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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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kind of upset, what are you doing running into this house when your husband is chasing you ? >> police arrived to a chaotic scene. three people managed to escape give enough clues about the carnage inside and the officers could see the victims were wounded and still alive. >> they rescued a man and a woman and were transported to local hospital where they died a short time later. >> a few hours later heavily armed officers detonated a grenade and entered the house. they did not note at the time but the gunmen had already shot himself dead and that's when they made the grim discovery. another two women were found shot to dad to death inside. >> i cannot imagine what they were going through.
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now for the surviving victims families for them to deal with this. >> they were all part of one family and gave no clues about the impending violence. >> a very nice guy. they always say high to me. >> the coroner has not released the name of the gunmen or victims. a man accused of stabbing and killing two men was denied bail in his first appearance in court. the family of victims were there to see the alleged killer. if convicted the 26-year-old could face the death penalty. his first victim was the cab driver found stabbed to death just 24 hours later a second victim. the tow truck driver was found bleeding ea >> his wife is crying all the
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time. this guy really destroyed the family. >> prosecutors are searching for a motive and what appears to be random killings. crews are getting the upper hand of a brush fire that broke out along a busy east bay highway. the fire was reported just after three clock this afternoon along westbound 580. you see the black and hillside reaching right up to the freeway. all lanes came to a screeching halt while traffic was directed to a single left lane. two lanes reopened to traffic and as of right now crews have contained the fire and are working to put out the hotspots. no estimates on when all lanes will reopen. huge plumes of black smoke hung over pittsburgh. as john
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ramis tells us the size of the fire might have been unusual but the cause was not. >> firefighters say this is where it started. a small homeless camp at the far corner of the property. >> no one knows when someone took up residence here but there is evidence of fire was being used for cooking. sunday with dry winds blowing off of highway four flames erupted and tore through a storage yard at the supply company and the damage was extensive to stacks of pipe and construction materials. one woman camped 50 yards away says it's one more danger of living on the streets. >> do you think it was started intentionally? >> intentionally. all the time, constantly. it's covering up something. >> when it comes to frequency it turns out, she's right.
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fire spokesman confirmed at the scene that they spend a lot of time chasing fires started by the homeless. >> the conditions are dangerous and a lot of the fires i would estimate 50% and up starting in and around adjacent to the homeless camps and sometimes they harmlessly burned grassy fields and sometimes they get into businesses. >> the auto body shop backs up to the fire site and for a while he thought his business could be destroyed he said he feels sorry for the homeless campers pitted miss but admits he will be looking at it different now. >> you have to be a little bit more aware of your surroundings everybody else. fires are not a joke. much of what was lost was
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inventory being stored here by a fellow contractor which means there is one more person paying the price for this. trying to get out of sfo will take time. >> travelers complain they have trouble getting the lyft are uber. cancellations and wait times are up. >> reporter: according to lyft and uber they used to be able to pick you up along the curb but now on sunday nights and in particular when it's busy they are saying that the weight is closer to 30 minutes because they have to pick you up at the top floor of the parking garage. boat both uber and lyft think it's unsustainable. >> they are trying to get a ride to the city but so far it has not been easy. >> one canceled and the third
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one showed 6 minutes then 10 minutes. >> this is the new normal. across the sky bridge and on top of the hourly parking garage you will find hundreds of people standing around staring at their phones. rideshare pickup used to be from the side but cause safety concerns. sfo moved it here and on june 2 the average wait time was around 10 minutes and for uber 8 minutes in the past two sundays the wait time has gone up. lyft reports average weight is 20 minutes and uber, 24 minutes. cancellations are also up. before the move cancellations were a d 6.4% and now lyft is 30% and uber is 28%. >> it was unusual that they chose to do it at the peak of
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travel >> they are starting to respond . >> his prediction is that these are growing pains and sfo has added additional lanes to reduce traffic and signs so people know where to go and call it a work in progress. eventually they will ride this one out. >> right now there are growing pains going on. >> uber in particular is intending to fight this and i have a meeting with the airports ceo and they will ask if there's any kind of alternative but right now it doesn't look like sfo is open and they are making plans to make this more permanent putting in more permanent assignments to tell people where to go and are working on landscaping so it's more comfortable for people to hang out on top.
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the expectation is that's where you'll be if you're ordering rideshare. more than 400 part passengers had to walk through a dark tunnel after their train broke down. >> bart power down the electric third rail just in case anybody happened to stumble in the dark. the trouble happened in between the 12 street stations. passengers waited on the disabled train without knowing what was happening. >> it was probably two to 2 to 2.5 hours late. >> the midmorning breakdown caused systemwide delays and the train malfunction happens to be part of the new fleet of the future. >> julington unions are criticizing -- the national
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union of healthcare workers west at kaiser after the chronicle reported the deal union leaders believe kaiser could spend the money on patient care rather than sponsoring the warriors new home kaiser responded saying in part, the leadership of the union which provides a document and issued a press release criticizing the story it helped create was at this time actively campaigning against a proposed contract agreement and is part of the campaign trying to damage the reputation. kaiser also said it is offering more money and higher pay for the mental health employees for the next tw. in honor pride month we talk to the san francisco's first openly fire chief.
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held the search for real estate could affect google. amazon partnering with uc berkeley student for its home collection. visual confirmation that the heat is leaving us right there. the marine layer in the fog at an end to the heat. how long does the heat stay away, your forecast will enter that coming up. a little bird told me that you
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>> the crash happened early yesterday morning in the bayview district and we are finding out now that one of the people involved was a lyft driver identified as an international student from india who was living in fremont. this passenger was also killed a san francisco resident. this picture was shared by her son on facebook. security camera footage of the filing collision shows the lyft driver easing into the intersection on third street then seconds later the car is t- boned. police say the driver ran a red light then the driver ran away leaving the smashed car behind. in a statement lyft says we are deeply saddened by the tragic accident resulting in loss of life and we stand ready to assist law enforcement in any investigation. police say a third victim was taken to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries and
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so far no description of the suspect. as we mark lgbt pride month we are counting down to the celebrations in san francisco. are proud moment for the city's new fire chief. how the chief sees her role as the city's first openly chief. >> i came to san francisco in 1990 because i knew as a place i could be who i really was >> and she has been doing so ever since and now as the city's fire chief. she was sworn in on may 6. >> i'm not someone who goes out and asks for attention. that is not my mo. >> the new york native is a 25 year veteran of the san francisco fire department and is only the second woman to hold the position that firefighting was not something she always knew she wanted to
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do in fact she was recruited into the job by a friend at the pride parade in 1991. >> she said to me, can you carry heavy stuff and i said sure and she said come on, you will be fine. >> was a natural fit. >> i wanted to get in there and help and it made sense. >> she has face-plant me. she suffered second-degree burns at an arson in 2009 and survive breast cancer. >> we are much more likely to die with their boots off than anything else. >> as for her personal cancer battle -- >> it showed me how resilient the department is and how letogether. >> she is humble about her status as a role model to other
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public servants or those who aspire to be. >> i'm happy that people look up to me and look at me and point that out. i'm happy about that but that's not all who a.m. what i'm going to keep doing is putting 1 foot in front of the other and doing the right thing. the pride parade in san francisco is coming up on sunday and we've got you covered. will have a live stream of the festivities beginning at 10:30 am the wireless provider verizon will shift thousands of jobs from sunnyvale to north san jose verizon may sell some of its property to google and lease a large chunk of the coleman highline campus near the airport. verizon could rent up to 670,000 ft.2 at the campus which also has shops, retail
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google has purchased more than $1 billion of real estate and reportedly has made an offer to buy one or more of the sites. amazon founnew partner for with reese witherspoon's daughter. she is starting her second year in the fall and she posted this to her instagram sane, getting excited for fall semester at school with my new decor from amazon. they made a similar deal with the daughter of lori locklin. my dorm room was never that organized. >> no amazon. >> everything is color-
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coordinated. here's a look outside right now in the 60s, 70s and 80s in the bay area. san francisco is 65 degrees. 70s for san jose, santa rosa and oakland. the 90s are done. concorde and livermore in the 80s. overnight in my 50s. a roller coaster ride with temperatures. i told you it would be warm over the weekend it was higher than we thought. we spiked well above average saturday and sunday now the cooldown begins. we cool down below average by wednesday. castro valley the microclimate forecast, cooler tomorrow, 75 degrees with gorgeous and sunny weather.
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71 degrees on wednesday likely not even hitting 70 degrees on thursday. for the pride parade this weekend at 10:30 am streaming on and it should be a beautiful weekend in the city. not that warm, 64 degrees and pleasant with sunshine. looking forward to that five days from now the ocean breezes back as we have a ridge of high pressure center to the south with a low-pressure area west to east flow with the ocean breeze making it stronger tomorrow wednesday and thursday decrease in the temperature the ocean is running about 57 degrees currently the change really comes on wednesday and the clouds will push in to the corridor likely into the north bay and we will see a chunk of sunshine in the afternoon with temperatures below average as the cooldown continues tomorrow plan on low clouds but pleasant
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tuesday. 80s concord and livermore 80 santa rosa 67 degrees in san francisco and oakland your high 73 degrees. much cooler on wednesday, nobody hits 80 degrees. thursday and friday we stay cool with temperatures rebounding as we head towards the upcoming weekend. sunshine every afternoon for the next seven. the u.s. women on the ropes and the world cup and the penalty. the warrior say hello to some new players and why the old ones are major concern.
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the united states has never missed a quarterfinals world cup of the smarter this morning
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they were in danger. they faced the opponent had a lead but a turnover and a goal and the game is tied. it stayed that way until the second half in the usa gets a penalty kick. she buries the second penalty kick of the game and the u.s. wins and they will play france tomorrow. the warriors looked into the future this afternoon showing off three new players, to possibly filling significant roles with all those injuries the 18-year-old and in the middle thfirst de and eric drawn comparison to draymond green. the manager has work to do as
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free agency looms. at you have any formal plans to sit down with the players regarding their future? >> yes. >> are you optimistic about those conversations? >> we will see. >> that did not sound optimistic. the new king of the road course, he is still not getting the respect he deserves from his peers at least not kyle busch. >> i saw him earlier. >> bush was kidding, he was beat by about two seconds yesterday and became the first back-to-back champ since jeff gordon. it's a 23rd career when on the cup series that was northern california native who finished fourth in his first career top-
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five finish. >> year from grass valley, were there any fans in attendance to support you? >> my families here my wife b be home and our friends and neighbors will be weighed in on me when i get home to have a good night and hang out and have some fun. >> cell phone video inside a plane where the panthers quarterback offered somebody $1500 to switch seats for 10 hour flight. newton wanted more leg room and the guy said no so he had to plummet against the window. and there's a reason he was on this flight. >> he was booked into a previous earlier flight but when you miss your flight -- >> that begs the question, why
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didn't he have a first-class ticket? >> usa plays france on friday. >> i went to see without that they can was wearing. i want to see the whole thing. >> the cbs evening news is up next. >> here's a preview. >> here's a look at some of the stories we're working on. president trump imposes new sanctions on iran that will will iran do to respond. the dominican republic top health officials speaks to cbs for the first time t mysterious american deaths. after six months of space she is returning home to her world that fell tonight on
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we all know that parking in san francisco is not fun and getting a ticket just makes things worse. >> now at one shop if you get slapped with a citation you get a deal. the sake shop took complaints to a new level same if you get a ticket come in and you get 20% off a bottle of sake. the sun valley ticket people to free up space for the next shopper. thank you for watching.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> dubois: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, the president oms new sanctions at iran's supreme leader. >> these sanctions seemed designed not to try to impact the actual people of iran. >> i think a lot of restraint has been shown by us. that doesn't mean we're going to show it in the future. >> dubois: the u.s. ivernment has removed most of the 300 migrant children found living in squalor at a border facility. >> it is degrading and inhumane and shouldn't be happening in america. >> oh, my god. >> a plane crash in hawaii 11 d i> the nation's deadliest civilian plane crash since 2011.


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