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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  May 28, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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inspections. >> reporter: just outside here in unincorporated sonoma county. there are about 55,000 properties out here in the county. starting next week, fire inspectors will be going after the areas they think presents the most fire danger. >> i've just been noticing as i've gone around a lot of tall grass everywhere drying out. people aren't taking care of it. it is time to wake up. >> reporter: jay morris has been noticing the explosion of green out here along montgomery road and he is not the only one. the local fire district has placed the neighborhood at the top of their list for county funded inspections that begin next week. >> based on the local knowledge of the fire district officials, the understand what they see is most concerned of them. >> reporter: james williams the sonoma county fire marshal. >> looking for things grass should be less then 4 inches.
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looking at trees overhanging chimneys, roofline needs to be. >> things that can turn small neighborhood fires into disasters. >> the idea not to create a situation where fire can move from building to building. >> reporter: while some homeowners take the responsibility seriously, others apparently not. jay morris says he is happy to hear inspectors are coming this way. >> i lost three houses and it almost came out here it was that close. if the wind would have kept going. we got to be ready for the next one. >> reporter: says pose the inspectors come out and they find tall grass like this. the interesting part you don't get a find but they come back out and see if you fix the problem. they have to come back out and check again. be charged for that inspection if they come again they charge you for that inspection if you don't do anything they will
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charge you for the abatement and if you don't pay for the abatement at that point they put a lane on your property. they are serious about this. as you heard they think they know what the problems are so like the state did all over california they have identified these properties where they have a start 3500 properties top the list inspections begin next week. close call at an end of the year party for a fifth-grader in antioch. 11 -year-old boy fell into the water and the college age lifeguard safety with cpr. the student rushed by helicopter to a hospital for observation. he was conscious and breathing. police searching for a couple suspected of stealing from a half moon base along. employee say the two slipped into the back room and took off with credit cards and other items. >> oakland city crews working to tackle a backlog of pothole
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repairs. mayor libby schaaf says they will work every day street for the next three weeks across the city. oakland also investing $100 million over three years to triple the pace of road repaving. we are following breaking news right now, or tornado touching down just outside kansas city. these are live pictures coming in from storm chasing team in the area. headed to downtown along interstate 70. as they have been driving through the heavy rain downed branches, traffic signals and i am surprised this many people are on the road right now. the national weather service in kansas city issued a tornado warning for several cities in the area. this is a look at heavy rains that have accompanied the storm system. you see those menacing clouds and the storm front moving in. pretty scary stuff. >> imagine this.
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you are at the airport waiting for a flight and instead they tell you you have to evacuate out of the terminal go in the parking garage tunnel. that is what is going on in kansas city right now at the airport. thousands evacuated there. we are told the possibility of a significant tornado heading towards downtown kansas city. this is a tornado report on your screen. over the past couple minutes 5:08 city of maywood, trees ripped out of the ground, highway stones crumpled like paper. notice each of those tornado icon southwest of kansas city. other tornado reports you can see west of downtown. numerous thunderstorms going on with the potential of a tornado moving to the city, the metropolitan area of kansas city right now. we will keep you updated on damage from lawrence, kansas with the university of kansas is located west of kansas city. a messy situation with numerous tornadoes reported right now. in southern california
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before -year-old boy recovering after being attacked by a mountain lion. happened yesterday afternoon in san diego county. the boy with the group of about a dozen people in the attack happened. witnesses say the boy's father kicks the animal in the throat and threw a rock to scared way. the child taken to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. wildlife officials later went back to catch the animal. >> while they were at the scene the mountain lion came to the location about 7:00 at night. at that point in time the animal was euthanized. >> officials tracking the mountain lion say the animal approached them and it was not afraid of humans. as he said it had to be euthanized. san francisco fire crews is the jaws of life to rescue a man in a nasty crash. van had a smashup with the gray mini cooper on sale #2 80. the vehicles collided on and
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off from. fire crews pulled one seriously injured man from the wreckage, transported to a trauma center. another man also transported to the hospital in stable condition. a close call in santa rosa today. this red suv went flying into a home, clear through a window. police say the driver had a coughing attack and accidentally slammed on the gas while backing out of his driveway. luckily no one was injured. san francisco city leaders announced a plan for the first universal mental health care system in the u.s. >> unfortunately the only people we can call as the police , and the police have very few options because often they take people to psychiatric emergency services and almost half of those people who go there are released without services at all . the plan called mental health as a universal mental health and substance use treatment system. would offer psychiatric care and medication to anyone who
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needs it. also include preventative care and follow-up visits. the plan includes construction of a new treatment center, possibly at sf general, that would be open 24/7 and open within three years. backers think it would cost about $50 million each year to operate. city supervisors will introduce the proposal officially to the board on june 4th. if it makes it to the november ballot would only need a simple majority to pass. in the north bay a woman behind bars on suspicion of selling fentanyl in petaluma. police say they spotted a suspicious vehicle yesterday near fifth and e streets. they later searched and recovered fentanyl fentanyl, legal prescription drugs and over $3000 in cash. the driver was bushed into sonoma county joan. today oklahoma became the first state to go it to trial against the makers of painkillers. could bring to light would drugmakers knew about the dangers of opioids and when. >> to put it bluntly this
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practice is devastating oklahoma . at the end of the day your honor i have a short, one-word answer, greed. >> how dare them not take responsibility of front for what they have caused. >> the suit accuses drugmakers like janssen pharmaceuticals of pushing drugs in marketing and misrepresenting the risks of addiction addiction. oklahoma says the drugmakers left the state to bear the cost of a man-made public health crisis. >> janssen did not invent this disease. it is trying to assist with the treatment. >> this is the first of hundreds of lawsuits against drugmakers for the opioid crisis. two of three companies sued by oklahoma, purdue pharma and tebow pharmaceuticals have already settled out of court with no admission of wrongdoing. attorney michael avenatti pleaded not guilty today to stealing $300,000 from stormy daniels.
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he appeared in a manhattan courtroom today. charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft for allegedly pocketing money his client was supposed to receive from a book deal. he also faces charges he tried to extort sportswear company nike. live look right now 2 park minutes ago san francisco state grads began filing in for their commencement ceremony. the ballpark also preparing for a special speech from house speaker nancy pelosi. speaker pelosi tapped as tonight's keynote. she will dress nearly 9000 grads and over 30,000 guests. the ceremony begins at 6:30 expected to end with the fireworks show. over 3000 tons of nonrecyclable plastic waste destined to come to the u.s. the shipment coming from malaysia. malaysian authorities say it is a move to avoid becoming a dumping ground for rich nations other destinations return garbage such as electronic and household waste will head to
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canada, australia and the u.k. nikes land for cutting the pay of pregnant female athletes. now it's most prominent face serving up support. how serena williams is defending the brand. caught without a hall pass. stuck for hours in a school. what it took to get this guy out. >> an abandon grocery store that's been an eyesore for years. finally getting new life but why did it take this long? we continue to follow the video coming in from the live news desk of a tornado touched down outside kansas city. the national weather service saying residents should take shelter. should take shelter.
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. >> following breaking news right now out of livermore. this the first season side grass fire. live over collier county road. a fire burning about 2 acres. you see the smoke coming off that hillside. alameda county fire is using dozers to cut off the spread. there was a home right in the direct path of the fire, no longer being threatened, good news. we will stay on top of this and bring you any updates as we get them. the bear that found itself stuck inside a missouri school
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now back out in the wild where it belongs. the 18 -month-old male spotted a mile away from campus. the school secretary sought. experts in and wandered into the building because it smelled food. authorities managed to tranquilize it and get it back in the wild. class is not in session. shocking video of a lyft driver in new york city being attacked by a passenger in his car. as you can see from the dashcam is started out normal enough. the driver picked up the passenger last thursday. the passenger moaning in pain on the way to the hospital commanding the driver go faster the traffic standing in the way so the suspect got angry angry. >> drive faster please. >> you can see him getting punched over and over again in the head. he loses his glasses.
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finally pulls the car over and the suspect gets out and runs off. >> i was scared for my life it was surreal just living outside your body i wanted it over with. >> police are still looking for the suspect. he says he is considering another career. a lyft driver in sacramento also getting a taste of the dangers of this job. >> reporter: matthew davis covering scratches and bruises. his windows shattered after an attack around 3:00 this morning. >> this happened. i don't know if it was from him grabbing me or trying to hit me. >> police are investigating the incident say the attack was random. he was at the airport when the man suddenly broke his window. >> he hit me with a stick probably about an inch and quarter in diameter. >> according to a spokesperson
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for lyft davis was logged into the lyft app could not match to passenger at the time of the attack. the company says safety is a priority and it did reach out to the driver. >> it did freak me out the sky came out of nowhere. we don't know where he came from . >> here at the airport, that scary. >> the attack a reminder to other rideshare drivers their safety is at risk. >> we spent a lifetime teaching children not to get into cars with strangers be we are picking up strangers in a car. >> daytime 95 is possible try to stay away from drunk people and luckily i've had no problems so far. >> reporter: drivers are able to call 911 through the lyft app which will display the driver's current location and car information. >> police have not identified the suspect in that attack. turns out working too card can be recognized as a medical condition according to the
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world health organization. doctors can issue a diagnosis of burnout if the patient exhibits the following symptoms . feeling exhausted, feeling mentally distance from one's job and problems getting the job done successfully. last year gallop survey found nearly one in four employees felt burned out always are often . another 44% said they feel burned out sometime. apple releasing its first new ipod in four years. this is the 2019 edition of the ipod touch. apple says it will run twice as fast as before. it also support group facetime calls an augmented reality. the new ipod touch starts at $199. you can order it on the apple store and apple .com. coming to stores later this week. one of the richest women in the world after her divorce from jeff bezos. the big decision about what to do with all those billions. another quick look at the
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grass fire burning in livermore . we will keep checking in on the firefighter's progress
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. >> superstar serena williams defending longtime sponsor nike after he received criticism from other female athletes. >> they are doing better and that is what it is about. learning from mistakes and doing better. it started with making a
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statement with me. they said they want to make a change and support women that want to have families. >> in a post match press conference williams responded to the new york times op-ed several former and current nike sponsored athletes. many said their sponsorship payments were reduced during and after pregnancy. williams says nike showed up for her when she was pregnant with her daughter in 2017. >> if they want to call you crazy, fine. show them what crazy can do. >> nike denies the statements. after the criticism issued a statement saying in part that in 2018 nike created an official policy standardizing our approach across all sports. so no female athlete is penalized financially for pregnancy. we continue to follow live pictures from another round of violent storms hitting the midwest. life chopper video kansas city area. are tornado touched down outside kansas city a short
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time ago. the weather service moving warnings. >> a fluid situation talking about tornadoes on the ground. spent time in san antonio, the warnings move in the threat moves. it has thankfully left metro kansas city. as we look to the northern half of the county to the city of liberty east of leavenworth, six different confirmed tornadoes from tornadoes on the ground all may be the same tornado. a path from southwest to northeast crossing just north of downtown kansas city going over interstate 29 leaving the metro area. numerous tornado warnings continuous baristas new jersey and pennsylvania and upstate new york. storming all throughout the midwest and now northeast tonight. for us calm, warmer, drier, 60 san francisco. livermore 74, santa rosa 72 san jose 70. tonight mid-50s livermore 50,
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san francisco 53. interesting march, april may typically three not so wet months, we've had more then half a foot of rainfall. this year in san francisco in just those three months. more then we had for the entire calendar year including the whole rainy season in 2013. more rain in the past two and half months then an entire calendar year. mind you i really enjoy your pick goes to show you how what we've been recently. still whatever the sierra and will remain the next couple days because of this low- pressure area to the east but just far enough away those thunderstorms will not go back toward the bay area over the next couple days as ridge of high pressure hangs out offshore. what do we get for weather? weather similar to today with morning cloud cover mainly at the coast tomorrow. sky in the afternoon with the central valley and sierra continuing to see showers and thunderstorms. thursday low cloud cover more widespread. temperatures warm up once again in the afternoon.
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showers get closer. lee county or solano county towards the central valley, you may get a few showers, thunderstorms once again but the immediate bay area will stay dry. over the weekend not that much changes. ridge to our west, low pressure to the east. stormy over the sierra. traveling to tahoe plan on afternoon showers or thunderstorms saturday or sunday but the immediate bay area should stay dry. warm up as we head to the weekend. cloud cover tonight, temperatures close to average. that's we get tomorrow and clouds increase later in the week is thunderstorms double up over the central valley and sierra gets some of the afternoon cloud cover. above average tomorrow everywhere for the first time in two weeks. san jose 78, palo alto 76, union city 73. 78 dublin, antioch 83, fairfield and vacaville low 80s also low 80s for napa, sonoma, glen ellyn. upper 60s berkeley, el cerrito and piedmont. 71 in the valley.
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82 ukiah. cloudier thursday and friday a storms rumble east but we stay dry. we warm up more over the weekend and warm up even more, perhaps low 90s at hottest inland spots next monday and tuesday. wasn't, dry weather the next couple days. still ahead a popular bay area bakery trying its hand in the housing business. the housing business. what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like george having a busy day. ♪ the beat goes on
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. >> the ex-wife of amazon ceo jeff bezos pledging to give half a fortune to charity. that is at least $18 billion. mackenzie bezos signed a giving pledge, the initiative launched by warren buffett and bill and melinda gates, it encourages the world's richest people to give away much of their wealth. bezos wrote in a letter that she will be thoughtful in her philanthropy quote keep at it until the safe is empty. jeff bezos has not signed the pledge but tweeted he does
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support mckinsey's effort. that will do for the news at 5:00. chark and blighted nearly four years of vacant grocery store and san jose finally getting new life. but why did it take so long? an end of the school year celebration at a waterpark turns into an emergency airlift to the hospital. the hero who saved a child's life. from baked goods, now lending a hand in the housing crisis. barely finished with the rain and already a grass fire breaks out in the east bay. >> news at 6:00 starts right now after your long fight to get an empty grocery store reopened for business. >> we last covered the story back in 2017. after it aired
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the will start it turning behind-the-scenes and the fires were lit. the end result according to the councilmember for this district is a win, win, win. the last time we were here, let's just say the old hill needed some love. rats had taken over the property and spilled over into neighboring businesses and the site had become a magnet for loitering and crime. today, it's a bustling construction site. future home of the first grocery store to occupy it since the old hill closed four years ago. >> congratulations communis? >> yet. throughout the process i think what i've learned it is messy. >> reporter: back in 2015 hill sales down and the forecast looked bleak. so the company shut down the store with no future plans. neighborhood activists started a boycott, ratcheting up pressure and social media with the change .org petition that got more then 500 signatures demanding they give up the lease and teamed up with councilmember gimenez to play good cop


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