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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 17, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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now at 5:00, gunshots in a bay area tunnel . at least one person is seriously injured while the shooter is on the run. and a 4-year-old allegedly takes a doll from a store and is met with guns drawn. the police chief apologizes. >> one of the men on trial in the ghost ship warehouse fire takes the stand, what to expect in court. >> it is monday, june 17. >> it is 5:00 an hour forecast first, and is all good for most spots. >> that's right. happy monday to you, and we are kicking off the work week with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, and as we go to the afternoon, little bit warmer compared to yesterday. here is a live look come, taking you out to san jose minetta airport with cloudy skies in you can see 58 in concord and 56 in oakland, livermore, 55, san francisco 54, san jose at 55 and 52 for santa rosa. here is what you can expect. heating up inland into the low 90s from concorde and livermore and looking at upper 80s in
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fairfield and low 80s for san jose. 73 in oakland and fremont, 78 and 68 in san francisco although much cooler along the coast. going hot inland but cool alongo it is all about the microclimates today. we will talk about the rest of the week coming up. let's check in with michelle for the rest of the traffic. >> let's look at that crash we've been tracking since earlier this morning at 6 northbound at pacheco, one lane is blocked in both directions, but it's not slowing any speeds down in the area. it could as the morning commute continues. these are travel funds right now on 580 from 205 to 680, it's looking like a 38 minute drive. speeds are really slowing in that area, but all in green on highway 80 and 4 and 101. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, not looking bad from hayward into foster city, it's looking like in a minute, and 11 minute ride right now with no brake lights and that's a
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good sign this monday morning, and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where cars are starting to stack up along the toll plaza area. metering lights are not on right now. so this traffic will backup even more once those go on. we will continue to keep an eye on the bridges and also on your morning commute. >> we are at the live news desk. we get reports of an armed robber on the loose in the north bay. this happened at about 11:00. he apparently showed up to the shell station and we have a map of that area and pointed a gun at the clerk. it is described as a silver handgun on burnsville road. here is his picture and they got this through surveillance video. the demanded cash, the clerk gave him some and he was last seen running behind the safeway store on marleau road. obviously if you see that guy, give the police a call. >> new details on a tunnel shooting in the east bay. traffic is flowing through the
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fourth or of the call the cut tunnel in oakland. those westbound lanes closed down for two and half hours last night. chp says a shoong happened inside just before 8:00 and the driver was shot in the head by someone in another car. the victim was taken to the hospital and there is no word yet on their condition. the gunmen is on the loose. chp says the suspect vehicle may be white. authorities in burlingame are investigating a fire involving several box trucks parked on adrian road near highway 101 last night. that is when they caught fire. the flames engulfed the cabin area. thick plumes of smoke filled the sky in front of a store that sells hardwood flooring mate. refighte quick put out what t foe defense in a goes to trial as it resumes this morning. >> one of the codefendants is expected to take the stand. >> reporter: leading up to
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today, the defense brought in several witnesses last week to give character testimony in support of max harris. he was the creative director. both he and derek almeida, the master tenant face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each of the 36 people who died in the fire. harris has been described as his right-hand man and it may be their perceived relationship that's making it harder for harris in court. back in august, harris spoke to the families in court but the judge throughout a plea deal that many believed to be a done deal citing almond as's lack of remorse. the plea deals for each of the defendants were negotiated as a package. the defense says it's artists who are to blame for the fire and explain what the witness heard that deadly night. >> they were lking about thy fin going nobody ever to beleto escape. she said she heard a proximally five of these men making these comments. these men were dressed in black
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and wearing black hoodies. is expected to take the stand sometime as well, his attorney was asked by the chronicle whether it was risky to put his client on the stand. his response was, he was a different kind of lawyer and he puts his client on the stand almost every time. the prosecution rested their case last week after almost 5 weeks of hearing witness testimony. >> thank you. in just a few hours, the mental competency hearing gets underway for mia wilson accused killer. john cowell fatally stabbed 18- year-old neil wilson and attacked her sister at the macarthur bart station. carol is charged with murder and attempted murder and an added lying in wait special circumstance. he could face the death penalty or life in prison without parole. developing this morning, iran is speeding up production of uranium as the country announced that it is scaling back compliance with a nuclear
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pact. in 10 days, it will reach its stockpile limit. the trump administration calls on the world to stand up to iran. it comes in the wake of an attack on two tanker ships in the gulf of oman. washington blames tehran for the explosions. but iran is claiming no involvement. mike pompeo says the president doesn't want war but all options are on the table. >> does that include a military response? >> the president will consider everything we need to do. >> pompeo has been working to rally u.s. allies against the run, but only saudi arabia and the uk have accepted the white house account of what happened. >> the problem is we are struggling even in the midst of this solid evidence to persuade allies to join us in any type of a response. it shows just how isolated the united states has become. >> the situation is expected to be addressed today when the un
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security council meets in new york. hundreds of protesters remain on the streets of hong kong overnight despite a police order to leave. >> their calling of the chief executive to withdraw a plan to overhaul hong kong's extradition laws. people charged with crimes could be sent to mainland china to face an uncertain future. 2 million people join the protests over the weekend. the search is on for the shooter or shooters who opened fire at a graduation party in philadelphia. around 60 people were at the gathering when shots rang out last night. one person was killed and seven others injured. they aren't sure if more than one person was involved in the incident. >> there is nothing that suggested there was a fight that preceded this, at least according to the people here, again, we don't know if the shooter or shooters left on foot or if they left the car. we are trying to get as much information hopefully there'll be some cameras or some of the people out here will be able to
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provide more information. no word yet on a possible motive. the lapd is investigating the off-duty officer who shot and killed a man inside a costco store. the shooting happened on friday inside a store in corona near la. the officer says kenneth french attacked him while he was holding his daughter. french died in both his parents were critically injured. his family described him as a gentle giant who had mental disabilities. the phoenix mayor and police chief are apologizing after video of a tense competition between police and an effort to make a family in arizona. cell phone video shows police officers pointing their guns and threatening to shoot a father with his pregnant fianci and her two young children inside the car in a phoenix parking lot. >> i thought he was going to shoot us. i'm just trying to protect my family, and i felt like being calm with someone who's ready to shoot me is the best way out of that situation to make it alive so we could survive it.
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>> the crime that sparta saw, doll was allegedly taken by the family's 4-year-old. police say a pack of underwear was shoplifted. the couple has filed a $10 million lawsuit against phoenix police. the officers involved are on desk duty pending the investigation. a new video, a plane stud in calaveras county goes horribly wrong. surveillance video shows the plane flying slow and low moments before it hit powerlines and plunged into the lake. now dive teams and rover robots are searching for the pilot. neighbors say the pilot was flying dangerously low before the crash. >> it is going so low and the wing hit the cable and it just went down like that. >> they told us that the plane was coming in doing a fly by to say hello to the family like it was prescheduled. a little tip of the wing.
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>> the pilot is believed to be the only one on board. power was knocked out for 1700 people, but it was eventually restored. the removal of the plane will require a crane and barge and it will take some time as authorities continue to investigate. today marks 25 years since the world to did to watch oj simpson flee on southern california freeways. >> i manhunt for the football star began after he was charged with the murders of his ex- wife, nicole brown simpson and her friend, ronald goldman. within hours, 30 started the infamous slow chase of the white bronco driven by simpson's friend. simpson was in the back of the vehicle reporting to threaten to kill himself. his criminal and civil trials were full of unforgettable moments. simpson was found not guilty of the killings but was later found liable in a civil wrongful death lawsuit. he was arrested again in 2007 after allegedly leaving a violent raid on memorabilia dealers in las vegas.
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13 years after being cleared of the murders, a jury convicted him of armed robbery and kidnapping and he served 9 years in prison and now lives in las vegas. stated, hundreds of food workers at sfo say they are living near poverty, and this morning, they are ready to walk the picket lines. we wake up to low clouds in areas of patchy fog and even patchy drizzle along the coast. i will let you know what to expect as we go to the workweek and when we will see temperatures turning cooler coming up. this is cbs healthwatch. >> 90% of bone mass is graded by age 20. check out these bone building tips for kids. use milk instead of water when cooking. choose calcium fortified cereals and juices. serve up vitamin d from foods like milk and salmon and tuna and help build strong bones with sports involve running and
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jumping and cutting. for more, see a bone health specialist. >> sponsored by stanford children's health.
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we have some live pictures right now from toronto. people are lining up for the raptors' victory parade this morning starting at 7:00. this is nathan phillips square and people started lining up yesterday. this is the first nba title after they beat the golden state warriors. today is apparently we the north day in toronto. it will be televised across the country of canada. for us, we have been there and done that. >> three out of the last four. >> but we have to go to fisherman's wharf and dance like a raptor, however that goes. this was the bet that you guys
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made with the actors up in toronto. so this is actually going to happen. >> yes, it is. we are inviting you to join us. >> i'm super busy this morning, but i look forward to the video. this is the raptor dance? >> is this how you do it? >> we will have to practice. >> all right.losfo where arly 1000 food serkers sa paycheck to paycheck, and now they are ready to walk the picket lines. the workers have overwhelmingly voted yes to a strike and that could soon happen once the union gets authorization from a federal agency. the employees work for lsg sky chefs and gate gourmet. the two companies are contractors that cater meals for united and delta and american airlines. >> a lot of them work with poverty wages. less than 50% actually use the healthcare with the employer.
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>> across the country, thousands more food service workers are taking part in similar boats. workers are getting ready to do what is called an informational strike and that will happen this friday to educate passengers. uber and lyft are trying to stop a state law that officially defines drivers as state employees. it would require rideshare firms to provide paid time off and the minimum wages. they're going to the apps that they used to communicate urging them to sign a petition. it ends with a message employing, encouraging employees to make their voices heard to preserve taxable work hours. one driver says he signed a petition by mistake. >> i just realized i did something wrong. i took the action and i wasn't reading everything. >> you see the flexibility, and is, i don't know what they are talking about. but still, we have to work several times to make money, otherwise you will not make money. >> one driver says he already has limited flexibly since the app shows the driver where to go to get customers.
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lyft says in a statement, we sent them indications the california drivers about this important issue that has the potential to significantly impact their work with lift. 85 was passed by a large margin in the state assembly and is moving to the state senate. new this morning, bay area drivers going to the pump will see gas prices have gone down a bit. according to gas buddy, san francisco gas prices have fallen nine cents per gallon in the vestry, averaging $3.88 today. in oakland, prices fell 5.6 cents per gallon. over in san jose, they are down almost 6 cents, and in stockton, prices are down 8 1/2 cents. emily is off, so i'm doing the traffic for you. we are tracking some trouble spots especially at the ultimate pass. there is a high wind advisory
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and now we see a crash at westbound five etienne mountain house parkway. one lane is blocked in the area. keep that in mind for all of the super commuters. not only do you deal with high wind, but also this crash really slowing speeds in the area. looking at the 580-680 dublin interchange, cars are really starting to stack up with a lot of brake lights in the commute direction. you can see speeds in the yellow on 580 20 to 680, a 36 minute drive, but speed still looking okay on other major freeways. taking a look at oakland at 880 near the colosseum, we can see that cars are starting to stock, stack up on the roads. the traffic is moving along smoothly at least in thatarea. south bay drive times not looking bad on this monday morning. all of the speeds are in the green on the major freeways, 101, 85, 280, and 87. the bay bridge toll plaza, we see the usual backup at this time of the morning, but still not bad. metering lights are looking
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pretty smoothly through the toll plaza. that's a look at the traffic and let's look at the weather with mary. we are starting off today with low clouds and you can see that on the live traffic cameras. here is another view for you, isn't that a beautiful view? this is of the bay bridge. you can see the salesforce tower and that cloudy start to the day. temperatures are running in the 50s as we start off your monday from 58 in concorde and oakland, 56 in livermore as well as san jose. 54 in san francisco and 52 for santa rosa. this is a live look with the salesforce tower camera looking east, another vantage point of the bay bridge. ever win, we are tracking, generally southwesterly winds out at five miles per hour in san francisco and it is breezy in san jose at 14 miles per hour with our wind as we kick off the day.
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eight mile per hour winds in san ramon and seven mile-per- hour winds in antioch and 18 mile-per-hour winds in fairfield out of the southwest. we have a cloudy start, areas of fog along the coast and patchy drizzle along the coast. breezy as well in spots. we will have clearing as we go through the afternoon with temperatures a little bit warmer for today due to the weaker onshore flow and as we look ahead to the week, slightly cooler later this week but staying seasonal for this time of the year. here is a satellite and radar view. a strong ridge of high pressure to the west, the typical june weather pattern setting up for us. it is really all about the microclimates. warming up inland into the low 90s this afternoon. with the stronger onshore flow and stronger seabreeze along the coast, temperatures along the coast will be cooler with the ocean breeze and ocean temperature at 55.9 degrees. through the day, there we go with the clearing, enjoy the sunshine as we go through the afternoon and very similar conditions for your tuesday, maybe a touch warmer.
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for the south bay, good morning to you with 81 in santa clara and a high and 87 later on in morgan hill. we are heating up for inner locations, antioch and brentwood and its berg, concorde, livermore in the low 90s. 72 in berkeley, 73 in oakland. upper 60s in san francisco, and looking at temperatures in the mid-80s for santa rosa and st. helena. here is the seven-day forecast and what to expect. you can see the hot temperatures inland and cool along the coast over the next few days for tuesday and wednesday. there we go with the slightly cooler weather for thursday and friday and into the weekend. and even by the end of the week, staying seasonal for this time of year. back to you. a random sighting at lax, a man walks around the airport while playing a flute. >> it wasn't any man, it was a
5:22 am
famous hip-hop artist. look to the left of the sign. that is andre 3000, the other half of outcast. a traveler recognized him and asked him about his instrument which is an indigenous double flute. she didn't only take a photo from from the sea, she snuck in a selfie. >> she will say hey, jan. >> a lot of good ones. >> the time now is five and 22. >> and e cigarette company is trying to appeal to children, what experts say happens when a product is advertised with cartoons. >> and let's take a look at the golden gate bridge this morning where you are seeing traffic moving along pretty nicely on the bridge into san francisco. 5:22, we will be right back. togo's fans, the pretzelrami is back,
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with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with dijon mayo and black forest ham. how far would you go for a togo?
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i-5 weather sponsored by mancini's sleep world. come in and save big during mancini sleep world largest sale ever. before you start making breakfast, there is an important recall notice this morning. l monterey is recalling a quarter of 1 million pounds of frozen breakfast burritos that may contain small rocks. the recall affects the eight pack family size of the egg, potato, bacon, and cheese wrapped. ruiz foods products produced the raps in january. the usda says there have been a
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few consumer couplets about the raps so far. >> in the healthwatch, new research finds personal care products and, they sent a young child to an emergency room at an average of every 22 hours. most injuries from these products that include nail polish remover and shampoo and lotion occurred when a child's while the product or when the product irritated the skin, the child's eyes or skin. >> using cartoon characters in ads for e cigarettes may be attracting young people to the nicotine products. the usc study found that the cartoon images were associated with expectations that the products would taste good. >> the time is 526. one of the two codefendants of the ghost of trial takes the stand today. what we expect to hear from max harris next. a little bird told me that you
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♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. next a man on trial for the ghost of warehouse fire., what
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do you expect from the defense. >> and a nasty pileup on the on could've started all. and tim cook addresses stanford. it's monday, june 17. >> let's check in with mary lee with a look at the forecast on this monday morning. where did the weekend go? >> it just sped through. it's already monday. that, a happy monday to you. we start off with temperatures in the 50s. check out the mount back a cam. clear skies and a view of the full moon. we will show you temperatures as we go to the afternoon. it's all about the microclimates today. a typical summerlike weather pattern for us heating up inland, concorde as well as for livermore and the low 90s later on this afternoon. low in san jose and upper
5:31 am
70s in fremont, mountain view, 73 in oakland and upper 60s in san francisco, but cool along the coast. and also breezy in the mid to 60s for pacifica. we will talk about the rest of the work we can we see temperature slightly cooler coming up. to a five at mountain house h parkway, one lane is blocked and speeds are really slowing in that area even getting to eight miles per hour. for the super commuters, it will be a rough drive coming in. there is a high wind advisory on the altar month pass. taking a look at this crash in the east bay, northbound 680 at pacheco. the lane is blocking both directions. chp is trying to clear. the san mateo bridge not macbeth and hayward and foster city. if you break lights. you can see them putting on the brakes, but still, not a bad commute across the span. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on right
5:32 am
now. so that is always stacking up. and so far across the span, the traffic isn't looking too bad. that's a look at the traffic. we are following developing news out of iran where the government has announced it is continuing to stockpile uranium and it will likely surpass the limit set in the last nuclear deal that was struck with much of the rest of the world in 2015. and it will apparently surpass the limit within 10 days. this is according to the iranian atomic agency that continues to enrich the low grade uranium. toronto says there is ill time for cotries tosave the nuclear deal if they abide by their commitment. you saw the video of the last attacks on the tankers. that is still under investigation. >> and thank you, five and 32 right now after several weeks
5:33 am
of testament, jurors of the goes to trial will finally hear from one of the codefendants today. >> max harris, the great of director of the warehouse is expected to take the stand later today. jackie ward is here with details. >> good morning to you both. after weeks of waiting in court, max harris will finally be able to play his own case this morning. harris was described as the right-hand man of the master tenant derek almeida. they both faced 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count for each of the 36 people who died in the fire. the codefendant's perceived relationship with each other maybe making it harder for harrison court. back in august, harris spoke to the victim's families in court, but the judge throughout a plea deal that many believed to be a done deal citing allman's lack of remorse. the plea deals for each of the defendants were negotiated as a package. a mother of one of the victims said none of the legal wrangling should absolve them of responsibility. >> it should not have been built in the first place. it doesn't matter if it was beautiful or awesome or anything else. it doesn't matter how the fire started. the fact is it went up like a torch. it went up like a burning man
5:34 am
structure which is what they excelled in building. in that ghost ship. >> almond is expected to take the stand sometime this week as well. his attorney was asked whether it was risky to put his client on the stand and his response was that he was a different kind of lawyer and that he puts his clients understand almost every time. sarah's been told to be ready to start calling witnesses tomorrow. >> taken. new this morning, the search is on in santa rosa for a suspected armed robber. police say the suspect walked into the shell gas station on kernville road and flashed a handgun and demanded cash. he was last seen running behind the safeway store across the street. surveillance cameras caught this picture of him. you can see he is wearing blue gloves while holding a silver handgun. if you recognize him or have any information, you are asked to call santa rosa police. >> one person is dead and several others hurt after a wrong way crash in palo alto on
5:35 am
highway 101. the tesla cameras capture this video as the wrong way driver sped by. seconds later, the car smashed into another vehicle head-on and burst into flames, trapping the wrong way driver inside. >> the vehicle caught on fire and it's unclear whether the injuries are due to the flames of the vehicle or from the actual impact. >> on the opposite side of the highway, spectators set off a chain reaction pileup and one victim got out of the car and was hit. three people a southbound side were rushed to the hospital in one person was arrested for felony dui in this crash. the wrong way crash remains under investigation. >> pre-application begins for affordable housing next we walnut creek church. the product is called saint pauls commons which sits on church property. the four-story building will house homeless services on the bottom floor and 44 studio and one bedroom apartments up above it. they will house low income single adults and couples, but the true godsend is the land the church is offering.
5:36 am
>> walnut creek doesn't have a lot of space. while the churches have a lot of good space in big parking lots. >> is that because they've been here for so long? >> saint pauls is been here over 100 years. >> it all, the project will cost $23 million with most of that coming from state and local grants and credits and private loan secured by the developer. >> mexico is getting ready to deploy 6000 national guard troops by tomorrow to the southern border with guatemala. the reason to slow the arrival of migrants passing through to the u.s. you can see at this checkpoint about one dozen national guardsmen were stationed carrying out vehicle searches near the border. the mexican president said his country must help central americans fleeing poverty and violence. >> new details on the grounded boeing aircraft from the 737 max, the company ceo now says boeing made a mistake by failing to communicate about a problem with the planes.
5:37 am
dennis mullen burke says the company should have been more transparent with regulators and the public in the two deadly crashes, pilots struggle to overcome a software program that drove the noses of the planes down. boeing designed a warning light that was supposed to be standard on all versions of the max, but it actually worked only if pains paid for extra features. >> the apple ceo's tim cook has strong words for his own industry, he deliver the commencement address at stanford. he told the graduates data breaches and privacy violations threatened freedom. he wants him well and accusations at tech rivals. cook criticize them for data breaches that compromise people's information and criticize the way social media was weapon iced in the last presidential election. >> too many seem to think that good intentions excuse away harmful outcomes. but whether you like it or not, what you build and what you create define who you are.
5:38 am
>> he also offered advice to students on how to follow their own paths and leave a legacy. >> and money watch, trouble at target and the fate of interest rates and a crucial federal reserve meeting is happening this week. we are joined by diane king hall live from the new york stock exchange. >> stocks ended with modest losses friday with tech and energy shares driving the decline. the dow fell 17 point and the nasdaq lost 14 the s&p 500 lost 4. ales omistsre prting benchmark lendrates steady and arrange between 2 1/4 to 2 and half percent. observers expect that to wendell next week to figure out if they will cut rates this year. target is apologizing for a glitch that stalled checkout lines at stores globally over
5:39 am
the weekend. the outage periodically prevented cashiers from processing transactions on saturday and sunday. the long lines formed in many stores frustrating customers. target temporarily closed some of its stores and targets as the outage was caused by an error made during regular system maintenance and the issue is resolved. >> it sounds like today is a good day to have a salad for lunch. >> it is national pizza day and national pasta day and hamburger day, but what about veggies? today is national eat your veggies day. june is national fresh fruit and veggies month. the fda recommends 3 to 5 servings of vegetables per day. each your vegetables. >> i don't know about you, but if i have only a salad, i get angry during the day. >> i know, i understand that. i just had a salad and i'm still hungry. >> i need a little bit more. >> stock exchange.
5:40 am
thank you. >> i've a ziploc bag full of tomatoes. >> i will take it, i will eat it. >> a 10-year-old makes history at yosemite. the incredible climb on el capitan. >> we are waking up to temperatures that are in the 50s from the low clouds and areas of fog and patchy drizzle to start off the day. i will let you know what to expect as you go to the afternoon in your neighborhood coming up.
5:41 am
5:42 am
good monday morning to, so
5:43 am
most 5:43, here's a live look at, taking you out from emeryville looking at the bay bridge. and you can see the salesforce tower camera the transamerica dearman starting off the day with cloudy skies, and we are tracking areas of fog along the coast, parts of the bay, and even some patchy drizzle this morning. i will let you know when you can expect as we take you through the week coming up. thing a live look right now over dallas, texas where they are surveying the damage, and today, the national weather service will come on in and determine if there was indeed a tornado that touched down in north texas. here's look at some of the damage you can see, the crane was tipped over. and this is all throughout that area, fort worth and arlington reporting damage and tons, tens of thousands of people are without power right now. i've been reading some really scary stories online of people talking about windows breaking and things flying out of those windows. we are waiting to hear more about exactly what happened.
5:44 am
damage and injury wise in the dallas area. to the fire watch, investigators are trying to determine the cause of this small brush fire in napa. it started around 2:30 pm along highway 29. it only burned about one acre. in alameda county, all evacuation orders are lifted after a brush fire in livermore. that broke out around 11:00 yesterday morning along with esposito's road just south of 580. passersby captured images of the smoke. firefighters briefly cleared out some houses as a precaution. no buildings were damaged. crews got the fire under control within a half hour. >> if you see smoke rising in the san mateo county hills today, do not worry about it, cal fire is planning a five acre training berne at the san andreas them near the crystal springs reservoir happening sometime between 10 am and 4
5:45 am
pm. the drills give firefighters the chance to observe wildland fire behavior and practice suppression techniques. >> the coast guard released this video of a rescue near bodega bay. a family of four got stranded near campbell cove on friday. strong winds prevented them from paddling to safety on their own. so the coast guard sent in a canoe to bring them back to their boat and all four of them are just fine. >> a colorado girl is waking up with an impressive title. >> she is believed to be the youngest person to conquer one of the world's hardest mountain climbs. you are talking at yosemite iconic el capitan. >> lester, the 10-year-old rock climbed all 3000 feet of the nose route. her dad and friend were there pitch by pitch, every step of the way helping to come delete snessa a rd etting push in just part, because in every part, there's something that is easy and something i was hard and
5:46 am
something that was in the middle. >> she is the oldest of four siblings and already has plans to show her 7-year-old brother, zeke, the ropes next summer. can you imagine? >> 10 years old. very brave. >> i was just there last month, and you look at el capitan, there's no incline, it's just vertical. >> straight up. >> nerves of steel if you are that girl. >> and good luck, zeke. >> you got to live up to your big sister. >> we are taking a look at some crashes on your bay area freeways. this one, westbound 80 at manwell compos parkway, one lane is blocked in the area in the north bay and it's slowing speeds down, you can see some speeds reaching 29 miles per hour. we are also lookingat cronultit westbound 205 in mountain house parkway. one lane is blocked in the area and speeds were already slow and now they are getting even slower, getting down to 30 miles per hour. there is a high wind advisory
5:47 am
on the ultimate pass. so keep that in mind for super commuters coming in from tracy. taking a look at the 500 8680 dublin interchange. it's a little tough to see, but a lot of traffic out there. traffic is really backing up. and you can see that it is moving pretty slowly in the commute direction. 880 looking a little different, look at that, moving along pretty nicely. this is near the oakland coliseum. and we want to take a look at your southbay drive times, travel times are all in the green right now on major freeways in the southbay, one- to-one 85 280 and 87 not looking too bad. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on right now, so the traffic is starting to back up a bit. a little heavy but not too bad across the span. here is a look at the bridge times. 101, golden gate bridge, looking like 19 minutes along 101. macarthur maze the highway 101
5:48 am
once you get past iv th a look at the traffic. here's a look at the weather with mary. >> and you can see on the live traffic cameras, a cloudy t to tday. but a beautiful view with the mount back a camera. that's a pretty sight with the sunshine rising above the low clouds on the mount back a cam. temperatures running in the 50s. so upper 50s in concorde and mid-50s in oakland. livermore and san francisco and san jose and low 50s for santa rosa. let's check the wind as we kick off monday. 40 mile-per-hour wind in san jose. a breezy start for you out of the south and southeast and san jose. seven mile-per-hour winds in oakland as well as berkeley and a mile-per-hour winds in san ramon and 18 mile-per-hour winds in fairfield. out of the southwest. the onshore flow kicking in for us. the weather headlines, low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and part of the bay and even some patchy drizzle along the coast.
5:49 am
a breezy start in spots, but we will see clearing as we go through the afternoon with temperatures a little bit warmer compared to yesterday thanks to a weaker onshore flow. slightly cooler as we go through the week, but staying seasonal for this time of year. here is a satellite and radar view with the strong ridge of high pressure in place. the typical june weather pattern setting up. heating up inland and cool and breezy along the coast. as we go through the day on future christ, walking you through the next 24 hours on futurecast, you can see the sunshine and clearing. enjoy that as we go through the day. and similar conditions for tomorrow, maybe a touch warmer for your tuesday. the pollen report, lots of people still suffering from allergies. looking at medium levels for today and increases for tuesday and still medium for wednesday prominant pollen now grasses and general pods and juniper. here is what you can expect with the sunrise at 5:47, sunset at 8:33. daytime highs today above average for this time of year.
5:50 am
for the southbay, looking at 81 in santa clara, 84 in campbell. 87 for morgan hill and 82 and san jose. low 90s in pittsburgh and antioch and brentwood and concord and livermore and pleasant hill. berkeley, you will see a high of 72 later today. 73 in oakland, 71 in alameda and upper 60s in san francisco and mid-80s for st. helena. here's the seven-day forecast and what you expect, little bit warmer for tuesday. very similar conditions for wednesday. and there we go with slightly cooler temperatures by thursday and friday and into the weekend. but near-normal by the end of the week. a new film debut shook up box office rankings despite coming in short of expectations. >> here is the best in box office numbers. aladdin held onto third place this weekend with $60.7 million. it is the third week out, and it is even closer to becoming will smith's high
5:51 am
movie ever. it is $22 million behind suicide squad and 92.6 million behind independence day. >> anybody comes in here looking for trouble, they will meet my partners, and talk about paul and order. >> the secret life of pets able to walk back to sick with $23.8 million. the sequel did not make as much as the first movie and a new york times review says the film was to scattered and forgettable. >> we are the best kept secret in the universe. >> i want in. >> and men in black international invaded theaters this week and with what industry watchers described as a disappointing opening. the fourth film in the franchise was predicted to make an estimated $30 million, but fell short with $28.5 million first place debut. >> we won't know for a while who is taking the stage at coachella next year, but you can lock in your spot in the audience right now if you want to. advance tickets for coachella 2020 are already on sale online. general admission for the three-
5:52 am
day weekend starts at $429, but this year, there is a new payment plan, you can start by putting just $25 down followed by six more payments of around $67. >> time is five and 52. a proud father looks to share his day, coming up, how the free hugs help hundreds feel the love at pride. and let's check out one of our traffic cameras, this one at the richmond san rafael bridge. things looking pretty good. you will have the morning commute when you come back. togo's fans, the pretzelrami is back,
5:53 am
5:54 am
with our famous pastrami and a bigger soft pretzel roll. and try the new turkey bistro with warm turkey and smokehouse bacon. or the new hot club chicken dijon with dijon mayo and black forest ham. how far would you go for a togo?
5:55 am
good monday morning, we are taking you out to the clip house ocean beach camera, cloudy start to the day, even some patchy drizzle in spots along the coast and ocean beach. it is 55 degrees and mid-50s also for oakland and livermore and san francisco and san jose. upper 50s in concorde and low 50s for santa rosa. cloudy start for many of us across the bay area with areas of fog along the coast and also for parts of the bay this morning. we'll talk about how warm it will get across the bay area in just a few minutes. >> this father's day, one pennsylvania man shows any unique way celebrate and it is going viral. >> scott pittman were a free dad hugs to the pittsburgh pride parade. he said he figured the hugs could be needed for parents whose, for people whose parents
5:56 am
rejected them. thousands of people reaching out to thank them. >> effort from parents that have told me 'vreached out to t reconcile that to ask for forgiveness and try to reestablish with their child. >> get this, he ended up giving 700 hugs into one half hours. >> it's all about hugs and love. the new shuttle service for east bay commuters is launching today, how could help ease and growing parking shortage at art stations. >> and after more than a month of hearing from witnesses, we expect to hear from one of the codefendants in the ghost ship trial today. max harris, the creative director will be taking the stand. a little bird told me that you
5:57 am
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
6:00 am
>> the shooting shuts down a busy bay area tunnel, the new information from police. >> a man charged in a deadly stabbing that left a area community heartbroken could learn whether he will stand trial today. >> and a military conflict between the u.s. and iran could be growing more likely by the day. the latest developments overnight. >> good morning i don't. it is monday, june 17. >> good morning. let's get a check on the forecast. last week it was too hot, this week, very few complaints. >> more of a typical summerlike weather pattern for us. like what we are used to in the bay area with temperatures hitting up inland but cool along the coast. and here is a live look with the san jose camera. good morning to you and san jose. it is 55 degrees, 58 and concord and 56 in oakland, 57 in livermore and san francisco with. it is all about croclimates for and actually, for the next several days, a cool and breezy along the coast, upper 60s to low 70s along the bay and hitting up inland into the upper 80s and


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