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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  June 26, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00. >> the big question for dub nation tonight. wobble kevin durant do next? >> he gave his last brents prying to give help coworkers not get gunned down. and mr. in alameda county, a killing days ago, and the bodies now discovered. >> i don't feel safe in this town anymore. terrifying trauma involving online dating. it turned into a life or death ordeal. and mind blowing new numbers illiquid fare evasion tickets, only one person has paid. >> it is something we've got to figure out. the kpix 5 starts right w
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. kevin durant in his much anticipated next move. good evening. i am veronica de la cruz. >> durand announcement literally has domination on the edge of their sheets. live outside the warrior's new san francisco home. andrea? >> allen, veronica, if you thought the drama of the and bases and was over because the finals are over, think again. free agent, and whether karen will play in a warriors uniform inside the new chase center ever. after a season of whispers of kevin durant's future as a warrior, the nba intrigue mission was once again set a place when he rejected his player option from the team today, becoming a free agent as of sunday. it is not time to panic just yet. >> to me, this is ju
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the process, and a lot of people wanted the answer today, and we're taking calls and getting text messages as if it's over, but i am here to tell you it's not, suggesting positive. >> reporter: even with a ruptured achilles, the rent is still the most sought after player in the league. a sports marketing analyst is less optimistic. >> m not a betting man. if i were, i would say you have seen the last of kevin durant in the warriors. >> reporter: fans are not sure if the rent will be back in a warriors uniform to seasons from now when that achilles is healed. >> you can kind of feel that shift, it's a game, but you can feel the shift. >> reporter: there might be a matter of writing a catastrophic end to the season. >> there was a report after klay thompson went down and gave six of the finals that
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there was a face time between klay thompson and kevin durant, and you know, the conversation was, in a nutshell, unfinished business. >> i think he is a good bond with all the other teammates on the warriors. >> reporter: one fan is still all in on number 35. you like kevin durant? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you think he's going to be a warrior next season? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: of course, free agency begins on sunday. other than that, it's a case of wait and see, deciding where kd wants to go, whether he stays with the warriors, and some with one is new york teams, the knicks or nets, or even someplace else, but of course there's klay thompson is going to be a free agent . wait and see, and i don't know, grab your popcorn, ellen and veronica. >> thanks so much. we are asking you should the warriors fight to keep kevin durant? way in, vote on our facebook
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and twitter pages. right now, most of you say they should fight to bring kd back. we are following developing news and alameda county tonight. an investigation is underway after two bodies were discovered in castro valley. they were found in a home on fourth avenue near marshall elementary school. family members call for help when they had not heard from their relatives in days. authorities say they have not ruled out the possibility of this being a murder suicide. >> they immediately could tell the persons were deceased and had been deceased for several days. the victims appeared to have died of gunshot wounds. >> i was pretty shocked, yeah. i don't feel safe in this town anymore. there has been too many things like this happening in the past 10 years. >> and in santa clara county tonight, one victim is being called a hero in the deli workplace shooting at a ford dealership in morgan hill. the fight then may have saved lives.
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>> reporter: police say the one of the two victims engaged the shooter in a desperate struggle for the weapon, although he was not able to stop the suspect. he might've given other employees time to get out. 60 year old steven leet was fired from his job as a parts department employee at about 4:15 p.m., but he did not go home. police say he went to his car parked at the morgan hill ford store and retreat two handguns, and then went back to his normal workspace. police say his supervisor, 38- year-old xavier souto, then took leet to a back office. >> during the conversation, the suspect shot xavier point- blank range. >> reporter: parts and service manager, 59-year-old brian light responded to the gunfire. >> it looks like he tried to intervene and take the suspect down by physical force. unfortunately, the suspect, he overcame him and shot him twice. >> reporter: police say leet walked to a curb and shot himself in the head. >> it is clichi, but it is
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true. sometimes you just don't know people, and it's the quiet ones, and i just think it's really sad. >> reporter: she flipped across the street from the suspect for 15 years. she said mr. leet lived by himself and never had visitors. police raided his home, busting down the front door after the shooting recovered multiple guns from the home. the neighbor said he recently complained about his job. >> steve used to complain about his job a lot because he got bullied. that is all i heard. i have no idea. i have no specifics. >> reporter: police say mr. souto was married with two young children, and mr. light's actions probably saved other lives. >> his actions there were nothing short of her road. >> reporter: the two transmitter leet youth were registered to him. he has no criminal record, and he was an eight year employee of the ford store. in morgan hill, len maria has, kpix 5. two people tricked into getting picked up for a date, but then it turned into a life or death or deal. solano county investigators say
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18-year-old enid was the bait for the bait and switch dating scheme. they say she confirmed date with two teenagers online once in april and once in june. after she picked up her date at their home, she would bring them here to this turn up near lake solano. >> basilar to become romantic. >> reporter: that is when the accomplices jumped into action. they came out from hiding in the bushes and jumped in the car. one of the three of them, investigators unsure what, told the dates to crawl up into a ball and shot him. the three then rob the victims and took off, leaving the injured dates behind. investigators were able to trace one of the victim's to this house in the sacramento suburb of woodland. also 19 -year-old brandon lerma and another 17-year-old boy. >> this could and very tragically, shot, in the middle of remote areas and left with no communication in the middle
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of the night. >> reporter: investigators tell me they are not sure who pulled the trigger because all three of the suspects are pointing their fingers at each other. in fairfield, i am simon perez, kpix 5. we heard it's cracking down on fare invaders, but it turned out, the wants it catches rarely pay the fine for the crime. last year, bart issued nearly 6,800 tickets for fare evasion. most of them, 6,200, were never paid. out of this, bart was only collecting on one. so far. only 541 unpaid fines were sent for collection. the rest were tossed out because people gave fake names or fake addresses when they were cited. bart links fare evasion to other crimes such as robbery and assault. it says it's a big contributor to that lease and loss ofto cha culture, so we are trying a lot of different approaches. yes, it is something we have to figure out, but the bottom line is we've got to hire 40
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additional police officers, and i think that is one way we've got to go, and we've got to harden the stations. >> kpix 5 insider phil matier said they never want to criminalize the fare jumpers. they opted to use a citation as a way to educate and encourage better behavior. the search for a husband and a hit and run and oakland killed a mother and child ended today and virginia. 27-year-old rasenoch allen was taken into custody with help from u.s. marshals. he's been on the lam since april 13 for a hit and run crash in east oakland. that killed the secure boy and his mother. the boy's uncle was also critically injured. our pride parade coverage continues. >> how a woman is try to educate bay area teachers about what she calls a historic lgbtq here is. >> i just figured why not? i don't know anyone who's done anything quite like this. the city of san jose is trying to cut down on illegal fireworks this fourth of july. how they could have hundreds of
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extra eyes on the lookout for violators. plus, a live look for you because the new listed out tonight on the state's dirtiest beaches. the popular ones in the bay area high on that list. data delay will test whether you like warm weather or cool weather because we transition in land quickly. we struggle to make it to 70 degrees. our big change, when we warm up again? the answer, next.
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our coverage of pride month is sponsored by wave broadband. store gad with just a few days left till the pride parade, one bay area woman is spreading the stories of lgbtq leaders who made lasting changes on the movement. >> jackie ward shows that the unique way she's reaching the younger generation in tonight original report. >> reporter: we have 1000 books. she is on a mission. her dining room table is stacked with copies of her new book, "game changers: lesbians you should know about." >> i got the idea i should be
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the one to great this one book about lesbian heroes who were living, who created queer culture now, and they are sort of the people that young people today should consider as their here is. we have an assembly line, >> reporter: is recruiting) to help pack and ship it. >> every country in the san francisco area, >> reporter: so far robin has donated 1,500 copies to over 300 school, reaching 30,000 students. >> i just figured why not? i don't know anyone who done anything quite like this. i don't know where it came from, but it just kind of sprung out of me, and i've been enjoying the right of. >> reporter: robin created "game changers" to look and read like a graphic novel, one that showcases the crucial role lesbians have played in the lgbtq movement. 30 women, including robin herself, leap off it's couple pages like, well, super heroines. >> the criteria that they are alive, and they are over 50, and they came out young, and they create a significant, cultural contributions to queer culture specifically.
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it is all a part of my whole life. >> reporter: robin's own journey as a lesbian mom of two sons and her role as a guest educator on lgbtq history for several marin county public schools inspired the book as a way to educate others. >> the kids, they ask questions that are startling to me, like i will say a simple fact, like the right for same-sex marriage was passed nationally in 2015, and a handle should up and say hey, i do not know that. >> reporter: making sure that every generation here's the stories is her passion, so her classroom has included lesbian bars like julie than san francisco. >> i just want to welcome all my sisters onstage. >> reporter: and political hotspots , where those profiled in the book speak openly about their journey. >> i was looking to build community. i was trying to find a space that i felt comfortable in. >> reporter: crystal jenks and writing her essay for the book
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brought back memories of fun times in 1960s san francisco. >> i became a member of the red bulls, lesbian gang. we drove around, around in our sedan, smart cigarettes, and were black puffed jackets. >> reporter: but the retired teacher is quick to point out we still have a long way to go in joe's education and acceptance. >> reporter: >> when you talk about progress, we've come a long ways in terms of being visible, but we still are in the same sort of spot in terms of being understood. >> this is a fun thing to be doing! >> reporter: which is why robin and her friends will not stop until every book here has been signed, sealed, and delivered. >> that is my mission, and it's happening. >> reporter: in marin county, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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>> the women profiled in the book include military personnel, legal experts, artists, and educators. >> reporter: robin says she has many other to profile, and she's working on plans for second edition. the pride parade starts at 10:30 sunday morning. we will have an exclusive live stream of the event at how about a live look from the surfline camera in pacifica? it happens to rank number three on the list of california dirtiest beaches. the other local beaches on that list, according to heal the bay, archival beach and santa cruz. that is number five, keller beach in contra costa county and number nine, number 10 was aquatic park and san mateo county. the list based on levels of harmful bacteria. >> number one on that list is the san clemente pier down in orange county. >> beautiful beaches, but we need to keep them clear. >> we do indeed. >> apparently, some are in san luis obispo. >> santa barbara area is just gorgeous. our weather is going to be gorgeous here. save gas money, bring your friend here. if you like it on the warmer side, in the next couple days
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you will have to kind of grin and bear it because we are going to be chilly the next 48 hours, at least our version of chilly. here's a look outdoors, and showing current temperatures, which nobody is in the 70s. that is not the easiest thing to do when it's clear outside, which it is in concord. we have some cloud cover but not much, so this does not count as june gloom. it is a june chill. santa rosa down to 67 degrees. you were 90 yesterday. you will drop to 49 degrees tonight, santa rosa. oakland 56, mountain view 56, livermore 53 degrees. let's check the pollen count. the numbers are on a very slow, but very consistent decline. now down between about 4.5 and 5.5 on a 1 to 12 scale. the grass pollen numbers will stay high for a while. sunday 10:30, we talked about that. will be a beautiful morning for a parade. sunny and mild in the city. temperatures warming up to the
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mid-60s by sunshine, and the festival in the afternoon, maybe do both of the events. sunday afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds. city four degrees there, so what we have is an area of low pressure sitting off the central and south coastline. it's pretty strong for this time of year, and it's pretty close, close enough we have some thunderstorms popping up east of reading and east of shasta lake. that within athlete hour drive, three and half hour drive. we did have some light rain and drizzle in the city this morning and some of that marine moisture moved in, but now that low is close enough it's giving us a stronger onshore for, and even with sunshine, ruanywhere from 5 to 20 ue to degrees with an average some serious clou the ovl theme of the next two days is cooler than average. area of low pressure, not as close, not as strong, will keep the heat away as we wrap up the month of june
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p low clouds tonight near the water. we stay chilly tomorrow, and we warm up a bit for the weekend. 10 degrees below average in concord, and mill. barely hitting 70 degrees tomorrow. union city, you will stay in the 60s, 70 in dublin, 74 in concord, 76 in fairfield. a high of 73 in san francisco. you never warmed up. novato 71, richmond 67, napa only 71 degrees, and even ukiah, you are in the low 70s today , only the mid-70s the mendocino county. despite the morning cloud cover, saturday and sunday sunny, gorgeous to get outside. cities in the beach, 70s near the bay, 80s inland, and next week we warm up don't entered the hot territory. i think we will stay below 90 degrees. that is your cool seven-day forecast. back to you. coming up on news at 7:00, crusading for reform in the rehab industry in california. a state with very little
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oversight. >> families of patients who have died said we need new laws to save lives. >> i can't keep coming to the state with this list of dead boys. >> our original report, "the battle for rehab reform" is right here tomorrow at the new kpix 5 at 7:00. it's the biggest wildfire in the state right now. tonight, it shows no signs of stopping. one south bay police department is using a new tactic to crackdown on illegal fourth of july fireworks, and and involve you. closer to a deal on immigration funding. the graphic photo one senator used to push for a border plan. it's back on in channel 4. got in glory. >> why a ford dealership thousands of miles away is caving to pressure to change its customer giveaway in the wake of the workplace shooting rampage in santa clara county.
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i veronica de la cruz, and here's what you mastiff you're just getting home. congress is racing to agree on a $4.5 billion border funding bill. senate minority leader chuck schumer is making his push by using a disturbing image. and we do want to warn you that it is graphic. it shows a father and daughter who both drowned trying to swim across the rio grande. >> how could president trump look at this picture and not understand that these are human beings fleeing violence and persecution? >> on sunday, the president gave congress a two-week deadline to come up with a border funding plan, or else, he says, he will follow through with massive rounds of deportations. the first democratic presidential debate is underway right now in miami. 10 candidates will be featured.
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around two tomorrow with 10 more candidates. nude legislation taking effect immediately in california aims to improve force safety on racetracks. it gives the california horse racing board the authority to suspend a race track's license. the move from governor newsom comes after 30 horses died at the santa anita racetrack. the biggest wildfire in california right now shows no signs of stopping. it's birding west of patterson and stanislaus county. cal fire said the rock fire has scorched more than 2,000 acres, and is now 50% contained. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and as we approach the fourth of july, san jose taking new steps to crack down on illegal fireworks. devin fehely on why police one more help from you this year. >> reporter: illegal fireworks are serious business you want
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errant fire can catch tall grass on fire, 20 hillside, bring somebody's home down. the city of san jose is really tried to curb illegal fireworks use this fourth of july, but their plan hinges on the willingness of neighbors to report each other and to collect photo and video evidence of their neighbors shooting off illegal fireworks , and the effectiveness of that plan remains to be seen. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. up next is something brand- new from airbnb, and boy, it is going to cost you. it wasn't until we actually had to push back against a real and total threat that, that you saw this mass movement emerged. >> when we want san francisco ,
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and one state, it was more than we had imagined, and the joy that night was unimaginable. a moment in pride. catch the live parade stream sunday, june 30, at /live.
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a knife in this fully staffed resort and french colonies a, then new airbnb, you've got to check it out. tonight. ♪
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