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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 19, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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milland zero grams of taste with only 96 calories so when one's done, it's the perfect time to start another. ♪ miller lite. hold true. breaking news at 11, a second freeway shooting on i- 680 in less than 24 hours. this time a 12-year-old girl was hurt. pg&e agrees to a $1 billion settlement to help rebuild
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communities destroyed by wildfires. san francisco is one step closer to becoming the first city in the country to ban e- cigarette sales. good evening i am elizabeth cook. >> we begin with raking news on i-680 in santa clara county. there has been yet another freeway shooting. this is the second time in two days, this time on southbound i- 680 in san jose near king road. a 12-year-old girl has been injured from shattered glass when the bullet apparently went through a rear window. her injuries are considered minor. all lanes have reopened as the chp tries to determine exactly what happened. it was last night, a man was killed in a freeway shooting on i-680 and milpitas. police located a vehicle in the center median, north of landess avenue. today the identified the victim
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as 30-year-old matthew rios. we spoke to his mother who had this to say to her son's killer. >> whoever you are, i want you to come forward. surrender yourself. for the damage that you did for my one and only son. because your life will not give you peace. >> no word yet on any suspects or motive. this is that heard freeway shooting around the bay area in the past few days. you can get the latest on this breaking story tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. pg&e has agreed to pay $1 billion for damage for wildfires dating back to 2015. the settlement announced today will pay out local governments for theissin the 2015 fire, the 2017 one country wildfires and the 2018 campfire.
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isfinalized. joe vasquez joins from the neighborhood devastated by the tubs fire in 2017. calfire says they did not even cause that one. >> reporter: it destroyed thousands of homes here in santa rosa, pg&e says it did not cause this fire and calfire in the official assessment said they did not cause it either. sonoma county officials completely disagreed with that and it was a major source of contention as they were mediating this lawsuit. in the end, pg&e agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to north bay government entities. the tubs fire in 2017 did not just white out homes in coffee park, it also destroyed coffee park itself. it is now just a fence surrounding grass. it also burned down fire station number 5. all that is
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left is a sign and patch of dirt. the temporary fire station nearby is now just a tent and trailer. it is this kind of destruction that led governments to sue pg&e. today they agreed to settle this lawsuit to the tune of $1 billion in northern california, 415 million of it will go to communities in the north bay including santa rosa and sonoma county. >> we wanted to make sure the taxpayers were not on the hook for the damage caused. >> reporter: some melted from the heat, many other roads survived the fire's but are now degrading buckling under the weight of all of the dump trucks helping with the rebuilding. >> recovery we resiliency is the number one goal. we wanted to make sure the infrastructure that was damaged is repaired. on somebody else's dime, not the taxpayer. >> reporter: pg&e said we remain focused on supporting
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our customers and communities impacted by wildfires and helping them recover and rebuild. this is a important first step in a orderly, fair and expeditious resolution of wildfire claims. today's settlement only applies to government entities, roads, buildings, infrastructure. it does not apply to homeowners who have filed a lawsuit against ph pg&e. in santa rosa, kpix 5. >> one of the defendants in the ghost ship fire trial was grilled, max harris admitted to lying about the warehouse during cross-examination. prosecutors even used a dating application as evidence. they brought in body camera footage in which max harris told a police officer nobody lived in the oakland air warehouse. he admitted today she lied because he was afraid of being evicted. some victims and family members believe max harris set up
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unsafe living division conditions. >> he is totally lying. >> the prosecutiong max harris if he knew that difference een g a se exoding. his supporters say the owners should be held responsible for the deadly blaze instead. >> the prosecuting side is doing everything they can to spin it and make it seem as though, it was a mess and unorganized and it is really heartbreaking. >> max harris was hired as the warehouse is creative director but claimed he had more of a janitorial role. persecutors showed his correspondence on the dating application tender where he states, i.e. manage a life art workplace. max harris said he misrepresented himself there because he was to get a
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date. max harris is back tomorrow for cross-examination. tonight san francisco is on track to become the first city in the nation to ban e- cigarette sales. small businesses tell kpix 5 that it would be a disaer. betty. >> reporter: city officials say the motivation behind this was public health concerns, especially in young people but business owners tell us this band would ruin their livelihood. smoke, vape and beyond say e- cigarettes make up 40% of the sales and now that san francisco is one step closer to banning all sales of e- cigarettes, until the fda reviews the products, -- >> basically they are telling us to shut down. it will hurt a lot. >> reporter: san francisco supervisors also voted unanimously to ban companies
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that sell, manufacture and distribute e-cigarettes from city property. >> e-cigarettes have been a leading cause of addicting young people to nicotine. now we see increases for nicotine addiction for middle school children, high school students. >> reporter: last year one in five high school students in the u.s. reported vaping in the previous month according to a government survey. the largest company jewel headquartered in the dog patch at pier 70 says it is already taking the most aggressive actions in the industry to deter anyone under 21 from using its products. jewel says it also strengthened its online age verification process and shut down its facebook and instragram accounts to discourage under gary under age vaping. the prohibition of vapor products for all adults in san francisco will not effectively address under h use and will leave cigarettes on shelves as the only choice for adult smokers. the new ordinance is not retroactive. jewel will still operate in san francisco, it will not be able
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to ship to customers in jewel is expanding so rapidly and recently purchased 123 mission street downtown, for a reported $400 million. >> most kids purchase them online. either craigslist, amazon, ebay, it is really easy. >> reporter: a final vote on this is expected next tuesday, will then go to the mayor london to sign. regulations will take six months to go into effect. live in san francisco, eddie you, kpix 5. eight surprising discovery in the east bay after police make a routine traffic stop. police uncovered this, a bunch of stolen mail inside of the suspect vehicle. police say it was taken from several neighborhoods, some of it appears to be bills and even a jury summons. tonight in florida the president kicked off his reelection campaign. >> he chose a keep swing state
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to do it. veronica joins us with more. >> reporter: president trump has stood by as one democrat after another's announced their campaign for president. tonight was his turn with a speech defending his first term and vowing to finish what he started. >> i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term. as president of the u.s. >> reporter: the president described democrats as socialist who want to destroy the country. he also hit on familiar themes like curbing illegal immigration and finally building that wall. >> we believe our country should be a sanctuary for law- abiding citizens. not for criminal aliens. >> reporter: while this is president trump's official 2020 launch, he never really stopped campaigning. holding almost 60 rallies since taking office.
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back in the bay area, trump supporters got together to cheer the president on from san jose. they say they hope to turn california red. >> god has blessed us with a man that stands between us and socialism. he protects all lives, born and unborn. >> reporter: president trump has work to do with voters, a recent survey found florida voters prefer former vice president joe biden. 51-40 over trump. president trump threatened to launch mass deportations of millions of undocumented immigrants, today the mayor of oakland came out swinging, in their defense. >> it is just more of his ruthless, reckless, and racist behavior. in the past i have warned my residence but obviously the president has done that for me. i will not need to do that in this case. my message is, to not panic but to be prepared.
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everyone should know their rights and responsibilities. >> it is estimated as many as 10 1/2 million undocumented immigrants live in the u.s., fears over president trump's threat could disrupt their lives, work, and school. meanwhile, homeland security says federal agencies are stretched too thin to carry out any mass deportations. coming up what is behind this messick massive plume of black smoke at the warriors arena. a solution for the homeless crisis, dozens of residents say not in my neighborhood. years of abuse, human trafficking,
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we first showed you homeless people living in trees in parts of alameda county, the city of fremont has a solution. tonight many neighbors made it clear, not in my backyard. maria is in fremont were tensions boiled over at a city council meeting. maria. >> reporter: city leaders want to provide the homeless a navigation center which will serve as both a shelter and services to find long-term housing. dozens came out here tonight to sell the city leaders, find another location. >> reporter: dozens came armed with questions and a message. >> this is not the place for this solution. >> reporter: he says he lives less than a quarter mile away from the church where city leaders want to build a navigation center for the homeless. he believes the location that would help 45 people at a time is not the right fit. it is
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almost a half a mile away from a elementary school. >> the question i wanted to post to the council people, have they thought about -- are the accountable to what may happen to get as they pass by this place? have they thought about that? >> what is making you emotional? >> i cannot even dream of a community where they do not feel safe. >> reporter: the homeless population in alameda county increased more than 40% in the last two years. it has gotten to the point where homeless are now living in trees. >> we are part of a group called yes in my backyard. >> reporter: he says the navigation center is necessary especially amid the housing crisis. >> there is no perfect site, everything is a series of trade- offs. >> reporter: his group was there to try to spread their own message, to those opposed like michael. >> that is the question, are you willing to take that risk?
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>> reporter: council members are considering to other locations including a future bart station the communication center. kpix 5. we first showed you the homeless treehouses a few weeks ago in a business park, property owners started trimming the trees to force people out. tonight the tree houses are still standing, at least one person is still living there. new details about a suspicious package scare at a google building. a bomb squad and hazmat team responded in sunnyvale this afternoon, this came after a suspicious package was sent to the mail. the building was evacuated but explosives testing came up negative. the postal expense and postal inspection service have taken over that neck came after goog announced a $5 billion plan to fight the housing crisis.
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they are turning seven or 50 million 750 million dollars of their own land. those funds will be used to incentivize developers to build thousands of more affordable units. also tonight we know what caused a fire that sent a ge plume of black smoke over mission bay. excuse me, near the warriors new arena. fire crews say it was a accident, a electrical extension cord was the culprit. the fire broke out, and a storage shed at spark social, a food truck complex near the you s.deo from thescthe fi partmesa tugh several wooden sheds and astroturf. fire crews quickly knocked it
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down. new allegations against scientology tonight from a former member that is now suing. she claims the church kept her captive and subjected her to low hard labor. >> the alleged victim says she is being harassed the church of scientology for speaking out. she is still pressing forward with the lawsuit. >> my whole life i was a dedicated scientologist. >> reporter: leah remley on her series scientology and the aftermath. she used the series to expose what she says were horrific abuses inside the church. >> get them out of this thing. >> reporter: one of the women who appeared on the program filed a lawsuit today accusing the church of physical and psychological abuse. >> she was born into this organization. >> reporter: the victim's attorney says even though the client appeared on the show, they now want her identity detected because of what they say is ongoing harassment. we are not identifying her.
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>> the family is still involved in the organization which makes it that much harder to break free of everybody knowing that the consequences are, your family is going to disown you. >> reporter: attorneys for the woman say she was born into the church in 1979, she was placed in the sea ward, where the church is most about members are. she was moved out to the hemet location where she remained for 12-13 years. cut off from the world. the alleged victim's attorneys say their client was once close with the church's leader, david but fell out of favor and they say she was placed in what is known as the hold for three months which is solitary confinement before being forced to do physical and manual labor. the victim says she escaped once with the help of a actor who starred in one of the churches promotional videos. >> she s toout in the trunk of one of those actors cars. >> reporter: the lawsuit said
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the alleged victim returned to the church after her family urged her to, she finally left in 2017 and appeared on the show. >> the church released a statement calling the complaint a shameful publicity stunt. it is time to talk about whether and it was a wide temperature spread to the, barely above 60 degrees in parts of san francisco many of you inland or baking in the low to mid 90s. including fairfield. we are calling down to the 50s and 60s tonight. 61 currently in san jose. 60 in oakland. san francisco, cloudy and 57. despite the chill over the past couple of days, the average high is running five degrees warmer than last year. 97 degrees in san francisco last year. oakland, 58. fremont and mountain view, 59 degrees. beautiful day tomorrow. sunshine, the ooonthursday with
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high of 67. we had a ridge of high pressure getty get a little bit closer to us today. inland you were hot and close to the coast with the ocean breeze sticking around you are 30 degrees cooler. now the ridges being shoved out of the way i a area of low pressure that will move through the northwest which will allow the marine air to push inland and temperatures will drop as a result. not much cloud cover though. more sunshine in the afternoon coming up on thursday as the coastal fog burns off as we head toward the end of the week, the lowest no over the northwest and that will fire off the stronger onshore flow and the marine layer will trend us cooler thursday and friday. fog along the coast, seasonal weather tomorrow. temperatures taking a dip for the end of the week. 86 in concord tomorrow. 78 in vallejo. napa, 81.
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the extended forecast, we lose a few degrees thursday and friday. we gain a few degrees saturday and sunday. we lose more monday and tuesday. 70s near the bay, 80s inland. tomorrow emily will have the latest on weather and traffic beginning at 4:30 am. this is a nice stretch of weather and frankly we waited half a year to get it. let's enjoy. >> thank you. coming up, very lucky whale watchers ding off the central coast.
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>> for the first time in recorded history, a pot of transient killer whales were spotted in monterey bay. a very active group of eight killer whales from the pacific northwest splashing around for viewers, what a treat. a marine biologist told us the whale family had previously been spotted in the waters off of washington and british columbia. notified the giants it you found the patriots,
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a tale of two cities tonight. while the a's scored in bunches, the giants were giving them up. the a's power our was music to the fans years. sixth inning, 4-2, robby grossman, a two run shot to right field. the start of a historic explosion at the coliseum. 8-2 and chris davis, a three run shot. thrive, the a's bats were thriving tonight. his 16th home run, 11-2. same inning, same story. stephen, a three run home run. the a's scored 10 runs in a inning, for the first time since 1996. 16-2 is the final.
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it came against baltimore but certainly better than what happened to the giants. john anderson made his seventh career start tonight, they faced the dodgers, did not start the way he wanted. first batter of the game, opposite way, anderson goes five - they give up two runs. they did not pitch badly. the bullpen was another matter. trevor on the mound, give it up to kiki hernandez. 9-0 behind seven shutout innings, from the giant killer, clayton. bunting is a lost art, maybe this is why. punted the ball into his face, he broke his nose. the game was canceled because of bad weather, do not do this in little league. the san jose sharks traded defenseman justin to the flyers for a second round pick in this year's draft and a third rounder in 2020. the move comes one day after
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the sharks sign eric carlson to a eight year contract. the move will take 3.8 million off the books. he spent his entire nine year career with the sharks. the women's world cup, in the 73rd minutes but then martha, goal. thank you paul. can i hear it again? goal. 17 in a world cup career, the most of any man or woman. brazil knocks -- advances to the knockout stage. peli gave marta the name peli
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