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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 4, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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thsize irtinconsum ether anusuttime in decades. >> these are statutes developed during the railroad monopolies. >> reporter: the justice department and federal trade commission are signalling they may open probes. the ftc would look into facebook and amazon. and lawmakers would like to hear from the leaders of the tech giants and they plan to hold hearings and call witnesses even if they have to issue subpoenas. . live from the cbs bay area tim cook tells cbs evening news he will comply with the investigations. . studios, this is kpix5 news. no >> is apple too big? . >> no. i don't think so. tap for parts of the bay area i think that with size, i and we could break a record. think, scrutiny is fair. . but the coast is staying pretty cool. good afternoon. i'm michelle griego. i don't think anybody reasonable is going to come to >> i'm kenny choi. right now, the conclusion apple is a
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and facebook, google, and backup on 101 at 880 in san jose. amazon have not yet responded to the inquires. reports of a man who died after and the border patrol is investigating a deadly shooting jumping on to the freeway and at u.s. and mexico border. that's prompting the police activity. a driver refused to stop at the emily turner has a look at the point of entry last night. roads. police blocked the man's car and he opened fire. >> they look pretty terrible. let's zoom in on the map to the officers then returned fire and killed him. trouble spot in the south bay. his identity has not been all of the red, in fact certain released yet. but he's a 23-year-old u.s. citizen. parts, it's actually purple, you are down to a four mile an the officers are not injured. hour crawl. and the virginia governor is calling for a special session of gun control. 0 miles per hour stuck right behind the closure. the governor addressed the city and 880 in both directions. of virginia beach following the mass shooting last friday. the connector ramp is blocked the governor hopes to discuss and all lanes on southbound 101. universal background checks, access to firearms by children, zooming in, you can see the and bans on assault weapons. reroute options. if you want to miss the backup, he is expected to noungs the date of the session in the coming days. of and tonight, the dublin get off and make your way on surface streets back. decision to not fly a rainbow get back on 101 southbound if
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that's the direction you are flag at city hall. headed. they decided against flying it but really, you can to navigate around the airport to get past this. when a public backlash prompted the three council members who surface streets are going to be voted no to reconsider. the best option. and back to the weather now. the council is expected to reverse is decision and and a warm-up underway. schedule a flag raising ceremony for june 22nd. darren peck is in for mary. . >> this is the first taste of and today, the lbgtq affairs office is ramping up the summer heat for some us of, particularly inland. outreach efforts for the transgender community. dublin, that's you. the county is denouncing from the vantage point, the thermometer is reading 88 degrees out here at this point violence in today's political climate. and we have several hours to go on warming. and there will be a higher >> reporter: a pride with a temperature to go. purpose rally to remind the and let me put a couple of people about programs to other numbers on here. support them and continue to fight the trump administration. 79 already. >> people think it's a time for 85 in liver moore. sell brag, which it is. but it's a call to action and a and today, we do not all fight for protectionings and rights. experience this equally. hayward is going to warm to the >> reporter: this is the director. low 80s today. she sure that's about 10 degrees go to ensure that earn is safe, above average for this time of year. protected, and free. average is 80. earlier, the trump
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that's 14 degrees above average. administration rescinded an obama-era regulation that for concord, 96 today, the protected transgender patients under the affordable care act. record for concord is 93 for the supreme court allowed a today's date. we could break a record. trump policy that bars many transgender people from the and record goes back 20 years. military and their rights are i'll be back in a second limited in the work place. >> it's frightening. professor and norovirus is we need allies and advocates for the rights. suspected of causing students to get sick at nordstrom we look at the community and elementary school. we're ensuring everybody is treated with dignity and the principal said we believe respect. >> reporter: with campaigning the situation is contained to in full swing, there's a one classroom. renewed sengs sense of hope and other emotions. it appears the illness may be caused by norovirus. >> a little bit scared and the school is cleaning the trepidation because of what's happened in the past. classroom and common areas. the fate of juvenile hall in san francisco is expected to we've lost a lot of ground in be decided in a matter of the community and just is hours. hatred and discrimination. it could be shut down. >> reporter: officials told the crowd it can be hard not to some are fighting to keep it open. feel hopeless, but we can get >> reporter: yeah. the meeting is at 2:00. through it. ta a vote that could close there's a transgender job fair
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the juvenile hall entirely by next saturday in san jose. is year 2021. the plan is that instead of jackie ward, kpix5. jail time for underage and still ahead, a bear offenders, they would have job wanders on to a northern training and youth enrichment california college campus, how programs to deter kids from the crews got it out. and a new incentive from engaging in further criminal activity. walmart for younger employees. with decreased juvenile crime, it was two-thirds empty and cost the city $13 million annually to run the facility. supporters say there has to be an alternative. >> what has gone so wrong you shall committing crimes at such a young age? and how can we wrap around ask you and your family and support system and change the direction of your life. >> reporter: the naacp is opposed and they weren't consul consulted. they're afraid some of the kids
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will be sent to other communities. >> shipping them out to other counties, to other states and communities, young people will be away from their families, from their community. that is divisive. . >> reporter: if the full board does approve the plan that would mandate a 13-person working group get together to explore some of the alternatives, the goal is to have the facility shut down by 2021. we'll find out this afternoon. also in san francisco, today, supervisors considering a proposal to force drug addicts with mental illnesses to treatment. critics call the measure a violation of civil rights. much more on this on the kpix news at 5:00 and online at
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and fighting breaking out at an anti-trump protest in london. a trump supporter attacked an elderly and anti-trump protester. and this as thousands of demonstrators have been packing the streets of london. the meeting with the british government leaders is taken in stride. >> reporter: mockery on the streets of london. a giant robot portrayed the leader tweeting from a golden throne. . >> it's a tribute to trump. >> reporter: and a baby blimp hovered over parliament, depicting the american leader in a diaper. . >> this is about giving him a taste of his own medicine. he'stoers ckery of people. >> reporter: the president got . down to business. commotion at uc davis when a young bear was spotted on
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>> stick around. let's do the deal. campus. >> reporter: he said the u.s. it prompted a school wide will suphek. alert. >> reporter: consider this case of the mystery bear at uc davis >> as the uk makes preparations closed. but first, let's go back to the to exit the european union, the united states is economied to a phenomenal trade deal between beginning when uc davis sent an the u.s. and the uk. alert a black bear was seen on campus. this is tremendous potential. >> it was seen running up a tree. >> reporter: president trump tweeted there's plenty of love the police and fish and game came out here. for him in britain. the bear was up in a tree. and they tried to focus it not among these demonstrators. down. >> america to me stands for it came down a bit and they liberty, justice, truth, none of which have anything to do tranquilized it and it climbed up another tree and it came with donald trump. down. >> reporter: supporters say it's an insult to snub the >> reporter: the question is what was a bear doing this far out here? leader of their closest ally. >> probably kicked out by the >> you have to offer a certain mother who likely just had element of respect for the office. cubs. when that happens, they are >> reporter: protests this year often looking for a habitat. smaller than than the ones >> reporter: and expertsbee th during the working visit last year. >> it was a very, very small black bear spotted a couple of group of people. it was fake use. r:toght, psit days ago in vakville.
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now he's sleeping off the tranquilizer and relocated to trump and is first lady will sacramento away from people. >> they don't want anything to host a dinner to honor the royal family. do with you. >> reporter: and where he and president trump will should be able to find a new use the next two days to mark home and maybe a new family that won't boot him out. the 75th anniversary of d-day back to you. starting in england where the and here is video of the invasion was launched. bear sighting in vakville from sunday night. and stocks are surging. you can see the animal roaming ugh neigorhood. and six people displaced the dow is up 450 points. after a house fire around 10:30 and meantime, a rebound in tech on crocker avenue. no injuries reported and it is unclear how the fire started. shares the helping the nasdaq recover. the irs is investigating uber. the federal government is going after tech giants. the ride hailing company said the issue, are they getting too big? the tax bills for 2013 and 2014 the trump administration and are being audited. congress are working together several state and foreign to examine google, apple, facebook, and amazon. authorities are looking into its taxes. >> reporter: federal regulators in congress are working to to so far, no comment from determine whether some of the leading tech companies are too uber. big. and walmart as a new benefit for high school >> are we allowing the market market dominance of u.s. tech students.
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free s.a. t. anda. c.t. prep courses for the high school workers. they estimate about 25,000 employees under the age of 18 work at its stores. and new video just in to the newsroom of the warriors latest shoot around. cousins and cook on the court today taking some shots ahead of game three tomorrow night. and kpix has you covered on all thicks warriors, including the injuries on air and online at and another expert at basketball and weather is darren. >> i will only display the weather expertise. the view in san jose. no clouds when the sun came up and that was unique. we've been looking at low, gray skies for much of the last week. this morning, we didn't have that. that's the first sign the pattern has changed.
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and we are starting a warm-up. let me put a number on the view. there's san jose. 79. 85 in liver more. and let's take the 79 it is in san jose. average daytime high for this time of year is 77. at noon, we've passed that. and typically, the daytime high around 4:00. and now 87. ten degrees above average for san jose. remember the numbers at the top of the newscast, concord, livermore, pleasant hill, walnut creek, you guys are in the mid to upper 90s. those are the extremes. and another comparison. from the east bay, 80. about ten degrees above average. santa rosa, 87. this is not an equal opportunity warm-up even though some of the extremes are the most drastic. we have the differences that are worth pointing out.
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allergy sufferers, no differences here. sunny and warm. and coming off of record rainfall in may. plenty of soil in the moisture and sunny and warm. the pollen keeps flowing. no relief in sight. and put the sunshine on it. the sunrise and sunset times. sunset at 5:48. so we talked about the warm-up. let me show you the seven-day forecast. tuesday and wednesday are the issue. a pretty big cool down for thursday and friday. just as fast as drastically as we warmed up, we'll cool down for the middle of the week and a warm-up by the end of the weekend and early next week. that one needs to be watched. a widespread warm-up. more on that later. >> it's getting hot. especially inland. >> thanks so much. and still ahead, they may not seem related, but find out how dental a hygiene could help prevent alzheimer's disease.
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. a new study suggests that flossing and brushing your teeth could help prevent alzheimer's disease. researchers in norway discovers
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the bacteria can move from the mouth to the brain. and it's linked to some cancers. and a reminder. if you have a problem or question, e-mail us at consumer watch or call the hot line. we'll be right back.
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. coming up at 5:00, with temperatures heating up, wild fire danger is top of mind.
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how pg and e is expanding a network of stations and cameras to respond to the fire risk. that and much more coming up at 5:00. >> and driving home to the east bay, the mountain is brown. >> dry already. >> fire season. >> all right. that's it for us here at kpix5 news at noon. have a great day, everyone. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program.
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