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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11, breaking news, what we learned moments ago about klay thompson's injury that left warriors of fans shocked in game six tonight. it's also the last game of warriors basketball in oakland. we talked to some fans and some long time employees of oracle. >> i've had a lot of great memories in this building. we've got to continue creating new memories. >> northern california's most exclusive hotel find nearly $2 million, what they are accused of doing for nearly 2 decades. and you can feel it now, the cooldown, how long that is going to last. good evening, a bittersweet and
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it to a story, 47 you're running oracle arena tonight. >> breaking news justin we are learning more about klay thompson's injury on the court. we have live team coverage today, let's go to dennis o'donnell with injury update.>> reporter: this is quite an emotional last few minutes, we learned that klay thompson has suffered a torn acl. so his immediate future is in doubt. don't forget, he's a free agent after this season. he says he wants to come back to the warriors but he's out with an acl, and kevin durant is going to miss all of next season. a tough blow for the warriors, they also lost the nba finals, and moments ago, i want to show you some video. this was the last game in oracle, but seth curry and fasag goodto security guartears as re
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oracle for the final time as the warriors get set to move to the chase center. a very emotional moment tonight for the curry family. as to the basketball game, with kevin durant already out, the warriors took another hit. klay thompson in the middle of a big game, fell awkwardly, stayed in the game briefly, but he tore his acl. he will rapidly not be ready for the beginning of next season. despite all that the warriors had a chance to take the lead around 10 seconds ago. they would eventually leave the clock and win the game, 114- 110, their first nba title, the warriors fall short of winning their third straight. >> a group of guys like this don't come around together and do what they did over the last five years. i've been lucky enough to be there coach get that's what i
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told them in the locker room. i can't tell you my gratitude in terms of just being put in this position.>> he said the reason the warriors got here in the first place was because they were able to avoid injury. he finally caught up with them. durand, clay, and the warriors lose tonight to the toronto raptors.>> they fought hard. >> and hats off to the toronto raptors, they played a wonderful series and a great season.>> joe vasquez continues our live team coverage from oracle where fans refused to lose hope until the very last second.>> reporter: it was emotional for the fans as well, there were people bursting into tears as they came out of oracle tonight. but there were others who were smiling because they just adored how the warriors fought to the very last second,
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especially klay thompson, for as long as he could, he provided the most dramatic moment in tonight's game.>> it happens toward the end of the third period, they thompson gets fouled badly, and the injury looks catastrophic. fans can't believe it. but then, he decides he doesn't want to come off the floor. he's issued a free throw and then off to the locker room, not to return. >> he refused to go out at first, he's a true warrior, showing nothing but heart.>> we were hoping he would come back, he just didn't make it. we kept looking, i kept looking down the hallway waiting for him to come out. >> especially they are already dealing with kevin durant and his injury. but the team refuses to give up, the game was close until the end, but toronto pulled out a victory, the last game at the oracle is a loss for the golden
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state warriors. >> i'm so sad, warriors! they are still my team no matter where they move. last game in oracle. >> the warriors are just getting started. they are getting ready to move out to san francisco where they get to reflect on the season. >> it doesn't hurt to lose, we had five good years, i'm happy. it hurts for katie and clay, but other than that, we are still winners in oakland.>> with that the toronto raptors are the winners of this nba championship season. we know what that feeling is like, just not tonight.>> that's right, well we have a lot to celebrate with a great season. meanwhile in toronto today, raptor fans are celebrating the first nba title.
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>> reporter: it's expected to be a pretty wild celebration tonight as the raptors celebrate their first ever nba title in franchise history. it will be held at a venue in san francisco. i talked to the manager just moments ago and she says the raptors are expected to arrive just around midnight. they are slowly moving their celebration from the locker room at oracle arena here to this location in san francisco. we've seen a lot of activity here tonight, as soon as the game ended there were moving trucks, removing tables and chairs from the venue to open it up a little bit. another truck bringing dj equipment to this venue for the celebration, it is expected to be a very long night tonight. staff members are a little bit mixed about the celebration, many of them were rooting for
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the warriors, but they will help the raptors celebrate their first ever nba title. coming up, we will take a look back at some historic moments at the oakland coliseum arena. >> and how fans are remembering the good times at the oldest arena in the nba. the other big topic everyone is talking about tonight, the weather. here's time-lapse video from the san mateo bridge today. how long is this cooldown going to last? >> we are not going back to the heat, if that's the question. triple digits are not returning any time soon, thank goodness. two out too early for many folks, the onshore flow is back, good sleeping weather tonight, currently in the 50s and 60s. why, the wind changed direction. we lost ocean breeze for three days, but it's back. it's a 60 mile an hour ocean breeze, and a 15 mile-per-hour
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breeze in napa. tomorrow we fall below average in a few spots and clean concord and to san francisco. the city only hitting 64 degrees tomorrow. new tonight, in santa clara county, police and campbell say they arrested a guy called peeking inside the window of a home. he's 58-year-old michael edward brothers and he has prior convictions for peeping and prowling. surveillance video caught someone looking inside a home on bismarck drive two weeks ago. he ran off after being confronted by the father. tonight police in san mateo are trying to identify a man who sexually assaulted a woman and she was walking to her car. it happened last month outside the bank of america and police just released video of the man wanted for questioning. police say he has dark curly hair and was wearing a dark facebook app with a white logo and dark clothing. if you have any information call san mateo police.
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you ready to pay a little more to ride bart, starting next year. the bart board of directors just approved a budget with a five and half percent fare increase for 2020. the additional money will help cover the agencies push for more police and more station agents.>> in january i faced a lot of reporters that looked at our customer satisfaction and saw how we dropped 14%. the concerns that people have what this budget focuses on. >> the board also approved a series of smaller fare increases set for 2022, 2024, and 2026. but one of the latest improvements is getting some heat today, bikes with large tires don't fit into the racks on bart's newest train, so now bart says they will replace those racks with the bar that the riders and strap their bikes onto instead. a luxury bay area hotel find almost $2
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million, how you could benefit. and yet another shakeup at the white house, this time, it's sarah sanders who is out. why she says she's leaving the administration. plus a tombstone turns up over 85 miles away from home. how historians man, that's a cool looking hot tub.
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well tonight the end of an era, dubbed nation says goodbye to oracle arena. >> it's been an emotional final season for the warriors and their fans. many have been looking back on the good times and that town.>> joe vasquez is back live in oracle with that story. >> reporter: there had been a lot of good times, dennis mentioned the curry family was talking with employees, posing for pictures them. they've clear the court, right now they are picking up the trash and sadly it's not victory confetti tonight. it's the end of an era and it's the end of professional basketball in oakland.>> i've been coming here since 1971, 47
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years, and i'm heartbroken they are leaving oakland. >> the one concept warriors basketball in oakland, through the championship in 75, through the decades of losing seasons, though we believe era to the magical repeat champions.>> the first title in four years!>> the one constant, the fans who cheer their guts out and never gave up. >> what i will miss most about oracle are the people. all the excitement is here come all the people are here. >> oliver jones has been a ticket taker at oracle for 34 years. and you will see him in san francisco when the warriors moved to the new chase center. >> we kind of feel like we are losing them to the other side of the bay a little bit. >> this is a something special, a part of us. that team out there represents a little bit of the character
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that is enriched in oakland. the toughness, the in-your-face everyday.>> paul wong is the original we believe god, he is worried the end of the oracle arena will be the end of the blue-collar grit that propelled them to win championships. >> loud noise, that's oakland, that's upstairs. don't get me started with downstairs. when we think about dubbed nation we think about oracle, and oakland. we have been blessed to have the access here. >> kind of not the same, let's see how it turns out. great start.>> i don't think it will ever be exactly the same, they will have their own vibe, and we will get used to that, but it won't be like oracle.
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>> my ears are still ringing, especially from that last quarter as the game was close and the fans were just urging their team on. they never gave up, and that's the level of heart that oracle has provided for so many decades now. we will see if it makes across the bay. >> all right joe, thanks for that. lots of speculation in washington tonight, switching gears, one of president trumps fiercest offenders just quit her white house job so she can run for governor? that's kind of the rumor, sarah huckabee sanders is stepping down at the end of the month. president trump made the announcement today, praising her as a warrior during her two- year tenure, sanders upended tradition, bringing regular white house press briefings to a halt.>> she is a special person, a very, very fine woman.
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>> i will try not to get emotional, because i know crying can make us look weak sometimes, right?>> sanders plans to return to arkansas to focus on raising her three children, but on president trump's suggestion, she has not ruled out running for of arkans tonight one of northern california's most exclusive luxury hotels will have to pay nearly $2 million in fines for cutting off the public's access to the beach. the ritz-carlton just got slapped with a second largest penalty in the coastal commission's history.>> reporter: down the road from here is there ritz-carlton half- moon bay were rooms easily go for more than $1000. what is free here is the access to the beach, but the public complained that they were denied access.>> it's quiet, calm and clean. >> kathy drove from san jose
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because of the views and because she knew she would find parking. >> on the weekdays i can find parking, on the weekends there is no parking. >> but that may soon change, the ritz-carlton just agreed to pay 1.6 million dollars in penalties for repeatedly denying the public access to the coast for nearly 2 decades. the hotel must also add more public parking spaces in a nearby lot and add signs that make it clear that the garage also has 25 spots for beachgoers pre- >> they effectively stole from the people of california.>> according to the coastal commission, soon after the ritz- carlton opened in 2001, the public claimed that hotel workers denied use of the public garage parking spaces. beachgoers reported that the hotel would use the spots for valet cars. >> kathy said she parked at the
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ritz once and never tried again. >> i know security is around there so you feel like you are not a guest. >> it seems like it's private, and it's not well marked. so a lot of people stopped using the beaches there. >> the ritz-carlton has now agreed to make it clear to the public that they are welcome there. they have been fined for this very same issue twice before. >> as taxpayers we pay for these beaches, they belong to us. >> the hotel also agreed to do media outreach to spread the message that the public is allowed to access the beach through their property. i reached out to the ritz- carlton and i'm still waiting for a response. in half moon bay, kpix 5. a tombstone from the 1800s turns up on a country road in stanislaus county. it turns out that the mystery leads back to the bay area. a man who was driving to work so this 300 pound tombstone leaning against a telephone pole. he loaded it into his car, made
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it his mission to find out where it came from, when he sought the help of a dedicated historian, she connected the dots back to the bay area.>> the person listed on the tombstone, the physician who had died in 1881, actually got his medical degree in san francisco. >> she also discovered that the tombstone was moved and possibly stolen from a cemetery in oakland, but who did it, and how they got it to stanislav county remains a mystery tonight. raise your hand if you are thrilled at the 105 degrees heat is gone? me too. too much, too early, when the longest stretches of 90 degree weather in san francisco ever in the month of june, it's not coming back anytime soon. it's 55 and foggy in san francisco right now. we stay in the mid-50s tonight, napa 52, san jose 56, getting
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ready for the weekend, stern grove festival, sunday in san francisco, beautiful weather, sun and clouds, 65. san mateo county, 75, for the last weekend of the san mateo county fair. foster city, 90s just two days ago, barely 70 tomorrow, not even hitting 70 on saturday. it was an offshore wind a few days ago with a strong ridge of high pressure, it's all about where that ridge is centered, same clockwise flow, but now because it's in that position, it's giving us an onshore flow. more of a typical june pattern, and a lack of searing heat. morning cloud cover tomorrow, lots of it, don, burning back to the coastline by the afternoon. it will return, pushing a little more inland on saturday.
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weather headlines, low clouds and fog for the next couple of mornings, we stay near average for the next couple of days. warmer next week inland but no widespread heat. concord and san jose 80 tomorrow, napa, 76, 75 degrees in redwood city, 64 in san francisco. extended forecast calling for sunshine across the board, temperate through father's day, and then next week we get warmer inland with mid-80s to mid 90s for highs. wake up with our team for r and starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. right now we are going back to oracle one last time with dennis.>> reporter: it wasn't good, klay thompson down with an a little bird told me that you have fast internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great. are these words for sale? no.
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>> normally on the last one to leave, not tonight, they are still talking about the nba finals. now the warriors didn't send oracle out with a win, but man, it was a thriller. 18 lead changes, and nine points, the largest lead by any team. what a way to close it down, 20,000 strong pack the place to say goodbye and wish kevin durant well. larry came out on fire, scoring 11 points for his team with an early lead. and the warriors needed klay thompson to come out bay, tied the game at 76 in the third quarter, he was leading the fast break, looking to give the warriors the five-point advantage. clay went down in pain, his knee buckled when he landed,
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after shooting three froze, he went to the locker room, suffered a torn acl and left the building. late fourth-quarter, he had 22 huge point of the bench. they were down one, 14 seconds to go, raptors tried to run out the clock but tremont forced green to throw the pass, the warriors had a chance to win the game, what did they have drawn up, tremont saved the ball from going out of bounds, curry on the wing, he had a great look but he missed the shot. toronto wins 114-110. the first ever title, leonard wins the finals mvp and who knows what the warriors will look like next year.>> everybody thinks it's kind of the end of us, that's just not smart. we are not done yet. i hear a lot of that noise, all
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that jazz, i don't see it happening though. we will be back. >> true champions like we are we should be able to adapt and keep the same kind of dna no matter what the roster looks like next year. it's kind of hard to talk about because it's a tough way to go but, it's tough to lose in the finals, but the story is not over yet. >> we built something special here, and it's never been quite appreciated, but we know what we've done, and we will continue to do.>> he's a warrior, and obviously no pun intended with that, but there is no other way to describe him.>> it might be over in oracle but
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the u.s. open is supposed to be the toughest test in golf, but lack of wind and soft greens led to low scores in pebble beach. the six time pebble has hosted
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the championship and the galleries were packs. packed. wood was able to save par with his utter, this one drops from 30 feet to stay one under is where he finished. a birdie on 18, yeah, 665, ties tiger with the lowest round in u.s. history, he had a one-shot lead. ricky fowler is one back, and bruce koepka is four back, and phil mickelson was one over par. i suppose this is my last sport support ever from oracle arena, it's been quite a ride. i'll be reporting next year from the chase center.
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>> the late show with stephen captioning sponsored by cbs >> mr. trump directly saying, yes, if a foreign national or a foreign government wants to share dirt with him abut a political opponent, he wants to hear it. >> he is actually soliciting, right now, from our enemies. he is soliciting future activities. >> you could argue that being open to dirt does open the door to bad actors who want to play, or at least influence, the presidency. >> your campaign this time around, if foreigners, if russia, if china, someone else, offers you information on an opponent, should they accept it or should they call the f.b.i.? >> i think you might want to listen. i don't-- there's nothing wrong with listening. ( laughter ) if someone called, from a country-- norway, somebody comes up and says, "hey, i have


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