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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  June 7, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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bridge there. it is friday. we made it, end of the means committee said he will introduce a resolution of dis week. >> yes. >> so happy about that. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. approval to block the tariffs saying common dearring u.s. let's get a check of the trade policy to influence forecast. sunny again. loving it. >> yes, it will. this is the last day before the border security is an a because warmup sets in and it will be like yesterday was. of power. mexico pledged to deploy troops out there now, warein the low to guatemala. they are discussing a change to 50s for most locations. livermore cold into the upper the asylum policy so migrants 40s. 48degrees for you guys. daytime high today will climb to 66 for the city. that is pretty much exactly travel through mexico would where we were yesterday. apply for asylum there first. the one thing i think you'll notice different about today is they described that as encouraging. if no deal is reached, the particularly for the city or white house will im pose a 5% any locations close to the bay, it is going to be less wind. on mexican imports on monday not going to be breezy but not and the fee could rise as high as windy as it was yesterday. as 25% bate end late night for those inland temperatures we're staying in the low 80s. again, that is a repeat of what we did yesterday. a couple of headlines to leave train noise. the railroad said it is you with. read that middle one. the hottest temperatures are business as usual. going to arrive early next he is ra causing the company of week. i'll have more on that in a some miss direction. bit. emily, how is the drive? this is at the bay bridge,
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>> it looks like a friday on the roadways lear at 4:30 this the eastern span. morning the the main travel 54degrees in san francisco. it is going to be sunny today. times are all in the green. we will be right back. you are welcome today. your drive times not bad. just 24 minutes coming through the altamonte pass. only 13 minutes on the east shore freeway, 26 minutes on highway 4 to the east shore freeway. northbound 37 minutes. we have accidents on 101. in the meantime let's check in with the bay bridge where the metering lights are not yet on. stacked up in the cash lanes but then good to go. they are doing construction at least until 5:00, 6:00 this mo. i'll check with chp to see what their schedule is, but you're down to one lane. you have some companies on the san mateo bring, not a whole lot. it is moving right along. our overall map, only a few
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issues. plenty of green. i'll keep track of this throughout the morning. police are looking for the driver in a hit-and-run rollover crash. this was on the expressway and redmond avenue in san jose. it happened before midnight. you heard emily's traffic report. its not affecting traffic any longer but two people were hurt. that car took off, but left behind its bumper so police are looking for the driver of the white sedan that clipped that truck. also, overnight, three teens were injured in what appears to be a d.u.i. crash. they are going to be okay, but the driver in some trouble this morning. that was a rollover crash after their vehicle hit one car and then another before flipping. the 17-year-old driver was arrested on charges of dui. and thank you. a san mateo police officer
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finds himself on the other side of the law this morning. officer robert davis solicited a minor for sex on tinder. this morning oakland police this came from a citizen. are asking for help solving a davis was set up bay a tipster mom side. they have a new clue. hone lew was killed in a home who matched with him on tinder. on may 22 last year in front of the conversation moved to kick and finally snapchat. his wife. police say that the two were in police say he knew the woman their home on carrington street was a 16-year-old girl, but when three masked suspects decided to contact anyway. i believe it is good that forced their way inside. one of them shot him killing the people are taking matters him. police have released into their own hands. surveillance video of what they >> if someone out there is think is the getaway car. it appears to be a silver doing something that idea fies sedan. a potential threat to the there is a $15,000 reward for information leading to an community, and they notify us about it, i can't discourage that. police say one of the main arrest. neighbors in the south bay reasons they are talking to the claim there is a railroad media is out of concern that davis may have contacted other retaliating for their noise young women before. if you had inappropriate contact with this officer, complaints. and that is a 12-second horn police say give them a call. blasting through san jose's a soccer club is ditching japantown. residents say fic did the park where they play.
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it is not safe there after a it on purpose following a board meeting. many sounded off for noisy overnight trains. shooting. they said they are required by it has been empty and quiet. the black oaks soccer club law to sound its horns when it crosses roads or sees people on suspended practices and games there, because one of their the tracks. elite players, 11-year-old boy, >> it was way beyond normal. it might have been a little was shot at the park just two hey, we heard about the days ago. >> at this point in the investigation, the original 21- meeting, here come the horns. year-old male that was shot was >> they are not planning on the intended target. the other three were innocent bystanders. >> the ak tawas likely gang related and they are looking making any changes. >> cal train is adding capacity for the gunman who drove off in to allow more bikes on trains at peak hours and looking at a a black suv. meantime, the soccer club is bike share system with stations looking for a new field. up and down the cal train santa rosa police say there is corridor. when they electric files in 2022, they will have two a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. dedicated bike cars. in san jose, the next time banned from attending nba you call a lyft, the nearest ride could be a scooter. games for a year after he pushed a raptor's player and they wheeled out 900 of the rides. they have a permit with strict yelled obscenities yesterday rules on where they can be after the loss of the nba
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finals. raptors guide kyle laurie went deployed and you can't ride after a loose ball and was them on the sidewalks. shovend and cursed at by the >> another company bird is swooping into san francisco to billionaire investor mark steve screens. he was find a half million dollars but will not force him swoop up scoop. it is one of wo companies for to sell his shares of the team. scooters in the city. if they merger, it is not clear they are defending what critics if the combined company will call a lenient punishment. get to keep that permit. a fun story. some raider players are known >> he has never done anything like this before in his for their moves on the field. courtside seat that he has a very good reputation in the >> one of the team's janitors community but he made a mistake and he is paying. is getting attention for inside the locker room. in my mind, a very large price >> ♪ for it. >> the ownership they have but all right. he has got some moves there. a guy like that showing his true class and he shouldn't be a part of our league. check it out. jonathan abrams shared this it is just no place for that. video of the man's incredible >> stevens released a statement that reads in part, i take full stunts. oh look. responsibility for my actions the world. he drops into the splits, too. at the nba finals and i'm he finishes with some break embarrassed by what transpired. dance moves. >> that split was the most what i did was wrong and there impressive. >> yes he is good. is no excuse for it. he is like ozone and apollo. he deserves better and i remember that? reached out to apologize to him
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>> no. >> no. >> i don't know what you're and other members of the talking about. raptors and warriors >> breaking wo, electric boog organization. ga lew. >> you go back for for that. game four of the series is this evening. kpix 5 will have a live report >> i was impressed when he did the worm. from oakland in the next half- >> yesterday was really windy. hour. meanwhile oakland mayor is offering someone to be her i'm sure we all noticed that when we stepped outside and it felt a lot cooler than what we special guest for this evening's game. had a few days before that. winds will die down today. temperatures changing. one more day to enjoy it is posted on facebook. temperatures that are pretty much where they should be for this time of year and then the the highest bidder will receive one ticket. proceeds will go to the warmup is going to begin. let's start off by showing you oakland promise, the city's what the wind is like out initiative to send every child from oakland to college. there. for the most of the us a single the deadline to make a bid is digit wind speed. san jose it is even calm but 20- today at noon. more warriors coverage on mile-an-hours for city and waking up to a much better situation for most of us than some hikers are alive, what we had through the healthy and back on solid afternoon yesterday. that is the way much of today will stay. if we lock at the wind speeds ground after being stranded for days on mt. rainier. john lawrence has more. on the forecast here, they will stay single digits through today. we did a lot of heavy lifting >> reporter: a second chance at life. >> i'm doing wonderful. i'm alive in this beautiful yesterday in terms of pulling
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in the cooler air and starting place with beautiful people the onshore flow. around me. today we'll do the same exact couldn't be better. >> reporter: stranded since monday, four hikers braved things. those are your daytime highs. vicious weather hoping for someone to find them. >> we tried to hold onto the warmest number on there once again is only an 81 for tent, trying to hold onto concord. 66 in san francisco. everything that was outside, we're going to get a little bit everything that ripped, slipped of a warmup into the weekend. out. somehow we made it through. >> reporter: the climbers having covered that, if you placed a 911 call on monday have plans to be outdoors this saying they were stuck at nearly 14,000 feet near the weekend, san mateo county fair happening. peek of the liberty ridge clientk route. mid-80s. at 86 degrees, we have started >> the location where these climbers were is one of the to notice a bit of a warmup. most inaccessible places in the you're planning on hanging out park. it is right at the top of the to the fair. the radio is going on at climbing route. livermore valley stadium in the it is in a location where the low 90s. these numbers are just the start of the warm up. pitch is about 50 degrees, it wale get hotter as we go through the next seven days. is more vertical than let me show you what's that horizontal. >> reporter: the harsh conditions hindered rescue efforts. >> they tried to swoop in and looks like in the seven-day land and couldn't because the wind was just blowing in that forecast. the numbers inland are now direction. >> the climbers were treated for exposure to than 30 people requiring three digits.
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100 on sunday. 104 on monday. those are our hottest locations. concord and livermore, you should be looking at that. part of the rescue mission. everybody else inland through the bay, this is going to be a some amazing video to show different warm up than what we you of an adventurous girl. had two days ago. take a look. sanoma county helicopter was look at the numbers for -- that called in last night to rescue is pretty much for the city. ware going into the low 80s in this little girl. san francisco, we'll make it to it was an amazing attempt by 85 for the bay as we get to first responders to rescue this monday. look at the coast. girl in bodega bay. 80degrees on sunday. you can see the footage. so everybody this time is going to notice this one. amazing. the sheriff's department also i'll have more on this coming posted photos of this rescue as up a little later. it happened and we are assured emily, how doesdrivl driving to that the girl right now is in decent condition. she was reportedly visiting somewhere because that looks from another town. frightening moments for a too too hot for santa clara county sheriff's deputy that was bitten by a me. >> quite a bit of green out rattlesnake. they were scouting a rural area there. a slight delay in the westbound for possible marijuana grows yesterday. direction 580. authorities say that is where one lane is blocked due to an the rattlesnake struck by the bathing the deputy on his leg. injury-accident. they are working to clear that though. off to southbound 101 holly it
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the team went a mile back before being airlifted in the has been moved to the right shoulder and not causing hospital. he is in stable condition. a >> time for negotiations over delays. other accidents on 101 have the border crisis. been cleared. altamonte expressway, things despite on going talks, u.s. are slow and go but there is no red on our traffic map this officials are pushing ahead on a tariff plan. mark liverman reports. >> reporter: two days of talks between the u.s. and mexico have yielded significant morning which is good news. concessions but not enough to friday it may be light. stop the white house from going 580, 680 interchange. your main travel times all in ahead with a planned 5% tariff on all goods imported from the green this morning. usually the altamonte passes in mexico. >> it is a beautiful thing if you know how to use them the yellow but not so far. properly. >> reporter: with time running the bay bridge, we're starting out and opposition to the to see a stack up, but not policy growing on capitol hill, president donald trump appeared anywhere else on the fast on fox news to defend the lanes. in the background with those headlights you can see the east administration's approach. >> there are senators and shore freeway through the maze others and pelosi saying how moving on pretty well. horrible. what they are doing is hurting a little bit slow and go at the the deal. they should be saying we're bridge. this is the result of the construction thanks to the with the president, we'll do flashing rights there. for at whatever he wants to do and mexico would fold like an umbrella. now i have these people and least another hour. there are some republicans, chp on the scene. i can see them over there.
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too, i think they should be ashamed of shelf sefs. i'll be checking in with them, >> the white house is using the as well. the san mateo bridge is a little busier, guys. threat of tariffs to get mexico a competitive tony awards to do the house ways and season this year. we can expect a lot of surprises on sunday. >> laura podesta chatted with host james corden about what he is most excited about and nervous about on the biggest theater night. >> it is show time. >> from movie adaptations to a jukebox musical. this year's tony awards are eclectic and competitive. haiti's town leads the pack with 14 nominations. ♪ and the familiar faces could grace the stage. brian scranton, "breaking bad". a play. news teleading actor so is adam driver in burn this. annette bening might take home her first tony in all my sons.
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she is up against contenders like lori met catch. we asked host james corden for his predicts. >> there is a play called the fairyman and i think he is quite possibly the best wait ter alive. >> butterworth will take on that. what the constitution mean toss me. >> the right to bush your teeth, you've got it, but how long do we want this document to be? [ laughter ] >> much of the show is being kept under wraps but expect a big opening number and he will be singing. >> a new song, an original song and i don't know it is terrifying. it is live you know. >> even this star gets stage fright telling us he is looking forward to the final bow. >> i'll either cry because it is going so badly or i'll see my wife and say i guess i pulled it off. the warriors made a call on
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klay thompson as they play from behind in the nba finals and we have some controversy on the ice. stanley cup final. who has the upper hand? we'll drop the puck coming up. and let's get another live look outside. this time downtown san jose. 52degrees to start this friday morning.
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well at sometime tonight we're going to find out if klay thompson's hamstring held hes for game four tonight. not the case for kevin durant. after missing a game three with the hamstring injury, thompson will play. golden state planned to have kd jim match yesterday. that did not happen, so durant is going to miss his ninth
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straight game with a calf injury and it may be time for them to start not having kd in the final. well, it would suck if kevin can't come back. i mean, i still think we have a good chance to win the finals but obviously that takes a huge hit. >> he is way better than a lot of people when he is 100% so if he is 75% he is probably still better than a lot of people. we'll see if he is able to come back or not. to the ice, boston chara playing through a broken jaw. third period st. louis appears to trip him, but no penalty is called. just seconds later david scores to make it 2-0 st. louis. boston players and team management not happy. blues won 2-1. take a 3-2 series win. one lead away from their first stanley cup final. giants starter sean anderson a rough start to his
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day in new york. first batter of the game. four pitches later he comes back for a home run. 2-0 mets. two batters into the game. tied at 3. todd goes down and gets one off him. go ahead, two-run shot. newyork wins 7-3 and take 2 out of 3 in that series. >> the guy in the blue sweatshirt, a foul ball. top of the fifth. flies out to left field. brian goodwin makes the catch but as he throws the ball back, slips on his hand and that allows matt chapman to score. oakland wins 7-4. they take two out of three for the series. knocked out of the quarters by 17-year-old amanda. she becomes the youngest american to meet the semis with a grand slam since venus
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williams in 1997. she will play ashley bardsley today. okay. time to tip-off tonight, klay thompson will be back on the court. not a must-win for the golden state warriors but pretty darn close. have a great weekend. >> 4:57. from destruction to diplomas. the class of 2019 celebrates the graduation seven months after the campfire tore through the town. - hey, mike.
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this is kpix5 news. could tonight be the last game for the warriors apartment oracle arena? it is game four and we're live in oakland this morning. >> plus talks between the u.s. and mexico as it goes toward the deadline. >> the power to block the
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annoying robocalls. >> it is friday, june 7th, 2019. i'm we have one more day to enjoy normal tep chures around here. get out there and enjoy this friday because starting saturday, the warmup begins and bay sunday and monday, man, we're in for it. it will be our first good spell of heat here for the bay area wide. i know we have had a couple spikes for inland locations but sunday and monday we're ail going to get it this time. let's talk about friday morning first. we're in the low 50s right now for san francisco. that is 52. 54 in concord. wale go to 66 in the city today. that is virtually no different than yesterday with one exception. there is going to be a lot less wind. still breezy in the city today, but not as strong as a wind as we had yesterday. yore
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