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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  July 9, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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makovec. >> i am kenny choi. let's say good morning to mary lee. starting with cloudy skies and areas of fog so another great start in many locations. as we head through the afternoon, we will see some sunshine depending on where you are. so today, the start of a warming trend for us. we are going to see temperatures that are going to be in the 90s by the end of the week in the inland spots. in the 50s and that is live look through transamerica cam with cloudy foggy start. temperatures heading through the afternoon, a little warmer compared to yesterday. 38 in concord and fairfield. 79 in san jose. 70 in oakland. mid-60s for san francisco as well as for pacifica. we will talk about the rest of the week into the weekend with the warmup in store coming up. emily. >> thanks so much. so far so good on the roadways at 4:306789 we have one issue and that's pretty
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much regular for this time of the morning through the altamonte pass. that drive time is at 30 minutes in the were o. elsewhere looking good quarter of an hour on east shore freeway to the east shore freeway on highway 4, a 25minute ride. and it's going to take 37 minutes to get to the airport on 101. not bad at all coming out of the south bay this morning. taking a live look to the bay bridge, you can see you are seeing a little stack up in the cash lanes. but in the fast track lanes not a problem at all. you are looking good and oncey get past the toll plaza smooth sailing into san francisco. san mateo bridge looks good. early for there to be traffic out there. plenty of room on the roadways as you head into the westbound direction. and eastbound, though, you are even better off. let's take a look at the dublin interchange. that's a little busy this morning and the richmond san rafael bridge, they have got construction with lane closures. give yourself extra time there. . i am katy nealson.
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protest continues in hong kong over a bill that would allow city residents to be extradited to mainland china. this bill was first introduced about a month ago by the city's leader and the protesters say it would give mainland china too much paver over the city's residents. city leaders says the bill has been amended to take that extradition language out. but the protesters say they will continue to march through the streets until that bill is completely withdrawn, they said. the issue with the extradition to mainland china is there's too many civil rights violations and often small crimes can lead to the death penalty. at the live news desk katie neilsen. >> thank you. had:32. an israeli airline at sfo isdemanding extra security from san fan san francisco police. since they began flying in april they have requested
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police patrol at ticket rsat le for 3 to 4 hours at a time. they watch over the boarding process until the flights take off. they are stepping up security in case of a terroristic attack but a source telling kpix5 that leaves fewer officers to respond to calls in the meantime. >> i think it's for us it's very good. because we are safety now much more. >> i don't think they should ask too many questions. where did i come from, how long i been here, how long i been there. who pack my stuff. >> they have been the target of tear of the attacks in the past. a shooting at the airline's ticket counter at l.a.x. in 2002 left several people dead. two bay area youth leaders claim the company forever 21 racially profiled them and accused them of stealing. >> forever 21 just accused us of stealing after spending thousands in thshot by richard
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bougere moments after he said his wife and teens they mentor were accused. it happened at forever 21 in san francisco julian square. they were approved by officers who said the store called them after seeing danielle put items in a white bag but the search turned up nothing. >> we had 6 young kids that probably get profiled where they go. they have summer jobs and they have a pocket full of money. we didn't have to steal. >> the look on everybody's faces and we were getting escorted out with the police. it was so embarrassing because it looked like we did do something. >> the san francisco youth program leaders say they have spent thousands of dollars at that forever 21 store and shop there weekly. what they want is an apology from forever 21. we reached out to the brand for comment, but have not heard back. . the founder of the ghostship warehouse blamed for the fire that killed 36 people will be back on the stand today.
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within minutes yesterday, derek almena broke down answering questions from the defense attorney expressing remorse for the 2016 fire in oakland. >> and he is weeping. he is not a tough guy. he is not a criminal he is an artist. and this has destroyed him as well as everyone else. i ask him directly you know, do you take responsibility and he answered yes, i do. >> the defense tried to put the blame on firefighters and law enforcement who toured the warehouse before the fire but they say that they never reported dangerous conditions. almena faces 36 counts of involuntary man slaughter. spain's famous running of the bulls nearly killed a san francisco man who says he was trying to take a selfie. 46-year-old jaime alvarez thought the bulls passed by during the annual run in pam loma on sunday. he turned to take a video and was gored in the neck by a 1200
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pound bull. onlookers dragged him to medics who say it is a miracle the horn pierced his skull and just missed striking anything vital. . >> i turned and it was like a truck or a car just hiking me on the side of the head. i put my hand behind my neck and saw blood and felt my neck owed opened up. >> alvarez, who works as a public defender for santa clara county could be released from the hospital as soon as this afternoon. federal help is on the way for victims of the powerful earthquake in southern california. president trump signed an emergency declaration. nicole comstock reports where people are too shaken up to go home. >> reporter: there's so much work left to be done here in town. you can't escape it where you look. the emergency declaration means federal assistance is coming soon. but people in town with a lot of anxiety say it's simply can't get here soon enough.
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customers and cooks bolted out of the front door at christy's family restaurant in ridgecrest. on friday evening, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook the entire kitchen. and everyone's nerves. this is one of three breakfast places that stayed opened after the earthquakes. here. ave 25 people working >> senor have a good night. >> reporter: but the manager says now they are stuck with a skeleton crew. >> the cooks, and three or four servers. >> reporter: the two back to back earthquake scared most employees out of town. >> people are hungry. french fries. >> reporter: brandon brought his family back into town. they drove 100 miles away to escape the threat of another quake. >> we are driving and i was look i think that's a bigger one. >> reporter: video taken from the back seat shows them rocking around in the car like it's boat. brandon was conditioned all that shaking would be bad for his wife. >> we have one on the way. she is 9 months pregnant so with no hospital here, we had to do something in case this
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shook her into labor. >> reporter: the scope of the damage is clear, and the before and after satellite images. monday restoration crews began the colassal task of fixing collapsed ceilings d wallsch president trump tweeting about working with law make tors approve federal disaster funding for the area. really hard. as hit 6. so it's pretty devastating. >> reporter: and rescue group is helping earthquake victims with injured or lost pets. bella here had a sprained leg. >> i am grateful. >> reporter: reporting in ridgecrest, nicole comstock kpix5. pg&e's controversial plan to shut off power is getting backlash from the public and politician who is think it goes too far. the public safety power shut down plan could cut power to any of the 5 million electric customers when there's high fire danger. pg&e says the plan could save lives and stop the destruction we saw with the campfire.
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but one bay area mayor says the plan could leave customers without access to air conditioning, cell service and medical equipment. he wants more oversight of pg&e's plan. >> frankly, we have reason not to trust pg&e. >> we understand this is a lot to ask of our customers. but we know that this is the right step for safety r communities. >> pg&e is holding another open house next thursday in walnut creek. a east bay congressman is the first democrat to drop out of the presidential race since it began. eric swailelle said he reaped a conclusion the poll numbers will not add up in time for the september debates. >> again, we wanted to be honest with ourselves and with our supporters. if this was a viable chance, i would not be standing here today. i told my wife, and our staff and my constituents and our supporterse only running for one reason, to win and to
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make a deference. >> swalwell says he plans to focus on winning reelection to the house. a media stakeout this morning. in mcclean virginia at thehome of alexander acostad in the 200 secret plea deal that allowed billionaire jeffrey epstein to avoid federal charges in a sex trafficking case. house speaker pelosi is dough manning acosta resign. epstein faces more charges he's sits in jail this morning. marc liverman has the latest. >> reporter: prosecutors want jeffrey epstein to remain behind bars as he faces charges of sex crimes involving girls as young as 14. >> they care yea maximum sentence of 45 years in jail which to someone of epstein's age is basically a life sentence. so we think he has every incentive to try to flee the jurisdiction. >> reporter: on monday, the 66- year-old pleaded not guilty to charges that he enticed, recruited and molested dozens
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of young girls at his homes in new york and florida from 2002 through 2005. >> children moo provided him massages while nude or partially nude. children who were asked to- gauge in direct and indirect sex acts for money. >> reporter: u.s. attorney jeffrey berman urged other possible victims to come forward. >> agents executed a search warrant on his mansion in new york city, and recovered and seized evidence, including nude photographs of what appeared to be underage girls. >> reporter: epstein's accusers are hopeful he will be held accountable. >> our clients are extremely gratified at the charges. >> reporter: epstein plead guilty to similar accusations in 2008. labor secretary alex acosta was the u.s. attorney in miami and signed off on epstein serving a lighter sentence of 13 months and registering as a sex offender. >> i voted against the acosta
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for secretary. he needs to go. >> reporter: acosta has defended the agt but democrats, resign. marc liverman, cps news. time 4:42. >> coming up, how to get a free sandwich today and why you won't see drug prices on your television screen any time soon. >> and, let's peek outside with one of the live cameras looking at the bay bridge. 56 degrees to start in san francisco on this tuesday morning. we will be right back.
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cbs money watch reporter diane king hall has those stories and more from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: wall street started the week lower. the dow dropped 115 points. the nasdaq fell 63. and the s&p 500 was down 14. couche bank tumbled more than 6% after announcing they will cut 18,000 jobs by 2022. ceo said monday the cuts have started. in a mess a.m. to staff, he laid out how he believe the company spread itself too thin a federal judge blocked a white house effort to force drug makers to disclose prices on tv ads. the companys argued it was a violation of free speech rights under the contes constitutionch rule was part president's attempt to lower prescription drug prices. it was set to go no effect today. the white house could appeal the ruling or ask congress to
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act. and you can get a free chicken sandwich today, by dressing up like a cow. as part of the annual cow appreciation day, chick-fil-a is giving away a free entree. if you wear a cow spotted clothes or accessories. just get there before 7 p.m. and that's your cbs money watch report for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange diane king hall. . all right. it's 4:46. little drawery and cloudy out there. >> a little gray this morning. and we are going to see some sunshine. especially inland as we head through the afternoon. and we will see plenty of sunshine as we head through the week with high pressure building in for us. temperatures will be warming up. so, today the start of a warming trend for us this week. here's live look at transamerica cam looking east. it's a cloudy start with areas of fog. our temperatures are in the 50s. so upper 50s in concord. mid-50s oakland. livermore, san francisco, san jose, and low 50s for santa
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rosa. let's check the winds because it's another breezy start to the day in spot. a west southwesterly wind at 10 at sfo. oakland as well as for berkeley. that's the onshore floating for us. south southwesterly winds in san ramon at 17. 14 in concord. 10 for vallejo and antioch. and 21-mile-per-hour sustained winds in fairfield this morning once again. so your microclimate forecast taking you through the day. mostly cloudy. along the coast, breezy in the low to mid-60s. for the bay in the mid to upper 60s to low 70s with partly sunny skies. mostly cloudy to partly sunny for the bay. inland location plenty of sunshine daytime highs topping out in the upper 70s to low to mid-80s with mostly sunny skies. here is the satellite and radar view. a low pressure system really impacting the pacific northwestbringing rain for them, also even for the far northern california communities
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getting closer to the border. some chance to see a few showers. it's powerful low pressure system but that won't be impacting our weather. we are going to see this ridge of high pressure in the desert southwest continue to build for us. and with that, we are looking at temps that will be warming up as we go through the next several days. so hour by hour what to expect, see the sunshine inland for the san francisco bay. looking at partly sunny skies to mostly cloudy, but cloudy along the coast. and for tomorrow morning, it's going to be another gray start and then a little more sunshine for your wednesday. so that ridge of high pressure will continue to build in for us and that means we are going to be heating up into the mid- 90s inland in some spots as we head through at least the end of the workweek into the weekend. but for today, temps a little warmer compared to yesterday. 83 in concord as well as fairfield. livermore a high of 81. 79 in san jose. 70 in oakland. 66 in san francisco.
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and low 60s for pacifica. here's 7-day forecast and what to expect. here we go with the warmup. especially beginning thursday into the weekend. we are talking the 90s in spots inland. emily. thanks so much. it's going to be pretty easy out there on the roadways this morning. we are tracking a few spots. one of them is in san francisco. let's get down to that. this is right where 101 and 280 meet. you can see that it is slow and go as you are headed southbound on 280. right there at the bay shore boulevard. look at that. i am going to check in with chp because this is what happened a few minutes ago as a result of an accident on 280 southbound near 101. now off to the altamonte pass down to 13 miles an hour heading in the westbound direction out of the tracy triangle. once you are through there you are back up to a regular running speed. no problems. the dublin interchange is slow southbound 84 into sunol.
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there are lane closures northbound 101 between seminary boulevard and timron slowing you down both at least in the 101 direction that's going to be opposite of the commute direction. your main travel times now you add adamant tower commute through the altamonte pass. a quarter of an hour at the east shore freeway and that's 26 minutes. 36 minutes as you are headed to the airport out of the south bay. the excuse me, the bay bridge looks pretty good. the cash lanes have a little stacked up traffic. mobile 5 crossed the bay bridge everything locks good to go. he is headed on 808 at this hour and doesn't have a lot of company. guys. . the remake of a poplar brit shall dating show kicks off stateside today and stevie wonder opens up about his health. >> cbs' nischelle medina has
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more. >> reporter: stevie wonder revealed to fans he is undergoing a kidney transplant in september. >> it's all good. i am all good. i have a donor it's all good. >> reporter: he made the announcement during a concert in london. the 69-year-old entertainer did not reveal the diagnosis behind the transplant. love island premiers on cbs tonight. >> i am a hopeless romantic. >> when i heard about love island i was like this is me. >> it's like a summer to try to find that person. >> reporter: the u.s. edition of the popular reality dating show follows a group of single americans looking for love at a villa in fiji. >> i want what everybody wants. i seem to have a hard time getting it. >> reporter: check psfor the the biopic judy in a story about the last weeks of the iconic entertainer's life. judy is in theaters september
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27th. >> love doesn't always end well these days. >> reporter: disney released a full trailer for the upcoming sequel in theaters october 18th. angelina jolie is the title character squaring off against michelle fifer in eye on entertaint. nichelle medina cbs news los angeles. golden state warriors have two new faces you will hear from them coming up and matt chapman goes national in the home run derby. did he end the night happy? we are coming up. . >> and let's head outside as we look at downtown san jose. it's going to be a sunny and warm day in the south bay. not so much in san francisco. 56 degrees to start off in san jose. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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. in 2007 vladimir guerrero won the home run derby and his 8-year-old son was by his side. junior is trying to win his own derby. chapman was a late-try in cleveland. he picked his dad jim to pitch but he throw bad pitches and matt finished with 13 home runs. vlad junior had 91 home runs and went overtime against peterson in the semifinal and he needed 41 home runs to outlast him. setting the stage for a all rookie final against pete alonso who was rested. 23rd home run in the last round clinched it and he wins 1 million dollar. and nba warriors traded former first round pick damian jones to the hawks for another big
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man omari spellman golden stayed signed alec burk. new warrior guard deangelo russell was courtside live in vegas for the summer league action last night. the all star for brooklyn s.w.a.t. teams and inside 117 million dollar contract with the dubs made official last night was signing of center willie cawley stine. >> i am excited more than anything. i think it's a huge opportunity to take another step you know and learn from a good group of guys. >> i what warriors hat before i got in the league. so it's one of the things me and my friends have been talking about for long time. >> i have in my hand the 15year-old coco . gauf's run is over. beaten in straight sets leaves with a win against her idol venus williams. and number 4, sloaiveless jerseys welcome to the gun
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show. dietrich oiling them down and and playing the right sport. number 3aj troutman in auburn. a live trick on tv. oh. have a night trip see you next fall. number 2, the cup is making the rounds with the blues bozak decideed to put salt on the rim and pour a margarita. how do you like it. number one, ufc welterweight knocked out his opponent in 5 seconds. that's a record. he owned him in the octagon and then in the press conference. . >> and it's not over for ben. he has to deal with me. if i see hip i am going to slap the dude up because don't like him. >> if he ran into kenny choi at whole foods he is knocking down him in throw second in the produce aisle. see you tonight. time check 4:57. >> coming up, pg&e getting ready for more power blackouts
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during high fire danger in an effort to keep people safe but a bay area mayor is calling out the utility company. >> the master tenant of ghost ship warehouse will be back on the stand he's faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter.
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want gig-speed internet? we've got you covered. or check out our other amazing speed options. get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. . live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. . >> now at 5:hundred, extra security is on hand for several hours at time multiple times a week. and it's for one airline. plus... >> you will are hearing from our lawyers forever 21. >> and a group of bay area interns and their mentors accused of shoplifting and they call it a case of racial profiling. >> a bay area congressman throws in the towel for the 2020 presidential race. what's next for eric swalwell. >> good morning it's tuesday, july 9th. thanks for waking up with us. i am kenny choi. >> i


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