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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  June 4, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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putting the brakes on b.a.r.t. fare increases. >> we just raised bridge tolls, gas taxes, the average working commuter is getting hit too hard. youtube getting slammed tonight. a new report showing how its algorithm serves up a virtual buffet to pedophiles. >> it just shines a spotlight on how algorithms work. that they are inherently showing people what they want to see. in this case it caters to pedophiles. they are described as the most mysterious of all whales. these rarely seen giantalswim a an encouraging site for warriors fans, but do not get too excited tonight.
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concerns over pg&e powerlines. kpix 5 at 7 pm starts now, the fight over b.a.r.t.'s fare haec. >> we are joined live at the embarcadero station with why one b.a.r.t. director wants to cut commuters a break . >> reporter: elizabeth, each swipe of that card could cost more, very soon. one director has promised a fight at the next b.a.r.t. board meeting. the cost of a b.a.r.t. ride is in question tonight. it is just getting too expensive. >> reporter: at least one b.a.r.t. director is saying b.a.r.t. needs to rethink fair increases. >> i think we should have the discussion about whether we are delivering it to the rider, and holding up our end of the bargain. >> reporter: the board is set
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to vote on june 13th, about a fare increase and future hikes. they want to see the fare increase, and regular fare increases. i approved that concept two years ago, when i was new on the board. over the last two years, i have not seen any improvement, i am looking for. >> reporter: could cost riders up to $.40 extra each day, each way. the health of b.a.r.t. as a whole is at stake. >> this actual money from the fare adjustment is going to go for nutrient, one of the most popular things. >> reporter: these come like clockwork on b.a.r.t., they are part of a bigger plan to expand service and put nutrients into the system. >> it makes us one of the top transit agencies in terms of fiscal solvency. i am not really sure
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that unraveling that at this point is the best interest of building a better transit system. >> we currently have somewhere around $700 million sitting in unreserved cash and cash equivalents. in our bank accounts. >> reporter: you might be wondering why you did not hear from b.a.r.t. itself in the story, b.a.r.t. says it does not want to get in between the directors, that means the meeting on june 13th will likely prove to be very, very lively. she says she will bring this up and hopes she has support behind it. thank you for that. taking a life look at oracle arena tonight, game three of the nba finals is tomorrow night of course, the warriors are dealing with a whole bunch of unexpected injuries right now. >> our sports director is back
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on who is in, and who is out. >> yes, a great question. so far they have overcome his injuries, but for how long? they are 6-1 since durrant got hurt. how much work in the take? >> we have to do what we have to do to win. >> the hit keep coming. he will miss the rest of the finals. >> it was a big blow for us, and for him, i mean he has such a great season, such a great postseason road. >> klay thompson listed as day- to-day with a hamstring injury. >> it will be a gametime decision. for me personally it will be hard to see me not playing. if i can just be out there even at 80%, i still think i can be effective. >> thompson remains hopeful of playing, but he did not do much at practice this afternoon. and acknowledged he could miss a playoff game, for the first time in his career. >> if there is any pain, it would be a no go just because of the position we are in. there is no point in just trying to re-aggravate it. and potentially keep myself out
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of the entire finals instead of just one . so, like i said it will be a gametime decision. but i really want to be out there. >> cousins comes back, the other players go down. it is phenomenal. >> kevin durant is still out. what is going on? >> i think it was -- if it was a decisive game, they will make sure he is ready for game four. for one game, let's make this one. >> thank you. obviously we have you covered on air and online when it comes to the warriors you can read all about steph curry, sending heartfelt letters to 30 people in oakland to say thank you. that is on . this just in, unusual rush-
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hour accidents in san francisco . this is a tiny home that toppled off of the truck, this happened on 280 in south san francisco north of westboro. the accident blocks the farthest right lane. and, happening right now the city of dublin is reconsidering flying a rainbow flag at city hall, recently the city council decided against it during lgbtq pride month. but, public backlash prompted the three council members who voted no to reconsider. the council is expected to reverse its previous decision and schedule a flag raising ceremony for june 22nd. meantime, in santa clara county, a pride with a purpose rally was held today. the focus, to let people know about programs for the transgender community. a transgender job fair will be held on saturday, june 15th, at the lgbt center in san jose. youtube's algorithm is coming under fire tonight, the algorithm makes it easy to find videos that you like, but the
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researcher found disturbing ways the site puts kids at risk. we explain. >> reporter: you know all those videos you shot of the kids doing ballet, swim, gymnastics, cheerleading and uploading to youtube? that has become an all you can watch buffet for pedophiles. this just shines a spotlight on how algorithms work. that they are inherently showing people what they want to see. in this case, it caters to pedophiles. >> this scientist was researching the effects of youtube on society when he made a disturbing discovery. >> 50 or so channels that have basically content that was all sexual in nature. or sexualized, rather. some of them definitely underage. and, from there we then looked at youtube's video recommendation from these channels. and basically really stumbled into kind of like this world of
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child exploitation this. >> reporter: take for example this collection of home videos some of them have just a few dozen views. all of a sudden this happens. titled miranda racing at swim meet, five years old. it blows up and gets ,121,000. >> the only difference is that this video was it had more views and the child had less clothing. some of these videos were picked out for whatever reason and recommended for the algorithm. >> reporter: youtube responded by pointing to a long blog post saying they had disabled comments on videos featuring minors, reduced video recommendations, and deleted 800,000 videos in the first quarter of this year alone, for violating child safety policies. san francisco will rot in its authority to force people to get mental health treatment, but it is a piece of legislation that is narrow on purpose. the plan will let the city
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order mental health treatment for those who have been put on emergency psychiatric holds, more than 8 times in a year. that rule means it would really only apply to about five people. in san francisco. >> i think whatever population we are dealing with, whether it is one or five or 40 there are clearly people on the street that need help that are not getting it. who are not going to seek it themselves. we need the tools to reach out and get them the care they need. >> the legislation passed in sacramento is a scaled back version of a state conservatorship law that will apply to about 50 people in the city. the city is currently debating what would amount to universal healthcare for the city's almost publishing. the show may go on after all. at a famous san francisco comedy club. four supervisors unanimously passed a law to save the punchline comedy club. the move comes after the four day decade old venue said their
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landlord did not plan to renew the lease. comedians rallied to save the club, the bill requires the space remain an entertainment venue. michelin is out with its first california guide, and 59 bay area restaurants are in the coveted stars that signify fine dining excellence. newcomers at the one star level include mom in palo alto, a high-end korean restaurant that started out as a private dining club, also, engler in san francisco, the expensive and sustainably minded seafood spot, was one of the few entrance to be one star category. i am in monterey where a whale watching boat stumbled upon something they had never seen before. and they have the video to prove it. that story, coming up. all the survivors get nervous. and say, i have hoses up on my
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roof comments burglars. the heat is on, some fire survivors in the east bay are on edge. how pg&e is keeping tabs on the fire danger. we will tell you why part of sfo is getting a new name. same sunshine in antioch as it is at the coast, but it is 30 degrees cooler at the coast right now. i will explain why and talk about a cooldown for the entire bay area on this hot inland kind of day. your forecast is coming up.
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out of the entire finals instead of just check out this video footage in monterey bay. these are beaked whales. what are they doing here? we are at the cause. a recent whale watching trip discovered something that they have never seen before. and they had the drone video to prove it. >> they are pretty rare, they have a really big bulbous forehead. and they have a long snout. >> reporter: these are baird's beaked whale's. shy and found far out at sea. this is one of the largest groups found ever recorded. were you looking for them? >> no, we were looking for humpback whales and dolphins.
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>> reporter: it is believed they came up the monterey canyon, following food. they eat squid, mackerel, and other deep-sea fishes. they can also stay underwater for nearly a half hour before coming back up for air. nancy says only a drunk would've captured these intriguing images. >> we were lucky because we do use a drone. the whales cannot hear it, they do not know it is there. >> reporter: drone has opened up a new way to study well, especially shy rarely seen species such as these, . don ford, kpix 5. a live look at sfo where part of the terminal is getting a new name. community groups wanted to have the entire terminal named after the first asian-american mayor of san francisco, but the airport resisted that idea.
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sfo will also commission a statue of the late mayor to honor his contributions to the city. pretty amazing new time- lapse video to show you, it squeezes a 30 minute trip over earth into 60 seconds. go around the world, covering the pacific ocean. pg&e says it is taking extra precautions in high fire zones. the utility has already installed weather stations in over 35 counties including alameda, and contra costa counties. high definition cameras are being added, the company says their systems will share data with agencies like cal-fire, a weather monitoring station has been set up in the oakland hills, one resident who left his home in 1991 remains cautious. >> all of the survivors get nervous. the people that survived the fires are nervous. but, 90% of the people here do not even know about that there was a fire. you know, they moved in. >> pg&e plans to have 600
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weather stations by the end of this year. it certainly got hot inland today, but at the coast we see it moving back today. >> that is the awesome nature of summer heat waves, in the fall we all get hot. we do heat here in june better than any other place in the country because we have the opportunity to cool off if we went to. just had here, take a live look, here is the beach. sunny, go in the water, a little chilly. it is only 60 degrees at ocean beach right now. oakland, 75, it is warmer in the day but also more humid, we hold onto the heat better with somewhat humid air. hotter today, today was the
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hottest day in concord by two degrees. we do not have removing it. original high pressure center to the west, what that does is the coast it gives you a light onshore flow, any version of a flow from the ocean running at 55 degrees is enough to keep you chilly. you will be chilly tomorrow, maybe we are talking about colder. you never warmed up so it is not really for you. it is all about inland where a north wind coming from the sacramento valley word hit 100, that did warm you up. you lose that after tomorrow. and temperatures will drop by up to 20 degrees by the time we hit the end of the week. you go from the mid-90s to mid-
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70s. sunshine in the morning and afternoon tomorrow. the clouds are building up to the west, that is assigned the winds are about to change as a low-pressure area passes by to the north, downright chilly for the northwest, and northwestern california, the big change for us just the onshore flow, the chilly breeze from the ocean will push inland, and temperatures will be much cooler. so, we are clear and mild tonight. pretty much a repeat performance or with hot inland, cool near the water, everybody closed on thursday. high temperatures tomorrow, still running above average. san jose by 10 degrees. you will be were, 87., 83, 64 for pacifica. dublin, 90 tomorrow. there, 94. pleasant hill, also in the 90s. 70s, alameda, berkeley, el cerrito, 80s for san rafael and napa, 94 in clearlake. hot again inland. 50 degrees cooler on thursday, another 5-10 degrees on friday, that is the cool part of the 7 day forecast, we will up to the 80s and 90s this weekend had begun. that is your kpix 5 forecast. thank you coming up, virginia's governor says vigils and prayers are not enough. what he wants to do to stop gun
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violence. the president changes his tune, what he has to say about ritesh prime minister theresa may, this time around. helping tourism into the u.s., china's new travel warning to its own citizens. coming up, new at 11, first it was recreational marijuana, tonight the bay area city poised to become the second in the country to decriminalize hallucinogenic mushrooms. each morning,
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here is what you missed if you're just getting home. virginia governor ralph northam says the state's response to last friday's mass shooting that left 12 people dead must go beyond memorials and prayers. northam is calling for a special session of the state legislature, to reintroduce the same gun control bills that failed in the last session. he wants to give local governments the ability to limit firearms in public buildings. mandate universal back checks. and then back assault weapons including suppressors and bump stocks. the president's visit to the united kingdom turn from pageantry to politics. he was a frequent critic of british prime minister theresa may but today he was more couple metric. >> she is probably a better negotiator than i am. while official was underway,
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protesters hit the streets. before the president returns to the u.s. he will have dinner with the prince of wales and duchess of cornwall. the house judiciary committee wants to find out whether sizes are hurting consumers, and whether antitrust statutes need to be updated for the first time in decades. the justice department would look into apple, and google. while the federal trade commission would look into facebook. and amazon. apple ceo tim cook tells cbs news he will comply with the investigation. >> reporter: is apple too big? >> no i do nothing so. i think that with size scrutiny is fair. i think we should be i donot see that anybody is going to come to the conclusion that apple is a monopoly. china did the best they could today to ignore the massacre three decades ago. when chinese troop opened fire
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two and due to protests. security was tighter around tiananmen square today during the flag raising ceremony. today the death toll remains in dispute but it is believed thousands may have been killed. older residents and tourists know what happened, but the massacre has been scrubbed from the internet and textbooks and china, so many chinese people have not heard of it. the secretary of state urged beijing today to release political prisoners to mark the anniversary. but, china's foreign ministry says anyone who attacks china on the pre-text of democracy is destined for the garbage heap of history. one more note, china is now cautioning its citizens against traveling to the u.s. citing safety concerns. the alerts are in effect until december 31st.
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one man's morning jog quickly turned to him running for dear life. >> [ laughter ] yes. quite literally. take a look at this. the guys in michigan, he took out his camera when a trio of deer , ferocious animals that they are, came out of nowhere, the animals decided to who fit alongside him, following his every turn for about half a mile. the jogger said while the deer were great running mate, he is not sure if he is overrun with that much pressure, and energy. maybe they thought he was sent or something? >> [ laughter ] you know, i am not really a betting person, but i think the deer could probably take him. >> easily. >> i run him, i mean. thank you for watching at 7 pm. >> we will see you at 11 pm. >> oh, deer! many people living with diabetes
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