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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> i've been in the city for 43 years. and i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: it all starts with the big decision by kaiser permanente. >> we can think of any better place to stay than oakland, california. >> reporter: health giant kaiser permanente will consolidate seven facilities into one regional headquarters. >> we have projected that we will save the $60 million a year. >> reporter: that means that they have 1.6 million square feet of office space available. >> we all remember severn years ago when they were thinking of relocating outside of oakland.
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today is such a great day. >> reporter: not just the biggest building in town, in a town where big things were happening all over the place. >> there's new buildings, new structures, even the old structures are getting a facelift. oakland is thriving. >> reporter: i'm standing in a parking garage that will be gone. there's more than three acres. that's why you can have such a large ability. construction is a ground breaking. this will serve as something of a public space for health education events. not just a tremendous building, but something transformative. we are live in downtown oakland, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> i'm wondering what the
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issue of needing more housing. the pressure for more housing. was there any kind of blowback from that? >> reporter: i think the way the city looks at it. this is solidifying the job base. it's anchoring all of those existing offices, you're freeing up more space for one job. the woman i spoke to said look around, every direction, there is housing under construction. there is a feeling that there are a lot of things being billed. not just jobs. which is the complaint and the other part of the bay. a tremendous amount of construction. i would say that this is part of that. synergy between housing and jobs
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existing already. and the housing that they are building over there. a tremendous development. anchoring the main employer for a lifetime effectively. a whale that spent the last several weeks in alameda has moved across the bay. allie the whale is hanging out on the san francisco side. they believe that she is swimming in the industrial waters. she was seen scaling the waters of the uss hornet. they think that the well looks healthier, and that may be why she is on the move. >> reporter: are you concerned for this well? >> i am concerned, for the fact that the community has really pulled together to look out for her.
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>> they say that allie has been affected by a change in the food supply. new at 6 pm. a mountain lion making an unwanted visit. the dangerous guest caught on a home surveillance camera. this is southeast of town. >> reporter: it was 2:35 am on sunday morning when this giant mountain lion didn't just stroll onto the property that made her all the way to the house. >> i was hoping to catch one on camera. just not at the front door. >> reporter: kurt has lived in the canyon for 20 years. he said this was a little too close for comfort. but i thought it was cool until i thought about it a little bit
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later. that it was on the front door. that far. the grandkids that spent the night. that added a little twist, also have a dog that needs to go out during the night. >> reporter: meet darcy, five years old and all of the 12 pounds. but no match for a mountie mountain lion. >> we take a flashlight and we make noises we come out. the gunman is at large after a shooting at the call caught tunnel. they said a driver was shot in the head by someone in another vehicle. no word on their condition. a passenger in the victim's car was grazed by a bullet. the tunnel was closed for three hours.
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the vehicle is described as a white car. authorities are investigating a highway shooting that left one man dead on a saturday evening. a driver in a pickup truck was shot and killed on eastbound i- 80. no arrests have been made. morning commuters distracted by smoke at a homeless camp fire. the heavy smoke could be seen rising above interstate 80. this happened near east 12th street and 17th avenue. firefighters quickly extinguished it with no reported injuries. one of the defendants in the ghost ship trial denied that he organize the concert the night the fire broke out. max harris took the witness stand in his own defense. how his attorneys are trying to paint a much different picture.
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>> reporter: the defense is trying to downplay his role. saying that he was more like a janitor. today as he took the stand, there was an overflow room to hear what max had to say. >> our family has been using this is a family crest. >> reporter: a tough day of testimony, his younger brother died in the go ship fire. >> they need to be held accountable. i can only speak for myself because of the type of person that i am. i do not see how jail will solve anything. >> reporter: when the defense asked harris if the warehouse was a tinderbox. he said he wouldn't be there if he felt that way.
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he said the glow caught his eye, and it didn't look right. he realized that it was fire. i started screaming fire and ran to grab my fire extinguisher. and i went to where the fire was. it became apparent that the fire extinguisher would not put the fire out. he called 911 and as he was running out of the building he was yelling fire. telling people to use the lights on their phone. when he went outside he went to a side gate to unlock it. >> what is the hardest thing for you? >> when they were showing the pictures. i was fine watching everything. but when they showed the picture of his face burnt. it hit me, and i had this horrible feeling. i didn't feel good. >> reporter: max harris will
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take the witness stand tomorrow. and will face cross exam by the prosecution. a dispute between a cyclist and a driver turned up ugly when the driver used foul language. he had a camera rolling as he approached the car. the driver got out of the car in the two men began arguing. >> the driver cornelius lopez was a former city council
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candidate. he said he was exercising his p no loss. the alarming number of vacancies in one of san francisco's most popular neighborhoods. why so many storefronts are vacant. it's not the rent? a win-win for the bay area coastal community. clean beaches with help from homeless? a new ride hailing service like you've never seen. an app that will bring a bus to get you around? temperatures are back to normal after a chilly weekend. we found the sweet spot. but can we stay in that sweet spot? your forecast is coming up next.
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amazon looking to roll out alcohol delivery in san francisco. the online retailing giant filed a licensing request with the board of supervisors. they want to sell beer, wine, and hard liquor. they plan to start delivering alcohol from their prime warehouse when in a matter of months. business owners say that inti storefronts are dragging them down? some neighbors are divided about how to handle it. >> that was the bench that my father worked out for 65 years. >> reporter: take one step inside this jewelry shop and he
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will share 70 years of italian history. is what this neighborhood is known for. small italian family businesses. many are struggling to stay open. leaving behind empty storefronts for decades. >> we have 38 mt spaces. an ordinance passed in march requires businesses to register as a vacant and put up for rent signs. finds have quadrupled. >> if the business is fake and we wanted to be registered. we want every attempt to rent it out. >> danny is a new school north beach. he's fighting for bike share and the farmers market.
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they share the same concerns. they just disagree about the cause and solution. he thinks that online shopping and retrofitting. keep points to restrictive laws designed to keep a certain businesses out. he supports the mayor's plan to cut the red tape. >> we need to take action. >> there's no reason to come up. you can stay in wyoming and go to your stripmall, and get your coffee at starbucks. >> reporter: a suggested ballot measure would tax owners to $50 a day. in san francisco, susan steimle, kpix 5. poplar beach is looking
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pristine thanks to some homeless people. the city launched a program putting them to work. if they show up, monday, wednesday, or friday. they can be hired. earning $15 an hour. picking up trash on the beach. >> we took a lot of folks who struggled to find employment. and they been able to get regular work, establish work history. we have been able to clean up an area that was in a great need. >> the program was such a huge success they voted to increase the funding. the teenager is facing assault and battery after planting a kiss on a woman on the stamford campus. the boy ran up from behind, picked her up and kissed her on the four head. he asked her to get into his car and he was found and
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charged yesterday. there's a new rideshare program debuting. it is called tri-my right. it's at two dollars, monday through friday from 5 am to 8 pm. you can get a ride to bart and the shuttlebus and you don't have to worry about that packed parking lots. >> it's a unique offering. you can order a bus from your smart phone. >> it's part of a six-month pilot program. i don't think we could've asked for a prettier day today. it's just right. >> it was cold and they got hot. it's been tough to get normal weather.
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we may have found that sweet spot. and it's going be here all week long. more pleasant weather coming up for the remainder of the week. mix match of temperatures. it's been unseasonably warm at 85 degrees in concorde. the low tonight 55 in napa. san jose at 85. that low pressure area moving away. the travels take you into the mountains you may be contending with the thunderstorms tomorrow. temperatures have been abnormally warm. for the months, between 3-5 degrees warmer than average. we will not be as warm, right
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near average. cooler on wednesday, and likely thursday and friday in the 70s. we only get to that when there is a ridge of high pressure, it's staying off to the west. given us that onshore flow. the sun is strong, and it's the highest it's going to be. we want a little bit of that ocean breeze, but we plan on staying cloudy and cold. with the ridge in this spot all is good. it's not going to move that much. sunshine from start to finish worthy ocean breeze will prevent things from getting too warm. low cloud cover does return along the immediate coast line. the warmest day will be tomorrow with that ridge getting closer. we have 70s for open, fremont,
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and a couple spots will hit the low 90s, coolly down a few degrees on wednesday and thursday. these are all minor changes. we will stay in the 60s near the bay. that is your kpix 5 forecast. the sharks are back up. and then assist to an olympic golfer for helping him win the u.s. open at pebble beach yesterday?
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your nose of the words are going to re-sign their superstar. san jose was in about to let their shark find a new ocean.
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re-signing eric karlsson to an $88 million deal. the highest-paid defenseman. and the biggest contract in franchise history. he never says much during interviews that he let out a laugh that seem to be trending all season on social media. today 1 million people lined the streets of downtown toronto. after a dominant postseason run, leonard got the last laugh. >> enjoy this moment and have fun. ha, ha, ha.
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>> the warriors took out a full- page ad to congratulate the raptors on their win. the first career major. woodland winds the u.s. open. early this year woodland invited a special olympics golfer to play a practice whole in scottsdale. they stayed in contact and she faced timed from the media center? >> did you like that that today . i used your positive energy. you are awesome. i look forward to seeing you soon. were to play some golf.
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>> she was a little overwhelmed. >> was it worth it? >> i don't think i would've passed up playing at the u.s. open at pebble beach for anything. i'm a little sad missing graduating with my classmates. but this is pretty special. >> he had the low end score going into sunday. victor shot a 67. he will be back. i am predicting next february. >> how cool is it to get your diploma on pebble beach. that is a need.
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>> just in case golf doesn't work out. stanford. >> he's a good kid. that's a great plan. the cbs evening news is coming up next. here's a look at some of the stories we are working on. police officers pulled guns on a family with young children. public outrage erupts in phoenix. we go inside syria's last rebel stronghold. gunfire erupts at the parade celebrating the toronto raptors. we will have the latest tonight on the cbs evening news.
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inspired a classic dr. seuss story. a tree made famous in the lorax is now just a pile of wood.
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this monterey cypress was believed to be the basis for the tree in the book the lorax. it stood near the home of dr. seuss. no word on what brought the tree down. but it was said to be 80-100 years old. the city is looking at replacing the tree. >> i used to read that book all the time. >> i'm suffering from flashbacks . thank you for watching tonight at 6 pm. the cbs evening news is up next.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, panic as gunfire breaks out late today at the toronto raptors' victory parade. >> two people were shot during the championship celebration. you can see fans running for cover. >> toronto police say two people are in custody. >> people were running over the top of each other. >> holy crap. ( gunfire ) >> the terrifying scene as a masked gunman opened fire on a federal courthouse in dallas. >> the shooter died after a gunfight with police. >> your first instinct is to run. >> dubois: breaking news. newly released evidence points to iran in the tanker attacks, as the iranians step up their production of uranium. >> after eight years of civil war here in syria, the three million men, women, and children


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