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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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for san francisco's biggest party of the year. take you for joining us. juliet has the day off. san francisco dressed and ready for pride weekend across the city. one of the most iconic images is now in place atop twin peaks. the massive pink triangle. it is been a single symbol of hope and perseverance. devon was there as volunteers installed it.>> reporter: volunteers arrived this morning to fill in what has become one the most beloved and one of the most visible symbols of the city's annual pride celebration.
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emerging from the fog as early organizes submerged from the shuttles. it's open. the triangle could be seen like a beacon. spread atop twin peaks. >> a powerful symbol of the liberation movement. in the movement for equality for all.>> reporter: crafted for more than an acre of cloth the triangle is a work of more than 200 volunteers. it is in its 24th year. part of the fabric of san francisco's pride celebration. even on this the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots in new york. it is important to remember why we march. it is the 50th anniversary of stonewall. a lot of people don't even know what stonewall is. they think pride is a parade and a happy event which it absolutely is. it is also a political statement. >> reporter: many who attended the celebration including the san francisco mayor said we are again at a turning point. with lgbtq rights under attack.
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i think of all the people who went through the difficulties before i was able to enjoy the freedom that i do today. it is so much humility and respect for those people. an appreciation for what they have done. >> reporter: for today and tomorrow and likely beyond the hills of san francisco are pink and loud and proud. the organizers of the celebration once again emphasized the need for vigilance in the face of what they say is a national climate that has become hostile to the acceptance of the freedom they have so long fought to achieve. over in san francisco dolores part hundreds lounged in the sun. many of them are hitting the streets right now for the annualmarch. civic center plaza was packed with pride revelers.>> this is such a fun amazing experience. you can be with people from all different walks of life.
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everyone is truly themselves here. everyone accepts everyone. >> there is no judging at all. it gives people a chance to have an open mind and let everybody know it is okay to be whatever you are. >> we have to cover this weekend with an exclusive live stream of the pride parade. we will be there. we have a floats. starts at 10:30 am. you can check it out what kind of weather can we expect? it is not going to rain on the parade. high-pressure over the west coast. looks like an encore performance of today. some low clouds hanging around the shoreline. the sun will break through. things look mild before sunday. for the pride parade 66 degrees. on average. we will have some breaking out after 10:30 am. as emily said kpix is going to be covering it live via streaming. it looks like a nice day for it. today group of animal
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rights activists protested at the alameda county fair calling for an end to's horse racing. the horses died at a santa anita racehorse in southern california. since december 30. katie nelson has been with.>> reporter: protesters spent hours at the main gates of the county fair today. asking people not to attend the horse races. for those involved with the industry they say it is not the answer.>> thank you for not bedding today on horses. horses die on this racetrack because of our beds.>> reporter: part of the group horseracing wrongs. horseracing kills horses. >> reporter: they help signs and handed out flyers as people when it's the alameda county fair. these people are making money off the suffering and cruelty and death of horses.>> reporter: those involved in the industry said that is simply not true. the horses are cared for so
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well. we don't do this to make money. anybody in the business will tell you that. you do it because you love it. it is your passion. >> reporter: horseracing in california is facing scrutiny. after 30 horses died a santa anita in southern california in the last six months. leaving governor newsom to sign a new bill on wednesday giving the states racing board more enforcement power when it comes to safety issues. if there is finger-pointing this industry needs to take responsibility. medication whips and taking care of these horses. and make sure the racing surface is excellent. >> reporter: the executive director of racing at the county fair in california. instead the controversy has helped to bring about needed reforms and allowable medications. and also how jockeys can use whips during races. >> he also said the sudden spike in the number of fatalities seems to be limited
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to santa anita. and could be a problem with the track itself due to the record amount of rain this week once her. the water goes down there. you start to get breaks in the base. once you do that is like you are running down the street with potholes. if you hit a pothole you will break your ankle.>> reporter: and said the health of the horses should always come first. trainers are running the horses when they are not 100% sound. that is not good for races or the animals or the fans. i don't know what the answer is. i don't think wiping out horseracing is the answer.>> reporter: the horse races in northern california continue at the county fair's or the end of august. those in charge of racing say due to the low number of injuries and fatalities they are not making any changes. longtime giant ceo is returning to the team after
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serving a three month suspension. baseball commissioner suspended him without pay after he got into a public altercation with his wife that was captured on video. the giants a he is coming back on tuesday. while keeping the title of ceo he will have less power. because rob dean will continue as the team so-called control person. dean took over as interim ceo while bear was gone. the giant said larry has participated in the regular counseling program and has recommitted himself to the organization. as he transitions back into his role with the giants he will initially focus on reconnecting with employees and getting updates on all aspects of the organization. a pair of rocks painted to honor an officer and causing a bit of controversy this evening. shortly after officer tara o'sullivan's death earlier this month the el dorado rocks were painted blue to commemorate her life. within a week the memorial morphed into different messages. first a pride flag.
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then a message to stephan clark a young man who died in sacramento police shooting. last night a derogatory message aimed at police. it is a disgrace to sacramento i think. a disgrace to the police department. someone painted plain white over the derogatory message. and then again this afternoon as sacramento police officer and his family decided to honor officer o'sullivan again by writing her name back on the rock. fire crews keeping a close eye on the aftermath from that inferno that ravaged a condo complex at a construction site in santa clara. investigators have begun the process of sifting through the evidence. the pen down the cause. 56 unit complex off el camino riyal that was engulfed yesterday. the flames then construction workers running and prompted residents to join in th ght. a person of interest was detained near the scene but was released without charges. anyone with information about the fire should contact the santa clara fire department.
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we are learning more about this raging house fire the damage to homes in castro valley last night. if you good samaritans jumped into action and help to save their neighbors who were sleep inside. they happen to be luckily to all duty officers and a retired fire captain. they tried pounding on the door to wake the residents up. there was no answer. one of the off-duty officers through a flower pot through a window to wake them up. it worked. the two residents and a scared dog all meted out okay. president trump has new details of what about a team time china. he met with china's president during the summit in japan. they agreed to restart trade talks. mr. trump's said he is holding off on a threat to impose new tariffs. of 25% on $300 billion in chinese goods. he is also removing some restrictions on the chinese text firm in exchange. china has agreed to buy american farm products. according to mr. trump.
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we are going to give them a list of things we would like them to buy. this doesn't mean there will be a deal. they would like to make a deal. no deadline has been set for a formal in the trade battle which is parked concerns about damage to the global economy. turning to campaign 2020 a fundraiser for senator kamala harris about to get underway in san francisco. it starts at 5:30 pm at mannings. tickets range from 100 to $2800. the event is a fundraiser and a celebration of pride weekend. coming up how do you steal a plane? the question some california investigators are trying to get to the bottom of. independence day around the corner with fire danger on a lot of people's minds. one bay area county is collecting illegal fireworks. no questions asked. it's time for our lowest price of the season
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the fbi is investigating a plane stolen from the watsonville airport. the single engine vanish from the airport wednesday night. surveillance footage indicates it was 8:30 pm. the owner of an airport restaurant believe the only way it could have been stolen as if someone flew it out. pulling and a flatbed truck and thinking about lifting a plane onto a flatbed and driving it out is really almost inconceivable. and llc owns
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the plane. the faa has been called in to help solve the mystery. might be a good idea to fill up your tank this weekend. starting july 1 gas prices are going up. california gas tax is set to increase almost the cost per gallon almost 6 since bringing the total to $.47 a gallon for tax. the most expensive in the country. i don't like it. because it makes a hole in my pocket. it tax increase is only okay if the money actually goes to the purpose it was intended. californians voted it in. it is expected to generate millions of dollars in revenue to fix roads and bridges. is independence day up approaches contra costa county is hosting a fireworks takeback program. this comes two weeks after fire
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crews blamed illegal fireworks for sparking a brush fire in antioch. to prevent it from happening again the county said you can drop off illegal fireworks this weekend. no questions asked. we go on a number of different fires every year from illegal fireworks. it can calls from minor property damage to some bushes and trees. all the way up to house fires. fire stations are holding drop off events like one this weekend in oakley. discovery bay and brentwood. the ease contra costa fire prevention district will accept fireworks into the fourth. in alameda county officials are taking a different stance. this weekend more than a dozen approved vendors open up their booths to sell illegal fireworks in dublin. fireworks are allowed within the city limits at 104 parks. dublin is one of three cities in alameda county that still allows were called safe and sane fireworks. that's hope they are both. is the fourth approaches this coming thursday. tomorrow things are looking nice.
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we will begin by looking at the blue skies behind the single spire of the bay bridge. the new section of the bay bridge. spanning goat island. the oakland shoreline. the numbers with these few high clouds loading and over the bay are ranging from 86 concorde. 69 oakland. in san francisco in the low 60s. high-pressure is still over the west coast. not in any big or dramatic way. we continue with warm weather even as they get a chance of sprinkles in the southland. los angeles and san diego to get some light showers from unwinding tropical moisture. for us high clouds and a few low clouds make for a partly cloudy start to sunday morning. we've got mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. tonight but for the astronomers. starry skies. will warm to the 80s and lynn tomorrow with no real trend. some places will be a few degrees warmer or cooler. there is a warming trend later in the week. not a dramatic one. numbers will nudge up to 90
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inland by next thursday. the giants are taking on the arizona diamondbacks. first pitch 1:05 pm. it will be sunny and mild. tomorrow afternoon starting grove festival middle 60s tomorrow. alameda county fair this weekend in pleasanton the numbers in the low 80s. the pride celebration all weekend long at the civic center tomorrow 67 degrees. and sunshine. tonight at 6:30 pm an hour and 13 minutes from now the earthquakes are taking on the la galaxy. temperatures will be in the low 50s overnight tonight. daytime highs tomorrow close to average. san francisco 65. concorde 84. san jose 80. oakland 72. the south bay plenty of sun clo temperature 78 in los altos. 80 san jose. in the east bay it will be cool near the shoreline. and lynn the numbers are close to 80 degrees and plenty of sun. ditto for marin but not as
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warm. 77 san rafael. 74 mill valley. it is smoking hot at ukiah in lakeport and clear lake along the upper 80s tomorrow. extended forecast will be looking for the usual low clouds in the night and early morning hours. sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures pretty much in the low 80s until we get to next weekend. they will skyrocket into the middle to upper 80s. maybe even a few 90s. along the shoreline will be nice. and mild. we are looking forward to that. the rivalry between the yankees and red sox is going to play out in front of the european audience this weekend for the first time. fans from all over the continent are converging on olympic stadium to see baseball's uk debut. today and tomorrow earlier crews had just a few weeks to turn the field into a baseball diamond. they were busy. they had 140,000 square feet of synthetic turf. we all know steph curry can shoot. you know he can sing?
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>> i did not. sort of. >> that is steph curry. singing the hit song old town road alongside wrapper. the scene played out in china during the 2019 under armour basketball asia tour. it looks like they are having a good time. i like the pants. they sing better than i do. there is that. that's a start. athletes want to be entertained as entertainers want to be athletes. free agency shopping spree is about the hit. what does that mean for the warriors? what does it mean for this man? maybe we will get some insight. kevin durant's future starting about 3:01 pm sunday. the latest on kevin durant and about 120 seconds.
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nba up top. not the typical off-season for the association.
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sunday the house lights get turned on. the curtain will raise on the seven day free agency period. and a whole lot of moves are expected. this will be kevin durant's reaction after he signs his next deal. biggest name in the market. will meet with the warriors. the la clippers. the new york knicks and brooklyn nets before making a decision on what team he will play for next. the athletic is reporting steffan curry will be part of the recruiting process when they meet in new york. kevin durant is expected to miss all of next season after he tore his right achilles tendon in game five of the nba finals. warriors klay thompson is set to agree to a maximum contract of five years $190 million. the free agent five-time all- star is expected to miss most of next season. after he tore the acl in his left knee during game six of
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the nba finals. a large man in the dark shirt his former warrior head coach don nelson. he has settled into the cannabis growing business. he was profiled on this week's hbo real sports. nelson currently lives in maui where he grows his medical marijuana called nelly kush. when he is not tending to his plans nelson plays poker. let's just say his poker buddies are very dedicated. this guy up here he died in my poker room. he didn't really die here. he died right there in front of us. the guys that what should we do. he would want you guys to play. you played around a dead guy. how am i supposed to top that? a's age else giants diamondbacks under the lights. moving pictures on the late show.
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amid the backdrop of the london bridge regular season major- league baseball played on. prince harry and megan markel made an appearance. yankees and red sox them a show. crushed a two run first-inning homer. yankees ran out to a 6-0 lead. first-inning lasted 58 minutes. the red sox were spotted with michael chavers three run smash. tied at six. after one. fast-forward 4th inning yankees up six runs again. all rise. it is aaron judge the stockton area native. a two run homer. the yankees winning it. 17-13. the game lasted four hours and 42 minutes. same two teams tomorrow. world cup in france germany and white. quarterfinal play. sweden on the attack. on the rebound and shot was they are. broke a one all tie in the 48th minute. sweden winning it 2-1. q the horns.
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that is for orange clad netherlands. against italy. winner draws sweden. scoreless into the 70th minute. a free kick. netherlands winning it 2-0. semi final game is next wednesday. hall of fame quarterback steve young on the right upstaged by soccer star sophie jones. jones who could be on the next u.s. world cup team in four years was just named gatorade soccer player of the year. math skills of the middle school in atherton. next is destined for duke university in the fall. did she get a taste out of this huge rivalry with north carolina. when i first visited my mom and i bought some duke gear. we were walking down the street. we were in a carolina section. we just got yelled at. is it take that sweatshirt off. i'm so sorry. it is such a passionate rivalry. i can't wait to play in those
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games. can't wait to see her. she goes to north carolina. she gets to play. santa clara and the regular season. the college cup which is the big national championship venue is back here in the bay area. in december. she is hoping to make it back here to play in that game for the duke blue devils. cheering our hometown hero. we will be right back.
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that is it for us at 5 pm.
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we will see you back here at 6 pm. cbs weekend news is an expert news updates on see you in 30 minutes. donald trump could become the first president ever to cross ftrea's demilitarized zone after inviting north korea's kim jong- un to meet for a handshake. >> i said, while i'm there, i'll shake his hand. >> strassman: also tonight, the northeast braces for severe storms, as the midwest swelters, while, in europe, temperatures reach a record-shattering 113 degrees. the man accused of killing a utah college student allegedly asked a contractor to build him a secret, soundproof room. a major change may be coming to instagram-- what the head of the social media company told gayle king. >> and we will do things that make instagram use less if they it


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