter: since the neighbors were not home at the time of the fire the only way to get it was to busty and. -- bust in. when the firefighters arrived they grabbed a burning ottoman and brought it outside. when dave called the homeowners, >> i'm calling you because your house was on fire. >> reporter: became this realization that the house cat was inside of the burning home. fortunately it was rescue. >> we basically saved the cat. i am a people and pet lover. >> reporter: coincidently the couple had just went through an emergency training course and put their skills to the test. they said had it not been for a worksm


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