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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 26, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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question, what will it take for the warriors to keep kevin durant in the bay area. kpix5 news at 6:00 starts right now with the shooting in the south bay for dealership and left three people dead. >> good evening, i'm allen martin. >> ima veronica de la cruz. we are now learning the deputies of the two victims who were killed, 59-year-old brian light and 38-year-old javier soto. both men were managers at the ford dealership. lynn ramirez is in morgan hill where police are crediting light for trying to fight back. lynn? >> reporter: that's right, when mister lyte heard the gunfire, he went to the place where the shooting was happening. and engaged in a desperate struggle with the suspect to try to get that weapon from him unfortunately he was not able to do so, police said here today that the desperate fight he engaged in might have given others time to get out. >> reporter: 58-year-old brian light was a veteran of the
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automotive service industry. police say when he heard gunfire at the ford store in morgan hill he did not run away. he tried to disarm the suspect. scott looks like he tried to intervene and take the suspect down, with physical force. unfortunately, the suspect overcame him, and shot him twice. >> police gave the following timeline for how the shootings happened. 60-year-old stephen lee was fired from his job as a parks department employee at about 4:15 p.m., but he didn't go home, he went to his car and stayed there for 20 minutes. police say he then retrieved two handguns from the car and went back inside to his normal workspace. police say his supervisor, 38- year-old javier soto took lee to a back office, that's where the shooting happened. >> reporter: police say t, s and service manager just responded to the gunfire. >> gunshot multiple times. resulting in his death.
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>> reporter: brian's heroic actions -- brian's actions were nothing short of heroic and those actions allowed people to flee. it allowed them the precious seconds they needed to be able to flee after hearing the first shot. >> reporter: police say lee then walked to a curb and shot himself in the head. despite it's clichi, but it's true. sometimes you just don't know people, it's the quiet ones, and i just think it's really sad. >> reporter: she lived across the street from the suspect for 15 years, she said he lived all by himself and never had any visitors. police raided his home, busting down the front door after the shooting of recovered multiple guns from the home. neighbors say he recently complained about his job. >> steve used to complain about his job a lot because he got bullied. that's all i heard. >> reporter: bullied how? >> i don't have specifics. >> reporter: police say he was married with two young children
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and that mister lyte's actions probably saved their lives. >> brian's actions were nothing short of heroic. >> reporter: the suspect, according to police, had it worked out that store for some eight years before this happened. they didn't share any of the details on what might have led to the shooting yesterday, and did not comment on what you heard the neighbors say, that he might have been bullied by a potentially other employees at the ford store, so they are still investigating this case. reporting live in morgan hill, kpix5. >> a twisted tale of dates gone horribly wrong in solano county. men lowered to a wooded area, ever suffered more than a broken heart. simon perez joins us from fairfield with the dating trap. simon? >> reporter: solano county sheriff's investors got really worried when they heard the same story twice. two men it tricked into thinking they were going out, life-threatening date.
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>> reporter: investigators say 18-year-old shocker was the bait . she says she confirmed dates once in april and once in june. the sheriff department says both weights went down. >> after she pick up the dates of her home she would bring them here to this turnout near lake solano. >> they started to become romantic, >> reporter: that is when the accomplices jumped into action. they came out from hiding in the bushes and jumped in the car. one of the three of them, investigators aren't sure which then told the date to curl up into a ball and shot them. the three then robbed the victim's aunt took off, leaving the injured dates behind. >> it heightens our alarm, that we had a pattern going on. >> reporter: investigators were able to trace one of the victims phones to this house in the suburb of woodland. they caught not only choker but also brandon lambert and another 17-year-old boy.
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>> this could have ended tragically, shot out in the middle of the rural areas on the left with no communication in the middle of the night. >> reporter: and litigators are not sure which one pulled the trigger because all three of the suspects are pointing their fingers at each other. in fairfield, i'm simon perez, kpix5. aggressive discovery in castro valley, two bodies were found at home, an investigation is underway right now for the property on forest avenue near marshall level elementary school. authorities were called women hadn't heard from loved ones for days. alameda county deputies did a welfare check and discovered the bodies of a man and woman inside a guesthouse. the sun was in the back of the residence, we know that
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they were married. >> i don't feel safe in this town anymore. there's been too many things like this happening. >> police say the victims appear to have been dead for several days. authorities say they have not ruled out the possibility of murder suicide. separate firefighters broke out in the east bay, the most recent one a grass fire in livermore on nines road. 9:33 fires burn 15 acres but we are told it is now contained. in emeryville, scary moments for people after three homes burned. all six people including a child were injured. flames started in the victorian street and then spread to neighboring homes. fire also damaged an apartment building in san leandro. the flames spread from the ground-floor unit to an apartment on the second floor. everyone got out safely. in san jose this year's crackdown on illegal fireworks is getting changes. as summer heats up and conditions get drier.
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just one spark could set off a disastrous blaze, for three years an app has let san jose residents report each other for illegal fireworks but some complain they were hit with a hefty fine, with no actual evidence they did anything wrong. >> i was furious. i couldn't believe, that somebody could report something online, and automatically i would get a ticket. >> reporter: the city says it needs further or video evidence of illegal fireworks, if it is safe to get it. while that means fewer reports, fewer people will be falsely accused. today in oakland, police called to the stand, a firefighter who once lived in the ghost ship warehouse. two years before the deadly fire killed people he visited the warehouse where his daughter was living. keenan says he saw nothing amiss . derek almena was not to blame
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for the deadly fire. >> he's a fire person, he knows what the law is. he knows whether or not a fire code violation occurred. he said it was okay. >> reporter: meanwhile another defense witness and license contractor had his testimony thrown out today after failing to show up for cross- examination. this evening, warriors fans are on edge after kevin durant rejected a multimillion dollar player option from the team and of course, the question -- pressing question will be back, will he be back this season. the laundry moore is in the chase underwear, tell us where things stand for that start player? >> reporter: the two words you need to remember here allen are free agent. kevin durant opted out of his player option, the question tonight is, whether he will ever john a warriors uniform,
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at the new chase center behind me. >> reporter: is kevin durant's rupturing in the finals as the shutter for -- today with the announcement that he was announcing the player option. >> is leaving and it breaks my heart. >> you think he's leaving? >> think he will. >> reporter: in the sports world, durant's decision to become a free agent started sunday, wasn't a total shock. >> is not a surprise. now he has the option of going somewhere else for four years. >> reporter: at least one person says the warriors, on their roster. >> to me this is just part of the process, a lot of people wanted to answer today, and we are taking calls and getting text messages,
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>> reporter: bob is a sports marketing analyst and is less optimistic point >> another betting that if i were i would say you have seen the last of kevin durant in a warriors uniform. >> reporter: fans were holding out hope that kd still has fans on the court. >> when he got her the first time restrained his calf, terry referred to him as his brother. i think it has a good bond, that i think kevin durant is trying to maximize his money. just like any player would be. >> reporter: that free agency period begins on sunday and it's wait and see at this point. brooklyn nets, free science here, what happens next is anybody's question of course, questioning clay thompson also up for free agency but that is for another story. live outside, kpix5 news. leeat
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in the pacific ocean. what the founders as is the biggest problem. plus, the governor finally stepping in to protect racehorses. the new rules that trainers now have to follow. and why getting into this swanky airport lounge this summer is getting more difficult. what happened, close to 90 yesterday inland. upper 60s, it was a significant change, how long will we stay chilly? coming up in your forecast. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet,
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coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. is also leader nonprofit wants to do something about the great pacific garbage patch. >> ambitious plans to do that.
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susie? >> we have a great pictures for those as well. the group returned from a month at sea where they collected more than 40 tons of trash and thanks to their gps tracking device, they are learning more about how all of this plastic accumulates, and of course, how to try to get rid of it. >> reporter: the massive accumulation of plastic floating in the ocean between california and hawaii. >> it's much bigger than a patch. >> reporter: it is often said to be twice the size of the state of texas, or three times the size of france. but, mary crowley has been out there, and says it is much more expansive, because the plastic keeps moving around. >> i've heard people describe the entire area as being the size of the continental u.s. >> reporter: mary works with the voyages institute in sausalito, taking trips regularly to clean up pollution that has turned into an island in the pacific. she says one of the biggest
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contributors to the trash is what is called a ghost netting, that is when nets that have been left or lost by fishermen pick up plastic and grow while out to sea. essentially, they keep fishing. >> they collect fish, they collect plastic, so, they are very deadly for whales and porpoises, sea turtles, fish, >> reporter: her team is pulling out of many ghost nets as it can come of his mother collected more than 40 tons of plastic, the ones that didn't have room for have gps so they can watch where the plastic goes so they can keep going back. this budget is all about our plastic trash, and what it is doing to the ocean and what we can do as part of the solution. >> reporter: the majority of the trash collected will be turned into energy.
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they also gave a few tons of plastic to artists at the university of hawaii. the goal of course is to make sure that none of this ever goes back into the ocean. you can watch the full interview on our website. out of the 10 most polluted beaches, linda martin san mateo county came in third, santa cruz county came in fifth. in ninth place, keller beach in contra costa county came in last. san mateo county, report based on low levels of harmful bacteria. going to do some aims to improve horse safety on race tracks. the california horseracing board the authority to extend animal safety concerns. >> the santa anita racetrack where he called for additional oversight measures.
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calling on racetracks around the state to hold themselves to the higher screening standards recently adopted at santa anita . this model can save horses lives. a total of 38 horses were scratched or denied entry at santa anita park. it since this new review process was established earlier this month. distract the town of moraga is considering a lawsuit over a bridge damaged by a winter storm nearly 3 years ago. the trouble is the bridge on canyon road washed out 2017. a temporary steel bridge is now in place, but moraga says east bay mud is to blame. the town says the agency allowed too much wateth creek triggering landslides, the water district says it is disappointed to hear about a potential lawsuit. in a permanent bridge costing nearly $10 million won't be finished until 2021 point distract taking alive look right now at sfo. this summer it is going to be more difficult to get into those airline lounges, due to their popularity, they are getting overcrowded.
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delta airlines no longer allows nonmembers to buy single-use passes at any of its sky club lounges including terminal one and sfo. other airlines are restricting access to single-use passes based on capacity. we are hitting the perfect zone aren't we? right into the goldilocks area. >> let folks fly here. >> save money, we have some of the dry hot and cold like today. nicest weather when it comes to temperatures, saturday and sunday. getting there, a few chilly days out of the first. low cloud cover beginning to work its way over san francisco, all else is you haven't changed much, 63 degrees, the big changes santa rosa you had 90 yesterday.
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livermore 67 also hitting 70, it's brisk out there at 70, fremont low tonight, to discuss 54, napa below 50 degrees in late june hasn't happened in a while. that's it for the month of june, superhot to start the month, temperatures running well above average anywhere from 2 to 4 1/2 degrees below -- warmer than average. one of the warmest dunes we've had in 10 years, despite the fact that it's been so chilly outside. it will stay cooler than average in newark, 70 tomorrow with sunshine, filtered sunshine coming up on friday with a high of 73 degrees per forecast for pride parade pride celebration on a sunday, in the civic center, sunny and mid 60s beautiful weekend and sentences go. here is to set up, big area of low pressure, watch the swirl
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in the atmosphere, you can see the counter clockwise world throwing up a lot of unstable air into portland and vancouver. and also seattle. humorist understands we will not tap into the rain, we are tapping into the somewhat cooler air around this area of low pressure and the breeze from the ocean has increased like we told you about yesterday. cloud cover, yes, tomorrow morning and near the water, chilly night. come evening time-cloud cover will likely stick around through friday morning. weather headlines, chilly morning tomorrow, another coolish afternoon on thursday, and we warm up, temperatures close to average, we will keep that warming trend above average next week or to 70s if you love temperatures in the 70s, have choices for you.. all in the 70s tomorrow, san francisco, 63 degrees for you. back to average with sunshine on saturday and sunday and we will continue that warming trend early next week. that is your kpix5
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>> in the ballpark last night everyone was wondering if the giants will trade madison baumgartner, but, what about pablo? he did it again today. numbers are making him wait, did somebody say bait? catch of the day, coming up. kpix5 weather is sponsored by sleep world. enjoy savings at sleep world adjustable comfort mattress sale. visit
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rockies are leaving town, good news for the giants, because he was a one-man wrecking crew. the giants fans try to escape this season they're going to need a bigger boat. alex dickerson does it again. 10 runs batted income in his first six games, breaking news, the giants had a lead in the first inning, 2-0. first six batters he faced in the third inning, not so much.
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david golf, 94 my lower fastball down the middle, giving up five runs in five innings. bottom of the third, pablo got one back, 443 feet into the beer garden. his 10th home run, he had two hits, two rbi, and scored two runs. the dude is hot. not as hot as batman, eight and one in the series, rockies win 6-3, giants have lost six of their last nine games. dickerson at 9-21 after being called last week. fans of corn to nickname for him, the first half of his last name, he has been a huge around the yard. despite i was going to ask you if you are happy with the nickname. despite it would be weird if i wasn't called that, i've grown up with it since second grade, it sounds weird when somebody
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calls me alex. >> free agency begins on monday, the athletic reporting that chlebowski met with dallas this morning, and is in tampa tonight to meet with the lightning. he has spent his entire career with the sharks. tom brady and the tweet of the day, a picture of himself and rival peyton manning, spoiler alert, we were friends this whole time. the two were together down at cypress point, golf club in monterey. definitely a couple of big fish. >> that is a huge fish. >> i love this. our catch of the day. that is as mazzola, caught a 2 1/2 pound bass at clearlake, world war ii veteran, you ready for this? he turns 95, tomorrow. >> that's great. >> isn't that great? >> and is out there fishing. >> yeah. exactly. happy birthday, 95 years old
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tomorrow. you think you can do better, send us your fishing pictures to catch of the day at kpix5. -- at >> fishing at 95. >> happy birthday. >> we hope so too. >> thanks dennis. distract the cbs evening news is up next. >> maurice dubois is here with a preview. >> hi there allen and veronica, here are the stories we are working on. you will hear from the family of an immigrant father and daughter who drowned in the rio grande, we will also take you inside the texas border station where hundreds of young migrants were held. a mother beaten and hospitalized by the boy she recorded for bullying her son. and, an injured marine who won the purple heart in afghanistan gets thanks for his service. a free home tonight on the cbs evening news.
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do you have a young athlete at home? here are tips to help them perform their best. choose a snack with carbs an hour before the games. when the action kicks up drink 2 to 3 big gulps of water every 15 minutes, and recover with food rich in carbs and proteins. recovery is an all-day process. to learn more see a sports medicine specialist. >> is sponsored by stanford children's health, access to excellence.
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san francisco spca needs
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your help. >> summers one of the busiest time for the shelter and they are low on supplies and food. so, to encourage you to donate, they posted this adorable kitten. see? it makes you go on. they especially need a gerber baby food, transitioning from nursing to solid food, they need dry canine. and in case you can't remember everything i just said, they have a wish list on amazon. >> cute kitties. >> is on the wish list. a special thank you so much for watching at 6:00, the cbs evening news is up next. >> we will be back here at 7:00, have a great night.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: on the "cbs evening news" this wednesday, tragedy at the border. the president and congressional democrats blame each other after a disturbing photo shows the bodies of a father and daughter. te open borders means people drowning in the rivers, and i know it could stop immediately if the democrats changed the laws. >> president trump, if you want to know the real reason there's chaos at the border, look in the mirror. >> dubois: a new flaw is discovered in the 737 max that could keep the jets grounded even longer. >> tonight, ten democratic candidates will take the stage for the first debate of the 2020 election. >> will this be the moment one candidate launches to the front of the pack? >> it will be must-seev.


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