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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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out for igniting joy, provoking thought and inspiring conversation. the gifts they shared are a testament to the talent which abounds on broadway. here are the nominees for best performance by an actress in a leading role in a musical. stephanie j. block, "the cher show." caitlin kinnunen, "the prom." beth leavel, "the prom." eva noblezada, "hadestown." kelli o'hara, "kiss me, kate." >> and the tony award goes to: stephanie j. block, "the cher show." >> this is stephanie j block's third tony award nomination and
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first win. she was nominated in 2017 for falsettos. (applause) >> oh my goodness. i have always been a theatre nerd, this is not a speech t is a journal entry from when i was about 12 or 13, talking about how i just wanted to desperately be part of this community and what it might feel like to win a tony award. and 30 some years later i stand here and i would tell that little imirl it was nothing that you expected and everything that you needed. thank you so the american theatre wing and broadway league for this honor and this incredible view, oh my god. and to god for to the goddest cher for her life and her legacy. to all those who gave their time, their talent, their treasure to bring this story to the stage, so jason moore and
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rick ellis, all of our designers, all of our creators, the imreat bob mackie, to my backstage king, kate, mel, kyle, i have 29 costume changes and it does not happen without those three people. to my representation, tim marshal, don berg, lisa and i love you patrick and john, to my voice teacher jill, she is an angel, i love you, to my parents who always said follow your heart, baby viva mama won a trophy but like i always tell you t is not about winning, little girl, it is about showing up, doing your best, loving all people and finding joy along the way. and to sebastian my husband, are you more than i could ever deserve. and i'm telling you on national tv, if you ever leave me i'm going withou thk you ve ( cheers and applause )
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-i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody. >> announcer: please welcome tony award nominees, sara bareilles and josh groban. ( cheers and applause ) >> we're both such fans of broadway that we wish we could give an award to each of these nominated productions. >> but since we have only one tony, we decided to combine the nominees into one musical." hades ain't too proud to wear sequins..." >> "...while taking beetlejuice to the prom." >> the cesenteained us with ther performances. once again, here are the nominees for best musical. "ain't too proud - the life and
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times of the temptations." "beetlejuice." "the prom." "tootsie." >> and the tony award goes to: "hadestown." ( cheers and applause ) >> accepting the award for hadestown producer mara isaacs.
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>> thank you so much. anais mitchell, rachel chavkin, the entire creative team for hadestown had a vision for how the world could be. if hadestown stands for anything it is that change is possible, that in dark times spring will come again. our path to broadway is like a caravan. from a refurbished school bus in vermont to a world premier in new york theater work shop to the citadel theater in canada, to london's national theater and finally to our home on broadway. a along the way our caravan has swelled as we added artists, swept up by the enduring power of love and hopeful spirit that is at the center of our story.
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our extraordinary yeetive team is a model for genuine collaboration serving us a staggering fusion of m, stories, movement and design. every night at the walter ker, the actors, musicians, everyone working backstage and am the house bring the world back into tune at least for a moment. the caravan continues, we welcome all of you to join and celebrate pot we are of theater and the power of community, we raise our cups to you. >> to the world we dream about and the one we live in now, to all of us, thank you! >> james: ladies and gentlemen, that's our show, congratulations to tonight's winners. thank you for a great night, i will never forget it. good night, god bless, everybody. (alause) ( cheers and applause )
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> now at 11 p.m. firefighters moving in quickly to put out a grass fire but the fire danger is not over yet. >> toasty temperatures in the bay area today but people in livermore didn't let the heat drive them away from the rodeo. f0 . >> the city deserves one more game at least. >> warriors take on the raptors possible encouraging news tonight on kevin durant. >> we begin with the high, hot temperatures and fire danger. firefighters battling three fires down to southern california. we have team coverage.
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the heat and the fire danger in the bay area. we begin with kpix 5's joe vazquez. a fire burned 210 acres and 70% contained. >> reporter: cal fire is mopping up and winding down after a brief but intense fight. the tall dry grass in the hillside served as fuel for the flames. grew to 10 times the size, 210 acres at its peak. l fire called in five air tankers to pain the hillside red. >> slows the fire until ground resources get to the location to contain it. lot of that just burned to either where helicopters were able to stop it or the firefighters on the ground. f0 .
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>> reporter: two helicopters did their part. ground crews had to hike to the front lines. by 6:00 the fire was controlled, containment digging ditches along the perimeter of the fire continued for hours. what started it? that is not clear. officials say the source was near a public shooting range. >> was it caused by somebody shooting? >> that would be an obvious observation. the range was active today at the time of the fire but in that area there are other possibilities for a cause. we will do a full investigation rather sion. >> reporter: they got this fire nipped in the bud but they are up against very dry vegetation with hot temperatures. fire season is upon us. in san jose, joe vazquez, kpix 5. new the north, a wildfire continues to expand. the sand fire broke out yesterday afternoon.
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north of lake berryessa. it has now burned more than 2200 acres and destroyed seven buildings. containment is 20%. evacuations are in effect along a rural road. and in southern california, ar six flags, the fire erupted at noon and shut down the park. f0 it burned 40 acres, the progress has been stopped. nine people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the latest on our weather shows high pressure put a lid on the warm air near the grounds and trapped pollutants so we have heat advisories and a spare the air day for monday and that hot weather, the hottest is tomorrow as we over look the city. we managed inconcord. livermore 105 and san jose 100 degrees. no surprise. there is a heat advisory for
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most of the bay area through tomorrow night and on top of the heat advisory another spare the air day. we have a break in sight. we will cover that when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. tonight the sheet flaring up along the east bay but that didn't top a big rodeo. residents are looking for ways to deal with the hot weather. kpix 5's betty yu has the story. >> reporter: people have been finding all sorts of ways to cool off in livermore, including getting ice cream. a high of 93 degrees. there was a sea of cowboy boots and hats streaming out of the rodeo. 8 p.m. the temperature topped out at 89 degrees. >> it was perfect. we got here after 2 p.m. so the breeze picked up. >> reporter: but not everyone was a fan of the b people shopped for hats and stayed hydrated on the first spare the air day this year. even the horses found a way to stay cool.
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>> we try not to use our cars. >> drink more water. water. water. f0 . >> reporter: livermore valley and south santa clara county are the hottest spots in the bay area and exhaust from cars cause the poorest air quality in these areas. mondays is expected to be even hotter. temperatures could top 100 degrees. >> yeah. we will stay inside. go swimming. >> 101 is about right and 90 is the cool side. >> reporter: monday is a spare e ar is in effect through 9 p.m. tomorrow. in livermore, betty yutonight t customers in the foothills are getting their power back.
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crews shut off electricity to 20,000 customers last night because of gusty winds and dry weather conditions. crews are inspecting 800 miles of transmission and &e po being and stay with kpix 5 for all your weather and fire updates. we have you covered on air and online. the warriors and kevin durant, he might play in the must-win game tomorrow night. game 5 of the nba finals. been out with an injury for a month. kpix 5's sports director dennis o'donnell is in toronto with an update. >> reporter: lowell from toronto, canada where steve kerr said it would only take kevin durant one practice to play in the game. so today's announcement gave w today and he will get some
11:19 pm
extra work win our younger players. and we will gauge it from there. >> reporter: kevin durant missed 9 straight games, over 32 days but any kd is better than no kd. >> he has been in -- you know, plenty of finals and played well. i am sure he will be impactful and effective. >> reporter: fans were lined up today hoping to be part of the sea of humanity that witnesses canadian history. >> not just only toronto. : e t hold a 3-1 series lead in the finals are 33-1. that one loss, the warriors in 2016. >> we feel like the city deserves one more game at least. if we want that to happen we have to take care of business tomorrow. >> the warriors are not expected to make an official announcement on kevin durant
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until tomorrow but all signs right now pointing to kevin durant playing in game five. >> and dennis will have live reports from toronto and complete coverage tomorrow night. a single engine planed crashed in the delta. a boater saw the plane come down around 5:30 p.m. this afternoon on the north end. an hour later part of the plane's tail was found. search crews recovered a backpack and charts. they have been doing sonar searches as they look for more wreckage. the plane is a piper. missg. ot was the stl thousands celebrate pride month with large colorful parades but the events played out in two major city. a scare in the nation's capital. several people hurt tonight
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after panic spread when somebody thought they heard gunfire. a stampede tonight. police confirmed there was no shooting. >> i remember i had my head down. we were at the gate like this. and i hear pop, pop and then this man started pushing me toward a restaurant. so i went in there and that is where i fell and then i got pushed into a bathroom. >> a man was arrested later when police found a firearm near him. and th ge thwest hollywood pride parade, men and women in uniform danced along people celebrating their uniqueness. some point out things have changed in the citied. >> when men try to kiss each other at new years, lapd cracked down. now we are marching with the chief.
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>> it is nice to be able to be here and have so many people like me. >> it was hot in the southland too. hand controlled fans to cool off. many stayed cool however they could. when these disasters hit, then you need people to support each other. >> still to come, two police bikers trying to help their country after a deadly earthquake. >> and the death toll at the santa anita race track rises again. now activists protesting harder than ever over the treatment of horses. >> a selfie gong wrong or right? a little bird told me that you
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. two bikers were on a journey to help their county recover from the deadly earthquake in 2015 and they sco their mission came to a stop when thieves stole their bikes. >> reporter: it was from this
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rubble that came an idea to raise awareness for the need for blood donations. in 2015 nepal was rocked by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. so two friends embark on a journey to bike in 150 countries over the next five years. >> every part of the world can always be hit with massive disasters like tsunamis or earthquakes. it is not just for nepal. it is for the whole world when the disasters hit you need people to support each other. >> reporter: so they started the journey to raise awareness and visited 42 countries. so stranded in san francisco he tried to find a connection to his home and it led him here in concord. he met sam, the owner who has
11:26 pm
been instrumental in are from m country. i thought it was important to help. >> reporter: he got the word out of the stolen bikes and it touched him. in 2009 he traveled to nepal to volunteer. >> it was something else. i was coming fresh out of college. i thought i was invincible. and it was really grounding to see that much sadness but also hope. >> reporter: he wanted to help and he just happened to have a bike that he wasn't using. >> when i saw these guys could use a bike i knew they could put it to better use than i could. it will be cool to know the bike be fixed but they hope they could be back on the road in the next 10 days and they will visit more than
11:27 pm
100 countries in the next two years. kpix 5. tonight southern california race track is refusing to suspend racing despite 29 horse death. animal rights activists were back out front today. the track's owners are being sued by nine activists. the plaintiffs say they were assaulted by security and prevented from protesting. teachers voted to end their three week long strike. it gives them raises of 4%. they also get a one time bonus of 2.5%. today's vote ends a t it led to days of picketing, marathon rs acin class ys beferre. >>temperaturstill i
11:28 pm
but earlier temperatures reached the mid-90s making it one of the hottest days the years so far. residents went to the central park library and others hit the fountains in downtown san jose. >> we live in livermore, and yeah, that heat, all of a sudden it is too hot to play outside and so we head to the beach. >> while many tried to head to santa cruz, the backup stretched more than six miles today. >> that is stuff. it will be hot again tomorrow. good day for the beach if you can swing it. the first thing we will cover is where numbers were today. we managed 91 in ore 93 these numbers will -- except close to the coast, san
11:29 pm
francisco should cool. oakland should cool. but santa rosa, san jose, livermore and concord should warm. 77degrees in san francisco. san francisco in the summer time in the middle of the day can be 52 degrees. with the fog and the low clouds. here we are 11 p.m. at night, it it is 77. a heat advisory posted for tomorrow. just saying don't forget it is hot. don't forget the pets, the elderly. and there is a spare the air alert. and pollen is not helping out either. they are up for tuesday and wednesday. and high pressure just put a lid on everything. the warm temperatures will continue but low clouds are on the way. so the hottest day of the sayin high fire danger, poor air
11:30 pm
quality through monday and then coastal cooling comes high clouds tomorrow. sunshine. more sunshine tomorrow than today. we had a lot of high clouds today. suppressed the high temperature. that won't be the case tomorrow. 105 tomorrow. low clouds will st the coastal cool monday, everyone else cools off midweek. it's going to be warm, 920 in shocking weather in atlanta, they expect thunderstorms and 84, overnight lows near 60, look at these, concord 104, hundred three in morgan hill, hundred two and campbell, 100 in san jose, well over 100 in danville. tioch, 102 in pittsburgh. 98 in canfield,


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