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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 31, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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37 in california, 70 united states and today the feds declared it kind of an emergency. what it means to have an unusual mortality event. a cafe restaurant in the mission that has become an essential stop for democrats running for president. a long wait list for parking, thousands of people but about to get harder to find parking at the lafayette b.a.r.t. station. >> kpix news at 6:00 begins right now. >> we begin with that gun scare at santa rosa high school. the weapon forced and hours long walk down at santa rosa high turned out to be this very real looking replica. >> live at the school where graduation is going to go ahead as scheduled tonight. right? >> reporter: that's right happening on the football field
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behind me. tonight there is a 15 -year-old boy from sebastopol sitting in sonoma county juvenile hall facing a felony count for bringing that replica weapon which did not have an orange tip to signify it was fake, onto campus from chopper five you can see swarms of santa rosa police cars outside the high school combing the grounds for someone with a gun. >> the school resource officer requested a lockdown of the school campus and the officer ran to the area where the student had last been seeing with a firearm. >> reporter: on the ground you can see santa rosa officers with long guns strapped to their chest. happened the seniors were on the football field practicing for tonight's graduation around 10:45 a.m. >> halfway through practice when the principal sprints away. we are looking around like what's going on and they go on themicrophone is a we often go to the gym. >> reporter: a lockdown lasted for some time waiting in
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uncertainty for the all clear. >> just they were scared and had to be quiet. >> i was freaking out. everyone in my class was super calm and i was not okay. >> reporter: parents getting text from students inside and flooded the campus. >> my daughter texted me too let me know the school was on lockdown and then she told me what was going on and what she had heard and i just jumped in my car and came right over here and we have been out here since 11:00 waiting. >> at this point there is no information at all to show that the student planned to act with violence on the school campus it appears he made a juvenile, poor decision and brought replica firearm to the school campus. >> your taking a live look at the football field at santa rosa high school where graduation is set to begin any moment now here at the sonoma county high school despite the trauma of earlier today, parents and students have been flooding into the campus right now.
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what we do know about what happened, this happened in the music call. student is said to have pulled this replica gun out of a backpack showed off the action of this pelican to two students. those students fled and told the school resource officer triggering the lockdown and chain of events in santa rosa today. . >> we appreciate the update thank you. all roads along the 2020 campaign trail lead to this bay area this weekend. more then a dozen candidates will swing through san francisco for the state democratic convention. most politicians will make one key stop that might surprise you. melissa caen is at manny's in the mission were beto o'rourke is talking tonight. >> reporter: right here at 16th and valencia may look like any other restaurant ho, but tonigh o'rourke is inside right now talking to a group of about 250 people.
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this is the a candidate for president who has done an event at this place. it's only been open six months. it is the most popular place for candidates to stop by in the state of california. so we wanted to know what makes this place a special? >> five presidential candidates here this weekend. we head senator klobuchar last night, we have congressman better will work tonight, we have congressman eric swalwell tomorrow morning, senator cory booker on sunday and steve bullock on tuesday. >> reporter: first kirsten gillibrand then pete buttigieg now the list includes jay inslee, john hickenlooper, south molson, julian castro and amy klobuchar. >> we are getting calls from other campaigns when they can use the space and all events are packed to the brim. a very busy wer a pih memoment small business owner. how did this place become so popular
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with politicians? >> i have to say i don't know. i don't know. it is a little bit of a surprise to me too too. he says the space was built for civic events and he has been working with an organization called the next 50 to helping people get engaged in politics. >> it's been this perfect alignment working with this awesome new organization called the next 50, being well located and bill for this purpose, a little divine intervention and some special sauce sprinkle in. >> reporter: but he's not just bringing in politicians, he's bringing in people who don't usually come to hear politicians. people like shannon who had never been to a political event before. i think that's what's really special about this place is the connecting of two different worldsany is a ofhe work is great and involving people, pulling people in getting people to care actually i think that is what his magic
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is. >> reporter: a word of warning to republicans, manny says this is not a bipartisan situation. is only interested in hosting event for folks on the left. he says he understands sometimes you need to bring people from all sides together but this is not the place for that. this is the place to educate and organize on the left. >> melissa will be reporting from the convention all weekend. we have a link to our website on our streaming coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. the feds have launched an investigation into the worst u.s. whale die often 20 years. more then half of this year's casualties have washed up along the california coast. >> an average or about 35 whales washed ashore in the united states. this year we have already double that number and today the feds officially hit the alarm. >> happens when an unusual
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mortality event is declared is the government is mandated to develop a response plan. an unusual mortality event which amounts to the official alarm bell for what we have all been watching, gray whales dying in alarming numbers. >> we have 70 did whales just within u.s. waters alone. there are a total of about 148 as of the time we are speaking right now all along the coast and those numbers are climbing. >> by declaring this it opens up federal funding for organizations to study and learn why an increased number is happening right now. to find anything like what is happening now you have to go back 20 years. >> a similar event in 1999 and 2000 where we lost 30% of the entire population in the world. 6100 whales died of a population around 21,000.
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we still don't have a satisfactory answer as to why that occurred. >> reporter: one suspect back then was el nino. scientists are looking at how ray whale food surface have been disrupted by melting arctic sea eyes. the declaration supposed to bring more funding and resources to answer that kind of question. >> determine how as climate change affecting all animals will that live in the ocean and in the end how that can impact us. >> reporter: another possibility is some not identified illness affecting animals. wildlife experts want to know as soon as possible when whales washed up, something they are very much expecting to see in the coming weeks and months. a napa valley vineyard may be on the hook for $38,000 in penalties for the death of a worker. the 49 -year-old was working back in october when a piece of
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his clothing got stuck in an automatic harvester, pulling him into the machine. proposing penalties for violations including failing to enforce safety rules and failing to conduct effective inspections. the family of a man who died after being tased by sheriff deputies is suing san mateo county. >> happened during a jaywalking stop. deputies trying to stop the man he initially touched and officer before a taser was used but video released in march revealed the man was tased first. his family says the killing could have been avoided. >> i'm here to remind everyone that he is a person, he has a family, he was left and he loved . his life mattered and he was somebody to us. >> reporter: the district attorney later determined the deputies acted lawfully and would not face charges. the sheriff's department
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internal investigation is ongoing. san francisco mayor unveiled a $24 million budget for the next two years. the proposal includes $187 million in new funding for affordable housing and eviction protections a combined $150 million for homeless and behavioral health services, nearly $12 million for street cleaning and new public toilets and $163.5 million for road repairs and transit improvements. one contra costa city is eliminating nearly 20 bart station parking spots to make way for this. a public art project has some people perplexed. grabbing a rideshare at sfo will require a walk starting next week. the major move the airport is making to curb the chaos. the oakland zoo doing what it can to tear down the toronto raptors. the custom-made treats they ripped to shreds by baboons.
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city leaders recently decided to remove about 12% of the spaces in the south lot. da lin live in the parking lot. a lot of people scratching their heads on this one? removing parking spaces? >> reporter: that's right. they are asking to add spaces this is quite different. i want to give you the lay of the land. that right there is the main entrance. the city wants to get rid of these spots in front so about 150 parking spots in the south lot lot. they want to get rid of 19 instead they will put in a roundabout and sculpture spent there are no open spots. the lot feels every day even at 6:00 a.m. it can be packed. >> reporter: riders say finding a spot in the slot between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. is like hitting the lottery spent the far parking spots are closing down by 7:15 or 7:30. the wait list for parking permit is close to 4000 people.
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>> a great mistake the way it is let alone taking ay, it is n can say. >> reporter: they will be taken away 19 spaces in front of the station to put in a roundabout for pickups and drop offs. on top of the roundabout they will put in this large dandelion seed sculpture. >> gateway, access and safety. >> reporter: mayor mark anderson says the artwork will promote the city's imagine attract visitors downtown from the project will improve the industry and walkway at more walkers and a bike valley station spent there is a sacrifice of the 19 spaces we think that pedestrian access and bike access will be more important ultimately making that acceptable trade. >> a good move we should have more spots like this and encourage people maybe not try to work everyday. >> reporter: vice merrier is the only leader to vote on the project saying she loves it but it's the wrong place. >> and wanted to be harder for residents to get to work i want
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to make it easier for them to get to work so 19 spots is 19 fewer residents getting to work on time. >> reporter: she says they should put the artwork at the existing roundabout the other leaders wanted in front of the station as a gateway. they also say the existing roundabout is not a safe place for pickups and drop offs. some riders don't buy it. >> no foresight what can i say no community planning. >> are we supposed to do? you can sense the frustration there. this is a live look on a friday evening. still very packed. you can imagine what it's like early in the morning when everybody's trying to get to work. too late to complain, city leaders already approved this. a private developer paying for the art project and everything goes according to plan and done by next summer. live at the lafayette bart station, da lin. all hours of the night,
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neighbors are fed up. now the city might be taking action. residents are being woken up in the middle of the night by trains that run right through downtown and they are demanding a change but san jose mayor says unlike the trains talks with union pacific have come to a halt. >> union pacific obviously looking for ways to maximize profits by running trains at nighttime through very crowded residential neighborhoods. and thousands of people are not getting a good nights sleep. and they are not going to relent obviously we will consider every legal option we have. >> union pacific tells kpix5 the real world was there long before the homes and to ensure reliable commerce those trains have to operate 24 hours a day. heads up for travelers to get uber or lyft pickup from sfo , soon you will have to walk a bit for that ride. starting june 5th the rideshare pickup zone moves to the top level of the domestic parking garage.
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the idea to reduce congestion at the curbside. the new program only applies for pickups, drop off still right in front of the terminal. standing by with gorgeous weekend forecast we are so happy to have you here. bring in the sunshine, a nice weekend on top. >> i'm happy you're happy. all the way between here in eternity we are in that summer like pattern of minor fluctuations in temperatures and cloud cover. along the shoreline you can see the top of the salesforce tower peeking out from above the low cloud deck. that vantage point in san francisco, 65 degrees today oakland 70 san jose 78 san jose 79 very pleasant weather numbers and then warmer then usual. livermore right now 79, san jose 74. things were shocking out of the sierra today with low-pressure over nevada triggering thunderstorms throughout the foothills from placerville on the 50 down to parts of
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mariposa. hasn't moved much the last half hour or so because of low pressure spinning over that part of the country giving us fairly breezy conditions in the afternoon. in fact we had a few thunderstorms later this afternoon things will dry out and the thunderstorms will use. future cash shows low clouds moving overnight and to the shoreline fairly early a fairly sunny day. nice weekend on tap for the bay area. low clouds overnight and summer with the usual low clouds and sun in the afternoon. sunny and warmer next week numbers in the 80s inland. nice weekend for the union street music festival 67 degrees san francisco. mild. walnut creek, numbers low 80s. chile festival time of the year saturday downtown san leandro. heading out of the bay area sfo 71 degrees partly cloudy skies
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in seattle partly cloudy as well mid-50s and tomorrow the numbers about the same as they where today. 60s by the beach. overnight early morning clouds persist through next week but this change monday, tuesday and wednesday looking forward to numbers warming up into the mid- 80s, quick like a great weekend in the bay area and stay that way through early next week. >> coming up from toronto the climb up and talk game two warriors and raptors coming up.
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. >> warriors have a couple days off in toronto, may be some will visit the iconic tower so beautiful. the ninth largest freestanding structure in the world.
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>> you million people a year take that elevator all the way to the top including our very own dennis o'donnell. >> reporter: dennis o'donnell on top the cn toronto. the highest sports because of her done and local television this tower 1815 feet in the sky. we are here because that is exactly how high one toronto raptors feels today. >> the crew the meta- his work his tail of. >> reporter: he has been playing basketball just seven years this is his first year starting in the nba. last night he owned the warriors . >> i can't say i foresaw that i played against them last year i had no clue he would be the sky this year. >> reporter: who could have predicted such a dramatic rise from cameroon to new mexico
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state the g league and overnight star. >> never seeing anything like that before. that is a pretty big stage for a guy to put that kind of performance on. he has been given a god-given ability of having a big engine with lots of energy. today pascal siakam reflected on his father who passed away in a car crash in 2014. he could not attend his father's funeral because of visa problems. >> think that i had the support of my teammates and coaches in college that help me go through it but definitely one of the toughest moments in my life to not be able to go home for the funeral and all that so definitely a moment where it tested me as a man. i think it was like a turning point in my life just going through that type of adversity it definitely be the person i amaythat arena last night canadian fans rooting
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against the golden state warriors. apparently the warriors also have haters on the stateside. today draymond green addressed anybody rooting against the warriors in the united states can do not feel that you guys are kind of the enemy of the series and people want to see you get knocked off the top? >> yeah that's cool. people in the states are rooting against us because we beat all their teams. draymond green and the warriors will be without kevin durant on sunday. he remains out for game two. better news on the iguodala front. mri comes back negative on the left leg. he will play game two sunday night. i am feeling a little queasy taking the elevator back down. highest sports cast in the history of local television. in this hour, at this time
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he forgot to add that part in their spirit fabulous view one of place. >> dennis will be reporting from toronto throughout the weekend keep it here for complete coverage of the warriors championship run. having lots of fun out there. >> i think he is looks like he's happy. cbs evening news up next. >> margaret brennan with the preview. >> here's a look at some of the stories we are working on president trump threatens mexico with rising tariffs. that rattles u.s. markets. what it could cost you. the latest from virginia beach where multiple people were shot at a municipal center and have a grammar question? we found someone with all the answers on the road. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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to speak. the posted this treat tutorial and you to do ingredients toilet paper tubes popcorn and pictures of the opposing players . >> then you just let the baboons do the rest. >> you can see them cheerfully tearing the toronto themed tubes apart. do we talk about how there is candy inside, treats or something? so they don't really know anything about the raptors. all a ploy the boy makes great video. >> sure does. >> the images perfect. we appreciate you watching from cbs evening news up next.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: on the cbs evening news this friday, breaking news- - multiple victims in a shooting at a municipal building in virginia. >> i don't know what would possess somebody to just come in and just start shooting at people. >> this is the most devastating day in the history of virginia beach. >> president trump threatening tariffs on mexico to get action on border security >> the president's responsibility is to protect americans, and that's exactly what he's doing. >> brennan: the u.s. is checking a report that a top north korean negotiator was executed and others sent to prison camp because of the failure of the hanoi summit. >> my body, my choice! >> a missouri judge rules to keep the doors open at the last operating abortion clinic


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