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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 28, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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was also troubled by what was his flip-flop on the hyde amendment involving abortion. >> reporter: some people criticized for not taking a stand sooner. which bars federal funding for most abortions. also biden had talked about his work with segregationist senators to prove his ability to reach across the aisle. senator kamala harris once after that last night's primary debate>> it was hurtful. to hear you talk about the reputations of 2 united states senators who built their reputations and career on segregation of race in this country.>> reporter: i did not praise racist. that is not true. >> reporter: biden says his record speaks for itself. 30 seconds to 60 seconds on commit tcivil rights. >> reporter: he still respects
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biden. he is not endorsed in the other candidates at this time. i had to wrestle with this. i had sleepless nights. it is not something i do lightly. >> reporter: a big blow for the biden campaign. he still has a lot of supporters. a fundraising event in san francisco and the seacliff neighborhood. it looks like his motorcade just arrived. these suvs and cars just arrived . i'm looking at joe biden right now walking out of the backseat. he still has a lot of supporters. is expected to take back to his campaign tens of thousands of dollars. after this event. he also has another event in belvedere this evening. this is a big fundraising weekend for all of the candidates who are facing a huge deadline.>> reporter: that is right. june 30 is the deadline this sunday all the campaigns have
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to close their books. by this sunday. they all want to look financially very strong for this quarter. supporters are going to say they have a strong and a full warchest. you are more viable and more electable as a candidate. i'm sure joe biden is hoping to show his supporters just that. it cost a lot of money to run for president. overnight polls show kamala harris has given her presidential campaign a boost. by confronting former vice president joe biden during the debate. still ahead her breakout moment. look at the berkeley school busing program. that changed a presidential candidates life. happening right now the santa clara county fire officials at the scene where a vehicle plummeted off a cliff in los gatos. you see completely overturned. this happened about 4:30 pm off shannon road and santa rosa drive. the vehicle plunged about 100 feet. one person was ejected from the vehicle. no word on their condition get tonight.
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that incident also sparked a small brush fire in the area. santa clara flames tear through a condo complex under construction. we are learning the project with about 25% complete. we saw the flames the black plume of smoke from our san jose airport camera five miles from the scene. some neighbors even fall to protect their homes. they could see the fire raging right from their backyards. devon talk to both neighbors. lynn ramirez with the firefight as new information about a person detained in connection to the fire. practically from the time does fire started and that santa clara fire department crew started arriving on the scene. santa clara police detectives started arriving on the scene. to investigate the potential cause of this. if it is indeed later found to be in arson. it has been a person of interest who has been detained by the santa clara lease department.
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we are told is being questioned right now. there are investigator types on the scene. you can see out here on the street the santa clara fire department what looks like a construction foreman the orange vest. the mother officials that look like they could be just starting out on the investigation. this fire got started at about 11 am and burned so hot that it practically fried some of the businesses across the street. as the building was swept up in 40 foot high flames construction crews could be seen running for their lives. this video was shot by auto tech david who was working across the street. it is very scary.>> reporter: one of the construction workers was left stranded on the roof and had to climb down the scaffolding. he started coming down slowly. the fire was catching up to him. i was already feeling the heat at the time. i don't know how hot it could've been for him.>>
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reporter: the entire complex went up like a match. one a fire like this is in the framing stage of the building it promotes rapid fire is bread. you had that lumber with plenty of air around it. no other structures were lost. i've never seen anything like this in my life. it was totally scary. we don't know if it will spread to our restaurant. the investigation is just underway. you can see there are some santa clara police department officials as well as an official from the atf with the t-shirt. this investigation begins. they have been looking closely at this corner of the building. this was going to be the anantara villas. it was already selling these buildings were coming along pretty rapidly before the fire hit. it is now going to be a complete loss. they have to totally scrape the construction site and start all
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over again. live in the neighborhood directly behind where the fire has started this morning. as you heard the fire is now basically out. the fire department as you can see has dramatically scaled back the number of firefighters and engines they have in the area. they are still dousing the burning building with water at this point. earlier this morning neighbors concerned about their homes grab garden hoses and protected their property. firefighters had the blaze contained. corner. only if they could hold the line. thousands of gallons of water versus a wall of flames. there are embers all over our property. >> reporter: nervous neighbors were not going to watch and wait. they wanted to act. my wife and kid went with a few belongings. i stayed back and hold everything down. i kept an eye on things to make sure.>> reporter: firefighters formed the first line of defense. a half-dozen engines douse the
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flames with gallons of water. there hoses arcing over the rooftops. of the homes that were desperately trying to say. i was afraid our life or our house that we could lose.>> reporter: with a houseful of relatives from out of space state she said she was thankful firefighters were able to give her enough time to get her family and a plan together. my main concern was making sure that everybody was safe. i knew that everybody down our street were allstate. >> reporter: they were able to bring the blaze under control. it really for neighbors who feared for hours. they shift in the wind might send red-hot embers in their direction. the heat was so hot that it cracked one of our windows. we are like right here next to it. it was really hot. when we opened the door the heat just went towards you fast. >> reporter: it is a lot windier this evening than it was this morning.
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thankfully the firefighters had those good weather conditions this morning. there were able to contain the fire there were no reports of secondary wires that was sparked by a spray of embers. getting closer to the flames if you are sent this video just across the street. the area was fully engulfed. this is what the finished complex was supposed to look like. these are images from the website for the development called the anantara villas. the plans were for 56 units with one two and three bedroom floor plans. stay with us for continuing coverage of the santa clara construction fire as investigators tried to determine the cause. pride a week and is just getting started. san francisco is transforming its civic center into celebration plaza. crews are putting up barricades intense in front of city hall. inside the building the celebrations have already begun. sepsis will city administrator
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invited couples to commemorate the weekend with a wedding. many came to mark their big day onride weekend and they even got a special pride marriage certificate. city hall isn't the only landmark getting decked out today. organizers took to twin peaks to outline the famous pink triangle. the pride mainstay can be seen from san francisco's mission district. speaking of the mission district paul is at the trans- march. i don't think they could have planned a better day weatherwise in the city.>> reporter: this is fantastic weather out here. the march part of the trans- march has begun. here it is. we are taking on dolores street leaving dolores park. thousands of folks about to begin the march. down from dolores park to the tenderloin. it will take more than an hour. we are expecting thousands of folks to take to the speed the streets. the weather can be a question
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mark this time of year. it is not today. it is breezy. we should expect that. temperatures currently in the low 60s. your pride festival forecast saturday and sunday at the civic center. it cannot get much better. sunshine 67. your pride parade forecast sunday at 10:30 am which will broadcast on our website. also sunny and mild 67 degrees. it is nice to see a lack of fog in san francisco we have an outdoor event. that is what we have today. it should have tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon. the full forecast coming up. can't wait for sunday. kpix 5 is a broadcast partner for pride. watch our live streaming of the parade sunday morning 10:30 am. shooting videos without consent. even giving patient medicine without prescriptions. the allegations against workers at a san francisco nursing and rehabilitation center. a man we interviewed about
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we want to take you live to the joe biden fundraiser happening in san francisco. moments ago he arrived at a seacliff mansion. you just saw him coming out of an suv. these alive pictures from chopper 5 of the event. you can see the donors milling about in the back patio. this unbelievable mansion of the views of the pacific ocean. june 30 deadline for
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fundraising. they will have to report how much they have raised as a sign of the strength of their campaign. biden has another fundraiser tomorrow in silicon valley. senator kamala harris is using her own experience with school integration as a child to try to lift her presidential campaign. she mentioned it as she can print it biden during the debate. simon perez looks at how a moment in berkeley history is taking on fresh significance.>> reporter: buses brought kamala harris to this school and it was memories of that that really hit home last night. kids from the flats who tended to be african-american or bust to the white neighborhoods vice versa. >> reporter: the 1968 decision to desegregate the city's elementary schools. we were the first district to voluntarily integrate its schools. it was hard. i was implying get but it was not uncontroversial. there were huge town hall
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meetings. there were threats to recall the school board meter members. they took a stand. >> reporter: these newspaper photos from a uc berkeley website show how momentous is was. to play a role in presidential politics half a century later. the little girl with me. >> reporter: the words the stole the show during last night's democratic presidential debate. kamala harris bore down on former vice president joe biden. about his unwillingness to support desegregation of schools via a federal busing decree. you work with them to oppose busing. there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools. she was bus to school every day. that little girl was me. >> reporter: she lived on the second floor of this building in the flats. on bancroft way near browning street. she board the bus and it took her every morning up to the hills to thousand oaks bemidji school. the school left its mark on
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harris she on the school. students included her image in a mural honoring influential women. there was a controversy over whether she was part of the second class to integrate berkeley public schools. she was part of the second class to integrate the elementary schools which began in 1968. the high school had always been integrated. there is only one. harris plans to attend pride weekend in san francisco. she tells comedian and talkshow host trevor know what she picked this rainbow top for the doublets. for this the festivities. she will raise money at age san francisco event tomorrow. tonight six former hospital staff members are accused of abusing the dozens of patients at a major san francisco hospital. those patients subjected to the abuse were housed in the dementia wings of laguna honda. the victims ranged in age from 30 up to 100 years old.
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now the department of public health and sf pd are investigating the hospital. the misconduct we discovered included sexualized conversations with residents. verbal and physical abuse. neglect privacy violations medication errors and the administration of nonprescribed substances to some residents in an attempt to pacify them. the accused staff members no longer work at the hospital. the ceo has been removed. details about the homeless woman who had water dumped on her in san francisco last weekend. a man named don soaker appears to have taken responsibility in a facebook post writing what is so bad about a cold shower on a hot day? san francisco police tell us investigators will be looking into that very message. tonight the city's coalition on homelessness tells us they are demanding an apology. he tried reaching out to mr. soaker tonight. but have not been able to. motorcycle accident.
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each between a photo of the accident saying a big rig loss to loads of gravel on highway 12 west of lynch road. it shut down all but one lane. got all the lanes open again. the motorcyclist suffered moderate injuries. dolores park. paul usually in the summer time in the city it is foggy and cold. it is windy. that is not today. trans march. it is all true but it is not true all the time. the weather out here is fantastic today. if you will happen outdoor activity in june you have to cross your fingers. we have the trans march going on. the march part is going on behind me. most folks have left dolores park. they are marching down dolores street on the weights of the tenderloin. the unofficial kickoff to pride weekend. i don't see any fog. anywhere close to where we are standing.
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it is breezy and chilly. you can plan on that. we are fog free. from 10 am onwards saturday and sunday we should be fog free. this weekend as well. upper 70s and low 80s and inland locations. middle 70s in san jose. in livermore. we are chilly in the low 60s in san francisco. we have a lot of events this weekend. the giants hosting the diamondbacks. easy and cool. 61 degrees. overnight lows in the 50s with upper 40s in the north bay for a third night. santa rosa 47. evermore 52. vallejo 51 degrees tonight. san jose earthquakes tomorrow night second on the la galaxy in santa clara. clear 73 degrees. beautiful weather. stern grove festival on sunday. the city should be beautiful with temperatures seasonably cool in the low 60s. satellite and radar we are still watching the low-pressure area to the north. we have been since monday. it is finally beginning to move away.
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with that happening we will get a weaker onshore flow. the weaker onshore flow means less of a chilly influence of the ocean. we warm up this weekend. we rolled through tomorrow morning some morning cloud covered with water. lots of afternoon sunshine. same on sunday. one in clausen afternoon blue skies. some low clouds tonight but not that much. temperatures are seasonal this weekend. we would trend warmer next week. your highs for tomorrow 80s and lynn. santa rosa 82. fairfield 84. 76 redwood city and san rafael. san jose 78. san francisco 66. 80s across the board. all the way through july 4 and lynn. 60s to low 70s near the bay. low to middle 60s at the coast. everywhere getting afternoon sunshine. it is amazing to see when a march begins to see the sea of humanity move from point a to point b. point a is where i was standing. there was a party going on 30 minutes ago. point b is over my shoulder where thousands are now
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marching down dolores street beginning pride weekend under sunny san francisco skies. so lucky to have great weather. we know where we can find the crowd on sunday. they will be back. we will be there as well. free agency for the nba start sunday. it looks like the warriors could make a big announcement early on. before the actual final as the u.s. women's national team faces off against france. team usa stuns the home crowd. sports is next. u.s. wenacing
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france mwin or gohoga innal. a hero steps up for usa. playing a road game in front of over 45,000 fans in paris.
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the two freighters for the world cup in the united states got off to a great start. megan's free kick is through the crowd and into the back of the net giving usaa quicken 1-0 lead. the same score in the 65th minute. tobin finds a wide open. she just kicks it and. the last two matches she has scored all four of the team usa's goal. they hang on to -1. u.s. advances to the semi finals for the eighth straight world cup. sunday is the big day is free agency begins in the nba. we could possibly hear of a big deal for the warriors right away. it is hard to walk away from something that you were here when it started.u just wan train as long as you can. the warriors will offer klay thompson the maximum contract of five years $190 million on free agency starts on sunday.
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it is been reported he would re- sign with the team as long as golden state offered him the maximum contract. the all-star will miss most of next season after suffering a torn acl in the nba finals. the video is still hard to watch. getting a new deal. the team announced contract extensions for general manager bob myers and coo rick welts in his eight years as agm. he built a team three championships in five years. the executive of the year award twice. rick welts has been with the organization for eight years. the point man in building the chase since her in san francisco. back in march stanford incoming freshman won the dump dunk contest. she appears to have brought her talents to the farm. dunking over to young ladies at this week's stanford basketball camp. archbishop starr haley jones part of the cardinals recruiting class. there ranked as one of the best in the entire nation. i wonder how she trains for
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that. you think there are little kids with bumps on the head. a lot of it is the natural talent. something that you can't really teach. i'm sure there was a lot of practicing and training. one quick thing. klay thompson and kevin durant the deals are they exclusive of each other or is there some kind of dovetailing? >> both of them want maximum contracts. they want the long-term most money. they offered it to klay thompson. they are offering it to kevin durant as well. we will see. when we come back a look inside a pricey san francisco mansion. you won't believe it.
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million-dollar view.
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here in the bay area doesn't always guarantee a spectacular view. guarantees it with the c club stunner. this mansion has five bedrooms. for full bathrooms. 3/2 bathrooms. i guess if you can afford it you can afford someone to clean it. the golden gate bridge. the headlands. robin williams has lived there. sharon stone. the price tag is $19.5 million. just under $20 million. we will take it. see you at 7 pm.
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captioning sponsored captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: on the cbs evening news this friday, debate fallout. democratic front-runner joe biden is forced to defend his civil rights record. >> i never, never, ever opposed voluntary busing. >> joe biden defending his record after a clash with senator kamala harris. >> i have a great deal of respect for joe biden. but he and i disagree. >> dubois: we have exclusive video inside a florida shelter for migrant teens and questioned uee secretary of health and about conditions. >> reporter: do you understand why people would be concerned about the care of children? >> it is with heavy heart that i address you today. >> police say missing college student mackenzie lueck was murdered. >> authorities have arrested a man who is facing multiple charges. >> it has been 50 years since an uprising at new york's stonewall


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