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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 4, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live at from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix news. federal investigations into silicon valley heavyweights are sending shockwaves through the tech world. >> one city in contra costa county is said to reverse course on a highly criticized decision on a proposed pride celebration. good morning, it is tuesday, june 4. >> good morning, let's get a check on the forecast. we are definitely talk about heat wave. >> inland locations for sure, for most of us, in and around the bay proper, it will be warm, but probably not as noticeably summerlike as we are going to see inland. look how pretty the start to that day is, and what is unique about that view is not looking at a blanket of gray clouds. we are starting out clear for most of us. there are local and clouds started to creep over on the western side of the look, but we don't see them widespread like they've been over the last few days, temperatures are pretty much exactly like they been for the morning. it is the afternoon that will
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be different. and even though that is 72 for san francisco and is not much different than last few days, let's look at some of the other numbers across the breast of the bay area. particular that inland one. 96. anywhere from 15 to 16 degrees above average for this time of year, it is the first good taste of summer heat. and look at the coast, city five, that's like nothing changed at all. you will not notice this a lot. every cooldown for later in the week, and that we will warm back up for the weekend. we will have more coming up in a bit. >> the roadways are warming up a bit. at 6:the one, which i can the main travel times as well as some of the hotspots, specifically with someone on the first of them, this is a new accident. this is that mountain house parkway at the offramp. there is locked at westbound 500 a. this is making things back a pretty significant. you can see those drive times now and the orange partially in the red on 580 and in the red also on 205 as you come to the ultimate pass. once you get to all of this,
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you should be good to go through livermore and the dublin interchange. back up to westbound highway 4 where things are still kind of slow and go in that direction. thanks to an accident, one at bailey road, they are now in the clearing stages of that and they have to get a wrecker. it is slow all the way through bay point. and you are not in the clear until you get past 680, because there is another accident westbound highway 4 at 680. you can see it is slowing as a result of that. for the most part, you're good to go until you get to the eastshore freeway which is starting to back up this morning as well. there is an accident northbound 87 at capital expressway moved to the right shoulder in the clearing stages, but it's still slow and go in that direction. >> developing this morning in silicon valley, several big tech companies could be at the center of a federal investigation. over antitrust and anti- competitive behavior. jackie ward is in san jose for us outside the apple worldwide developers conference. >> lawmakers and presents the candidates want to look into
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some big tech companies like google and facebook and apple and amazon as part of a bipartisan probe into market dominance. the house judiciary committee announce this yesterday as apple's annual developers conference began. cbs news reports that the committee will now investigate whether these tech companies have been engaging in so-called anticompetitive behavior and will try to determine whether existing antitrust laws have been effective and if they foster a competitive industry. david neil works -- >> the president's visit to britain, we are told the two leaders discussed trade and other issues. the present started his day with a business roundtable following last night state dinner hosted by queen elizabeth at buckingham palace. >> in central london, thousands of demonstrators are protesting against the president. they are trying to march past the entrance to downing street where the president and may met this morning so they can rally in parliament square. ben tracy is in the hall with a news conference is about to start.
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what can you tell us? >> we are expecting the president and prime ministers to show up here in this hall any minute and start this news conference. numbers of the president's family added menstruation are here. of course, this news conference is eerily anticipated because of many of the issues that have likely been discussed between the president and prime minister, namely trade. we heard the presence being a lot this morning about wanting to work out a big trade deal with the uk. of course, before that happens, the uk has to first leave the european union. that is a process that is ongoing and not likely to be resolved soon. but the president is trying to lay the groundwork for those talks. this also comes at an awkward time, because prime mr. mae officially stepped down as the prime minister this coming friday. she will continue on in an interim capacity, but her ability to really negotiate any sort of trade deal with the u.s. or any other deal seems very limited at this point. we are being told that the present is about to walk in the room shortly. we are getting aside, there asked me to sit down, so i might sit down and continue
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talking to you so don't get on the wrong side of things in the hall. but this should be starting any minute, and i think you can expect present will get questions about trade and there will be questions about brexit. he is criticize the prime minister's handling of those negotiations. and now i'm being weighed down by many people, so i will take a seat, and we will wait for the present and prime minister to show up. >> of course, part of the reason the prime mr. is leaving is because she attempted to get three brexit deals through parliament, and they all failed. and as you said, the president, present trump has been somewhat critical of her and has already made some controversy over there by expressing his support for boris johnson as a potential successor. >> and there are reports today and british media that the person actually had a 20 minute phone call with boris johnson today and that they were trying to arrange a face-to-face meeting in the reporting here by the british media is that boris johnson actually turned down the meeting claiming that he had a prior commitment. but obviously there has been
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communication between the two. i it's something i'm sure, myself, or someone else will ask the president about that about what they actually talk about. but it has been somewhat controversial in terms of the present kind of waiting in to british politics which is not something in the past you have seen many american presidents do. >> and also interesting that the president was called himself in the past mr. brexit has said that nigel frost, the leader of the brexit party in the uk should have been brought in to negotiate where theresa may failed. have we heard anything about where nigel frost is today? >> we have not, and in those comments, the probably not sit too well with the prime minister, that has been a real thorny issue for her as she has worked on those negotiations, and i should say that the first lady, melania trump, just
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entered the room and is taking a seat which means we can expect to see the president any minute along with the prime minister. going back to your question, in terms of some of those comments the president has made, it is unclear if the present or minister have spoken about that, if she has expressed any displeasure to him about weighing in on some of those issues. certainly i'm sure someone will be asking whether or not she finds those comments helpful and what she thinks of them. she is in an interesting position now where she may have a little more freedom to speak, and here comes the president and prime minister now. >> thank you very much. >> you are looking at the foreign commonwealth office as you can see, the president prime mr. made the short walk from number 10 downing street where they had a meeting, and the president's family is in the room as well. here are the president and prime minister. >> this week, we commemorate the extra courage and sacrifice of those who gave their lives
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for our liberty on d-day, 75 years ago. as the leaders prepare together here from across the world, it is fitting that we begin with the celebration of a special relationship between the united kingdom and the united states. enduring partners who stood side by side on that historic day and every day since. for generations at the heart of the transatlantic alliance, it is been our shared democratic values and common interest and commitment to justice. it is that unity of purpose that will preserve the deep- rooted ties between our people and underpin our nation's security and prosperity for the next 75 years and beyond. so i am very happy, and very priest -- pleased to introduce the president of the night states of america. >> for the past 2 years, the
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present and i have had the duty and privilege of being the latest guardians of this precious and profound friendship between our countries. as with our predecessors, faced security of our citizens and our allies, we have stood together and acted together. when russia used a deadly nerve agent on the streets of our country alongside the uk expulsions, the president expelled 60 russian intelligence officers, the largest contribution towards an unprecedented global response. and in syria, when innocent men and women and children were victims of a barbaric chemical weapons attack, britain and america along with france carried out targeted strikes against the regime. since we spoke about nato during my first visit to the white house, we have maintained our support for this crucial alliance, thanks in part to your clear message on burden sharing, we've seen members pledge another $100 billion, increasing the contributions to
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our shared security. and i'm pleased to announce that nato will soon be able to call on the uk's queen elizabeth class aircraft carriers and f 35 fighter jets to help tackle threats around the world. today, we discussed again the new and evolving challenges to our security and values and our way of life. we share the same view about their origin in our objectives in meeting them. but like prime ministers and prisons before us in no doubt those that will come after, we can also differ sometimes on how to confront the challenges we face. i've always talked openly with you, donna, when we have taken a different approach and you've done the same with me. i've always believed that cooperation and compromise are the basis of strong alliances and nowhere is this more true than in the special relationship. today, we've discussed again the importance our two nations working together to address the iranian destabilizing activity in the region and to ensure iran cannot acquire a nuclear
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weapon. although we differ on the means of achieving that, as i've said before, the uk continues to stand by the nuclear deal. it is clear that we both want to reach the same goal. it is important that iran meets its obligations and we do everything to avoid escalation, which is in no one's interest. recognizing our nation is safer and more prosperous when we work together, i also set out the uk approach to tackling climate change and our continued support for the paris agreement. we also spoke about china, recognizing its economic significance and that we cannot ignore action that threatens our shared interests or values. as we have deepened our cooperation on security, including our joint military operations and our unparalleled intelligence sharing, so our economies also our ever more tightly bound together. every morning, 1 million americans get up and go to work for british companies in america. in 1 million britons do the same for american companies
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here. our trading relationship is worth over 190 billion pounds per year and we are the largest investors in each other's economies with mutual investments valued at as much as $1 trillion mrent,yod i e fi we met that we should aim for an ambitious free-trade agreement when the uk leaves the eu, and more positive discussions today, i know that we both remain committed to this. i am also sure that our economic relationship will only grow broader and deeper the building on the conversations we've had and the ideas we heard from uk and u.s. businesses when we met them earlier today. tomorrow, we will sit down in portsmouth with our fellow leaders to reaffirm the enduring importance of the western alliance and the shared values that underpin it. as we look to the future in the years and in the generations ahead, we will continue to work together to preserve the lines that is the bedrock of our shared prosperity and security. just as it was on the beaches
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of normandy 75 years ago. >> mr. president. >> thank you, prime minister. milani and i are honored to return to london as our nation's commemorate the 75th anniversary of d-day and world war ii. we want to thank her majesty, the queen who i had a lovely dinner with the last night. a fantastic person, a fantastic woman. for so graciously inviting us to this state visit, it was very very special. our thanks as well to prime minister and mr. may for the warm welcome they've given the first lady and myself. as we remember the heroes who laid down their lives to rescue civilization, itself on june 6 1944, tens of thousands of
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young warriors left these shores by the sea and air to begin the invasion of normandy and the liberation of europe and the brutal occupation . it was a liberation like few people have seen before. among them were more than 130,000 american and reddish brothers in arms and through their valor and sectors, they secured our homelands and saved freedom for the world. tomorrow, prime minister mae and i will attend a commemoration ceremony in portsmouth, one of the key embarkation points for the invasion. more than one and half million americans servicemembers were stationed right here in england in advance of the landings that summer. the bonds of friendship forged here and sealed in blood on those hollowed beaches will endure forever. our special relationship is
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grounded in common history, values, customs, culture, language, and laws. our people believe in freedom and independence as a sacred birthright and cherished inheritance worth defending at any cost. as the prime minister and i discussed in our meetings today and yesterday, the united states and the united kingdom share many goals and priorities around the world. i want to thank the people of the united kingdom for their service and partnership in our campaign to defeat isis as we announced a few months ago, isis is territorial caliphate in syria and iraq has been completely obliterated. defeated. the united kingdom is also a key partner in nato, the prime minister and i agree that our nato allies must increase the defense spending. we both and working very hard toward that end. and we are very current and
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some of them are not. we cannot allow that to happen, but i appreciate everything you've done in that regard. we expect a growing number of nations to reach the minimum 2% of gdp requirement. to address today challenge, members of the alliance must fulfill their obligations. they have no choice. they must fulfill their obligation. among the pressing threats facing our nation's is the development and spread of nuclear weapons, perhaps that is our greatest threat, the united states and the ited ensure thatdevelo nuclr weapons and stop supporting and engaging in terrorism. and i believe that will haen, and protecting our nations, we also know that the border security is national security. today, the prime minister and i discussed our thriving economic relationship in both countries are doing very well and
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participated in a roundtable with industry and business leaders. i can say probably the biggest business leaders anywhere in the world. our nations have more than $1 trillion invested in each other's economics. united kingdom is america's largest foreign investor, and our largest european export market. that is a lot of importance. as the uk makes preparations to exit the european union, the united states is committed to a phenomenal trade deal between the u.s. and the there is tremendous potential in that trade deal. i say probably to and even three times of what we are doing right now, tremendous potential. 75 years ago this thursday, courageous americans and british patriots set out from this island towards history's most important battle. they stormed forward out of the ships and airplanes risking
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everything to defend our people and to ensure that the united states and britain would forever remain sovereign and forever remain free. following this press conference, prime minister mae, mr. may, the first lady, my family and i will visit the legendary churchill war rooms beneath the streets of london. i look forward to that. in his famous speech on this day in june 1940, prime minister churchill urged his countrymen to defend our island, whatever the cost may be. as we mark this solemn anniversary of d-day, we remember that the defense of our nations does not begin on the battlefield, but within the heart of every patriot. today, let us renew our pledge engraved at the american cemetery in normandy and inscribed by president dwight
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eisenhower in st. paul's cathedral right here in london that the cause for which they died shall live. prime minister may, it is been a true honor, i have greatly enjoyed working with you, you are a tremendous professional and a person that loves your country dearly, thank you very much. it is really an honor. thank you for the invitation to memorialize our fallen heroes and for your partnership in protecting and advancing the extraordinary alliance between the american and the british people. it is the greatest alliance the world has ever known. thank you, prime minister, thank you. >> thank you very much. to take to questions from the
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uk media into questions from the american media, i will start with beth rigby. >> thank you. >> thank you, prime mr. and president trump. for you, present trump, as you hold talks with the current prime minister, the leader of her majesty's opposition has been addressing a protest rally against your visit in trafalgar square. he says he is disappointed you attacked the london mayor and he criticized your record on refugees. what do you have to say to him, and is this man someone you could do a trade deal with, and to you, prime minister, do you think that city pecan is a stone cold loser, thank you. >> your talk about the mayor of london, is that he said? >> i think he has been a not very good mayor from what i understand. he is done a poor job, crime is up in a lot of problems, and i don't think you should be criticizing a representative of the united states that can do
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so much good for the united kingdom. we talked about it before. he should be positive, not negative. he is a negative force, not a positive force. and if you look at what he said, he hurts the people of this great country. and i think you should actually focus on his job and be, it would be a lot better if he did that and he could string out a and ably of problems that he has caused. thank you. >> he wanted to meet with me and i told him no. >> yes. >> i don't know jeremy corbin. i've never met him. i've never spoken to him. he wanted to meet today or tomorrow, and i decided that i would not do that. i think that he is, from where i come from, somewhat of a negative force. i think that the people should look to do things correctly as
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opposed to criticized. i really don't like critics is much as i like and respect people that get things done. so i decided not to meet, as far as the protests, i have to tell you, because i commented on it yesterday, we left the prime minister, the queen, the royal family, and there were thousands of people on the streets cheering. and even coming over today, there were thousands of people cheering. and then i heard that there were protests and i said where are the protests? i didn't see any protests. i saw small protest today, very small, so a lot of it is fake news, i hate to say, but you saw the people waving the american flag and waving your flag, it was tremendous spirit and love, there is great love, there was an alliance, and i didn't see the protesters until just a little while ago, and it was a very small group of people put in for political reasons. so it was fake news. >> i would say to both the
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mayor of london and jeremy corbin, the discussions that we have had today are about the future of this host important relationship between the u.s. and the uk. as the president discredit, the greatest alliance the world has seen. it is this deep special relationship and partnership between the united states and the united kingdom that ensures our safety and security and the safety and security of others around the world as well. and it is jo that employ people uk and in the united states, it underpins our prosperity and our future. that is a relationship we should cherish, it's a relationship we should build on, it is a relationship we should be proud of. >> is the present, would you like >> this really is a very big and important alliance. and i think people should act positively towards it, because it means so much for both countries. it means so much, and it is been so good. steve holland, yes. >> >> thank you. is that on?
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>> what is your current view on brexit? should britain leave the european union if there is no a good by october 31, and for the prime minister, what would be the ramifications for the uk if there is not a deal? >> i don't like to take positions and things that i'm not really, i understand the issue very well, i really predicted what was going to happen. some of you remember that prediction, it was a strong prediction. it was made at a certain location on at the moment we were opening the day before it happened. and i thought was going to happen because of immigration more than anything else, but audibly happens for a lot of reasons, but i would say yes, i would think that it will and probably should happen. this is a great country, and it wants its own identity. it wants to have its own borders, it wants to run its own affairs. this is a very very special place, and i think it deserves a special place. and i thought maybe for that reason and for others, but for
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that reason, it was going to happen. i think it will happen, and i believe the prime minister has ported to a very good point where something will take place in the not-too-distant future, i think she's done a very good job. i believe it would be good for the country. yes. >> and from my point of view, i believe it is important for us to deliver brexit. we gave that choice to the british people, parliament overwhelmingly gave the choice to the bridge people, we should now deliver on that choice. i continue to believe that it is in the best interest of the uk to leave the european union in an orderly way with a deal. i think we have a good deal, sadly, the labour party and other mps have so far stopped us from delivering brexit in that deal, but we will, honestly this is an issue that is going to continue in the uk. i think the important thing is we deliver brexit and once we are out of the european union, will be able to do what we've been talking about today and develop not just that free
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trade agreement, but a broader economic partnership into the future. >> >> least follow up on a related matter, as are present, are you prepared to impose limits on intelligence sharing with britain if they do not put in place some restrictions on jaclyn dunn? >> because absolute will have an agreement on agreement o uawei and why way and everything else, we have an intelligence relationship and we will be able to work out any differences. we did discuss it, i see absolutely no real limitations. we never had limitations, this is a truly great ally and partner, and will have no problem with that. >> francis? >> do you agree with your ambassador that the entire economy needs to be on the table in a future trade talk, trade deal including the nhs? and by minister, are you tempted to take the offer up and stick around until a trade deal is done? >> i think we will have a great trade deal, yes. i think we'll have a great and very copperheads of trade deal.
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>> >> i can hear them. >> how should the national health service behave? >> i think everything with the trade deal is on the table. when you're dealing in trade, everything is on the table. >> so nhs or anything else, they are a lot more than that, but everything will be on the table, absolutely. >> but the point about making trade deals is of course that both sides negotiate and come to an agreement about what should or should not be in that trade deal for the future. and in regards to the second question, nice try. but, no, i'm a woman of my word. >> mr. present, would you like to >> john, please? >> mr. present, thank you. mr. present, domestically, in recent days, mexico has stepped up apprehensions and deportations of central
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american ms. >> that's good. >> this could possibly be in response to your threat of tariffs. s it could possibly be. >> has mexico done enough to avoid tariffs which will be imposed in some six days from now? >> we haven't started yet. >> but the threat is out there. >> that that is out there, but we haven't really started yet. this will take effect next week at 5%. >> what you think of republicans that say they may take action to block you opposing those tariffs? >> i do think it will do that. i think if they do, it's foolish. there's nothing more important than borders. i've had tremendous republican support, i have a 90%, 94% approval rating as of this morning in the republican party, that is an all-time record, can you believe that? is that something, i love records. but we have a 94% approval rating in the republican party. i want to seat bond i see great
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thin haing,this pp amendwi meet on wednesday. secretary pompeo is going to be at the meeting, along with a few others that are very good at this, and we will see if we can do something, but i think it's more likely that the tariffs go on and will probably be talking during the time that the tariffs are on, and they will be paid. and if they don't step up and give us security for the nation, look, millions of people are flowing through mexico, that is unacceptable, millions and millions of people are coming right through mexico. it is a 2000 mile journey, and there coming up to our border. and our border patrol, which is incredible, they are apprehending them, but our laws are bad, because the democrats don't want to pass laws that could be passed in 15 minutes, they can be passed quickly. in one day, it could change. but even beyond the laws, x ago should allow millions of people to try to enter our country. and they can stop it very quickly. and i think they will. and if they won't, we will put
6:30 am
tariffs on. every month those tabs10%,to 15 then to 25%. and what will happen that is all of those companies that have left our country and gone to mexico are going to be coming back to us. and that is okay. that is okay. but i think mexico will step up and do what they should have been doing and i don't want to hear that mexico is run by the cartels and the drug lords in the coyotes. i don't want to hear about that. a lot of people are saying that. mexico has something to prove. but i don't want to hear that they are run by the cartels, you understand, you report on it all the time, a lot of people do. that would be a terrible thing, mexico should step up and stop this onslaught, this invasion into our country. >> you've tried three times to get a deal on brexit. at this point, do you believe that a deal on brexit is possible, or is present trumps is that you
6:31 am
didn't take his advice in terms of negotiation, should you have? would that have made a difference? at present from, if i could ask a follow-up, you had a conversation with boris johnson, could we ask what you spoke about, and will you meet with michael gove today? >> first of all, on the first issues, i said in answer to an earlier question. i still believe, i personally believe that it is in the best interest of the uk to leave the european union with a deal. i believe there is a good deal on the table, obviously, it will be for whoever succeeds me is by minister to take this issue forward, what is paramount is delivering on brexit for the british people. and i seem to member the president suggested that i sued the european union, which we didn't do, when to do negotiations and we came out with a good deal. >> i would've sued, but that is okay. >> i would've sued and settled, but you never know. >> [ laughter ] the
6:32 am
>> she is probably a better negotiator than i am, but you know what, she has got it in a sense, that deal is teed up. i think it is really teed up, i think they have to do something, and perhaps you won't be given the credit that you deserve if they do something, but i think you deserve a lot of credit. i really do. i think you deserve a lot of credit. so i know boris, i like and, i've liked him for a long time. i think he would do a very good job. i know jeremy i would do a very good job, i don't know michael. but would he do a good job, jeremy, tell me? >> [ laughter ] >> okay. good. >> thank you, very much, everybody. thank you very much. st >> there you see president trump has just finished a news conference in london with british by minister theresa may, they said this morning the meeting was focused on trade in
6:33 am
iran, the president said that both countries are committed to negotiating what he called a phenomenal trade deal, and when asked about the british effort to negotiate its way out of the european union, the president said this, he thought that brexit should happen and that it will happen and he also dismisses the big anti-trump protest in london saying he had not seen it, we get to hear them, but he said that he'd did not see them. >> we did hear them. >> then tracy is in the hall where the news conference just wrapped up. then? >> that point about protests, we can tell you that we were in front of buckingham palace yesterday, and we do not see thousands of people waving and cheering, we did not see that today either, there have been protests in the city, i can say that those protests have been smaller than they were the last time president trump did come here, and maybe that is part of
6:34 am
what he is alluding to, but i kind of the substance of this, you heard a lot about trade, you heard the present use the word phenomenal in terms of the trade deal that he wants to strike. with the uk, once it leaves the eu, we are theresa may call it an ambitious trade deal, so certainly that is something that both sides are looking forward to. you did hear a lot of talk of the special relationship which you always do when you have a uk and the u.s. leader together, but you also heard some of the tracks in the relationship that theresa may alluded to in her opening statement talking about issues of climate change that the uk still supports the paris climate agreement, and of course the u.s. is the only country no longer in that paris climate accord, she did talk about brexit, she talks a little bit about iran and china as well. interesting to hear the president say that he feels like they're going to make a deal on while way. and for those that don't know what that is, that is a chinese telecom giant, and there are concerns in american intelligence about giving them access to 5g networks and countries like the uk and the uk signal that it is open to letting them in. the u.s. has kind of publicly threatened that if it does that, perhaps the u.s. will not be able to share intelligence with the uk in the way that it
6:35 am
does today. that would be a significant development if something like that were to happen. >> the president did say that he didn't see that happening. he called the u.s. british alliance, the greatest alliance the world has ever known. as we mentioned earlier, the president has expressed his support of boris johnson as the future prime minister and he met with boris johnson, but he didn't say what they talked about. he was asked if his opinion of jeremy corbin, the labor leader, and he said that he wanted to meet with him and the president said, i told him no, he is somewhat of a negative force. >> the president has not been shy about taking shots at some politicians and london including the mayor of london. he also heard him talk about him saying he is a negative force, and then with jeremy corbin, and the president just a couple of days ago talk about jeremy corbin sake, saying if he did, the president would have to get to know him better before sharing intelligence with them. >> that is a significant.
6:36 am
>> jeremy cordova does have a chance of becoming prime minister. if that were to happen, obviously the relationship between he and president trump would start out in a very negative place. >> then tracy in london, thank you very much. coverage continues throughout the day on the 24 hour streaming that were. you can watch it on cbs or our cbsn app. there will be much more head on this cbs station and on the cbs evening news. many of you will return to cbs this morning, and we got gayle king. >> this is been a cbs news special report, i'm gayle king. cbs news new york. >> for the news, 24 hours a day, go to cbs right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. will come back and good morning. it is tuesday, june 4, >> you've been watching a cbs news special report as present trump and british by minister theresa may hold anews conference in london. the time now is 6:39. >> let's get to the rest of the news including your forecast with darren. >> it will be hot today. particularly for inland wherwe much as 16 or 17 degrees above average. that means mid to upper 90s. but first, let me show you what it looks like across the bay area. that is alive look at san jose. no clouds, that is different, we were up to with blue skies, that's a sign things of change. 50 degrees in the view behind me for san jose. will go to 72 today, officially for the city, but that is not a very good indication of how today will be. we are not noticing as much of a warm-up for places like the inland locations well. 96 for inland spots today. the coast is really change at all, i will be in the mid 60s
6:41 am
and i will be back in a couple minutes and we talk about how long will keep doing this. for now, how is the drive looking? >> you start to ramp up at 6:40, we are seeing travel times creep up out of the green into the yellow and the red in most spots. you are looking better than you were coming out of the ultimate pass, but on the eastshore freeway, that drivetime is taking up to half an hour. the drivetime is in the red. if you come out of highway 4, thanks to the courtesy of two accidents this one, 47 minute drive to the eastshore freeway, and coming out of the south bay, that drivetime in the auto is a 51 minute ride, i will tell you what your trouble spots are coming up in just a minute. i'm jackie ward live in san jose. some big tech companies are coming under federal scrutiny. apple is just one of them along with facebook and google and amazon. they are all back in the spotlight. nod is biis diciary committee probe dad to minance. just as apple's annual developers conference began.
6:42 am
the committee will now investigate whether these tech companies have been effective and fostering a competitive industry. elizabeth warren has a lot of attention because of her views on these tech companies. >> we will break up big banks, we will break up big tech. >> i'm kind of concerned like everybody, are people becoming monopolistic? in reducing competition. >> if the house judiciary committee finds wrongdoing, it would then most likely strongly encourage the justice barman or the federal trade commission to further investigate. google did not have a comment or reaction to this investigation for us, facebook and amazon have yet to get back to us. now to alive look at london, england were present
6:43 am
trump and bridged by minister theresa may just wrapped up a joint news conference on downing street. the president said the u.s. is committed to a trade deal with britain and dismissed the anti- trump protests in london. >> our people believe in freedom and independence as a sacred birthright and cherished inheritance worth defending at any cost. >> earlier this one, the two leaders met with corporate executives from the united states and the united kingdom. they discuss not only trade, but also security. >> today, we discussed again the importance of our two nations working together. to address the iranian destabilizing activity in the region and to ensure to run cannot acquire a nuclear weapon. this evening, the president and first lady will host a dinner at the u.s. ambassador's residence. and then the president is off to ireland tomorrow where he will stay at his own golf course. >> 6:43, now to the college admissions skin, a former usc soccer coach agreed to plead guilty in the scandal reversing his previous not guilty plea. he led usc's women's soccer team program from 2007 the
6:44 am
2013. he agreed to plead guilty from one count of conspiracy to racketeering and he is due in court by june 30. documents show that he and his assistant coach were paid more than $350,000 in exchange for bribes. also this morning, we get the first look at a possible defense strategy for parents charged in the admission scandal. yesterday, attorneys argue that what the government is calling bribes were actually just charitable donations. prosecutors are accusing 33 parents of a bribery scheme to change their kids test scores and pose as recruited athletes in order to get into elite schools like stanford and usc and ucla and georgetown. the lawyer for former silicon valley hedge fund ceo manual henriquez and his wife, elizabeth says there is evidence of the parents thought that they were just donating money to the schools or
6:45 am
athletic programs and that they didn't realize that the money would end up in the pockets of coaches and the schemes mastermind rick singer. >> today, city leaders in san francisco are voting on a bill to shut down juvenile hall. the legislation proposes shuttering the site in less than 2 years. supporters say there is a citywide decrease in youth crime causing the facility to be underused. according to the plan, jail time for youth offenders would be replaced with job training and youth enrichment programs, but the san francisco branch of the naacp objects saying the plan was put together without the necessary dialogue. and at the sf mta board of directors meeting today, they are expected to decide on naming the central subway station in chinatown after rose pack. pack had a key role in getting it built, but some opponents are against changing the name citing the reputation as a powerbroker. roughly 7 million residents in the center of the country under flood warnings. areas along the mississippi river valley are seeing a rising flood threat. in st.
6:46 am
louis, some hotels and businesses are stuck without hot water due to flooding complications and neighboring state arkansas is attempting to cope with high water conditions. the flood stage for the arkansas river reached a record high forcing some residents to evacuate. >> everyone is dedicated and stuck together. and we love each other. we are a strong community and we love each other. >> something is changed, while the that these floods are happening more than in the past. it's been one of the wettest springs we've had. >> they are bracing for more heavy rains today from the southern plains to the upper midwest. in the meantime, vice president mike pence and this is fence will visit tulsa, oklahoma to get a secondhand view of all of the, a first-hand view of all of the damage. pg&e is expanding its weather station and high- definition camera network to monitor and reduce the risk of wildfires. so far this year, pg&e has installed 25 hd cameras totaling the number of cameras to 34 with a goal of installing 600 new cameras by 2022.
6:47 am
firefighters and first responders and companies like pg&e can use them to confirm and monitor potential wildfires. the system has tracked more than 500 fires since it was first developed in 2013. >> 6:47, let's get alive look at oracle arena this morning. the warriors and the raptors will hit the court for practice today ahead of tomorrow night's pivotal game three in the nba final. >> the warriors injury concerns keep mounting. clay thompson possible for tomorrow night's game after an mri revealed a strained hamstring. meanwhile, senator kevin looney is out indefinitely after fracturing some cartilage in his rib cage. and it is gotten so bad that the marcus cousins went through customs in a wheelchair on the trip back from toronto, only a little bit of a joke. cousins is expected to start game 3 and the warriors will need him. >> what was your reaction when you got word that you would be starting? >> i'm just like, cool.
6:48 am
i told steve coming into this, whatever you needed from me, i was okay with it. >> what is not cool, kevin durand's status is still up in the air for tomorrow's game. he hasn't hit the court since injuring his earlier in the playoffs. he would likely need to practice with the team today to get the chance at being ready for tonight's game. we have you covered all things warriors on-air and online including more on the medical director who has been key as the warriors navigate the season filled with visible challenges and injuries. it is all on >> they need to get healthy and good to go for tomorrow's game. >> and the medical director is a big job. >> a little fixing to do. >> that he has, speaking of busy, the roadways have been busy this morning. let's look at the maps. some of those trouble spots
6:49 am
that we are keeping an eye on, i think we have a new one, this looks like it is in the same area as before, but it is different. this is right there at patterson pass road. eastbound direction, it is slow and go heading in the westbound direction towards the tracy or out of the tree she triangle and towards the ultimate pass, slow and go and then you are back up to the regular running speed as you go towards the dublin interchange. it is south of the dublin interchange slow on 680 southbound and slow on 84 southbound at this hour. we are still slow coming through the highway 4 thanks to this accident. that is still in place. westbound right at bailey road, they got to get a big record to try to clear it out. either people are stopping and gawking, or just regular delays kind of concentrated and made worse by the fact that this accident is happening right there in the westbound direction. we also have, we are seeing some delays in the southbound direction on 680. right as you cross by an accident in the northbound direction on 680 as you come out of walnut creek and coming
6:50 am
up walnut creek, it's limits low on highway 24. off to mobile 5 was live sitting in the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is slow and go in that westbound direction metering lights are on, taking an overall look at the big old backup, at least are under sunny skies over there. that will be drivetime across the bridge that is in the red this morning. another drivetime in the red is that going across the san mateo bridge. you got plenty of red and black lights -- brake lights. we have a warm up coming away, i will get specific on how we will experience this differently across different parts of the bay area. let's start off with one comparison in oakland and concorde, i will use you guys. average daytime highs 69, we will hit 70 today and we will do it for clock in the afternoon and that's nine degrees above average, let's look at concorde and you will see the difference of what being inland is like for the next couple of days. in the average daytime height for concorde this time of year is 80. we will go to 96. 60 degrees above average. the bottom line is it is a much
6:51 am
bigger difference. much more noticeable warm-up. this is summer heat. this is, it's starting to warm up, and we can do this with another comparison as well. let's look at hayward instead of oakland. it will be levit warman hayward in a little bit for the south, away from inference of the golden gate, we will get 81 degrees today, now livermore, they are, you are going to 94, so we could do that all day. there is san jose which will kind of split the difference. we will go to 87 the daytime high, that's 10 degrees above average. santa rosa will pretty much do the same thing today. santa rosa and san jose, the daytime high typically tracks the same for this time in the year. that is kind of a hopeful site. those are clouds coming in from tro tower,limited view. you are missing clouds come in right to the golden gate. look how sunny it is and san jose. very different from what we were doing much of the last week when we woke up with w-a few more locat
6:52 am
that's a redwood city going to 83, mountain view is going to 84, napa goes to 86. how will he do this? you want to understand how we have such an oppressive warm-up and it lasts for two days, you look at the satellite and think you could pick it up, but you cannot. even if we look at the water vapor, maybe a counterclockwise spin, but that would be low- pressure, that isn't it. we have to look at the motions of the atmosphere, and i you can see a bull's-eye, that is a big center of high pressure right there, and what is important is it is moving our way, watch what happens over the next 24 hours, that spinning area comes just off the coast, and when you get a center of high pressure like that right over you, that is where the temperatures are going to start to warm up, and we start shading parts of the central valley in purple. and you can see white is that concorde and livermore have gone up so much higher. meanwhile, look at the difference of 96 and concorde to 72 in san francisco. that's get through two days of this, because look what happens on thursday. we will go down to 80 degrees inland, that is a 17 degree drop from wednesday to thursday.
6:53 am
in other words, we go right back down average. the only thing is we don't stay there long, because by coming into the late weekend and early next week, the temperatures will start to warm up and again, doesn't look like there will be as hot as today tomorrow. >> back over to you. >> today marks three decades since the blood he crackdown on pro-democracy protests in china's tiananmen square on june 4, 1989, hundreds if not thousands were killed when troops opened fire on dennis it is in the heart of beijing. experts say the deadly incident was a driving factor behind the chinese government's decision to further monitor and restrict political activities. it led to this iconic footage from the next day showing a loan processor facing down a column of chinese tanks. the man's name or what happened to him has never been determined, but the images have been a source of inspiration fofutu pros all thchinese gover still doing everything it can to erase the events of june 4 from history. tvs tuned to cnn in china suddenly went black when the cable news network began discussing the massacre.
6:54 am
>> the time now is 6:53, was 100 protesters arrested at a bay area duck farm, what sparked the massive demonstration? >> and taking a live look outside, this is from our mountain back at cam where it is 59 degrees right now. we will be right back. kpix 5 news is sponsored by zero bay area .com. a little bird told me that you
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time for look at the this morning stop stories. >> present trump and theresa may just wrapped up a news conference. mr. trump said the u.s. is committed to a trade deal with britain as it prepares to leave the european union. this is the president's first official state visit to britain. anti-trump protesters are out in force in london. >> this one, nearly 100 animal rights activists are facing criminal charges. police arrested members of direct action everywhere during
6:58 am
a duck farm protest in petaluma. activists say that they were dying. todmate to clos down juvenile hall in san francisco. the legislation proposes shuttering the site in less than 2 years. according to the plan, jail time for youth offenders would be replaced with youth enrichment programs. >> and alameda county, the city of dublin may reconsider its decision to not fly a rainbow flag at city hall. a special meeting will be held at 7:00 tonight to consider a gay pride flag ceremony later this month. >> drive times are keeping up at 6:50. drivetime coming out of ultimate pass, 40 mins, 35 minutes on highway , from highway 4 to the days on eastshore freeway and highway 4 is in the right as well, 45 minutes to get to the eastshore freeway. it is slow and go also coming out of the south bay. looking at the drive times and where they are at, you can see. eastshore freeway is in the red, ultimate pass is in the red and part of the nimitz in
6:59 am
the southbound direction is in the red. no major trouble spots to report. >> in the seven-day forecast, the first four days are going through extremes. look at tuesday and wednesday up top, mid to upper 90s, but now look at thursday and friday. right back into the low 80s just like that. we will go through quite the swing and warm back up going into the weekend. although the warm-up for the weekend and early next week does not look as intense as today and tomorrow. this is the day where it feels like summer heat for inland locations and the rest of us, the further away you are from the bay, the more noticeably warm it will be. >> and you know that is me living in the east bay. i may have to stay in san francisco for a while. >> i'm going after work. >> i will go with you. don't forget to stick around for cbs this morning. you can see more of the exclusive interview with apple ceo tim cook. >> want to thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning, the next local update is at 7:26. >> have a great day. emily and i are going to the beach. >> had to the coast, head to the beach.
7:00 am
[ music ] good morning to you. our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." may day. president trump holds a news conference with britain's prime minister in london and calls the u.s./bloish alliance the greatest in history. with thousands of protesters demonstrating nearby. tech check. congress and the trump administration prepare to investigate silicon valley's giants, apple's ceo tim cook responds in an exclusive interview with norah o'donnell. >> the streak is over. >> i wanted to go out against the top player who beat me in a straight contest. >> james holzhauer reflects back on his strict and reveals the strategies behind his success. honoring d-day heroes. meet the combat medic who saved lives on omaha beach


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