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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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bay area is just months away. strike a big bust. we were with the san leandro police when he found hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks. >> presidential hopefuls spending the fourth of july weekend in early voting states begin take a look at the race the democratic party nominee. it is friday, july 5. i michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec invert kenny. we made it to friday. this week has gone on a little bit long because of the holiday smack dab in the middle. what is the forecast looking like for the weekend. it will be beautiful. we see a little bit more sunshine and temperatures will be warming up. less of the onshore flow, compared to yesterday. we are going to see temperatures warmer by the weekend. we are starting off foggy. here is a live look with the transamerica can camera. mid-fifties in oakland. for mark, services go and a san jose. a chilly 49 in santa rosa.
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you have to the afternoon, temperatures will be heating up, especially inland. 89 for high and fairfield. 80 in concord. 83 in san jose at the low 70s in oakland. 67 services go and the low 60s and pacifica. and all of us, we see the sunshine today. we will talk about the weekend forecast, coming up. an update on the crash on northbound 680 in the east bay, involving an suv. this is at mission boulevard. later block the area, but it looks like speeds are starting to pick up, and spet get back to normal. that is a good sign that crews are getting all of the debris cleared out. we will continue to keep an eye on that and make sure thing is good for the morning commute. taking a look at 580, and 680 dublin interchange. not looking bad. cars are stacking up and still moving along pretty nicely. this is a look at travel times. 12 5 to 680 is only a 23 minute drive. and all of the rest of your travel times are the green.
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at the bridge truck, every thing is looking good except for 580 castro street to highway 101 will take you a minutes. it is still not bad but everything else is in the green and looking good. that is a look at traffic. breaking news, this morning. an hour ago southern california was hit with a magnitude 5 point for earthquake in the same area was rocked by a magnitude 6.8, yesterday. it was centered in kern county, just after 4 a. no word on any damage or injuries from the latest earthquake. it is one of more than 150 aftershocks since the initial earthquake >> yesterday morning. the magnitude 6'4" centered in the city of ridgecrest. but 180 miles northeast of los angeles. the people living in the nearby town say it was just downright traumatizing. power was knocked out for hours and some homes were damaged. this bathroom was trashed. large cracks were found in the
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ground and here is some of the damage left behind. a business in the area. bottles and cans were spilled all over the ground. >> it started taking. the tv fell off of the wall. all three rooms of the house just caved in. it shook the refrigerator to the middle of the kitchen. select this one got to me and i am still shaken up.>> there were no reports of any serious injuries near ridgecrest. the quake caused the home to go up in flames. merchandise flew off of the shelves. supermarkets into broken bottles as we saw the previous pictures before on several stores. scientist at caltech warning that the aftershocks may not be over.>> there is about a one out of 20 chance that this location will be having an event big earthquake within the next few days, that we have not yet seen. his biggest earthquake of the sequence.
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>> governor gavin newsom has approved an emergency proclamation for kern county. some people in socal got a warning about the earthquake, thanks to the stake alert avenue. the system the bay area will come in the coming months. hopefully by then there will be no issues. some users in la say they never got the warning. the system is designed to only alert people when there is a decent change of significant damage. threshold was set at a magnitude 5.0 so as the quake weakened by the time i got to la, there was no alert. when it sends out an alert, the system notifies only alert phones. that is everything from fire department to train stations. >> you can slow down the train. you can close the water valve and do those things where you can open the door so that fire vehicles can get out and all of that can happen in under 10 seconds. >> in the meantime, the city of
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la says it will lower the threshold so that more users will be notified in the event of an earthquake. yesterday's earthquake was the largest with an epicenter in southern california, since 1999. ensure that you are ready for the next event. visit for a full list of what to pack in an earthquake kit. we're following developing news. any more about why deputy shot a man in bodega bay. it happened just after 8 p.m. at the bodega harbor subdivision. officer scott reports of a man attacking people. they rushed to the scene i found several people with significant injuries. the suspect is also accused of stealing a car. police tracked the man down that is on they say he allegedly assaulted them, and the deputy opened fire. the suspect, and several people he is accused of injuring more than rushed to local hospitals. know what at this point on their conditions. hopefully some traffic relief in an area near sfo has been overwhelmed by rideshare cars. jackie ward is at the airport with a solution the drivers and
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looking for. >> reporter: that is the keyword. fingers are crossed that this is actually a solution. right now, a parking lot is opening and 9 a.m. and drivers are hoping that this is the last morning of gridlock before traffic eases up, going into the weekend. uber and >> tom: drivers have to go to a lot on the south side of sfo. the new lot is on the north side, adjacent to the cell phone waiting area. it is more than doubles the size of the current lot will potentially get east millbrae avenue a break. as a result of overflow streets like east millbrae and old bayshore and highway 101 have all seen an increase in traffic. the problem is that all transportation network companies or tansey traffic is supposed to queue for pickups on the south side of the airport. there is simply not enough room for cars and to do that.
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surrounding streets have become a satellite lot of sorts. >> our hope is that this major tweak on behalf of of sfo will actually make the big difference and hopefully solve our problem.>> it is worth mentioning that this has no direct connection with the other rideshare headache at sfo. when it comes to the pickup locations, that is an entirely different can of worms practice new waiting lot open at 9 and drivers are hoping this is it for traffic and that this is the solution to the problems. sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. in contra costa county, cruise heather hensel responding to fires through the night. there are photos from one incident and pittsburgh. the fires were put out quickly because extra crews were brought in the holiday. and all, county firefighters responded to at least 37 fires in the span of just six hours. in san jose dozens of illegal fireworks filling the sky people regarding work disregarding warnings. check out the scene behind the coliseum on the right-hand side of the screen.
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as soo l fireworks sticwill be on the lookout throughout the rest of the holiday weekend after an attempted crack down to not seem to have all of that much affect. on the streets were filled with families and illegal fireworks. the last year, the day after the fourth of july, the scene was much different. debris left behind, one car was damaged. some residents are okay with the spectacle saying it's tradition. and others are not sure.>> to the past number of years we have been doing this. and it is safe. it is a family oriented thing. >> it scares me when i see the kids up there. the city is once again asking residents to report their neighbors through the fireworks hotline or app. san leandro police spent independence day scarring the city for commercial fireworks headed for the black market. the car in washington amanda park, officers found 200 pounds of illegal fireworks including hundreds of m 80s. this will be the seco fireworks and just two days for
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the first on that a 2000 pounds of fireworks. officers it has been difficult catching violators in the act. >> generally we drive away the second we get around the corner. there back out of the street again fighting fireworks off even if we confiscated what they had done. >> san leandro police dedicated extra officers and added more dispatches to enter had a more calls. start president trump had a slew of america the national mall to celebrate the fourth of july. critics are calling the event a seamless attempt to celebrate himself.>> today we come together as one nation, with a very special salute to america. >> yesterday's event of the nations capital featured tanks and military vehicles. flyovers by the navy blue angels. pageantry and applause. all branches of the armed
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forces run hand and hailed. president trump cement generated days advanced criticism who accused him of politicizing independence day. was marked by protests, like this one on thursday in front of the white house. in the speech, the president ran through more than two centuries of iconic moments in american history. in the audience, he honored clarence henderson who took part in a sitting at a greensboro north carolina woolworth lunch counter in 1960. the student helped spark the nationwide civil rights movement. the price tag for the event still has not been made public, the flyover alone costs tens of thousands of dollars. now to campaign 2020. senator kamala harris hits the campaign trail in iowa. a key primary states. she's holding a town hall this morning in sioux city. other 2020 democratic presidential candidates also hit the trail for the fourth of july, including iowa and new hampshire. the candidates got up close and personal with voters in their bid to face president trump next fall. national polls at this point still show joe biden as a
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front runner with senator kamala harris and elizabeth warren, making gains among voters on the fundraising front, president trump campaign says it has raised 54 million dollars for the campaign or test of the second quarter. democrat pete buttigieg of indiana raised nearly $25 million. just ahead ofan sanders were both and iowa thursday.>> what i'm going to do is answer the questions that i masked, and try to move the debate were put inc. the democratic party needs to go.>> we just have more grassroots enthusiasm than any campaign out there. we have over 1 million volunteers in this country. >> the democratic national convention in milwaukee is about one year away. the time is 5:11. a lot of families are flocking to tahoe, but not everyone in a swimsuit is there for waterskiing. we will show you the fourth of july fun around northern california.
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it is a quarter after five a new video of an unusual way to celebrate the fourth of july. folks vacationing in utah got the chance to ski and snowboard resort in the summer. they had a lot of fun doing it. at the top of the mountain. and i-44 degrees. many more were shorts and some
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barely anything at all.>> how can they not be there the summer. it is the best thing.>> in a swimsuit. >> you have to get up and walk a little bit. but it is pretty fun. the snow is soft. it is good for turns and stop. >> at some point, the lift lines were two hours long. yesterday marks the 191st day of snowbird season. it is the third longest on record with 711 inches of snow and here in california, many people also skipped the picnics, in favor of the slopes. skiers at swan valley needed just t-shirts and shorts. the snow wasn't exactly pristine powder, the visitors does not seem to care.>> it is crazy that we could dress like this. >> way better than expected. is actually skiing in july. dozens gathered at the park
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for a trip back in time. volunteers dressed up in colonial attire and the put on a show people lined the sidewalks for a walking parade.>> it is fun to shake a leg. >> it is a wonderful statement of how patriotic our community is. this many people would come here early in the morning on a thursday. in order to commemorate. >> to top it all off, these scores also join in singing songs of patriotism.>> it looks like a lot of fun and we are keeping an eye on the road to the bay area this morning and for the super commuters out there, is starting to slow down just a bit. you can see are slower speeds along the path. 21 miles per hour. but still, it is not looking bad. we usually see the speed falling in the area for the
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commuters coming in from tracy. at 21 miles per hour to the past. the south bay drive times are looking good this morning. on this friday morning. everything in the green the south bay after taking a look at a 80 in oakland were you can see traffic is moving along very nicely not many cars out though if you mark cards and it is a 12 minute drive across the span from hayward into preposterous city and the bay bridge toll plaza is not looking good at all. metering lights are not on and it is a nine minute drive across the span this money. mass transit, caltrain bart and muni on time. a slightly modified schedule because of the day after the holiday. they are not expecting any pret good.
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no service on thattrfic. here is mary with the weather. it was hard to see the fireworks in san francisco last night because of the fog. he still have the fog lingering across the bay. the san francisco bay, the coast and some inland locations as well. live look with the transamerica cam looking north and you can see the fog out there. temperatures are in many locations in the 50s. 59 concord. 57 in oakland. the mid-50s for san francisco, san jose an equal 49 in santa rosa. let's check the visibility, down you can see the low clouds and fog along the coast for the bay and some inland locations as well. livermore down to for miles for visibility and check out santa rosa, quarter of a mile of dense fog for you and parts of the north bay. the weather headlines look out of areas of fog for most of us and heading to the afternoon, we are going to have clear skies. 20 of sunshine this afternoon with temperatures warming up
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heading through not just today, but for tomorrow as well. we will show you the reason why coming up. the onshore flow will increase, starting on sunday with cooler temperatures for early next week. here is the reason why with the ridge of high pressure to the south, it will continue to grow and expand it will move closer to us for today. because of that, the temperatures will heat up. especially inland. as we go through the day, futurecast taking hour-by-hour. here we are at 4 p.m. and you could see it clearing and the clouds lingering more along the coast. and for tomorrow, less cloud cover to start the day for saturday morning and plenty of sunshine with arbiters warming up for saturday and it is all because of the northwest flow. warm, but not hot conditions. with the northwesterly wind. the pollen reports with allergy suffers it is great news. it is great to see the low to medium today and actually over the next several days. we hope that rgy seasonis
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almost over. going through the day today in the afternoon, 89. and fairfield for a high. 80 concord. 83 in san jose. 72 in oakland. 67 cisco. 63 in pacifica. if you're heading out to the stern brought festival sunday at san francisco, is cool in the low 60s. hear the seven-day forecast and get even warmer. the low 90s inland for tomorrow and the temperatures cool down sunday into monday, and tuesday, and rebounding warming up for the next week. result of a new study could lead to a new diabetes treatment and what the common cold has to do with bladder cancer. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, this friday morning. the traffic light in the bay area. we will have more, following all morning, coming up. you have sold over ten million albums, sold out world tours, made the "time 100 list" and made a speech to the u.n.
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chp has just advised it would advisory, just issued a wind advisory of the dumbarton bridge. keep in mind if you're heading in that direction. and taking a live look at the 580 and six any dublin entertained. it is not looking bad. or cars at and we thought yesterday morning but traffic is moving along very nicely on this friday morning. the day after the fourth of
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july holiday. it is just about 5:25 and in health watch the strain of the common cold may be the key to beating bladder cancer. researchers in england exposed 15 patients to a string of the virus. they found the virus in flames tumors causing the immune system to react and kill cancer cells while using healthy ones intact and one patient, the virus completely removed all trace traits of the disease. a new study suggest a small chemical change could help rent major risk factors of diabetes and heart disease. researchers at the university of utah found deactivating a certain enzyme and mice prevented the onset of insulin resistance and fatty liver. it also reversed prediabetes and obese mice. researchers say the findings could lead to a new treatment from anabolic disease and new research with a strong association between a huge rise in the prison and jail population over the last 30 years and drug-related deaths in the united states. researchers from oxford say the link process and even after taking into account the role of
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. a large aftershock rattled southern california in the wake of the strongest earthquake in decades. the latest developments and details on an early alert system coming to the bay area. helping the gridlock at sfo, with the roger parking lot opening up this morning. details and a live report. starts stuck in a sword during. daring rescue to save a little boy trapped for hours. it is friday, july 5 on -- it is 5:30 the day after
5:30 am
the holiday with shakg we are log outsid a beautiful afternoon with clouds had the fog with the fought and seven cisco fog is continuing the cutting start with the temperatures in the 50s in santa rosa as we head through the afternoon with high pressure strengthening and building closer to us, temperatures are warmer. pleasant and warm friday afternoon heading to today. 80 concord 86 are high and three and san jose 67 in san francisco at the reportrr and to talk about that, coming up. an update on this crash in northbound 680 at mission
5:31 am
boulevard. all lanes are open and normal. the normal commute speeds in the east bay. taking a look at the super commuters coming in from tracy. it slows down at the altamont pass to about 21 miles per hour. the restaurant 580 20526 80 maybe a 22 minute drive. southbound everything green in the south bay but looking good. the bay bridge toll plaza will kick that was part hardly any cars in the east bay with several cisco at the meeting lights are not on. northbound 680 all lanes cleared in that. here is and. breaking news with southern california was hit with a man to five point for earthquake. the same area rocks by a magnitude 6 point for yesterday, and kern county just after 4 a.m. ready pages and ridgecrest
5:32 am
where people are feeling on edge we feel this morning. five point for. that is one magnitude lower than the actual earthquake. that is about 32 times less strong than the main earthquake that happened yesterday. we can tell you that there have been no critical injuries throughout the earthquake. only serious in issues with bleeding, cuts, and scrapes. it is so fortunate there were not more serious injuries. it'll also tell you that they were only aware of to homes that were seriously damaged. one was a home with a garage caught on fire with a hot water feet heater. and then this home. it is a mobile home. the woman who was inside in her wawilling to not show tell us her story. she was inside of this mobile
5:33 am
home when the earthquake hit. she was inside with her eight- year-old niece, and a story she has to tell you, you will not soon forget. >> i thought my house was collapsing on top of us. it is a very scary thing truck when we arrived here yesterday it was full of patients and also people arriving in had to shut down the hospital to make sure it was safe inside people were taken to hospital in bakersfield. the hospital is up and running and we are not aware of any other serious injuries overnight. but there is always some concern in the high desert neighborhood. but there are a lot of homes su ridgecrest. and miles around the basin and there is always the outside chance that somebody could have been entered by some flying object, and is unable to call for help. and they have been going through the area looking to see if there is anyone in the situation, but we understand it has been nothing done so far.
5:34 am
it does appear when all is said and done there are no critical injuries as a result of the quake. people as far north as modesto said they felt the earthquake. a woman said she was watching tv and her chair started to roll. spot this one was a sneaky one. it just rolled gently through. it did really nothing. really didn't take anything of it. the dogs were like, whatever. >> others posted on social media with a felt and it made the water in the fish tank splash back and forth the secular app give many people a heads up about yesterday's quake in the bay area version is expected to be ready by the end of the year. it is right now in the final testing phase.>> we are not only having people do things, and we are having things two things. we are setting up these automated actions so people can
5:35 am
react automatically and fire doors can be opened automatically. water valves can be sought to take water supplies and trans can be slow down. we are working with bart. >> yesterday's earthquake is a good reminder to take stock of your emergency supplies. food, water, medication, flashlights, and a first aid kit are some of the things you need to have on hand in the event of a major earthquake. we have posted a complete list on lighter traffic near sfo and jackie ward is at sfo with a plan in place to to reduce ever-growing backups starting today. that sounds nice. we will have to wait and see if it works this morning, later on at 9. a new waiting lot will open and it will be a place where right ear drivers can have a little bit more space to wait for their passengers. right now they are a bit cramped and causing traffic problems her they have to wait
5:36 am
for their pickup call on the south side of sfo. this new lot is on the north side, adjacent to the cell phone waiting area. it is more than double the size of the current lot and will potentially give east millbrae avenue a break. as a result of overflow problem three else millbrae avenue and even highway 101 have all seen an increase in traffic. the problem is that all transportation network companies supposed to queue for pickups on the south side of the airport, and there is not enough room for every cart to do it. the san mateo county sheriffs office has told right ear companies about the change. >> we are going to get things out to the city and i said i was doing the same of their working reaching out to companies like uber and lyft to get the word out that there is the extra parking space available so they do not have to queue on the south side.>> we have been talking a lot about roger country pennies at sfo. just to clarify, this has no direct connection with the
5:37 am
other writer headache when it comes to the new pickup locations. that is something entirely different. we are not touching that one this morning. we are focusing on the positive. this new waiting lot that opens at 9 and hopefully it will start to ease traffic just in time for this busy travel weekend. at sfo, jackie ward, developing news, a helicopter crash near the bahamas killed all seven americans on board. the chopper took off from the grand k islands as with and was headed to fort lauderdale, when it suddenly went down. a billionaire oriole tycoon was one of the people who died. chris klein he built a business empire in west virginia. his wife was also among the seven people killed. because of the crashes under investigation this morning. a london bound flight had to make an emergency landing due to a fire and first class. passengers smelled smoke on the virgin atlantic flight. about 30 minutes after the plane departed jfk airport. and made an emergency landing in boston where crews were waiting. the saw fire was ni
5:38 am
rst class cabin. >> we know what is believed to clock causes massive fire that has been burning for days in a jim beam warehouse in kentucky. investigator say it was likely sparked by lightning. the warehouse was filled with about 45,000 barrels of bourbon when it caught fire on tuesday night. the booze had leaked its way into waterways and sources of drinking water. firefighters are now just letting the fire burn itself out. new video showing the dramatic moment in georgia man got pulled from a burning home. a quick thinking neighbor rushed to help before firefighters even arrived. dominique hardy jumped through a window to pull his neighbor to safety. >> grabbed s arm, and got him right up in this area to the window. black and this is all that is left of the home.
5:39 am
dominique suffered a burn on his arm. police say they mandy saved made a full recovery. another big rescue overnight this time in indiana. a young boy falls into a sewer drain while watching fireworks with his family. you can see a number of first responders on the scene, with dozens of bystanders watching outside of the yellow tape. this happened after 9:00, just south of indianapolis. the boy believed to be about 5, was conscious to the rescue. spec since he had issues trying to respond to us, best thing to do is to get him where we could basically take care of him. >> eventually, the boy was pulled to safety and he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. it is not clear exactly how he fell into the drain. an iconic publication turning over a new page. mad magazine will soon leave the new sanskrit the august issue were part of the be the last one. the humor magazine started off as a comic book and 1952 and three years later it switched to a magazine format.
5:40 am
earlier material will be printed with new covers and sold at, book stores enter subscription took mad magazine will continue to publish the end of your special, books and special collections. the new jobs report is out for june. the money watch reporter wendy gillett is live at the new york stock exchange with the new numbers and a look at how climate change is affecting the wine industry. not are mine. >> i know. good morning, michelle. wall street kicks back into action today after the markets were closed for the fourth of july. the stocks finished on wednesday short and preholiday session with the records for the dow jones 179 point two an all-time closing high of just under 27,000. the s&p 500 rose 22, to a new milestone. the june employment report was just released and it shows the unemployment rate went up rising to 3.7 percent. 220 for thousand new jobs were created last month. more than the 160,000
5:41 am
economists had predicted. climate change is impacting on different aspects of our planet. now add wine to the list. nora springs bigger more humid air and rain to europe. that means that winemakers increasingly have to use pesticides to ward off pots, pests and diseases. it is unclear if any pesticides actually end up in a writing class. we are hearing that today is the day for those who love their jobs a bit too much. >> reporter: today is national workaholics day. do you fit the description? work too much, take work home with you. always on your work email. it is an unofficial day. no work holiday for you but it is a reminder that being too tied into work, can affect your relationship and your health. i'm on a triple shift and i think that i fit into this.
5:42 am
>> you need a vacation. i love my job, but i'm going on vacation next week and i'm going to enjoy every minute of it. you have to. >> i'm leaving for brazil and five hours. not worry about it. have a great time and do not worry about work. >> and facebook friends with when they and she just left first class. have a wonderful time. it is 5:42. it is not to the fourth of july without watching the bay area champion fight for the title of top dog. we will hear from him about his big victory. we are going to have a warm- up heading through the next couple of days, with high- pressure building and. i will let you know how warm it will get with the weekend forecast, coming out.
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good friday morning. here's a hazy sunrise. we hope you had a wonderful july 4. we are warming up and i will let you know how warm it will get where you live, coming up. a free community celebration taking place at the hacienda historical park. is elevation at 5 lasting until 8. food, music, and other activities are free. there will also lkinwith the p
5:46 am
service theater. strike an impressive fireworks display in south carolina, but this was not planned and there were no big crowds to watch. a fire started outside to go fireworks shops and that set off the firework show, shooting into the air. no word what may have sparked of the original fire in the first place. no fireworks on the fourth in alaska. it was too hot and dry in anchorage hit 89 degrees yesterday. that is the highest temperature ever recorded in the state. and follows the warmest and driest june on record. the national weather service that june was the 16th consecutive month of above average temperatures. we are not the only ones. just ask of the lemurs the san francisco zoo. they got watermelon er rotonjoy it. ng the tigh
5:47 am
speaking speaking of dining another fourth of july to traditional joey chestnut trumpet chomping his way to count coney island. is one athans international hotdog eating contest a dozen times rick yesterday he ate 71 hot dogs and buns anti-minutes. the runner-up is not even close. 50. testing was three dog short of his own record of 70 for, which he set last year. i heard from him last year and he said he was disappointed because he wanted to just continue to break his record every year but it was like, slow down. suck i don't know if you needed to do it. >> 71 hot dogs in 10 minutes.>> i interviewed him and he told me some secrets. he has to train his stomach. so he doesn't eat for if you days leading up to the contest and he only gets four hours of sleep. he thinks it helps his stomach. >> i hearing you do not eat or
5:48 am
drink your stomach. >> he wants to have a completely empty stomach. >> how does he get it down so fast?>> is it worth it? >> we all know his name. spec we are talking about a. we are tracking a new crash on the peninsula, northbound 101 at sierra point parkway. has moved to the shoulder and it is not affecting speeds. keep it in mind if you're heading in that direction. taking a look at the dumbarton bridge, chp has issued a wind advisory. to call hands on the steering wheel heading over the span. 580, 680 of the dublin interchange. a little harder to see because of the fog. traffic is stacking up a bit. more traffic out there that we saw yesterday for the holiday but traffic is moving along pretty nicely on the roads, the day after the holiday and take a look at the travel times. it is not looking back. all speed during the green in the bay area. a 80 in oakland. traffic is moving along pretty
5:49 am
nicely. i sound like a broken record. traffic is moving along nicely, but we like it.>> we will take friday and the day after the holiday lights. the bay bridge toll plaza, hardly any cars moving from the east bay, to san francisco. it will taking nine minutes to get into the city and mass lytr schedule because they do not anticipate too many riders this morning for the commute, and no service on the eighth train. we are starting off the day with foggy conditions along the coast and parts of the bay. even some inland spots as well. here is a live luck the transamerica camera. you can see the cloudy and foggy start. temperaturesare generally in the 50s. conquered at 59. oakland at 57. livermore, 5655 in san francisco and san jose and 49 in santa rosa. visibility, you can see, five miles for half moon bay. for miles and livermore and
5:50 am
check out santa rosa. dense fog this morning down to cordova mile. it is a thick fog for part of the north bay. michelle was talking about breezy and with the condition and spots and you can see 60 mile-per-hour wind san ramon out of the south southwest. about 10 concord and berkeley. 12 mile-per-hour wind and fully hope and the windiest spot in fairfield, once again. the southwesterly wind at 25 miles per hour. weather headlines with the low clouds and areas of far. we will see the sunshine clearing heading through the afternoon with former daytime highs. not just today, but tomorrow as well. the outdoor flow kicks off at sunday and into early next week. here is the satellite and radar view and with the ridge of high pressure loading and strengthening, it will move even closer for today. because of that's, we are looking at temperatures warming up with more sunshine today and especially for tomorrow. on the futurecast, taking you through the day hour-by-hour,
5:51 am
clear skies. we see the clouds hanging around headed a bit longer along the coast and for tomorrow, last cloud cover to start off the day. plenty of sunshine for your saturday. are senreiso 5:53 and the sunrise at a: 30 for. daytime highs today around this time of year, if not a little warmer than average. let's take you to the south bay. good morning. 83 for a high-end san jose. in the afternoon, 86 in morgan hill. 84 los gatos. 84 campbell. 90 in pittsburgh as well as brentwood. 89 for antioch, and in fairfield, the daytime highs in berkeley topping out at 70. 70 no. 70 for the san leandro. 67 san francisco if you're heading out to the alameda county fair, in pleasanton, warm weekend especially for saturday in the mid-80s. here we go with the seven-day forecast temperatures warming up more for your saturday and
5:52 am
calling back down early next th of next week. back to you. the art of sand sculpting just got up at. this museum in turkey appropriately called standley and show kate showcasing the latest exhibition called let it. the incredible sculptors were created by 20 artists from around the world. according to the museum website, east display took up to three weeks to complete, and more than 10 tons of sand, total. each piece depicts one of the seven wonders of the world. a piece of the egypt ancient past auctioned off despite protesting. why historians believe the relic was stolen.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
a piece of egypt's agent path has been auctioned off.>> the bust of king tut going for 69 dollars at christie's in london despite protests from cairo that the relic may have been stolen, decades ago. egyptian officials have demanded the auction be called off. they were not able to stop the sale but they were have not given up the fight.>> never about how the moved from egypt. they have no evidence of that's. but we do think this is the power of our heritage. spec christie's auction houses into objects like this are impossible to ace backthousaof they have not received any
5:56 am
evidence from egyptian authorities that there's a problem. everything suddenly starts shaking in southern california, is a major aftershock hit in the wake of yesterday's damaging earthquake. we have the very latest from kern county. a new waiting lot at sfo may be the answer to a big problem involving rideshare drivers. we will tell you where the lot is, next.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
i-5 form 4 magnitude aftershock rocked southern california. it is the latest in a series of jolts. an update on the epicenter. illegal fireworks likely responsible for dozens of fires overnight. the swift crackdown. ffo answer to rideshare gridlock begins and three hours. how they planned to use the bottleneck. good morning it is friday, july 5. we made it.
6:00 am
i michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. we made it to friday and through the holiday gridlock. let's get over to mary for a quick check of the weather. beautiful weather today. great news as we look ahead to friday and into the weekend with temperatures warming up. a lie look with the transamerica camera looking north. temperatures are running in the 50s for many spots. mid-fifties in oakland. livermore, san francisco and san jose. right now in santa rosa a chilly 49. taking you through the day for the coast we see the clouds to stick around a little longer with breezy conditions in the low to mid 60s. for the bay upper 60s and low 70s with the sunshine and heating up inland into the upper 80s and low 90s. we'll talk about that weekend forecast, coming up. it is slow


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