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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  June 2, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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will see you back at six for a full hour of news.>> for updates go to, we will see you in 30 minutes. woman's estranged husband and his girlfriend charged with evidence tampering as the desperate search for the mother of five continues. also tonight, new details on the virginia beach mass shooting suspect. his resignation email sent just hours before the rampage. britain-bound, president trump heads to london for a state visit where he will meet the queen and thousands of protesters. >> this will cause headaches for those responsible. >> quijano: and varsity barbecue, how brisket and beans got on par with pigskin in a small texas town. the difference is it is more personal.
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>> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. there are two arrests tonight in the case of a missing mother of five from connecticut. her estranged husband and his girlfriend are charged with tampering with evidence and hindering the prosecution. this as the search for her intensifies. mola lenghi is in connecticut with the latest. >> reporter: as the desperate search for jennifer dulos entered its 9th day, police charged her estranged husband and his girlfriend in connection with the investigation into the missing connecticut mother of five. 51 year old fotis dulos and 44 year old michelle traconis are charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. 50 year old jennifer dulos was last seen the morning of friday may 24th in new canaan, connecticut, after dropping her children off at school. later that night her empty s.u.v. was found near a park. detectives are treating this case as a homicide. sources close to the investigation tell cbs hartford affiliate wfsb.
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late last week, state police officers with canines were knocking on doors and looking through dumpsters and trash cans, police are expanding the search to new canaan and hartford, connecticut, 7 miles north and across the state line to new york. the estranged couple has five children together all under the age of 13. loved ones describe jennifer as a beloved and devoted daughter, mother, sister and friend. kind and reliable who would never willingly disappear. >> all i want to say is jennifer, we love you. and we're doing everything we can to bring you home. your kids miss you. we all miss you. and again, out to the public, whatever, if you know anything, please contact the police and help us find her. >> reporter: jennifer dulos' estranged husband and his girlfriend were both taken into custody last night and each being held on a $500,000 bond. they were both scheduled to have their initial court appearance tomorrow morning right here at the norwalk superior courthouse. elaine. >> quijano: all right mola, thank you.
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we are learning more tonight about the man who killed 12 people in virginia beach. as errol barnett reports, police now say he opened fire at his office just hours after quitting his job. >> reporter: before gunning down 11 of his colleagues at this municipal building friday, suspect dewayne craddock emailed his resignation but tonight it's unclear why. city manager dave hanson. >> the perpetrators' performance was satisfactory. he was in good standing within his department. and that there were no issues of discipline ongoing. >> reporter: 48 hours later police say they have no motive for craddock's shooting rampage. have the suspects family and relatives been in communication with you guys? >> our team of detectives are out interviewing everyone. so if they have not immediately all the family members been spoken to, they will.
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>> reporter: cbs news made multiple attempts to contact the suspect's family. they found this message posted on their front door. "we are grieving the loss of our loved one," they wrote, sending heartfelt condolences to victims. pictures of the dead clearly visible on the front page of their newspaper in their driveway. mustafa essabbar owns sal's pizza next to the crime scene, saying most of the victims were regulars. a contractor robert bobby williams. >> this is his favorite spot. >> oh really. >> yes. he would sit right there. he liked to sit on that spot and watch the news. >> reporter: sunday church services focused on prayers for those lost and lessen the weight of all of this. and it's not over yet. several people remain in critical condition in area hospitals. elaine, doctors, of course, are doing everything they can to save them. >> quijano: errol barnett, thank you. president trump flies to london tonight but is already facing criticism for what he said about
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the american member of the royal family. here's weijia jiang. >> reporter: even before leaving for europe, the president was on the defensive after making these remarks about meghan markle in an interview with "the sun" tabloid. >> she said she would move to canada if you got elected, turned out she moved to britain. >> a lot of people are moving here, so what can i say, no, i didn't know that she was nasty. >> reporter: despite the audio recording of the comment, mr. trump tweeted i never called meghan markle nasty. made up by the fake news media and they got caught, cold. he suggested an apology was in order. duchess of sussex meghan is on maternity leave so she won't be seeing mr. trump during this trip, he will visit with queen elizabeth, meet prince charles for the first time and hold talks with outgoing prime minister theresa may. may is leaving office friday following backlash over her brexit plan. president trump sold "the sun" boris johnson would be an
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excellent replacement. british foreign secretary jeremy hunt is also competing to replace may. on "face the nation" he brushed off the president backing johnson. >> we're quite used to the fact that he does the unexpected thing. and it is not going to affect the warmth or welcome we give him. >> reporter: mr. trump will also travel to normandy, france to commemorate the 75th anniversary of d-day. president trump is planning to meet with his french counterpart on this trip as well as the prime minister of ireland when he makes a stop there to visit his luxury golf resort, elaine. >> quijano: weijia jiang, thank you. protesters are expected to fill the streets of london during the president's visit as charlie d'agata reports, that presents special challenges for the army of security experts determined to protect him. >> reporter: any presidential visit presents a massive security challenge. but a state visit from this president with all its pomp and pageantry is one royal painstaking operation.
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>> this will cause headaches for those responsible for security. >> reporter: richard walden is the former head of counterterrorism at scotland yard. >> it not just the normal threats of violence, you have the assassination risk, it is also a threat and a risk when you have protests and the level of that protest. >> reporter: thousands protested during president trump's 2018 working visit here. this visit may draw out many more. former police bodyguard to the queen simon morgan. what are the complexities of trying to secure an area like this? >> this is a working capital, and as a policing environment, complex is probably the one word that sums it up. >> reporter: the president will attend a state banquet with the queen at buckingham palace but won't take part in the usual procession. even so it is an event well wishers or not so well wishers
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won't want to miss, making it a challenge to protect. now we're used to seeing buckingham palace, but what many don't realize is it sits in the middle of not one but two parks. and a state visit like this means setting up airport like security at pretty much every entrance. and the last line of defense is within the security bubble itself. the closest protection officers, are you right on the inner circle. >> that's it. the buck stops there. that is what they are there for. that's what they are trained for. >> reporter: training no one wants to see tested, whether it comes down to looking after the queen or her american guests. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> quijano: a caravan with at least 200 people set off today from honduras heading for the u.s. border. nearly a year after president trump's zero tolerance immigration policy was struck down in court, cbs news has learned some migrant families
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are still being separated at the border. in our series "separated and counting," manuel bojorquez shows us the reunion of a father and his children after 184 days. >> reporter: 7 year old juan and 11 year old sofia remember the last time they saw their father. we changed their names for their safety. "i believe he was crying and my brother was separated from him and i was crying," she said. they were separated six months ago after their father adolfo brought them across the texas border saying he was fleeing extortion and death threats from el salvador's notorious gangs. "they said if i returned home they would shred my children." he showed us text messages like this one threatening to kill the entire family. but he would not get to make his plea for asylum before a judge. instead, he says u.s. border patrol accused him of being a gang member.
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"they started threatening they would take my children away," he says. the agent kept asking what gang i was part of. adolfo showed us a letter his lawyers say is from the government of el salvador showing he had no criminal history. he also showed us that he has no tattoos, which are a trademark of salvadoran gangs. they detained him in mcallen and sofia and juan were sent to live with their mother in seattle. six months later adolfo was released, after the attorneys who took up his case say they convinced government lawyers he was not a danger to the community. and we were there. when after 184 days of being separated, he got to hug his children again. "we missed him and it was unfair that we were separated from him. i felt like my entire life was over." the trump administration is looking to fast track deportations by training some
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border patrol agents to screen asylum cases. immigration advocates argue that adolfo's case shows that approach could end with legitimate asylum cases being dismissed. cbs news reached out to customs and border protection for comment on adolfo's case but did not hear back. efren oliveros says family separations are still happening at the border. >> we are seeing over a dozen operations a week. >> reporter: the government can separate a child if there is concern for their safety or criminal activity by the accompanying adult. some would say those are good reasons to try to protect the child from that person. >> what happens when a u.s. citizen faces that situation? you get child protective services involved. you have a court hearing. >> reporter: these aren't u.s. citizens. >> exactly, so it is different treatment based solely on their immigration status. >> reporter: adolfo, sofia and juan are now awaiting asylum hearings and trying to rebuild their lives together. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, seattle.
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>> quijano: flooding is still on the rise tonight in parts of arkansas. water is almost to the roofs of some homes in pine bluff. it is expected to rise another couple of feet before cresting later in the week. the arkansas river has crested now near dardanel, where the mayor says his city will be okay despite a 40 foot hole in the levee. a temporary levee is in place nearby. four tourists were hurt in venice today running away as an out of control cruise ship slammed into a smaller riverboat and a dock. it happened on a busy canal that leads to st. mark's square. one of the injured is an american. the ship's owner, m.s.c. cruises, blames a mechanical problem as the ship tried to dock. coming up, two friends, two faiths trying to build a better understanding. and later learning life lessons through barbecue.
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>> quijano: historians in alabama have unearthed what is considered to be the last known slave ship. the clotilda is a symbol of greed and cruelty from a painful time in this country's history. here's omar villafranca. >> reporter: along the mobile river, ben raines took us to the spot where a dark piece of american history buried deep in the mud found the light of day. >> here now we have the whole story. and the ship tells the story, and its a real object. and this is the vehicle that brought these people and stole their lives from them. >> reporter: raines began his search for the clotilda using historical documents including the captain's journal. last year he pulled up pieces of a ship. scientists confirmed it was the clotilda. >> there is no more sinister slave story.
5:47 pm
it was about a bet. >> reporter: in 1860, importing new slaves to the u.s. was a crime, but alabama plantation owner timothy mayer wagered he could break the law and get away with it, he sent the ship to west africa, which returned two months later with 110 slaves. once unloaded, he ordered the captain to burn the vessel to cover up the crime. joe womack and cleon jones are from africatown, the city settled by the freed slaves. >> they found history. these are strong people, strong- willed people. and that is what came to america. >> reporter: many direct descendants of the clotilda slaves still live in africatown >> yes, it is clotilda. >> covered up and everything else. but now it is real. >> it is not my story. >> reporter: but you get to tell it. >> it is not my story. but it was a story that needed to be told. >> reporter: omar villafranca, cbs news, mobile, alabama. >> quijano: still ahead, why an evangelical christian is
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estimated 3.5 million muslims living and worshipping across our nation. but islam remains a religion many americans simply don't understand. farah fazal introduces us to two southern california men trying to change that. >> reporter: the friday call to prayer is sacred to these muslims. but there is a worshiper among them who doesn't pray like them. >> when i hear the phrase allahu akbar i think yes god, you are great, are you the greatest. >> reporter: and that makes sense to you even though it is in a different language and religion. >> if you are uncomfortable around people who look and speak different than you, you will be uncomfortable in heaven. >> reporter: kevin is finding god on fridays in reseda, california but he is a dedicated evangelical christian at his
5:52 pm
church on sunday. this may as well be a world a what from the hate kevin's lack from neighbors face, he came to understand the faithful hear and found his new friend atif akbar in the process. >> kevin, nice to see you. >> reporter: you are from two different religions, do you have a connection with each other in those very first few minutes just as human beings? >> yes. >> we definitely did. >> yes. >> kevin to me is my brother in faith. >> reporter: atif and kevin are using their bond of brotherhood to break down the walls between their communities. atif now comes to church to talk about why jesus is important to muslims. >> what i think is that there are many evangelical christians across the country who have never had contact with a muslim. >> give them strength and hope. >> reporter: pastor bill dwyer believes those stereotypes define islam for many
5:53 pm
evangelicals. 6>> there is absolutely fear. trying to love your neighbor when you father them is very, very difficult. >> a 2017 baylor university study of evangelicals in the u.s. found that nearly half believe a muslim will physically hurt them. kevin and atif are changing that perception by bringing muslims and evangelicals face to face for fellowship and even friendship. >> i think there is an openness for that now. >> if these two people can do it, let's try on our own. >> reporter: they pray their story of faith, hope and love. >> love trumps fear. >> reporter: can overcome hate. farah fazal, cbs news, in reseda california. >> the path to true understanding. well next, move over football, varsity barbecue is serious competition too in texas. texas. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not.
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and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. take it seriously. >> quijano: if you are planning to fire up the grill for dinner tonight, here's a chance to pick up some pointers from texas high-school students. as mireya villarreal shows us, they're bringing barbecue to a whole new level. >> what is texas brisket for us. >> reporter: chef mike erickson is using barbecue to teach them big life lessons in this small texas town. >> are we done developing flavor? >> no. >> no, because we are going to >> reporter: at burnett high
5:57 pm
school students cook in a state- of-the-art kitchen worth a quarter of a million dollars to create what some would consider the holy grail of texas grilling. >> you don't have to be the biggest kid, you don't have to be the smartest kid, you don't have to be the richest kid andyo relaonship and win, for some young people, it's a dream. >> this would be a competition style. >> reporter: every one in here is part of the underdogs, a high school varsity barbecue team. that won the regional championship last year. here in texas, you know, everyone says football is king but barbecue is pretty high up there. and so what is the level of respect you get when you walk around as a barbecue team? >> the reaction i get most is we have a barbecue team. >> exactly. >> reporter: in just three years the number of varsity teams across texas has grown to 102. dishes like brisket, ribs and beans are judged on taste, texture and presentation. and the competition is as hot as
5:58 pm
their grills. the team placed 11th at their annual statewide tournament.r i. this is really good. and yeah, really juicy. what makes the perfect rib for you? >> flavor is big but the texture of it, if it is rubbery it is a big no. >> reporter: for you is it just about barbecue or is it a little deeper than that? >> i enjoy our teamwork and the stuff that we do as a barbecue team. it is a lot of fun. i get the same feel as with football. the difference is it is more personal. >> reporter: most of this team is made up of seniors planning to attend different colleges. so right now they are savoring every moment together. mireya villarreal, cbs news, burnet, texas. >> quijano: great way to teach life lessons. that is the "cbs weekend news" for this sunday. i'm elaine quijano in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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kind of scary. they could have shot up windows. shot people inside of hotels. >> now at 6:00, gas at a contra guests awaken to gunfire. the costly consequence if they don't trim their weeds. >> game 2 of the nba finals is underway and we're at the oracle watch party. >> good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. we begin with new details in the hotel s in pleasant hill. about 50g shoheinll casings were found strewn around the ground to the resident's inn near 680 and 242. >> devin fehely spoke to guests whose cars were hit.
6:00 pm
>> they said they woke up last night to the sound of gunfire or this morning to the sight of their bullet riddled cars. >> i feel grateful i wasn't inside my cigarette smoking a cigarette like i typically do. it is what it is. it's just material. >> reporter: pleasant hill police say nearly 50 shots were fired at the parking lot at the residence inn. five struck his bmw. >> i'm happy no one got injured. >> reporter: investigators say it appears that someone was having a party at the hotel and an argument triggered a gun battle between two groups who sprayed the parking lot with bullets. >> it's a miracle nobody was injured. multiple vehicles were damaged as a result of this. there's really no further explanation on that. >> reporter: police say people at the party scattered and fled once the gunfire started. they're investigating but haven't arrested anyone yet, leaving guests to pick up the pieces, and wondering what if those stray bullets damaged more than their cars? >> it's kind ofry


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