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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. fire season is in full swing as temperatures soar. they are trying to get a handle on the biggest fires we've seen so far this year. we begin with the fire that is in a remote area of morgan hill. it broke out around 3 pm and it's now burned 75 acres in the hills east of 101 near malik road. cal fire is attacking the flames with air tankers and the san jose fire department is helping. the fire is not threatening any structures. let's look across the bay area. mostly clear skies despite the smoke from those fires.
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there's a spare the air a letter and affect the smoke is in helping nor is the temperatures. relief at the shoreline but so far it's 90s from san francisco to concorde it will be warmer tomorrow. some places they will get warmer today. high pressure has kept pollutants and it's driving the temperatures up to their 15 tomorrow in livermore it will get up to 100 and san jose and 104 degrees in concord. no surprise we've got heat advisories posted for much of the bay area and affect through tomorrow there's good news and that is things will cool off we will tell you when and how much when we return. the great area is bracing for hot weather. kpix 5's melissa caen was in san francisco with people who were looking to be flaky. >> reporter: it has been a
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scorcher in san francisco. 89 degrees doesn't sound like much but many people in this city don't have air conditioning. luckily, there is no shortage of ways for people to get out of their houses and still stay cool. it's a special get together.>> welcome to the ninth annual three legged dog picnic. >> reporter: a picnic for all dogs but especially dogs with three legs. some call it the tripod picnic. the organizer. >> normally, we have to go into the sunny side of the park because it's so foggy and cold and windy but today was hot and sunny. i'm here in the shade.>> reporter: dozens of dogs and their humans try to stay cool. >> we brought our water bottle and glasses. we are prepared.
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>> reporter: the city is under heat advisory but this is not what san francisco people or dogs are used to. >> normally, we love san francisco. we just moved back. he is so much happier here. >> reporter: a crosstown, it was bumper-to-bumper at baker beach for those who could get a spot it was a great way to enjoy the day. >> it's a beautiful, clear day and it's awesome. >> reporter: many dreaded going home where there is no air conditioning. >> i have a nice industrial fan. >> reporter: did you ditch your down comforter and open the window? drink a lot of water and hope to fall asleep.>> reporter: the temperature is predicted to go down but just by a couple of degrees. some relief but just a little bit. melissa caen kpix 5 . the sand fire is burning near yes
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sir county it's now 2200 acres. cal fire said it's not 20% contained. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect on a rural road and katy nielsen reports from the fire zone. >> reporter: this is a disheartening start to fire season for folks who live in yolo county. about a year ago i was here covering the county fire that was another early-season wildfire that did some major damage, scorched thousands of acres. the people i spoke with dan are saying much the same as the folks i talked with today. they are scared and they wonder how bad it's going to get. the sounds of summer in rural yolo county are know the sounds of rotor blades for roberta and her family. >> we follow them down to the creek and we know where they go.>> reporter: they've lived
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outside from seat for more than 40 years. they've seen firsthand this new normal of extended wild fire season. >> starting this early is frightening. three weeks ago it was 60 degrees and raining. >> reporter: the red flag conditions would triple digit humidities, low humidity and strong winds dried out the brush along the sand to spread quickly after it started yesterday. >> it changes the way we look at the season. when we see it running fast now, we know it's only going to get worse the rest of the summer. >> reporter: last night, and into today the fire was burning mainly in the hills west of rumsey moving south. >> most activity was around here. >> reporter: there are more than 600 firefighters attacking flames from the air in the ground. they are hoping to keep the fire off the valley floor and away from nearby homes.
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for roberta, her husband and sister, there is little they can do but try to stay cool on the front porch and wait to see which way the fire blows. >> we don't know. that's the hard part. we don't know. it's scary. >> reporter: most of the firefight today is happening from the air, but as soon as the sun goes down those helicopters and air tankers will have to land. that's when the bulldozers and and crews will take over for the night to try to get in the containment lines. katy nielsen kpix 5 .>> crews in napa county are getting a handle on the so-called ink fire northeast of calistoga. flame scorched 50 acres near pope valley road and the fire is 80% contained. pg&e shut off power more than 14,000 customers are without power in butte and beulah
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counties. they are inspecting 800 counties of transmission lines and they say power is being restored gradually as the work continues. earlier there were shot often three counties nevada, el dorado in place are. those areas have electricity. for the late summer wildfires and our air-quality visit our website the crash in san jose knocked down power lines and sent the driver to hospital. the front half of the suv is mangled. firefighters had to free the driver deer crews say it was this morning on san felipe road by the roads that a been closed. pg&e came into secure power lines. no word on the cause. a harrowing scene a dallas apartment complex a massive crane came crashing down killing one person and heard x othersbrte scred the scene, it's not clear if others are missing or trapped. crews are remaining on the scene through the night to
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search for more victims and survivors pick officials say there are five stories of apartments that collapsed at some point and a heavily damaged parking garage. looking at the white house with the trump administration warning tariffs remain an option if mexico does not cooperate on immigration. the president tweeted in part, there will now be great cooperation between mexico and the usa, if not we can always go back to our profitable position on tariffs. mexico's ambassador told " face the nation " key provisions of the deal announced are about to take effect including using thousands of its national guard troops to stem the flow of migrants into the last.>> the deployment will take were still discussing the laws to implement the national guard.>> the mexican ambassador to the u.s. did not confirm or deny information from president
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trump's tweet yesterday saying there is an agreement to buy agricultural goods immediately from the last. an escape from the rock thousands of triathletes replicate the most famous jailbreak. a longtime children's tradition has come to an end and bowling game. we will take you why coming up.
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it's no ordinary day at denny's it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about twenty-two minutes ago. and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last awhile. denny's has new crepes! see you at denny's.
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there was a children's right in cn jose but it's the last one. >> is john ramis reports the event in bowling game is ending for personal reasons.
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>> reporter: the event that in 2003 with one tragic loss but they say it's okay because it served its purpose. the ryan palmer memorial ride is a tradition for peninsula kids just learning to ride a bike. organizing a bicycle rally through downtown burlingame for 600 children is no walk in the park even for a force of nature.>> it takes 200 volunteers to put an event like this together, to make sure the kids are safe and having fun. >> reporter: the story began in 2003 when michelle and her husband john suddenly lost 2 1/2-year-old son brian to into his brother matthew to a mysterious medical condition.>> we don't really know. he had a fever. we went to the hospital and he passed away in his sleep. >> reporter: they created ryan's ride to remember his
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life by celebrating a moment that marks most children's first brush with freedom, kids get to ride through downtown streets while their parents stay on the sidewalk. >> i think it's just having the simple pleasure of spending time with your family and your children. you focus on being with your children.>> reporter: that simple pleasure ends today. they say it's the last ride. perhaps with matthew now 18 and going off to uc berkeley it doesn't seem right to remember his twin brother is a little child. though matthew admits he does not really remember ryan, growing up with the ride has taught him to be more caring and giving. >> he's changed my life. even when he's not here with me, through this ride and his legacy and thinking about him. it makes me want to appreciate everything. appreciate life and just value
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the people around me. >> reporter: as matthew prepares to leave and asked, by saying goodbye to the ride the family allows ryan to grow up as well. john ramis kpix 5 . >> ryan's ride has raised nearly $1 million for the live strongs foundation which will support cancer organizations. a brush fire forced a shutdown of an amusement park in southern california. take a look. it's burning your six flags magic mountain in santa clarita that's north of los angeles. heavy smoke prompted the park to announce an evacuation around noon. a short time later, fire officials decided it would be better for visitors to stay at the back of the park, away from firefighting activity near the front. the fire has burned 40 acres but it is no longer expanding. in the south bay the heat
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is picking up reaching the mid 90s. it's one of the hottest days of the year, it is the hottest day so far. residence in santa clara county are heading to cooling centers like the central park library in santa clara. it's a cool 73 insight. you can go to the fountains at plaza caesar chavez. in the san francisco bay thousand speed the heat with the escape from alcatraz triathlon began. athletes defended on to the event braving cold waters, steep hills and rugged terrain. these competitors are pushing their endurance, even the most elite. the location off of alcatraz and the riskiness of the course with the open water swim has made the event a bucket list race for pros and amateurs. the grueling course starts a mile and a half swim from the san francisco belt to st. francis yacht club and then 18 miles of biking through the
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presidio and the demanding eight piled on to golden gate park. >> is that how they escaped? so that's how they did it? but that plunge looked good. >> i'll tell you what just take a dip in the bay. that water is cold. as we've got ocean beach there's a good place to cool off. a lot of people dead. tomorrow will be good for the beach. san francisco's hit 90 degrees and it's 92 in livermore, san jose has high clouds up top on those low clouds coming from a little ripple in the atmosphere it's served to keep the temperatures from getting even warmer than this. when those clothes are sneaking underneath where it says hot. it's still plenty warm. we are still looking for the pressure to build in enough to give us a hottest weather since there's a heat advisory for
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much of the bay area posted through tomorrow night. as we mentioned the spare the air day for monday with harmful pollutants in the santa clarita valley. pollens are up tuesday and wednesday and to sum up what we are expecting it's going to stay hot with highs at 105 degrees inland tomorrow. low clouds stream onshore monday so it's low clouds to the rescue and it's going to be windy tomorrow night. tomorrow daytime plenty hot going into the 80s inland by midweek. there is relief on the way but if you have to get out of the bay area because of the heat fair skies and 92 at the airport, thunder storms get atlanta and a nice cooling 68 in new york. they will have rain in manhattan tomorrow. overnight lows, we are looking for temperatures to be balmy tonight only in the low 60s. the sun will be down in 13 minutes and look at these
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numbers. san francisco will be at 83, closer to the shoreline you could be cooler but if you are inland it will be hot, 104 at concord, 100 and san jose south bay plenty 100 to. in the east bay look at these numbers 104 fairfield, 104 brentwood, up in the north and we will be in the mid 90s but 100 at santa rosa and finally 102 at ukiah and 105 at cloverdale. in the extended forecast we will be looking for things to be plenty warm monday and by the time we get to tuesday through the weekend we begin to cool down. there is relief in sight but we will have to wait one more day.
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the emmy award-winning mr. glenn. congratulations. >> thank you. >> two years in a row. >> back to back like the warriors. last night i kind of felt like them. it was cool i got the trophy and that was great. there was a stream of consciousness after that. until the jazz trio played me off. >> congratulations.>> as you can tell it was quite a night. speaking of quite a night.
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what a night the warriors and raptors will have tomorrow night. nba finals lease is off and it has to the warriors situation is critical. another loss and it's adios. that why we see this eve of game 5.>> reporter: thank you. hello everyone from toronto, canada where steve kerr said it would only take kevin durant one practice to play in the game today's announcement gave warrior fans help. >> he will practice with us today and he will get some extra work in with the younger players. we will gauge it from there.>> reporter: kevin durant dismissed nine straight games over 32 days but any kevin durant is better than none. >> he has been in plenty of finals and has played well no matter what percentage he is at, i'm sure he will be impactful and effective.
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>> reporter: the game might not tip off until tomorrow night but fans were lined up today wanting to be part of the sea of humanity that witnesses canadian history.>> it's not just toronto. we are in! yay!>> reporter: teams that hold the lead in the finals are 33-1. the warriors in 2016. >> the city of oakland deserves one more game. if we want that to happen we got to take care of business tomorrow. >> reporter: the warriors are not expected to make an official announcement on kevin durant's status until tomorrow but all signs right now point to him playing in game 5. that's the latest with the warriors in toronto. back to the emmy award winner in san francisco. >> thank you. boy, these emmy nights can take a toll on your voice as you can probably tell. in baseball, the giants had
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this time again. it was in front of former giant cody ross he's kid they host of the dodgers, the sentient dodger batter of the game, max muncy crushed it in the first. into the cold and madison bumgarner got annoyed and they exchanged words as max muncy ran the bases. la's walker buehler pitched out of the 6th inning jam which was the giants best chance to score. pablo sandoval landing at third and then went sideways. the runner got caught in the run down. walker buehler tossed seven shutout innings and the giants were shut out. dodgers win 1-0 taking two out of three in the series. texas rangers lookout. say host of the a's in the top of the first it's mark canha did all that he could from
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former hunter pence said i'm going to make the highlight scaling the wall in left field. 36 years young and he's making big-league place. bottom of verse, fly ball and look at stephen piscotty. go down and get it. that's high school toughness frankie him as gave up three runs. scotty biscotti drew smyly and if that hurt so did the next pitch. matt moulson swings on it and marcus simeon confirms it's gone. ninth home run for olson. it's chris davis in the top of the third and it's a two run blast his first home run in 51 at-bats. this went back and forth but the a's win 9-8 and split the series they are back in tampa bay tomorrow. rafael nadal was ready to go the 12th french open title bid
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on the line. it's dominic team a rematch of last year with the overhand smash. it looks like road runner cartoon. he's dropped only two games of the final two sets and he did again 12 french open titles career grand slam record for most all-time. final round of the canadian open, rory mcelroy began tied with the lead but ran away with the field like he had a plane to catch. nine birdies, one eagle shot a 61. key won by seven strokes assisting victory. brandishing a raptors jersey to the crowd. that's outside toronto. shout out lexi thompson who won on the lpga side. we did show the man so you've got to mention the lpga.
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in the next hour i will have local running business to pass on. >> good deal. don't talk in between.
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tonight is broadway's biggest night.>> a familiar face takes the stage james corden host of the late late show with james gordon is returning to hosting you can watch the tony awards tonight at 8 pm right here on kpix 5. that does it for us we
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will see you at 6:00 for an hour of news. news updates always on and we will see you at 6:00 . ♪ >> quijano: a powerful storm iuses big damage in dallas. high winds are blamed for sending a construction crane crashing into an apartment asilding. there are injuries. this as extreme heat and fire scorch the west. deal or no deal. president trump declares victory as mexico agrees to take action on the border, averting tariffs. pride kicks off with panic in washington, d.c. and violence around the world. in an exclusive interview with norah o'donnell, apple c.e.o. tim cook makes a surprising revelation. >> so the c.e.o. of apple is saying don't pick up your phone as much? >> quijano: and meet tom rice,


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