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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  June 17, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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at 5:30 pm. a program to hire homeless to clean beaches is expanding. good evening i am veronica de la cruz. >> and i am a ken bastida. here's more on that story from kiet do. >> reporter: here is how it works. anyone who needs the work shows up to the gas station every monday, wednesday, friday, and sunday. it pays $15 an hour. the shift is three hours long. you get paid in cash. this is been so successful that the city of half moon bay is expanding the program. you can tell the beach cruise have just come through. poplar beach looks immaculate. this is typically what you see on monday morning. hundreds of pounds of garbage. lots of burnt logs.
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in the first year, mostly homeless workers have hauled away hundreds of bags of debris. >> it was a no-brainer. >> reporter: the public works director said that they voted to increase the funding for the program from $60,000-$80,000. they said that it is a win, win. >> they been able to get regular work. we have been able to clean up an area that was greatly in need. >> reporter: the executive director of abundant grace that coordinates the program. said that there is pride and confidence. >> the idea that homeless people don't want to work is a false.
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>> reporter: reporting from half moon bay, kiet do, kpix 5. defended max harris took the stand in front of a packed courtroom. downplaying his role at the ghost warehouse. saying that he was a janitor that live there for free. they said that harrison's codefendant are criminally liable for the fire that killed 36 people. a new rideshare program is debuting in contra costa. if you live within two miles of the antioch bart station. you can call a shuttle bus. it will cost you two dollars. but it will save you from fighting for a parking space. a man suspected of driving under the influence is behind bars. he was involved in a crash on highway 101 in palo alto. this started early sunday morning. a driver going the wrong way crashed into a car on the northbound lanes of highway 101.
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the wrong way driver was killed. then a driver on the southbound lane slow down to look at the crash, causing another crash with two vehicles. one of those drivers was booked on suspicion of dui. a man suspected of burglarizing a palo alto home is behind bars. 23 year-old abraham martinez is suspected in breaking into the home early saturday morning. they located the suspect who was wanted for a separate investigation. he was booked into the santa clara county main jail. a family in arizona is speaking out after a violent encounter with local police. this happened when a four-year- old walked out of the store with a doll. here's more on that story from joy benedict.
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>> reporter: it was a bystander who captured this moment last month in phoenix. police turning their guns on a father, mother, and their two young daughters. but once the police realized they were being recorded everything change. today the couple held a news conference with their legal team. the phoenix mayor apologized on twitter. and the police chief on tv. >> we have apologized to the family and the community. >> reporter: the couple said that the city leaders did not reach out to them personally. >> it's not sincere, it's not genuine at all. >> when the chief apologized, she justified the officers behavior. i don't accept her apology. >> reporter: they said they were not aware that their four- year-old had taken a doll from
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the store. they said that the father had stolen underwear, was driving without a license, and refuse the command to pull over. all of which he denies. >> nothing justifies us. it is wrong to do this to anyone. >> reporter: the couple has filed a $10 million lawsuit alleging civil right violations in police brutality. they want the officers involved fired. the police firemen said they are opening an investigation and will have a community meeting about the incident tomorrow. joy benedict, cbs news, los angeles. >> the officers involved were paid placed on desk duty. police investigating a deadly shooting that happened friday at a crowded costco store. according to the los angeles times. the officer was holding his
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child when he got into an argument. that man knocked the officer to the ground. he opened fire killing french and critically wounding his parents. they said he was mentally disabled. and his parents took care of him. the officer has not been publicly identified. lapd is looking at whether or not he violated department policies. the district attorney will decide whether to file charges. authorities in egypt are investigating the death of the former president who died after collapsing during a court session. prosecutors seized surveillance cameras and have ordered a medical report. he was part of egypt's largest is longer. the military ousted him in a major crackdown. a survivor of the parkland, florida shooting said that
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harvard rescinded his admission because of racist remarks he made in the past. he acknowledged that he and classmates made racial slurs almost two years ago. this is video of the activist meeting with the first lady. he apologized for his remarks saying that harvard deciding that something can grow, especially after a life altering event like this shooting, is deeply concerning. harvard says that they do not comment publicly on the admission the status of individual applicants. a teenager trapped in her car for seven hours? how her mother's determination and an iphone app and saved her life? a woman goes in for a car wash and ends up scared for her life? what went wrong? big changes coming to oaklands uptown neighborhood? and new high-rise headquarter
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a carwash gone haywire. a woman says it's a miracle that she's even alive. the accident that is being called a fluke? >> i thought for sure this was the worst case scenario.
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>> reporter: just thinking of the experience brings the jennifer to tears. she was one of the first to go through this carwash when it opened. everything started out fine, but took a turn for the worst. >> they caught the windshield wiper and started slamming the wipers into the windshield glass. >> reporter: the glass shattered and her car started shaking. >> i just covered my face and began praying. >> reporter: of the store manager said that the top brush malfunction. and they have fixed the issue and take it seriously. he said that his company offered to pay for all of the damage to the car and have it towed to a body shop. is one of the employees hit the emergency stop button as soon as he saw what was happening.
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they reopened one hour after it happened. gonzalez felt 100% safe for doing this and had the go-ahead from mechanics. >> i have family with children that go through the carwash. and i can imagine being there with my kids and having this happen. >> reporter: future customers don't need to have any concerns. more than 2000 customers have passed through this wash bay since it happened last week. reporting in fair oaks, anne giles, kpix 5. a girl crashed her car,
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and her mom use the iphone app find my friends to find her daughter. >> i can explain watching my phone get close to hers and then the scene the tire tracks. >> mise he was taken to local hospital where she suffered injuries to her neck and arm. but miraculously she will be okay. uber is expanding with a new lease in sunnyvale. they are reporting that the rideshare company has agreed to lease two buildings and it will house a 1900 orders. no official comment from uber. just months after resolving a legal dispute. the line, elon musk is still
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active on the twitter. he got him into hot water in the past. when he tweeted that he was considering taking tesla private and had secured funding. he was accused of misleading investors. he struck a settlement requiring his tweets to be approved. amazon is looking to roll out alcohol delivery in san francisco. the online retailer is seeking to sell beer, wine, and hard liquor. they plan on delivering alcohol from their prime warehouse in just a matter of months. a california tree that inspired a classic dr. seuss story is no longer. this monterey cyprus was between 80-100 years old.
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it is believed to be the basis of the tree from the lorax. it was located in la jolla near the home of dr. seuss. authorities do not know what caused it to come down. but city officials said that they will look at planting a replacement tree. hosts of the late late show is going on the road. back to his home town. >> were headed back to london. it's like our show on the steroids. we hope that people will enjoy it. >> it's his third time taking the show to london. he's bringing along some of his favorite sketches and people the musical. with obama. guests included tom hanks, jake gyllenhaal, and mumford and sons.
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weather has been enough to make you smile over the past couple of days. it went from cold to hot just like that. and now we are leveling off. look at today. an average day in the bay area with highs in the 50s through the 90s. half moon bay at 59, richmond at 66, free mind at 77, and brentwood and 92 degrees. that wide range of temperature, cooling off with a few exceptions. oakland at 57. san jose bottomed out at 10 degrees cooler than average. it will be slightly warmer tomorrow. the pollen count may have hit it.. not much wind in the next
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couple days. it will only be between a 5-7. there is a ridge of high pressure out west. that is why we have light to moderate onshore flow. that ridge is centered to the west. but it will make its closest pass to the bay area tomorrow. minimizing that onshore flow. temperatures will climb and then that bridge moves back. and we see the temperatures fall by the end of the week. tomorrow be the warmest and the sunniest day. in the afternoon we will be mostly sunny, but the clouds will push inland. coming up on wednesday morning. was talk about the end of the week. the storm will pass through the pacific northwest, and giving them some showers. nudging that ridge. taking on that onshore flow.
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it's going be mainly clear tonight, with warmer temperatures on a tuesday. overall things remain pleasant. tomorrow 90 in concord. and we will see 60s at the coast. pleasanton likely hitting 90. looking at highs in the upper 70s. low 80s for sonoma. 76 for cloverdale. it's going to stay hot. all the way into the sacramento valley. the extended forecast calling for slightly cooler weather on wednesday and thursday. we will level off into the 70s near the bay. and 60s at the coast. that's your forecast. coming up, abet is about. the morning team makes good on their promise to toronto acres.
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today's students advocating for themselves. here's more on that story from michelle griego. >> i have these different identities. >> reporter: robert green leading the discussion about
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micro-aggression. it's part of his work as a board member and fellow for californians for justice. a bay area nonprofit serving marginalized young people. an important conversation coming from love and deep compassion. >> when i was younger i grew up in a homophobic household. >> reporter: some around robert made sure they understood, and slurs were very common. >> it was direct and indirect. about the way you speak and the tone you carry. >> reporter: he learned to hide his true self. >> i always thought my liking
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boys was a temporary. >> reporter: school friends and teachers filled the space when he came out his sophomore year. education became his priority. >> robert makes being a teacher really fun. he's very curious. he will sit there and then he comes up with wacky connection, and it brings all the pieces together. >> reporter: he's off to college in the fall, he wants to become a supreme court justice and the present united states. >> i like the grassroots notion. >> reporter: he sees himself as a role model and champion for
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all the people who've helped raise him. >> if some people in your life can't help you, you have to look to different avenues. >> to learn more about students rising above. you can go to . a creepy site on a home surveillance camera. a large mountain lion wandering through backyard over the weekend? what's behind the soaring number of vacancy signs in north beach?
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while the kpix 5 morning team was betting big on the warriors. today michelle, mary, and kenny had to pay up. >> i think i hear dinosaurs? we have the dracut music
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playing. and we promised we would dance for you. we will meet you in the finals. canada enjoy this dance. drake and the dinosaurs. michelle make some noise. see you next year. hope you had fun. >> michelle makes a pretty good a raptor. >> the toronto news anchors said that they would dress up and dance to mc hammer. they were the only ones making good. oakland mayor is sending over goodies to toronto's mayor. at bat is about. kpix 5 at 6 pm begins now. the hunt is on for this a wandering mountain lion. one of the defendants in the ghost ship trial takes the stand.
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changes coming to oakland skyline. the sky rise that would consolidate seven kaiser permanente campuses into one headquarters. kpix 5 at 6 pm starts now. good evening i am ken bastida. >> and i am elizabeth cook. kaiser permanente is building a new national headquarters on telegraph avenue across from the piermont theater. here's more on that story from wilson walker. >> reporter: 1.7 million square feet. that is more than the sales force tower. it's a tremendous building. and and even bigger deal for oakland. so big that a lot of oakland residents spent the day imagining what will land here?
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>> i've been in the city for 43 years. and i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: it all starts with the big decision by kaiser permanente. >> we can think of any better place to stay than oakland, california. >> reporter: health giant kaiser permanente will consolidate seven facilities into one regional headquarters. >> we have projected that we will save the $60 million a year. >> reporter: that means that they have 1.6 million square feet of office space available. >> we all remember severn years ago


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