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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 4, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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silicon valley under scrutiny. the big tech giants that could be investigated by the feds. animal activists descend on a bay areauck farm. nearly 100 leave in handcuffs and this isn't the first disruption they've caused in net
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drug overdoses. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. lawmakers are adding to anti-trust troubles for the likes of facebook, google, and apple. >> kpix 5's maria medina at the developers conference going on in san jose where the feds have painted a target on the titans of tech. maria. >> privacy appeared to be the big topic at today's convention, not the investigation. in fact, we're still waiting for apple to respond to our story. >> reporter: the news of an anti-trust investigation loomed over the conference, kicking off days after presidential hopeful elizabeth warren said this. >> we will break up big banks. we will break up big tech. >> reporter: federal anti-trust regulars according to cbs news are pursuing investigations into
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apple, google, facebook, and amazon. >> i'm kind of concerned likeevg monopolistic and reducing competition? >> reporter: david neil works in the tech industry and attending this year's wwdc. he believes the government should keep a watchful eye for bad practices, but not necessarily break up big tech. >> we should look at times where maybe they're stifling the market and killing competition. on the other hand if companies are innovating and doing new things, we have to be very careful not to stifle that. >> what's the solution? >> i'm not so sure it's very easy for the government to come in and figure these things out. >> reporter: he says when microsoft was investigated for anti-trust practices and the government forced it to follow certain rules for years. the industry changed and evolved. >> you may start attacking a problem today that's irrelevant in a couple years. >> reporter: so he believes history should not repeat itself. >> i think if you aren't careful, you'll be solving
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yesterday's problem. >> and we're still waiting for those tech companies to respond tonight. google was the only one to e-mail but they said they had no comment. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> cbs news was in the middle of an exclusive interview with apple's tim cook as news was breaking that the feds are looking into big tech. cook said he doesn't think anybody can reasonably conclude that apple is a monopoly but that the scrutiny is fair and he also said he believes privacy is a fundamental right. >> the user wants the ability to go across numerous properties on the web without being under surveillance. you can imagine an environment where everybody thinks there's no privacy. if there's no privacy, your freedom of expression plummets. now you're going to be thinking everybody is know every single thing you're doing.
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this is not good for our country, not good for democracy. >> you can see more of norah o'donnell's exclusive interview with tim cook tomorrow on "cbs this morning." that starts atname of rescuing t this weekend animal activists rushed the stage and took the microphone from presidential candidate kamala harris. >> the sonoma county sheriff's department reports they arrested 98 animal rights activists and brought them here to the jail. most were charged with trespassing. the activists, hundreds of whom were bussed in from berkeley, insist they did not break the law because they were trying to keep ducks from dying in a slaughterhouse. direct action everywhere sent some members inside where they grabbed ducks and put them
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outside. the group says one of its members was hurt after he fastened his head on a conveyer belt. >> they chained themselves to the line where the duck gets their feet hang and the workers hit the lever to start it up. one activist was hospitalized. >> reporter: protesters later chained themselves by the neck on to the fences surrounding the property. dxc is well known for its audacious protests in recent years, taking animals off premises in what they call rescues. the owners don't see it that way. >> i'm not opposed to anybody being vegan. that's their right. what's not their right is to steal. >> people will say come on, ducks are food, it's well established. it's cultural. >> our culture does involve eating a lot of animals and that's the way things have been for a long time but so many things we couldn't imagine that weren't possible 20 years ago, they happened faster than we could have imagined. >> grabbing the microphone from
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kamala harris? >> we have a lot of enthusiastic activists who do things to get the message out and we always want to look at ways to deliver our message in the best way possible. sometimes we can do the best work and sometimes we can have improvement. >> we reached out but did not hear back. it says it will continue its protests. joe vazquez, kpix 5. it was so sunny and warm in petaluma today, some of the protesters were actually treated for heat exhaustion. >> paul, there's even warmer weather up ahead. >> petaluma almost hit 80 degrees today. that's warmer than it has been. it's been so chilly and dreary. it is warmer today, getting hotter inland tomorrow. livermore currently 66. san jose, 63. so a mild night. this setup right here with our ridge of high pressure centered to our west. keeps it chilly near the ocean where the ocean breeze will continue. but inland we'll have a north wind. that's an offshore wind.
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temperatures away from the water will respond by climbing up to 10 degrees tomorrow. look at the temperature spread. daly city, mid 60s. alameda, not much changing. a little bit warmer. 72. antioch from the 70s on sunday to the 80s today about 94 degrees coming up tomorrow. so inland heat for two days. we'll talk about what happens after that coming up in a few minutes. new tonight, b.a.r.t. says all its police officers will soon be carrying narcan, the antidote for opioid overdoses. scenes like this one, this is video of rampant drug use at the civic center b.a.r.t. station last year. it sparked outrage all across the city, across the country and calls for something to be done. tonight b.a.r.t. is telling us a few dozen officers b carrying narcan last week and the rest of the force will have it soon. an update tonight on a wild side show in oakland. police now say they've made two arrests and wrote 17 citations
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yesterday afternoon. officers also had eight cars towed away earlier as cars spun around, a crowd of more than 100 looked on, blocking the intersection at 44th avenue and international boulevard. also tonight, the third time not the charm for charles manson follower. her parole was denied again, this time by governor newsom. 69-year-old van hnas 16. she's since received reportsfiln but it wasn't enough to sway the governor. he said in a statement, quote, while i commend mr. van howten for her efforts and acknowledge her youth at the time of those crimes, i'm concerned by her role in these killings and her potential for future violence. meanwhile, former governor jerry brown also rejected her
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parole twice. president trump is getting the royal treatment tonight in his first official state visit to the uk. queen elizabeth threw a banquet for him at buckingham palace. in day one of trump's three-day visit, the two leaders spoke about the relationship between the u.s. and great britain. >> as we look to the future, i'm confident that our common values and shared interests will continue to unite us. >> on behalf of all americans, i offer a toast to the eternal friendship of our people. >> while outside the palace demonstrators protested the president's visit. some faced off with pro trump supporters. tomorrow the president will meet without going prime minister theresa may. here at home, talks are going on in washington over president trump's threatened tariffs on everything from mexico. tonight chipotle says it may be
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forced to raise prices if the tariffs go through. that means your burrito could cost about a nickel more. chipotle relies heavily on mexican produce and says the tariffs would cost an extra $15 million a year. the dubs are back home. a little worse for wear for sure. we'll have the latest injury report coming up. and there's a new way to pay for fertility treatments. the san francisco startup that wants to help take the stress out of the costly experience. and unusual sighting drawing clouds near alameda. the concern for a humpback whale that's been foraging for fish for a week. and this little girl clearly has a favorite color combination. blue and gold. we want to see your warriors pride and your fan photos. use #kpix in your social media posts.
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months.
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limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. recent survey shows the u.s. birth rate has hit a 32-year low. one reason, many people are having kids later in life. >> kpix 5's betty yu reports one bay area startup wants to make it cheaper and easier to start a family. >> fertility treatments can be very expensive so a company called future family is offering financing plans that include monthly payments to cover everything from doctor's visits to prescriptions. it's also providing a support system. >> i did not realize how stressful and kind of emotionally taxing it could be. >> reporter: 36-year-old and her partner want to start a family one day. >> we were like, eggs, embryos.
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help. what's the difference? what should we do? >> reporter: shadi and her partner decided to freeze their embryos. after consulting with a registered fertility nurse started by future family. personal coaching is one way the company helps patients navigate the fertility process from start to finish. >> i think more than anything, ivf is becoming really the new normal. it's very much how people are starting their families today, given so many of us are having kids a little bit later in life or may face different challenges so really that experience of going through ivf that made me realize there are things we can do in the tech world to make it a better experience. >> reporter: future family ceo claire tompkins spent about $100,000 on six rounds of ivf to conceive her daughter natalie. she later had 18-month-old twins lucas and audrey, also through
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ivf. her goal is to make fertility care more affordable nationwide. on average one round of ivf can cost at least $15,000 and according to the cdc, 12% of women suffer from fertility problems in the u.s. >> we offer a comprehensive solution that brings together fertility coaching with some of the best experts and registered nurses in the country working directly with clients and we also pair that with really modern financing packages for couples. >> reporter: one ivf plan, for example, starts at $300 a month for 60 months. interest rates start at 7%. >> i think it's terrific they're presenting different ways to afford ivf because a lot of people just don't have that cash on hand. >> reporter: liz westin is a certified financial planner with nerd wallet. >> having the membership option could be a way in. with any type of situation where you're signing yourself up for
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significant payments going forward, you want to read the fine print. >> for women who are earlier in their process, future family just launched a $199 annual membership that includes live video sessions with a fertility coach. medical data breach may have exposed information on millions of patients who got tests through quest diagnostics. this affects one of the biggest blood testing prrfbss in the country with a potential impact on nearly 12 million customers. an unauthorized user got into its system and hacked information including credit card and bank numbers, medical records, and even social security numbers. quest says it has taken down its web payments page and hired an outside team to investigate. encouraging news tonight for all you coffee drinkers and coffee lovers. california regulators say it poses no significant cancer
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risk. they just approved a rule that specifically exempts coffee from warning labels. a judge in l.a. recently said starbucks and others failed to show the benefits of coffee ouei r. now state officials who monitor health hazards say there's inadequate evidence of any danger. tonight a massive pot bust in the santa cruz mountains. sheriff's deputies seizing more than 10,000 marijuana plants fr two separate illegal grow sites. just in the past month. these are the black market grow sites. authorities found thousands of plants inside 11 greenhouses on one property. deputies called it the largest illegal cultivation site in history. tonight a rare sighting in vacaville caught on camera. a black bear roaming through the neighborhood. take a look at this. one homeowner's surveillance video captured this young black bear. where'd he come from? strolling in the front of their home sunday night.
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one expert says the sightings in urban areas are up significantly and people who live in the area believe this one could be the first of many. >> the animals are coming toward us. >> trash dayut he probably dumping over trash cans. i can only imagine. >> reporter: experts say the spike in bear sightings likely due to bears being displaced from the wildfires. a humpback whale drawing big crowds in the east bay. chopper 5 captured the mammals swimming near alameda's airport lagoon earlier today. it's been hanging out there for about a week. marine mammal scientists say it's an adult female that appears to be looking for food. the humpback migration just started but experts worry this whale is not doing well. >> this animal is skinny. it's emaciated. and it seems to be a little weak, although it still has energy. it's still breaching and very active out there. >> onlookers are excited to see the whale up close but the marine mammal center is warning
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people to be cautious and keep their distance. pretty nice day out there in alameda. maybe a little bit inland. >> back to the 90s. as per normal. typically first we see it away from the water. 93, 94 in our hottest inland spots. it's 66 in the trivalley right now. concord, 64. cool spots are san francisco and santa rosa. already in the 50s. sun rise, 5:48. san jose, 57. concord and vallejo, mid 50s. radar is clear. kind of done with that rainy pattern. it enveloped much of the month of may. doesn't look like june is going to be very soggy. sunny and hot, 92 degrees. 90 will be your high coming up on wednesday. two days of hot weather. inland only though. here's why. our ridge of high pressure is not centered to our north or right over the bay area.
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we're centered off to our west so we get the onshore flow from a chilly ocean. air above it is only in the 50s. mother nature's air conditioning is still on near the water. inland the wind is coming from the north which is one version of our offshore wind. anything not coming from the ocean is a hot flow of air this time of year. it will be inland tomorrow. mininal flow tomorrow morning. changes coming up wednesday. notice the clouds building over my shoulder to the north and west. big storm. like 500 miles away but close enough. it will flip the wind and we get the onshore flow. chilly air stays to our north. we'll get a cooler breeze starting thursday. inland highs next couple days, 90s. temperatures will be much cooler near the water. onshore flow does return later this week. 90s tomorrow fairfield, vacaville, concord. san jose, you'll get close. morgan hill, you'll get there. napa, 86. fremont, 82.
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oakland, 75. san francisco and pacifica in the mid 60s. we're cooler everywhere thursday, friday. saturday too. we'll warm things back up to the 90s inland by next sunday and monday. the latest on weather and traffic starting at 4:30. no weather impediments, just grab the sunglasses because you'll need them early tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. >> can't wait. are these guys for real or is this just a big publicity stunt? the ceo of the startup wants you to hop your way through san francisco.
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tonight the ceo of a swedish startup tells kpix 5 he's serious about dropping pogo sticks all over the streets of san francisco. >> this story has been bouncing around all weekend. we told you about the new rideshare company hopping its way into the bay. it's called can-garoo and claims to be coming to san francisco. some people are wondering if this is a big hoax. the company has a reputation for pulling pranks like this so we sent joe vazquez to ask the ceo
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the burning question via skype. >> what do you say to people who say this sounds absurd. this must be a joke. you are trolling us. >> people think it's a joke but yeah, we're super serious about our vision and the pogo sticks are indeed real. but of course we do have some additional products in themangs. an r oenoore tolooded t guy stres at the they're working on. the additional product may be kick bike. which means the pogo concept is a way to jump start attention for the company. >> just ride a bike. what was wrong with the bike? >> [ laughter ] >> i haven't read too many baseball contracts, but i'm pretty sure pogo sticks are not
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allowed for any professional. >> any athlete for that matter. speaking of baseball, the giants, they just drafted a player today and he's already drawing comparisons to barry bonds. why? and an update on the health of both klay thompson
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tonight, tomorrow, the next day, all week it will be nba finals up top. yeah. the warriors, they evened thetni pay the price. klay thompson did the splits on
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a three pointer. left the game clutching his leg. an mri revealed klay has a strained hamstring and is questionable to play wednesday. oh, my gosh, kevon looney took the spill that ended up suffering a fracture in his rib region. he's out indefinitely. then there's demarcus cousins who went through customs in a wheelchair. you can be sure be leaned upon even more with a new batch of injuries. >> what was your reaction when you got word you'd be starting? >> i was just like, cool. i told steve coming into this, whatever he needed from me, i was okay with it. stanley cup finals game 4. look at the bloody face. that's chara. hit in the face by a puck. he's guys just keep on going.
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tied with the st. louis blues in blue. 3rd period. ryan o'reilly scored the go-ahead goal. 4-2 was the final. first stanley cup home win and evened the series at 2. baseball. as and giants off today. as at the angels. the as drafted a shortstop, logan davidson from clemson in the league's first round draft. in that big league draft, slugger andrew vaughn was taken third overall by the white sox. the giants took outfielder hunter bishop 10th overall. bishop went to serra high school in san mateo then arizona state for three seasons. the exact same route that barry bonds took. kyle drafted in the middle of his game. 71st overall by the orioles. the college baseball tournament. maverick hanley homered twice.
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that was one of his big blows. tide the game up at 5. cardinal took a 9-7 lead. christian robinson caught it not once, caught it twice. they won it 9-7. they're going to play mississippi state next weekend for the right to go to the college world series. i've gotten to know their head coach pretty well who was on the 1987 college world series winning team for stanford. the nicest guy ever. this could not happen to a nicer guy. >> great organization. >> we'll be right back.
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stephen colbert is next. >> our next newscast will be tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll get you updated on all the traffic and weather. have a great night.
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