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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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comcast business. beyond fast. now at 11:00 breaking news, pg&e ready to cut power to parts of the bay area in just hours, the high five risk tonight. >> also breaking tonight, after a 14-day strike there's a tentative deal to get teachers in hayward and union city back to work. >> plus. >> reporter: warriors shot better, had an 11 point lead in the 3rd quarter and then what, more coming up from oracle. >> one of the wildest smash and grabs we've ever seen in santa clara county. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. tonight pg&e is getting ready to turn off electricity in parts of the bay area because the fire danger is so high. we have live team coverage beginning with kpix5's andrea
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nakano in clayton where temperatures could hit 100 this weekend. andrea? >> reporter: yeah, ken, here in clayton it's a pretty good temperature now, but it's about to really heat up and with the warm weather comes fire danger and pg&e is taking proactive steps to reduce the risk of a wildfire. tonight pg&e has notified 1,000 sticks hundred customers in eastern napa county near lake berryessa that it will turn off the power tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. through at least tomorrow afternoon, possibly longer. >> we have to inspect the lines, make sure there's no damage on the lines, repair any damage. if there's a tree on the line, remove the tree. if there's a broken pole or broken cross arms, we have to make those repairs before we can reenergize the line and that's all after the severe weather has passed. >> reporter: we already got a glimpse of the high fire danger in contra costa county today.
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in ma maraga this evening less than 2 acres burned. a few hours before that this 24- acre brushfire near cordelia in solano county forced the evacuation of 50 nearby homes. people in clayton were enjoying the warm weather tonight after enduring a pretty wet and cold winter this year. >> i'm so glad that we finally have some sunny weather after a really wet winter. >> oh, it's great. i don't know that i want it to be as hot as it's going to be this weekend, but this is perfect now. >> reporter: pg&e is working with calfire and the national weather service to determine when and where to cut off the power. live in clayton, andrea nakano, kpix5. >> thanks. let's send it over chief meteorologist paul deanno with more on this regular flag warning. >> the fire danger is high every summer every frhigh to critical? the answer is relative humidity
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dropping and the wind increasing and one specific place in the bay area this weekend now through sunday evening both those things will happen. it's the north bay mountains, marin county, north bay, all the higher elevations will have low humidity and critical fire danger this weekend. what will be widespread is the heat, especially sunday, not tomorrow but sunday. oakley will likely hit 100 degrees. livermore 99 and gilroy 98. that's the warmest we've seen widespread since last september, but just 89 degrees in downtown san francisco, hasn't happened since october 24th, two years ago. it's been 563 days since we've been that warm downtown san francisco, has a goees onsunday 'lta abt how long the heat lasts in a few minutes. we'll be watching the temperatures all weekend. wake up for the latest forecasts with darren peck at 6:00 tomorrow morning. we're covering more
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breaking news in alameda county tonight after 14 days on strike. tonight teachers in hayward and union city say they have a tentative deal. the teachers with the new haven unified school district would get a 3% raise plus a 2.5% bonus and they'll also get a 1% increase every year and another 1% on top of that if school funding legislation gets passed. if teachers ratify the deal, they could be back in the classroom by monday. the district had this to say tonight. "both teams put in almost 200 hours at the bargaining table during the strike to reach an agreement. we are thrilled that our teachers will be back with their students where they, the community and the district want them to be." tonight the warriors are on the brink of elimination and we have just watched the dubs' final game at oracle arena. let's hope not, though. we have live team coverage tonight beginning with kpix5's vern glenn and is one.
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who saw it coming? not too many of the dub nation that were out here, but how's this for a headliner? two time reigning defending nba champions run out of this building and town perhaps for good. warriors badly needed a win tonight to insure that next week would be the last game at oracle, but it didn't happen. after missing game three klay thompson was back, scored 28 points, led golden state in scoring and they led by four at the half and kawhi leonard and the raptors took over in the 3rd. leonard scored 17 in the quarter and toronto turned that four-point deficit into a 12- point lead and the raptors won it 105-92 to take a 3-1 series lead meaning oracle arena will close its doors unless the warriors win game five on monday. >> we're not thinking about winning three games. we're thinking about winning one game and that's the task.
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so i know we're capable. we've got a lot of talent and pride. these guys have been to the finals five straight years for a reason. they're unbelievably competitive and they're together and they're going to fight the whole way. so we'll go try to get one win. if we can do that, come back here and see what happens. >> reporter: what really caused the warriors' loss? we'll find out later on in our two for friday night sports segment, not one sports segment, two and that's later on. back to you in studio. >> thank you, vern. kpix5's betty yu has been talking with fans disappointed but not quite ready to give up just yet. you warriors fans are certainly not used to losing. tonight there was no impromptu dance party here out on the plaza, which is customary after a win, but those fans are hopeful for a game six here at home.
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this is not how warriors fans envisioned themselves leaving game four tonight. their faces said it all. >> very sad, very sad. >> you know, it's a little sad. it's like i'm in disbelief. >> i ain't tripping. you know why? we got the boy steph curry, you know. we're going three straight. >> i feel good. three straight. we're going to win it. >> next time. >> reporter: game five in toronto is a must win for the warriors. if not, tonight the team played their final game ever at oracle arena. that's 47 seasons. fans had the chance to sign a piece of the 2015 championship court. it will be brought across the street to the chase center. this man spent a few grand to go to game four. how do you guys feel knowing this could be the last game ever played at oracle? >> that's why i paid the money to come. i know it's not the last game. they're going to toronto and
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win. >> reporter: this potentially could be your last game at oracle. >> it won't be because there's going to be one more. i guarantee it. >> reporter: there was a lot of star power in the building tonight pulling for golden state. rapper e-40 sparkled in dub nation colors and neo sang the national anthem. what was it like for you to be part of what could be the last game here? we hope not. >> we're not even going to say that, no, no. that is not happening, okay? you heard it here first. warriors is taking it all the way home. >> reporter: rapper snoop dogg is looking forward to partying with bay area fans. where can we find you after the game? everyone wants to know. >> me and patty got a fatty and i'm doing a dj, so turn up one time, you dig? >> reporter: snoop dogg told me he just had so much love for the bay area. tonight many fans are still trying to process this loss, but, of course, they have their eye set on game six. if there is a game six, it will be back here at home thursday. live in oakland, betty yu,
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kpix5. >> not giving up yet. it's not over p it's over. thank you. go to new information tonight about the stanford head sailing coach charged in that college admission scandal, today prosecutors recommended 13 months in prison for john vander moore. he pled guilty to racketeering and admitted to taking more than $600,000 in bribes to get students accepted as athletic recruits even though they weren't competitive sailors at all. he will be sentenced next week. president trump announced a deal late tonight to avoid tariffs on all goods from mexico that he threatened would go into effect monday. veronica de la cruz is in the newsroom with those details. >> that's right, ken. president trump tweeted out today the u.s. has signed an agreemen mexico. ris on suspende
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indefi. increasenforment including deploying mexico's national guard throughout the country and at the border and pledging to dismantle human smuggling and trafficking organizations. >> i think it's a fair balance because they have more drastic measures and proposals at the start and we reached some middle point. >> americans bought more than $370 billion worth of products from mexico in 2018. mexico is now the nation's biggest trade partner outpacing china and canada. u.s. and mexican officials met for more than 10 hours today to hammer out a deal. liz, back to you. >> thank you. san jose city hall lit up in orange for gun violence awareness, the bay area mother saying e >> and a wild jewelry heist in santa clara county, thieves drive right through the front door.
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>> and b.a.r.t. demands answers on pricey parking at the walnut creek station.
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new video of a wild smash and grab at a jewelry store in santa clara. check this out. the suv crashes right through a
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metal gate. two guys jump out with masks on, start smashing the jewelry cases, grabbing everything they can, stuffing it into orange bags. this happened 10 days ago before dawn in santa clara is. we're just getting the video. tonight those suspects are still on the loose. so far the owners are trying to figure out how much stuff got stolen, but the store has about $100,000 in damage. some bay area landmarks like coit tower in san francisco are glowing orange tonight for national gun violence awareness day. kpix5's susie steimle is in san jose with the bay area mothers who are demanding action. >> reporter: san jose city hall is lit up in orange. it's a sign this city stands in solidarity with mothers who are trying to raise awareness about gun violence tonight. >> the idea is just to get the word out that 100 people die each day of gun violence and it's time that we say enough. >> reporter: rachel michaelson
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is an organizer for san jose's moms demand action. they're one of more than 200 organizations gathering for the fourth annual national gun violence awareness day which is the first friday of every june. this san jose chapter of moms formed after the mass shooting in parkland, florida. >> if these kids who had just gone through this horrific event could be so articulate and strong and wise, then why couldn't i? what was stopping me? >> this is impossible. >> reporter: east bay congressman and democratic presidential candidate eric swalwell took this opportunity to release his first campaign ad which targets assault weapons and shows survivors of mass shootings. he says he's the only candidate making gun control his top priority. >> when we build schools instead of bombs. >> reporter: among the protesters tonight are the raging grannies, a group that started in canada and sings silly songs for different causes across the country, but don't let their cheery demeanor
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fool you. for lois and her fellow protesters, this issue is personal. >> ending gun violence is an issue i've worked on for many, many years. my father killed himself with a gun. >> i have a 12-year-old son and every day you drop him off at school and cross your fingers you don't get that phone call. >> reporter: there will be several events like this throughout the weekend including a march across the golden gate bridge tomorrow. susie steimle, kpix5. after riders started complaining we've learned that b.a.r.t. is trying to lower prices at an expensive parking garage in walnut creek. the garage has the b.a.r.t. logo but is actually run by a private company. the garage charges 15 to $18 a day to park compared to the three bucks at the b.a.r.t. garage right next-door. b.a.r.t. leased out the property to the walnut creek garage corporation. >> this company is basically enacting their own rules and setting their own prices for
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the use of that structure. >> well, a few weeks ago b.a.r.t. sent a letter saying under the lease parking in the new garage is not supposed to be so expensive. the letter gave the operator until may 31st to lower their prices a little bit. both sides say discussions are ongoing. tonight an east bay uber driver accused of trying to trap two women in his car for sex now faces another kidnapping charge. 23-year-old gebrele amare is held without bail at the santa rita jail. court papers say he kidnapped an oakland woman may 2nd. he was charged with two other incidents that same day. he allegedly touched one woman on the thigh and kept the doors locked. another was hurt when she threw herself out of a moving car to get away from him. those earlier charges include sexual battery and kidnapping. a new twist in the sexual assault case involving a former
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warriors assistant coach, an attorney tells the sacramento bee it means the warriors along with the lakers and nba could be named defendants in this case as well. reporter brittany hopper has details. >> reporter: former head coach for the lakers luke walton has another complaint filed against him by the same woman who is suing him for sexual assault. according to court records, former sports broadcaster kelli tennant is adding a seventh complaint alleging all defendants acted recklessly and they're actions were a substantial factor in the harm of tennant. attorney alexandria karzarian weighs in. >> it means that the lakers could potentially be held liable for allegations she's making against luke walton if a jury found them true. >> reporter: the suit was filed in april claiming walton sexually assaulted her in 2014 when he was an assistant coach for the warriors. he went on to be the head coach for the lakers and tennant
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claims he harassed her while he coached the lakers. walton is now head coach for the sacramento kings and has maintained innocence. >> seems like they're trying to get as many defendants in there as possible so that somebody maybe might settle. that's what it looks like to me. when you keep adding and adding after a lot of time has gone by, you're hoping that you can find the deepest pocket or at least a pocket that somebody's going to reach into and give you something. >> reporter: tennant also claims an incident happened in 2017 at a lakers charity event. she claims she has suffered injuries, mental suffering, emotional distress and economic harm as a result of walton's alleged acts. >> attorneys say that this lawsuit could drag on four, even five years in court. a santa clara county sheriff's deputy is being called a hero this evening after she rescued a baby from a hot car. the sheriff's office posted this photo of the deputy
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cradling 4-month-old oscar. according to the sheriff's office, the boy's mother accidentally locked her keys in the car while it was parked in san jose on tuesday. it was in the mid-80s that day. the deputy arrived a short time later and broke open a car window to reunite baby oscar with his mom. in less than one hour the temperature inside a car can rise 40 degrees above the ambient temperature outside a car. that's are big numbers when you're talking about how hot we'll get this weekend. 50s and 60s tonight, san francisco currently 58 degrees, concord 67, oakland 63. get ready for warm weather tomorrow, hot weather sunday and monday, 50s tonight fremont and napa, mid-50s. how warm in san francisco, mid- 80s sunday. the livermore rodeo mid-90s coming up in the tri-valley. bay point tomorrow getting warmer around 78, 79 degrees today. we'll flip those number sunday
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hitting 100 degrees monday. offshore wins begin overnight tonight as this low exits. that was the catalyst for the flow from the ocean, cooled us down yesterday. that's moving. this ridge will move in. as it parks itself to our north, an offshore or northeast wind will develop giving us lots of sunshine tomorrow, minimal cloud cover. a little more cloud cover sunday, high, thin, cirrus cloud cover rolling through. look where the ridge parks itself monday, hottest weather widespread throughout the bay area, since 256 days, late september last year. that offshore wind will warm us up to the coastline. temperatures will climb to the mid- to upper 70s at the beach. the warmth will make it to the coast this weekend. those of us without air conditioning, you'll feel it sunday and monday and the hottest weather arrives monday with relief moving in tuesday. 80s tomorrow, lots of them, even in san francisco 82 degrees, livermore 89, napa, san jose 88, 70 at the beach. sunday, monday we're looking at highs in the upper 90s to low
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100s. inland only mid- to upper 80s near the bay, mid- to upper 70s at the coast. relief comes with the onshore breeze returning next tuesday and wednesday. that is your hot bay area forecast. >> thanks, paul. send it out to vern glenn live at the oracle arena tonight. vern? >> reporter: yeah, kenny, it's a two-for friday night. we will come back making a whole lot of noise, the ♪ this ihow driving the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility.
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's. two for friday night originating from oracle arena, not one sports segment, two and it is all about the golden
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state warriors, the meltdown in the 3rd quarter. toronto pretty much took on and gave back everything the warriors threw at them. the warriors got a couple pieces back tonight. klay thompson returned from an injured hamstring and as we get the highlights, he wasn't alone. kevon looney also was a surprise player in this one. he was supposed to be done with a cartilage fracture. 2nd quarter we pick it up, thompson knocked down a turn- around shot it. doesn't take him long. he scored 28 points and golden state led 42-34, but toronto, they cut that deficit to four at halftime and then the 3rd quarter, look out. kawhi leonard buried the three, gave the raptors the first lead of the game. three minutes left in the 3rd, leonard hit a jumper over alfonzo mckinnie to make it a four-point game. final minute of the 3rd steph curry missed badly on the three. he was tired. at the other end kawhi made him pay hitting a jumper scoring 17 in the quarter and toronto
11:26 pm
outscored is the dubs 37-21 in the 3rd. now to the 4th period. serge ibaka, where did he come from? he got an and one. he had 20 points off the bench and the league post for 13 after a free throw. four minutes to play warriors cut the deficit to 10, still time, but lowry, boy, he found pascal siakam for the layup and that was it, dashed the warriors' hopes of a repeat possibly with another loss. >> it's not a good feeling right now obviously, but like you said, we've been on both sides of it and for us it's an opportunity for us to just flip this whole series on its head. in our locker room we were talking about believing. everybody out there, you know, believes that we can get this done. >> 3-1 something easy, we know it's a tough situation.
11:27 pm
it's been a great pleasure. we've been in a lot of tough situations. this is just another obstacle. we got a lot of character, tongtr n go this challenge and i think we're capable of doing it. >> i don't think it's daunting at all. obviously we've got to lick our wounds tonight, tough loss, but a game is a few days away. we'll have plenty of energy and be ready to go. >> we got to win one game. we win one. then we'll build on that, you know, but i've been on the wrong side of 3-1 before. so why not make our own history? undbe toend on. 105-92 the final, the warriors 19 turnovers. toronto turned them into 14 points, but we're not done. segment two is coming up summer, both giants and a's,
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baseball and the giants, sometimes when you catch lightning in the bottle, you just got to enjoy it. when you get a jolt like that when the giants are enjoying, you got to really, really enjoy
11:31 pm
it. bruce bochy, when you get 1,000 wins as giant manager, you just got to revel in it. that's what he was doing at home today as they hosted the dodgers, scoreless in the 6th. kevin pillar singled off clayton kershaw. brandon belt beat the throw home for the giants first run and the giants would win 2-1, wow. that's a big one at home. from that on the oakland a's. jurickson profar was honored by his former team as they played the rangers in texas, 3-3 in the 9th. marcus simeon went yard back away and gone, his second home run of the game. simeon had four hits and four r.b.i.
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great weekend! it's going to be warm out there. be careful. we'll see you.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the white house has instructed hope hicks and the former chief of staff to white house counsel ann donaldson not to comply with the democrats' subpoena. >> every day, trump officials are offered dangerous subpoenas to testify against the president, but you don't have to give in to legal peer pressure. just say no. psst! do you want to respond to a subpoena? >> no. >> yo, my man, do you want to respond to a subpoena? >> no way. >> still don't get it? this is a subpoena.


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