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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  June 4, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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june 4. >> darren warned us, he said this heat wave is coming, and here it is. >> just one day later, the temperatures i was talking for him and locations now look a little bit hotter than they did just yesterday. 96 will be showing up for some inland spots. first, let me get you ready and out the door. we aren't all going to the mid-90s today and we certainly aren't there now. the numbers now are in the low 50s for san francisco, but it is 60 already in livermore and 57 in concorde. even though it is dark, i will tell you, there are far fewer low clouds this morning that we had not only yesterday but for the last week. for the city, officially today, we go to 72 degrees. that's the coolest number in the forecast besides the coast.
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96 degrees for some inland locations. concorde and livermore, you should be looking at that number. but the rest of us do not have to be that concerned about the heat. i will show you why coming up in the complete forecast. it is still pretty tame and we start with your main travel times which are all in the green at this hour. the worst of it is usually the ultimate pass, but you are still at 27 minutes driving down 580 from 2052 680, it will only take about an hour. 15 minutes on the east shore, half an hour on highway 4 and 40 out of the south bay. the san mateo bridge is starting to get busier, but not too bad. not too many brake lights. the eastbound direction, quite a bit of company. that is interesting for this time of the morning, but everything seems to be moving along at a pretty good rate of speed and off to the richmond sandra failed bridge, passing in the eastbound direction. the meteor lights are not yet on, probably in the next hour or so, we will continue to
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check on the commute throughout the morning. we are at a live news desk getting new information on a couple of shootings, the first one is in australia. this happened a few hours ago, and we have heard different reports, one saying four people were killed and another saying five people were killed. but the palms hotel, a shooter will -- a shooter walked in. they now have him in custody. that was in the city of darwin and wallner in northern australia. the other is a shooting along the border last night with mexico. a 23-year-old american citizen was killed. this was a shooting involving border patrol agents at the port of entry. border patrol says the driver of a white pickup failed to stop for an inspection. they shut down the port of entry for about a half hour. we have the san diego police and the atf helping in the investigation. now to a live look this morning to london, england
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where protesters have been gathering all morning long. it is president trump's second day of the three-day visit to the uk. a little more than an hour ago, mr. trump and the first lady arrived in downing street to meet with outgoing pie minister theresa may and her husband, philip. they will hold a meeting before a dinner. not everyone in london is happy to see the president. ian lee has the latest as protesters gather in london. >> reporter: president trump gets the royal treatment in london. [ music ] day 1 of his a visit to the uk and it with a lavish banquet at buckingham palace. >> mr. president, as we look to the future, i am confident that our common values and shared interests will continue to unite us. >> queen elizabeth posted what she called the immensely important relationship between
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washington and london and president trump responded in kind. >> on behalf of all americans, i offer a toast to the eternal friendship of our people, the vitality of our nations, and to the long cherished and truly remarkable rain of her majesty, the queen. >> the gala dinner mark the ending of the ceremonial phase and today, mr. trump gets down to business, meeting with prime minister theresa may and other leaders. officials are bracing for major protest in the city of london. the largest demonstration will be here in trafalgar square less than half a mile from where the president will be. reddish police spent weeks planning the security for the state visit. >> when we are taught that tens and probably hundreds of thousands of people protesting in london against this visit and against president trump, himself, that does present new risks. >> president trump will spend another night in england before moving onto ireland where he stays at his own golf course.
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cbs news will carry a special report in just a little more than one hour when president trump and prime minister may hold the joint news conference. developing news with silicon valley under scrutiny, several big tech companies could be at the center of the federal investigation for antitrust and anti-competitive behavior. according to cbs news, a federal antitrust regulator is pursuing investigations into apple, google, facebook, and amazon. the house judiciary committee announced a bipartisan probe into market dominance by several tech giants. one tech expert attending the developers conference at apple says the government should keep a watchful eye for bad practices, but not necessarily break up big tech. >> we should look at times where maybe they are stifling the market and killing competition, and on the other hand, if companies are innovating and doing new things, we have to be very careful not to stifle that. >> what is the solution?
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>> i'm not very sure that it is easy for the government to come in and figure these things out. >> google do not have a comment. we reached out to apple and amazon and facebook and we are still waiting for a response. cbs news was in the middle of an interview with tim cook as the news broke. he says he doesn't think that anyone can reasonably conclude that apple is a monopoly, but if the scrutiny is fair, he believes that privacy is a fundamental right. >> the user wants the ability to go across numerous properties on the web without being under surveillance. you can imagine an environment where everyone begins to think there is no privacy, and if there is no privacy, your freedom of expression just plummets. because now you are going to be thinking about that everyone will know everything you are doing. this not good for the country and not good for democracy. >> you can see more of the exclusive interview with tim cook coming up. bart says liofrsilsoon rrdo
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overdoses. that is because of seems like this, video of rampant drug use at the civic center station sparking outrage across the city and it calls for something to be done. bart tells us a few dozen officers began carrying narcan last week and the rest of the force will have it soon. nearly 100 animal rights activists are facing criminal charges. police arrested them during a duck farm protest in sonoma county. it happened at the right heart duck farm in petaluma. activists with direct action everywhere also called dxd insist that they did not break the law, because they were trying to keep ducks from dying in a slaughterhouse. protesters chained themselves by the neck with bike locks and metal chains. >> they chained themselves to the line where the ducks get their feet hung in the workers actually hit the lever to started up while the activists were attached. one activist was hospitalized. >> one pulled another start
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grabbing the microphone from presidential candidate kamala harris. >> the third time is not the charm for leslie that hout, a charles manson follower. a parole was postponed by governor newsom. they murdered a wealthy grocer and his wife. she has since received reports of good behavior and rehabilitation, but it wasn't enough to sway the governor. he said in a statement, while i commend is been held for her efforts at rehabilitation and acknowledge her youth at the time of the crimes, i'm concerned by her role in these killings and her potential for future violence. jerry brown rejected the parole twice. several million people are under flood warnings. the hardest hit area along the mississippi valley river. the rising waters are causing major damage and it could get worse. >> reporter: historic flooding in the center of the country.
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among the states hit hard, missouri. >> something changed. we know that thesfuhappenwh , o the wettest springs. >> reporter: some hotels and nestk without hot water due to flooding complications. >> we saw a lot of rainfall in a short amount of time, and what we are seeing is us trying to keep up with it. >> reporter: arkansas is trying to come up with flooding editions. a new record was set on the arkansas river and some residents had to evacuate their homes. >> everyone was dedicated and stuck together and we love each other. we are a strong community and we love each other. >> they lost two trailers and everyone is stressed. >> they are bracing themselves for more storms. the national weather service says heavy rain is forecast tuesday from the southern high plains to the upper midwest. that threat moves to the middle mississippi valley and mid- atlantic on wednesday. >> we have just been really trying to focus on what is going on and what is good and what we can make lemonade out
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of lemons with. >> the vice president and mrs. penn's will visit tulsa to get a first-hand view of all of the damage. slots, stocks slide and amazon shipments get faster. diane king hall has those stories and more in today's money watch report. [ music ] tech stocks took a beating on where that the federal government is reviewing the business practices of some silicon valley giants. according to multiple reports, the justice department is planning to investigate potential antitrust issues with apple and google while the federal trade commission will be doing the same with facebook and amazon. in the end, the dow rose nearly 5 points on the day while the tech heavy nasdaq plunged 120 and the s&p 500 lost will seven. as news of investigations emerged, apple was rolling out a new strategy for one of its core products. at the annual worldwide
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developers conference, ceo tim cook said itunes will split into three different apps. the company unveiled a new privacy alw userto sn in third- party apps and services without using their real email address. and today shipping apparently isn't fast enough for amazon prime members. on monday, amazon said that 10 million of the items it sells are eligible for next day delivery. amazon is working to make one day shipping standard for prime customers. that is your money watch report, for more, go to cbs money at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. it is 4:41. >> every good streak must come to an ending. a jeopardy phenom gets be at last, but where did he land on the all-time record board? we've got the numbers. >> taking a live look outside, this is the eastern span of the bay bridge from mera on treasud we will be right ba
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this is cbs healthwatch. >> [ music ]90% of bone mass is created by age 20. check out these bone building tips for kids, use milk instead of water when cooking, choose calcium fortified cereals and juices and serve up vitamin d from foods like milk and salmon and tuna and help build strong bones with strength training and sports that involve running and jumping and cutting. to find out more, see a bone health specialist. >> sponsored by stanford children's health.
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his winning streak made him millions and just shy of a record on jeopardy. a jeopardy champion has finally fallen. >> professional gambler james holtz howard took control of the game show for 33 days. that is amazing. reporter tom hansen on the trivia whiz's extraordinary run. >> reporter: james holtz hour reinvented the way people play jeopardy, blowing out competitors and racking up more than $2 million in winnings. it all came to a screeching halt on monday show when the professional las vegas sports bettors 32 game winning streak ended. just about $58,000 shy of ken jennings record in 2004. >> we will say goodbye to james, we will see him again. >> take care. so long. >> he was beat out by librarian
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emma bacher who correctly answered a question about authors. ironically, holtz hour credits the library with his vast wealth of trivial knowledge. >> i think my number one feeling was that if i had to go out, i really wanted to go out agait erhat beat me in a straight up contest, not because i made it with a silly mistake here and there and that was really great. >> during hiextraordinary run, holtz hour averaged $77,000 in winnings per game. shattering all kinds of jeopardy records. including the most money won in a single episode 15 times. and playing 11 perfect games with no wrong answers. >> i'm no less proud of myself than i would've been if i had made it there. i know that can's achievements are just incredible and they would've been no less incredible if i won a couple extra games. >> he said if he gets asked to return to the game at champions, he would likely say yes.
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>> i think he has a secured spot at the tournament of champions. >> i think so, he's got a lot of money, $2.5 million. not bad. >> for knowing all of thlibrary got a question about authors. we talked about how it will be hotter today, and it even looked like it might be yesterday for some of us, so i want to do the comparison, and i want to show you the difference between oakland and concorde, because this will be a very different day for both, oakland, that's your day, got 10 am and 1:00, 4:00 and 7:00 along the bottom. someone get the 4:00 lifting, we've reached our warmest point in the day, it will be deees fo oakland. that doesn't sound all that bad. 69 is the average daytime high, this is six degrees above average in that is not a big deal. let's look at concorde. for concorde, the average daytime high is 80 degrees. we've already got a little bit of a head start. we all know that it gets warmer inland, but look at the difference. it will be 96 degrees today for the daytime high by the time we get to 4:00.
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that is your 20 degree temper spread, temperatures spread just by going around the mountains or through the tunnel. san jose, let's use you as the example in the south bay. this is what i mean when i say splitting the difference. you will not be as hot as concorde, but you won't be as cool as oakland, you will go to 87 for the daytime i, 77 would be the average. we will be 10 degrees that is e the step outside at 4:00 the afternoon when we get to 87 and we noticed that things have certainly warmed up. we will do this for two days. today and tomorrow. and then by thursday, we will come right back down again. so this is a short little warm- up by the end of the week, temperature will get back down close to the average for everybody and then we might warm up again for the weekend. more on that in the seven day. another sign that we got a warm up coming away, this is the live view looking across the bay bridge. you see all of the light in the sky out there? there are no clouds. this is the first day in at
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least the last week if not more where we are not waking up to a bank of low clouds that has socked in the bay. if you take a look at the futurecast, we are not seeing much in the way of clouds at all. here we are early and as i place forward to the morning, the coast will probably see some clouds today and not get out of the 60s. so there's not really much of a difference at all for the coast. but for everybody else, there will be a lot more sunshine and certainly warmer temperatures. there is the 96 for today, inland, 97 for wednesday inland, and then look, you go right back down to 80 on thursday. a 17 degree drop from wednesday to thursday. and now if you look into early next week, we will warm back up again into the low 90s. but we will worry about that when we get there. islookg go jt like the weatherdrivtiarstly s take are, zooming into
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one, this is on one-to-one northbound right at marsh road. the right shoulder is blocked. so far doesn't seem to be causing any delays, just some slowing on northbound 101 as you approach the dumbarton bridge. nothing serious at this hour, little for the north at one and one-to-one northbound at the connector rent. there is an injury accident. chp is on the scene working to clear that, if you are heading out of the city, perhaps out of town, you will have some slowing. if you look at the top of your screen, coming in from marin county, that is because right there through sausalito, you're going down from four lanes to two lanes all the way through the tunnel down to the entrance of the golden gate bridge where it is a one lane across the golden gate bridge. so that will be a little slower for you this morning. that should be wrapping up about 5:30 or so due to the construction. on the ultimate pass where your down to about 60 miles per hour, but back up to a regular running speed once you through that, and then mostly in the green towards the 500 8680
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interchange. the main travel time will be a half hour drive out of the ultimate pass, elsewhere, you're looking good, quarter of an hour on 80, and highway 4 looks good and going to the bay bridge, photographer chris bellini and mobile 5 is moving right along and nothing too serious in the westbound direction from this live picture either. >> new films about music icons are coming out, and the band of brothers meets some of the soldiers from world war ii. >> joy benedict has your ion entertainment. >> all you have to do is remember what you were taught. >> hbo band of brothers was a testament to the greatest generation, and now the actors from the emmy-winning show are meeting the real-life heroes from world war ii. >> it is amazing what they did and how they did it. >> reporter: they met up near the allied site of normandy in france. ahead of the 75th anniversary of the d-day invasion. >> we lost so many people, that it just wears you out to even think about it.
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>> reporter: the newest ron howard documentary, pavarotti hits theaters. the film introduces the greatest tenor the younger generations showing pieces of luciano pavarotti's life on and off stage as he eventually left the opera for philanthropy work. >> he somehow became the biggest star in the world. >> and another musical legend is also being honored by a famed director. rolling thunder review, a bob dylan story by martin scorsese is heading to netflix on june 12. it is part documentary and part concert film as scorsese tells the story of the 1975 tour of america using restored footage and his first interview in a decade. the film captures both an icon and a nation in transition. that is your ion entertainment, joy benedict, cbs news. uncle bernie is back and i'm watching you. yes. i am. the giants just drafted a guy, he is in the is that?
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i've got that and as i pause for effect, we got an update on the help of clay thompson and come on lily for the golden state warriors, and the news is not good.
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this morning, later today, tomorrow, the next day, all week, it will be all about the nba finals. the warriors, the even the series with the raptors, but boy did they pay the price, clay thompson in game 2 did the splits on a three-point attempt and left the game clutching his
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leg and an mri revealed that he has a strained hamstring, questionable to play in the wednesday game 3. and loony down in the heat, an mri showed that he has a fracture in his rib region. he is out indefinitely, and then there is to marcus cousins, not taking any chances. he got to start in game 2 and you can be sure that he will be leaned upon even more with the new batch of injuries. >> what was your reaction when you got word that you will be starting? >> i said cool. >> i told steve coming into this, whatever he needed from me, i was okay with it. >> i know that it is the morning hour, but look at the bloodied face of boston. he got hit in the face by a puck. these guys keep coming. boston in the blues in blue, ryan o'reilly scored the go- ahead goal in the second of the game, for modesty was the
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final, the first ever stanley cup finals home when and it even the series at 2. baseball, the giants and the a's were off on monday, but the giants are in action against the mets. the a's have the angels, they drafted shortstop, logan from clemson, the first-round draft on monday, in the big round draft, carl slugger andrew vaughn from santa rosa was taken third overall from the chicago white sox. the giants also took outfielder hunter bishop. bishop went to sarah high school in san mateo and then arizona state for three seasons, the same route that barry bonds took. and last night, kyle sauer drafted in the middle of the game by the orioles and he got a standing ovation. maverick handley, two home runs in a game. this one tied the game at 5. look at this catch, christian
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robinson he caught it not once but twice. stanford won 9-7 and they will play mississippi state next weekend for the right to go to the college world series. that is about all i've got this morning. you we will. t later on? coming up in the next half hour, we are live in london for president trump's state visit. this morning, thousands of protesters lined the streets. and we are live in the heart of silicon valley as some major tech companies face another federal investigation. a little bird told me that you
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london as the president speaks with their prime minister. live updates from the state visit. and tech giants under federal investigation, why nolicon valley has been put on


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